Crazy lich's experimental diary(疯巫妖的实验日志)by Angry Squirrel(愤怒的松鼠)



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  • Chapter 19: changes

    "Ka! Clang clang clang..."

    With the resounding bells of Sulphur Mountain City's big clock, the twelve o'clock's meal time has come. with the recovery magic, I also in a fit of dizziness returned to my home's body.

    And when the head is returned, I quickly check my body at the first time.

    "One, two, three... Twenty-four, it's strange, the wild kid change her character? None of my ribs is lost."

    When I surprised myself ribs, and intend to check if my toe bone is lost, a discontent pout voice sounded from behind me.

    "Uncle Bone, I grew up, I will never easily move a man's part."

    That's right, but why it sound so strange?

    Looking back, a red haired girl is staring at me, and as I can see, the originally skinny wild kid has become a slim and graceful girl.

    Because the Phoenix's special way of practicing, her long red hair blowing in the wind just like Adam, and her slender leg straight like compasses, her baby fat oval face change into a pointed face, the only don't changed is her pure eyes, and the lachrymal mole under her right eye, let she more feminine.

    "Whoops, human grow up is really fast, yesterday still is a 'Kuma' 'Kuma' barked wild kid. Today, has become a good woman."

    Look at my head 'kakaka' turned, at first, Anne still keep a serious face, then amazement, then broke out titter.

    "Not good, my image." I expressionless tear down the seal on my head, then Eliza handed over the rag, I silently took it and erase the tortoise on my skull.

    What's wrong? Can't understand? Just when I waiting for the recall magic, played two rounds of mahjong with Red, and accidentally lost two times... Hum, I didn't lose, Red is worse than me, all of her body has been painted over, she even needn't makeup can be disguised as the black dragon.

    And why we not use gold and financial as stake, but paste stripes and painted tortoise to each other? Because both of us are mage, and also often break promise and no moral bottom line, if we really use gold as stake, then, this simple kill time game will definitely become a contest of cheating, or... That's what? Super ability girl mahjong?

    Well, it seemed subtle hint of something. So just call it smart magic guy mahjong.

    "Alas, in now days, why it's so difficult to play an normal mahjong."

    Annie is cover her mouth to titter, I know my face was very ugly at now, after all, head painted tortoise's lich is very rare, those argonians who are called in to accompany playing also is use the same surprised eyes looking at us...

    "Is it strange? Do evil lich and the red dragon can't sit down to play the mahjong to pass the time? As long as we are together, we must to discuss how to destroy the world? "

    "No, no." The red haired girl shook her head.

    "Go out and trip for a circle, the entire world has changed, when I come back, those who had very familiar's people also becomes very strange. They always want to let Anne do this and do that, said in a strange voice, but don't willing to make it clear. Looking at their fake smile, Anne feels very oppressed. But now, I can see Aunt Red and Uncle bone still remain the same, it really is too good. "

    Annie smiled, she smiled with unspeakable miss and satisfied, it seems that this practice tour also let the Sulphur Mountain City's little princess grew up a lot.


    But I lack a sense of romance, just knock on her head.

    "How old are you?" Don't act as an elder. Sigh for life, memories of the past, it's the old man's work. Although I'm still young, but I don't mind you call me uncle, but you call little Red..."

    "Anne knew, when Anne see Aunt little Red, Anne will call her sister, otherwise when we all gone, Aunt Red will again hide in the rock and cried. Her cry voice is so loud, even on the foot of the mountain still can be heard, and she also did not know, it's too embarrassing."

    "Well, that is right, overage unmarried girls are very sensitive, we should sympathize with them, understand them, care for them. If you see Margaret, how shall you address she? "

    "Sister Margaret! Anne knew."

    "Yes, remember call of she in front of Adam." I was titter and said.

    Anne is Adam's disciple, and also is his goddaughter, and Margaret use her own surname, Levin, as Anne's surname, it undoubtedly also shows her wish, unfortunately, not to mention call her Mom, Anne has been always call she sister, let Margaret was very distressed, because in that case she is a generation ahead of Adam.

    Of course, make she feel more trouble, also is my duty.

    "Remember, you should to praise Margaret is young and beautiful, not fit with Uncle Adam." Take no offense at a child's babble, the premise is no man abetting of she...

    "My Lord, Margaret has a message. If you continue to teaching Anne some bad things, she will in the name of executive yuan, buckle this name is office expenses, in fact is you buy out of print books funds's money."

    I almost forget, beside me there is a Margaret's spy, although I have been very strange that why a sage and a half devil can get along well, but my maid, Eliza, she is indeed Marguerite's titular disciple.

    Short hair, gold rimmed glasses, face expressionless and sharp tongue, these are all Margaret's characteristics, even this deliberately standing height, right hand leaning on gold rimmed glasses, condescending despise me's cold eyes are as same as her, I can not help but sigh with emotion.

    "Can you don't to imitate Margaret like this? Recently, you have been more and more like that old maid, and be careful also can't get married."

    "It's my pleasure to be so close to my teacher. Then, I will send your evaluation to her, and you just need waiting for the funds to be cut down."

    "So I'll cut you "observer" activity funds, let you be forced to pay for your spies."

    "Go ahead, I'll corruption the house's living expenses, if you want to try the days without water and fire, if you want all the candles suddenly went out in the middle of the night, if you want the flush toilet suddenly exploded..."

    "Hey hey hey, it's already not about the funds. You are such an attempt to thuggee's bad maid!"

    "You are such an arrears of wage's boss..."

    "Poof!" Look at us, Anne laughed in the best of spirits.

    "Sister Eliza also is just as usual. Sister Eliza and Uncle Bone's relationship is still so good, really enviable."

    "We don't have a good relationship!" This time, Eliza and me are rare by common consent.


    Anne play for a while in the old house, and say goodbye and go home. As the future city master, and just end of the tour, she has many homework need to catch up.

    And beside the window, looked at the downstair, at now the past bouncing and vivacious's wild kid  has been walked like a lady, I can not help but sigh with emotion.

    "The change is really big."

    Yes, human is indeed the most fickle creatures, Anne's growth is so large, it has exceeded my expectations.

    "Anne·Levin: Race:human; Occupation: level 60 warrior / level 18 blademaster Evaluation: level 78, at the top of Golden Will, half Legend."

    Yes, I'm not mention of her character and body, I mean her most basic strength.

    At now, if I fight with Anne, if I do not in full force, maybe I can not win her.

    Black Blood, Bronze Body, Silver Dignity, for the normal people, each level are lifetime difficulties, and if a person arrived level 60, top of the Silver Dignity, if he want to go further, he must try to break through to a prestige class, this already is the demarcation line of mortal and hero.

    If the breakthrough success, to obtain a prestige class, into the level of Golden Will, it also is the recognized master, and also showed in the normal person's mind, the Golden strongers are all elders.

    Anne was only 17 years old, this age reached the silver level is already the alleged genius, and about the top of the Golden... Eliza is at the top of Golden, but though she is teached by me and Margaret, also spent more than a hundred years...

    It's known as Golden Will, it's because as a Golden stronger, he can use his will to reverse the real world, has exceeded the limits of the human.

    When I was known as the son of holy light, I also only breakthrough Golden level at 14 years old, but also because the paladin have the holy light's blessing, can easily advanced, but still far from the top of Golden level, but has been hailed as a genius of the Templar Church once-in-300-years.

    "Should I surprised that she is worthy of the super hero beheaded me in "the original history "? Then if I'm an once-in-300-years genius, should Anne is the once-in-500-years genius?"

    Don't know why, I remembered another man who is also called as hero and genius. That year, this red hair guy also silly stand in front of me.

    "Big brother, your sword really powerful, can you teach me? My name is Adam, come from White Rock Village, my aim is to become a hero, then marry Lisa do my wife, then... come back to village and show off to everyone! Right, I also want to become a landlord, just like the next door's old Peter, don't work and can lived by collect rent, smoke and staring at others work for whole day... "

    A hundred years past, the village boy complete half of his hero dream, unfortunately, the bottom half is doomed to be unable to complete.

    The past silly boy is still silly, but a few days ago, he told me that he has had enough of living, homesick, and want to die...

    "It's a pity, Adam..."

    I shook my head, get along for so many years, I know his determination is unable to change, at this time, I threw away the excess emotions, attention to the rational thinking.

    Anne's growing speed is too fast, very incredible.

    "Even with the help of elemental tidal, the advance is much easy, but impossible for so fast... No, in that year Adam's growing speed also very incredible, it should is a feature of their heritage. As a life form, Phoenix is more close to death can be more powerful, and before die, they will burning themselves to give their strength and experience to the next generation, so that the next generation can growth fast... so, Adam's final time will coming? "

    Think about it, it is a feel compelled thing, that guy, if he don't face the final time wouldn't think of looking for help to me.

    Don't know why, I thought of 130 years ago, these days we adventure together. At that time, Adam still is a fool, Margaret is a novice mage, Liza is a novice thieve, Red is the team's mascot and the hidden boss.

    Instead of saying I'm the leader, say I'm the rookie's nurse is much more fit, everyday busy in clean up the mess, although it's very hard, but also very interesting.

    "Then I also need to speed up the action, hope I can as soon as possible to resurrection. At least, as that fool's big brother, with my original appearance, to send that fool a ride."

  • Chapter 20: invincible man

    "My Lord, please help me!! I really can't do it."

    The elf in front of me have beauty face and foxy eyes, green hair smooth and beautiful, only to see the appearance, can be called the beauty was such as to overthrow cities and ruin states.

    But at this time, the weeping beauty looked at me, eyes is ful of sincere and pleading, all of a sudden threw into my arms, but I hurriedly pulled out my robe, silent step back, open the distance.

    "What's going on? Don't forget, you're a law enforcement, and also a man!"

    Is, in front of me, this cry elf is the Supreme Court's smart and decisive's elf public defender, Klose·Ein.

