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    Sneak Peak of Chapter 84 Below


    Chapter 84: Meng Hao, What Are You Doing?


    “Patriarch, Disciple went through innumerable trials and tribulations
    to bring those people here. I don’t mind if there’s no reward, but this
    poison….” A look of indignation had appeared on Meng Hao’s face. But
    before he could even finish speaking, the fissure in the ground closed
    up completely. There was no trace that it had even existed. Patriarch
    Reliance was nowhere to be seen and didn’t speak. The only things that
    remained were the seven burning lamps and the flickering light they
    cast. The seven Cores and the one Nascent Soul let of thin streams of
    Qi. The streams didn’t emanate up, though. As soon as they left the
    lamp, they were sucked into the ground.

    “Patriarch Reliance, I allowed myself to be poisoned because of you.
    You’re from the senior generation, and you’re a powerful expert. How
    could someone as powerful as you do something like this?!”

    “I’m neither an expert nor powerful,” replied the Patriarch with a
    light cough. “I’ve been like this since I was young. And that is not an
    ordinary Spirit Stone, kid. Your Cultivation Base just isn’t high enough
    to be able to tell. Wait until you’re at the Spirit Severing stage,
    then you will know how amazing that treasure is.”

    “You… Patriarch, what’s going on? I went through a lot of trouble!
    Why are you doing this!?” Meng Hao was furious. But everything around
    him was completely silent. Patriarch Reliance didn’t say anything; in
    fact, he seemed to be ignoring Meng Hao.

    “Patriarch, I don’t need any other rewards. I just need help
    dispelling this poison. You… Patriarch, Disciple was constantly trying
    to figure out ways to bring those people here to help you recover your
    Cultivation base. How can you do this to me?!?!”

    low pay

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    lol these memes are the best death. thanks a lot for taking your time to do these :)

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    Sneak Peak of Chapter 88: Lord Revelation’s True Self




    The two wooden swords stabbed simultaneously through Meng Hao’s body,
    sending showers of blood flying out. The flame of Meng Hao’s life force
    was growing dimmer. However, the suction power within him had grown to
    an unprecedented height. It was so strong that it seemed as if it might
    be able to suck in everything around him. It was as if regardless of
    whatever obstacle faced him, regardless of whatever danger he was in,
    nothing could block his path to becoming a powerful expert.

    The suction power seemed to be affecting Meng Hao’s stupor. His mind expanded into boundlessness.

    Patriarch Reliance looked at him and murmured, “This is… stealing luck from the Heavens!”

    At the moment, Meng Hao’s desire to be powerful had fused with his
    Cultivation base, a stubbornness which belonged to the thirteenth level
    of Qi Condensation; he would steal from the Heavens; he would defy the
    Heavens to change his life force.

    A thunderous boom sounded out as the full and complete spectrum of
    spiritual energy from the seven oil lamps poured into Meng Hao. As it
    entered his body, it became his blade with which to attack and break
    through the level gap.

    power up

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    Sneak Peak Below


    Chapter 92: Exterminate Foundation Establishment!


    In front of Meng Hao was the old Foundation Establishment Cultivator
    from the Upright Evening Sect. Behind him was the enraged Foundation
    Establishment Cultivator from the Cold Wind Sect. As of this moment,
    Foundation Establishment Cultivators from two of the three great Sects
    of the State of Zhao had appeared.

    In his heart, Meng Hao knew that he was stuck between a rock and a
    hard place. It would be difficult to escape. Theoretically, he could
    lead them into Patriarch Reliance’s secluded meditation zone, but to do
    that would require the cooperation of Patriarch Reliance himself.

    Considering everything that had happened between the two of them, and
    also considering the Patriarch’s temperament, it was doubtful he would
    help out. Furthermore, Meng Hao had already used that ruse that once.
    The chances of tricking more people in the same was was not high.


  • Sneak Peak Below…. Sure you want to look…?


    Chapter 94: You Really Want Me To Come Out?


