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Wasn't quite sure where to post this, so this'll have to do.

I've been reading daily on WW and a few other sites since March last year and... I often find myself reading for hours on end (Mostly when a new novel comes out, or I find a hidden gem) and after a few hours my eyes start to, well, get tired.

Despite that, 10/10 times I just rub them a bit and read on.

Now, to the point.. Just now, I was reading BluePhoenix over at Gravity, and I had an idea.

Rather then the harsh pure white background behind the words, why not default it to an actual physical paper-book color? Granted, it's not something everyone would want (An on/off switch would be necessary), but I for one think it'd add a bit of "novelty" (heh heh) to the reading experience, as well as be a bit easier on the eyes. You could even explore a "scroll" sort of format to the text boxes, although I'm not sure if that'd be a hit or miss.

The writers/translators obviously have access to basic text backgrounds, but this is the closest color I could find to that paper-book sort of look, and it's nice, but quite not right. So a bit of effort would have to go into finding just the right color to add in. Considering that, it'd have to be an agreed upon improvement, so if you think it's a good idea, post your support!


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    Alright, after actually using my brain for a second, I found there is a Chrome app called "Care your Eyes". If anyone is interested, it takes some tweaking, but it works.

    If anyone finds the perfect paper-book color, please share.
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    Sumatra PDF has the best color I think. Very easy on the eye.

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    I use something called F.Lux which solves most of the problems found here. If I read during the day its white but in the evening it starts turning more yellow/red, basically if follows the sun patterns. It really helps you to not read too far in the night as well.
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