    Male elf originally partial neutral, Klose also is known as the first beauty of judicial system, always let people suspect that if he is in the work card fill the wrong sex, and once has the precedent of be pulled into the ladies' room, himself is also feel very embarrassed, and often effort show his masculinity in daily work.

    Others wearing a silver mask, is said to give up their personal identity, to enforce laws fairly. But as I know, Kclose is also wearing a mask when come off duty, and also has a sense of desire to collect mask and make mask.

    It is said that he collected a cabinet of judicial masks, those delicate silvery mask use the elfs special skills do the glyph processing, and willing to use Mithril and adamantine jewelry and other valuables to inlaid on it. Elf craft is very excellent, even can drawing the entire Sulphur Mountain on the mask, but mask is also a part of uniform, how can different with others, so, in order not to affect the work, his patterns are carved very small, if you does not use a magnifying glass you can't find of them, it also mean all of his effort is useless...

    Even so, he still treat it as his treasure, everyday he will at least rub it a few times, clean, don't pick it down even when sleep... why? We all know the answer, but no one will silly to reveal of it.

    In the past, as a feminine elf public defender, these masks indeed give him courage and dignity, his innate delicate character let him to understand the legal provisions more deep, and his law faith and love also make me respect of him, in my eyes, even do not look at the appearance, he is also a very good public defender. Like this lost mask and cry for help, it's the first time.

    "Calm down, Kclose, deep breath. What happened? Is the prisoners break the Sulphur Mountain prison and all escaped?"

    Kclose was shaking his head, tears scattered and wet my sleeves.

    In the side there have been some people point finger at us, in order not to be suspected of my sexual orientation by others, in order not to become the top story in the fangirl's world, I silently back a step to keep distance.

    "Is the dragon attack the city? Do you notice the city master?"

    Still shaking his head, it seemed it also is not.

    "Is the magic monster attack the city..." I have asked for a few of the most likely answer, but he still just shake his head. Finally, Kclose was stop out of breath, than said.

    "Mournewind, it's Herault·Mournewind, this argonian pervert! He's really outrageous!"

    At this time the beauty rub his tears, than remember he is still in the court, so trying to squeeze a smile, after the beauty smile after rain, like ink lotus dispersion halo, sweet and charming... I heard the screaming and exclaimed behind of me, then I silently took a step back again, opened a distance of three meters.

    Then, in 'his' narrative, I find out the sequence of events.

    That special interest's argonian hunter, after the two targeted proposed law [ prohibited humanoid and non humanoid creatures have beyond friendship relation] and [ rearing pet permit ] lightning pass, his "pet" and "lover" all were taken away, and he is indeed get a serious blow, but quickly, he rise again...

    He quit as a Beastmaster Hunter, he diverted to become a veterinarian, specialize in pet obstetrics...

    Originally this is not some worse things, Beastmaster Hunter originally very familiar with animals, therapy pet is their masterpiece, vet is like their bounden duty, himself just worked in a week, and his enthusiastic patience, caring nursing skills has been well received, not to mention his self created skill "love touch", the skill is very effective on make pets calm down, untill...

    "I took my little White go to see the doctor, and than met this pervert. This pervert unworthy to be a doctor, he is obviously use dirty skill to play with everyone's pet. He also side proud laugh in front of me, side playing with my little White's that place... OOo, little White is so naive, still very happy to lick his fingers...... I, I want to kill him, revenge for my little White!!"

    If I'm not mistaken, little White is his pet dog...

    Klose cried so sad, as a Druid and wild elf, he is very hatred of the unnatural acts. As a law enforcement, Klose also used to defend for Mournewind, but his behavior is simply disregard of the dignity of the law, though at now Kclose is cried like agirl, I make no doubt of hisnot determation to kill Mournewind.

    And as my understanding of him, after committing a crime, he must will surrendered to die, maybe this time he is come to quit the identity of law enforcement, and perish together whith that pervert.

    I don't know what to say, if because of such a thing, let a proud men died so disgraceful, I really do not know how to deal with such a thing.

    So, I feeble said to the my behind.

    "Don't look at the joke, come to take that pervert to me, this is the fiirst time that I face such a can ignore my law's opponent."

    "Yes, sir."

    "Ok, sir, on my way."

    As expected, a dozen answers sounded at the same time, this group of bastard really were hiding in the corner to see my joke.

    Kclose finally remembered here is a public place, quickly stood up. But I really do not know how to respond his full of hope and confidence's eyes.


    My office is not large, Through the office desktop I and that pervert look at each other, but in a time I don't know what to say.

    Should I reintroducing legislation to prohibit this guy to be a vet? No, reintroducing legislation forcrimes is good, but reintroducing legislation  for some special man, I would become a joke.

    Moreover, successive change law itself is a taboo, which is equal to lake all the society that the original legal have some problems, it will caused serious negative impact to the dignity of law and the judiciary itself.

    Directly kill he? It is easy to do, but crime should equal to punishment, it also is a basic principle of law, although this guy is a pervert. but his sin did not deserve to die.

    From the perspective of the judicial justice, decide a case without crime, and directly killing, it's a stupid behavior to simply deny the whole judicial system's existence value.

    Take him into custody? Sorry, he committed no sin, he only performs a pet obstetrics doctor's duty, careful caress lovable pets, some "touch" is unavoidable... I guess he's bound to be so, and it's perfectly well, because we don't have any evidence...

    I lying on the chair, it's the first time that I feel so weak.

    "Can't kill, and can't lock him up, only can looked at him continue to 'touch' these lovely pets? Even the united army of Templar Church are not so difficult to deal with this pervert."

    Herault·Mournewind roll his eyes, seems to have some decision.

    "My Lord, can I go back? I still have work to do, many pets are queue up, waiting for me to treat."

    This guy seems just honest smiled, in fact it is a demonstration to me. "The Supreme Court is very powerful? Also can't do anything to me."

    "The normal way is not suitable, but I'm also good at crooked ways, slander, rumor, staggering blow, planted, kill you can't be a much more easy thing." While I intend to don't play by the rules, give this pervert a good lesson, a voice suddenly ring in my ears.

    "Master, according to your plan, we just need a person to go into to the prison, Doesn't he is very suitable... "

    So, I smiled, carefully looked at this guy who stand before my eyes.

    "Seemed is a very suitable to put into the prison's pervert, very suitable, well, very good."

    Make up my mind, I raised two fingers.

    "Let's make a justice deal. Two things, if you can do it, I will give you a Pet Raising Licenses, then you don't work as a vet, as long as as you don't do it in the public places and affect the social atmosphere, I don't mind what are you do in your home."

    Yes, Mournewind's hobby, this is only the moral level's evil, as long as not to cause a negative social impact, corrupt social atmosphere, have not touched my red line, all of the things can be tolerated, but... Look at his disgusting complacent smile, I really feel sick, want to use Harm Touch to kill him!

    I closed my eyes and do not look at the argonian's complacent smile, for a long time, I finally calm down my emotion, stop my malice aforethought.

    "First thing, apologize to Klose, um, he is that made to cry by you's elf public defender, whatever he has been defended for you, how could you return evil for good."

    "Yes, yes, sir, I will immediately apologize to Ms.Klose!!"

    "You should say Mr." Not surprisingly, I saw the argonian's surprised face, and keep said.

    "The second, you come to commit a crime, then I put you into the city's prison, I want you to do something for me in it."


    "Escape from prison!!...... "

    When the Mournewind gone, I finished my accumulate works, it has already four or five hours past, in the evening.

    While I standing beside the ledge, looked at the peace and prosperity scene of the outside, have some reflections.

    "The Sulphur Mountain City has been peaceful too long, the peace make some people already forget their duty."

    "Isn't it your credit? You're narcissism again?"

    Her sharp tongue is as usual, but now, I'm out of form to bicker with her.

    "No, you should thank Adam and Margaret, It's they protect this city in the frenzy underground world, but apparently, someone have forgotten that they have received the grace from us, it's the time to remind them."

    Eliza nodded.

    "Betrayer will never be forgiven, actually according to the rules of the underground city, we can directly eliminate them. This also is most of the higher-order spies's opinion... "

    "Here is the Sulphur Mountain City, everyone is equal, no great powers exist, well, at least on the surface here does not have. Hard-earned peace, well, at least it's seemingly peace, we also need to value of it, still solve it according to the rules of Sulphur Mountain City. We need to "accidental" get evidence of those traitors, and make some people accidental death."

    "Yes, as long as make the chaos, our Stalkers will begin to collect evidence, as long as the evidence is conclusive, it is the time to go to the court and start law enforcement."

    "Are the Stalkers and the magic track marks all ready? I don't hope to see some criminals really escaped."

    "Yes, they are all ready, the magic track marks have been throw in the water of the prison, will not disappear in three months, enough for you to get them all back. Our three thousand and six hundred Spectators will come out in full force, as long as the escaper's number not more than one thousand, we will not let any innocent citizens being hurt."

    "Well, let's put the dog out and bite. Sulfur Mountain City is too peaceful, it's too inconvenience for me to removal of rotting meat."

    Release of prisoners to draw a snake out of its hole, it's a risky behavior, when I talked with the four heavenly kings, I spent a lot of energy, so that they can support me to take action.

    "Yes, Spectator will force those special fugitives fled to a fit place, even if they do not, we also will induce them go to. However, I was worried that if that Mournewind is really able to successfully escape from prison."

    "Don't underestimate him, take a look at this."

    Look at the file, even Eliza always stays cool but also let out a cry of surprise.

    "How is it possible, he is Golden level Beastmaster Hunter! Beastmaster?"

    "Yss, this is the natural advantages of longevity kinds, just live long enough, finally will become strong. And Beastmaster Hunter is indeed natural born trainer, his love for the beast... forget it, don't mention of it, it's too disgusting. You look at this report... "

    "Target X into the prison for an hour, all the prisoners in the same room request to change room. Someone shouted "don't make me with that pervert together, if you don't change my room I will go to die". And at the same time, a prisoner really already hit the wall for die... too exaggerated!!"