    An incredible roaring boom sounded out from the massive hand as the
    glowing red beam sliced through it. Starting in the space between the
    middle and ring finger of the hand, a massive gash appeared, cutting it
    cut it completely in half.

    One slash, and the hand was severed.

    “You!!!” cried Lord Revelation. His face flickered, and he lifted his head, his eyes flashing.

    A thunderous boom rolled across the land. The giant hand, ten
    thousand kilometres wide, had moments ago blotted out Meng Hao’s vision
    and covered the entire land. But in the blink of an eye, a gap appeared,
    and Meng Hao could suddenly see the sky.

    The hand split apart into two halves, each of which slammed into the ground on either side of Meng Hao.

    The ground trembled and began to sink down. The mountains were
    crushed. All the wild creatures in the area, unable to flee, were
    instantly transformed to ash.

    talk to the hand

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    Book 2: Cutting into the Southern Domain

    Sneak Peak below…..


    Chapter 96: Demonic Jade in a Mountain Valley


    There’s no need to explain what Foundation Establishment means to
    Cultivators. It is a world-shaking transformation which includes an
    extension of longevity. Of course, longevity means life, and the lives
    of Foundation Establishment Cultivators are of course much more
    fulfilling than those of the Qi Condensation stage.

    There are wounds which will kill someone of the Qi Condensation
    stage, but can only hurt a powerful Foundation Establishment expert.

    Meng Hao walked through the verdant mountains outside the edge of
    what had once been the State of Zhao, leaving behind the land that had
    once been his home. He headed toward the Southern Domain.

    Even though the State of Zhao had technically been part of the
    Southern Domain, it was very remote, far, far away from the Southern
    Domain’s center. Given his current Cultivation base, if he went on foot,
    it could take years to get there.

    But Meng Hao wasn’t in a rush. Though he headed in the direction of
    the Southern Domain, what he was most concerned about at the moment was
    how to break through to Foundation Establishment and become a powerful

    you called me out...

    Some fun for you guys curtsey of Deathblade:

    Leonardo brandished his swords skillfully. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him. “Back off, buddy,” said King Koopa. Leonardo quickly departed. King Koopa laughed. Suddenly a booming sound out from around the corner. Blastoise
    suddenly appeared. “Beat it!” King Kupa ran off, tail between his legs.
    Suddenly a roar filled the air. Blastoise coughed up a mouthful of
    blood. A voice rang out: “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Patriarch Reliance!” Blastoise disappeared into a sassy rainbow beam as he fled.

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    Sneak Peak below


    Chapter 97: Cultivation Breakthrough in a Mountain Valley


    Before Meng Hao could even make a move, the dark bluish-green Spirit
    Snake was already about ten meters away from Meng Hao. Suddenly, it
    stopped in mid-air and let out a shrill shriek, as if it could sense
    something terrible on Meng Hao’s person. It began to tremble, then shot
    backward in retreat, not daring to come even a bit closer.

    Suddenly, a three-colored mist emerged from the top of Meng Hao’s
    head. It transformed into a enigmatic demonic face which seemed to be
    both crying and laughing at the same time. It spun around Meng Hao’s
    head, then let out an intangible shriek which shot toward the Spirit

    The Spirit Snake let out a miserable shriek when the intangible
    shriek slammed into it. Its body instantly began to rot. It transformed
    into a coagulation of blood which then fell to the ground. Upon seeing
    this, the old man’s expression changed. The two other Cultivators
    gasped, looks of astonishment on their faces.

    Meng Hao also looked on in astonishment, his heart thumping.

    laugh or cry

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    Chapter 98: Valley of the Red Rope


    Time slowly went on. Soon half a month passed. On one particular
    night, the full moon was especially bright, outshining most of the
    stars. It hung up in the sky, filling the land with its gentle silvery,

    It seemed to shine especially brightly upon the group of valleys,
    especially the valley where Meng Hao was located. As it shined down onto
    the mist within the valley, the mist began to seethe, slowly spinning
    into what looked like a vortex.

