Crazy lich's experimental diary(疯巫妖的实验日志)by Angry Squirrel(愤怒的松鼠)

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Crazy lich's experimental diary(疯巫妖的实验日志)by Angry Squirrel(愤怒的松鼠)
This is a crazy lich, with the game system, to scourge the whole world's story.
"Look at the daily routine...... It is still the illogic two election, destruction of any town within more than thirty thousand people, reward 10000 points of evil. Grab three kids lollipop, reward 1. If the two are not completed, then deduction of 2 points."
"Bah! When I am stupid ah, if I really ruined a town, ensure that I will be crusaded by a SaintPaladin team and all the members at epic level, when that happened even I can get the earn,but no way to spend it. I obediently do my lollipop thief."
To be treated as a notorious lich has had enough, who said the lich can not be a good person? I must conquer this damn system, and to become a dignified and imposing great people.

Hello, everyone, I am from China, because in reality world I did not communicate with native English speakers, so I do not know whether my translation have some grammatical issues, welcome to give me some advice.

Level from low to high:
Black Blood, Bronze Body, Silver Majesty, Golden Will, Venerable Legend, World Saint, Immortal Epic, Eternity Demigod

ps: hello everyone, I need a proofreader, because the differences in English and Chinese Thinking Mode, it's very hard to find my grammatical errors by myself. So a proofreader is necessary. If you see these words, it mean I still haven't find a proofreader. If you have some advice you can send me a personal letter. Or I will correct mistakes in grammar by myself when the first story part is end (about 65 chapters).


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    Chapter 1:I'm really a good man

    "I'm a good man."

    Very strange, obviously everyone know I am a good person, a law-abiding citizen, why is this inspector in front of me still constant annoyance of me.

    "As a law-abiding resident of Sulphur Mountain City, I'm on time to pay taxes, enthusiasm, in the unit I'm a good employees, in the community I'm a good neighbor and partner. You see, I'm also a good guy who loves pets. My pet, Po, this medal is it wins for me form the community pet superstar championship!"

    As a evidence the medals and ribbons hanging on the side of the wall, on it it also says "Winner of the seventh Sulphur Mountain City pet competition" "May our robust and cute Po be forever healthy".

    And the Po that get the glory for me is right enjoying it's dinner underneath the wall.

    Unfortunately, no matter how I explain, that dark elf inspector just silent and tightly stared at me, seemingly to have decided that I'm lying.

    "Pet? Po? That terrible monster you said is one of the reasons that your being complaint! The Lup family accused your pet of attacking their son!"

    At the corner of the room, Po who was being slandered just drooling and licking a tibia, when it see it's master looked at itself, it as drooling as giggle, is so cute.

    Lup? Who? This name was really not in my memory.

    Before I hesitated if I should to use a reconnaissance spell to trace back my increasingly poor memory, seemingly to see my confusion, the dark elves inspector with a sneer.

    "... Don't you think it's too much to talk about? His son's tibia still in your monster pet's mouth."

    "Oh? Oh! You mean the skeleton family facing the street! They especially love to play together with Po, they really are good men."

    Hurriedly I floating to Po, try draw out the tibia from it's tightly mouth, no choice, I could only wield fist, knock on this moron dog's head.

    "Let it go, let it go, you're a fool. if you don't want to be put in quarantine then just let it go."

    It's really a obedient good dog, see I insist on, my lovely Po whimpered, gave up it's treasure with a disgusting expression.

    "Don't worry, Po, once I send away this bitch, I will let the Lup's whole family to accompany you to play, play for a full year." I whispered promised.

    But the tibia is a proof, really hard to rebuttal. I squeezed out a kittenish smile, trying to ingratiate the inspector in-front.

    "Misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding. Po was just too enthusiastic. It always likes to make new friends, and then is always reluctant to part, get a souvenir from the friends is a normal thing, isn't it? "

    I tried to hand over the tibia, but the inspector suddenly step back.

    "Don't come over here, maintain a safe distance, who knows what kind of evil curse you have put in it. My colleagues are still outside, if I can't go back, then, are you intend to face the anger of the entire city management team (referred to as the inspectors)?"

    I was already humble enough, but this bitch actually dare to blew my face off, I kindly hand over the tibia, she actually like see some disgusting things and took two steps back, and also putting on an alert expression as dead fish.

    "I am a inspector, you know the consequences of assaulting a police officer."

    "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, I am really a good man." Secretly sighing about the dark elf's alert and sensitive towards magic,no choice, I can only quietly disperse the hypnosis spell and snake curse in the tibia, letting the evil magic silent disperse.

    "I don't care if you are a good man or not, in accordance with the security management regulations of Sulphur Mountain City, compensation 50 gold coins and going to apologize are all a must, within three days of the deadline."

    That bitch claw back the tibia and relentless left, actually just directly turned away.

    "If you don't want me come back, remember, report to the city management team within three days! "

    Shut the door, my face turned worse.

    "Bitch, be careful that one day get a knock at your head, and sold to slave market. In the underground world, dark elf have always been the best-selling and most valuable goods. "

    Evil cursing in my heart, but did not say exports, because once I said it out, if this bitch really be sold, I will become the first suspect, I'm not that stupid.

    "Big sister, you're amazing. Daring to use law weapon to face such a horrible monster, Once I saw him, I 'm already spaced out. "

    "Well, Armin, these guys are all the same. Outwardly strong but inwardly weak, As a honourable inspector of Sulphur Mountain City, you know... "

    Not far away, still can heard the two dark elf's conversation.

    "Tut, daring to underestimate me, if not I have turned over a new leaf, intended to be a good person, you'd be sold to the brothel in tonight. "

    Cute Po seeing his master was a bit frustration, also came with a massive tongue to lick my face.

    "Well, well, Po, remember you are a noble Chromaggus, not just a stupid dog. Go, we go to apologize to 'Lup' family and have a dinner by the way. Well, have a 'dinner'. "

    The dog hearing there's stuff to eat in the evening, it's two heads outflow slobber simultaneously, much happy and hug me with a desperately licking.

    Dog really is the best partner of human, double headed Cerberus is even more. It's just the feed cost is a bit expensive, well,the bones within mana are the best food for them, but with Lup family's enthusiastic support, it seemed that I can save a month of feed costs.

    Oh right, forgot to introduce myself. I, Roland·Lan, three hundred and seventy-six years old this year, I'm a good man, Oh, no, the right to say, I'm a good lich.


    If you want to ask the people's attitude about the lich, I am afraid, there will be no praise.

    "The most heinous villains." "The ultimate existence of the undead and the dark magic." "Nightmare of living, king of the undead."

    Although I've always treated these words as the envy of mediocrity and the slander of hypocrite, but I can't deny that sometimes, these biase and discrimination does bring a lot of trouble.

    At least, even in Sulphur Mountain City where fighting is prohibited, every month I still have to deal with several "bravers together against the evil", or "adventurer break into the evil's home alone".

    Although most of the time they even can not break through the door of my old house, but sometimes I still welcome their arrival, for example, when I lack the experimental products, for example, now...

    "... I must be... kill you... Don't touch there! Fucking tentacles!... here also can't!! I am very sensitive at that place. Ha... Ha... Do not... I beg you, kill me, kill me!!! Kill me if you have the guts!"

    In front of me that Half Elf Ranger who is ask for die, last week still noisy threat would punish me for the justice of the world. But now she can only lie on the floor of the dirty dungeon and moan.

    "Let me go, at least... kill me...... Don't do it!!" The accumulation of many times finally reached the peak, after a fierce ****, to a *******s, her first tensed her whole body, the next second, the whole of her body weak and limp.

    Her originally full of hatred eyes, even if had already lost focus, but still instinct stubbornly looked at me, her lifeless eyes take a long time to irrigation full of hatred again.

    "Oho, don't look at me like that , euphoria is not good for health."

    "Bastard!! Bastard!! Bastard!!"

    "... is is that there's too little curse words in the elf language, or your language teacher die too early? the same words is not enough to make me excited."

    "Rogue, ***..." Days of imprisonment and torture frayed the female Ranger's will, but the high elf always hold their head up high, and her pride also were not erased, even after excessive physical exertion, blond female elf still soliloquize curse me.

    "Well, the rest is enough, the next round will come again!"

    "Da!" With a snap of my finger, numerous black tentacles moving again, these lmps called by the magic of the Pink Book already irrepressible their desire to let women close to their ***.

    "Do not!!!...... I beg you, let me go!!"

    But unfortunately, my lmps will not follwed the beseech of a prisoner.

    "I'm ticklish!!"

    Yes, it's just scratching. I'm a good man, and I wouldn't do anything that doomed to be prohibit.

    "This is not up to you, tentacles, her waist and neck under the itch meat! That is her weakness!"

    "Ha... Hee hee... kill me, you bastard!!... Haha"

    It is the punishment that the female Ranger afraid most, quickly, under numerous tentacles, she was straight rolling on the ground and laughing.

    "Hum! You deserve it, who told you to arbitrarily unexpectedly broken in my home, this is an obviously criminal act, do not take up you, you'll thought I'm easy to deal with! "

    Of course, I wouldn't do a thing that just hurt others without any benefit to myself. Why would I waste my magic power just to punish her.

    "Beg you, I give up, I surrender...... I will agree to any conditions!!"

    "No, you hanging and keep pain is to my contribution."

    Looking at the number slowly growing on my panel, I couldn't help but sigh.

    "Uh-oh, three days, just get 2 evil points, when can gather the 100000 points to revive my body?"

    Thinking of the sex life that legendary millions of people yearning for, then looked down at my body which only haver bones, quickly, my eyes turn toward to these unfortunate people in the dungeon.

    "Punishing evil is a good thing, in order to point... No, for justice, for my happy sex life... no, in order to become a good person. Your suffering is my fortune, accept your fates!"

    Cage one by one, full of prisoners, there has tauren and elfs, but most of them are human.

    "Let me out!!" "I'm not guilty!" "Don't come over here!!" Whine and beg for mercy sound one after another, but the Lich not only ignore what their say, but also if he feel it's too noise, the skeletons acting as caretakers will mercilessly give them a whip making them to shut up.

    "Ruhr, human, rapist, crime six cases, was arrested three times. But because your have a good brother as the waterfront gang boss, victims were all being threatened and don't dare to report, the Sulphur Mountain City Supreme Court have release you for twice because of lack of evidence."

    But at this moment, this gangster is screaming seriously.

    "Since you're so fond of mating, so I've let you have enough mating."

    So, I found several three meter tall ogres, play with him for every day... However, they are all males, and their penis are big than human leg...

    Well, now his cage is too horrible to look at, even I talking about him will make me feel sick, let us talk about his neighbor.

    "Dia·Gold, Goblin race, professional liar, although has been charges at the same time for dozens of cases, but his technique is excellent, the victims often lack conclusive evidence, and he also willing to spend money to hired the best lawyers of Sulphur Mountain City. So, he is still on the loose."

    But now, the gambler is on the bet, both of his eyes are full of bloodshot.

    "I... I win!! All of your money is mine, you have to let me go!! I have four K!!"

    On his opposite side, the undead player laughed, he spread out his cards, four A, just a little bigger than his.

    "No, no, no, no, no! You have already won 767 times! You're cheating!!"

    "Cheating without being caught is legal. Is that what you said? All right, tell me your last hidden property and secret!"

    "I... I, I will be sure to win at next time!!"

    Of course the undead player is cheating, this is a set of magic cards special made by me, he can get any card if he wanted, the Dia can never win.

    And if he is a normal people, when lost hundreds times of games, he had already discouraged. but as a gambler, Dia has became desperate due to loss in gambling, seeing the opportunity to get free and wealth, how would he willing to give up.

    Undead players don't need to persuade Lydia to be fooled, he only need sit there and play cards, Goblin gambler's greed will let Dia send himself up.

    "In case...... In case I can win, I can get everything back."

    So like these victims that were cheated by himself in the past, his greed bring himself into the bottomless abyss, already put all his property lose out.

    In fact, I have no interest in his deception and secrets, but every time he lost, his unwilling and the anger that come from the bottom of his heart will give me more evil points, and his neighbor, that guy already numb, give me less and less evil points.

    This is a prison, belongs to my own, in here most of the prisoners are due to some reason that Sulphur Mountain City's official can not give them penalty, but indeed they are all bastard.

    I owned a unreliable system that can gain strength from the pain and suffering of others, and in order to become a good man, no choice, my only choice is to penalize the vicious.

    So, through some relationships I got these shit into here, as the food of my 'evil lich system'.

    The treatment of that brave half-elf "break into hell alone" is considered the best, anyway, she just smashed several vase and broke several skeleton gardeners. I will just bazinga her for a few days and than she will be throw out.

    Other people are all bastard, enough to be sentenced to death. So I let them enjoy what they once did on others, in other words, let them reap what they have sown.

    For example, let the rapist to be raped by others , let the cheater to be cheated to ruin, let the robbery and theft to be robbed and stolen all they owned, let profiteers sleep on a golden mountain but can not buy a slice of bread.

    "Madman!! You a madman!"

    "Please, let me go!"

    Hurt others without any benefit to myself is meanless, through the nameless system their pain will turned into my strength, turned into a basis to let me resurrection.

    "I'm not crazy, you're crazy!"

    "Crazy lich!! I beg you to let me go, I'm willing to do anything!"

    Crazy lich? Indeed, there are a lot of people say that I have already crazy, but at the first to say it is that 'person'.

    My phalanx stroked my jaw, carefully recalled.

    "When did I start to go crazy? Is it when my previous life as a judge adhere to fairness and justice, but then stripped of my public employment by unscrupulous officials, eventually being supplanted to even can't continue my job as a lawyer? "

    "Is it when I owned this strange system reincarnation in this world, thinking myself is the dommed protagonist and vowed to make national and relatives have more happiness, but found the cruel fate can not reverse, step by step, losing my country, my family and all of my loved ones?"

    "Is it when I swore to revenge against the gods and hypocrites, with my incomplete body forming an army of the undead, but found that in the path of revenge, behind myself there had already full of bones and the ruins, myself had already like those hypocrites and ambitious, under the banner of the high-sounding but continue to create disaster and tragedy?"

    "Oh, maybe from the beginning, when I have the memory of two worlds, and find out the truth of this world, I have been crazy."

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    Chapter2:Evil lich system

    It's said everyone break the boundary of time and space, will get a gift from the world... Well, commonly known as the jumper's golden finger.

    The evil lich system... it's my unreliable golden finger.

    Once it is not named as this name, it has a good name, 'the system of training shining saber'. But unfortunately, after I abandon my glory as a Paladin, and began to learn black magic, it has changed it's name as this.

    Once, it gave the daily missions like go to the streets to help an old lady, or help the little girl looking for her missing cat, rather than these unreliable missions in now days.

    "Look at the daily mission...... It still is the illogic two election, destruction any city that has more than thirty thousand people, reward 10000 evil points. Rob three lollipops from children, reward 1 evil points. If both of them are not completed, then penalty 2 points."

    "Bah! Do you think I'm stupid? If I really ruined a town, ensure that I will be crusaded by a SaintPaladin team and all their members are at epic level, when that happened even I can get the earn, but no way to spend it. I would rather do my lollipop thief."

    Smoothly robbed her loppipop from the Tauren little girl who was just passing through, look at the crying little girl being pulled away by her mother, just put the lollipop in my mouth, but heared the crisp sound casused by the lollipop kicked with my bone, finally remember  I have lost taste sense.

    "Ah, when can I enjoy the taste of food again? Although the mana can let me don't feel hunger, but after all it is not delicious."

    Even if this girl's mother dragged this wild kid away, but the little girl unwilling to give up, her watery eyes staring at me, seems she has found I could not eat food, so she is expect for something.

    Thought that Uncle lich is just passing through and just play a trick? And he would have to return her lollipop to herself quickly?

    Well, in order to realize her expectation, I bit the lollipop with a kabakaba sound, and then spit to the ground one piece by another piece.

    "Ooo!! Mom! Strange uncle stole my candy."

    "Don't look, hurry up."

    So as my expected I harvest a fit of pleasant crying. At the same time my mood become much better, because I remembered a lawless wild kid.

    "Are there no human rights for the undead? My ancient magical scrolls were used as graffiti canvas, my dragon blood ink was used as the pigment, my hard produced alchemical potions were used as soft drink, even my ribs were being secretly removed and used for puzzles, I just slept for two hours, the lab has been became ruin, the destructive force of the wild kid is too terrible... "

    "Ah, when is the time that I could revenge." Think of those lawless wild kids, especially a certain haggard older wild kid, I gnash my teeth with anger.

    All of a sudden, I accidentally heard a hint from the system.

    "Ding, congratulations my host had make the 100th little girl/boy cry, reward 10 evil points.—— At the age of twenty but seemingly just six years old? Surely not within the scope of statistics, pseudo Lolita is wrong!"

    Look at the sudden success I burst a gush of pleasure, the achievement of the system at least would reward me ten points, this can be rather than my ten days of daily missions.

    "According to the usual practice, to make 100 to cry can get the achievement, to make 1000 to cry will also get achievement, and at least will reward doubled... "

    So, I look at the little girl and the little teenage boy on the street, with a pair of shining eyes...

    "Huh, even if this is not a daily mission, to let the wild kids to understand the rules, let everybody avoid the same fate, it's also our good man's duty."

    "How to play could be better? Right, the activation of creation, make children's toys turned into disgusting monsters and runing everywhere, use magic paint to let these children's lollipops turn to nasty yellow! "

    As a victim often suffering from the wild kid, once I think I can give a wreak revenge for my broken magic scrolls and rare books, the bad ideas coming out one by one from my brain.

    "No, no, that's not enough, let the pillow covers turn into a man-eating monster, let these children once see the pillow would feared. Yes, and these black tentacles, let you to enjoy the tickling hell!"

    "Oh right, aren't children afraid of ghosts? Haw-haw, it is the time to rebuild my undead army. Wake up, my undead scourge!!"

    That day, I finally know that we only have less than 200 children in this block...

    With thousands of skeletons, abominations and zombies parade on the street, it's surely too wasted...

    That day, before the city management teaam received a report and arrived at the scene, before arrested by a group of dark elfs, I have been walk around the entire block, but just make one hundred and sixty children to cry...

    And when they know that I summon a undead army just for make a revenge to these children, the face of mixed with dumbfounding and contempt of these inspectors, it has already become my new black history.

    "Congratulations to my host that despised by one hundred women in the same time, get a special achievement 'is this lich's head full of water or paste', awarded a honorary title 'mentally retarded children '. When you equipment this title, a chance to get women's sympathy, but also reduced 100 likability of female towards the equipper. "

    ......Anyway, I have been used to this unreliable system, and my name already notorious, it's a surely evidence that my negative 88 charm have been admited by the system, so even my heterosexual popularity further reduce 100 likability would not become a big deal... it's all one to me, can not find a girlfriend.

    Why this is clearly a rational analysis, when I say the words out, I feel my eyes is full of blood tears.... well, I'm a archmage that have been single for 300 years, but at least at this moment, I completed the revenge to my old enemies, to these wild kids!

    Thought back to those crying wild kids, I'm proud to smile, I have decided how to write my diary of today.

    Ad 1896 years, summer of the dragon, 6th March, it's destined to forever engraved in the memory of Sulphur Mountain City's children, known to history as the "Lollipop hunters event." "Pillow monster eating person event".

    "That day, the children finally recollect their terror that be dominated by that guy... The humiliation of being taken away their favorite objects, the despair of swallow by their own toys, the fear of surround by the undead..."

    When I'm lost in fantasy, the system bell actually come again.

    "Ding! Achieve the aim of one day to make one hundred wild kids to cry! Reward 10 evil points, congratulations to the host win a honorary title of 'wild child buster', after equipment, Little girl/boy under the age of 12 will has natural sense of threat to you. Warm tip, one-time make five hundred children to cry, win the award of the honorary title 'wild child killer'. one-time make one thousand children to cry...

    System bell actually paused a moment at this time, I can not help but some look forward to, although it is a prank title, but if it can let the wild kid away from me, it also would be a surprise.

    "... one time make one thousand children to cry, win honorary title of" So old still serious to child, can you be a more boring person? "oh. Host, you should give me a thanks. In fact, this is the most suitable title for you."

    "Shit, this time I really can't endure, damn system, this is all you fault!! As a good man I will perish together with you!!"


    "Master, send to prison because of grab lollipop... next time, Will you be jailed because steal girls underwear? If that happened, I really don't want to meet such a freak."

    The speaker is my most loyal henchman, half demon maid of my house, the sliver haired Eliza.

    Black glasses, silver double ponytail, small canine, small tail tied with a purple bow, Baroque style maid uniform shows the little devil's nifty character of filling undoubtedly, and also exposed the Lich's bad taste...

    I always feel very satisfied to the appearance of Eliza, if she can get rid of her cold tongue, it will better.

    "You know my unreliable system, just to make a few girls to cry can win the points, this is a good thing that a good man should to do."

    "Take it!"

    She handed me a massive photo album.

    "This is... Oh, well done, Eliza! You are my best loyal henchman!"

    "I have guessed what had happened. This is the handbook of the largest kindergarten of Sulphur Mountain City, the list on it is carefully selected by myself, it should can help master to complete your mission quickly. "

    "Well done! In the past I thought you are expect me to die earlier, and so you can get free. I misunderstood you. Great, you are also a great person!"

    "Let me take a look!" Open the handbook, my face become more and more pale.

    "Contact of the Holy light Archbishop's three children of Sulphur Mountain City, dragon hunter Amuro's little daughter, Ares monk Xin's precious son... Are you sure you are ready to help me, but not send me back to the hell!"

    I glared at her but be ignored as usual, the half demon girl pushed her glasses frame, light flashes in the lens.

    "The reputation of Lollipop hunter has been spread throughout the Sulphur Mountain City, even I go out from the house will be pointing by others. I'm also want to change a much ladylike job. Or else, my master, you should pay me salary for the past ten years. "

    "Haw-haw. Talking about money will hurt our feelings. Come on, I can't wait to get back to our warm home."

    "Escape is not a gentleman's behavior, and please don't transfer the topic... why pull me to run? What did you do?"

    "Deserve to be my good partner for so long, little Eliza. Today's daily mission is a gorgeous explosion, you know what I mean... "

    "I understand, please firmly grasp me, I will prepare the teleporation spell!"

    The silver portal is opened, both of master and maid hurriedly get in, and when the short-range teleportation magic dispersed, here is already empty. And as the background it's a loudly big explosion, and the fire alarm next it.

    "Delayed inflammation bomb? Isn't the prisoner arrested by the inspector will be block their mana?"

    "No, just look like it. Flour with chili powder, and add a little bit of dust, than a dust bomb is formed. Little power, can not make people die, but absolutely no one can find the evidence."

    "You really is worthy of the 'wisdom lich'. The prisoner with block mana ring unable to release magic, incredibly you can use the canteen material to make a hand made bombs."

    "Thanks, you praise me like this will make me feel shyness."

    "No one praises you. Well, at least as a lich, it should be a compliment."

    What is the lich?

    "Surely not a good man, they are the most terrible evil." It probably is the first impression of any lives.

    "Their bones seemed scared, their scary eyes like wildfire, I'm always feel their are ready to do some bad things." This is the view of normal people.

    "The ultimate existence of evil, conspiracy and villain!" This is the view of the Paladin.

    As the ultimate ownership of the undead and dark mage, lich's fame is indeed poor, but...

    "Slander! All are prejudice! How could judge others because of their race! I have always believed it's a sign of human stuoidity of the discrimination and prejudice of race, color, origin, and so on. There are only lowly discrimination and prejudice in the world, there is no lowly race, colour and origin. I'm really a good man."

    "If you are a good man, these bloodthirsty undead at the east of the city would be the saint."

    "You can not say their are saint, but we are all pacifist that outerly cold but innerly warm. You see, the undead needn't food, and also needn't too large place, a whole famil can living in one cemetery. Don't eat and don't drink and enthusiastic work, just dedication but not obtained anything, we are all good people!"

    Half demon maid was amused, it's said in that life forbidden area, once a living person totaly get into it, will be out but in piece. But in the eyes of her master it actually is a gathered for good people.

    "Haw-haw, you are really joking. The bloodthirsty undead are good people? If so what is the templar who get a high praise form the citizens? They ofthen free to treat the citizens. And every Sunday their will issued free holy communion to the poor."

    "A group of hypocrites and pedophilia, Eliza, you see, everone have desire and demand, if excessive depression, even a not *** people will suppress into the ***. They always say desire is the original sin, so they surely are pervert in private. You can think about why these old men so courteous and accessible to these teenage boys? It can't be no problem! And those unicellular paladins, once they see me will try to kill me! Barbarians!"

    "All right, I almost know you mad again. That ancient red dragon in the Sulphur Mountain, known as Veron Calamity, once destroyed an empire alone, probably she is a docile little cute in master's eyes. "

    "No no, recently Red too pay no attention to diet, and a little much fat. If she can become thin twenty or thirty tons, to lose her belly fat, she will be much cute."

    "What about us great reputation, maintenance of law and order, good at helping people's Sulphur Mountain City dark elf city mangament team? You should be familiar with them. These two months, I have to get you from them for five times."

    "...... You can ask those unfortunate vendors that suppressed by them, my opinion is consistent with them. Bah, a group of crazy women. Our Freedom Gentleman Alliance are natural enemies with them."

    Helpless shook her head, deliberately ignored the suspicious organization that her master had said, Eliza continue to ask.

    "......... What about us notoriety hero city master who had once save the world? He held the banner of all beings are equal, in this chaos underground world establishment this public racially mixed place, the Sulphur Mountain City. He let the underground world have a piece of pure land. "

    "Severe chunibyo sufferer for several hundred years. What period now? Play the game of brave beat the Devil to save the world, he deserves a lifetime lonely."(*chunibyo:adolescent delusions)

    "... You really dare to say, his wedding had been ruined by you for two times, now it's said he doomed alone in life. Born cursed his parents, venture out cursed his friends, married cursed his wife, though he has such a good condition, so handsome, but no girl dare to accept his propose."

    "... I'm not intentional... "

    "Not intentional? Are you sure? Not to mention that the rumour is you let me spread. Play the undead scourge and the ghost night in wedding, you know how many girls were scared into tears."

    "I am just give him the wedding ceremony! See that old ruffian finally married, everyone is just too happy and showed a ghost popping. Who knows that the bride is so weak."

    Although I said I'm not intentional, but I'm very proud in private. "Well, I still have not revive my body, how can I let you enjoy sex life."

    "Master, everytime you will stamp your foot and with your hands on your hips when you are complacent, now your malicious almost overflowing. Well, not to mention your 'valiant record'. And what about your lich kind in the undead country, Siro? Those guys wanted by a dozen of countrys. Anyone get out from the undead country would be a big chaos to the world."