    "... not only so, there also heard the "squeak" sound in the prison. it should he call the mice to help... hope just call to help escape, I do not want to keep think."

    Don't know why, the homicidal intent which I hardly pressed down, boiling up again.

    "We must do this? There isn't a wall which hasn't a rack, release the prisoners, if spill the beans, your reputation will... "

    "Even not spill the beans and just the judicial system to escape occurred, the punish of guards lax and demotion is inevitable. Even Adam does not punish me, I also will take the initiative to ask the penalty."

    For a long time, Eliza continued.

    "This is suppress yourself reputation, is it worth?"

    "If the staff's reputation and prestige is higher than the highest leader, the leadership is really not good. Since we are ready to help Anne win, let us do the best. Not to mention..."


    "The tidal of new era is upcoming, no one are able to prevent this catastrophe, in the times change, reputation is nothing. Not to mention..."

    "Not to mention you still think if Anne will pledge to marry you because of your sacrifice."

    I'm with a surprised look, but she is continue.

    "Humph, pledge to marry you? Oh, according to her character, she only will get mad at you, angry at you, ignore you. Hum! Best not to ignore you for a lifetime!"

    Looking at the half demon girl's whole face turned red, different with her past cold expression, I don't know why but suddenly said.

    "You, jealous? Jealous for me treat Anne much good than you?"

    Then, suddenly, the office's air is stopped... Look at the sharp tongued maid's read face, and her full of ashamed and resentful's eyes, I start to prayer for those my collectibles.

    "I'm finished, say something wrong, she must will revenge!!"

    Strange, she has maintained a strange silence, half a day, she said.

    "If I'm really jealous, are you will... "

    Eliza's voice more and more small, at the last her voice was hardly intelligible.


    When I rack my brains trying to say some jokes to lighten the atmosphere. All of a sudden, the office door was opened, Klose rushed in and Elizabeth also quickly disappeared in the shadows.

    "My Lord, it's not good, prisoners brole the prison!!!"

    "Don't panic? Does not this is in the plan?"

    "But... but it's not in us plan, that pervert still haven't dug out the wall, the prisoners directly escape from another place, someone attack the prison! This is a real escape!! All the prisoners are ran out!! The situation has been out of our control."

    Splat! This is the sound of I suddenly crush the wooden chair's armrest, and another thing out of control is my magic siphon.

    Next second, the whole world distorted, the colorful world become black-and-white, Eliza was driven out from the shadow, and Klose was also rushed out of the door by my turbulent magic power.

    "These bastard tired of life, dare to make trouble in my bottomline!! Blind bastard, I will kill you and your family!!"

    Well, beside the office door, that like small bully's speech. finally become the black history of the urbane supreme judge Nonleeper...

  • Chapter 21: entrapment

    Before 'someone' unscrupulous to expand the number of senators, the senator of Sulphur Mountain City used to be a respectable occupation.

    As the representatives of every industry and all races, they can negotiate with executive yuan, judicial system and the city master, put forward their suggestion and scheme, if their opinion obtained the support of the council, even the city master also should envisage it.

    When Adam said he will not in charge, and the judicial system only interest on public security and judgment, most of the time, the council can even let by the Executive Yuan concessions, even the leader of the Executive Yuan is the great sage Margaret.

    Of course, right also represents the interests, just a business tax or commodity access license had represent countless gold coins, and when the sensators relized their owned interest, how could they willingly only do a mere merchant or civilian.

    After all, there has "born noble" in this world, there even has the royalty, for them, "country is my private property". People have more want much more, in the comfortable peace, they naturally will look to the higher place...

    In now days, when the normal workers, farmers, neighborhood aunt, selling fish brother has become a senator, when these issues about "if dancing at square on the morning is disturbs the neighbours"  "Should council can provide free lunch " instead of " Should we acquisition of gold ore from Karon City " this kind of issues, the identity of those merchants, patriarch and the veteran senators will involuntary be pulled low, this makes them very dissatisfied.

    And when the bloated senator configurations completely let the council became slow, the senators opposite and spar at each other, the citizens treat them as the arena bullfight. The original council members feel much more bitter and firmly hate that seemingly friendly proposer —— the devilish cunning and evil's Nonsleeper.

    "Chairman Grant, please make up your mind!!"

    At the moment, in the office of Chairman Grant, a group of young and arrogant covenanter senators have surrounded by the old mediocre chairman, forcing him to make up his mind.

    "Now all the city is full of escaped criminals, chaos has inevitable extension to the city. We should protest against to the mediocrity city master, remove that  malpractice's stupid maskman from his work! And disband of that group of disgusting dark elf women!"

    "Yes, as a city master agent, Anne is too young, lack of experience, and unable to convince the public, which leads to the chaos occurred, should be dismissal together!"

    Precious mahogany desk was knocked crackled by the excited senators , but the old chairman turned around to look out of the window, it has been the quit ting-time, at this time in the past, everywhere is the homecoming crowd, old people walking with his grandson, young lovers wandering in the garden, along the street these shops selling a variety of ethnic characteristics of the dinner, tasty dish incense could smelled by far away...

    But at this time, smoke filled everywhere, in the past the streets are full of laughter, but now in addition to the fear screams and fire, there is nothing left!!

    "That's enough." After deep breath, the past known as mediocre's old chairman calm pick under his glasses, look at his dapper colleagues.

    "What?" the headmost senator Kahn did not expect the chairman to be such a response.

    "I, said, that, is, enough!"

    The older's roar shocked all the senators, his blood red eyes like a beast is ready to choose someone to bite, even if they are already accustomed to the noise council, but also shocked by this past mediocre's chairman, this old guy who always drinking tea and doze off on the meeting, incredibly will have such a wrath side.

    "Out there, in addition to these escaped criminals, there should be your private soldier, you know what you are doing, you are in rebellion!!"

    The anger of the old chairman make these sensators subconscious step back, but the Kahn who was seen as the most likely to become the next chairman, he stood out.

    "Sulphur Mountain City is belong to everyone, how could this is rebellion? We just ask city master Adam to back, support us work and punishment the dereliction officials. After the situation stabilized, we will ask him to serve as a permanent honorary lord."

    Looked at this well-dressed middle-aged senator calm look at himself, Chairman Grant first in a daze, then smiled.

    "Oh, you are not stupid, huh. I see. You are afraid, you afraid when the old city master abdicated, the young new city master unable to protect you in the chaos underground world, you want to forced Anne to leave, then let the old city master do the so-called honorary lord, continue to be your protection god? "

    "It's best that you can understand it, at that time, you can do the future chairman of the executive yuan..."


    His spittle directly spit in Kahn's face, in one moment, this jewelry shop's big boss's gentle face twisted.

    "You want to get rid of others adopted daughter, then let others continue protect for you, shameless! How could you dare to thought of, how could you dare to say such a thing, I'm ashamed to associate with you!!"

    The senators want to say something, but the fury old chairman did not stop his accusations. His right hand pointing to a alive old gentleman.

    "Lucius! Fifty years ago, because of your father's crime, all of your family become slaves and sold to Karon city, to do the cults sacrifice, it's the good heart old city master take a risk of break with Karon city, personally saved you. I still remember at that time you are still a child, you crying and kowtow, said "kindness of saving my life, I will forever memorable', is this you way to show your gratitude?"

    "Thun! Your father was killed on the job for Sulphur Mountain City, and you are always appeared in front of the public with the identity of hero descendant. Huh! Hero descendant? Just a deserter who was killed by a stray bullet! Don't you feel shameless? It just because the greate sage Margaret think your family need the pension to keep living, so she gave him a honor death reason! That's what you used to return to her kindness?"

    "Sydonay! You, one of our council's three young heroes, your life miserable, thirteen family members were killed by others, only you survived. I ask you, is who personally shot, spend a half years catch back the murderer, for you to pay off old scores? Is who offer the financial aid for your? Can't answer? Are you the best at long speech and incite public opinion? Let me tell you, that man is Honor Nonleepler that who you called him as the devil!"

    "Carter! You are curse by your family blood, if not the great sage..."

    "Runnes! You..."

    "And you! Kahn! I ask you, when you be cheated lose all of your fortune, is who help you recover part of your fortune, and let the Executive Yuan guarantee for you? You think those greedy goblin will borrow money for you, just because they think you are good look? You owe Lord Margaret and Honor Nonsleeper. and you still dare to against them?"

    These senators are name-calling one by one, but no one can lift up his head, after all, in front of a old man who can read you as a book, the shame burning in the heart, it's difficult to lift up the head. Sometimes, even the evil also know justice is in people's hearts.

    "Your shameless, seems has been forget where is here. Here is Sulphur Mountain City, it's the cursed underground world, whithout the city master's protect for more than 100 years, as the weaker, you had alreay become the slaves and food of the strongers... "

    "Enough, we don't need you mediocre old guy do it, we do it by ourselves!"

    Don't know if it's because of shame or angry, Kahn's whole face turned red and turned away.

    Other members also looked down, did not dare to see their colleague's face, ready to follow Kahn to go out. For them, since has been exposed, every second stay here, just feel as if a knife were piercing their heart.

    But the old man's ironic sounded from the back.

    "Mediocre? I'm really very mediocre, but do you know I also break a record of the council?"

    Although no one answered, but hear he break the record of council, these senators suddenly pause a step.

    "I, Grant·Baal, I'm a mediocrity old man, but I had reign the council for 13 years, it's second longest time of the council's chairman, I also want to try to challenge of my father's sixteen years record. Unfortunately, all has been spoiled by you."

    This old chairman is known all the city as his mediocre, at this time, but have a fine colour in his cheeks, energetic, not only don't confused, but also have a strange emotions when he look at his colleagues, it seems is... sympathy?

    "Huh, just live for a long time, it's not something can be proud!"