    Outside the valley, the seven Cultivators were waiting, their eyes
    shining. They stared at the mist within the valley, expressions of
    anticipation on their faces.

    “The hour has arrived….” said the toad geezer, his voice low. Even as
    his words issued out from his mouth, a gurgling sound could be heard
    from within the mist.

    The sound was indistinct, but when it reached the ears, it stabbed to
    the heart. Cackles echoed out, and the mist within the valley roiled.

    Time passed. The gurgling sound became clearer. Amidst further
    cackling sounds, the mist turned and turned until it appeared to be a
    giant whirlpool. The edges of the whirlpool of mist seemed to be able to
    pierce into the surrounding cliff walls, causing them to melt.
    Liquified rock poured down the cliff faces.

    level up

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    Chapter 100: Blade of Flawlessness


    When Meng Hao sent out his Spiritual Sense, he started to get the
    feeling that he was cut off from heaven and earth. He was familiar with
    this sensation; it was the same type of feeling he got when in the tenth
    level of Qi Condensation, or the thirteenth. Although now, the feeling
    was even stronger, as the Heavens did not tolerate his Cultivation at
    all. And yet, along with the disapproval, he felt the strength of a
    different state. It seemed as if despite the fact that the Heavens did
    not tolerate it, and this state was rejected by all creation… it fought
    back, and because of that, was even more powerful.

    That resistance came, not from Meng Hao, but from the Dao Pillar and the spiritual energy inside of him!

    After feeling the resistance of the Heavens, Meng Hao quickly
    determined its source…. not a bit of the spiritual energy of heaven and
    earth he had absorbed into his body escaped back out. Furthermore, none
    could be absorbed in. No cycle could be created with heaven and earth,
    which was not permitted!

    At the same time, because the spiritual energy was not emitting from
    him, he was able to vaguely make out some strange, immaterial vestiges.
    Were he able to grab ahold of them, he would instantly become even more

    These vestiges were not permitted by the Heavens, so only Cultivators
    who were rejected could see them and gain enlightenment regarding them.

    Although Meng Hao wasn’t aware of it, in the Cultivation world, these
    vestiges were called Dao Taboos! Every Cultivator of the Foundation
    Establishment stage could sense them.

    At the same moment as Meng Hao began to sense the Dao Taboos, something shook his body.

    2 years

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    Today’s intro is very simple:

    The moment when Eccentric Song hears the news about the State of Zhao disappearing….

    Chapter 98: Valley of the Red Rope

    Chapter 99: Title withheld in release post only!

    Translated by Deathblade

    Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade

    Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo

    Chapter 99 Sponsors: Michelle Blanco, Sai Pakalapati, Tjandra Johannes, Tu Ha, and Hein Haugeberg

    Please join me in clasping hands in a respectful bow to Fellow
    Daoists Michelle Blanco, Sai Pakalapati, Tjandra Johannes, Tu Ha, and
    Hein Haugeberg, whose generous donation of Spirit Stones made possible
    the 1st sponsored chapter of the week!

    treasure mountain

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    Chapter 102: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!


    Murmuring to himself, Meng Hao frowned. He looked over at the gaping
    hole. At the moment, there was not just one white-robed man there, but
    about seven, floating around in various positions. Their bloody gazes
    were fixed upon him.

    Although he couldn’t see their eyeballs, Meng Hao’s entire body grew
    cold. This place was incredibly bizarre, and was filled with the desire
    to leave as soon as possible.

    But then he looked down at the ancient jade pieces in his hand, and
    resolve filled his eyes. He bit the tip of his, allowing a drop of blood
    to fall onto the second ancient jade.

    As soon as the blood drop splashed onto it, it began to vibrate. A
    gaseous substance appeared in front of Meng Hao, which solidified into a
    gray-colored Qi. It shot toward him, entering his body in the spot
    between his eyebrows.

    red eyes

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    Chapter 103: Treasures


    “What is that thing!?” panted Meng Hao, his heart grim. With no time
    to even wipe the blood from his mouth, he popped a Foundation
    Establishment into his mouth. Because of the level of his Cultivation
    base, the pill would not cause his body to be paralyzed. The power of
    the pill instantly flushed out the Frigid Qi.

