Dragon Amongst Wolves


Prince charming has heard the call to action. Him and his knights quickly gather before the evil dragons lair. Inside fortune, honor, glory, and a damsel in distress. Courageously climbing into the dragon's den they do battle. Only one person exists from the battle, wielding a holy sword and treasures to defy the heavens. That person was not human though and thusly the legend of Joseph Searmire begins!

Brief warning, although I will do my best to skip over gore and there will be no pornographic scenes in this fiction, It will still deal with mature and violent subject matters. Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy!


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    Chapter one: The Lies of the Dragon

    Looking at my soon to be face, I snorted. He stood six feet
    two inches with black hair and brown eyes. His face was relatively handsome
    among humans, however, after a long life, I have seen handsomer. On him were
    fire retardant chainmail and armor that gleamed with magic infused light. His
    sword was of ancient elven origin and hand an extremely cold finish to it that
    could cut through stone. Around him were 57 companions. Twelve wore similar
    armor and were armed with pike and shield, his knight retainers. Five were
    mages of varying elements and each wearing robes of their corresponding
    element; two blue for water, brown for earth, and green for wind. 15 wore like
    leather armor and had bows, probably hunters who guided him to my home. Aside
    from them there were various peasants carrying iron spears and an exhausted
    look about them. All were panting after climbing the steep mountain to my home.
    Although his manner of speaking is annoying, he will due. Speaking of which, he
    is still talking…

    “Your days of pillaging the countryside are at an end dragon.
    Justice will be done and you shall taste our cold metal blades! Then I will
    have you stuffed and mounted in my home!” Humph, he’s probably trying to buy
    time for his companions to regain composure after the climb while boosting
    morale for the peasantry. Despite this, I still find his whole ‘ravishing the
    countryside sermon’ to be both hypocritical coming from a human noble and
    insulting considering that the so called ‘countryside’ were forests and lakes
    within my territory. These humans expand, slashing and burning countless acres
    of forest, destroying homes for numerous magical creatures, and outright
    slaughtering any demi-humans they find and finally have the audacity to say I
    am the evil villain. I am going to enjoy toying with him.

    “Let me ask human, do not find this cavern to be odd? There
    are no boulders or crevices to hide behind. The whole thing is made of stone,
    no dirt for earth mages to manipulate. No water except that which you carry on
    your own. Finally, the whole cavern is like a funnel with only one small exit
    right behind you.” His companions are all shocked to see me, a proud dark
    violet dragon that towers 25 feet, talk. The already depressed sight of the two
    earth mages grows worse. The water mages simply look exhausted carrying those
    heavy jugs behind them.

    Joseph Searmire then shouted. “So what dragon, today will
    still be your last!” I calmly look at him and laughed. His retinue, hearing my
    laugh his retinue formed a shield wall. The two water mages pulled water from
    their jugs and formed a shield inform of them. The earth mages managed to
    conjure a 1 foot wall as well. The earth mage created a light breeze blowing
    towards me at only 65 mph. I decided to indulge their preparations and took in
    a large breath. Out of my mouth came a piercing hot blue flame. The fire shot
    out and overwhelmed the wind, evaporated the water, and melted stone. Their
    shield wall stood through it because of the fire retardant enchantments. When I
    stopped spouting fire a look of elation came over the knights’ sweaty faces.
    “See foul dragon, your fire has no power here!” bellowed Joseph.

    To which I mockingly responded, “look behind you.” No trace
    or remnant of their former companions could be seen. There were no burn marks
    only emptiness were the peasantry and hunters were standing. From a total of
    58, my fire or at least the intense gale force winds created by it and the
    funnel like tunnel blew that number down to 19. Their shocked expressions soon
    gave way to fear. Even they know a dragon’s physical strength can handle 20
    expert opponents. They begin to hesitate and panting heavily.