    "Ah, of course I'm proud. The ex-chairman Li Wensi, come from east, adept with both the pen and the sword, withstand the pressure and ready to streamline the members of council, many people are look forward to, but the results? ....... died, in the third years, transform into a zombie by a passing necromancer."

    "The ex-ex-chairman Kleven, good at public speaking, acclaimed by the public, he has organized demonstrations, forced Margaret several times to concessions, known as the uncrowned king of Sulphur Mountain City, but the results?... reign for three years, died, a dig package thief use knife cut open his stomach, died in a deserted alley."

    Kahn and these senators at first just crusty-looking, but at this time, their body is full of sweat and back cold.

    "The ex-ex-ex-vice-chairman Benn, he he, at that time the chairman Kaya support city master, but be rumored he has illegitimate sex relation, forcing he jump from the floor. Benn is indeed a talent, let these judicial system's crazy dogs can't found any evidence. But the results? ... being involved in the bar scuffle, missing more than 20 years. but every year on the anniversary of Kaya's death, her grave will appeared a man's parts as the sacrifice, the year before last is the right hand finger, on the finger it's Benn that old guy's copper ring, ha ha. "

    At this time, all the senators are frightened turned, not dare to look down upon this old man.

    "If it's Adam did it!! I had think they are good people..."

    "Lord Margaret and Lord Adam are good people. But do you know that you called devilish cunning's Nonsleeper, at first we called he what?"


    "Law executioner, more evil than the devil. This is used to describe his invisible wrist, as long as anyone arbitrarily over the line and trample the law, he will raised the cleaver, no matter who you are. Do you think only you could incite and revise the public opinion? That Lord even can change people's memory. Let the rumors turn to he hope's way, it couldn't be much more simpler for him."

    "My father, he is the longest reign the council's old Baal, before his death only said a word to me. Do you know what is it?"

    At now, these frightened senators have no bravery to answered, their face pale as a corpse, but as their leader, Kahn keep roared.

    "Old guy! I'm no interested to know..."

    But the old chairman shook his head, face full of memories and continued.

    "He said to me 'Sulphur Mountain City is the paradise of the underground world, but that is because there has a devil to do all the dirty works by himself, kill all the dirty things which is not evil than himself, the city natural will clean and beautiful like the paradise. If you want to do the chairman, it's very simple. Do a stupid, do not have any beyond your ability's ambition, then, these fool in front of you sooner or later all will die, than you're on the top. ‘ Ha, he was right, as the longest life chairmen, we should also are the most mediocre chairmen in the history."

    At this time, Kahn's arrogant disappeared, he opened his mouth, continual to inhale, like a toad on the ground. He felt as an invisible hinge has quietly put on his neck, that death cold make he suffocation.

    "Yes, you and others think have the Karon city's help will be able to overcome the three giants? Become a future Royal aristocracy? He he, you had never seen a real war, naive children. No matter who wins or loses, as the despicable traitors, you are the first one would to be removed!"

    "Old man!!"

    The impulsive Sydonay one punch hit on old chairman's face, chairman Grant hard hit on the table, old man's glasses broken, mouth and eyes are full of blood, but he satisfied laugh out.

    "Ha ha, do you think why I would say so much to you? Am I not afraid these things got abroad? Idiots, because I want to live! Is it?Honorable Nonsleeper, the dead men will not leak any secret, since these stupid snakes have been out of their hole, it should be the time to catch all of them."

    "Pa, pa, pa." It is a strange applause sound like bones collided, but at this moment, in the ear of these senators, it's a sound of death.

    A slender figure came out from the shadows, under the silver mask, it's a pair of cold red eyes, and that uncanny applause come from her hand's crystal ball.

    "Silver Rose! The leader of the intelligence organization [spectator]! The under queen of Sulphur Mountain City!" This Nonsleeper's henchmen, the notorious intelligence queen's suddenly appeared broke these senators's finally psychological defense.

    "You... You.."

    Look at that senator who is excited and rude pointing to her, the Silver Rose furrow her brows, seems to be a bit upset, "splat" a snap of her fingers, all over the room the invisible line tightening.

    The next second, all the senators's neck suddenly tightening, the invisible rope hang all of them in the air.

    Yes, from the beginning, the invisible robr that Kahn feeled is not an illusion... As the betrayal, they have been sentenced to death!

    "Er!!" After a few seconds, just as the fish on the grass, these still struggling senators calm down one by one, for ever...

    See these colleagues's death, old Grant also feel a little nervous.

    And the sound from the crystal ball let him relax.

    "Originally I'm misunderstanding you and your father, forget it, you are satisfactory, if you do not want to white haired person delives the black hair persson, good control of your grandson. Oh right, come on on the the next election, I'm look forward to you."

    Silver Rose still without a word, after bowed, she took a step back and again disappeared in the shadows.

    And the old chairman slumped against the table, gasp for air, but he is the only living person in thr room...

    "Ha ha, ha ha!! I'm alive! I'm alive!"

    Even if the Silver Rose has been out of the building, the old man's laughing also can be heard for a great distance...

    The Sulphur Mountain has been completely into chaos, escaped criminals and merchant's private soldier is smashing and looting, and out of the city, there is the elite troops of dark elfs is prepared to interfuse, it seems the underground world's paradise has become a hell.

    And at the same time, on the top of a tower, I was looking at these confusion and unbearable things, and behind me, Snowhoof as the leader of hall of law enforcement, Kahler as the leader of the hall of torah, Kevin as the leader of the hall of judgement, all of them are full of angry, looking down these horror things.

    "Well, well, don't bitter face, it almost rotten to the bones, how to cut off the flesh without bleed, how will remember the pain if not be hard hit. In order to printed a wish for peace in the mind of these fools, for the next thirty years of peace and stability of Sulphur Mountain City, slightly a bit of patience. What's more, our people are starting to move, sooner there can get better."

    And when the Silver Rose, well, I mean my maid Eliza, again appeared in front of me, I know the situation has changed again.

    "Huh? That group of fools really collusion other underground city, their army will coming? He he, four Heavenly Kings, the fun begins, let's go to play."

  • Chapter 22: it's hard to be nice

    "I'm a good man, I'm really a good man."

    This has almost become my pet phrase, every time I said it, the expressions and attitudes of the audiences will be very strange and subtle.

    "Haw-haw, today the weather is good, very beautiful, especially suitable for camping out. Yes, as Taurens we really no interested to fodder, can we not take fodder? Steak would be better. I like medium-rare, with some blood will be the best delicious."

    This is the answer of that stupid cattle, although it is clear for change the topic, but it is also the most comfortable answer.

    "Oh, you are so funny, but the joke is a little out of date."

    "Ha ha, good man? I laughed my ass off, you are a good man, I would be a arch-romantic!" Adam really always show no respect for my feelings.

    "No, even Roland become a good man, you won't be a arch-romantic. But, Adam, your goal is very high, huh, arch-romantic? Should I searching 3000 beauties live in your Inner Court? " Quickly, the substantial resentment of Margaret let Adam know what's the mean of 'out of the mouth comes evil', of course, thse are the words that I taught Margaret.

    Well, most of the people who got me will have the same reaction as Eliza and idiot Adam, think my 'good man theory' as a joke.

    But, in my mind, I'm really trying to be a good man.

    "As a lich, if I go to help the old lady across the road, I am afraid the old lady will immediately call the city management to help. However, punish evil also is do good thing, kill a villain will better than do ten insignificant good things. Let the whole city run in the order, let the normal public have a good life, whatever it's worth for 100000 points."

    But unfortunately, the evil Lich system don't admit my theory, it still publish evil daily missions to me.

    And I'm also have to do these missions, what's the time that I can revive if it always undercut my evil points, but as a law enforcement, I cann't do what my wishs without restraint, so I always need rack my brains to change these devastating daily missions into some tricks that will not violate the legal bottom line.

    "Let hundreds of people forced to rolling on the ground and desperate collapse? Trying the Tickling Hell... " The sequelae is the feather full of the square and that I have to pay for the huge fines and post-processing costs...

    "Kill an intelligent creature in public, more cruel more good? This is simple, it's your turn, Mr.cockroach. After the Arcane Intellect, then treat it with ten kinds of torture, haw-haw, should I first use the 'Draw and quarter to execute'? Maybe 'hacked in pieces' would be better? Eliza, lend me your needle. What is used to do? Of course use it as a surgical knife."

    The sequelae of this thing is Eliza ignore me for a week, did not close to me three meters for three months, her eyes look at me is full of despised, if she had to talk to me, she will call me "bedbug master"...

    Though at first do thiese things are very hard, but soon afterwards, it is full of fun that fight with wisdom and courage with the city management officers. Huh? I seem to know why Snowhoof and Lilith always join my camp to fight with the city management officers, as the ancient said, happy and pervert are all contagious.

    Ahem, as the law enforcement, they shouldn't always trouble to the inspectors, I have to find a chance to talk with them. 

    Well, it seems I'm straying from the subject again, let's back to the subject.

    I once very puzzled that why the system always reluctant to admit that I was a good man, and I also had doubts that am I will always do an evil Lich, but one day, when I yelled at a criminal, inexplicable I understand the reason.

    "Do you think killed other's father, then pay all your property to compensation his daughter, afer compensation than you can no guilty?? This is self deception! Hypocrite!"

    "No matter what you do, the crime has been committed, when your crime the pain of the victims has been become the truth, no matter what you say or compensation, you can not change the truth that crime has been committed. The only thing you can do is accept the trial and legal sanctions, in order to wash away your sins. If you really regret, then you should good transformation and atone for your crime in the prison, when you out of the prison and than become a clean man again."

    Not to mention that impulse murderer who are only in prison for fifteen years because the intercede of the daughter of the victim.

    When the case is end ans close the court, at that moment I collapsed, the sense of powerlessness bothering me, this sense is I never had...

    In the quiet room, slumped in a chair, clutching my head but only to see the bones of my arms, I completely figured out it.