    No one but Meng Hao could be so wasteful.

    His body seems to transform into a flash of light as he pulled on the
    rope, borrowing its power to shoot even closer to the cave mouth. As of
    now, he was only two hundred meters away. At his heels, roughly three
    meters away from him, were the black tendrils of hair and the other


  • Chapter 104: A Great Wind Arises, The Roc Spreads its Wings

    As he looked down a the six men, who trembled in fear like cicadas
    during winter, Meng Hao for the first time experienced the strength and
    respect shown to powerful experts in the Cultivation world. It would be
    more correct to say respect and fear. Two years ago, these men had been
    willing to attack him, even though he was of the ninth level of Qi
    Condensation. But now, each and every one of them was shaking in his

    “I want you to tell me everything you know about this place,” said
    Meng Hao coolly. “If you hide anything from me….” He let his words trail
    off as his gaze swept over them. They trembled as they saw the remnants
    of the red glow emanating from his eye.

    The glow was filled with a Demonic air, and when they saw it, their
    pupils shrank reflexively. The sight seemed to have been branded onto
    their spirits. Their expressions changed; they looked terrified to the
    extreme and would clearly not hide anything from Meng Hao. They told him
    everything, even taking out the villages ancient records and giving
    them to Meng Hao. They showed him maps, ancestral poison recipes…

    Several days later, Meng Hao left the valley region, respectfully
    sent off by the six Cultivators. His bearing was calm, his face
    expressionless as he sat cross-legged on an enormous green leaf, which
    transformed into a multicolored rainbow and shot toward the Southern

    red rope

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    Sneak Peak Below


    Chapter 106: The Day the Resurrection Lily Blooms in Seven Colors

    “Sir, I can help you find the things you need in the city,” blurted
    the young man hurriedly. He was nervous, and fear shone in his eyes. He
    believed what Meng Hao had just said. He knew he would only have one
    chance to explain himself clearly, otherwise, he would be exterminated.
    It wouldn’t matter that they were within the city limits.

    Meng Hao gave the young man a look. He didn’t say anything, but the
    young man was clever, and picked up on Meng Hao’s intention, and spoke

    “I’m Qiu Lin of the junior generation,” he said, the words pouring
    out, his heart pounding. “I was born here in Eastern Greatness City, so I
    know the place well. I noticed you when you entered the city; I can
    tell that it’s your first time here. You need someone who knows their
    way around to help you find what you’re looking for. I’d like to offer
    my services.

    “For only fifty Spirit Stones, and you can save yourself a lot of
    time. I can help you to find what you need much faster.” He looked
    nervously at Meng Hao. He wasn’t lying, everything he’d said was the

    He had done this type of thing before, but this was the first time he
    had encountered someone like Meng Hao, who exuded such a deadly air.

    Meng Hao looked over him coldly, then slowly loosened his grip. He
    frowned; the more the poison flared up, the stronger his killing intent
    seemed to grow. It seemed to be slowly affecting his personality.

    one sentence

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    Chapter 107: Spoil me once, shame on you, spoil me twice, shame on me!


    “There are three methods to deal with this poison,” said the old man,
    collecting the bag of holding. “The third method is to simply alleviate
    the pain caused by the poison. There are three types of Spirit Fruit
    which you can eat that will have this effect.

    “A second method can be used to suppress the effects of the poison
    and also reduce the frequency of the flareups. For this, you need a
    Spring and Autumn tree. One tree can suppress the poison for one year.
    This type of tree is actually capable of doing more than just
    suppressing a vast variety of poisons. It’s very rare, but not
    impossible to acquire. The only down side is that the rebound effect is
    severe, and the poisoning will deepen. If the time comes when you cannot
    suppress the poison any more, it will erupt violently, and you will not
    be able to dispel it.