    "...... In fact, everybody is misunderstanding of us, the cycle of life and death continues, we study the secret of life, isn't in order to living better in the world? We actually are also good at heal, us curative effect and sequela are much better than the holy light of priest. Holy light seemingly convenient, but actually is overdraft the life. Our life transformation technology is non-toxic and pollution-free, can fundamentally solve the problem in one-time. "

    "... Then why you want the system to revive of you, but not directly to create a new body?"

    "I don't want to become a deformity monster with third hand and six foot, even if it is a perfect body, sooner or later will have a problem..."

    Seeing the lich himself is also not assured of their life transformation technology, Eliza can say nothing.

    "All right, all right, in that case, what am I in your mind?"

    "...... Cold tongue ghost grandmother? An A cup girl?" Of course I'm not stupid to say it out.

    "Oh, Eliza, of course, you are my most trusted subordinate. We have together made the great ideal to conquest the sea of stars."

    "Before you achieve your dream of conquest the stars, should you first to remember to pay wage to the poor little orphan girl that has been arrears with ten years?"

    Know her master unhinged again, silver haired half demon push her glasses, and cold light flash on her glasses, cold words squeezed out from her teeth.

    "If you are still not serious, your collection is not intended... "

    "All right, Eliza, I'm sorry." Think of those treasure, the lich immediately yield.

    "Huh." Success reach her goal, half demon maid hum a tune and walk to the outside.

    As the housekeeper, she has no time to waste on her chunibyo master.

    But from her drooping tail, she seems is not in a good mood.

    And until she walked out the door, after a while, I just remembered some of the past, so, I whispered to myself.

    "... .. Maybe, reluctantly, may be you could regarded as my family, I still remember that day that little girl in the Styx river ruins, even she is despair but still don't want to die, alone hunting to survive on a snowy evening. Pick you back is my largest lucky in the world, the only right thing in my life."

    Suddenly, out of the door there appeared out a handsome face.

    Usually cold cheeks turned burning hot red, the red has been extended to the trembling long ears.

    Then, she made a sound, again disappear behind the door.

    "Haw-haw, you know me, but don't I know you? Stupid evil grandmother, even your are so crafty, you still owe me debt, service for me untill death."

    I'm shaking and talk tough, laugh with pride, but a little panic in the heart.

    "...... Be heard! Absolutely be heard!!!"

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    This is a summary I found on Novel Updates:

    This is the story of a crazy lich carrying a game system and terrorizing an entire world.

    ” Let’s look at the daily quest today… These two bullshit choices again, destroy any city with 30 thousand and above people, rewards of 10 thousand evil points. Take the lollipops of three little kids, rewards of 1 point. If both are not done then -2 points.”

    “Ptui! You think I’m stupid, if I really destroy a city I’m guaranteed to spawn a squad of medieval paladins full of epic ranks to come and subdue me. At that time I won’t be able to spend anything. I’ll just kindly be my lollipop bandit.”

    I’ve already had enough of being a notorious lich, who says that liches can’t be good people? I definitely have to beat this damned system and be an upright good person.

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • Also Sylver did a teaser for chapter 1 so you can compare if you want

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • Also Sylver did a teaser for chapter 1 so you can compare if you want

    Thank you remind, because even in Cinha this novel is very niche, so I did not really think it had been translated and searching on google...... But I was wrong.I would consider for a moment.
  • Wait what? Please do not misunderstand. It is not being translated. It was only a teaser. Please continue your translation of this series

    I only showed it cause you both have translated chapter 1 and I thought you could compare your translation with the teaser so you could improve
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • Wait what? Please do not misunderstand. It is not being translated. It was only a teaser. Please continue your translation of this series

    I only showed it cause you both have translated chapter 1 and I thought you could compare your translation with the teaser so you could improve
    ok,don't worry, I will continue.
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    Chapter 3: lottery

    "Nine Yin bones claw!!"

    Comply with the rules that unique skill must be shout out. I'm yelling and then heavy catch at the skeleton's body.

    Then, with a click sound, both of bones fractures at the same time.

    Looking at the another world magic book which name is "Nine Yin bones claw", while I used magic to regenerate my impaired hand bone, I let out a helpless sigh.

    "It's another thing that I can't use. Obviously I have bones and claws, and use ice magic instead the 'Nine Yin', but still can not use this composite attribute magic. "

    So, I just lose it and let it get together with it's predecessors which are also come from the other worlds, become the collectibles that no one shows any interest.

    Yes, this is a item from another world, according to the tips, it seems is a very powerful attack magic, invincible and good smoothly every way.

    "What the hell is wrong. My understand should be right. Should Yin is the attribute of ice and negative? Nine is the meaning of many, "a lot of ice", "bones claw ', why not play the role?"

    But it is clear that in another world, these complex magic just are some waste residue.

    "Dragon-strike, a legendary magic can kill a dragon. At first I thought finally I can revenge to little Red (dragon). But as a result, I'm almost killed by her in one slap, and also teased by her that I'm just come to jump the skeleton dance. "

    "Palm of Buddha, it sounds very fierce, but this is obviously a spell for expulsion the evil, if I really to learn, maybe I really should to let the holy light priest brainwashing for me."

    All of these otherworld magic books is get form the lottery of my unreliable system.

    At the beginning of each month, this system will give me one chance to lucky draw, let me choose one to draw from the secret magic book, weapons artifact and curiosities.

    Though it's unreliable for even more than 90% possibility, but I still choose the secret magic book once by once, it's because though it is not more than 10% possibility, but I can get a real treasure.

    Beside those unusable secret magic books, there has an old bookcase, above it it's my real treasures that I accidentally obtained.

    "On the undead organizational structure and staffing, discover scotoma, teach you how to maximizing your scourge warfare from theory angle—— Kel'Thuzad."

    "Secret of the past and the reality, constraints of the time and space? Meaningless! Our magician is the master of time and space! —— Raistlin Majere."

    "Making method of Horcruxes and Phylactery. Can you call yourself as the ultimate BOSS if be killed in one turn? Change job to the undead, revive for more than 20 times, make your opponent sick to death!—— Tom Marvolo Riddle."

    "Eighteen self-defense skills of the mage —— let Mordenkainen taught you how to fight! Who said the magician can't use martial arts! Fight!! Waghhhh!"

    "Golem Legion and the large-scale strategy magic —— elegant magic of Evangeline, the really archmage will not dirty her hands but just let her servant under flooded her opponent, let your opponent vanished outside your horizon."

    All these kind of magic books filled with half of my shelf, these another world magical secrets and knowledge are the collections of me that I regarded them as more important than my life.

    For the lich that had already abandoning their own flesh, the sake of endless knowledge, these valuable magic knowledge of another world are important than anything.

    Although to identification if these magic is useful is indeed very troublesome.

    Obviously, these knowledge come from different worlds, and the only way to identified them is to learn them by myself.

    "Duanyu's six-finger... isn't it a simple version of the hot ray? Although use five fingers to shoot lightsaber is very creative, but what's the mean of a chance to work? If don't know if it really can work, it is surely use users own life make a joke. This unreliable thing probably only suitable for the protagonist who can survive as a lucky guy."

    "The most unreliable is the one reed crossed the river, what's the mean of no energy floating magic? What's the mean of more light more better? I have already leaving only bones, but still just directly sank. And need Eliza to find Murloc to brought me out from the river, such a disgrace."

    "Master, the evil points of this month of the underground prison has been all reap, total of 39 points, 2 points less than last month. Two prisoners of the prison have been unable to get points, my advice is to replace of them."

    The reminds of Elizqlet me remembered that today is the beginning of this month. This time, I must get the things that I wanted.

    "Evil lich system!"

    With my order, a golden panel appeared in front of me.

    It has only three options, "lottery", "mission", "strengthen".

    Mission is divide into daily mission and story mission, most of the daily missions are nonsense and just get a little reward, and at now the story mission column is gray, apparently due to some reason that it cannot be used.

    I have been used the strengthen in the past, there is my personal information on it, but at now, it also in gray colour that mean it can not be use.

    This is not a system problem, but it's my personal problems.

    Roland·lan, male lich (Phylactery impaired, can not be strengthened before repair)

    Force: 5; Agility: 5; Physical: 5; Intelligence: 30; Charm: -88; Will: 5 (10 points is the basic properties of normal people, in addition to the Intelligence of mage, the other of you is really terrible)

    Occupation: Magician: 60 /Lich: 1/Lawspeller: 20 (total grade: 81, comprehensive combat capability evaluation: 79,  top of the Golden level of Lawspeller)

    Soul Seal: Justice Dharmamudra, Dead Crown (impaired), Ice Walker (impaired), Glorious Son(broken).

    "Ah, my strength is significantly lower, Black Blood, Bronze Body, Silver Dignity, Golden Will, Venerable Legendary, World Saint, Immortal Epic, Eternity Demigod, actually all of a sudden from the top of level eight, the Eternity Demigod, fell to the level four, Golden Will..."

    Soul Seal is the crystallization of the mortal breakthrough the Legend realm, it's the convergence of his life experience and strength, it's the cornerstone that can let he stepped into a higher realm. One people only has one life, so, one people also only have one Soul Seal.

    But I have four, for no other reason, because I'm different with the short-lived mortals, I have been step into the river of life for four times. I have four Soul Seal, it also represent my thrice dead and glorious past that I had into the legend level for four times.

    Ice crown, the dead king, theFavored of holy light, all of them once are my glory. But now, they are incomplete.

    However, dead for three times but still can alive and kicking, it should be satisfied. Even the Souls Seal has been broken, no mention to progress, even I'm still alive it's an incredible thing.

    And as that nickname is Voldemort's other world colleague had said, can not revive a dozen times, can not shapeshifting for three or five times, how can you claim you are the final boss.

    Although I have lost a lot of in each time death, but every turn to return to the world, my harvest also will not be less.

    Last time due to the damage of phylactery, my strength is plunge. But when I died for the first time, I just step into the legendary level, died for the second time, I was on the top of level six, the World Saint. Last time than 100 years ago,  I have reached the levl eight, the Eternity Demigod.

    "... The loss of precious knowledge and past memory is indeed rueful, but on the whole, I'm improving... But dead so much times is too ashamed. And my name has been notorious, I have to change my identity again."

    Anyway, it's not the first time to return to my original state, I also don't despair, Once I eran enough points to repair my phylactery, or directly reshape my body, with the help of the system, reroll instead is a shortcut to a high realm.

    "Even if I only have the bones, I also want to wait. Of course, As a Lich is enough, although I have amazing talent in the undead and ice realm, but the properties are too extreme, if I want to scale new heights, a perfect body is indispensable. Well, it's not because I don't want to see others in pairs and I'm still a bachelor!"

    "Huh? Who dare to despise me?? In the east of the city, their also have a lot of undead get married, kindred had already make up the family, why lich is also the undead but much be bachelor? Lich also want to fall in love!!"

    Lich is a special creature, their soul is not in their flesh, but in the phylactery.

    If phylactery does not destroy, even lich is dead, after a period of time their can also be revived, but if the phylactery has some problems... level down like me and then can not upgrade for more than a hundred years, it already can called a good luck.

    However, for the mage, knowledge is power, even due to the damage of the phylactery, my strength can not grow, but these other world knowledge have bring me a most bountiful harvest.

    "Repair phylactery need 80000 points, but recreate a body just need 100000 points, even I'm a fool I will not use points to repair the phylactery."

    Look at the 49762 points on the panel, lamented the progress of my resurrection still not more than half, I can only adjust my mood, put my goal on the last option —— lottery.

    One month one chance, in addition to the secret magical book, there also have two options of "magic weapon" and "treasures", but due to the experience of the past, I usually won't choose them.

    "Last time I get the Glorious Holy Breaking Evil Sword, it almost kill myself. Such things as the Fountain of Life actually has the light of expel evil, Oriental Galenic Zhu Guo? It looks good, and can increase natural life, but I don't have the mouth to eat it, decisive let the Zhu Guo and the Fountain of Life to feed the dog...... Well, knowledge is power, I'm best to choose the secret magic books."

    With my order, the great golden wheel began to move slowly.

    "The great transference, Mordenkainen's Disjunction, beastmastery... Stop quickly!"

    The wheel is getting faster and faster...

    "Light Award! Fate Sanctions! The secret treasure of Templar Church! Even if I can not use it but I still can sell it, this turn there have a lot of good goods on it, stop!"

    The wheel is getting faster...

    "FFF group flame magic barbecue manual! Listen to the name that it's very suitable for me, stop it! "

    All right, I'm already can't see the pattern on it.

    It's the most depressing thing at every turn, treasure flowing in front of me, but the wheel didn't stop.

    But one month one chance, it can not be willingly for just closing eyes and waiting. Finally, when the difficult ten seconds past, after series of precious secrets flowing through in front of me, the cruel roulette finally came to a halt.

    "'Sunflower Bible, let the Oriental sister teach you how to embroidery.' What the fuck? Even the embroidery skill can become a secret?"

    Even so, I still have a glimmer of hope, isn't it said that ace always a strange man, maybe this tailor also is a legendary master.

    But quickly, the cruel reality gave me a hard blow.

    "Isn't it said that if you haven't 'root of desire' you can practice it? I only have the bones, why I can not practice of it!"

    (*Sunflower Bible,from Jin Yong's novel 《The Smiling Proud Wanderer》,known as if you want to practice this swordsmanship,you must firstly emasculate yourself)

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    Chapter 4: Nonsleeper

    Karma, or fate is indeed exist, if there is no outside influence, Apple will fall to the ground, decay, turn to the seed of next year.

    And if there is a farmer come to pick up the apple, then for orchard and apple itself, it also is a naturally fate, because farmer also is a part of the orchard, and be harvested is the predetermined fate of apple.

    But if there is a foreign traveler passing the orchard and took away the apple, then, the apple leave with the traveler, the farmer can not pick the apple, all the fate of people will reverse because of the behavior of the traveler.

    And the passenger of other world, he is that traveler who readily changed the fate of all the people.

    His actions are not on the line of this world, he changed the original fate, and ultimately caused a series of chain effects.

    Put the saddle on the right horse, ensure the karma will be bear by the jumper.

    And my system, it can turn the karma into evil/good points, and then under my personal will, to play a role like the wish spell make a sense of effect the world.

    Of course, this is just my own research, may be right, might be wrong. But in a chance, an other world game strategy guide book let this conjecture has more possibilities.

    "The war of Eich Purgatory, it's the name of this game, and this game strategy guide that get from the lottery system had recorded everything of this classic game which has been experienced 30 years of operation."

    And the name of this world where I'm standing... it's Eich.

    The world we live in is just a game of another world? I don't sigh or surprised, parallel world theory, the dreamer who dreamed other world, prophet who can broke the constraints of time and space, there has had a lot of precedents, even the common sense of Eich is enough to explain all of these.

    And Purgatory... seven large-scale version updates, representing the world's seven times subversion.

    After seven times catastrophe, the mainland had changed into living hell, and when I confidence think I'm a warrior of fate come from other world and destiny to change all of these, but surprised find after the third version of the update, Roland·Lan, actually is the name of the last boss.

    "The devil king Roland·Lan. With his legions returning from the depths of hell, they vowed to take revenge towards all living soul, endless undead army and demon looted the entire continent, countless lives disappeared, numerous countries destruction because of them. "

    Roland· Lan? Isn't it my name? And I actually became the last boss to destroy the world!?

    Reality is not a game, the devil uncertain could be overthrow, in other words, at that time I was hailed as the child of holy light, what's the reason that I will become a chaotic evil demon?

    But all of this finally happened, the depths of darkness of the Templar Church, betray by someone that I trusted, the adding insult to injury of the royal family and the nobility. As a heroic Paladin, I gradually deviated from the faith, into the darkness.

    But since I know the shit track of my destiny, as a jumper I will control my own destiny, how could I willing to see all of these happen.

    So, I did a lot of things, attempt to change the fate.

    As a jumper bear the karma, it's not difficult to change the fate of the individual, but change the trajectory of the world, it's not an easy thing.

    After a series of "coincidence", my efforts were in vain, I failed, the torrent of history easily but only crushed me, but also let all the things return to the start point.

    Now, after again and again death, I drag out an ignoble existence in the world as a lich, naturally can not become a devil who attempt to destroy the world, but unfortunately, my stupid's twin brother, Cavins·Lan, he instead of his good-for-nothing brother did a lot of events, finally lonely into the gate of the hell.

    Perhaps, it won't be long and I have to face that devil king who's name is Cavins·Lan.

    So, anyway, I want to live, even holding the incomplete and soul damaged body, but also to live until that day that Cavins return back.

    So, in any case, I need power, no matter where is the power come frm, no matter if it is work in just ways...

    "This is my oath, Rowland·Lan's oath, I must clean up my own mess! So, even if I need dirty my hands, even unscrupulous, I also want to get enough evil points, revive myself, grown strength, to give my stupid brother a lesson!"

    "Lord Lich, excuse me, may I ask you about if this is concerned with us situation? Before you speak in excitement, please you return to the reality, to look at your back."

    When I speak in excitement, the words of the companion on the side of me just like a pot of cold water poured down on my face.

    I turned around and take a glance, those dark elf women has been chase approached, they eyes are all bloodshot because they've been up all night, originally beautiful face at now is full of hatred, look at their extremely hatred eyes, it seems it's not the right time to speak reasons.

    "Don't run, you bastard!"

    "I must tear you!"

    "Ha ha ha... That bone is belong to me, hand over to me! My dowry, work hard for thirty years, all disappeared!"

    "Momo I have bought kelp and pepper, to eat ribs soup tonight... the ribs in front of me, do your heared? You are today's main course! Follow Momo's order to stop!"

    It seems that yesterday's Big Bang is really not low, if I do not run I would be a fool. So, I gave myself a levitate spell, speed up my speed.

    This time the trick is a little big, if this time I'm captured by those heavily armed city management team members, even if I only have bones so can't be torn, perhaps they will knock down of me to feed the dog.

    But I'm not the only one be chased.

    "Beya brothers, why they are also after you? Are you selling fake goods again?"

    Beya brothers are famous merchant even inside the greedy goblin tribe, as long as you have the money, they could sell any contraband and fake goods. And in order to save money and tax evasion, they even do not handle the business license.

    Of course, these unscrupulous businessmen had been repeatedly arrested by the city management team, and in the confrontation, we also strike up a profound friendship.

    "Who know what's wrong of these women, seemingly some idiot highly offensive these crazy women, since yesterday afternoon, they began to searching the whole city, what's the 'Severely and promptly to crack down criminals' 'Severely crack down illegal businessman and ***, return Sulphur Mountain City a beautiful blue sky', bah!"

    As the engineering master, Goldteeth·Beya is the older brother, his thick hair has been cut down, seems very upset because of this unexpected misfortune.

    And in my system, though he is very ugly, but incredible showed he is a level 59 Gnome engineer, only one step away from the level 60 Golden Will.

    "These women are too powerful, a small city management team actually are full of heavy armor class like the templars and the holy sword Knights, and their equipment also very good. Even not mention to their dwarf Mithril heavy armor, combine with the anti magic racials of the dark elf, they has benn hard as steel cans, but several of their captains actually hand the artifacts. Their equipment and their lineup, it's enough to pulled their to join the godswar. Why their are city management team members?"

    Silverhook·Beya is the younger brother, his clothes all has been burned, and before all of his treasured alchemical vessel have completely destroyed, now he is abnormal annoyed.

    As a level 57 big alchemist, he is suppose to good at saving lives, however, these things correlation with the goblin are always less reliable.

    At least in my memory, If you eat Silverhook's drug, half chance to explode, the other half? Even you don't eat and it will explode!

    "Endure it, it had long been rumoured that three thousand city management members can conquest the world. Curse the gold coins, formerly their equipment is not so good! When I find who sell them so good equipment for some petty profit, I absolutely will let him cannot stay in the city! "

    "Who else could be? It must is that big orange head dwarf in the Brothel Street, in addition to an armor expertise blacksmith master like him, who can made this grade of Mithril heavy armor? When I have time, I will broke open his shop as the punish! "

    So I stop speak, if my comrades know their swords are buy from me, and I got intermediary costs as sell heavy armor to them, even their give me some slack because I give their heavy armor a enchant, probably we will never be friends.

    "Old cow, what happened to you? In the past they always pay no attention to you, why? You re-commit crime?"

    At my side it's a tall Tauren warrior, his square face is full of honest smile, honest eyes are full of integrity and vacant, seems still don't know why being chased.

    "No, just asking them for some milk. Their chest is so big, certainly have a lot of milk, Isn't Tauren drink milk is normal? Isn't the love natural's Tauren wear nothing is very normal? Why their chase me?"

    Although his square face looks very upright, honest voice with wronged, but he is a pervert. Though his face is full of righteousness and dazed, but he is still a pervert that love streaking.

    At this moment, he still does not have a piece of clothes on his body, and the roadside women always scream for his vigorous and wild body, and he also incessant waving his arms and one of his object...

    "That nake cyberdemon is caming again!"

    "Mom! So scary! I'm already can't get married!"

    "Where? Where? Let me see, what size of the toothpicks dare to casually wobble in public. Oh oh oh, you are worthy of a tauren, so it's not a small toothpick, but it's a mace. The Tauren in front of me, stop, let me try!"

    The screams and mystery sound behind him make he become more satisfied, while running, he also making a variety of aerobics, causing a variety of screaming.

    Although he is a pervert, however, others may not know, but in my eyes, the Tauren Snowhoof is actually a lever 89 legendary warrior, probably even in this Sulphur Mountain City where have numerous rivals , he is indeed inside the top group.

    But no matter how strong he is, he is still a pervert... Because it is very important, so I say it for two times.

    "Damn it! They have a blessed silver arrow! The Emperor Saint Sword of Aulos, Beheaded Angel Sword, fuck, they actually have more than a dozen of nameless Smite Evil Saint Sword, the Oran empire is known as luxury but probably still not outrageous like them! "

    The headmost girl is a night childe named Lilith·Milan, she is famous because of her sentimentality in the Sulphur Mountain City, she is the secret lover or dream lover of numerous aristocratic Miss.

    Yes, is she, not he...... people sent her the nickname as crazy wild lily, amorous Milan, movement obscenity, female pervert.

    Because together suffered repression by the city management team, we leagued together and form the Free Gentleman Alliance ( but known as Pervert Alliance ), and streaking bull king, movement obscenity, explosive brother, these are also the nickname of us.

    And when our friends are all get arrested in this activity which is called as "Severely and promptly, severely crack down criminal ", as the stronger alliance members, we became the last survivors.

    "Crazy lich! The weakest lich is at legendary level, so use your Disintegrate to kill these women!"

    "I could try it if now is three hundred years ago... but now my phylactery is damaged and my control force has down. Disintegrate is still able to use, but it's hard to aimed the target, I will not die, but are you OK?"

    Disintegrate is the sunday pounch of the best mage, in the legendary could destroy everything, but I don't like use normal magic, and now my phylactery is damaged, obviously I can't use it, but I will not admit being defeated.

    "Bah, useless!"

    As expected, I mentioned the danger of losing control, and these coward will not let me to use it.

    But if continues to be chased by the city management, I'm afraid that I will lost my good reputation, so I start my action.


    This is a level 1 arcane, all of a sudden there laid a large of soapy oil in front of us, but as a lich, use magic to suspension is the basic, so I just floating to pass.

    "... level 1.... what's the use, it's meanless to any warriors who haa a little bit of strength." Goldteeth said it in a bad mood.

    But it's a common sense for normal mage, but I'm not an normal mage.


    Just when Goldteeth say that finished, he fall to the ground, then his feet keep slipping and can not stand up in any case.

    "Goldteeth, you are only have a powerful mouth, look at me... no, it's too slip!!"

    And then, his younger brother Silverhook, just finished laugh at his older brother, then also follow in the footsteps.

    "I improved it."

    It's more than simply improved, it's surely recreate.

    Normal Greasy just can create some smooth oil extracted from animal fats, and my Greasy create lubricating oil which was from the other world, and the pavement friction were adjusted, to ensure zero friction.

    After my level is locked, unable to master a higher spell, I naturally have to pay attention to the existing spell.

    Any seasoned warrior will be able to ignored the normal Greasy spell, and although the new super Greasy only is a level 2 arcane, but even the Golden level soldiers should be careful of it.

    But my pride immediately face the cruel reality.


    The cow actually put his hoof as a skateboard, slide past just like ski, when he slide, he also make eyes. His body may seemed cumbersome, but actual his balance is very well.

    "Did a good job, sometimes the mad lich also can make a good idea."

    And this cunning vampire female jumped to the back of this stupid cow, take a ride.

    "Hurry up!"

    Seeing these city management team members is closing, we ignore the Beya brothers who are still rolling in the oil, and accelerate the speed run away.

    And expected, these dark elf inspectors wear heavy armor on their body, fell into the oil one by one.

    "Damn it, it is too slippery!!"

    The vice captain Vitoria just stand up and murmur at two sentences, then slip down again.

    "Help me!" Beyer brothers shouted for help.

    The Tauren still intends to show his muscles and save them, but Lilith just pulling he to running.

    "Those guys are wearing heavy armor, they can't come to this side..."

    "I'm not worried about them, I'm worried that if Beya brothers find they can not running away, don't you forget what are they carried?"

    The tauren just react slowly, but not stupid, he pat at his head, and then keep running.

    "Bang!!" the sound of the explosion proves that our judgment is very correct.

    Engineering and alchemy originally are good at explosion, if add a prefix as 'goblin engineering', explosion chance will increased at least ten times. Even if don't consider when Beya brothers think they are desperate so will perish together, because they takes too many rubbage, maybe impact for a few times will caused a huge explode.

    "Bastard, take these two idiots."

    "They're running, hurry up!"

    The smoke filled of our back, the lubricating oil created by the Greasy make the fire much big, but such non premeditated small explosions can only be regarded as small trouble for these Mithril armour knights.


    "Greasy!" "Greasy!" "Greasy"

    So, at now the ground behind of us is smooth as a mirror. Stupid elves, let you just keep carrying heavy armour and slowly consider your balancing skills.

    "Go to hell!!"

    With a shout, I found myself happy too soon.

    The city management team captain Diana came from the corner of the street, she hand on the Silver Revenge Holy Sword , it's I sold to her.

    And when we quickly turned direction, but found another team of dake elf knights rushed out from the corner, the leader is the city management team deputy captain Yvonne.

    "Damn it, it's a trap!"

    The three party join, we are trapped!

    "Bastard! I thought you are a good man... the dresses that I just bought has already all broken!"