    No matter what I do in the future, the crimes of the past always in my back, the soul dying because of me can fill the entire Styx river, no matter how many people that I saved, how many good things theat I did, I'm still a sinner, I even can't cheating my own heart, how can I let the system admit that I have become a good man.

    "In front of the Supreme Court, on the Monument of the Code, it's my own handwriting Maxim [ Only the fairly trial and the sanctions of the Code of Laws can cleared of the crime, no one can exception. ]"

    But unfortunately, it seems that there is no one can judge me, then, I naturally only continue to wander between good and evil, waiting for the Judgment Day that may never will coming ...

    Perhaps in my heart I'm also vaguely aware, the sinner who almost destroyed the world sitting in the Department of justice, trial several little criminal that only kill several people. it's too ironic and funny...

    "Ha, I am a hypocrite, then what? I will not say say some stupid words like just do these things for my conscience, I just think the Eich continent has not yet at the time of be destroyed, since the original 'history' has proven that we can't use normal way to end the big catastrophe. So let some hypocrite like me to give it a try."

    Yes, I'm always do these things, but now I have a little trouble.

    At this time, receiving the intelligence of "Spectator", these men attack on the east gate of Sulphur Mountain City is the Blackwater Army of Karon city, it is the elite force of the city master, Steelbackpig Orc Humhum.

    Well, "Humhum" is the name of the orc city master, please respect the traditional of pig orcs named as their voice when they are born.

    But unfortunately, this traditional also has a side effect that as long as in any pig orcs tribe shouted a sentence "Humhum, fuck you", then, often there will have three or four hundred Humhum to get you in trouble...

    Once a wise man of Flying Pig tribe invented to use the number as the name to solve this problem, but unfortunately, because the intelligence of the pig orcs is too low, most of them can only count to 10, so this approach simply lack maneuverability, can only forget about it.

    Okay, probably the world still is fairly, while the intelligence of pig orcs is low, and they are amazing ugly, smelly like the pigsty, but they have innate great strength and rough skin, and the most important thing is their reproductive capacity is especially good, any race as long as they have a large number, it always will appeared some talent, and the number of the stronger also will not low.

    Blackwater Army is such an example, every new recruits are selected from thousands of pig orcs, then killing each other, eliminating the weaker and stay the stronger, final one of the ten can survived and become a member of the elite force of city master Humhum.

    Although Blackwater Army only has three thousand people, and also have an obvious weak point that the speed of infantry is very slow , but their average level as high as 50, at the Silver level. Pig orcs natural have iron skin, with the help of the Orc Shaman, if such a heavy armor army get mad, they will like countless mountains, it's difficult to directly resist them. So it's very famous.

    Of course, this is compared with the underground world, if put such a heavy armour army on the ground, at least it can compared with the royal guard of human empire.

    And fifteen minutes ago, a full nearly a thousand Blackwater heavy armour soldiers and Dark Shaman charged into the east gate, unscrupulous rampaged through the city.

    It seemed in order to show good to the underground united army, the city master Humhum ready thoroughly occupy Sulphur Mountain City. And he is acturally willing to directly sent nearly half army of himself, and these corrupt senators incredibly can hiding them outside the city.

    And the latest team against with them is the dark elf city management team and it also is them first received the report, they are just a small team, not more than ten menbers...

    Cover the escape of the normal citizens, these dark elf Paladins are all fight untill dead, and most of the dark elfs are very beautiful, the pig orcs naturally very lechery, they even don't mind their objects are dead or alive...

    Side their body be swallowed, side be profane, the corpse of loyal inspectors become toys for the orcs, and perhaps should thanks for the bad discipline and stupid of these pig orcs, they in order to fight for the priority of enjoy the "loot", they even come to blows.

    But this time, when I arrived at the front, it's such a gruesome sight like a hell on earth.

    "Aha, at now I'm glad that I have the evil lich system, as long as I do my wish and than I can become strong, such a simple thing. After all, a wicked person will be harassed by another of like ilk, what can much more let people happy than more evil than evil, more recklessly than rioters. "

    Cold and malicious curse resonate in the soul, endless homicidal intent roar in the mind, finally turned into cold words.

    "Kill them all!"

  • Chapter 23: bloody battle and taboo spell

    When all of the Sulphur Mountain City fall into disorder, but the three giants just keep a strange silent.

    Even someone said that it's the three giants took the opportunity to eliminating their enemies, but not to mention others, if that unicellular city master Adam still in the city, how will he don't personally shot.

    In fact, it is because the three gaints are all out of the city, even as the city master successor, Anne is also not in the city.

    When I tell them that there may seal the fire elemental god under the Sulphur Mountain, Margaret immediately were explored in the Sulphur Mountain, and verify the conclusion that there is indeed has a Demigod level fire elemental in the mountain.

    "Very trouble, super trouble, I do not know is who set the seal and actually used the entire Sulphur Mountain as the seal magic circle, although he is very clever to use the underground letlines as the energy source of the seal magic circle, it's indeed very firm, but if there has any accident, it's very possible will blown up all the mountains and Sulphur Mountain City."

    When all of us afraid it... all right, little Red is sleeping, I'm playing catch ghost game with the inspectors, Adam is just stupid laughing, well, then make a correction, at least Margaret is very worried.

    The most make us find it both funny and annoying thing is when Adam hearing it, then he rapture giving his 'creative genius'.

    "Natural underground heat source, so if we irrigation water in it whether we will get a hot spring pool! Sulphur hot spring bath, it's said it has great effect to treat various skin diseases, and also can restore fatigue, I had long wanted to build it."

    Okay, action faster than thought, "He is simply the typical humanoid gorilla that hands and feet and instinctive command the action of brain (by Roland)". He quickly start action, less than a day, he had found the depths of the geothermal outflow points, use his sword dug out a lake, and also looking for Druids to rainfall and storage full of water in it...

    But Margaret and I intend to teach him why the flowers are so red (stain red by the blood), so when his face become swollen and bruised, he finally remembered the explanation, or in other words, prepared the justification.

    Why he has explained but his face still become swollen and bruised? He trifle with us affections, he thought he has explained so we would not hit him? Too young too simple! I had to seize the opportunity to strike first, Margaret took the opportunity to vent resentment, little Red is just for fun...

    Well, not to mention the pleasant three against one, let's back to the topic. The explanation of Adam also can be a good solution.

    "Phoenix Nirvana, it need the successor to throw into the flames to burn self, my Phoenix Legacy also needs a large number of heat source, I can use the pool directly extract a large amount of heat source, in that case I can complete the best inheritance for Anne, then let she can preservation enough strength after Nirvana, and quickly mature. Moreover, the heat source for the fire element is equivalent to physical and magic, after pumping it dry, that fire elemental god will lost more than half of his power."

    I have to say, although usually he is very unreliable, but Adam is indeed a qualified "brave", his luck and intuition are all very good, it seems that he is just mess things up, but it actually hit the most painful place of our opponent.

    For anyone who bothers to see, lift the seal of the fire elemental God is directly related to the coming of the element tides, and also related to the "historical trend" of the entire world, when they find Aro Travis is becoming weak and he may even can't lift element tides, how would they stand it!

    So soundless and stirless, city master and the president of the Executive Yuan with our city master successor to the Sulphur Mountain, and for safety, they even use little Red's dragon lair as a cover.

    But clearly, there isn't a wall in the world which hasn't a crack, in the world, the divination was very prosperous, ans also no any absolute secret, perhaps they know the city master's leave from a traitor of the Sulphur Mountain City, perhaps they found that something was wrong with the exploration of the elements, or perhaps simply because they directly use divination spell found something was wrong.

    The three giants were stopped...

    The girl dressed in blue robes of girl standing there alone, her slender wooden staff engraved by nature, born beauty like it's master, just stand there, it and she will permanet as the long history, simple but profound, natural.

    Her qppearance can only be described as elegant, under her hood it's her blue hair, gold rimmed glasses slid to the br
    idge of the nose, if it was not chained in her elf ears by a silver chain, perhaps it already fell to the ground.

    Immortal person just quietly stand there, but has a natural scholar's style, if only to see the appearance, instead saying she is a wisdom and powerful great sage, rather than saying she is a librarian that addicted to reading and always forget to eat lunch.

    But this time, the "librarian" is killing spree.

    "On the heaven, in the earth, in the contract of the books and the stars indenture, in the name of sage Margaret, the ancient star spirit, please accept my call, Chimera, Leo, Monoceros, Chariot, coming!"

    Margaret with a wave of her staff, nameless star spirits with starlight falls to the mortal world.

    The chariot giant tall like high tower, the three headed monster playing with fire and lightning, the shining white unicorn represent asylum and sanctity, the Lion Warband that all the members are Golden level...

    The legendary hero turned into a tangible reality, the legendary warrior fight under the baton of sage, it's an one person army that one Demigod mage against an entire army.

    But even so, her situation is still not good.

    Because from the outset it's not a fair fight, it's a war that one person against one army... although her opponent is not a country, but it's the underground city united army which is more dangerous than the forces of the ground empire.

    All the remaining two thousand soldiers of Black Army are here, the city master Humhum wearing a black mud armor, though he is a city master but still leading the charge, but he still feel overwhelmed because of these star spirit corps. If not these guards protect him at the cost of their own life, perhaps he has already died countless times.

    In front of the Demigod mage, such a legendary warrior like Humhum, he is also just a high level cannon fodder.

    But someone can let he willingly to do a cannon fodder, it can only shows that the commander of the underground city united army has a more high status and amazing prestige, enough to prevent the rebound of these city masters, just like Humhum.


    With the sound of a horn, another a thousand people team of Orcish Warband entered the battlefield, some of them are bloodthirsty lions, some are aggressive vigorous werewolfs, some are powerful elephants, their weakest are Golden level warrior, but quietly into the battlefield, silently bloody battle with the no flesh and blood of the star spirits, silently died, just for make space for the reserve team...

    "Black One-eye Medal, it's his Praetorian Guard, the Veteran Warband. Unexpectedly he is willing to put them in."