    With a smirk I asked Joseph “have you ever heard of Cave
    Fairies?” Joseph gave me a befuddled look and demanded “What are you on about
    now demon!” So I’m a demon now? I wonder if self-righteousness is a kind of
    spice, perhaps he will have added flavor later. “Old adventurers used to tell
    stories of how people who sleep in caves should never light fires because the
    fire attracts fairies to suck out their souls.” His gaze is tired. Clearly he
    wants to buy more time for his companions to recover, thinking that the
    exhaustion is from the climb. “I do not care for whatever demon spawn you
    muster.” The wind mage, however, has a sudden flash of insight and screams, “my
    lord, the air is poisoned!” He then begins to cast a spell to clear out the
    air. Joseph commands for his retinue to protect the mage. They begin to line up
    once again in front of him and the mage the earth and water mages ready their
    spells. As the wind mage nears completion of his incantation I channel my mana
    through my cave. Suddenly a large stone slab falls crushing the wind mage along
    with the earth mage besides him and three retinues in front.

    Panic strikes their hearts, before Joseph even has the
    chance to call out retreat the once loyal and proud knights run with all their
    might towards the exit. As they approach it, their eyes are full of a desperate
    hope for survival and with a smile I rose a stone wall 15 feet tall blocking
    the exit. They look back in terror. However, all I can think about is whether
    or not self-righteousness will taste good with fear.



    Jumping up and down I find the feel of a human body to be
    rather limiting. With all my strength I can only jump so high and run so fast.
    My usual speed and flight which gives me the enthralling pleasure of freedom is
    respectively restricted and non-existent. I would even have trouble keeping up
    with a cheetah. Sighing, I then lazily walk over to what used to be Joseph, who
    was not as tasty as I would have hoped. I take the clothes and armor off of his
    remains, incinerated the rest, and after placing them on myself walked to the
    end of my cave. There stood a mountain of treasures reaching up to the 100 foot
    roof from both ancient and modern decent; Gold, diamonds, and jewels spread
    everywhere; Swords, spears, and axes enchanted with earth shattering spells;
    armors, clothes, and ornaments of the finest strength and make; Books and tombs
    filled with apocalyptic knowledge and spells.

    With an even longer sigh, I pick up one of the better swords
    with a holy attribute and close the treasury with a thick stone wall. I then
    walk over to a small hill of gold and curse Joseph for only bringing three wagons.
    One wagon is obviously needed for food so I can only take a paltry two wagon
    loads of gold with me. Of course two wagon loads is still enough gold to buy a
    kingdom or at least enough mercenaries to conquer one. However, for my future
    plans it is barely enough.

    Walking to a boulder next to a seemingly innocuous wall, I
    pushed the boulder aside revealing a handle, which I pull to a large room. 
    Then an angry shout came from inside
    “Dragon!” A blonde woman stood 6 feet tall wearing pony tail and an enchanted
    green sun dress that is always warm. The room was full of paintings of lakes
    and mountains. In the background I heard the soothing music of an enchanted
    harp being played next to a vista of the Crestfall mountain range. Although it
    was only a short year I will miss having the princess as a pet.

    At first she was very resistant and angry at being
    kidnapped, which is of course understandable. However, like all creatures the
    best way into her hearts, or heart since she is human, is her stomach. I hunted
    for her the finest of glerubs in my territory. This was especially useful since
    glerubs were overpopulating and would soon have experienced a die-off from over
    harvesting their resources. Suffice it to say after a month of fine eating she
    finally grew calm and bored. Then it occurred to me as I was flying around my
    mountain range one day that she always looks at me with envious eyes from her
    room. So I took some silksteel rope, tied it around her, and attached her to my
    back. At first she resisted but as we took flight she held on very tightly and
    eventually grew used to it finding its enamoring freedom.

    I, however, was busy making preparations for my humble human
    domination plan so couldn’t always attend to her enjoyment. Thusly, spotting a
    few merchant bands in my territory, or the so called ‘countryside,’ I ‘tithed’
    them of artistic and musical instruments. She took quite a fancy to them and
    even began to paint in our flights. She also made a portrait of little old me,
    which I keep in the treasury. I think what finally won her over though are the
    clothes I got for her. In the midst of winter a few months back I noticed she
    shivered quite a bit and got her some enchanted clothing and blankets. Since
    then she has been more content as my pet and has even taken to playing music
    for me while I sleep on my gold. Of course, time moves forward and with it the
    beginning of my plan. This morning began by trapping her in the safety of her
    room. There’s really no telling what these humans would do, to them pillaging
    goes hand and hand with raping after all. Thusly, her anger at her dear master
    dragon is predictable.