    "And my snacks!"

    "My cosmetics!"

    "Momo's mimi!"

    "Isn't your mimi always so small?"

    "Not! It's my pet cat! By the way, my chest at least bigger than you."

    "I'm a man, and what's the mean that you compared with me?"

    "Sorry, you face is too bitch, I really forget you are a male."

    Noisy dark elf knights surrounded us from three directions, and ignore the dark elf siblings that still quarreled, from the view of their performance, they has already sharpen their sword.

    And this situation also in my expectations, and now the first thing should to do is...

    I suddenly rolling on the ground, escaped the slash from my back, and use levitate spell simply ascend and escaped the sword.

    "Son of a bitch, so it was you drag us through the mud! What time is it that you drag us through the mud?!"

    Not surprisingly, behind of me he is that sorry expression on his face but ruthless cow, and that female vampire intersperse her talk with curses.

    ... . and surely I first should to do is to get rid of the two stupid who used to betrayed their teammate, they are much hard to deal with than these dark elfs, if their fina the truth that they are hunted because of me, surely their will much mercilessly to betrayed me.

    If this time I'm put into prison, even if the dark elfs according to law don't abuse the prisoners, but these same prison guy also will take care of me.

    "Ah, I'm absolutely can't be caught!"

    Surround by the two toppest warriors that they are the top 10 warrior of the Sulphur Mountain City, I'm escaping in a mess, and on the side these Knights also willing to see dog eat dog, they have had the trend to enjoy the show.


    But these women are unable to understand us strong brotherhood, a look between of us , we has been understand each other in the heart.

    The cow use one hand seized me, and another hand grabbed Lilith, then throw out of us.


    When these dark Elf Knights find our plan, we had already out of the siege, and though the poor cow is the strongest, but because his unnecessary principle that he will not hit any woman, a group of female knights pinned him on the ground.

    "Old cow, I will remember your sacrifice!"

    "Lich, what did you do?!"

    "Yesterday they caught me, so I blew up their barracks."

    "Well done! I've wanted to do this for the longest time."

    Haw-haw, it seems I'm very proud, and then I point my finger at her.

    "Power Word: Root!"

    So, under my surprise attact, the unsuspecting female vampire freezed.

    Although my Power Word: Root can only can fixed her for a few seconds, but that's enough.

    Her eyes are full of puzzled, because we had already escaped, why the lich still set she up.

    But then she suddenly realized, the crazy Lich Roland is famous for hurt others without any benefit to himself. Otherwise, as a terrorist lich, how will he has a nickname as 'head full of water'.

    But with the arrival of the pursuers, Even if anger and hopelessly, Lilith·Milan was arrested and can do nothing.

    And the system bell coming again as I expected.

    "Daily Mission: Betrayal has been completed. Mission objectives: betray three your comrades/friends/teammates that who is belive you, reward according to the strength of the betrayal.

    Mission Result: Goldteeth·Beya, Silverhood·Beya, Lilith·Milan, their comprehensive combat capability are all better than Golden Will, total combat power far more than the host's real level, the mission is completed perfectly, excess reward 10 evil points. "

    "Sure enough, it's the most worthy of betrayed."

    Well, the daily mission has done, get the reward, the rest is the real running away time.

    Go to a quiet corner, I dressed in a special silver gold robe, over my face with a faceless silver iron mask, just quiet stand in that place, waiting for the pursuers.

    "I...fuck.... I'm sorry, sir!!"

    Around the corner, instantly, just still outraged city management team memembers, they change into well behaved little girl one by one in front of me.

    Quickly, when Diana is coming, just see me and their arrogant disappeared invisible, they like see their boss, keep quiet and do not daring to speak. Finally, as the leader, Diana managed to muster up her courage.

    "The supreme judge Nonsleeper, why are you here?"

    Yes, I, the Lich Roland·Lan, my another identity is the city's supreme judge Nonsleeper. I'm not their immediate superior, but I'm their boss's boss's boss's boss.

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    Chapter 5: the supreme judge

    Sulphur Mountain is a good place. This is a common view of all the underground world.

    To say clearly what is Sulphur Mountain, I am afraid, you must first know what is the underground world.

    The land of exile, this is probably the consensus of all ground races.

    The underground world is a underground cavity area of Eich continent, it's area can't be calculated, the terrain is very complex that unable to measure, it's said there has the channel can directly to the hell.

    At first, there doesn't has many people, but with the change of the times, it became the gathering place of the expellee.

    Dark elfs were banished by elfs in this place, gray dwarves were banished by dwarves, wild dwarfs were banished by dwarfs, nearly one fourth branchs of the orcs were banished by other races, even the mighty dragon also banished the fierce Red Dragon and the cunning Black Dragon in here, it's said there has the Volcano Giant that banished by the Titan.

    As the master of the ground world, human also is no exception. Although all of their banished are human kind, but the components of them are the most complex. Witches, heretics, pagans, wizard, necromancer, revolutionary, devil worship, scientists, seems the underground world had already become their garbage dump.

    As time goes by, in now days the race of the underground world has already very complex that can't be statistics, but there is one thing is generally accepted.

    Here has no order, who's fist is the biggest, who is the winner.

    Even in chaos camp, here is the most chaotic, underground world is conflict for years, the Dungeon Masters often attack each others, never stop for a moment.

    They plundered the territory, seize grain, captured towns, make the residents became slaves. Of course, these ground countries are almost the same, but because the restraint of the church of order gods and the Kingdom Parliament, after all, it general keep the peace. But the underground world as the area abandoned by the god, there is no truce.

    And those who can living in the chaos underground city, if they are at the ground world, all of them wouldn't be weaker.

    Well, if use the words of the game strategy guide, the underground world is the high dangerous region where will opened in the mid game, and only the player is higher than level 40 that can allowed to into this place.

    Most of the underground city because their racial composition is too complex, often in the form of one race rely on high pressure to rule other races.

    But the Sulphur Mountain City is somewhat different.

    This city is located on the side of Sulphur River, it's history is not long, less than 130 years, in the eyes of the long life race it just blink one time.

    But they had did something that other Dungeon Masters can't do for thousands of years.

    There is no war, no nobility, no oppression.

    There even haven't a racial domination, although the City Master Adam·Han once is a very famous hero, but as a human being, he is alone served as the City Master, human beings are racial minority in this place, the city even haven't the nobility as the ruling class.

    And he is called as 'his head is full of the muscles', and also famous for no interest on the power and territory .

    Different with tens of thousands regular army of other underground city, Sulphur Mountain City actually only has a few hundred honor guard and security forces, it's most powerful armed forces is the city management law enforcement team that it mainly is consist by dark elfs, referred to as the city management team, but it's full size still not more than 800 members.

    In the chaos underground world, looking forward to peace is the synonyms with weak, backed by sulphur mines, because the defense capability of the Sulphur Mountain City is so small, naturally the other Dungeon Masters will attack it.

    But when the war came down for serveral times, there was no extra sight on it.

    Reason? Because our fist is hard enough.

    No army? In fact it's no need.

    Eymet Huges, the ancient red dragon known as 'Veron Calamity', living in the sulfur veins of the Sulphur Mountain, this evil dragon has destroyed several human empires in the past, but don't know why but become the guardian of this city.

    Adam·Han, one of the most famous contemporary heroes, once hit to kill the undead emperor Imperishable Night and save the world. Even when he come to the underground city, he also once abruptly captured a dark elf dungeon just by himself, and there has more than 40000 dark elfs and hundreds of thousands of other races. He presumably is the most famous warrior.

    It's said the Sovereign of the Imperishable Night is the only undead sovereign that reached the Eternity Demigod level in modern times. Then, as Adam to be able to overcome him, he natural is at the level of Eternity Demigod, so, Adam also is one of the most powerful candidate in the contemporary.

    The great sage Margaret, has a honorary title of "heaven son", the great sage that seal the Sovereign of the Imperishable Night together with Adam, It's said she is a incredible presence that can alone summon an entire archangel legion.

    It's said those Dungeon Masters who have been used attacks the Sulphur Mountain City, they are even not seen the wall of Sulphur Mountain City and than 'flunked out' by one of the three giants...

    It is said that as long as three giants of the Sulphur Mountain City still in here for one day, the Sulphur Mountain City will not be captured.

    In my system, these three guys are super boss that they are all at level 200 or 300 ans have perfect template, not only now, even after three or four expansion version, they are still super strong characters, much higher than those Dungeon Masters because they average level is 80 or 90, just barely into the legendary.

    And because of their powerful protection, and there has no exploting class, here has become a pure land of the chaos underground world.

    Only military force is not enough, great sage as an administrative officer, Her management is very well, and the Nonsleeper as the supreme judge, well, that is me, write the most fairness and justice code of the entire Eich world.

    And the City Master Adam, most of the time he only do his old job, doing nothing is enough.

    And in coincidence, I'm familar with the three big giants, I'm also one of the founders of the Sulphur Mountain City.

    When being asked by the inspector, I'm not lying. I'm really a good employee and I have a decent job, I have a formal job as the Supreme Judge of the Sulphur Mountain City!

    Although after thrice dead, most of my memory has become fragmented. Though the memory is irreparable, but the carrier of knowledge needn't too much, most knowledge still keep in my hands.

    The legal knowledge of past life as a lawyer let me leading up to this time in the theory and experience, so, the code and the judicial system that I developed for Sulphur Mountain City, it has become a code example of the entire underground world, even the ground world also sent scholars to learn it for reference.

    The race conflict casued by the ethnically mixed? I took a copy of "I have a dream" of Martin Luther King, then carved it in the city square and the city gate, everyone has to see the article when they in and out of the city, and this is only the first step.

    And in the legal level, I set up racial discrimination as a felony, then draw lessons from a series of racial conflict handling policy, and punish a couple of not long eye idiot to beat the dog before the lion, at least on the surface, Sulphur Mountain City realized the incredible racial equality.

    I'm interested on the sociology and I know, as long as a rule on the surface to get recognized and acknowledged, then run the enough time, when people have to get used to the presence of it, it will become truely moral and legal.

    As the undead, I do not lack the time and energy, through many years of subtle influence, at least let it became the subconscious of everyone of the Sulphur Mountain City.

    The relatively harmonious ethnic relations is the cornerstone of the prosperity of Sulphur Mountain City, and the next step, it turned to the public security.

    Murder and robbery? In other underground city, as long as the money is enough, murder is not a matter. Many merchants and nobles even did not take other races as the equally of human beings. But I am here, in this no nobility city, it's a capital crime that no forgiveness, so, under heavy penalties, security and effective turn for the better.

    Of course, sometimes violence is indispensable, a group of weirdo dark elfs knights were turned out their hometown due to faith the holy light, and then become the best foundation of our security forces, and I also put a substantial of resources to make them become the trusted security officers.

    Although sometimes I'm also regret it, because I make the city management team's equipment too good, too powerful, my daily mission also become more and more difficult to finished, the chance to be locked into the prison also become more and more high.... ahem, we needn't to talk about the thing about 'lifting a rock only to drop it on own feet', we continue to talk about the underground city which is condensed my efforts.

    The most troubling belief conflict of the other regions? Oh, for other cities it's indeed a difficult thing, because of the existence of the real God in Eich world, their ruler always has been a believer of a certain god, when you had already preset the standpoint, how could you keep maintain justice. if things become the oppression to the other side, clearly the conflict will not stop.

    However, in this city... the three gaints, red dragon Eymet Huges belief the gold coins, City Master Adam·Han is a very famous nonbelievers, and the great sage beliefs the knowledge and Adam...

    Yes, there is nothing wrong, great sage is 'unrequited love' the brave for a long time, and her secret love has been known by all the world, even I and little Red could not just watch it, so we broken Adam's wedding for two times.

    Of course, I will not deny that I'm not have no thought of self. In addition to causing great confusion to get evil points, see Adam's stupid cry face is the most thing make me happy.

    Well, I'm diverse from the topic again, continued to talk about our underground city.

    The faith of three giants are all unreliable, and if I reluctantly to say that I have belief, maybe it's 'let the offenders deserve his punishment' 'let the innocent people have legal protection' , so I cross age provide the incredible belief freedom in Sulphur Mountain City.

    "Freedom of belief is the personal willingness, and we permitted to preach in the city, but any religious institutions can't force people to believe in it, and we will expel the offenders out of Sulphur Mountain City."

    Here have all kind of people who believe in the devil, holy light and the earth mother. And all kings of altars and temples have been numerous, but as long as under the banner of faith to oppress others, they also will get the criminal penalties.

    And when other dungeons pay attention to intrigue and seize political power, the church continue to show the faith wars, the strong wanton looting the weaker, the rule of our Sulphur Mountain City is extremely stable, we have sound legal system and administrative efficiency is high and peaceful and orderly, naturally attract numerous residents and businessmen and they make the city more prosperous, finally become the so-called underground heaven.

    In fact, it does not mean that here is really good, but the other underground city is too chaotic, so here is relatively better.

    And as a symbol of the confusion underworld, we continue to make resources and talented person take the initiative into our city, so the Sulphur Mountain City finally become more and more prosperous.

    Even on the ground the Templar Church also surprised for this pure land of the borderland, they sent paladin and priest came to learn, and some paladin is shocked by this multi-ethnic coexistence state that they even willing to resident here, side learning 'the Bible of the Holy Light', side to spread the holy light teachings, to help these 'evil underground residents' to change.

    And as a lich, these paladin and priest are my most hate. Sometimes, I can't wait to take off the mask and tell them "the gift of the holy light" is a chaotic thing handmade by an evil lich. If this happened, maybe it will cause a lot of people belief collapse.

    But at this time, I'm being chased, this identity instead become my best barrier.

    No one would expect the impartial and incorruptible supreme judge Nonsleeper actually is the same person with that Lich Roland who always make a lot of trouble.

    When I'm the president of the Supreme Court, in any case I'm adhere to wearing a mask, because of the existence of this unreliable evil Lich system, I'm destined can't maintain dignity. And as a judge of balance the justice libra, dignity and authority is the most important thing.

    Whithout authority and fear, the code just waste paper.

    And at this moment, the dignity of the accumulated influence, finally play a role.

    Today, I stand here, say nothing, under my years of accumulated influence, don't mention dare to testing the authenticity of me, even the leg of these inspectors are chattering.

    I turn around, looking to the captain Diana·Sphinx.

    "Sir... Sir!!"

    Good, voice is trembling, really lacking in self-confidence.

    I'm their boss's boss's boss's boss, but absolutely not only level high than them, they are the members of the city management team, and city management team is a subordinate organization of the Hall of Law Enforcement, and the Hall of Law Enforcement is a subsidiary organization of the Supreme Court, and I, Nonsleeper, I'm the Supreme Judge of the Supreme Court.

    In my Code of Laws, as a subordinate law enforcement agency the city management team has no independent law enforcement powers, they can only follow the command of their parent bodies, and if their want to carry out a large law enforcement action like 'hard strike', it must be reported to the Hall of Law Enforcement, and the Hall of Law Enforcement at least should reported to the Supreme Court.

    And I, as the president of the Supreme Court, still not yet received the report document!

    "...... ultra vires?"

    Of course it's a ultra vires, I just blow up their station yesterday, and today they have began 'hard strike', how to make it declaration and approval step by step, even they are ready to declare, first of all they need to sorting out the paperwork from the ruins, but this is surely a big project!

    I'm seems talk to myself, but Diana's face suddenly pale.

    "Regardless of how gorgeous of the rhetorical discourse, law enforcement power is public power acts of violence, and the lawman is the violence tools of the ruler, if the tools have the brain of itself and behavior reckless, then this tool is time to scrap."

    This is my saying, it's the warning on the first page of the work manual of every inspector.

    I guess they are ready to attack first, then complete formalities. And in the past, the Hall of Law Enforcement and the Supreme Court will has turn a blind eye to it, but unfortunately, they did not expect of my suddenly appeared, the boss caught them.

    I just quietly watching them, the face of these dark elfs originally is black, but now their pale face can compared with undead.

    Ultra vires? Regardless of the consequences, and what's the reason, the behavior of law enforcement forces unauthorized actions is very bad, today you can ultra vires, tomorrow is not you are ultra vires to siege city master mansion?

    In accordance with the law of Sulphur Mountain City, these guy ultra vires to law enforcement, the lightest punishment is expelled from the Sulphur Mountain City.

    These dark elfs into an impasse, if I'm other executive the thing still able to negotiate, and the post processing still changeable. But this people in front of them, he is the miracle worker who let the nothingness code justice turned into the real power, himself is the symbol of the code of laws, and no one heared that he had a precedent bend the rules.

    The army captain Diana feel bitter, but it's the time that she must step forward bravely.

    "Is it mean that after we work for so long, the 'evil' dark elfs finally recognized by the people, but fall short of success for want of a final effort? If we left the city, we will face the bloody outside world can I talk it to those reliable sisters."

    Girl's lip have bite out of the blood, her purple eyes is full of tears, remembering the past day that always battle for survive, think of themselves will expelled from the happy home and good days, her beautiful face is full of pain writhing.

    "Sir... It's all my personal decisions! If you want to punish, please only punish me!" Strength captain abandon her dignity, down on her knees to beg.

    "Big sister Diana!"

    "It's not big sister's wrong, we are for the public security of Sulphur Mountain City!"

    "Yes, why have to punish us!"

    Surround their captain, those inspector Knights burning with rage, some people have begun to glare at me, seems they have the trend to become disobedience and rebellion, so...

    "Lawspell: hush!!"

    With my words, inexplicable magic take effect, silver gavel fell from the vacant space, the entire earth are shaking.

    With the spread of the silver corrugate, not only all the voices disappeared, and all people's passionate anger collapsed.

    In this amazing world, when the belief of the order and holy light can become a source of strength, how would the belief of the code and justice will lack of the support of the supernatural powers.

    Though, when my fourth Soul Seal of Justice Dharmamudra appeared, the most surprised person is myself. There is no doubt that my Justice Code has been acknowledged by the source of the world, and become a part of the order power.

    Law is power, speak is existence, the rule of the world is law, I'm the ruler of law, my word is the rule of the world.

    This is the Lawspell.

    Lawspell is an original magic spell combined with the legal and magic, though it's born out from the mantra spells of mage and the discipline spells of priest , but as long as it is consistent with the harsh use conditions, it's power is much big.

    At the moment, I'm settling the lawsuits, and these city management team members are defendant, this narrow alley is my court.

    I said hush, so these people must be quiet, quiet listening to my mantra Lawspell.

    The born anti magic talent of dark elfs is meaningless in front of my words, no one listen to their words, and their body and heart cold as immersed in ice water, they are all of a sudden calm down.

    They just remember I'm not only the Supreme Judge, but also a very powerful archmage.

    He created the Lawspell by combined magic and the law, and it has become an unique regularia magic, the reputations even attracted the  archbishop and sage of the ground world come to learning, even more the Supreme Court become a holy land that only Golden stronger can come to practice the mysteries of the Lawspell.

    He founded three prestige class of the Justice Knight, Inquisitor and Lawspeller, it's enough to comparable with the Holy Knight, Cardinal and Ascetic of the Templar Church.

    "So terrible... my anti magic skin did no effect."

    "Unable to analyze the magic level, even can not feel the magic fluctuations, but at least it's the World Saint level."

    In their eyes, disobedience is equal to challenge the public power of the Sulphur Mountain City, even they want to escape, they may not be able to escape. The dark elfs seems to be must face the impasse and be banished.

    Face the despair, all the people bowed their head, waiting for my decision.

    "Sir! I have serving so many years for Sulphur Mountain City, please only punish me!" With a cry tone, Diana kneel down.

    When their respectful female Knight Captain kneel down, how could the other knights keep stand, so, in front of me they are all kneeling.

    Ah, seeing their sisters love, I'm a bit moved.

    Actually captain Diana is a level 81 legendary knight, her absolutely strength is still over of me. In addition to the guilty, the reason for why she is such miserable more due to my artifact.

    I enchantment for my silver robe in my heyday, it's originally designed to scary others, and after I become a judge, I used it to pressure to the criminals. and when I understand the Lawspell, at that time this robe actually evolve into a sub artifact without rhyme or reason.

    [The Sub Artifact; the Authority of the Judiciary (bound)]

    [Defense: 10 points (steel plate only has 5 point defense, cloth robe can reached this level of defense is outrageous. ]

    [First effect of Sinners Self Examination: let sinner guilty, and as time goes by, more and more draw back in fear and helplessness, heavier crime or guilt, the effect more better, innocent person ignore this effect. ]

    [Secondary effect of Iron Face Judge: the wearer charm is constant 100, against charm, investigation and magic spells by +20. ]

    [Third effect because of the wearer's condition is not enough to open. ]

    [Fourth effect because of the wearer's strength is not enough to open. ]

    [Artifact Curse Gavel Weight: the wearer must is a judge or law enforcer, carry out duties honestly and fairly, once pervert the law because of selfishness or mouth nonsense, the robe will turned into never extinguished surefire, destroy the soul and body of the wearer. ]

    ["please discretion use the rights, gavel falls is not only decision the rise and fall of the individual, but also is the judicial justice and dignity -- the Supreme Judge Nonsleeper." ]

    In Eich continent, the sub artifact is such a trouble equipment, effect single and powerful, but also inevitable with the artifact curse.

    The robe also is so, it almost doesn't have any spell effect increase and intelligence increase that any normal magic robe will has, but it has several extremely powerful effects.

    First effect let my judgment much easy, no matter what kind of serial killer, or dark society, as long as they have a trace of conscience, in front of me they are just some little chick. Secondary effect equal to directly ignore the exploration to my true identity.

    As the artifact curse of can not be in violation of the law, can not lie, it's not a big deal for me. First of all, I'm a bachelor, how could I flout the law for private considerations.

    Take a step back, if I want to deceive others, misleading word games are enough, because lies may exposed at any times, it has been fall into the low level.

    "I never lie, but it does not mean you can understand the truth of my words, yourself misunderstanding can not blame me." The curse of sub artifact is invalid to me, but it's power is real.

    At now, because as the law-executor that faith the holy light but ultra vires, under the threat of sub artifact, the heart of guilt turned into a invisible shackles and burdens pressing them can not straight from the body.

    I guess that just stand in here, My pressure on them is not low than dragon fear, and with the trial further deepen, it also will further deepen. But if this situation continue, I'm afraid that Ican see the girls piss her pants in the street.

    Almost enough, afterall I'm not going to drive them out of the city.

    So, I turned and walked away, just left one word.

    "I'm just on my way, and see nothing. Let your captain to go through the formalities tomorrow."

    My voice just end, I heared the cries with joy and the sound of thanks behind of me.

    "Thank you, sir!!"

    And when I just turned the corner, these elfs all collapsed, and some have been holding together to cry, to celebrate pull through the crisis. And I'm also smiled behind my mask.

    "Dear Nonsleeper looks scary, but in fact he is a good man."

    "It's so scary! I'm almost feeling choking, Ahna sister let Momo rely on you."

    "Wicked girl, don't touch, so lechery, go for that Lilith·Milan."

    The wiretap gadget that I left... no, the naughty wind sent their talk to my ear.

    "Listen carefully to the cpmplain of subordinates also is the duty of boss. If I do not know who said bad things about me, what if punish the wrong guy... Is her name Daisy? What a line. Of course I'm a good man." So, I feel better, and I decided to punish them a little lighter. But immediately, I know my mood will turn back.

    Because in the corner of the street, my faithful maid Eliza has already waiting for a long time.

    "Master, did you change the character? Actually will let them go?"

    "The law is dead, people is live, if the law without elastic and humane, sooner or later it will forced people to revolt, both of their actions and motives are no guilty, just procedure illegal, the exile is too excessive, look at how properly of my disposal, serious warning, gie a lesser punishment. This is the leadership, you just need watch and learn."

    "The truth?" the disdain tongue maid, my most loyal henchman, ignoring my word and complacent again.

    "... It's boring that just end in one turn, haw-haw, today I get a big harvest, not only daily mission is success, but also get the favor of the city management team. Oh, little girl, see how would I tidy up you on tomorrow, you actually dare to take away the food of my Po."

    Of course I remember Diana, that evil woman carry off the bones of Po from my hands.

    Tomorrow, I will waiting for you to report to the Supreme Court. I'll let you know what is the spite of boss, what is the so-called non violent abuse!

    Throw you out of the city? Prehaps they are the only dark elf knight team that belief the holy light in the whole underground world , If send them out, where can I find such a rare toy and such good tool.

    Eliza helpless but sigh.

    "Sure enough, I should not hold on to your conscience, you're really too bad."

    "No, I'm a good man! One fine day I will make the evil points turn to good points, then do good things and I can have a good reputation!"

    In a sense, this is also forced by my unreliable system... if I want to earn points, I must do bad things, but do bad things how could I have good fame, so I have to wearing an iron mask to work......

    This is enough, but I really can not endure is...

    "... is that damn mask and robe, they acturally are artifact sets, let beauty girl once see me and just scared half to death, make me such old but still can't find a girlfriend."

    "No, there is not the fault of the mask and the dress, but your head, the undead lich to find a girlfriend? ... Oh, the joke really can not make me laugh. Right, it's said when you are still a human, you are still alaways a bachelor... Although the reality is cruel, but please don't escape from reality, my master. "

    "Well, it's not I intend to scare you, past there also have a girl said want to marry me."

    "Whoops, which necrophilia have a such special interest... No, I understand, she is certainly a little girl don't know ant better, someone give she a sugar and promised to marry. But such unwelcome that even need to cheat a little girl to meet your own dignity, it's too poor... Ah, master, why your face is so pale, did Eliza guessed it right?"

    "Bad Eliza! I...... I also want to be a good man! I also want a girlfriend!"

    So... This time... the resident of Sulphur Mountain City honor of meeting their president of the Supreme court running with tears.

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    Chapter 6: work

    "Sir! We bariaur shepherd tend sheep from generation to generation, that day, we managed to find a tract of fertile meadow, but just when we help our kids to loosen the reins then these demons coming!! "

    "Yes, they not only had stolen our baby, but also robbing us, you see, they actually said that they are law-executor, how could the world has such a law-executor act like the robber."

    In front of me, it's a group of outraged bariaurs, these little orcs famous as garrulous and cunning. At this time, their cheeks full of tears and angry expressions, seems they have giant grievances.

    "My Lord, you must help us! All our possessions are robbed by these demons."

    "Yes, my poor little Charles, he was only born two months and still not weaned, but stolen by these demons from his mother, oh, how can he living by himself."

    "North wind blows, snow in the wind, my little lamb is so small, the cruel wolf, come to our home..."

    In the court compassion is common, but as now as crying and singing it's really rare, deserves to be the bariaur possesses the secret of art, they have already ready to sing out.