    Looking at that tall figure with his hands clasped chest and overlooking at the distant mountains, Margaret seems to remember something, but her attacks still without any hesitate.

    "On the heaven, in the earth, in the contract of the books and the stars indenture, drop the death for my enemy, Starshards!"

    With the chant of Margaret, the underground world has emerged with the starlight, and these things fall slowly with the starlight, they are a lot of pits radius of three meters, which is of course full of the blood and flesh of Orcs.

    The orcs emperor of the underground world, Billow·Angerteeth, his three meter body height is not the tallest if compared with these toppest Orcs, his one-eye wearing a black mask more make he seems less aggressive. But now, he just stood on the edge of the battlefield, coldly looked at this side, looked at his people and soldiers died for nothing.

    "This feeling, the top of the World Saint level? Unfortunately, he seems know me well, completely beyond my range, if now I'm in my mage tower... "

    However, even if the Warband are all died, the Orc emperor seems still did not has a willing to personally into battle, he just waved his hand, the horn sounded again, and another a thousand people team silent came in...

    This is clearly he knows that sage is good at replica spells and analytical magic, good at one on one, but they lack of staying power, so he ready to use these warriors to waster her power.

    "It seems these inferiors are too looking down upon me."

    Margaret with a slight laugh, then her wooden staff lightly knock on the ground, seven luminaries stones surround it and exudes mageweave like the musical note, then it floating up.

    "First to the third, chant 'Ice Age' . Fourth, fifth, replica magic spell. Sixth, seventh, magic shield."

    Red, yellow and orange, Tri-color philosopher's stones form a group, the ultimate elemental magic engraved from the soverign of Imperishable Night began to let the whole world into ice field, the sky starts snowing, the snow elfs are playing, this is the symptom of the start of the Strategic Death Magic.

    Green and blue, two philosopher's stones began to singing the magic spell that the sage just released.

    "On the heaven, in the earth, in the contract of the books and the stars indenture, in the name of sage Margaret, the ancient star spirits, please accept my call, Chimera, Lion, Unicorn, Chariot, coming!"

    "On the heaven, in the earth, in the contract of the books and the stars indenture, drop the death for my enemy, Starshards!"

    The sound as same as Margaret herself, but the stars that it summoned once again swept away the new coming a thousand people team, and the new same star spirits army filled our own side damage and established the army array again.

    But the most dangerous still is that Strategic Magic, their long-range troops will not just look at the "Ice Age" be released.

    Countless arrows and magic shoot toward Margaret, but she never looked back, just lower her head control the philosopher's stone, while the last two philosopher's stones rotate around its own axis, the blue and purple magic shield easily blocked these hasty attack.

    And soon, the singing of the red, yellow and orange three-colour philosopher's stone has near the end, but a nameless black arrow suddenly shot on the ground where is between the three philosopher's stones.


    Although it has not yet touch the ground, the arrow had already disrupt by itself, dark magic strom suddenly outbreak, it interference the singing link of the philosopher's stone, after a moment of twist, the taboo spell "Ice Age" actually outbreak in advance!

    The white snow crystal suddenly condensed into a ball, then scattered outbreak!

    The snow falls, the ice spread, instantly, the whole world was forcibly converted into a white colour, under the power of the taboo spell, the boiling lava turn into the ice peak, no matter it's star spitits or orcs, as long as being involved in, they all directly turned into the ice sculpture.

    And Margaret herelf due to the taboo spell was detonated in advance, she also was involved in it's scope, but fortunately, the blue-purple magic shield protect her.

    The sage is wrinkly eyebrow, if not philosopher's stone instead of herself singing the taboo spell, the backfire of magic will not only make her spitting blood.

    "Magic explosion arrow? Never thought the famous Demon Hunter Minear is here too, isn't he the Chieftain of Centaur, famous as arrogant and unruly? Unexpectedly, he also take refuge in the Billow·Angerteeth. To return to the ground, does it really so attractive?"

    Even the Ice Age only has one third of the power due to outbreak in advance, but when the entire mountain turned into ice peak, the place where the Orc emperor is, it also into the ice peak. However, two huge black dragon stand in front of the deadpan Dungeon Overlord.

    Although black dragon has natural super high magic resistance nearly can call it magic immune, but they are still too weak in front of the weakened Ice Age, two black dragon sacrifice the life to save their master, and they have already been frozen into the white ice sculpture.

    But their sacrifices indeed let the impact that the orcs suffered greatly reduced.

    Even so, the tall dungeon overlord without even looking at his subordinates sacrifice, he just relying on his brute force pull the dragon's tail then thrown the black dragon's corpse to the side.

    Even if the front is ice mountain and frost blade, his face still remains calm as ever, seems it early in his expected, and then he directly took out the horn from the hands of his frozen henchman, personally sound the horn.


    After three sharp horn sound, from the other side of the horizon, a group of gray green tide seems to be slowly removed, the sound of hoofs and the howling of beast link up into a single stretch.

    "At least three thousand cavalry. Ouch, really gives me a bit of bind."

    Margaret frowned, even it's herself forcing the other other hasty input standby power, but unexpectedly, the other side is well-prepared, no, it should it's their absolutely does not mind sacrificing attitude, let her a bit difficult to accept.

    After release the taboo spell, the red, orange, yellow, three philosopher's stones has been turned into debris, green and cyan has been drained the mana, only the blue and purple served as a shield, they still have some magic power.

    "My mana has used more than half, but these opponents don't care consume, a bit difficult to deal with."

    But she looked back for one eye, in a piece of ice and snow, but there is a lake burning with flame, in that place, countless flame constitute a fire phoenix flying back and forth, the flame has been extended to the zenith, obviously, it's the key time of inheritance.

    "There is no retreat possible. Unfortunately, if there is my mage tower... huh, in the world there isn't if, assume also is meaningless. No.six,, engraved! No.four, No.five, began to re-energize."

    An army appear agin, just like the two times in the previous. This time, even the expressionless Billow also frown, the opponent's strength is too strong, the loss of this time has already beyond attack any other dungeon.

    Moreover, they own side good at the space coordination tactics of Sky Rider raid and berserker desperate assault, but it also completely unable to achieve results, rely on use human life to fills the gaps, when does it ever stop?

    In the sky, strong Griffin group and the Manticore are still in the fight, but in fact, nobody paid any attention to them, the powerful predator magic monsters, in the battlefield, but even can't be regarded as supporting role.

    Crimson flames across the sky, two dark giant meats directly fall on the ground, from the smell of meat, at least five mature.

    Two black dragon seems intention from the side to raid Margaret, but they just touched the dragon's breath attack range, from a higher place, a dragon's breath directly let them become roast dragon meat.

    In the sky, the fierce fight without inferior to the ground, the same is the individual fighting the Legion, but that huge red dragon's opponent is the whole dragon city!

    Twelve young red dragons form three battle team, take turns to fight, with a close battle to consume the physical strength of ancient red dragon Ain Mei Huges, but different whith the ground battlefield, they have achieved the effect.

    Reason? On the side, cruising behind her clansman, even big than Ain Mei Huges, but still sinister laughing. That another ancient red dragon is the reason.

    "Molier, you little Bitch, if you have the guts than personally come up, what was that that hiding in the behind of your clansman! You are more shabby and shameless than past!"

    Little Red, Ain Mei Hughes, her right wing had fracture, and the left eye already can't open, bruised, but still floating in the air, combat with high spirited, continually roaring with anger.

    "My foolish daughter, really even you brain are covered with muscle, we red dragon is most proud of the art of war, you actually think it's despicable, it seems that that year I ejected you from the dragon city is a right thing."

    Yes, that shameless ancient red dragon, she is the dragon queen, Moril, one of the underground dungeon overlord.

    Little Red side close battle with these young dragons, side also need pay attion to the sneak raid of Moril. She has been extremely uncomfortable.

    If she wants to do somethings, for example, Pactrometer to release a greater spell, Moril will definitely break it, in the overall unfavorable situation, she can sustain to now has already very not easy.

    At the same time, in order to help Margaret to kill the black dragon, she forced spit out dragon's breath, her neck was mercilessly bite by Moril, her bright red blood even drop a blood rain on the ground.

    In the face of the two dungeon overlord of the united army, the three gaints have in a desperate case.

    "Come on, Adam, if you don't auickly complete the seal and inheritance, maybe we all have to die here today."

    When little Red already can't hold on, suddenly from the direction of the Sulphur Mountain City, a silvery light beam rose into the sky.

    "What happened? That's the light of order, Roland actually had to get serious?"

  • Chapter 24: force of the law

    "Kill them all!!"

    Perhaps, at this moment, my orders are superfluous.

    That man rushed in the front no doubt is Snowhoof, he is worthy of the honorary title of Steel Guardian, as the director of the Hall of Law Enforcement, the city management team can be considered as his own army, and he has many daily contact with them. He even can called out the 800 inspectors every person's name, now they suffer injury in front of his eyes. How could he don't feel angry, don't feel hate!

    Snowhoof's both eyes has turned white, the last mind of his brain also turned into blood, after he decided to go mad, his bleeding heart all gone, now that man who is charge at the enemy is not that pervert old cow who never strike back when the inspectors were fighting and chasing him. but was a mad cow driven by the revenge mind.

    "Heroic charge!"

    It is the most simple soldier combat skills, only let the users catapulting out like the cannonball, but in the hands of the Steel Guardian, it's a death assault that can tearing everything.

    Positive resist? Then ruthless rolling past.

    Spear lunge? Even the enchanting sharp spear can't pierce his iron body.

    Strong Black Army soldiers in front of the legendary cow such as fragile as weak chicken, seems to use weapons still not enough to vent his hatred. He us two hands picked up two pig orcs, two arms one hit then created two ball of minced meat, then, continue to find the next goal...

    "Withcraft: Frog Transform!"

    A feather haired old shaman thrown his most vicious magic to the old cow, but the Steel Guardian just mercilessly stare, then the magic bounce back to the shaman.