    She then looks at me and shock fills her gaze and for the
    briefest moment I even saw a tinge of sadness and pain. She soon recollected
    herself and gave a stalwart and noble look. Whereupon I answered, “Dear
    princess Isskona, I am Joseph Searmire son of Duke Searmire and have come at
    the behest of your father king of Kroan to return you to his side. Thusly I
    slayed the evil firebreathing demon and come to your rescue.” Having said this
    my mouth tastes like the rectum of a poisonous Brightwood Beetle. I took 30
    years preparing for this moment. Most of the preparation came in the form of
    learning to lie and deceive, a skill inherit within human beings. I spent a
    full 20 years learning to fake facial expressions, tone of voice, and words to
    the same level as a moderately capable human child. From princess Isskona’s
    gaze I can tell I am not the only one disgusted by my words. Seeming to swallow
    it down Isskona responded, “thank you dear knight, might I ask what befell the

    Withholding the longest sigh yet at the caring words of my
    ever so cute pet. “There is no need to feel worried, my lady. I found this holy
    sword in his treasury and stabbed him through the heart quickly extinguishing
    his life. You are safe now.” She grew calmer though not for her safety. She was
    always safe after all. “After you change your clothes let us depart quickly, my
    lady. The outside world will do you good from the vile memories of this
    prison.” Hesitant, she replied “agreed my knight, let’s depart from these…
    memories.” Humans, such grand liars who can’t even accept that they care for
    other species or be branded by their society and reviled.

    I extended my hand towards her in knightly fashion and a
    flash of anger came and was quickly suppressed on her face as she said “no, sir
    knight, I’d prefer to walk on my own power for now.” In a slightly pleased mood
    I responded “as you wish.” Walking in silence towards the cave exit I grab the
    silksteel rope from the walls and tie around myself. Then looking towards the
    princess say “the climb down is perilous, so I’m afraid to ensure your safety
    you will need to ride my back.” A mixture of emotions fill her face and
    eventually she manages to mutter out “fine.” Tying her to myself, I quickly began
    to descend the stony mountain to the valley below. On the way I sew a few
    crimson flowers of what used to be hunters and peasants.

    The princess then asked in a slightly horrified tone, “did
    the dragon do this?” So very pure hearted. It makes teasing her ever so
    delightful. I remember this one time I flew her to a nearby frozen lake. There,
    I left her on the shore and began to step on the lake. Unbeknownst to her, I am
    also an Archmage tier expert at ice magic. So believing the ice solid she
    stepped upon it and fell into the water. I began to laugh at her plight and when
    she got out she began to cast fire magic at me, a dragon. It was rather cute,
    like a pixie trying to punch a brown bear.

    Old memories, even longer sigh withheld. It will be more
    than a century before I can retake my dragon form. I answered her “many brave
    knights died to put down the fowl beast.” She grew solemn. Nearing the bottom I
    saw my levy. A thousand spear wielding peasants and the last five knights of my
    retinue. Those peasants lucked out. I choose my home because it would take a
    human in good physical shape to barely enter the cave. Unbeknownst to the
    half-starved, four foot nine inch tall, disease ridden common folk their plight
    is their salvation. Of course the peasants can’t be left without any condescending
    ‘leadership’ so five knights remain. 

    Seeing Joseph’s return along with the princess the whole
    levy and retinue began to cheer and chant “Dragon Slayer.” Removing the
    silksteel rope I stood atop a boulder and looking across their faces I made an
    impassioned speech. “For countless years our land has been besieged by the
    dragon. Burning our fields, destroying our caravans, and eating our livestock.
    Even worse, the blight called dragon had the arrogance to steal the princess of
    our very own Kroan Kingdom! The king was so bereft of the loss of his daughter
    that he even promised her hand for her safety.” At these words the princess
    flinched. “However, we knights and warriors feared not this malevolent being.
    We marched from our home in Freyard, crossed rivers, hiked across magic
    infested forests, and arrived at these desolate mountains. Here we faced the
    great evil and here we proved victorious!” The peasants began to cheer even

    “As we all know with victory comes spoils. Inside that cave
    lies enough treasure to buy food for all our families for the entirety of our
    lives!” Greed began to enter their eyes. “Thusly, we will stay here for the
    next few days and we will extract the treasure. Upon our return each man will
    receive a fistful of gold!” Upon these words thee peasantry howled as if
    possessed by sheer excitement, a fistful of gold is enough for three
    generations of their families to eat well. “However, now more than ever is the
    time for secrecy. If word goes out bandits and marauders will come to take from
    us our treasure and to make our wives widows. Thusly, any and all deserters
    will be punished swiftly and decisively. Those suspected of stealing or
    attempting to steal our treasure will likewise be punished. Lastly, any man
    that reports the crime of those with black hearts will be rewarded with their
    share. But for today we celebrate, breakout the fine wine!”