    I'm very moved, looked at them a long time and found that their artistic merit is not high, back and forth all these two lyrics, so finally I lost interest, yawned and give a verdict.

    "No improper enforcement of law-executor, Khamsin bariaur tribe can retrieve their lambs after paying fine. The end of the second trial, shall not be appealed."

    "My Lord!!"


    On the dock of deputy, captain Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief, though the plaintiff burst out crying, but I'm still unmoved.

    "Bailiff, take them out. The next."

    "Corrupt officials run rampant, justice is not fair!! Fool officer really guarding evil officer!!"

    Well, it happpens the same way every time, but they said I'm a fool in front of me, I'm a little unhappily.

    "Malicious defame judge, fine ten gold coins. By the way, the next time if you still graze on the green lawn of the city, we will dtrectly confiscation your flock."

    Yes, they certainly have grazing rights, but grazing at the green lawn of the Sulphur Mountain City has from the individual freedom into the crime of damage to public property.

    In the first half of this year, if we estimate the lawn and garden damaged, just the repair costs and labor costs will spend hundreds of thousands gold coins. And they probably only save hundreds of gold coins of forage fee.

    The bariaur is good at confuse right and wrong, and now they accuse the officers as malicious law enforcement, if they really thibk I'm a fool?

    "By the way, who just said I'm a fool officer, consciously to the community to receive free labor for two months. Who want still nonsense, same punish with him. In the future, you only can buying forage from pasture or grazing out the city, if you freely grazing again, all of your tribe will be chased out of the Sulphur Mountain City."

    As the crafty and lazy bariaur, it already is the hardest labor that grazing and sleeping in the side.

    Let them labor as other race, it already is a torture, and let these greedy selfish bariaurs free toil for others, it absolutely worse than the death penalty.

    Quickly, they stop crying and singing the song, then they conscious lining up to leave the court.

    So, I nodded with satisfaction.


    Then I looking at the case, staring at the smiling defendant, but I wrinkle my brow. No wonder the sub judge put the case to me, this case is really not easy to judgment.

    "The defendant, Herault·Mournewind, argonian hunter, crime of kidnap and sex crime."

    His crime have irrefutable evidence, and he also confessed his crime, but the case still make me headache.

    Although his means is very dirty, but Mournewind completed his hunter's dream, he success capture a Druid as his pet, but after the success, he molesting his "pet" in public places for several times, and sometimes it's a bear, sometimes it's a leopard, sometimes it's a bird, but never in a human form... And... That Druid is a male, Mournewind also is a male...

    "Too dirty! Too disgusting, seriously affecting the social atmosphere of the Sulphur Mountain City, I urge to kill this animal sex fetish beast, to positive the ethos of Sulphur Mountain City." Goblin prosecutor impassioned talking in the plaintiff, this case layers of appeal to the supreme judge, and now it's the last key part.

    "We have to pay attention to the identity of the defendant, the argonian. In their eyes, 'walking with the beast' is a tradition, it's a matter-of-course thing. And tolerance the traditional of other races is a proud tradition of Sulphur Mountain City. Moreover, 'the law does not stipulate, the crime is not a crime' it's the most basic principle of our code of laws. If our code prohibit the behavior of sex with animals? Since there is no prohibition, then, it's not a crime, and cannot convicted, also cannot be punished!"

    According to the interpretation of the law, the elf public defender Klose prevail once again, although his eyes is full of contempt and disdain when he looked at his defender.

    In the eyes of the reverence nature elf, the hunter like Mournewind should death for ten thousand times, but now in court, he cannot because of his own preferences, slack off his defender duties.

    And as Klose said, because there is no law stipulates that the crime, the prosecution is unable to determine charge, how can determine the final punishment.

    "Which law will set such a disgusting crime!! If such a bastard can no guilty, how can we maintain the dignity of the law and justice!"

    To have heard what was Klose said, Goblin prosecutor Rowe·Coin fly into a rage, even he wearing silver iron mask so we can not seeing his face, but from the extremely angry tone and the burst up veins under the mask, we can know he is very angry.

    That's true, in order to win this case, he spent countless efforts, trial two times, and finally to the Supreme Court, it is not for let this pervert escape the legal sanctions.

    I looked at that lizard head pervert, he also looked at me with a calm look, as a defendant, he is no binding and uneasy.

    And my artifact robe still plays a role, since Hunter Mournewind is so clam under the prestige of the artifact, it means he really don't think himself has any wrong, and since he has no slightest guilt in his heart, the artifact is also invalid.

    "Because of the different values? No, the other argonians were not so pervert. He should know the law or someone told him that this place cannot penalty him. Of course, we can always meet interesting crimes in the world, interesting."

    "Haw-haw, can I go back? My pets are waiting for me to feed them. "

    I'm laugh, this argonian also silly smiled.

    To me, his seemingly calm expression and laughter is surely a quite interesting provocation.


    The gavel fall, I made a verdict.

    "Not guilty, release."

    The crime no legal sanctions is not a crime, since my law has this loophole, this turn I will give up.

    Hear what I said, Herault·Mournewind honest smile, his smile is full of pride.

    "Sure enough, the Sulphur Mountain City hss the most impartial justice."


    "Prosecutor Rowe, don't get angry, you should know since the law does not stipulate the guilty, it's impossible that we perverting the justice and found him guilty."

    Rowe of course know, just because he know so he was so angry. Let a sinner with impunity is simply laugh at the Supreme Court and the law itself.

    "But, Sir... "

    "Does the Legislative session of next week get ready?"

    "Eh?! Oh, I understand!!"

    I suddenly asked this seems insignificant thing, Rowe first puzzled and then understand what I said, then his face lit up.

    Supreme Court is not just a judiciary, it has four subordinates, and one of them the Hall of Law King has the responsible of drafting the new law, the Supreme Court not only can undertake the final judgment, but also has legislative power and judicial interpretation power.

    "Well, since Mr.Mournewind help us find a loophole of the law, we will make up for it. Klose, when the new law passed, then sent several stalkers often chatting with this little friend. Let him come in earlier, so that we can thank him."

    Mournewind heard all the words, at this moment, his livid face seems to have imagined himself be arrested again.

    But no longer did this disgusting evil thing?  From the beginning, it's not in his option.

    Hearing what I said, even Klose is the defender, his face is also full of happy.

    "Yes, sir, I'll immediately do it, the disgusting unnatural behavior like 'walking with the beast' should be severely punished! Punish in public, and also should be aggravated punishment!"

    "Yes, remember to add it the crime table of prohibit abuse of pets, the behavior like this should be deprived of their qualification of keeping pets. From the other side blocked these acts, as a double insurance."

    As a honorary member of Sulphur Mountain Pet Association. How can I let them continue to oppress these cute little animals, we should directly deprive their qualification of keeping pets.

    Finally, Herault·Mournewind crying out loud, if he still chose to staying in the Sulphur Mountain City, then his hobby of 'walking with beasts' will be banned.

    So, under my control, the dignity of the law also be protected.

    If that guy finally forsake heresy and return to the truth? Not to mention that I personally think it is difficult to correct his own sex obession, but if he really can get rid of this, it's also a good thing.

    "Next..." Although these cases are tedious, but, work is a work.

    Boring, boring, but sometimes, but rather meaningful.

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    Chapter 7: take the dog for a walk

    "Okur, half elf half orcs, Bronze level professional killers, commit innumerable murders, particularly fond of hunt children, when carry out a task arrested by a dark elf inspector in Sulphur Mountain City, then sentenced to imprisonment 376 years by Sulphur Mountain City Court, life without bail. tut-tut."

    While looking at the data, I faced the half elf killer in the cage, full of surprising. Orcs is a rare thing, if the mixed other half is elf, it's more rare.

    "A lich? Wait, don't kill me, and don't use me to do the experiment. You must also have a lot of enemies, I can help you free!"

    Find herself be presented to a lich, at first Okur was shocked, because the weakest Lich is a legendary mage. Then he felt safe, because since I'm a lich, we belong to the same chaotic camp, at least I'm easy deal with than the justicial judges and the steadfast Paladin, these hypocrites of the order camp never know deals and compromises is a wonderful thing.

    But at the moment, I'm staring at him with a faint smile on my face, I get him from Sulphur City prison, not just for find a thug.

    My bone fingers put on the forehead of the half elf, even he is a heinous psycho killer, as a living his warm still let me favor.

    But his face is not good, perhaps he remembered the rumour that lich like playing with the soul and body, under the icy touch of my bones, his face become more and more pale.

    "...interesting, at first I thought you are just a normal murderer, but you actually are a hidden flesh sacrifice, a dirty devil admirer, you trading the lives of children with the devil of nine hells, in exchange for your life and strength. "

    Sure enough, when he heared what I said, though his memory hidden in the subconscious, but his dirty memory had become very obvious, and the next is his more and more fear memory.

    "Tell me, funny little guy, what are you most fearing?"

    The human brain is very interesting, when you more efforts to let you don't recall something, your subconscious will initiative to recall it.

    Level 4 Arcane: memory reading, it's not a high spell, it is also not a user-friendly ability. The most secret things hidden in the depth minds, but the memory reading can only read the surface memory.

    However, I have my own unique skill.

    If I ask you "what's the secret that you hide?"" , then you will tend to consciousness to think if you have somthing that have to hidden, in that instant the secret will came to the top, my memory reading spell will bring out the content of what is he thinking.

    "... You most fear is you real identity be find? Interesting, what is your real identity?"

    "The spie of Karon City? It's really interesting." Under my survey, his hidden objective finally crystal clear.

    Today I'm really good luck, at first I just intended to replace two prisoners for get evil points, but after a little test, than easily find that he is a spy of other city.

    The underground city Karon, it probably is the nearest city of the Sulphur Mountain City, but obviously, compared with the prosperity of Sulphur Mountain City, it's population and area is much small.

    Most of the residents of this underground city are Orcs and Duergars, It's city master is a stupid orcs that believe the Tyrant God, Ben. The mining industry of their city is highly developed, but their other industries are just so so.

    This spy is employment by Karon city, his task just is the most simple of intelligence gathering, only can be regarded as a part-time jobs, but it's suffice to say that Karon city should be have some evil plans.


    "Huh?" Sure enough, the elusive maid appeared behind me at the next second.

    "Serious torture, drained all of his secret and then share it to Margaret. Tell her I'll throw it to Adam if she doesn't matter."

    In my memory, caught a spy = find big secret = ambition of the big shot = a lot of trouble... equal to free volunteer!

    No benefits, so I don't want solve such a annoying thing, since see it, then pull it to some people might interested will be enough, the great sage Margaret is that people in charge of internal affairs, she will along the trail then ripping out the truth bit by bit.

    As for this prisoner? Before they sent him to here, it has mean he is unforgiven. Since came in, just don't leave.


    Two loud bangs, the entire old house are slightly shaking, and after this, the dust fall from the ceiling board, spread in the dungeon.

    The prisoners are all coughing, even my bones are covered with a layer of ash. But Eliza has already prepared ans use towel shut her mouth.

    "It seems that Po already can't wait."

    The earthquake is caused by my lovely Po, because it's master still not appeared after the daily walking time , so it use leap to hurrying me.

    So, I irresponsible throw all the work to Eliza, the work time is end, and now is the time to take a walk with Po.

    Or in other words, it's the time that I dragging around by the huge double headed Cerberus...

    Just like other stupid dogs, after leaving the house, Po has forget its master and start crazy running. Although I take the reins, but all my bones are not more than thirty pounds and my power are not big than five, so I naturally dragged fly by this dozens of tons monster.

    Of course, after several losses, I usually give myself a levitate spell in this time, and then let the reins fixed in my strongest rib, do a qualified kite...

    And this way of walking get an unexpected harvest...

    "Bones flag up, big dog is coming, let's quickly pack up the stall!"

    "Where is the city management team? Hurry up call the inspectors!"

    "Come on everybody. Construction of the defense, defending the butcher, today you can't take away my fresh pork!"

    Okay, I'm high into the air so I instead became a symbol of Po, in order to avoid be involved by the stupid Po, across the two blocks, these hawkers are beginning to pack up the stall and get out of the way.

    "Go to the east of the city, there is the undead area and it's not managed by city management team!"

    Heared what they said, I quickly give commands and pull the reins, let Po to turn.

    In the past, take Po to walk only will caused traffic chaos, and it also haven't any record that harm to other people(skeletons are not human!)

    In the past, inspectors always deal with some more serious criminal cases, when they come, it almost is the time that I walking back, but now, as the only survivor of the Freedom Gentlemen Alliance, when our alliance cannot making trouble for them, I would never underestimate their dispatched speed, and they determine to finish off us for once and for all.

    "Bow wow wow!"

    And under my command, Po kick out a tauren who is in the way, and then sat down collapse the roadblocks, go straight toward the east city.


    "Momo order you to stop, all is you fault that let Momo look bad in front of Honor Nonsleeper!"

    Well, I still underestimate they determine of catch me, the city management team actually set up an ambush for me.

    However... "Jump, Po!"

    The huge Cerberus just one jump and then it crossed the barricade in front of him.

    And in the back, the city management team members can only helpless stop their footsteps.

    A six meter high giant skeleton using the diamond gate as a shield, standing in front of them.

    His empty eye hole without a trace of emotion, but no one dared overstepped.

    Here already is the undead area of the east city, it isn't the jurisdiction of the city management team, if they want to come in and law enforcement, they must make a report on the procedures, and if they really go through the cumbersome bureaucratic procedures, the lich would had already get away.

    And I also arrived my destination. Let go of Po, let him go foraging... cough, I mean, to playing.

    Then, say hello to every undead in front of me.

    "Hey, long time no see, everybody, do you miss me? Big guy, you smell like a carrion. Small bone, you skull is bright, what's the brand of your polishing? Aka uncle, your bones are rusted, do you want to try my new lubricant? It's all natural, pollution-free, no side effects and... "

    But in front of me, these undead once see me, their first react is first freeze together, then...

    "Run, running!! That madman coming again!! Too terrifying!"

    ...very sadly they scatter like birds and beasts.

    Giant skeleton take his battle axe leap over the houses, the headless horseman rush away with his head, even the poor skeleton warrior also try to slink away.

    The scene in front of me really make me sad...

    "Hello, is this a welcoming for your clansman? I just take you to do the new undead magic experiments, use you to complete my daily tasks, use you to test the power of the Holy sword..."

    The more I say, the more emboldened that I lost, then I hear a familiar voice sound from my behind.

    "Your Highness, you had alreay say the reason. I don't talk nonsense. You come this time, is the time for us to battle again?"

    "No, I'm a pacifist, war is my most hate thing. However, the agreed time is indeed will come, whether my army has ready?"

    "Of course, your highness. Your army, whether it is three hundred and seventy-six years ago or two hundred and fifty years ago or one hundred and thirty years ago, whenever let you down!? Crimson Hound's 24602 remnants of a defeated army, in the peace sharpen bared teeth, at any time waiting for disposal. We can't wait to return to the battlefield! "

    Heavy voice is full of warpath, My general is really as reliability as usual.

    "Are you going to watching the parade or watching the new plague test? Our alchemist invented a new war weapon, it has a high destructive power and in the same time also... "

    "No, I said I'm a pacifist, war is boring. Today, I was come for the view of that thing."

    "You mean that stupid thing... no, that important thing? It has ready, can start in any times."

    I nodded with satisfaction, looking back, but I can't see any people.

    "Bow-wow! Down here, bow-wow, down here, your highness! Do you mean it? Is it funny? I'm one of your most powerful generals!"

    Looked down, it is my lovely Beckham, he is instinctively chasing its own tail in a circle.

    He is the older brother of Po, the most trusted general of me. Today, he is just a cute little skeleton dog.

    "I'm not Beckham! I'm Best, the Void Hound Best!!"

    "Yes, Beckham."

    "Best!! I'm your general, your invincible army deputy commander!"

    "Well, Beckham. Don't stress, I've always thought you were amazing. Hummm, the most important is you are very cute! Sure enough, pets are human's best friends, and wild kids are the worst enemies."

    Listen my tone like coax disobedient child, and increasingly unreliable declaration, Best hanging tail and eyebrows, clutching his own face get down. It knows that as long as its master into the crazy state, it's no use to say anything.

    How could a skeleton dog make a desperate look, today I finally can see it.

    "Well, don't tease you, Beckham. Are you ready for the work?"

    "Whatever you want. Although I have always felt that is a bad idea, but you are never known as reliable, so just treat it as make you fun......"

    "Cough!" A mild cough interrupted its murmur.
    "Then, I, Lich Roland, announced that the Sulphur Mountain City Undead Tourism Week officially opened, death crown theme park officially put into operation!!"

    Yes, war is boring, nowdays, we competing the economy, the people's livelihood! Our undead area also need to launch our own new pillar industries —— the undead theme park.

    The headless horseman polo matches. Skeleton puzzle games, Halloween dance contest, riding a cool bonedragon around the Sulphur Mountain City, I have to prepare for the show a series of selling points.

    And behind of me it's the biggest selling point of the theme park, countless skeletons accumulated huge ferris wheel, it's more than 300 meters high, when it turned up its like a flying black dragon, like a enormous Titan, you even can see it outside the Sulphur Mountain City.

    Though I had spent a lot of time to persuade the living to believe that it's not a terrible fighting machine, it also isn't a terrible conspiracy... But all of this is worthful!

    This is the advertising of the theme park, soon, there will have countless tourists come here, and I will make a bundle.

    At the moment, my skull attendants also dressed in clown clothes at the door began to beat drums and gongs, and I'm also patiently waiting for the coming of customers.

    Surprise, after half an hour, there even haven't one visitor, so I asked Beckham who is up lying on my head.

    "Did the leaflets go?"

    "Has long been sent out."

    "Whether you give those goblin dwarfs ad-rate?"


    "The security of the Supreme Court has been put in the advertisement?"

    "Of course, thanks to you get the license and security of the Supreme Court, without this, I guess no one dare to come."

    "Whether my AdWords is not good?"

    "No, very elegant, very attractive 'to see your future situation, say hello to your future neighbors. Enjoy dancing in the dreamland with the ghosts, enjoy the novel experience that you never have had. First three days for free, the first one hundred customers can get the mysterious gift! Absolute security! Absolutely fun!' "

    "Then why no one came!!"

    I staring at the stupid dog, but it laughed.

    "Haw-haw, my lord, Are you forget here is the undead area?  The forbidden zone of life. You think, what is the undead in front of the living?"

    Hear what it said, I froze. "What is the undead?"

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    Chapter 8: the undead playground

    What is the undead? I am afraid in the most biological eyes, the first to think of is the endless death.

    In fact, this view is not wrong, when that day on the battlefield of the order gods and the chaos gods, the Demon Sovereign invented the Necromantic spells which can revived the dead, the undead scourge had become the nightmare of the living.

    In fact, most of this can not blame to the undead themselves.

    In this continent, the birth of the undead is actually due to two reasons, first, it's when the dead have great grievances, unwilling, ideal, unwilling to die, then, they have minimal chance back from the dead.

    Born chance of the naturally undead is minimal, but often they are extremely powerful. After all, they will and grievances must very huge so they enough to resist the death call. It is said that Death God Iyer is the highest and oldest natural undead.

    Produced by the huge grievances undead indeed are a little distorted, but these who could resist death simply by their own will, these one left in the world for some regret things are often able to preserve themself mind.

    Of course, one of the most powerful and noble group is the incarnate of the dead heroes, they are recognized by the order gods, thay even be given immortal spirit, and they have a nice name —— Einherjar.

    In addition to the nature undead, the other undead is the common undead scourge, the evil undead mage forced to slave the dead, to create more deaths.

    This magic of summon the dead was originally invented by the demon, but now, there has had numerous variants and development.

    The earliest, they are just some slowly moving dead bodies, then, appeared the more efficient skeleton warrior, appeared Stitches scrabble up by some piece of flesh and blood, appeared the dead mage grasp of the dark magic, appeared the Black Knights good at martial arts, and finally, appeared the strongest of the Necromancers —— the Lich.

    With the change of undead spells, at now the undead ethnic has been in the extreme, there also has many individuals stronger than the Lich, but Lich is the innate undead spell master, they always are the core of undead ethnic, no other reason, just because they are cunning master the evolutionary direction of the undead, they are best at the study of create new undead and necromantic spells.

    More than 99% existing undead is such an acquired undead, they only above at the Silver order may have a sense of self, and even the most powerful undead has just a disowned monster when they just been wake-up by necromantic spell, hunger for blood and soul will allowing them to attack their most intimate lover, and once they get a taste of killing and get a taste of eat the delicious souls, it's difficult to go back.

    The bloodthirsty undead, it's really not wrong.

    To the chaotic camp demon's temperament that specialized lifting a rock only to drop it on his feet, lured the mountain clans collective degeneration, but makes their enemy, the devil. Invented the undead spells, but has created a new race that hostile to their own.

    Once obtain the freedom, the undead against its creator without any hesitation, formed their own country. Now the undead city Brolly and the undead country Siro instead of a vanguard anti of the demon.

    And in the undead country Siro, it's powered by Dark Night Parliament and the parliament is composed by Lich, living just the most abject slaves. And due to one hundred years ago that undead scourge 'Imperishable Night Catastrophe', it nearly caused the end of the world, let the reputation of the undead become more poor in the order camp.

    Einherjar, natural undead, fantasy species, high order undead with self consciousness, bloodthirsty low order undead and so on, normal people have no knowledge and ability to distinguish their different, in their eyes, these who living in east of the city's undead area are all ghastly demons.

    "That is to say, no matter what we say, what we do, are all in vain?"

    "Of course, living live in the living world, the dead live in the dead world, although your highness can ignore the middle line of them, but it's obviously inconsiderate to let ordinary people across it."

    Lying in my head the Best said, although it's only a dog, but at the moment, but rather like some philosophers sees though life and death.

    And not far away, Po is hugging and licking a pile of bones, it seems very satisfied.

    Looking ahead, it is a scene that like Demons and monsters danced like mad. But in my eyes, it's a very normal life scene.

    The undead indeed needn't eat, but it does not represent the higher order undead without desire. Here is one of the largest market in the east city, a lot of shop are open for business.

    "How much is this preservative? And give me a repellent, don't containing sulfur, my skin is too sensitive, it will make me allergic." This is a lich elder sister, she is feel bad for these worm residents live in her empty head hole.

    "Dark bandages, curse bandages, keep your magic solid like bowels. Has there mummies or zombies need this? The latest Arcane Ring, and also have mushroom and bear pattern can choice."

    "Fresh blood selling, humans, elfs, dwarves, all races. Girl blood, boy blood, androgynous blood all could offered. Once buy 2000cc of large customers, can enjoy our long-term door delivery blood service."

    The little red-cap girl is very cute, but her goods is particularly frightening.

    "Skull monopoly, golden, bronze, stone carving, dragon bone, we can offer everything. Has there someone want to change a head? Uncle Lich, whether you want to change a head?? Ensure don't impede cast spell, quality excellent and no fakes, three day trial, no reason to return. "

    Wave to drive away that annoying little red-cap kindred, I put attention to the distance, that gaint skeleton Cloyne served as a gate guard is waving at me.

    "Whew, these city management team members finally gone, so I can go back now."

    The undead area is a very special area of the entire Sulphur Mountain City, it's a relatively independent area, inspectors couldn't law enforcement in this place.

    I underestimated they determination to catching me, they actually blocking at the doorway, it seems they were going to long-term ambush, ready for once I went out then they will catching me and get revenge.

    I was careless and almost be successfully caught off by them, fortunately, Cloyne blocked them.

    Attack undead in front of the gate of undead area, originally this kind of behavior has overstepping and very easy cause conflict, but I'm a good man, I offered to suggest them to remove hostility and beat their swords into plowshares.

    "I heard that now, the supreme judge are dissatisfied with city management team? No, no, of course this is not a threat,and I will not appeal to the Hall of Law Enforcement, nor pull the banner to cry out a grievance in front of the door of Supreme Court. No, I am a good person, this is not a threat, as long as you can willing do a test for me, I would also like to go with you."

    "Haw-haw. It is not the first time that I make deal with you, rest assured, of course this isn't a evil magic test. You should also know, as this year's major tourism project, the park is opening today, and I'm the contractor. But you see, now there are no one else come to play, I just want to invite you to become the first batch of players, if you think the play is good, you can help me to make a propagandize."

    I rubbed my hands and flatter said.

    "Of course it's free, all for free, as the first batch of players, you also can get a mysterious gift!!"

    "Lie? I'm the believer of the law and justice God, you are insulting my faith! In the world haven't such a God? In the future there will has. Rest assured, I always suit the action to the word, as long as you can help me finish all entertainment tests, I will immediately go with you."

    Then, they agreed my request...

    Then, they immediately regret it...

    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah! Smelly bones! Put Momo down!! My body aches!! Momo will die."

    ......In front of me, a female Knight roaring past, hanging by a rope.

    The next moment, it's quiet, because... the rope broke...

    "... Best, next time remember to write a slogan in the bungee jumping table  'take off armor before you start bungee'."

    Looking at the pit in front of me, I sympathized.

    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah! I know you bones have not any good ideas!! Put me down."

    The woman snarling and roaring past is deputy captain Yvonne, I met her not long ago, but now, her tanned face is dark like balck iron, seems will vomit at any time, apparently she is not suitable for the high-speed roller coaster.

    "Put me down, you devils! Accept the holy light sanctions!!"

    "No, stop!! Don't call the holy light on the roller coaster! ... all right, it's late, Best, remember write it on the label 'Don't call the holy light on the Rides'."

    My remind still one step too late, no matter how to balance these instruments or products, there are still the creation that made by the undead magic, and once it meet the holy light...

    When the roller coaster slipping at a high speed from the high slope that more than 100 meters, and what's the scene of suddenly disintegration, today I finally experience it...

    "Flying so far..."

    I swear, I'm absolutely not intentional...

    "Ugh! Bastard!"

    These elfs beauty are all no grace circle around in a circle and vomiting, such a scene...

    "Best, let the hell shake cup speed reduced 300%."

    It seems I forgot the living turn soon will be dizzy, uh, uh, reduce the speed should be ok.

    "My head!!!! I can see nothing, I kill you!!"

    "Cosmos 180 degree rotation is enough, forget the 360 degrees rotation."

    It seems this turn I forget if the living head down too long time will temporarily blind, and if more longer then they will die.

    "Too high, too scary, sky and earth are shaking! Put me down, please."

    "Ferris wheel moved up and down is enough, needn't turn inside."

    "Evil dismiss!! My holy light, so much evil ghosts, will I death in here?"