    "Gua Gua" on the ground there appeares a frog running around, then, one step to death by the mad cow.

    Black Blood, Bronze Body, Silver Dignity, Golden Will, Venerable Legend, to the legendary stage, the strong will can condensed their own Soul Emblem, use the Soul Emblem as the core and a power source, they can greatly enhanced their ability.

    "Heart of Steel" it's the name of the Soul Emblem of Snowhoof, he is convinced that his body is iron, his heart is steel, impregnable and perfect.

    Well, although the side effects is he is too confident to his perfect body, feel if don't naked display his body to the world, it will become the regret of public, and develop a bad habit that always naked show himself...

    Cough, now on the battlefield, let's a little bit serious, cut short the nonsense and return to us muttons.

    Though Golden level stronger can use their will affect the body and the world, so under the increase effect of this gain-type Soul Emblem, as long as Snowhoof condensation his own will, with his basic ability as a legendary level Justice Knight, he is a undestructible steel fortress.

    Then, broken several inferior weapons, rebound several low-level magic, they are all just some identifiable trifle!

    Facing the the battle array of the Blackwater army, he is just like an overwhelming meat grinder, slowly but firmly charge, onrush, straight dash, rolling pass, left behind is only the minced meat and collapse weapon.

    "Accept the judgment of the law! Sinner! Lawspell: Conviction!"

    Compared with crazy Snowhoof, Kevin at least remember to use an one level Lawspell that every Justic Knight must has.

    This Lawspell originated in the Divine: Detect Evil of the Paladin, but it's effect is very different, Divine: Setect Evil sounds like to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys, but if distinguish the good and the bad can so easily, then, what's the use of police and inspectors? Isn't just directly let the Paladin detect everyone, then thrown the bad guys into prison, then the world will peace?

    Divine: Detect Evil, in fact it just detect the body's energy and racial blood, if them have the tendency of chaos, nature is the red light represent the evil, if them tendency to order, it will is the white light represent the jusstice...

    Although it's unreliable, but in a sense, it is indeed quite effective. at least the lich who's body is full of death magic power, and the chaos bloodlin dark elf, they will certainly be shiny red, and they generally will not do some good things.

    And my Lawspell: Conviction it's according to the code of lwas, view the source and the memory of the object, detect their behavior within one hour, if they are guilty, then it's red light, if they are innocent, then it's white light.

    Of course, I also very want to extend this Lawspell's detection time, if so our judicial system can save a lot of time, but unfortunately, this is the power of the order rules, person cannot modify.

    At the moment, the light of conviction fall down, naturally, all orcs are bright red, then the subsequent spells will naturally can play several times the power.

    "Lawspell: hush!"

    In the air the gavel fell, with the silver ripples, silent aura disperse, all shaman found themselves unable to chanting, and then all the Berserker found themselves unable to out the voice of battle cry!

    This level 2 Lawspell is used to silence in the court, naturelly, also can let the sinners shut up!

    "Lawspell: Evidence Lock, Armed Deprivation!"

    This Lawspell is known as the most shameless magic of the Justice Knights, no other magic can compared with it, if your opponent is a red-handed criminal, then choice an item of your opponents as evidence, let it temporarily unavailable. (level five Lawspell, consume a lot of mana, the use of the premise is the object has been convicted)

    Though it lasted a very short time, and also limit the user, but just imagine you can know, if in the combat your weapon suddenly fly out of your hands, or your armor suddenly dissolution...

    "Kill the evil!"

    Kevin as a senior Justice Knight, how will miss the opportunity to disarm his opponents.

    Kevin waving his sword, the silver light is the power of the code that the Lawspell additional, and when it cut on the sinner, they will bear several times the damage.

    Under that ordinary sword, the prideful rough skin and flesh of the pig orcs, but as fragile as paper.

    When his sword swing, the silver light turned into the flywheel, he specially choose the value goal, continuous kill several officers.

    The classic combination similar to the paladin divine spells with hand to hand combat, and additional the low level Lawspell special effects on sinners, it's the most common way of fighting of the Justice Knight.

    And the Snowhood who has been transformed into a mad cow he is obviously a special case, no to mention he don't use Lawspell and weapons, but actually think wearing clothes is too inconvenient, has begun to take off his armor...

    Cough, soldiers with enthusiasm is a good thing, as long as you are so hard than the armor, so don't use weapons and equipment it obvious is your personal freedom, no man prohibit naked on the battlefield.

    Actually, as a rare physically powerful legendary warrior, Snowhoof's body strength will not even inferior than Adam, for him, the ordinary weapons are really useless, anyway destory by brute force or split apart by sword, for the victim, they have no difference.

    Perhaps, at now Snowhoof's identity still has not been revealed, his nickname of battlefield naked man name did not spread out, maybe just  because every enemy who had seen his mad cow form, they all have been his crumbled by him...

    "Really good cannon fodders."

    Look at the homicidal two people, they have attracted a huge majority of our opponents, I can not help but give a deep feeling.

    The other two mages Kalle and Eliza, but also gave a knowing smile together.

    In Eich world, there was a classic statement, presumably it said that mage was very contemptuous of others, in their eyes, all the occupations can only divided into two, the mage, and the cannon fodder...

    This is obsviously an another explanation of the supremacy of magic, but I have to say, this is obviously biased.

    "In the eyes of old man I, obviously they are divided into three, mage, rubbish cannon fodder, useful cannon fodder. And Kevin and Iron Block (Code of Snowhoof), they are undoubtedly the most valuable classic collector's version of cannon fodder! You see, in their impact, those stupid pigs incredibly have already forget us, forget the battlefield core, the mages.

    The same as the pursuit of truth's mage. Karrer·Dia's answer always make me satisfied, his view always coincide with me.

    "In fact, I was distinguish them from their level, Snowhoof is a legendary level cannon fodder, if consider of his Soul Emblem, he still can up a notch, of course deserves to be classic collector's version. Kevin is very not enough... Ok, Eliza, don't give me that look. I know it's time to work now. Cough, since the cannon fodder has attracted the eyes of the opponents, completion of their task, then, let us kill all of them in one vigorous effort. "

    "Well, let the old man I go first. Lawspell: Deprivation of personal liberty."

    This is a directivity level 4 Lawspell, can only limite the sinners stop move in a fixed area, but in the hands of the Saint level mage, it turned to a powerful multi-limited magic, all of a sudden, as far as the eye could see, all of the Blackwater soldiers with red light on their body become unable to move.

    "Hum! What happened!! Hum!"

    "Hum! Let me out!"

    Single mage is often used as the fort, but in fact, when the mage group together, especially when the familiar mages mutual cooperation with each other, they can play the mage's biggest role.

    Saint level Karrer·Dia spent a lot of mana restrictions on freedom of the opponents, even in order to maintain the Lawspell, even himself can't move, but he is just in order to let me and Eliza will be able to calmly lockup opponents and release magic.

    Since the conditions are so good, then, we now choose the spell, naturally will let our advantage that the opponents can not move play to the extreme.

    "Icicle Shaping!"

    As a half demon, Eliza has natural born strong chaotic blood, then surely poor at learning the power of code of the order of source, so I mainly teach her my masterpiece as the sovereign of Imperishable Night —— Necromantic magic and Ice elemental magic.

    And for the ice mage, making several ice sculpture just easy as pie, the ice and snow creation is indeed lack of lethality, but if the ice in the wrong position...

    OK, I'll come straight to the point, at the moment, at the foot of all orcs, icicle is slowly generated, it's sharp cone tip directly aim at the source of descendants of the orcs...

    Glanced at the inspectors insulted corpse, the cold sweat ran from my forehead, secretly sigh that never offend a woman, I know, Eliza is really very angry now.

    Perhaps in order to let the orcs confession their crime before dying, those icicle's generate speed is not quick, but to see the old Karrer forehead sweat, listening to the curses of these orcs, I think it's necessary to help them.

    "Metamagic: Suspension!"

    Compared with the level 2 Levitate that the mage used to jump from the height, level 3 Suspension as an upgraded version of it, it just can allow people to float a little higher, probably, more than one or two meters.

    And at the moment, when I use metamagic skills, change it into area of effect spell, it still just a level 6 magic, but soon, all the orcs were all under the effect of Suspension, then because the spell has defined the moving range of them, they can only straight up and down...

    Now I'm not a Demigod level top mage, although it just is a level 6 magic, but I'm also haven't too much mana, how can waste it, so...

    "Slap!" I a flick of the wrist, the Suspension spell effect is released, all Orc are rapidly falling. Then, these icicle give them a hearty welcome...

    "It's a real tragedy! I almost can't bear to watch it."

    In front of me, the scene reminds me the thin bamboo sticks inserted into a series of stick food, then I decided never eat this kind of food again, then I found that I already do not need to eat food, which is totally unnecessary consideration...

    "Hum-hum! devil!! Hum!"

    "Run! Hum-hum! Flee!"

    When half an army turned into a "pork ice stick food" in front of the other half people, even they are the most elite soldiers, they also will collapse and escape.

    So the scatter of th Blackwater soldiers scattered is natural reasonable.

    "Don't you chase?"

    "It's enough to drive them out of city."

    If according to my old habit, absolutely I will exterminate them. If they fled out the city, but also will deadly chase of them for a thousand miles, but now I temporarily decide don't chase, just because I'm uneasy feeling that something is wrong.

    To be honest, when I see the horrors of the outer city gate and the Blackwater Army, my first reaction in addition to anger, more is surprised.

    "Why send the elite army of the Blackwater Army? if they are small batch elite thieves mixed insurrection can also barely explained, but if send the elite army it will become an apparent war act, was Humhum having a schizophrenic breakdown? Does he dare to against Sulphur Mountain City, fighting an all-out war? What's he rely on?"

    But soon, when I found that I could not contact Margaret outside the city, I already guessed what had happened.

