Possibly Interesting Idea for WW TL'ers

So, kinda just throwing this idea out there.. Dunno if any of you would be interested or not..

But, I think it'd be pretty cool to see one of you guys do a live stream while translating a chapter. It'd give us a chance to see first hand just how difficult it is to translate Chinese to English.

Could just set it up around a regular chapter and give those interested a special inside peak.

Anyway, not sure if any of you would want to do it or not, but I've been thinking it'd be a cool thing to do for a while and decided to bring it up. (If it hasn't already been done.)

(Not to mention it'd be pretty cool to hear some of our favorite-people-on-the-planet's voices.)


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    I don't know about livestreams, but i really like to see translation notes on chapters regarding certain parts which are "tricky" to translate or passages that have deeper meanings than the novel shows us, who do not have a great knowledge on chinese culture.

    This sounds like a good idea (though we don't know how the translators feel about this), like a "Translator Talkshow" hahahaha
  • You do realise it would be seeing a live stream of someone typing stuff at most.


  • Maybe a little comentary? But yeah I'd be interested to see the process of translating like researching terms, deciding which way to use to describe something etc.
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    You do realise it would be seeing a live stream of someone typing stuff at most.

    That's exactly the problem, hahaha, but some short videos where they comment on certain aspects of the Divine Art of Translation and some interesting facts about China might be good. Like Deathblade does sometimes on his posts, but on a video.
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    I think his idea could work tbh.
    When I write my original novel, i sometimes do live streams. I find that I actually write faster because I'm concentrating better despite talking to the people who come chat with me.
    It also becomes a more enjoyable process. Furthermore, when I can't think of a word or how I should phrase something, the people chatting with me tend to help me a lot ^.^
    I think they should try it! If it doesn't work, boo, if it does then yay

    While it'd probably be a little different, I don't think it's all that whack of an idea. It'd probably require the translator two have at least 2 monitors to look at though, considering that they need to skip between original writing, their own writing, as well as the chat. 
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