Who is the most rememberable character for you?

You finished the book moments ago or was it day ago, but you can't seem to forget that one character.
Maybe you didn't even like the character or you loved the character either way you can't seem to forget him/her/it.
There was something about the character that ensures you will never forget.
Who was the most rememberable character for you?

*Note: This is different question  from your favorite character



  • Ni Man Tian (Journey of Flower): Most hateful character. She's entitled, spoiled, vindictive, haughty, egotistical, scornful. She never blamed herself, always blame others. She doesn't feel responsible for any of her actions, it's always the fault of others who forced her. She is flawed, which makes her so memorable and so delightful.
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    I don't even remember his name (there's a reason for that) and  I lost more of my sanity after reading it I didn't even like the series, since its character was well hilarious or was it beyond crazy. I will never forget the main character from Demon Hero Reaper Savior and his love for blueberry muffins. Some people almost died for his love.

  • MC from the early books of Arifureta. I wish he stayed that way longer, instead of turning into a goodie-goodie MC with a pointless harem typical to the japanese novels...
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  • Tyrion and Cersei Lannister from A song of ice and fire
    Glokta from First Law Trilogy

  • Shi Yi from Perfect World. He and his mother steal the MC of Perfect World's bone, which is super strong, to make himself the number one genius because he had other ability and wanted to be the greatest genius. He was a little brat, but he is such a dick since he acts so innocent and all when he pretends he knew nothing. Also, MC was a baby, so they take it out of him and leave him for dead.
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    Nynaeve from the wheel of time. She didn't really have much going for her as a character, but the excessive amount of braid pulling and conflicted emotions about men are unforgettable, in perhaps a not good way.
  • hmm. i've finally figured out who's the most memorable character for me. and that is yagami light from death note. while light wasn't the first of his kind, having such an intelligent and down to earth kind of MC was a real shocker at the time. at that time i was heavy into the shounen type anime's such as naruto and bleach, so having such a dark MC was really refreshing. none of that goody-goody bullshit and 'friendship conquers all' crap.

    what's more is that he was shown to be incredibly smart but still just a human who makes mistakes, even with his meticulous planning. and finally at the end his downfall was that he didn't take the human factor into account. a really brilliant story and character. of course many would probably disagree and criticize it as a childish unrealistic fantasy of a rebellious teen. but still. how many of us, if put into such a situation of having a death note would not use it to get rid of some of the trash in this world?
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