    Although still cheering from the earlier excitement, I
    seeded the fear of their fellow man into their souls. Thus serving two
    purposes. Those men, having heard the speech now know that there is a
    significant reward to cooperation. However, they likewise know that attempting
    to steal may very well result in their execution. They are not even able to
    trust their comrades as they may be turned in for their share. Thusly, ensuring
    minimal information leakage, minimal loss of treasure, and the cooperation of
    the peasantry. Stepping down from the boulder I approach my retinue.

    “My lord, what of the others?” A reasonable tall red headed
    well-muscled knight named Lemric Strockhoss asked. His brother was amongst the
    vict… casualties in the cave. Looking towards him, while doing my best to
    restrain myself from smirking, I answered, “Sorry Lemric, your brother died an
    honorable death fighting that creature. So have all the others. I only survived
    because of the dragon’s arrogance and this sword on my belt. I promise, tonight
    I will share with all of you everything of the battle. Tomorrow we will bury
    the dead but today,” looking towards the Quarter Master, “Breakout the fine
    wine and food, we only need one wagon full to return.” Lemric and the others
    looked mournful but as knights of our Kroan kingdom they understand to die with
    honor is to die a good death.

    Before they leave I also give another command, “Xavier, summon
    the squires, I would like to alert them of their master’s death and promote a
    few into my service. Also, Jurggen Vulturin (Quarter Master), you have my
    permission to recruit 20 or more trusted spearmen to serve as additional guards
    for our wagons.” Xavier Pescal, A bronze-skin, black haired, lanky chap nods
    and departs for the tents. Jurggen, a rat faced stout man that dresses in the
    most gaudy of noble wear responds, “yes, master. Also concerning the recruitment
    can I give them some an additional reward for their service?” No doubt he will embezzle
    some of their reward into his pockets.

     “You are authorized
    to offer them an additional fistful of gold.” “About that my lord, are you sure
    you want to offer the peasantry so much? Even a few gold coins can buy their
    loyalty.” One of the shorter retainers named Tredurin Mertic, standing 5” 4’ with
    brown hair, olive skin, and hazel blue eyes asks. “To quote the old hymn of
    Freduchin and the Seven Giants, ‘gold is a plague of the heart. For it men
    would kill even their fathers to lift the disease of greed.’ Yes, I am sure.
    Once we begin moving all the gold from the cavern it will become imperative to
    ‘lift their disease’ with enough measure. Also Janice, please show the princess
    to one of our tents, she has had a long day.” Janice Oakstaff, the last female
    knight left, stood 5” 8’ with black and wide hair intermixed, which is an odd
    combination with her youthfulness and emerald eyes.

    Acknowledging the command she departs with the princess
    while saying “come with me princess, I’ll show you to your quarters.” Helix
    Lionspaw, an almost sickly pail black haired youth and the last of my original
    retinue asks “Should I dress your wound my lord?” I then look towards my right
    shoulder and saw Joseph’s blood stains across the torn armor and chain mail.
    Hmm, completely forgot that was there. “No, I dressed it before I exited the
    cavern.” Xavier then returns with a dozen squires behind him. These sons of
    lower nobility were given to knights to be educated in their ways and thusly
    become knights themselves. However, most of their masters have died and we are
    consequently left with a massive shortage of upper management for the
    peasantry. Thusly, I decided to promote 7 of the more outstanding youths to my
    service while the others are distributed to the previous five knights.

