Novel Situation: Zombie Bite

Novel Situation:  Zombie Bite

So the end of world has come, but even more unfortunately you've gone, and got yourself bit by a zombie.
Maybe you were saving someone or were running away from some, but nevertheless it is time to make a decision. What do you do after you have been bitten by a zombie.

A. Find a Cure at the last moment
You got plot armour but I won't judge. ;)

B. Have everyone walk away then decide to join the zombie Team.
At least you gave them head start
Who wouldn't want more brians
Majority wins, so why play on the losing side.

C. There some people you like to stay with you till the end, but they are not your friends.
At least you're paying off your debts.

D. Find out your are immune
* I going to be hermit
* Zombie overlord isn't a Fantasy anymore
* Lets save everyone
* Sell the cure and become Human Overlord

E. Other
Meet truck-kun or something else?



  • Who wouldn't want some of that sweet plot armor? Hell, I might get some power ups by getting bit lol
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    plot armor comes into play, being bit by zombie doesn't turn you into a zombie but instead gives you boosts such as being able to use 100% of the power your body possesses, you do not become fatigued, you can feel virus in others and zombies, possibly you can even control the virus, thus becoming the zombie master.

    fictional scenario 2: you are immune to the virus, you become the hope of humanity, but sadly the zombie virus wasn't the end of it. fantasy comes to the real world, more monstrous being appear, turns out you're a bad ass mofo and you start on the path of either a hero or villain and grow to save, destroy or rule the world.

    fictional scenario 3: the mythical truck-kun appears after you're bit, you can't dodge, you get it, you die. you wake up in a fantasy world, you think 'those fucking japs had it right the whole damn time', you later grow to be a badass and get yourself a harem of smoken hot chicks because only like 0.0000000000001% of the population of that world is actually ugly chicks and the rest are at the worst beautiful.

    real-life scenario(s):

    you get bit, you later turn into a zombie. you either die a zombie or of you're lucky some cure is found and you return to the living.

    you get bit, you saw what others have become, you put a bullet in your own head.

    you get bit, you happen to be one of the lucky (or unlucky) people who are immune to the virus. either a vaccine can be made from your blood, or if not, you're put on the front line to combat the growing plague.

    as for me personally;

     well depends on the zombie's we're talking about. if we're talking the classic slow ambling zombies. then i'd never get bit to begin with. the world wouldn't shut down and things would continue normally cept in the big cities where localized outbreaks would appear. im in a rural place so im good. plus plenty of guns 'round 'ere.

    if we're talking about world war Z or resident evil (later movies) or some of the more fast moving zombies: then shits gonna go down, good chance of getting bitten even in a rural place. would aim for the gun shop first. more bullets means more lives. but still this is asking what you would do if you get bit.

    so to that. i'd probably wait it out and see if im immune or not. and make sure someone's around to put a bullet in my head if i turn.
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    I would become the zombie overlord. I would learn how to use zombie magic, learn how to become human again, become immortal, then give my close friends/family immortality. I doubt they wouldn't wish for their close friends/family to become immortal so eventually it spreads, however at that time I'm already researching on how to absorb those people's magicor kill them to boost my own schemes/powers. Then if there are any other realms/planes I would prob go and explore them, if not then I'd create it myself.

    If we're talking rl then I would wait it out to see whether or not immunity is not like 0.001% chance and if not then I'd hope to get immunity. If I am immune I doubt I'd be the one who's experimented on, however if I don't I'd keep someone close to me so that they can shoot me if I turn.
  • Lol you guys and your zombie powers. 

    I honestly don't see myself surviving a zombie apocalypse, because I have zero survival instinct.  So chances are I would be bitten in the beginning, during the phase where no one knows that people are turning into zombies and end up a zombie myself.  If I was immune, I would probably end up being eaten by a zombie =(
  • @Tasear
    Since you never mentioned the setting:
    You are a child that is bitten by the legendary zombie race. After a while, you become like Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai and go on epic adventures where you destroy kingdoms and save the world.
    Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
  • But Tasear clearly says its the end of the world, so I don't think theres much adventuring to do.
  • after being bitten you find out that your body is kind of immortal and the only way to die is getting crushed...
    at first you cant control your find ways to let go but cant..then you understand u cant do without eating so you start thinking a way to satisfy your start destroying and eating the very same thing that corrupts the society and feed on some point you even cannibalize to eat zombies..on this course you find how deep roots of damnation are and find out who created the damned abomination....
    well.....too much drama but alright, m satisfied
  • idtran said:

    But Tasear clearly says its the end of the world, so I don't think theres much adventuring to do.