    "The underground covenant and the dungeon overlord? It seemed they are going to completely turn against with our Sulphur Mountain City, I underestimate them. They send half of army come attack, it should only contain our internal fighting force of Sulphur Mountain City... Are they not afraid of Adam's revenge? Irritate three independent Demigod strongers in one time? When you're weeding but not dig up the roots, it's equal to suicidal. So, these underground overlords is going to dig up the roots of us, I can't contact Margaret, so they probably encounter trouble, or big trouble. "

    Thought of here, I made up my mind.

    "Go, go back to court, and let's open a court session."

    "Session? Do you want to use the original code? Lilith just report the situation of the city is still in control, and use our trump card now? Is it worth it?"

    "Certainly it worth, things have changed, Eliza, to prepare the artifact and ceremony, we will immediately quell strife, perhaps our great city master are still waiting for the rescue of us."

  • Chapter 25: Judgement (part 1)

    Since Eich goddess creat the world, when the order goddess Asteria and chaotic goddess Cynthia made the first generation of living things, the battle of order and chaos is the eternal theme of the world.

    Two almost the same goddess fight each other until enter the eversleeping at the same time, their residual creation continued their endless wars, the golden race and sulfur race died completely, then the silver race with the respresent of the moon elf and the and mercury race with the respresent of the gaints, they continue their endless battle.

    This war start from the god created the world, and without end.

    When the order triumphs over chaos, it's the stabilized order era, and if the chaos in a dominant position, it's the turbulent chaos era, each replacement also represents the rise and fall of countless races.

    And in the future, the seven times hell war also more or less related to this eternal battle, we even can treat it as a continuation of the eternal battle.

    The second generation of goddesses in the post-war fell into a deep sleep. Some people even said they had died. And the god of light, as the subordinate of Asteria, also known as the god who created the holy light, he became the core of the third generation of the order gods.

    Of course, just llike each upstart, soon, he only let the short-life mortal races praise the great holy light, but already forget the power and miracle of his predecessor.

    And in the side of chsos camp, sorry, because of they are abnormal advocating freedom and violent nature, they haven't decided who is the boss... But their power but always a little higher than the order camp. After all, in the believe jungle law's chaos camp, weak can't survive.

    And when the first generation of order creatures, the Angel civilization had already become a historical term. The remaining angels all become the subordinates of of the new gods, the first generation of chaotic creatures, the demons still carouse in the bottomless abyss, occasionally come to ground world make a mess.

    Even, corresponding to the order camp of the seven main gods, there are thirteen main gods of the chaos camp, if they can join up, probably only the chaos goddess Cynthia weaks up then she can stop them.

    Okay, this is the most fundamental set of Eich world. In the game, the two camps, order and chaos, before each player birth they must choose one of them, unless they deleted account then play again, it is destined to never change.

    The confrontation and the war between the two sides has continued so far, various success, but most of the time it's the order camp has the upper hand.

    Well, we all know, since it's primitive and savage jungle rules, you can never be stronger than me, why you can do the ruler but I can't? Okay, the result is when they fighting each other they are experts, when they fighting the order camp they drag each other's feet. Finally seemingly they are very strong, but once they play it hard they will die together.

    Sulphur race and Golden race are very powerful, even the weakest adult individuals is Golden level, their king absolutely will not inferior than the true God, and due to their rich characteristics and combat experience, in the same level the chaos creatures always powerful than the order creatures.

    But even so, their war still in the same level, more than 90% of the Sulphur race and Golden race fall in countless war, and then the chromatic dragons and the metallic dragon is not willing to continue to serve as cannon fodder, secretly come together, they forming today's dragonkin, away alone the eternal "holy war".

    And due to the insistence of both sides of the gods, and to continue to play... High elfs imitate their own structure created the wood elfs, moon elfs, night elfs and silver elfs, Titans created fire giants and cloud giants, even the angels also created the first generation of human, the mountain clans. The adult of these races at least at Silver level, they are known for silver race.

    So, when one side has new blood, but the other side become less and less, the balance of the war lean to one side.

    Although the sulphur race isn't good at create, but they have their own way.

    The devil use strength and longevity, knowledge as cost, success let the first generation of human of mountain clans into chaos camp, they now known as the abyss of Hell—— the devil.

    And of course, afterwards, the devil and the demonn start endless battle for the crown of evil, let them very hate their original choice, but at the time it greatly strengthens the strength of chaotic camp.

    And tasted the sweetness, the devil further successfully let fallen angel, red dragon, black dragon, Fire Giants, trolls joined the their camp, so these new races formed the so-called mercury race, become the sworn enemy of the silver race.

    The first human, the betrayal of the mountain clans, it direct caused the order gods great purge the first generation of human, and caused the birth of second generation human, the morden human.

    This generation of human are purely design for the role cannon fodder.

    Compared to the previous race, their individual strength is very weak, life is very short, creator just wanted some cannon fodder, even if they betrayal also can't caused much loss.

    But unexpected, exactly this small and weak race changed the situation of war.

    Innate strength is extremely weak? It but give them an advantage let them pursuit power, research weapons and magic, they learning martial arts from orcs, to study forging from dwarfs and giants, to learn magic from elfs.

    The short life? This instead let them more cherish their time, they have endless thirst for knowledge and action, their footprints all over the heaven, hell and different dimension.

    Coupled with the iron law that more powerful race more difficult to reproduce, the reproductive ability of puny human indeed is very terrible.

    When have enough basic population, human beings are full of potential, they will not be lack of genius that enough to against the god and devil.

    After numerous wars, after the end of the era of troll, now the ground world is still dominated by human is the most obvious evidence.

    And the chaos camp isn't exhibit, although they still don't know how to create, but they can revised and distorted the world rules... So, the ancient human king and died years of overlord took the lead came out from the grave, they are no longer rely on blood and physical strength to move, but the endless death force.

    He was the first undead, and also is the oldest death, Iyer.

    So, in a long period of time, undead into the battle weapons of evil gods and demons, undead ruthless weaving their blade to their still living relatives.

    I have to say, the bloodthirsty undead eager to fill their empty with a living soul, death defying, infinite number, they are very good use battle gear.

    No one will willing his own race is just cannon fodder and tools, and death Iyer, he secretly give his race the devil's intelligence, although the undead above silver level can barely learn to think, but it is enough to makes the earliest undead monarchs, and under the control of these undead moarchs are numerous subjects and no fear warriors fighting for themselves.

    Now that they are even not fear death, why should they accept slavery?

    Well, then, it's the behoove betrayed.

    Now, take the Siro empire as evidence, undead already is an independent race, even there often have human mages fear of death, in order to longevity, voluntary become immortal undead, and the core od undead -- the lich, is born of this.

    Order and chaos never stop fight, even the undead are unable to escape, if the soul belief the order gods, they will go to the kingdom of god, the stronger have the opportunity to become Divine Favor or Avatar to continue their own battle, the non believers, Cthulhu believers and villains, they soul will be sank into the Styx and pass through the abyss and hell,  may incarnation of the devil or demon climb onto shore at any time.

    The battlefield between the abyss and the heaven, the eternal battle of the order camp and the chaos camp, it always the never-ending meat grinder.

    And for the players, this is not just the history of the past, but also the main line of the future of the story.

    From you choose the race and into this world, this endless war and the ultimate catastrophe will always with you around.

    Seven catastrophe of Eich, the first two catastrophe is still within the scope of the human, at that time, on the ground a silver level warrior has been able to as the main force, but at the third time Undead Scourge and the fourth time the demons return, the golden race have to directly involved in war, the golden level of mortal can only treat as high level cannon fodder.

    The fifth and sixth temporarily not to mention, the seventh catastrophe, also is the final catastrophe, at that time two supreme goddess recovery and repeat the ancient myth, by then, the demigod level which I had arrived also only simply is a high level cannon fodder.

    Then the gods fight in the mortal world war, Eich world crack again and again, a lot of dimension door are open, powerful outsider race complete turn the world into purgatory.

    As whether has there so-called eighth catastrophe, when the world had been cut into more than 3000 pieces, it already not important...

    It is no wonder that all the prophets are crazy, how could I am willing to do nothing when I know the end of the future...

    Perhaps from the moment I know the future catastrophe, I has gone mad, mad search for power, mad killing spree, use my golden finger system crazy improvement myself, of course, I also made the boundless crimes.

    According to my principle of 'sinners must be bring to trial', I am afraid, I'm the first people should be punishment with fire.

    But even so, I don't plan to sophistry, I also admit my guilt, but I still do not regret it. And... I seem to have found a way to stop all of these, and have done a lot of preparation.

    And at the moment, I am afraid that the time has coming, the main story of the system should also the first catastrophe of "the devil's whisper", and it has arrived in not long ago.

    When the main story opening, in the original history, it also represents the player will enter the world.

    And just like the very real advertising words "a real world is waiting, you have been grasp the future", seven times catastrophe, probably most of them are because of these short-sighted and stupid players.

    The men open the seal of the abyss and let the devil returned to world, they are a group of greedy players mercenaries, and the fuse of the disaster of the bones, it's caused by an undead sovereign player.

    Irresponsible otherworldly visitors, they fight for money and equipment, they treate the aboriginal as a toy and the tools of extracts the surplus value, it's they let the catastrophe turned into a none survived purgatory.

    Of course, those people who want to save the world, who fight until give their life, who repeated death and finally completely dissipated, but they also are a number of otherworldly visitors.

    And this time, in the real world, they have no players to grasp the future, the only one to grasp the future, It's me, as the only incomplete skeleton watchman.

    "We vow to change the fate and reverse causality, let people through the catastrophe."
  • This story is funny like hell before the goddess of chaos is defeated. I really like the part of underground world. 悲风 is hilarious! The men who should not be named! The men who created (or give birth to?) multiple species! All hail to King 悲风! And when 阿当 came to find his father? Totally moved! Good choice!
    Have you read 从前有座灵剑山 the spirit blade mountain? If you like 疯巫妖 you may enjoy it too!
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