    Asking the seven to kneel I couldn’t help but look at their youthful
    human faces, sons of nobility. These children will grow up to own fiefs where
    they will leach off of their serfs driving them close to starvation. Then they
    will have children of their own who will have peasants cut down more of my
    forest to grow more food perpetuating the cycle until there is no more land and
    the humans begin to starve. Of course this will only affect the peasantry and
    starvation is already such a common occurrence. It truly is no wonder that most
    peasants don’t even reach five feet and it further enables nobles to lord over
    them. The world is cold and cares little for their plight but dragons are
    searing and I will rule them.

    “Do you swear to serve me to the
    best of your ability, to uphold the honor of your house and to at all times
    behave in a way proper to knights and nobility? Do you swear to answer your
    countries call to battle and before all the gods fight honorably to your last
    breath? Do you swear to fight with me through perils of untold horror even if
    it should take your life? Do you give me, Joseph Searmire, this oath of
    knighthood?” “We do so swear and grant our lives for honor, glory, and our
    rightful lord!” answered the newly minted knights. I then took my sword into my
    left hand and placed it on each of their shoulders. “Rise as knights.” Rising
    they had a look of elation and happiness at this achievement. The other five
    where despondent but such can’t be helped. If they only knew that I truly meant
    it when I said ‘untold horror.’ I then placed 100 levies under the command of
    each of my retinue except Janice who is now the princess’ personal guard and
    Xavier who is mine.



    Soon night fell and the sound of celebration could be heard
    across the camp. I was seated in front of a large bonfire surrounded by my
    retinue and curious peasants. Under the moonlight, I knew they would write
    songs, children would dream, and men envy of what was to occur. The greatest
    power humanity has; the power to lie, that’s right, its story time.

     “As we were entered
    the cave we had to be careful not to be blown into the mountain by the odd
    winds coming from inside. The odd wins, however, came rhythmically and properly
    timed, it could be traversed safely. To our astonishment, they were not winds
    but breath! As we approached the purple dragon heard our footsteps and arose
    150 feet tall! Then with hatred and hunger in his eyes he spoke, ‘how nice for
    my meal to deliver itself. I’ll be sure to reward you by devouring you slowly.’
    The men were shocked by his size and even more by his despicable nature.

    However, the dragon gave no time to even blink as he
    breathed in with a force that could blow down a hundred tenement homes. I knew
    what the fowl beast was about to do. Giving the command, my brave knights
    formed a shield wall in front of it, the quick mages cast tens of protective
    barrier spells, and the spearmen and hunters hid behind our walls. Like a
    tsunami it came. The blue fire burned through the mage barriers like paper.
    Before us stood a wall of fire 50 feet high but the bravery of our knights
    stood firm! The shield wall took the blast, our feet forced backwards, and the
    heat could only be described as an inferno.

    The dragon, after what seemed like hours, finally lost his
    breath. He looked at us with arrogant anger for our survival of his most
    fiendish attack. Then he bellowed out a roar to that shook mountains and
    charged. The knights did not panic, we stood our ground and readied the pikes,
    the hunters and mages took distance and loosed arrows and bolts of magic, and
    even the spearmen tightened their grips and readied themselves. Life or death
    would be determined in the following moments. Raising up his claw higher than a
    castle it came down like a sledgehammer upon our shields. We held, despite the
    force, we held, despite his vicious anger, we held! Then we began our offense,
    we stabbed with our magic, pikes, and spears.

    The dragon took great enmity from our resistance and even
    suffered wounds at our hands. Enraged he fled back into the cavern smacked the
    walls with his tail. The whole cave shook and the ceiling collapsed. A large
    stone slab fell and I was fated to be crushed. Raywind Strockhoss pushed me out
    of the way. I will always owe him and his family a life debt for this most
    honorable deed. Our wind mage and three brave knights died this way and our
    shield wall broke. The dragon, however, to spite their bravery laughed. He
    unfurled his wings and as if a century storm came the winds blew with force
    enough to tear castle walls. Our knights and mages defended themselves with
    shield and magic. The hunters and spearmen were left without protection,
    however, and were tossed out of the cave.

    With hideous reptile eyes the dragon look at us and laughed
    causing the whole cavern to quake. Our moral was low, panic began to creep into
    our hearts, but we still stood strong. We reformed the shield wall the mages
    cast ice spike and stone shard spells pelting the dragon. We advanced quickly
    towards the dragon and then he opened his mouth. From it, the dragon spewed
    black mist slimy to the touch. Like sludge it clung to our clothes and armor
    and soon we were paralyzed and fell unconscious.