    She never said it was a zombie acopalypse, so there could be only one zombie. Maybe there was a huge war and when you got bit by the zombie, you wake up 1000 years later to find out that you haven't aged and the world has become different.
    Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
  • idtran said:

    But Tasear clearly says its the end of the world, so I don't think theres much adventuring to do.

    She never said it was a zombie acopalypse, so there could be only one zombie. Maybe there was a huge war and when you got bit by the zombie, you wake up 1000 years later to find out that you haven't aged and the world has become different.
    true she didn't say it was a zombie apocalypse, but she did say it was 'then end of the world'. pretty final words. maybe the world as we know it ends but still.... ( have no idea where im going with this in context to you're post but still felt that you misunderstood things)
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    Watch some porn.
    Eventually turn into a Zombie.

    Turns out Zombies evolve as they kill and eat others; humans, animals, other zombies.

    After doing what a zombie does, and being one of the few that chances out of good meals, I eventually regain a degree of consciousness after I've become a lv 3 Zombie, and I recall all the killing and eating I did. 

    My body looks like the human I used to be, but I have a deep deep hunger, and if I don't satiate that hunger constantly my body begins to degenerate and bits of it fall of and so on.

    The world is undergoing crazy changes as well, and crazy monsters and magical mysteries are appearing all over the place so after the easy supply of humans dwindles, there'll still be a supply of food and the like.

    Not all humans die also, and there emerges small safe spaces for humans around the world (usually those located near high tech military), however the crazy new world is difficult to survive in even with advanced military equipment - further, naturally the supply of equipment and all forms of advanced technology has been severely diminished so it's difficult for humans to advance into this new unknown dangerous world. For now, the small "human cities" are limited to struggling for survival and stability.

    Meanwhile I eat more and more, and am evolving and getting stronger. The monsters drop items and the like, including things like skill books and the like, and I learn them; the skill books dropped seem to correlate with the type and skillsets of a monsters, and naturally the rewards dropped from stronger monsters is better dropped than those from weaker monsters.

    My stats and skills get stronger also based on usage. Hence the more I use a skill the stronger it becomes and levels up after I've used it enough times. The more I rely on my strength, the more my physical stats increase, the more I rely on magic and my wit the more my spiritual stats increase.

    I'm also learn certain skills when I do them, for example, crafting after I attempted to create a weapon. The crafting is like a gambling pot, where I put a ton of various things in, and maybe I get something worthwhile out.

    In the end however, the stronger I become, the more intelligent I get, and the more I regain advanced cognitive abilites, and I realise my predicament and inherent loneliness. I'm nothing more than an animal.

    Currently I can survive because I can handle the monsters around me, but it seems the distribution of monsters follows a pattern.

    Similarly leveled/strong monsters coexist in a particular territory and battle for dominance amongst each other, or rather, the right to eat each other. Where I am now I can survive, but there are many areas I've attempted to enter before that are full of monsters far too strong for me. It also seems, the quality of resources and this nice energy I feel found in the different areas differ. The areas with the better stuff is naturaly full of stronger monsters and mysteries.

    I am not sure where exactly the area I'm currently in as the landmarks and the like I formerly used to orient myself has changed, in fact I'm unsure I'm still in the same world I used to be in since it's changed so much, so I'm lost and unsure what to do and by now my brain is capable of planning and evaluating.

    I decide it's pragmatic to focus mainly on leveling up more and more, and in the long run 1) Try and find other beings like me, 2) Try and find the few safe human regions I remember hearing about from the humans I had formerly eaten but they probably won't accept me since I'm no longer human technically although I kinda still look it, 3) Head to the areas with more "nice energy".