    "If the haunted house should not use the real ghost? But if not use real ghost it will not scary. And if use the real ghost, how to deal with if the occupation soldiers instinctively kill them? Ouch, it's better temporarily sealed the haunted house."

    "Stop, please stop! I'm dizzy... Not..! Ah!"

    "Pa!" The loud sound of hit the wall, just listening can let people feeling the pain.

    "Ghost horses can pass through the wall, but the living..."

    "Fortunately it's them do the tests! Very well, not kill the innocent. The holy knight is famous for they rough skin and flesh, and they are so miserable. If they are ordinary people..."

    Looking at the tragedy in front of me, listening to they scream and screech, I can not help but a bit scared, the result of mechanically create otherworld recreation facilities is a serious acclimatized, if I'm not got these 'well-meaning people' make tests for me, I am afraid it will make a big trouble.

    And for thank them, I'm ready to fulfill my commitments, after they end the tests, I will go with them, but...

    "Thank you for your trouble today, there still has one hundred and twenty tests, when you finish these tests, I will go to the city management center with you, I can assure I wouldn't run away."

    "You... You remember, today you have won, but one day, we will bring you to justice!"

    Then they ran away...

    "Don't forget your mysterious gifts! Ticket of undead Park, free within a year, looking forward to your next visit!"

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    Chapter 9: Devil king

    The muddy sandy place, a lonely figure running.

    The track is made by cinder, barefoot running up is very pain, and when the body equipment hundreds of kilograms of heavy armor, this is not training, but the penalty.

    Cinder road had sprinking water on it, although the black ash did not turn up, but is full of the sludge, on the originally smooth bare feet now has all wounds.

    Each run a few hundred meters, the slender figure will fell once, even covered the wounds and dirt, the girl also struggling stand up, try to ran forward, and then...

    Fell again...

    The pair of bare feet flowing blood on the road, extension become a blood line...

    And for herself, the physical pain is nothing, but the biting vision from these people around her is the most painful.

    People passing by with compassion, but no one stop.

    Because here is the Supreme Court of the Sulphur Mountain City, in the eyes of the public, here is the most holy and justice place, if someone being punished, it naturally has corresponding to the crime.

    And on the side of the road, two judges wear silver mask and robe are whispering.

    "Is she the city management team captain, Diana? Why is she running here? Bare feet, unlined garment, equipment heavy armor, seems to be punished."

    "Honorable Nonsleeper commanded to give road watering at the morning, is it ready for this?"

    "What did she do?"

    "Isn't the city management team action without the order several days ago? No yet report and they have start a new turn of 'hard strike', seems to be busted by Honorable Nonsleeper."

    "Action on their own? Isn't it a felony? At least will be punished to be banished... Oh, I understand!"

    "Yes, banished all of them are too serious, but they also would not completely get away. So, the past few days, when this lady come to completing the formalities, Honorable Nonsleeper always did not see her, today he is willing to see, but just casually said he want to get a look of the heavy cross-country race training, the lady is conscious to run. "

    "...If according to the procedures, let the court to deal with this thing, unauthorized dispatched violence institution at least will be banished, but it obviously penalty overweight, but if completely without being punished, there must would has someone to follow, and in the future if penalty other people we will lost confidence. "

    "Yes, the best way is probably like this. First to cold treatment a few days, let her know the seriousness. And then let she 'consciousness' accept punished, as a warning to others. Law is the dead, people are living, so as to maintain the majesty of the law, and also no punishment is inappropriate let the guilty escape punishment. Balancing between these is worth for us to studying, Honorable Nonsleeper is really formidable. "

    "...... Let us go to work, I feel Honorable Nonsleeper is watching here on the top of the tower, if let him think we are not work hard, we will get into trouble. "

    Two people rushed to leave, now it's the time to work, they also have their own case to be busy.

    The dark elf's ears are very sensitive, the two judges's discussion has not escaped Diana's ears, so she clench her teeth, stood up again and precariously propped up the hundred pounds heavier armor, continue to be punished.

    And in the tower top, the office of Nonsleeper, the unscrupulous Supreme Judge is lifting the telescope and watching here. Only one thing is different with the judges's speculation, he is not for supervision but hold a mind to appreciate the beauty.

    "Sure enough, wet unlined garment revealed the beauty body, dirt make her body more full of sensuality. Next time, no matter how those guys opposed! I must get the beauty girl quagmire wrestling game into Sports meeting project!!"

    Put down the telescope, I really think the possibility of this policy can accept by the council.

    As for the punishment? The dignity of the law? Is it very important?

    "Maybe these stubborn old man of the council will not allow, but I approve!!"

    And the man together with me to enjoy the beautiful scenery is a obscenely smile middle-aged man, although looks quite impressive, but from the bones he revealed a bit tired.

    Red light armour and ignitus hands sword, flaming red hair, whole person like burning fire, although in the peaceful city, but he is always armed to the teeth, the silver broken sword around the waist perhaps is his only other color.

    "East Phoenix", "the never dead man", he has a lot of title, but he is best known for his identity as the Redlotus Blademaster.

    130 years ago, he with his adventure team sneak raid the undead army of the Sovereign of the Imperishable Night, and successful killed the Sovereign of the Imperishable Night, let the entire undead army collapse, really like the classic drama that a brave beheaded the devil king to save the world.

    And then, he declined the solicitation and honoraria of a lot of kingdoms, then incredible came to the deserted underground world, built this strange city.

    And when the reputation of Sulphur Mountain City spread to the ground world, the hero's reputation rising again.

    "The living epic", "The most perfect hero", the human on the ground has already use these title called their hero.

    But at this moment, look at the looming sexy curve under the wet unlined garment, his upright and outspoken square face is the same expression like all the ordinary men would have.

    "Let's straightforward hold a quagmire marathon match, allow these city management team dark elfs and the Church's priestess all join in, and only allowed they to wear underwear, ha ha, just sell tickets can make a fortune. "

    Redlotus Blademaster Adam·Han, as my immediate superior, the city master of Sulphur Mountain, his greatest pleasure is to make chaos for his subordinate and to make trouble for the Civil Affairs Council, my proposal surely will make these council old guys fly into a rage, how could he don't like it.

    Though he is so old but still not serious, but in my system, he is impressively at lever 262 as a Eternity Demigod, if on the ground world, he at least can do an emperor.

    "Oops, old bachelor, you become strong again."

    Last week when we meet he is just level 260, for such a existence like him, urgrade one lever is walewithdifficulty, urgrade two lever in one week is almost unbelievable.

    "Yes, old bachelor, your eyes is still so sharp. As the fire phoenix, more older more strong. Now my Phoenix heart has been burned to the ultimate, I should can beat you by myself, even when you are at the heyday. "

    "Aha, even you are invincible, you are still an old bachelor."

    "Yes, just like you."

    Two old men have single for hundreds of years and used to hurt each other, but now they only can sighed.

    "When is the end of such a single day, I want to find a girlfriend..."

    "I have been numb for my left hand and right hand, if it wasn't you make trouble, I had already married, maybe even have the son and grandson."

    "Are you showing off? Is it so worth showing off? My left hand and right hand have only leave bones!"

    "Show off? Show off your ass. And you spread those rumors, say I predestined to curse everyone close to me, make the city's girls once see me then just run away! Last week, I 'accidentally' collided with a beauty girl, obviously this should become a good start, but unecpectedly, she actually go to the church to expelled curse, treated it as possessed... Do you know what's my feeling when that happened!"

    "Surely know, this is the reason that I told that beauty girl you are predestined to curse everyone close to you!"

    "I should konw why a outsider know these rumors, really it is because of you bastard!!"

    OK, next, the perfect human hero Adam and the majesty highest judge Nonsleeper, fighting like two kids.

    But as in the past, this senseless battle was soon over.

    Although as a Demigod warrior he can easily win a weaker like me, but I haven't pain sense, how could I afraid of him. All kinds of irony about bachelor constant said out from my mouth.

    "You are a lifetime old bachelor."

    "It's said single for 30 years and you can become an archmage, you are nearly 200 years old, is it mean that you have upgrade the ultimate archmage? Come on, set a fireball make me fun."

    "Would you willing I used magic to help you shapeshifting the left hand and right hand into girl? I promise they will be super cute. Oh oh oh, you are hesitate, you are hesitate. Don't be silly, if the magic can do this, would I still single?"

    Of course, at the same time when I use words to hurt him, my heart is also bleeding.

    "I'm 376 years old, but still single... I want to revive!!"

    When we remember we still have things to deal with today, the time has come to the sunset. Sure enough, as a philosopher had said, hurt each other are only left void.

    "Hey, today you come to see me, not just for fight, right?"

    "Of course not, Margaret asked me to do real work, what is it? Let me think about it!"

    "You surely have senile dementia."

    "Hush! I almost think it out! Oh, yes, today there has two things, no, in fact it's one thing."


    "I'll be dead soon, you should know."

    Though he is talking about his own death, he is still said so casual, just like talk about where we would go to play tomorrow.

    "Surely, shortest one year, longest three years, you will die."

    Of course I know, in the system, his character information, next to his name with a red border (nearly death), he is not far to his death.

    "157 years, I have lived long enough, and there is nothing to be sorry about."

    Is it? Nothing to be sorry about? Of course, in the Eich world, a ordinary human can live for 60 - 80 years, he rely on his amazing strength simply hold to nearly 200 years old, really is a long life.

    "In fact, if you want to live longer, there is no difficulty."

    Of course no difficulty, as such a powerful warrior, as long as he willing to faith any god, to change into an apostle and he can let his life endless. And if he don't want to serving others, reincarnation other long-lived species, such as angels and Demons and undead, for him, there's no difficulty.

    But Adam laughed, laughed without any care. Though he is still young, but like an old that has seen through the vicissitudes.

    "No, as a short-lived human, 150 years is too long, I've had enough of life. A good-for-nothing village boy has completed his heroic dream. Now his acquaintance has already nearly all dead, and the thing he want to do had all finshed, it's the time to have a rest. Besides, the old always get in youthful way, it's unsuited, it's the time to give way for the newbie."

    "......You are still thinking about Lisa." But his lies can't fool me.

    Lisa·Grant, Adam's past companion, and she also is his secret cruch. However, she had already died in the battle of fight with Sovereign of Imperishable Night, more than a hundred years ago.

    Rely on his power, if he really want to find a girlfriend, how could he can not find. That two weddings, if he really want to continue, by his combat power, how could he just look at our farce.

    "Whoops, you really are a love struck man. However, aren't you think it's too selfish?"

    "Yes, I am very selfish." He actually admitted it. "I'm sorry for Margaret, as the immortal she is still very young, she should have a better choice."

    Great sage Margaret lose her heart to Adam, but Adam can't forget his dead ex-girlfriend, this is already an open secret in Sulphur Mountain City.

    The so-called two weddings more but expect Margaret could give up him. Of course, Margaret without any hesitate and directly contact with me, want me to send 'gift' on Adam's wedding, no doubt show she will never give up.

    Rumor, this kind of thing can spread, and naturely can be disperse, the reason that why everyone knows this open secret, probably just because Adam willing to see it happen.

    "Stupid triangle love. Ok, as an outsider I don't want to interrupt, but since you want to die, then the another thing I had guess out. "

    "Of course, since the prison guard will dying, then you as the prisoner, it's the time to be released from prison. Congratulations, the Sovereign of Imperishable Night, how does it feel to be free?"

    Yes, the Sulphur Mountain City, in fact it's a prison. The three giants, braver Adam, great sage Margaret, ancient red dragon little Red, they are all prison guards.

    And me, the formerly undead king, the Sovereign of Imperishable Night, I was the only prisoner!

    "So, braver Adam, are you sure you want to put me out to destroy the world?"

    "Whatever you want. Lisa had not in the world, if you want to destroy it, just do it."

  • Chapter 10: the devil's whisper

    The Sovereign of Imperishable Night? Actually it's derived from a joke like oath.

    "The holy light shine like the never extinguished sun, and the holy light will shines all things forever? Well, since we have been abandoned by the holy light, then let us put the world fall into the dark forever."

    In the past, I'm betrayed by the holy light church. I lost my family and kingdom, curse past believed holy light, and determine brought to the world of new order, complete swept the decay kings into the history's dustbin.

    "Though you have betrayed my kingdom and people for your own kingdom, then I will destroy your kingdom."

    Okay, I know it sounds like chunibyo, but isn't everyone has an black history which is attempt to wipe out from the memories?

    A chunibyo patient is terrible, a chunibyo jumper who havs his golden finger system is more terrible.

    The Evil Lich system, according to the karma changes leads by my behavior calculated my gain points, pranks have little effect, reward is not much, and I just need bring death and destruction, and I will obtain infinite number of points, and the points will allow me to become stronger, and to make much more misery.

    And what will bring more death and destruction than a war?

    So, a war start, a war that destroyed everything.

    As the epic records by the ground races, the nameless undead king summon the unyielding undead army, kindred's blackwing covered the light of sun, the endless night is coming.

    In the boundless dark night, undead dancing on the battlefield, crazy Black Knights began to race to hunt head, sea of skeletons has rushed to the shore, long blood night is arrival.

    In that war, with the spread of death, my strength and my army also rolled like a snowball, to the later, I even became the only modern Eternity Demigod undead king.

    The undead king—— the sovereign of Imperishable Night has become the great nightmare of living creature.

    Under the undead scourge, four great empire which had a thousand years history is ended, three principalities, six Kingdom also together are swept into the history's dustbin.

    No one knows why the sovereign of Imperishable Night will stronger and stronger in the war, why he has such huge magic power to controll his millions army and command dozens of undead monarch.

    Eventually, the endless sea of undead inundation everything, when the army of the Imperishabe Night defeated the united army organization by the holy light church and a lot of kingdom army, and all the people thought of the living is coming to an end, the era of undead is coming.

    But suddenly, a news spread throughout the world, all people are pleasantly surprise.

    The sovereign of Imperishable Night was assassinated, the undead army is disintegration!

    "Redlotus Blademaster" Adam·Han fame overnight.

    The whole Eich world are eulogized his name, the old man bring goblet blessing his illustrious name forever, middle-aged man loudly eulogized his heroic epic, young people and children depending on him as the goals for the future and idols.

    After statistics, if not due to the hero Adam·Han who is like walk out from the fairy story, with his team killed the sovereign of Imperishable Night, the continent will reduce more than 70% of the population.

    And at this moment, the legendary hero, but like a fooled child, his face is not bad.

    "Hey, I will dying, you should telling the truth. If you are deliberately with me at that moment? Why you garrison is so empty, why as you guards, the Crimson Hound is in thousands of miles away, why at you side there actually haven't any undead mornach, why as a Eternity Demigod, you defated by us team as in that time we are all only at the lever of Venerable Legend? "

    I hesitated for a moment, in the end, still did not tell the truth.

    "Well, you know, After the resurrection I will lost a part of memory, I had forgotten these things."

    Actually. That year after destroy several kingdoms which is add insult to injury my kingdom, and by the way snipe that holy light bishop who was betrayed my Westlan kingdom, my rage subsided, at least, more clear-headed.

    Slightly deduction I know what will happen next, if my army keep going, then in addition to endless death and destruction, nothing can harvest.

    At that time, I had hold a wolf by the ears......

    When my under charge undead monarchs are all in high spirits talk about the great cause of nation building, discuss how to put the whole Eich world turned into the dead empire, the Imperishable Night army is consisting of hundreds of the undead kings, it's not my personal power can stop. the leader I well-reasoned dead, however, I leave my last words, only that one own the Imperishable Night Scepter as a symbol of kingship, in order to become the next undead emperor.

    "Artifact, Imperishable Night Scepter, the symbol of undead kingship, it's said its the carry thing of Imperishable Night , possession the secrets about why the sovereign of Imperishable Night is so powerful, but never appeared in the stage of history." This is the artifact handbook writed by the endless magic tower how to introduce the Imperishable Night Scepter.

    Of course, because I die too hasty, and also did not say what is the Imperishable Night Scepter, so each undead king doubt each other private property... Then, who said the undead haven't desire? The power and rights are all wisdom things best love.

    Well, the next development is no need to say, the civil war broke out, the undead scourge is ended, and now, the undead country——Siro Empire, its highest twelve undead monarchs, more than half of them are my old acquaintances.

    "Ha ha, actually there are legends, who get the Imperishable Night Scepter will become the next undead emperor, unfortunately, the legend is false, because... the Imperishable Night Scepter never exist!"

    Yes, even the name of the sovereign of Imperishable Night originated in jest, the world how can have such a strange artifact, all people have been get stiffed by me.

    And I have finished my revenge, without any goal, once change my status I can start a new life.

    I was planed after the resurrection, I will from the beginning upgrade my power, waiting for the so-called "game story" to start, and by the way waiting for my stupid brother to return.

    Perhaps, the only thing not in my plan is great sage Margaret find the actual situation, she know the Lich is hard to die. As a result, by seal my Phylactery, she tie me down.

    And here, the Sulphur Mountain City, at first just a wasteland where they choose to living in, and the arrival of some refugees let here become the initial Sulphur Mountain City.

    In the chaos underground world, the shelter of the stronger is important than anything, at least they will not become prey to slave traders, nor monsters food.

    And indeed, Adam is quite willing to help others, as long as Adam said its good, Margaret is willing to do anything, and the little Red is happy to have new toys, even me, in order to earn points, I'm also willing to help others.

    So, more and more refugees come here to seek asylum, gradually, the Sulphur Mountain City is forming, and it's been one hundred years, past small village has become the famed paradise city.

    So, bored three guys become the so-called gaints of the city, Adam do his mascot dungeon master, Margaret was spot administration, little Red still keep sleeping, accidental awakening for everyone to add the chaos.

    And see they helpless busy, as a same boring pperson, I according to the experience of two worlds, to create this administrative and legal system, and has continued to this day.

    Look at the Lich who is play with his phalanx, Adam also has a deep sigh.

    According to the idea of Eich, the holy light and the law is on behalf of order, death and destruction is on behalf of the chaos, thay should are incompatible two camps, and once a life was born and own racial identity, his camp has been identified.

    "When you say you want to be a judge and governing law, we all thought you were joking. Didn't expect you actually did it. Our Sulphur Mountain city's most famous judicial system, known as the highest masterpiece of the order camp, it's created by a chaos and death lich, even if I said it out, there is no one else will believed. "

    And in front of he, this lich is more can not understand.

    If you said he is a good man, but he made numerous tragedy, also is a chaotic lich. If you said he is a bad man, this more than a hundred years get along, not only did not see he do some amazing evil things, but instead to see he fair law enforcement and penalize the vicious.

    Kindred and elfs are longevity race, they often have extremely slow pace of life, the dragon and the undead are also known as they are no concept of time, the normal short-lived species cherish life and busy work, if they live fifty years, mental exhaustion and pain will let them become slow and ineffective.

    Humans are social animals, away from the crowd will let them become eccentric.

    Some people have done statistics. No matter which lich magician is kind and honest before he turned, but after hundreds of years of solitude, the eyes of outsiders, corrosion of dark magic will let them become withdrawn and evil.

    Even an immortal warrior like Adam, he also feel live enough for one day, but in front of the lich, not only did not withdrawn like his kind, but very active and every day to add some new trouble.

    "Freak... to tell the truth, sometimes I really envy you."


    "...the lawspell and Lawspeller, your Original Code, it actually can provide the advanced professional like Justice knight, Lawspeller and Inquisitor for stronger, there is no doubt that the order source has admitted to your code power. As the creator, you should had touch the edge of it. "

    Heard his words, I paused, I seemed once again underestimated this man in front of me, he is worthily a demigod warrior, he seems to have touch the edge, that realm belong to the gods.

    I roll my eyes, lie to my lips, but looked at the life nearly end Adam, hesitated for a moment, eventually looked at many years of mutual emotion, I rarely intend to to be honest.

    "He he, death give me infinite strength, but the undead is congenitally deficient, the undead can never set foot on the realm, if I resurrection again, probably I will be able to touch its edge."

    "Is it worth it? Death also takes away your body, power... should also have the memory. Do you remember how many past days, remember the days when we used to go together for adventure?"

    "Ivari, Cavins, father..." several faces flashed from my mind, but these unforgettable faces are mostly incomplete...

    But I'm not regret, at least, I have revenge for them. And about the memory, people live in the moment is enough, always recall the past, only makes people weak and boring.

    "Of course it is. My ambition is to go to the sea of stars. My Justice Code one day will go beyond the boredom power of holy light."

    "Ha, I'm really envy you are always so energetic, so I'm more confidence to give the Sulphur Mountain City to you."

    Too surprised let me spend a few minutes to pick up my dislocated jaw.

    "Don't make joking!! How to let the prisoner to become the jailer by himselves! Are you want to give up? Never imagine that it's possible!"

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    Chapter 11: the main line of the story is finally remembered

    What is the relationship between me and the man in front of me?

    I'm afraid even myself can't say it clear.

    Some time ago, we are together adventure companions, and more of the next time is the relationship of braver and the Beelzebub. Of course, the longest duration is the relationship of jailer and the prisoner.

    Now the jailer said he was tired, old, do not want to do, but going to put the prison to prisoner?

    "Don't make joking!! Are you going to give this city to me? This almost destroyed the world's Beelzebub? Don't make fun of it!"

    Adam bitter smiled.

    "I'm also think so, but do you think who can I give it to?"

    Yes, to whom? Little Red as a red dragon, she is in line with her racial identity, after satiate go to sleep, after woke up to find someone to play, after play tired to go to sleep... But if let she do the city master, I am afraid at the second days she will sale the city for gold coins.

    The great sage Margaret as the last one of the three gaints? She is shrewd and learned, should be the best right person.

    "Margaret, of course, but she said not to do it."

    Of course she will not. She have spent more than one hundred years of youth time in this place, now your stupid does not accept her love, also intend to across the river of time to die for love, then put your own responsibility to others, Margaret not to kick you ass has showed her accomplishment.

    Looking at the bad face man in front of me, I does not play on the air to one, why such a good girl like Margaret would love this idiot.

    "Damn it, if I have a nice girl like Margaret..."

    "Ha ha." Adam proud smile, his laugh make I want to hit his face.

    "Bastard, you had hit my face."

    Well, think is not as good as action, since I had think it, why I still hesitate? Let this old handsome guy to add a black eye!

    Then two people continue hit each other, but after 10 seconds, due to the career disadvantages, I was suppressed by force again, when he sat on my spine, began to pull my leg, without other choice, I only can use hand to shoot the ground to surrender.

    "Don't pull it! The bone is broken, it must be broken! Really broken! Bastard, if I'm still a Paladin..."

    "Come on, tell me, if you ready to take over!"

    "No! Finally I'm released, I also have my own things to do, want to use the jailer position to bind the prisoner? You're kidding!"

    "Prison? Until now, you also think the city which is build by our efforts as a prison to trap you? Would you like to see it due to the loss of asylum seekers become a vassal city of other underground dungeon master?"

    "Of course..." At first I want to say "Of course its a prison, who cares", but when the words come to half, I hesitated.

    I really think this myself spend more than 100 years establishment city, as a constraint to me? Have to say, in my long life, in the Sulphur Mountain City, these days are the most pleasant.

    Patchwork heritage, dozens of years did not have large war, people live and work in peace and contentment, This strange city is different with any city in the Eich world, but its establishment by ourself, bit by bit.

    "OK, so let the greedy pig possession we work hard created jewelry indeed it is very annoying. So, what do you want me to do? Don't let me be dungeon master, you know I have my own things to do, there is no attention to this. Directly tell me."

    He knows me, and I also know him, he should know that I can't accept as dungeon master. Well, maybe at now, his rhetoric is prepared by Margaret, one step back today for two steps forward tomorrow, let me to accept some other things.

    "Ha ha, you reaction really as same as Margaret had said, since both of us are unable to continue as dungeon master, then hand over to the next generation?"

    "The next generation? We are all single, who is the next generation? You mean... "

    "Yes, Ann, my disciple, your rumored girlfriend, red hair Ann, she is back."


    Ann, orphan, this year... Maybe eight or seventeen years old.

    Don't look at me so much, she is a orphan adoption by Adam, the last meeting was seven or eight years ago, the lich was not sensitive to the years, many years not meet, I can know the approximate age is fine.

    And the rumored girlfriend, it just a joke. When she was still a little girl, looking at us complaints for no girlfriend, she actually said she think I'm very wretchedness, when she grow up she will to marry me. So that necrophile girlfriend of Lich Roland become a always recurring joke.

    "Don't make fun of it, give it to Ann? Are you sure there are any left of Sulphur Mountain City after second days?"

    What is it about Ann exactly? I can use a word to describe it, wild kid!! The world's most wild kid!

    When that year we meet for the first time, I was use oil to maintenance my bones, it is a high-grade good mixed with the salt marsh snake butter. Just when I am being happy for my polished skull...

    "Ha, shot!"

    With a child voice big shout, the landscape before my eyes immediately flying back, eyes perspective continue to spin, that day, I just know, even if as the lich, turn the head too fast will dizzy and want to die...

    Later, my head flies out of few miles, my headless body after scared numerous passers-by to cry and finally find my head from a garbage...

    Even I can't smell, in that afternoon, I was also disgusting by the garbage and these bugs.

    Afterwards I know, at that time the only six years old Ann is obsessed with the football game which is "invention" by me, her favorite is to follow the biological instinct, it's once see something round, regardless if its the trash or cats and dogs on the road, she will shout and kicking.

    And the Lich's skull also is round, at that time my polished skull is white like a ball...

    I'm not a stingy person, and also will not square accounts in every detail with a child, but seemingly she has fallen in love with the shoot 'foot feeling'.

    "Those cortical ball is prepared for girlie, a power shoot will make it fall apart. Uncle Bone's skull is full of magic feeling, much more interesting than those boring ball, its shoot sense is very special."

    From that moment, I'm very hate the wild kid's innocent smile.

    The most amazing thing is her attack not only without warning, but also there is no malicious. and most of these protective spells on my body start condition is detective the malicious...... So, before I rewrite my protective magic, these days really cannot bear to think of.

    So, every time we meet, it's a disaster.

    In those days, I often only heard the sign of "Hey! Uncle Bone "and then the landscape before my eyes immediately flying back, the world rotation, 360 degree maneuver, and then accurately into the hole...

    Since then I start to hate the wild kids.

    Then when the percussion and rap pop singer become popular, she don't know from where heard the bones with the magic is the best magic drum material, have the best magic resonance effect...

    And the most advanced bone magic material, in addition to the dragon bones, is the ultimate undead creatures —— the lich's bones.

    Well, her band "skeleton rock" really shocked the city, but as I'm a member of the instruments, praised for the sound of the rib, how could I be happy.

    When she from the story book know the ice castle and Howling winter mountains, she incredibly want to hold an art exhibition which theme is the bones.