    I woke to the scream of the last of my knights being
    devoured. No doubt he saved me for last but in this hopeless moment a light
    shined through. I heard it’s calling from the end of the cavern. Telling me to
    get up, encouraging me to live and find justice. I got up and began to run to
    the end of the cavern. The dragoon saw this and smirked, no doubt he preferred
    fresh pray. Slowly walking behind me like an ominous shadow. I ran as fast as I
    could till a saw a mountain of treasure. Two whole wagon full of gold. No doubt
    this was the greedy dragons stash.

    Besides a wall I saw it, an iron sword as purely normal as
    can be. Throwing away despair at its natural appearance, I rushed for it. The
    dragon, upon seeing the objective of my mad dash, grew furious. He finally took
    me with seriousness, catching up in the blink of an eye. I was but 10 feet from
    the sword when the dragons claw came crashing down. I did my utmost to dodge,
    years of training and martial cultivation put to work but the dragon was too
    fast. His claw tore through my armor nearly severing my right arm.

    Despite his best effort I still reached the sword and the
    dragon felt something new. His blood ran cold, his eyes disbelieving, and his
    smile gone. Fear. The dragon tried to rise his anger once more to no avail, his
    fear overtook him. I approached the dragon wielding the sword and he backed
    away. The dragon began to cower and tried to bride me to spare his life. He
    offered mountains of gold, to burn the castles of my enemies, and even to be my
    lifelong pet. Truly a coward. Not hearing any of it, I dashed towards him with
    the sword raised. Finally growing angry the dragon swiped with his tail. I
    swung the sword down and cut straight through the tail with a holy brilliance.
    While the dragon screamed in agony I sprinted to him and before he could swipe
    me with his claws, I stabbed his heart were then he burst into holy flame
    leaving nothing behind.”

    Their eyes lusted for more. The story finished and the
    thirst came. I’ve done my job. Even Lemric had a mixture of pride, veneration,
    and sadness upon his face. Cheering came, boasts were made, and all drank wine.
    All but my lovely pet who seamlessly exited the light of the fire and faded
    into the night. I swear if I knew how much humiliation I would suffer, I would
    have devoured Joseph even slower. Janice began to get up but I asked her to sit.

    I exited the clamorous fire and walked towards the woods.
    There upon a hill sat my pet looking towards the stars. “Princess Isskona,
    might I asked why you left the festivities.” The answer obvious, only served to
    enrage her. Her emerald eyes looked at me with clear anger and sadness in them.
    “You have your price, you now obtained gold, glory, and honor for your house.
    At the cost of all your ‘precious’ companions.” Her attempts to incite fury are
    pointless and in truth they make me want to laugh.

    Approaching her I placed my arm around her shoulders. She
    resisted and was about to shout when I said, “look there!” I pointed towards
    the starry sky. “The teachings of Vledrin show that most of those stars have
    worlds and most of those worlds life. ‘There is where our ancestors and loved
    ones go to reincarnate.’ In that sky somewhere my companions and perhaps even
    your dragon look up. Just as the blue sky unites all on Petros, the night sky
    unites all souls together.” I then turn towards her and I see a single tear
    fall. She looked into my eyes and then quickly downwards with a slight
    bashfulness. Joseph you damn smooth talker, I should have flayed you alive.
    Angrily she broke my grip and stormed back to camp. Her hands clutched tightly
    with a hint of crimson. You never fail to please me, my dear pet.

    Proudly I returned to my tent.
    The sounds of celebration still audible even to this late hour. No doubt the
    peasantry enjoying the best wine of their lives. Calmly I rested in a
    meditative posture. Throughout today I felt as though I walked on a knife’s
    edge and upon relaxing I felt clearly how much my power screamed to get out.
    Suppressing a sigh I knew would last for days, I began to seal even more of my
    power. I cannot allow this human vessel to rupture. I poured Qi out of my
    meridians into the night sky. I have, yet again, become weaker. I can’t even
    use magic as my spiritual force is fully occupied maintaining the spell. I do
    not know how much weaker I will become before equilibrium is reached and this
    vessel is capable of holding my energy. 
    Falling asleep, my first day as a human was at an end and only a century
    left to go.

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