    It eventually seems like the amount of EXP/strength I gain when I eat monsters below my level drops quite a bit based on the difference in levels, so for long term survival reasons, it's pragmatic to head to areas full of stronger monsters to feed off of.

    When I am around lv 15, I end up being able to make a monster submit to me and it becomes my pet. It seems I can make multiple pets submit to me also, however too many and they drain my spirit and my mana drops making it so I'm unable to use magic.

    I end up enslaving a plant-type creature that lives off eating smaller creatures, and particularly focuses on sucking all the blood, because it had an interesting skillset including sleep pollon and paralysing vines, although currently I cannot command it to use it. I let it remain attached to me sucking my blood. As I constantly eat, my blood can refill itself. Since it is just a plant I didn't give it a name.

    In the next region I visit, I enslave a speedy hamster like creature that can camouflage itself to it's background and also is surprisingly sturdy for such a harmless looking creature. It eats and survives by basically throwing itself at a monster, grabbing at it and eating away at it just like that. The creature it grabs onto can try and shake it off or attack the hamster but the hamster is too tanky and outlasts it's prey and keeps on eating away until the victim dies.

    When I fought with it, luckily I was quite high leveled and by then I had learned a couple healing skills and the like. The hamster didn't do too much damage to me as it was the outlast and eat type rather than 1hko type, so I was able to survive it's initial attack though it suprised me significantly and still hurt. Eventually thanks to the use of sleep pollon by the plant-type creature on the hamster, I was able to get it off me and I decided to make it my pet.

    It also looks cute. I decide to name it Paco. In fights and stuff I basically use him as a tanky furball that throws itself in the way of any attacks targeted at me.

    My loneliness diminishes at least slightly since the hamster seems to respond to my actions towards it, especially after I give it food.
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    So what would I do? XD

    Fictional Scenario

    Well... how can I put this. I going to have to take over @EliteHaz rein as Zombie Overlord, since Human overlord has too much politics, after I find out that I am also immune. Unfortunately I didn't think things through enough, and I eventually die from my mortality or humans who don't appreciate my glorious reign over the zombies. Sighs... the zombie bite didn't get me, yet I am still going to be a goner.

    ~ I should of thought things out better :(

    Non-Fictional Scenario

    Hmm... I a nice and sweet gal, but I am more practical. My associations as they will be called during the end of the world via zombies will have to leave, because once the world end's trusting humanity isn't the best option. I really, really want to trust people... but who to say that they don't see me as threat even if I don't become a zombie. On another thought, I don't even trust my half of my friends which are all in the medical  field since they would turn me appropriate authorities or take me to their labs.. Either way, it's just best to be alone after I have been bitten.

    So say that lady lucky is kind to me and I won the immune lottery not much will change except the fear of changing to a zombie. The fear of blood loss, normal infection or loss of body's surface will still be a problem. At this point, I regret not have enough arm muscles or taking a self defense class, but I still make a plan. I a going to eventually help the world not matter what (Yea, I know... sighs, I have a Hero's personality after all instead of villain. Don't tell anyone ;) ), but first I need to steady my survival in the new world. ( It would be like successes in Minecraft, and sim city in real life). I am going to execute my plan for a new world.

    So lets say that I of all people didn't plan this out well and actually got doomed to zombie life. I am going to embrace the bite and hope for a cure while having a personality change along intellectual degradation combined with a new hungry for brains. Hmm... maybe I come out smarter?

    ~ Protein Diet for alive.

    P.S I know what happen to nice and sweet Tasear... remember the end of the world happen in fictional non-fictional scenario. End of World will bring out my cold side. What the mistake that happens in zombie movies that every seems to make? They're with people. :P
  • I changed my mind let me just be a wandering zombie who explores the desolate world for all enternity until a cure.
  • I either  live like a handicapped with a cute automail or  bleed to death like a man.
    I'd try to sever  the part that was bitten (if i have the balls xD) , in the case that i get lucky and survive , i'd implant a nice automail that shoots beams of energy (?) , oh well i'm satisfied with a blade or something.
    And as to how to live?, well there's only one way to me xD , live like a badass or death , it's all about face
    In reality i'd go crazy in that kinda environment.

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