    "In here we have no ice and snow, only sulfur... But too much sulfur is toxic. But we are also famous for the undead, so let's use the undead to make the statue! My art cells are burning."

    When the girl left the city, to the outside to scourge all the world, the whole city fall into a carnival, and the most happy people are those undead who are lived in the city's east.

    Headless knight polo competition, skeleton dancing king selection, the Banshee's "I am the song king", she haven't any fear to the undead like any other normal person, she make the whole east city became a death theme park.

    However, at now the undead tourism theme also is origin of this idea, that program of "use the undead tourism industry as a selling point, revitalization of Sulphur Mountain City's economic" has become real.

    "Don't say so, though Anne is very naughty, but is not her naughty let the undead much more nearly with other city residents? Don't you think in this city, we need not a efficient leader, but need the leader to treate all the public equally? In this regard, Anne is the best."

    "Well, is it also told by Margaret?"

    "He he, I also think so. If her prestige is not high enough, how we will together prank with she."

    "... As the leader, only have the bright side and prestige is not enough, the secretly action is also can't less. So, are you and Margaret want me help her?"

    "As long as she can on track, it will not waste you too much time. And if you think she is not good enough you can replaced her, anyway, there is no one can stop you."

    Adam smiled proudly. "What's more, little Anne is your fiancee, give her a hand, its a naturally thing."

    But I have no answer, at first I also intend to refuse, but an unexpected situation upset all my deployment.

    At this moment, a golden panel jumps in front of me.

    "Ding! Congratulations to my host, you trigger the epic mission, Phoenix Nirvana."

    "Mission requirements: identify and solve the crisis encountered by the Sulphur Mountain City, before Adam death, training Anne became a strong leader."

    "Mission reward: Epic discount volume (purchase any system store epic level item can have a half price), the open qualifying of the main plot mission."

    At least... before left home, let the house entrusted to a reliable person, if You don't want once come back and just see a ruins."

    "The mission fail punish: is it better to turn you into a mushroom head skeleton? Or is it better to turn you into a skeleton whos head is mushroom? Are there all not good? So turn you head into a mushroom skull."

    In the past, I also triggered some pop-up missions by this system, but they are often kill a certain amount creatures, give some not reliable honorary title. So serious like this, it's the first time.

    But now, I'm attract by its reward, "open qualifying of the main plot mission" was easy understood, it's finally at the time that the game storyline start, the main plot mission is probably the historical events which is experience by the game player, the cannot resist seven purgatory catastrophe.

    This is under my expected, but the other reward is very exciting.

    "Discount Volume? If I can buy my new body by half price, Is it mean I can resurrection much more early?"

    But then, there jump out another mission.

    "Ding! Congratulations to my host, triggering the optional epic quest, the Lich King come back again (why I want to say again?)."

    "Mission Target: whatever chaos gods or conspiracy, let them all tremble in front of the Lich King, the absolute violence can not solve everything, but at least be able solve the protesters. In the shortest time become the dungeon master, reconstruction your Impreishable Night army, let the living fear again for the undead scourge!"

    "It is the time to let these east city's lazy bones move again, if their keep pranks, there will really become a undead theme park, they almost had forget the honor as the Night Eastern Wolf."

    "Mission Reward: open qualifying of the Lordsystem and the story of the Continent Craft, one of the most perfect demigod Lich body."

    "Mission failed penalty: In fact, crafty like you is considered to be unique in all the world, I really can not think out a reason that why you would fail."
  • Chapter 12: Four Departments One Institute

    From long time ago, the option of system mission is in a state of gray, I guess this must be started when the story start.

    I'm waiting for the main storyline start for a long time, but I did not expect thesystem will give two options for me.

    But after a bit of thinking, everything but for granted.

    The world name is Eich, it's made by numerous planes complex structure, and its species already countless.

    Although the world and the largest continent was named after the creator god Eich, but himself haven't any miracle, its said due to the tired of create the world, she fall into the timeless sleep, however, before she sleep, she put all the responsibility over to her two daughters.

    Goddess Asteria, the patron goddess of order and daytime, she created the golden race such as high elfs, metallic dragons, angels and titans.

    Goddess Cynthia, the master goddess of chaos and night, she created the sulfur race such as demon, color dragon, yellow kindred family and elemental race.

    Two goddesses respectively represent two god system and countless races, as the sister, Asteria hope all of the things could bathed in the sun, every races will follow the order of God to do various work. Level obey a level, her creation also tend to order and kindness.

    And Cynthia, she want her creation would self evolution through competition, the creator need not to interfere, not to mention to impose her own order to the other side.

    For the mortal races, conceptual differences just will caused a verbal dispute, and for the true gods as the embodiment of the concept, conceptual conflicts equal to question each other's meaning of existence, the two sides granted broke out a war.

    Two almost the same goddess fight each other until enter their timeless sleep, but their creations continued their endless wars, the golden race and sulfur race died completely, then the sliver race like moon elfs and the mercury race like fallen titan continues their battle.

    This war start from the beginning, and without end.

    When the order prevails over the chaos, it is a relatively stable orderly era. If the chaos dominant, it is a chaotic era, every cycle turn also represents the rise and fall of countless races.

    And now, it is the Blackiron Era belong to the order, it's also a era belong to the mortal, The last overlord is a chaotic race named Troll, their have steps off the stage of history, the incumbent overlord is the human, known as a Blackiron race.

    Order and chaos warring rotation, forever is the main melody of the Eich world, and my Law Code has been recognized by the source of order, to become a part of it, Therefore, there will have the Holy Knights who are belong to the same order side come to learn.

    In my opinion, in fact ot's not a big deal, in the order threr has the existence of chaos, as the main chaotic camp race of devils and undead, they strict hierarchy and relation, is not a special order kind?

    In my eyes, it's nothing more than to choose sides. Choose your sides to follow the order gods or follow the chaos gods.

    Choose to let Ann become dungeon master, then I will perform the duties of as an elder and tutor, and on schedule to get the human body, get a chance to start again, and this choice also tend to the order camp.

    After all, as living beings, human are the backbone of order camp.

    And if I choice myself to become the boss, the system will also restore my strength to the heyday, but anyhow the demilich is still the undead king, the overlord of chaotic camp.

    This seemingly ordinary choice in fact is to determine the bifurcation point of the fate.

    "Ah, it's needn't hesitate. Isn't it mean go through the wrong road for twice? I choose...Epic mission, Phoenix Nirvana. I will rise again!"

    Yes, in the past it has demonstrated that the pure force will not solve any problem, those chaotic camp stupid are chaotic and confusing, life for infighting, unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything, how could I repeat it. And without the human body, the Lich can only stop before the lever of Demigod.

    Well, yes, I don't want to be undead, it's definitely not because the undead can't taste the delicious food, cannot have girlfriend!

    "OK, let Ann to do the dungeon master, I will help her. Yes, is her full name Anne? Not previously called Ann?"

    "Ann just a nickname, and both can used by boys and girls. She is named by Margaret. In fact, I think Anne·Han is very pleasant to hear, but she still used the name of Margaret."


    Don't know why, I feel that this name is familiar.

    "Da!" A snap of my fingers, a black book is opened, turning of pages, soon stop at one color page.

    That is a screenshot, a vigorous heroic mature female hold sword looking far into the distance, her whole body all is red, red shirt embroidered with the phoenix pattern, her red sword covered with flames, it's clearly is the Phoenix Blessing of that idiot in front of me.

    "Eastlan Phoenix Anne·Levine, the supreme commander of the eastern anti-devil union armies, the hero who is personally beheaded black king Roland·Lan."

    Well, are you teacher and student have a problem with me! How much are you hate me?

    The student beheaded me in the future, finally I changed the future, the teacher killed me again! Am I have to be killed by the sword of Phoenix Blessing?

    Kill me one time is not enough, After I uneasy reverse the fate, but also to kill me again?

    No wonder Ann is my nemesis, original that person who will kill me by fate is you wild kid!

    "No! You bastard, get out of here! Lawspell: expulsion!"

    I could not restrain my heart roar, after I vigorously use the power of the order, Adam is inexplicably directly thrown out by my magic spell.

    "Pa! "

    His butt get a close encounter with the earth, and then, there is a book hard hit on his face.

    The book's words have been translated, and its not the first time get a martial art book from Roland, Adam slowly read aloud.

    "Sunflower Bible? What is this? If you want to practice this swordsmanship,you must firstly emasculate yourself?"

    "Come to learn it, I think it's right for a coward like you!

    This guy is not the first time to make me angry, he should be used be thrown out by me, he rubbed his ass and go away.

    And after waiting for him to go, I was in a confused, what is the fate? What is the fate give me? If I was born for the role of Devil, and also a Devil who is bring out his own destruction by himself? I had training Adam as a braver who was killed me, but also I will training another braver who was "once" kill me?

    "If I don't come here, Anne should not see Adam, and also won't get the Phoenix Blessing and Adam's inheritance, and it is because of me, led to their encounter? Am I destined to be killed again? Or, I am doomed to be killed by a heritage of Phoenix, no matter whether Adam or Anne.

    Unfortunately, my knowledge of causality is very bad, the divination is konw nothing, such a profound causality philosophy, if I can sort it out, but quite strange.

    "Forget it, do think about it. Since I has identified the goal, first to complete the mission."

    Can not figure out so don't figure it out, this is my best advantage, now the most important thing is to complete the mission first, then resurrection!

    So, thought a long time, I pressed the bell on the table.

    "Let the four directors to see me."

    Originally, I set up the court is for obtained those evil points of judge the sinner, if I'm work all days for it, wouldn't it be attend to trifles to the neglect of essentials.

    So, I set up a set of institutions which can operate on its own, so that I don't have to put the extra effort into it.

    The judicial system of Sulphur Mountain City, it's created by my own hand, I follow the past modern national judicial system of check and balance, I divide it into four relatively independent pieces.

    Firstly, it's the Supreme Court, it's also the major portion of the judicial system, here is personally attend to garrison duty by myself, it also grasp the most important legal authority and the final adjudication power, it's also the leader of the whole judicial system.

    The Supreme Court has four sub-departments, they are the internal organs and bones of the entire justice system.

    Hall of law enforcement, responsible for the work of law enforcement and management, um, they are a professional doing bad things department, the dirty work like picket discipline and management of street vendors are all their work.

    The urban management team, referred to as the inspectors, it's its subordinate department, dark elf knight's main adversary are all kinds of criminals, duties of the police is their main business.

    Their leader is this tall Tauren mask man in front of me——Snowhoof·Etah.

    Yes, he is that naked Taurens abnormal...

    Name: Snowhoof·Etah; Race: Tauren; Career: level 60 warrior / level 20 Justice Knight / level 7 Order Guardian (total level 87, comprehensive evaluation: Legend class second advanced soldier) honor title: Steel Guardian.

    Fortunately, maybe they want to imitation the silver mask Nonsleeper to show they have abandon the personal identity and to enforce laws fairly and impartial law enforcement, my judges are all wearing masks. Otherwise, I really don't know how to face these under my charge guys who break the law as the lawman.

    Fortunately... Everytime he enjoy himself "hobby". He also very conscious to conceal his identity, and even he is mauled by the inspectors due to streaker, even he is being thrown into the dungeon, he also did not use the lawspell, revealing his identity as a law enforcement.

    The second department is the rarely appeared Hall of Toarh.

    Hall of Torah, nominally it's a department of theory devoted to the study of laws and regulations, but it's also a place for Lawspeller, Justice Knight and Inquisitor to practice advanced, the number is not much, but the weakest member is at the level of Golden Will, outsiders are not very clear, but in fact it's the strongest in the four department.

    And these strong men also is the lower court judge responsible for initial judgment, they will continue to sharpen they own understanding for the force of the law in the lawsuit and trial.

    And in my system, only who has recognition by the original law code, who get prestige class as am administrate justice have the right to judicial independence, so there did not have many people know, those gentle judges actually the weakest is a golden stronger.

    Their leader is this sleepy high elf old pedant Culler·Dia, one of the former Archon of the Circlelaw country, and he also is the strongest mage except the Sulphur Mountain City's great sage.

    Name: Culler·Dia; Race: high elf; Career: level 60 Mage / lever 30 Knowledge Keeper / lever 10 Code Guardian / level 5 Lawspeller (total level 115, comprehensive evaluation: third advanced law career, World Saint)

    Hall of Law King, the name is very domineering, but when all the legislation and management responsibilities of the judicial system have all leave to other departments, most of the time they need to do is just inside work or errand for other departments, such as if need to provoke new legislative session, they will be called every departments, collect legislative plan.

    As the back office, Hall of Law King does not need strong strength, they need is flexible administrative means and careful business ability, most of the department workers are some rookie who still need learning and the female law enforcement who don't want to on the front line.

    Their director —— Lilith·Milan ... Yes, she is that crazy wild lily, movement obscenity......

    I had countless times rejoice for all of our law enforcement will bring the mask to give up their private identity, otherwise, I really can not face these two companions of Gentlemen Alliance, and the infinite contempt from the city residents.

    I'm also numerous times doubt what's wrong of it that will make these two abnormal step by step to become the top of the judicial system...

    All right, let's stop talk these sad things.

    The last is the Hall of Judgement, it sound also very domineering, but when the initial approval right be received by the Hall of Torah, final right to trial received by the Supreme Court, the rest of their work is to treats with some trouble opponents, when the inspectors were unable to deal with they opponent, its they show time.

    Filed a public prosecution, defense duty, survey and arrested the suspect also are their duty, because all of these are trouble things, most of them are hot-tempered, also known as the Hall of Quarrel.

    It is worth mentioning that the Sulphur Mountain City prison is also within the scope of their jurisdiction. Before the urban management team set up, they are also the only combat power of the judicial system, at least that's the way it seems yeah. Of course... If you really want to see the internal power rankings, they rank is last but one, only a little bit stronger than the Interior Department of Hall of Law King.

    Their leader, Kevin, he is absolutely a typical Paladin model, satisfactory strength, peace and stable personality, looks mediocre, feature is common, advantage also is common, weakness still is common, but he is a rare normal people at the top of the judicial system...

    I do not know why, when it comes to here, I am sad from my heart...... Why my justice system can not have more common sense normal people, why there have so many freaks! If it's because I'm a freak myself?!

    Well, okay let's come back to the topic...

    The four departments one Institution constitutes the cornerstone of the Sulphur Mountain City's judicial system, it's also the foundation of the Sulphur Mountain City's peace and stability, and when they run smoothly, I have to do is just open daily hearing and get some points.

    And at the moment, since I has been determined to be assisted Anne to become the city's master, then the four departments and one Institution in my hands must start working.

    "Today, I find you, is to make the final arragements."

  • Chapter 13: Council

    Today 8:61, the 97 times judicial authority ministerial conference of the Sulphur Mountain City held on time in the Supreme Court, conference chaired by the president Nonsleeper, the conference discussed the major issues of judicial system one by one, now record the conference important matter as follows:

    The conference decided all the workers of the judicial personnel to seriously study city master Adam's file about the Sulphur Mountain City, earnestly fulfill their as judicial duties, law-abiding, according to the law regulations to carry out law enforcement work.

    At the end of the conference, the old pacesetter and old model of the judicial system, our most respected old judge Nonsleeper, make an important statement, require all government agencies and staff are earnestly comprehend superior spirit, unite in the second generation Party Central Committee around as Anne·Levin is the core, don't shake, don't hesitate, adhere to one central task and two basic points...

    Well, I can't go on, the above in addition to the last sentence, let Anne to do the boss, all are lie...

    "Don't say I'm a dictator, I came to ask for your opinion. Tell you a big news, don't say it to other people. Thereafter, Annie, well, I mean that Margaret and Adam's baby illegitimate daughter, she is the future boss of the Sulphur Mountain City, if your don't mind its ok, if your mind of it? Oh, of course I will humbly accept your mind, well, just accept it."

    Outspoken vilified the two fool, I thought as this bombshell falls, they will be shocked abnormality. But at this time, the four heavenly kings but sitting on the seat strange inexplicable silence.

    They face to face, for a long time, and you see me, I see you. Finally, all of them are watching at the honest Kane, he just brace himself to stand out.

    "My Lord... if you just know of it? This thing is well known by all the residents before half a month. We thought you were informed us to seize power."


    So, I rendered speechless.

    Then, spent a lot of time I finally knew what happened.

    Originally, Margaret have guessed I won't pick up the authority, and she discuss with Adam to decision who will be the successor, and chose Anne as the successor. They wewe originally intended to make a lightning shift, before the crowd reaction on find the power transfer... And the blabbermouth Adam said leakage in public, and such an awesome news is naturally well known the city.

    "Who is Anne? If the dungeon master going to retire, Grant of the Citizen Council, Nonsleeper of the Judicial System, Margaret of the Executive Yuan, isn't there have more potent candidates? What do they think? If the other guardians will leave? If so, who will protect the Sulphur Mountain City?"

    For the normal citizens, they never worry about who came to power, they only worry about if the price of vegetables will rise at tomorrow, if the house is possible to come down.

    Well, what they really care about will never are the rotation of ruling parties and the dig shot come to power, they only care about if they life will be changed, if tomorrow is still full of hope...

    And one of the three gaints Adam ready to step down, as the patron of Sulphur Mountain City, he ready to stop working. And the people who will took over is a never heard little girl, then will she can hold everything?? If these other dungeon masters will take the opportunity to intervene? If the other elders will listen to her command?

    This seemingly irrelevant to their daily life, but if all the city are so turbulent and even lead to a war, then the normal daily life will end.

    These days, these citizens who are sensitive to the political life all feel an inexplicable low pressure is at the top of they head, that repression of the storm is brewing make people can not breathe.

    "That idiot!!!"

    I gnash the teeth in anger, if yesterday I heard the news, to see Margaret and Adam busy working, maybe I will celebrate, but now I have received the mission, this idiot's behavior give me a lot of trouble.

    Slightly assess, I guess at the outside there must in a mess. At anywhere will not less careerists and thugs, in the past the three gaints can deal with everything, and now Adam is redy to baton-touch, so, the men who want to took the opportunity to succeed certainly will not less.

    I was lying on the chair, a myriad of bad ideas hover in my head, the finger is used to beat the table.

    "Someone should have show they ambition. Who is against, who is in favor of?"

    Hall of Law King is also the intelligence agency of the judicial system, when I asked, Lilith certainly stand out.

    "Most of the official institutions leaders published their views, at least on the surface thay are in favor of Anne served as the dungeon master. But there still are two powerful characters do not speak, we are all guessing if they have some ideas."


    "The Citizen Council's chairman, Grant......"

    "Is he? Really a stupid, when ambition beyond the ability, they will cut themselves own throat sooner or later."

    But at least the Citizen Council nominally is a public opinion representative agency, if he insists on opposing Anne, it is really a problem.

    And the reason to say 'nominally', about it its also have some stories.

    After the establishment of the Sulphur Mountain City, in order to reconcile races conflicts which is increasingly sharp, Margaret imitation the Elven Kingdom on the ground, establishment of the Citizen Council, let the representatives of all races to deliberation in it, at the beginning it really made some achievements, but the result is the tail is too big to wag.

    At first the council are only the learders and veterans of every races can eligible to enter, they have high prestige in their own race, and when they became the representative of their own race, natural they will expect to get more benefits for their own race, but the total pie is limited, when several powerful races band together, the living space and resources for small race will naturally be occupied, slowly, with the establishment of small circle and small team one by one, interlacing of the interests of all parties, Council had more and more speak power.

    And when a proposal about establishment "human special area" and "dwarf special area" was put forward, looking at these pride "big man" speak in excitement for their interests, the forces behind them already can't ignored, "wisdom" great sage finally realized the taste of lifting a rock only to drop it on her own feet.

    So she asked for help to the devil... Well, that's me.

    So, reference my two world experience, I gave her a letter called 'the devil's answer'.

    At that time, every day here have people on the streets, various organizations organize speech and ready make disturbances, like people's right are above everything, public opinion can not be violated, and tomorrow will be able to hit the evil dictator, let the Citizen Council ruling the city, but in fact, it has already been transformed into a violence of majority to the minority.

    Seeing this, I know if I just simply banned council, maybe they will directly stage a riot, then all the decades of effort will down the drain. So, I thought of a trick.

    Don't you ask for an increase in the power of council? All right, I agree, even I'm afraid you will not have enough manpower, so I allow you to recruit members, and increase the total seats of members.

    At that time, the old chairman Baal was overjoyed, even that day by them as a council victory day. But...

    ... now, but they are defined it as a stupid day...

    At first, there were only 30 members, and only the big race had the population base.

    "How could this is enough, the council is the representative of each member of the citizens, thirty people are not enough, small race also should have their own members. Or much more is better."

    So, I'm generous direct extension to ten times, three hundred people!

    So, they are very happy, after all, in their minds, more members, they will naturally havemore effect in the public.

    But then, it was a bit of problem. Suddenly the members of council up toward to ten times, Who will become the rest of the members?

    So at that time, like Kobold merchants, second son of elders in the gray dwarf, Goblin chieftain's uncle, they all want to become a council member for prestige.

    "Ok. Everyone is a representative of public opinion, why do I stop." I agreed all the members list.

    So, the council have more and more members, but I still think its not enough.

    "Well. This season plus one hundred people, you go by yourself. Do not always let the stronger to play, you eat meat, but also should let other people drink soup. Allow those big artisans, normal citizens, teachers and scholars also have opportunities for political participation."

    So the members of council become more and more. At this time, there have been some people find things are not right, but this time, everyone is crazy for get new places, who want to stop the Council expanded, who is all the people's enemy.

    "Well, you argonian only have a little population, naturally do not want to increase the number of other race. Bah! Egoistic lizard!"

    "Ok, if you don't want adding additional seats, so, damn black charcoal pointed ears, put your seat to the us son of earth."

    Okay, ignore the boring process, let us see the results..... Now Sulphur Mountain City has a total population of less than 3 million people, but there are a million council members...

    Well, can you imagine the scence that more than ten thousand people meeting in a small auditorium? Can you imagine how long it would take when you need nine thousand people to sign a proposal? Can you imagine even call the roll will spent a whole day?

    Well, due to over bloated and inefficient, when they need a month to complete one of the most simple issue, at now the Citizen Council has been purely decoration...

    Of course, they also try to reduce the size of the council, but want to recover the right which has put down is too difficult, we all are the representatives of the public, who do you want let he get out? Why did I need go out? Does not mean that all members are equal? Why did I go out instead of you out?

    The identity of cpuncil members are represent the direct interests, there are at least a few merchants sponsored them, you let who go out, who will desperately with you.

    "Hello helllo, the council need more grassroot representatives, I think every grassroot department should have their own right to speak."

    But when a lot of members of council are neighborhood aunt and sell fish vendors, when the member identity become valueless, so-called seized power, seize for the family and racial interests, It's just a joke.

    Now most members of the council will fight for livelihood issues just like if we need to collect taxes to Murloc's fish and fishery, those "big man, race leader" and also often spray face saliva by normal civilians, even fisticuffs.

    As to the major resolutions of development? Ha ha, from six months ago, often before the resolution completed, the other government departments have completed the work.

    "How? We have to wait for your decision? Sorry, if we don't deal with it quicky, these agricultural products are all rotten / that walls will fall / that city-state declare war to us."

    Plus if you want to amend the council system, you must be from the legislative agency, and the legislative power of the Supreme Court is in my hand... ha ha, let the council keep argue and fight, I had several times with snacks and friends to council to watch the wrestle... cough, well, to watch democratic appraisal.

    Okay, as the representatives of the public, they are indeed great, but at now the council can't do anything, 90 percent of their energy and time fully waste in the infinite internal friction, and the sound of that several big men? Oh, sorry, we are all elected representatives of the public, we are all the same, there is no big man.

    So, the mighty, the careerist, they are all submerged in the crowd sea.

    It's not because there haven't some wise men, but in this world the council system is a fresh stuff, and I'm a wily old bird, when they found something is wrong, they has been unable to return.

    "Increase the seats of Council and enlarge the speak right of Council. if its your willing? How. now you are ready to against the public option? how do you intend to explain to those people who choose you?"

    Well, they had to eat humble pie.

    But at this point, if they still don't know my trick they will really stupid, so I was also called by them as "cunning Nonsleeper" "the devil masked man". Naturally, those senators and the speaker of council and their forces with our judicial system have always been a poor relations.
    "The opposition of Grant is expected, he is ambitious as his stupid old father Baal, but unfortunately, at least his father has a bit smart, but he is stupid like a pig. If he did not know when Adam and Margaret make the decision, in the Sulphur Mountain City there is nobody can stop them? Stupid like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, really think the tiger don't rat human for three years, its a vegetarian now. Well, who is another no talking fool?"

    Suddenly, Lilith become a dumb, they are all quiet, all eyes looking on Kaine. And...

    The humble Knight eyes look at the sky, pretending he is not exist, quite a while, I have to guess the myself say something stupid, Lilith face is full of the expression of go ahead regardless, brace herself to say exports.

    "Is you, so we just thought you are ready lead us to to seize power..."

    So I have no words.

    "Eliza, why don't you tell me? Maybe I should cut down on the funds of information department."

    According to the principle of four kings must have five members, my fifth king is Eliza, she is controll the intelligence department "observer".

    In the spirit link, came out my maid's answer.

    "I'm sorry, that day when I get the news, you just in the urban management team detention center overnight, I really inconvenience to sneak into and send information for you, after that, the intelligence should be placed on your desk, don't you see it?"

    Reminiscent of the recently for a long time I did not work, see one eye on the the mountain of paperwork which has already almost snapped the thick willow desk, I silently close the link with my sharp tongued maid.

    Even it's long way off, even if in the tone is full of surprised and respect, I also can imagineed her proud look on her face.

    Closed eyes, lying on the chair, I fell into meditation, the past things needn't to consider too much, it is important to the future!

    Although the council itself haven't effective, but if those large family together against, it is indeed a big trouble. And rivalry with these old guys, only by force is not enough, so, Adam had come to please me.

    Brilliant idea appeared in my head one by one, of course, you also can said they are plot... Gradually, a perfect plan gradually forming.

    "Well, listen to my plan..."

    Afer I am proud to finish my words, they are shocked.

    "This... my Lord, is it not a bit too much?"

    "Honorable Nonsleeper, although its not illegal, but if it is... contrary to morality?"

    "I don't agree, this idea is too crazy, if the outside know us plan, we all will be disgraced."

    "I think it's interesting, boss, do it, you let me do what I do what."

    Looked at the noisy judicial four king, I'm proud to smile.

    "Ha ha, as a parting gift, let us make a scene!"
  • Chapter 14: Dragonslayer Sword

    It's a black thick sword.

