ATG Ch. 281

Okay seriously, that chapter though. Who saw that coming? What do you guys think is going to happen to Yun Che? What plot armor is going to save us from the agony of losing one of our favorite MC's?!

I was bored a wrote a little bit.. 

NOT ATG CH. 281.1

Meanwhile, underneath the sword terrace.

Yun Che's heartbeat had by now almost completely ceased to exist. His last breath of life threatening to leave him at any moment. A blank look filled his lifeless eyes as a faint voice was barely able to reach his conciousness.

"Yun Che!! Yun Che!! Are you really planning to break our agreement?! Are you going to let me die along with you?! Do you really think you're worthy... To make me feel this way again?!"

Jasmine's strained sorrowful sobs that could cause anybody to break down in tears, was becoming louder and louder as they slowly wormed their way into Yun Che's mind.

A tiny stir of conscious. A flicker of life. Yun Che found himself in indescribable pain. On the verge of death, without any hope.
As he regained a faint bit of clarity, he recalled what had just happened.

Rather then feel angry, or upset, there was perhaps only regret. Regret that he had yet to fulfill his promises. Regret that Ling'er was still alive and yet this time he was going to be the one to die first. Regret that he was going to be unable to see the faces of those he cared for ever again.

Suddenly, amidst those perhaps final thoughts, the demonic laughter of that towering presence penetrated Yun Che's mind. He couldn't help but feel hatred, anger, and even a bit of helplessness.

That laughter brought a series of surging emotions, causing Yun Che's heart to beat once more, contrary to the laws of the universe. By all means, he should already be dead. His back was a bloody mess and his organs were virtually crushed.

Seemingly sensing Yun Che's attention, the demon's ridiculing voice drifted down, "Hahahahaha, that's right brat! Hate me! Your pathetic life was worthless! Taken with but a movement of my arm with but a spec of my true power!"

The heartless words spoken by that insane demonic man caused Yun Che's eyelids to open a tiny sliver.

Towering above him was a world of mystical blood red energy with thousands of various symbols flowing like chains across that man's massive body. 

It was at that moment that Yun Che heard Jasmine's sobbing pleas, ”Yun Che!! You bastard!! Get up! Uuuuuu... You have to live!! Please...I don't even care about my revenge anymore...Just get up!!”

Like a thunderclap, Yun Che’s heart beat again. His broken body attempted to move, yet had completely lost the ability to do so. His willpower, the provocation of the demonic man, and Jasmine's pleas had somehow defied the odds, allowing his heart to beat twice more, but there was simply no way he could possibly save himself this time.

Or at least that's what he thought. Suddenly, the pendant around his neck began to burn at a heat beyond that which even Yun Che, with his fire seed and phoenix blood, could endure.


Or something like that?
I'm dying to find out what really happens.


  • Nope, dude! Totally wrong, but nice guess. It's easy to predict if you use this:
    Yun Che's abilities
    Something that has never been used but mentiond
    Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
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