Can someone give me a brief summary



  • She is also a master who plays important role in the future- it's basically because of her MC and Qianlin powers are linked and complementary, that is, when they are together they become more stronger.
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    Can someone please answer my question? Thank you.
  • Raizen said:

    What are the laws as far as the elements go. Has this been discussed at all in the novel? Does Zeus only practice the lightning element?

    He has two elements: Lightning and Thunder

    I am not sure of all of the laws but as has already been answered in the spoilers:

    1. Poseidon (youngest brother) has mastery over water
    2. Prometheus (oldest and blood relative) has mastery over wind
    3. 2nd brother has mastery over darkness
  • Not all of the Adepts' abilities are elemental. There are any number of special abilities, and some Adepts - like Zeus - have two, though he isn't the only one.

    Each element, as far as I can tell, has it's strengths and weaknesses. For instance, in a recent chapter Lan Jue chastised Mika - whose powers are Hellfire - for not using them against Poseidon the master of water. This indicates that they do have an inter-related aspect.
  • Can someone explain the ranking system?

  • For what, specifically? The author likes his ranks:

    - For Adepts: The base Adept ranks range from 1 to 10. Ten is the highest known rank, known as Paragon rank. Nine, just below, is the threshold before godhood, essentially, and so is separated in to degrees. You can think of it like 'belts' in karate, where black belt has 'first degree black belt' and so on. Zeus, is a Ninth rank, sixth degree Adept - however when combined with his secondary discipline, he's very close to Paragon.

    -For mechas/mecha pilots: Mechas and their pilots are separated in to First, Second, Third, Emperor, and God-ranks. They often go hand in hand, so a god-ranked pilot usually flies a god-ranked mecha. A third ranked mecha pilot would have a great deal of trouble commanding an emperor class mecha, and so on.

    -For power gems: These are ranked somewhat like diamonds, the lowest being D (iirc). they rise from there to C-, B-, A- and S-ranks. They get exceedingly more expensive as you go up, to where an s-rank gem is nice enough to be worth an entire god-ranked mecha by itself.

    I think that's it for most of the ranks. Let me know if you want anything more specific, I'll see if I can help.
  • What about the master ranks?
  • I don't think it has been explained in the present translated chapters. But in the future, it will be explained --- it's very simple 4 levels and exponential gap between each level.
  • ZQL was sent by clairvoyant to get closer to Lan Jue so she could find out the truth behind her sister's (Hera) death. She later falls in love with him instead but enters some sort of vegetative state (she can't talk or think, but she can still battle)
  • Tell me when he will become a paragon and what about these aliens? What are their objectives?
  • He did not become paragon till now in the raws.
  • He did not become paragon till now in the raws.

    So he became paragon in raws now? Has cultivation levels beyond paragon revealed themselves?
    Unless this happened very recently he was still not a paragon. It is my understanding that there are 4 paragon levels. Most go from adept level 9/9 to paragon level 1. LJ oldest brother stepped directly from Adept 9/9 to paragon level 2. The difference between paragon levels is immense. Not sure if it double the power of the level before but it is much more than just a slight level change. 

    I think it has been explained that only the level 4 paragons can currently fight on equal terms with the leaders of the aliens and that is not against the top alien. If so we might expect to see someone surpass paragon at some point but i don't think that has been explained yet. 

    Also I think LJ has the power/cultivation base to step into a paragon but is suppressing it so he can do so at the same time as Quinlan. I am not sure if this has something to do with their combining their powers of him just wanting to not get to far ahead of her.
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    He thinks that if both of them become paragon together, then there is better chance of Qianlin becoming normal(awakening from vegetative state) as their powers are linked.Yes he is indeed supressing not becoming a paragon and I think it was mentioned long ago, he has chance of  directly reaching the second level of paragon one he decides to powerup.Also people who have chance of becoming paragons dont  immediately powerup because once you become paragon then your law is fixed and your law decides your strength.They try to gain better understanding of law becoming stronger paragon
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