    Thick edge is full of black rust and its little finger thick blade without a glimmer of light, rather than weapons, much like a rust kitchen knife.

    However, kook at the the rust, it already is a cannot be used scrap iron.

    But I know that this is just an illusion, Use my accidentally cut small phalanx and bed board as evidence, the blade is incredible sharpened.

    [Other world Artifact: Dragonslayer Sword]

    In my system, this is an artifact named as kill the dragon, but unfortunately, next, there only brief description.

    [he is build by other world treasures nine heaven darksteel, extremely sharp. ]

    It's finished.

    Yes, it's so simple, even a common fruit knife has an effect description of [attack 0 - 1 toughness 1 to fruit sharp + 1], and this apparent is an other world magic item, but its description is so simple.

    But in fact, a lot of the other world magic items get from the lottery system have this problem, there are not belong to this world, the rules of this world completely can not resolve them, and my system also naturally can't.

    And could not be resolved, almost equal to can not be used, then no matter they have how brilliant history and the past, can't evoke their real name, probably they are just some larger fruit knife.

    If so, what's the difference between them and scrap iron...

    Originally, these other world magic items indeed are some big toy waste my storage space, but an accidental, let me get a way to show its real face.

    "Lawspell: enforcement!"

    Gavel falls, two silver halo rolling around in me and Eliza, at the sky the represent fair libra sigil emerge, it show the contractual relationship between me and Eliza was established.

    And then, the libra lost balance, that's the reason that I owe a lot of wage to Eliza.

    [ Lawspell: enforcement ]

    [ Result; in accordance with the two sides agreed contract, the breaching party compulsory enforcement of contracts. ]

    [ Shylock: praise the great freedom contract, silly Antonio, now you default, then, according to our contract, I will be in any part of your body cut a pound of flesh, as a punishment! ]

    This Lawspell is used for the execution of the contract, when one person is liability and shall not be returned, it will enforce, deprived his property to recover the debt.

    I owe a lot to Eliza, so a lot of items on my body on they own initiative fly to Eliza, become her items, of course, including this unknown sword.

    But at the moment, there are some problems.

    My Lawspell is a power closest to the source of order, the Lawspell seemingly simple, but actually its close to the rule of the world, its a legendary spell.

    What's the price of my bones, both of us can get the conclusion, and the source of order also will make the assessment, but how value of this sword is unknown.

    Mage also has identification magic, but they can only according to the records from the source of order, identify the item has been known by the world, but the other world item is totally unknown.

    Then, this spell jammed...

    The silver order power surround the sword, tries to analyze it's value, but this other world sword is like a hard stone, after a long time, it still can not be unraveling.

    "History cannot interpretation, material cannot interpretation. Oh, I almost can hear the groan of the source of order. Sure enough, no matter the description is how great,like "the source of all things", "chaos predators" and "the incarnation of the order goddess', the power is power, can be fooled, can be used."

    The source of order, it's the source of power admit by all order, and also is the superior concept of holy light, and it's also the superior concept of my Law power, the public use countless hymn to praise it, as if its very sacred, but I, Nonsleeper, as the creator of the law power, obviously in the use of the order's power, only to treate it as a no-brain pool of energy.

    "As long as fit the rules of the order, anyone can use it, so unchaste, Can't say its no-brain? It is not so much noble as stupid. So, if I put a belief chaos demon transfer to a human body, then, isn't the demon can grasp the power of holy light? To send the power to its enemies, also can not say its no-brain?"

    This is a debate between me and a holy light archbishop, when he said as long as anyone faith the holy light, they can master the power of the holy light, I said so.

    Well, the consequences... it's almost like talk about materialism with a devotee, old father can't hold back his breath, almost straight to heaven continued belief in his holy light.

    But although the power of order is no-brain, but as the world's best source power, it is extremely powerful. And quickly, the thick sword start reflect light, deformation.

    Order force denial of all the chaos, and unknown is chaotic, then since it is impossible to discern the nature, then give the new essence to it, so "great order" began to do coolie for me, convert it to an artifact conform to the rules of this world.

    And soon, when the light of order dispersed, thick kitchen knife without a trace, and a silver dragon sword show in front of me.

    [ Artifact: Dragonslayer Sword]

    [ Attack: 0 - 35 Quality: epic ]

    [ Effects: all conquering, 100% directly cut off weapons which quality are under sophisticated level, 50% chance to cut off the sophisticated level weapons, 30% chance to directly cut off epic weapons. 1% chance to cut of the weapons which quality are under artifact]

    [ Special Effect shining death: yes, it's shining death but not shining dazzle the eyes, own this sword, you will become a hero in the eyes of the public. Well, the tragic hero. The holder lost 10 luck and add 10 charm, if owner is a blond male, additional reduction of 10]

    [ Special Effect: 1% chance turn into a frenzied rage, at this time will give priority to lock kill their loved ones. ]

    [ There have a line yellow word on the hilt: in the ancient legend, it used to be an artifact symbol of the status, 'World supreme, Dragonslayer Sword' but now, but it has new interpretation... Dragonslayer Sword, click send. ]

    See the data, I was shocked.
    In Eich, weapons evaluation is divided into rough, general, excellent, sophisticated, epic, legend, Adam's Phoenix Blessing is famous for in the world, it's a legend weapon, and much more high level, is the sub-artifact and artifact which can't be manufacture by human.

    In fact, the weapon itself is not big difference, after all, weapon still have to rely on the user to use its power, and between the low quality weapons and high quality weapons, the most important difference is that the extra effects.

    The sophisticated level generally has two effects, epic level generally have three or four, if its the legend, four to six are possible.

    This epic weapon also is three effects, and far from compared with five positive characteristics Phoenix Blessing, and it actually has two obvious negative effects, but its only gain effect is very powerful.

    [ Effects: all conquering, 100% directly cut off weapons which quality are under sophisticated level, 50% chance to cut off the sophisticated level weapons, 30% chance to directly cut off epic weapons. 1% chance to cut of the weapons which quality are under artifact]

    Generally, a golden level stronger have a sophisticated weapon has already very good, epic weapon, just as its name, they are in the hands of the stronger who left his trace in epic story, and even the epic weapons also will be cut off in three attacks.

    That is mean if face the normal weapon, it basic is to burn bridges. In fierce battle, the result that weapons suddenly broken... just imagine will let people shiver.

    "Is this the result of the source of order instantiated this sword's sharp characteristic? Unexpectedly accidentally picked up a treasure, although the attack is too unstable, although the negative effect is indeed very trouble, but only this cut off weapon effect is enough to make people impossible to guard. Huh? It's also a suit, and the other also is a weapon: Heaven-reliant Sword?"

    Grey suit attribute is not activated, but the name of the sword actually let me heart it. It seems recently I should to try the other world magic weapon lottery system much more times.

    "Bang!!" "Bang!!"

    When I appreciate this new get magic weapon, the series of explosions let the entire old house shaking.

  • hello there, i love this story but i think u need a proofreader. even thought  the story can be read but it take an effort to understand it fully.
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    allen said:
    hello there, i love this story but i think u need a proofreader. even thought  the story can be read but it take an effort to understand it fully.
    Thank you for you advice, because of the thought pattern difference, I can hardly find my grammatical errors, a proofreader is indeed necessary, but I don't know how to find a proofreader. Someone had recommend himself can do this thing, but at that time I refused because I can't spent all of my relax time on translate and coordinated time. I just constantly correct myself. If you can point out which part is hard for understand I will pleasure.
  • Chapter 15: game with the invaders

    "Never take the initiative to attack a have master's mage tower, don't overestimate the moral limits of the mage, unless you want to end up like me, oh fuck, twelve interlink traps, do you not afraid to kill yourself? Sure enough the mage all are madmen —— by great adventurer Jons."

    From some kind of meaning, this motto become an iron law for adventurer, especially when this great adventurer known as his airflow and the ability to escape by all over the world, in an ectopic floating city, be killed by an ArchWizzard's twelve interlink traps divided into 13 piece, with his life added the final notes for his motto, added to the motto's persuasion.

    As a mage, they often treat find truth and knowledge as their lifelong pursuit, and their houses and mage tower are their research institute and treasury.

    So when they study and life is threatened, both of they lower bound and principle will become abnormal low, their houses and laboratory is full of all kinds of traps, and all are magic traps even big thieves have no way to solve, such as opening a door and be randomly drop to another world is very likely.

    The legend Archmage's house and tower, it's threatening will not less than Dragon Cave, and the weakest lich at least is a legend.

    So, I am very curious, what kind of people will directly attack a lich's house, especially the lich is obvious still at home.


    "...... Two invader teams, a team front attack, a team get in from the side wall. According to their skills and carry weapons, they should all be dark elfs, seven silver level, three golden level, it's a very luxurious lineup."

    Eliza report for me, but this is not what I want to ask.

    "Why is it going to explode? Haven't I said at the periphery to set some safe, quiet early warning facilities is enough? At night, the sound of the explosion is too loud, shortly the inspectors will coming!"

    According to the requirement of "the urban management conduct code (revised by Nonsleeper, Sixth Edition)", when heard a violent explosion, they will be consisting of a team in five minutes to the locale for exploration, and here is the central area of Sulphur Mountain City, and not far from the Supreme Court, at latest they will arrive in ten minutes.

    "They must will take the opportunity to make a big search for us! If so, those contraband in our basement will be find!"

    Urban management department only have on-site law enforcement power, if they want into another person's residence to searching, they must be waiting for higher authorities issued a warrant, the superior of urban management is Hall of Law Enforcement, the superior of Hall of law enforcement is the Supreme Court, but how will I signed a warrant to let these inspectors to search my house...

    Yes, from the beginning, what I feared was not these invaders, but like these corrupt officals and unscrupulous businessmen who even don't dare to give an alarm when they illegal income be stolen, if the urban management team seize the opportunity to enter the my old house and find my secret, I am afraid, I will be directly drop into the Sulphur Mountain City's prison.

    Hear my complaint, Eliza is still keep her poker face.

    "Yes, aren't you said 'safe' security system? In accordance with your requirement, the periphery but some of the early warning robot."

    "Then why would it explode?" Then, listen to the reread "safe", I see light suddenly.

    "'Safe?'" You mean that safe goblin instrument shop on the Gold Street? Is that shop of Beya brothers?"

    Of course I know the shop, this safe goblin instrument shop has due to sale fake goods and explosives, be several revoked its business license. Now it should also operating without a license.

    Of course, they have the name is in order to deceptive, does someone bought the wrong "safe goblin products", but after a few times accident, how could there still have people to buy? This brand has become the negative typicality.

    "Of course, I thought that was your plan to take care of your brothers, special request me to buy in that place?"

    "They're not my brothers! What is the use of their products in addition to the explosion? If I was crazy to let you to buy in that place!"

    "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you."

    Though maid with a sincere apology, but from the slightly tilted arc of her lip, I know, this coquettish half devil is secretly pleased, she must be intentional!

    "I am..... Well, I'm submitted you, you are so painstaking for torment me."

    "As long as you pay my salary, I guarantee that your life will be smooth in the future."

    "Hum, don't imagine that it's possible, you think I don't know all you demons custom, pay off the salary is equal to the end of the contract, want to be free? Improssible."

    When we small talk, the two teams are getting closer, but I still did not put on the heart.

    "Have find the intruder's identity? If you haven't, I'll cut you funding. Hmm, don't think I don't know you stole funds to buy your own things. So much older, also love those light clothes, hum hum, lace skirt with iron maiden? If you need I give you pocket money to buy a doll..."

    Satire to half, I has can't keep going, that black grievances mist almost like real, constantly remind me after a few days I will have some big trouble, such as the log just write to half and suddenly gone with wind, such as the supplies of energy pool suddenly become the dog food without rhyme or reason, cleaning bone's oil suddenly become natural asphalt, do the daily mission to half and the inspectors suddenly appeared in front of me, when wear the judge robe to work suddenly find some lace and cartoon pattern on it...

    ...when think of these, a sad feel suddenly unexpectedly appeared. Who is the master, who is the servant? If I really need to consider to pay off the salary to get her out of here!


    It was another huge explosion that interrupted my thoughts.

    "What is this? Mine? You bought this thing in the garden!" I took the opportunity to launch an attack. "Hum, don't listen command, in violation of our contract, took the opportunity to deduct her ten years of wages."

    "... that position, it should be the T130 goblin automatic sprinkler."


    "And this way? Lawn mower?"

    "No, it should be the entrance, the doorbell 'Mr.Loudly '?" She crooked head, the young girl pretending to be schoolrumble.

    "Indeed loudly, it's lucky that I never ring the doorbell... No, even the doorbell is 'safe' brand, are you going to kill me?"

    "Bang!!" "Bang!!" This turn it's a serial explosion. I think maybe all the floor of the entrance are all need to change, no, listen to the explosion intensity, perhaps my old curtilage the change an entrance.

    "Whewe is this? Shoebox?"

    ELisa seems painful nodded. "Safe brand XT-137 automatic shoebox. It is said that can help the host automatically choose the shoes, wash shoes, brush shoes and oil on the shoes... "

    I have secretly glad I'm a lich, walking is by the wind, never wear shoes, but then I find something is wrong.

    "That's not right, I didn't wear the shoes, why you buy shoebox??"

    "Ah? My Lord, it's really my negligence."

    "Is the negligence for murder? Your word game is becoming more and more familiar."

    "It's because of your skillful teaching."

    "Well, the number of evil points has increased again, it seems another one bite the dust... I hope some of those invaders are alive, at least into the next experimental area, to help me test my magic trap."


    Alan Nita is the noble second daughter of Menzoberranzan's third family, and she become a Golden order Ross's high priestess less than two hundred years old, also show the mother spider's favor to she, as the tomorrow star of the Menzoberranzan, she has been used to use nostril look at others.

    This time, she get a mission of take a team to Sulphur Mountain City on a diplomatic mission, after repeatedly consideration and investigation to determine it's not one of family priestess's conspiracy for seize her power, she gladly accepted the mission.

    "Stupid, dirty two feet stinkbug, despicable men, unexpectedly dare to refuse the kindness of Spider Queen! Well, you even have no qualification to become slaves, let you in the abyss's fire to regret your decision."

    Even as a diplomatic envoy, she still like most of her kind, look down any living things who are not female dark elfs, so, from the start the diplomatic negotiation is no possibility of success.

    But as the dark elfs, they take for granted the spy mission, but it just beginning.

    "You, to fulfillment the Spider Queen's mission for me. All the characters on this list if you can do you best to assassination them, if you temporarily can not, gather the information."

    So this days, the urban management team will receive complaints of they dark elf consanguinity appeared in the city, and themself also drop in the passive.

    "Those wearing funny uniforms, belief holy light's bitch. see those betrayed the Spider Queen's fool people make me sick...... As long as took the opportunity to kill them, the mother spider will certainly give me reward!"

    But for Alan Nita, even the spy mission for family are just incidentally, let these family underservants do things for she, to obtain more benefits for she, it's the real target.

    But she hasn't have plenty of time to make trouble for her belief holy light's freak consanguinity, a partner who is come from the Karon City, accidentally be caught.

    "Stupid man. If he death it's because he is too stupid and too weak, but if he said something, it will really is a big trouble, if Sulphur Mountain City get some evidence, the diplomatic missions of Menzoberranzan be collective deportation, not only lost face, the investigation and assassination mission also will failure at the same time, and if our secret be found by them..."

    Think of the torture that family for the loser, the punishment that the Spider Queen for the weaker, such as be shapeshifting into a half elf half monster... Alan Nita can not help trembling.

    But fortunately, the wisdom mother spider still favor of she, her mark on that man actually shows he was taken away from the impregnable volcanic prison, and was taken to the this strange old house.

    Even heard of this is a lich's house, it also did not make she back.

    "It's just another stupid male, are you the virgins who havn't enjoying the service of the beauty men in the family? Actually afraid of a mage? Even if he's a legend mage, but we're the dark elf, born anti-spell killer. We have two golden order shadow dancer, a Spider Queen priest, we will be able to kill him in one moment... "

    But at this moment, she haven't the calm and self-confidence before she arrived.

    "Everywhere is explosion, explosion, explosion, the doorbell will explode, the shoe pad will explode, even the small stones on the road will explode...... What we really came to what kind of place?"

    That same strong Golden order shadow dancer lying on the cold floor, her head open a gap, the skull had been flying nowhere, the blood and brains continue to overflow, the cause of death...

    "As a stronger, Blood Flower Abciximab actually died due to a coatrack's explosion, even I say it out will anyone believe? How can I explain to the family, we just lost the strongest killer, just three minutes, two elite teams actually only survived three, but even haven't seen the opponents. "

    Survivors have been afraid to move forward, and after Abciximab is killed by a coatrack's explosion when she is retreat, they even don't dare to back, only surrounded for alert.

    But soon, she won't have to worry about it.

    Because in the front, a floating figure appeared from the darkness, silver frost magic and black death magic hovering in the skeleton, purple soul fire burning in the eyes,the magic vibration voice is cold and make them feel despair.

    "Hello, No.17893, No.17894, No.17895, welcome to my lab, well, please remember your number, from today, this is your new name, and here also will be your lifetime home, hope I can let you feel the warmness of home."

    Lich's magic synthesized voice is not like any man and woman, there is no emotional fluctuation, like he just announced a well-known facts, his eyes look on she, without male's desire, also without female's jealous, if there really have anything, it just the interest to physiological structure.

    Don't know why, looked at the like wildfire's cold burning eyes, Alan Nita remembered his hateful grandmother's advice.

    "In the eyes of the world, our dark elfs are evil, dangerous and crazy, but in front of the real evil, we are just poor lame waiting for slaughter... "

    "Grandmother, I finally understand your sigh. But unfortunately, it's already late... There is no good and evil, no love and hate, just the eyes look at the experimental animals, is this the real evil?"

    Before losing consciousness, this is the Menzoberranzan's tomorrow star, third family's noble second daughter Alan Nita's last sigh.

  • Chapter 16: premeditate

    These stupid intruders all easily dead, just invaded into the entrance corridor, they have died only left three. But afterwards to process has become a trouble for me.

    Because of Elisa, these 'safe' goblin device's explosion is so loud, even the next three blocks are heard in the quiet night, originally this is a legendary ghost house, this time it must will beecome much more notorious.

    And beyond my expectation, found the alarm location is the legendary house of "Cancer Lich", the urban management team without hesitate to wake they sleeping sisters, sent thirty elite Knights to come.

    With a legend Paladin leader, thirty silver order Knights gathers a battle group... it's enough to challenge the adults dragon, if they are coming to rescue people, or took the opportunity to remove that influence social custom's "Cancer", it's cleared at a glance.

    "That bastard lich, we always can't catch his evidence, this time, Yvonne with the rescue team A, and I with rescue team B to make a surprise attack, ha ha, although I don't know why hall of law enforcement always guarding him, I do not believe that this Lich without any contraband. If this time we success catch he, I'll buy you a beer."

    "Oh, kill him! For these classic magazines in the storeroom... they all blasted!"

    "He he, first by the rope hanging on the sky, and then be rotated to vomit, then with the ghost horses with a bang...... sisters, it's time to revenge!!"

    "In order to Momo's bear!"

    "For my dowry! Knights come with me! Attack!"

    From these intense slogans, you can know in the normal days, someone never did good things...... they grudges are very deep.

    Though that head full of water's lich didn't did some major crimes, but if consider of the inspector's mental injury that caused by his tricks, It seems that all sinners do not add up to his half.

    If this time can catch him, both can get captain's reward and can revenge for the camp which had been destroyed and pay off old scores. From the start, the Knights team has broke out astonishing momentum and morale, though they are infantry, but they speed are like cavalry.

    And inspectors arrived, but they accident found their boss, the steel guardian (Snowhoof) has arrived. And saw the bodies on the ground, thsy face all suddenly turned pale, thay immediately forget they have prepare to looking for trouble to the lich.

    "Dark elfs? Why?"

    The dead are their own consanguinity, look at the spider shadow cloak which increases shadow mobility, the thick catwalk boots which reduce the footsteps, green light daggers and knives, even if don't consider their bad reputation, it's clear that what are they come for.

    "It's the standard assassination equipement of Poison Spider Teeth, these assassin need the Spider Queen's blessing, only some big dark elf families could afford."

    If on the surface, born as a dark elf is a enough crime evidence, even in the underground world, many places will catch dark elfs without any reason, and most of the time they are not wrong. Of course, if it's the devil and the demon, first burn and then trial will not be wrong...

    In this world, sometimes the race itself represents good and evil. Instead, its an unuaual thing that the Sulphur Mountain City use "evil and chaos" dark elfs as the city guard.

    If it just a consanguinity's crime, as the urban management team captain, Diana was also used, the same punishment on the line is enough, but the exclaime behind her let her heart almost stopped.

    "He is the seventh family's Carlos, weapon master candidate, he is come together with the diplomatic mission of Menzoberranzan."

    "Menzoberranzan?" Just think of the name of birthplace, Diana also reveals the bitter smile, as a freak who is belief holy light, they does not have any good memories in the Spider Queen's field. "... the moment comes, the Spider Queen will never forget her enemies, and in the dark elf's word, there is not the word of forgiveness, they never will let us go."

    As the dark elfs, even thsy believe in holy light, they will never forget these dirty method, this also is one of the reasons for the offenders are extremely difficult to deal with these dark elf Knights in Sulphur Mountain City.

    Alan Nita is going to move these Spider Queen's traitors, and the dark elf Knights has also been wary of these "ambassadors" who are come from they birthplace, at least, outside the hotel entrance of the diplomatic mission, the tracking investigation have not been broken.

    But apparently, they still underestimate these elite from their birthplace, apparently, they success avoid the monitor, maybe even these recent serial murder are did by them...

    "Hey, is this not the captain Diana? Haven't met in a long time."

    The lich tell a lie as in the past, but now, the heavyhearted Diana does not have mood to deal with him. She still worries when tomorrow comes, the case will be place on the table, the diplomatic mission has some members dead, what reaction that the insularity Menzoberranzan will make? if it will make the losses to herself and her sisters?

    Even without considering the reaction of their hometown, recently city dark elves who commit crimes in the city would give extra pressure to inspectors, now, these dark elfs dead at the scene when their attack the Lich's house, also be equivalent to getting caught.

    But she had expected for these things, she was more worried about when people learned that these serial killers are dark elfs, according to her understanding on her consanguinity, it is more difficult to find evidence.

    If she has been unable to solve the case, the reputation of her team will not be affected, after all there has several big businessmen was assassinated and they has been unable to solve the case. The inspectors has been have a lot of pressure.

    "Diana, good luck, that case of businessman Hammond actually would be so directly solve."

    "Solve? That serial murder case for businessmen?" Hear his word, these dark elf Knights are all shocked, their face are full of amazing and unbelievable.

    "You find the evidence!?"

    Diana feel a little unbelievable, even she have guessed the murderer is someone in the mission, but it is difficult to find evidence when the criminal is a dark elf, and themself as a law enforcement of Sulfur Mountain City, especially the other side is diplomatic mission, inspectors cannot catch them without evidence, but only can external monitoring.

    "Yes, that guy was take the assassin list on his body, this time, it's irrefutable evidence, we can also take the opportunity to protest to menzoberranzan."

    At the moment, this self-contained tall man was so happy, it is really a rare thing. Righht, as the person in charge of hall of law enforcement, if the serial murder case can not solved, his pressure is higher than anyone.

    "Right, are Beya brothers still in detention?"

    "Well? Beya?"

    "I mean that two crazy like explosive's goblins."

    "Oh, you mean that two green bombs, in order to save money, they even use RDX (a kind of high power explosive, normal use as fried mountain) as the power of engineering equipment, how could it not explosion. They still insist on his innocence, said it was they secret recipe get from they ancestors, absolutely safe and reliable. Untill now they are not willing to pay bail and fines, and we are still collecting evidence for the prosecution, accused of manufacturing danger and shoddy goods. But unfortunately, we can't find evidence, because all of their goods are already blown into grey...."

    "We got the evidence! Look at these dark elfs and these crushed goblin instruments, are their death reason very familiar with?"

    "Snowhoof, you looks so honest, but also relentless selling your friends." Hear the Tauren judge's excited speech, I can not help but pray in heart for the Beya brothers, then without any hesitate, step forward to join the camp to betray the friends...

    "Sir, all of these are those greedy goblin's wrong. I'm a good citizen, some time ago in the safe goblin instruments, my maid bought some household items for me, but they were all exploded. Fortunately, those good kind people help me avoid the disaster, otherwise, I will absolutely dead. My Lord, please uphold justice for me!"

    "The dark elfs are good kind people? Isn't the Lich had dead, also can dead again? And as a scourge, you can die is really incredible." Look at the two law enforcements, they eyes constantly twitching, I have guessed what they are thinking about.

    At least, that eyes seemed just like saying "you think us are idiot, or yourself is an idiot", this distrust make me very unhappy, especially I was limit by the curse of sub-artifact, can't say any false... I really don't know these things, those dark elfs really help me avoid the disaster.

    Hey, if you still don't take me seriously, be careful that I will complain you, careful I will make trouble for you, send you to the sulfur mine to do the oversee work!

    "Cough-cough, should the instruments of Beya brothers not so much powerful?" It seems that she realized this seems is very rude, Diana turned her eyes to other places, began to shift the topic.

    When she saw her boss is here, she know the plan to find trouble to the lich is unworkable, but she was also tried these explosive's power, the slites of Menzoberranzan will not die in this kind of unplanned small explosion.

    "It's because of this." Snowhoof remove some debris from the wound of the bodies, it is some kind silver particles.

    "Holy silver particles with high purity, they are embedded in the engineering equipment engine, once the engine explosion, it will like dwarf muskets, explosion provide the source power, the real murderer are these fragments."

    Look at these holy silver particles, my mouth began to twitch. "Eliza... you... really thoughtful."

    "It seems that it really not you did, are you offended the Beya brothers? So they are going to murder you?"

    This time, I don't have much nonsense, and my suspect also is cleared. The holy silver, it's known as a relic blessing by the gods, can cause strong damage at demons and undead, it will cause serious burns for me if I touch it, and also is direct damage to the soul, I cannot use it.

    "Do you think it necessary? Going to go that high." I still remember some time ago, Eliza's finger wrapped in bandages, she is not agile even when she is at work, it seems certainly in order to filling these holy silver particles. Even just a half demon, touch these things will not have a good feel.

    "In order to avoid dead without rhyme or reason, should I temporarily pay off her two years salary first..."

    "Bang!!" Suddenly, after series of explosions, a huge figure rushed out.

    "Stop he!"

    "Who is it?"


