Evil dragon against the gods? "邪龙逆天" (or "网游之邪龙逆天") by MARS GRAVITY



  • I know people said it just caught up the the latest raws its way too similar to Shura's Wrath not sure which one came first. 
  • Evil Dragon comes before Shura Wrath
  • Ìn the end does he actually really become a god race? Or does he stay human but with the power and memories of Su Ye?
  • I once thought shurats wrath had a strange concept because writers to include an alien but I think this novel has a more strange concept and writer messed up in end. 
  • He's just an insane writer. Since this came before Shura's Wrath he always doesn't something drastic to make me drop his novels. I wonder when it will be in this novel. 
  • I know this has been answered already but I can't seem to read the spoiler (it's not even a spoiler legit just 3 dots... phone only thing maybe?) anyhow whose the person that stole his name and any significance at all? Thanka
  • all his novel conneced somehow, expect maybe atg also
  • So from what  i see on novels from Mars there's always a ''big drama'' on them, Little Fairy on ATG, Mc's sister on Shura's Wrath,the pregnant girl on Heavenly Star, and the other girl on The Legend of the Asura, i know on this novel one of the girls die or something to only come back on the last chapter, but except for that this novel has some other similar plot ??
  • The machine translation for this is soo bad.
  • Really?  I didn't find it that bad honestly, theres a few of them I just give up until it's retranslated a few more times.
  • I dont think it's bad I just dropped the novel altogether its too crazy for my taste. Wang Yu and Er Gen is usually the hardest to MTL. 
  • Ah man i was starting this novel and finished first four chapter before thinking about checking out spoilers as this is kind of heavy for my tastes and man this is really confusing... so much i just feel like dropping.
  • What chapter does he sleep with the first girl?
  • Do you mean the first time it happens in the story or his first time with the heroine we meet first?
  • Jylenn said:
    Do you mean the first time it happens in the story or his first time with the heroine we meet first?
    Or you could do both, I'm sure he's curious about both of them.
  • Well first time he sleeps with a girl is at chap 415 or 416. The one he sleeps with is Xiao Xi
    She's his little sister from previous life and a true dragon.

    As for Su Feifei it's implied he slept with her in the timeskip before the last chapter just not explicitly stated. She does give him a blowjob though.
    Personally I'm more curious about Chenxin. I mean she's there from early on and everyone knows she loves him she just never comes out and tells him because she feels she's betraying Feifei (even though Feifei's telling her to go for it). Even at the last chap she's lived with them for a few years but it never mentioned them properly getting together. Since it's a Mars novel I'm assuming she's an official part of the harem but it's never mentioned further than her blushing and being too shy to look at him.
  • What do the cores for his weapon do? Does he keep using it for the entire novel or does he get a new weapon?
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    I read till the part where the MC looses his powers. Can any one brief me on what happens after that? Like when he wakes up what does he forget and when will he remember them? When and how will he save li xian'er? When will he get back his powers? Who is xiang li ? When and where he finds purple core of destiny?.....etc
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