Why do you enjoy reading?

After reading a novel does it become a simple memory or has it given you something more?
Is there something about you that has changed from reading novels?
Have you become more creative, funny, romantic, etc?
Hmm... maybe novels have given you an important lesson that you ingrained in life.
Now maybe it's was much more simple then that maybe they given you a logbook of an adventure that has lasted  throughout several dozen novels
What have novels given you that makes you enjoy them so much?

Ex. Lesson, Pick up line, Entertainment, cure to boredom, creative boost, vocabulary boost, ... etc



  • Method to kill spare time :D
  • Depends on what i'm reading. But mostly, I read for personal pleasure.
  • transcendence
  • Escapism I guess? Same reason I go through "fail army" on facebook, 9gag or watch a movie?
    I also like to see, how authors describe how they think, feel and narrate other's thoughts. Does it add up with how I think a certain individual with a known background would act? (idk, if that makes sence, but what I mean is, after 2-300 chapters, I feel like I have a decent understanding of their background and a somewhat understand of how that given person would act and develop given the current circumstances.)

    Mostly though, I do it because I'm too cheap to buy LCD (reference: )
  • For me reading is something extremely inspirational and deep when I read I tend to get into extremely well, it's like I live in that world. I even often start crying during sad scenes, like when in desolate era died Ji Nings mother and so on.

    I think in general xianxia novels are very inspirational, and they even made me work out and get even more interested in martial arts and Chinese history and mythology.

    There is always something to learn in xianxia novels, there is many important lessons that is integrated in them.

    When one writes a novel they often, write their own desires in them and their own feeling and view of the world.

    Dao in the novels are very much like real rile your own path that you forge while one wants to be musician another wants to be an engineer and so on. This is very inspirational to me ^^
  • It started of as pass time, now I enjoy reading about them because I love the cultivation path and martial arts +fantasy aspects. its all in one with xianxias
  • Mostly entertainment. Also i'm practicing english by reading becouse its not my native language. 
  • I like to read about interesting "what-ifs".

    Reality is boring cus too many laws and shit, too many constraints.

    Stories aren't constrained, and it can be entertaining reading what some people come up with without those constraints.

    Importantly, I don't enjoy reading for it's own sake as I don't like many stories, I just enjoy reading some things.

    And usually the things I enjoy reading are about interesting worlds, with interesting concepts.

    Like, "what if you (or someone) got dragged into another world full of magic and beasts and accidentally fell into the bathhouse of a all-girls prestigous magic academy?".

    "What if in the future there came to be a hugely popular VRMMORPG called Royal Road. And some poor guy started playing it to make a living and pay of his debts. What shit would he encounter?"

    etc etc.

    Wouldn't say escapism and shit like that. Just I like reading and exploring interesting what-ifs.
  • Thank you, for sharing. These are all great reasons.
  • Escapism, definitely. I went through a long period where nothing made me happy, so having something I could at least get lost in for hours of endlessly reading hundreds of chapters was my best way to cope with depression.

    I also just really like the way xianxia authors structure their magic. Between my co-author and I, he likes magic to be whimsical and abstract, and I like magic to be systematic and comprehensible. Xianxia novel magic tend to have really mathematical power levels and structure categories, which I can dig.
  • well novels   helped me  with my depression too but well  mostly helped me learn stuff about world  pretty  much showed me how cruel ppl are in rl they just wear fakes smiles and  how  shelfish ppl are  always think of themselves always never saw one think about someone else i love that those novels helped me see how true ppl are in rl  there are always little ppl that care about you . i even see rarely a guy  let a girl  that is pregnant or lady to sit down in bus  i need to let them  most of novels which  have tragedy  express the shelfish of ppl exactly  never  trust someone fully even ppl of same  blood  .Books give you really usefull rl life lessons 
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