    At this time how would us let suspects escape outside, the inspectors surround him, he answer is the proud Orcs battle roar!

    But follow a silver flash, a giant sword like a dragon beat back all of them, with people's unbelievable eyes, they sophisticated weapons directly be cut off.

    "How could it possible! Ah!"

    "Be careful, its his weapons! Don't force-on-force with him!"

    "Bang bang bang!" After the sound, under the sword, the armor of urban management team members are fragile like tissue, follow the sword's light, there is scream and blood spatter!

    Then follow the momentum, the fury half Orc was so directly out of the tight encirclement!

    "Okur, how?!"

    Of course Diana knew this red eyes half Orc, this criminal cunning and ferocious, at that time in order to arrest him, the inspectors paid a lot of hard work.

    "No, how can he be so strong!"

    Half elf half orc, bronze order occupation killer, even now his eyes red and the muscle soaring, like into the berserker mode which only belong to Orc and Barbarian, but a bronze warrior actually can rampage before a group of silver order Knights, whatever it seems very incredible.

    "Is the sword! The sword has some strange problem, don't let it touch you!"

    Quickly, they have found that the situation is wrong, even if they weapons have been very good, but in front of that giant dragonslayer sword, it is often after hit two times and then they weapons directly divide into two.

    "Get out of the way!!"

    Have a good weapon can challenge high order enemy, but Diana is a legend warrior, the gap between the two sides is too large, same belong to the epic sword, Argent Avenger will not inferior than Dragonslayer.


    Two swords cross, the Argent Avenger unlucky directly divide into two, but Okur's hold sword hand is directly cracking, then he lost defensive and hard to kick fly by Diana.

    Diana is not use very powerful strength, apparently she is intended to left him alive and ask some questions. But Okur first be torture, and then be overdrawn by the berserker mode, and then controlled by the sword, and then kicked to the chest by a legend Knight, so finally directly dead.

    When other paladins found that the situation does not good, intend to use only once a day for the holy treatment, Okur already has no breath.

    "I need your explain!! Why that Okur should be in the sulfur mountain prison but in here, why the dark elf assassins will hit here!"

    That only half of the silver dagger has been pointing to me, it seems that today does not have an answer, she will not give up.

    But I laughed... Everything... as expected, the fish is biting.

    Eye to eye with Snowhoof, I kept silent, finally, he stood out.

    "Well, the reason is this. Actually, our judicial system have some little secret with Roland, he is a master on the soul and torture, if we have some stubborn prisoners, sometimes we will please he..."

    These explanations are actually the truth, at least, it's the truth that Snowhoof knows. And Diana also indistinct found something is wrong, the judicial system is too conniving of this lich, and that time, after he but met honorbale Nonsleeper, it's also very strange. In front of she, the director's coming also is very strange.

    "Yes, we are actually one of us own." I can't lie, this is absolutely true, but in fact it's mean that I am Nonsleeper. However, for these Holy Knights, they but thought I said I have transactions with the judicial system, at the moment, Diana also as I expected, has a expression like see light suddenly.

    "Well, no matter who protect you, don't let me catch you commit crimes! Otherwise, no one can save you! Collection team!"

    When leaving, still fiercely threatening to me in front of her boss, really is a typical dumbass Knight. Very simple, very useful!

    When I smiled look at them leave with the corpse, a familiar voice appeare in my ears.

    "The oral confession which just forced out from Okur has been confirmed from that named Alan Nita's guinea pig's mouth, I have copied two copies, with a secret channel to Margaret and Adam. However, my Lord, spend so much energy on acting, actually still exposed your relationship with the judicial system, is it worth?"

    "Of course it is, to be honest, I still underestimate that psychopathic killer, unexpectedly he had such an important secret. In order to let those ready to make trouble's guys to temporarily ease, Okur must die, and also must die in front of the world. So, just let that guinea pig really fled, the news about ambassadors fled overnight are also will as true. After that, as long as that guinea pig obediently send false news out, they should not suspect information has leaked."

    "Just for deceive those guys, playing a scene like that? And also lost an epic weapon?"

    "The Dragonslayer Sword? It is an useless weapon, that 1% chance crazy effect is actually increased by 1% per second, it mean after 2 minutes, the holder will inevitable became crazy, is not this a cheating! Best to send it out. Besides, I remember in the urban management team, someone can use this sword, and the urban management team is my valuable assistant, they power is my power."

    "...... Why I think it's the way that you protect them, let their tracing clues broken, lest involve too deep, avoid become the cannon fodder."

    "Ah, your imagination is really rich." I made an embarrassed smile and looked up to the sky.

    "Not thought of that. It relates to the dungeon master alliance and the ancient element chaos gods, but also involves these bastard traitors in council. Their power is good, but some things need use the wisdom to deal with. Their political ability are so low, even don't suit as cannon fodder. Finally hardly set up a Holy Knights team, if they sacrifice without any use will too bad, I also intend to allow them to serves for me for a few more years."

    When I said, but I inexplicably excited.

    "The ancient chaos gods and dungeon overlord, finally I find the worth to shot's enemy. He he, perhaps, this is a sign that a new era will coming."

  • Chapter 17: truth and reunion

    The devil's whisper, it's the prelude's name of [Seven Hells of Eich].

    This upcoming future, also is the prelude of the new eternal war, under the help of the devil, the ancient elemental gods who had participated in the ancient godswar and belong to the chaos goddess, their break free from the seal one by one, brought infinite disaster to the mainland.

    Along with the recovery of the elemental gods, elemental monster such as fire elemental overseers, wind elemental lords and the water elemental monarch, they have gradually become the first boss that the player faced.

    And at the same time, smell the taste of the upcoming new order, ambitious and idealistic also ready to start wriggling. Among them, the most powerful and dangerous are these chaos gods followers who want to found a state and waiting for the choas gods coming, the Dungeon Masters who ambitious plans to return to the ground, and the undead empire which is eager to kill and destroy.

    Of course, as the hint under the prelude name, and the these troublesome things, more or less, behind of these are the devil, and with one and another one elemental god completely or not completely come down their doppelganger, the elemental tidal come down, the elemental magic become much more power, the advance of the stronger also will become much more easier.

    The Eich world finally will meet the new magic era. When that time comes, lich can be found everywhere, the legend strongers will as many as dogs. And in the elemental tidal, the contact between Eich mainland and otherworld also will more sophisticated, the otherworld travel will become much easier, otherworld visitors will come more frequent.

    On the ground, when the younger generation is thriving, when each country joy for their own future even appear expansion ambitions, but unexpectedly, this is a conspiracy of the devil and the chaos gods. The magic tidal's coming breaking the world's door, also directly reach the prerequisites for the abyss to open the door, a lot of demon into the world. And their skirmish is the newly Undead Scourge.

    The Dungeon Masters allied forces to invasion the ground world, it should has is one of the contents of the next expansion pack "war vulture", it's about after ten years, at now it's a bit early. But thought for a moment, that seems to be the natural course of things.

    After all, at now the underground world still in a mess, even if these dungeon overlords want to integrate these insolently dungeon masters, it also need the time. At this time, it has is the time to eliminate dissidents and integration the combat power.

    And the Sulphur Mountain City obviously block these people's way. Well, maybe I should not use 'people' to describe the dungeon overlords.

    "It's said she is the Spider Queen's own daughter, the supreme priestess Kaja·Ross. She unified all dark elfs, their goal is these surface elfs..."

    "Dragon Queen Moril, the common leader of red dragons and black dragons, the Dragon King recognized by seven underground dragon city, their goal is returned to the surface. Of course, if they can revenge to the Dragon God Bahamut who banished all of them, that would be a great deal better."

    "Astranaar·Elull, Dark Wizard, barely belong to human race... target unknown, strength unknown, but under his control, he owned more than 50 underground cities, if only consider the conventional forces, his power will not be inferior to any human empire. His own military strength is also very good, in the future he will become the supreme leader of the underground united army."

    "Billow·Angerteeth, Manticore Orc, chief of the Angerteeth tribe, an overlord elected by over 100 underground Orcs tribes. Although the Orcs tribes are very internal chaos, but the Orcs have amazing combat talent, the racials of underground Orcs are evem much better than ground Orcs. If just look at the number of strongers, they really have many. Their goals... instead to revenge to the ground races, but returned to the orc's hometown, the legendary Brion Lure Great Plains. But now there is human empire, the great power San Antonio Empire's territory and granary, it mean they not only still need a fight, but also it will become a decisive battle which is enough caused ethnic cleansing... "

    These four dungeon masters, because they strength are significantly higher than other dungeon masters, so be called overlord.

    But as we all know, one boy is a boy,two boys half a boy, three boys no boy. if there only have one overlord, they would have already unified underground world and attack the ground world. But now, four underground overlords to hold each other up, but let the underground  world became more chaos.

    But this time, as the history recorded on the strategy guide, seems to smell the chance of a new era, Dark Wizard Astranaar first composed the coalition with the Orcs emperor Billow, and he also plans to use a large number of interests concessions, to invite the Kaja and Moril to conclude a underground cities pact. They assembled nearly four percent of the underground world's dungeon masters, formed the maximum united army since the beginning of history.

    But I know that things are not so simple, from the "history" recorded on the strategy guide, there are third person behind them... Behind the Dark Wizard is the cunning devil, behind the orcs are chaotic bloodthirsty demons. Two thieves have a hand in the same pocket, and than the two sides had a falling out, it's the only possibility that their powerful united army face failure.

    Of course, the Spider Queen Rose and the red dragon Moril are definitely not some good people, they are also have their own plans.

    "Headache, this totaly is not an equal competition."

    The underground cities pact and the form of the united army, it should be is a recent thing, even I intend to change, but was powerless. The underground army will counterattack ground world is a foregone conclusion.

    "These ground world stupid pigs have nothing to do will be able to enjoy the warm sunshine and clean breeze, and if we don't do something, we labor for day and night, but only can drink the taste like sulphur's groundwater by the glowing moss's cold light, fear of earthquakes and herds, live the days but don't know what's day or night, worse than pigs and dogs. Tell me, the people of the underground world, if you want your son and daughter still live in this hell like underground worlds? Why we as the forsakes must to inferior to others? Why us ancestor's crimes must be undertaken by us? Anyone has a right to living in the sun, we just want to recapture we deserve everything. "

    Three years ago, when this highly provocative slogans shouted out by Astranaar, quickly it spread all over the underground world.

    Today, the underground world counterattack the ground world, enjoy the real sunshine, is the expectations of all life, and will destined to become the historical trend. (There is no sun in the underground world, but there are a lot of glowing moss on the top of the rock, which can provide some illumination)

    Even me, I'm also not going to try to kick against the pricks. The underground cities pack made by countless underground cities, it can not be prevented, but it also will caused inevitable internal betrayal in the Sulphur Mountain City.

    "Senator Winther, Senator Kahn..." these foolish senators, they actually intends to skip the Sulphur Mountain City administration department and directly sign the new pact with other underground city, join the future united army.

    Because the Sulphur Mountain City's master is Adam, he is the human hero of the ground world, although don't know why he chose to settle here for a hundred years, but from the beginning, the big shots "braver" Adam and "sage" Margaret are regarded as the underground covenant enemies.

    With the covenant keep going, the Menzoberranzan of dark elfs and Caron City of gray dwarves and orcs, the former without any hesitate to take refuge in the Spider Queen's highest priestess Kaja and become her subordinate, the latter also take refuge in the Orcs Emperor Billow.

    Sulphur Mountain City has always been anti war, not to mention battle with the ground world. From the start, Sulphur Mountain City has became a thorn in the side of the pact.

    But not everyone has no ambitions... At least, a lot of Sulphur Mountain City's "big man" are very interested in the ground territory, Sulphur Mountain City does not have any noble, but this does not mean the ground world and other dungeons have not nobles...

    So, when the two cities to pressure to those stupid senators and use ground fiefs to do the lure, some stakeholders have colluded with them, formed the so-called "Covenanter". And coincides with the Adam ready to handover the dungeon master's seat, this give them more opportunities.

    And this time, the ambassadors come to Sulphur Mountain City, no one of them take the foreign trade missions seriously, but secretly help these senators members seize the power. Those slain businessmen, in addition to several unlucky guys who were used to hide the fact, the others tend to have a status as senators, with the obstacles died one by one, the Covenanter is gradually seize the power.

    No man will not silly to direct against with demigod warrior Adam, they are waiting, they are assembling energies, as long as there has a little flaw and opportunity in the Sulphur Mountain City, it's the time for they incite public for seize the power.

    Maybe dark elf inspectors are powerful to deal with illegal criminals, but due to their bloodline, they originally are questioned by part citizens, if they involved in such a plot, if the Covenanter found them and treat them as obstacles, they are very easy to become cannon fodder.

    Thibk about it for a minute, I can come up with more than a dozen way to infamous and kill them, such as agitator public opinion, slander said they planted ambassadors, the real serial killers are their own people, to force them to hand over the "real murderer". Inciting confrontation, scolding them stealing and desecration the holy light, launch the sectarian trial, forced them to commit suicide. If they resort to violence to strike back, and then, ha ha...

    Cough, stop think of these bad ideas, although those senators are not "clever" like me, but they are absolutely good at internal fight, maybe they can't think out dozen bad ideas, one or two is absolutely no problem.

    I choose to let them stay, not as Eliza said, to be kind to women. I just instinctively cover up my people.

    Yes, just cover up my people. Who will love these always interferes with my work's silly women, I don't care if they are live or dead.

    But now they are my subordinate's subordinates, their live is Sulphur Mountain judicial system's people, death is me, the sovereign of Impressive Night's ghost (undead). If they inexplicably dies, really lost my face.

    Listen to the intelligence which are Eliza get from Okur's mouth, it seems all the problems are solved, but I found some uncoordinated place.

    ".... Why are they so persistent on Sulphur Mountain City? In the underground world, this city even not bigger than debris."

    I'm not these cocky senators, think the world can't lost me. Even in the absence of Sulphur Mountain City, the underground united army still have the power to sweep across the ground world.

    "Okur heard that there seems to be sealed a very powerful monster, and the Dragon Queen seems very much interested in it, also give a high reward, so he decided to try his luck."

    "Nonsense, I lived here for a hundred years, at first here is a piece of wasteland, what powerful monster is sealed in this place..."

    Suddenly, I remembered something, I stopped.

    "A powerful monster? Seal? It could not be a coincidence. Is it refers to me? Impossible, The news about I'm in here should not leaked, it should only Adam, Margaret and little Red know my true identity, they are not the talkative... No, one of them may be talkative. "

    "Is Adam?"

    Hold her gold rimmed glasses, Eliza pretended to be painful nodded, but I find she was snicker.

    "More than one year ago, once senators invited our dungeon master to take part in the wine party. Then, they provided the strongest orcs eviscerate wine... because drink too much, our dungeon master took three hours to tell himself is how to overcome the powerful devil, then seal it in the depths of hell, although he did not say who is that devil, and most of the senators treat it as a joke, but apparently someone has seriously."

    "The sovereign of Imperishable Night?" Seems to whisper to self, but also is an ask.

    "No, according to the analysis of Dragon Queen, Demigod order undead king did not is a target that Adam can deal with, not to mention the seal, the best likely is he is simply tired of war, has already left this planes."

    The new experimental product initiative provided me the unknown information.

    "And if it is really the sovereign of Imperishable Night, he is not an object that can be controlled, in the eyes of any living, from the start he is a security risk that can never be released. Searching for the sovereign of Imperishable Night, it just a rumor for false intelligence operation. The real goal is the ancient fire elemental God, Aro Travis."

    The ring of detecting lies has proved this is the truth, think of the features of fire elemental, I see light suddenly.

    Here is the Sulphur Mountain City, around the back is endless sulphur mountains, and sulphur can be easily found in the crater, such a large area of sulphur mines, it is obvious not formed by natural.

    "In that so-called game, all the ancient elemental gods are coming and in a long period of time is overthrow or be deported, the only exception is the fire elemental God, it's not because he is not coming, but from the start the fire elemental god is came down in the underground world. No place can be much more fit for fire elemental lived than the sulfur mountains and crater."

    "Underground? In the sulphur veins?"

    "Is, by means of operation, Covenanter senators have sold part of the mining rights to us, and our gray dwarf miners has found the ruins in the mining area, it's likely the high altar where link to the fire elemental god. now still have some things prevent of us, first is in order to avoid leakage information, we must have all the mining rights in that areas, The holdouts are also on the list of the assassination. Second is the guards... Dragon Queen guessed that Adam establish the Sulphur Mountain City is for guard Aro Travis in here, if we touch the seal, the caretaker certainly will have the feeling. but Adam is Demigod level, even Dragon Queen personally against him may not be able to win. "

    I cover my forehead, want to cry but no tears.

    "Adam, you are really my scourge. You implicate me a hundred and thirty years ago, and now you implicate me again. If not you boast everywhere, how will you be treated as the keeper of the elemental god, how would the the city be treated as others eyesore, and how can I be involved. Could you shut up your big mouth, every day to give me trouble."

    "If there really is the sealed ground of the elemental god, probably the demons will personally shot, if so, I would really need to do some preparation for it."

    Close eyes to contemplate, many thoughts in wandering in my mind, while I vaguely find something, all of a sudden, with a snap sound of the door and a familiar voice, it let me instinct lowered myself body cover my face and creep away, but still too late...

    "Hi, Uncle Bone!! It's been a long time, Anne came to play."

    Before flying out from the window, my last consider is the rotary world before my eyes, and that difficult to curb's pink fantasy...

    "She is really growing up, previously I can only fly 30 meters high... now, I even can see the more than 300 meters high's rock top and the glowing moss. Hey, Mrs.vulture, are you also looking for food? Today the weather is really good ah."

    Obviously it's soaring high as in the past , but unexpected, I did not angry. The reason? When I fly into the air, my mind is still constantly playing that scene, and the source of the fantasy...

    "Well, pink, it's time to remind her that girls should not casual to lift leg to kick others, it is very easy to accidental exposure. The girl really is wonderful, a girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood, directly from a wild kid change into a tall beautiful beauty."

    Yes, although we haven't seen in seven or eight years, but at that instant, I have to see, originally wizened wild kid has become a lovely girl.

    Big breasts and wide hips, vibrant and youthful innocence face, good body, good character, it is my favorite.

    "Maybe after the resurrection, I should consider to fulfill the engagement? But I had refused to Adam for so many times, if it's too shameless to go back on my words?"

    Does I really mind what is shameless? There seems to be no. Quickly, I decided to try if Ann is still remember the love she always and accompany her to play's Uncle Bone, and the engagement in exchange of lollipop. "

    But when I fall into a reverie, a casual visitor is come unasked...

    "Go away, smelly bird, I am not a prey, I am a terrible witch, I am terrible, be careful I will bite you..."

    A group of saprophagous vultures surround me, bones also seems to be their food...

    "Smelly bird go away!! I will really bite you. The Lich Touch is very terrible, even only have skull, the lich also is very strong... It seems that before considering the engagement, I should first teach her to get rid of the bad habit, teach her what can kick and what can not to kick! "
  • it's seem like u have a proofreader for u ? cuz i can understand it more easily now. haha XD keep up the good work. 
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    it's seem like u have a proofreader for u ? cuz i can understand it more easily now. haha XD keep up the good work. 
    Huh? No, I still haven't find a proofreader, but I hope so.
  • Chapter 18: little Red Dragon

    The mountain is full of the smell of sulphur, there is a huge cave in it, a huge monster seems is dozing.

    Graceful, beautiful, huge and aggressive, these contradictory words have a perfect fusion in this hill monster. The scales sharp like blade, reflected the sunlike streamer, shiny silver claws big like flagpole.

    The existence of itself is the embodiment of the majesty, its breath can bring amazing storm and thunder, under the eyes of the daemonisch dragon pupil, life will feel its own end.

    At this moment, as the king,it narrow its eyes, seems to be staring at something, and then suddenly made a startling roar.


    With the giant's thunder roar, the entire mountain are wavering, numerous magic monsters heard and fled, aggressive detritivores magic eagles fled in all directions like some frightened sparrows.

    When the top of the food chain, the real master of the mountain —— ancient dragon Ain Mei Huges roar of anger, there is no life could not feel fear.

    Even, the content of the roar is very dumb...

    "Ah ha, every dog has his day, laugh my ass off."

    The huge monster actually really belly laugh and rolling on the floor, the entire cave's ground start wavering, seems will collapse at any time.

    "Shut up, little Red!"

    Yes, in front of her, that's me, the lich Roland·Lan, but at the moment, my condition is not very good...

    "...Is this our most wisedom Roland? Where is your body? Why only one head left?"

    In front of the huge monster who is as big as a mountain, there has a little skull head. well, it's me.

    "Hum." I really don't want to talk to her, but beside me, the Manticore start to report their harvest to their owners.

    "Oh, oh wow." The strange voice of the Manticore is mixed with the dragon language, I do not understand, but Ain Mei Huges feel more and more interested in listening to.

    "Oh Oh, you said at first he was robbed by a group of vultures, and then the vulture was shot down by the Kobolds, and than the Kobolds was robbed by Griffin. Finally, you see everything and robbed the Griffin, you think he looked familiar, so send it to me?"

    "Roland, it's really a big adventure. I'll share it with Adam and others."

    Bisregard this stupid dragon, I still keep silent.

    Yes, Lich's skull is hard to digestion, leaving only the skull, so I enjoyed a circle of Sulphur Mountain's food chain, send up by one level ans another level, finally, to the top of the food chain, in front of the Ain Mei Huges.

    Of course, I have a way to use magic to recovery directly, but if I wait until 12 o'clock, under the effects of the spell, my bones can automatically restructuring. So I don't intend to waste magic to forced restructuring, the result is... Enjoyed the circle of Sulphur Mountain's food chain.

    "It's still too early to be cheerful. Think carefully, what is the reason can let me in this case?"

    The Red dragon use claw propped up her chin, thinking as a human, at first she was very calm and unabashed, but quickly, she think of one likelihood, her swayed forward, chin directly mercilessly knock on the ground, but have no time to notice any pain.

    "Impossible, is she came back?"

    I bitter nodded.

    "Yes, she came back, but also the upgraded version, has a significant increase in the action force. You can see how high that I fly..."

    My words didn't finished, the dragon has already roared.

    "Hurry up, hurry up! Put up a board at the foot of the mountain, write 'I have been go out to visit friends' on it. Oh right, where is the treasure house's key? Dropped it into the volcano, never let that wild kid into my treasure house. Nah, never mind, I will just really going out."

    That day, the Dragon recalled the terror of that guy... After a nap, the insulting of the prideful dragon scales was painted in children's graffiti, the fear of treasure house was flooding, fresh meat was involved in the smell of sulfur and magma, golden coins were replaced with worthless glass...

    "Shit, I'm not stupid lizard, Think can use glittering glass to barter gold coins? Impossible!"

    "Whoooooooh, I just want Auntie Red happy, everybody said the dragon will love shiny things. Oh, Ann is wrong, don't hate me."

    At that time, in the face of the crying little girl, facing the complaint of Margaret and Adam, facing my ridicule of "you make little girl cry again", even she is a dragon also can't maintain dignity, can only ingratiate herself with Ann.

    "Eh eh, dragon sister loves Ann best, Ann doesn't cry. If Ann well behaved, Aunt give you lollipop to eat, no, this is  an artifact, it's very valuable, send you. Do not like? Then try this, blessed Wings Armor, when you grow up you can put it on..."

    Use my rare books as an evidence, they had been become graffiti gallery, wild kid is the most terrible, not their cause trouble's ability, but after they provoke disaster, also will need you to pack the ending. If the blame words a little strong opinion, make she cry, but also need you to make her happy.

    At that time, Ain Mei Huges give she an artifact, a prized epic armor, and two... lollipops, actually I think the former goods are superfluous, two lollipops are enough, of course, I will not remind this stupid dragon.

    At the moment, hear Anne is back, think of the horrors of the past, even known as Veron Calamity, the ancient dragon are still scared and want go out to avoid.

    Even the dragon will feared wild kid.

    "Don't panic, she is still in the Sulphur Mountain City, when she come I will tell you. However, since met you, there have some things need to talk with you."

    "Says what? I need hurry to transfer my treasure! I'm very busy."

    "What about talk about your mother?"

    Obviously my question is very impolite, but the little Red has calm down.

    "What do you mean? That call herself dragon queen's Molier? What's wrong with her?"

    Yes, the ancient red dragon Ain Mei Huges, she is dragon queen Moril's unfilial daughter, the rebellious prince who has been expelled from the underground dragonkin, just like every rebellious period runaway girl, she has a lot of discontented with her mother and the dragonkin.

    "She has take considerable interest in Sulphur Mountain City, perhaps, also interest in the fire elemental God who was seal under this place. Don't tell me you don't know that here was sealed a evil god."

    "...... I had wondered why sleep in here is so comfortable and warm, like slept on a hotbad, so that is because under the ground there really hidden a stove."

    Well, both of the red dragon and the fire elemental all like active volcano, to her, if the mountains really sealed the fire elemental god, there also just is a very comfortable hot spring.

    "So, at now it really is a bit of trouble, it seems that these underground city sooner or later will composition of the coalition, and that seal under your home has become their target, does not you also don't want wake up after a sound sleep and find your home in ruins, even the treasure house has smashed and robbed?"

    "And soon after, Anne will take Adam's turn on duty, though she is really a wild kid, but also is a wild kid who was personnel training by us, now those guys ready to start wriggling. Would you like to see our children being bullied??"

    Heard my words, scarlet glitter flash by her dragon eyes, with her enrage, it's terrible majesty.

    Under her substantial dragon fear, powerful legendary monster Manticore scare into a ball, but I laughed.

    I know, though little Red is very lazy, but she is not stupid, her sources has given her a lot of intelligence.

    And though her mouth hard, but that person who is love Anne best is this unmarried but full of mother love's dragon girl. She had alreay seems Anne as half of her daughter. Otherwise, the red dragon known as greed and selfishness, how could she willing to send out her precious protective artifact.

    Now I mentioned Anne to be bullied, the men she intended to kill, naturally is these Sulphur Mountain City's idiots who think they can reach the sky in a single bound.

    "Don't talk nonsense, if you have any trick, just directly say it to me, as usual, you think, I fight, beat all of them."

    Hear this, I satisfiedly smiled, I know, since Red is willing to thug, today my goal has been achieved more than half, and the rest...

    "I want you to do a play, play a dragon hit the city."

    ...... The layout is over, and the rest is my work!

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    it's seem like u have a proofreader for u ? cuz i can understand it more easily now. haha XD keep up the good work. 
    Huh? No, I still haven't find a proofreader, but I hope so.
    are u doing a rework then ?
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