    “As for completely eliminating the poison, and this is the first
    method, it’s actually quite simple. Find someone of the senior
    generation who is in the Spirit Severing stage. They can easily
    eliminate the poison for you using the power of the Spirit Severing

    “Very well, seeing how readily you spend such quantities of Spirit
    Stones, I might as well tell you of a fourth method……………………………

    seven colors

  • Sneak Peak Below


    Chapter 108: The Secret Struggle Begins


    The restaurant was filled with with all sorts of people, so no one
    noticed Meng Hao’s strange behavior. He slowly put down his cup of
    alcohol. His expression was as calm as ever, but his heart had suddenly
    begun pounding, and a roaring sound filled his head.

    He silently turned his head to look at the person who had mentioned
    the seven stars in the eyes of the corpse of the Immortal. Then he
    lowered his head and took another drink.

    “You know what, it’s weird. That Immortal is dead, but it’s body
    still exudes a powerful pressure which caused all kinds of strange
    phenomena. The great Sects and Clans could only approach to a distance
    of one hundred meters.”

    “I heard that recently the great Clans and Sects made some special
    preparations to be able to approach closer than one hundred meters.” The
    discussions continued until midday, whereupon people began to disperse.
    The person who had mentioned the seven stars stood up. Chatting and
    laughing with his companion, he made to leave.

    It was at this moment that Meng Hao lightly tapped the table. The tap
    emitted a roaring boom, which sent a tremor through the bodies of the
    nearby Cultivators. Their expressions changed as they all turned to look
    at Meng Hao.

    His Cultivation base suddenly emitted the massive pressure of
    Foundation Establishment, enveloping the restaurant. Then it dissipated.
    However, in that brief moment, the bodies of the eighth and ninth level
    Qi Condensation Cultivators trembled. Their faces grew pale, and their
    hearts flip-flopped as they tried to remember whether or not they had
    said something to offend this Foundation Establishment expert.

    “Elder generation….” One by one, they saluted, their hearts were
    filled with veneration. They knew that fighting was prohibited within
    the city limits, so this person wouldn’t attack someone lightly. But to
    them, the mighty pressure exuded by a Foundation Establishment
    Cultivator was incredibly powerful, and caused dread to well up inside.

    “You,” said Meng Hao, pointing at one of the people. “Come here.”

    99 bottles

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    Chapter 109: The Legend of Doom


    A thousand-year-old conch shell from the Milky Way Sea, capable of
    increasing the longevity of a Cultivator. Longevity is priceless. Long
    life is important to anyone; it is a thirst which springs from the soul

    This is especially true for Cultivators, even more so for those who
    are reaching the end of their years. To add half of a sixty-year-cycle
    to their life, they would pay almost any price.

    The fact that this was the first item up for auction led to quite a
    buzz. People immediately began calling out bids, both from the ring of
    private booths up above, and from the throng of nearly a thousand down
    below. The prices being called out for the thousand-year-old conch shell
    grew higher and higher, until it reached a level that left Meng Hao
    somewhat apprehensive.

    In the end, someone in the second level of private booths purchased
    it. Even no one in the crowd below had been able to purchase it, their
    spirits were lifted by the purchase. When the second, third and fourth
    items appeared, the atmosphere grew even more exciting, and the prices
    called out even higher.

    This was the first time Meng Hao had attended an auction like this,
    and also his first time seeing the unbridled excitement of Cultivators.
    His mind slowly grew clear, and he looked coldly around as the
    Cultivators called out price after higher price for the items they
    wished to purchase.

    “Lot 8 is an item that many Fellow Daoists have traveled here
    specifically to purchase…” said Sir Qiao coolly. He flourished his right
    hand, and behind him, Qiao Ling appeared with yet another item on a
    jade tray.

    auction time

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    Chapter 110: Chu Yuyan’s Killing Intent


    “I can’t believe he’s going to try to outbid someone from the second
    level! Who is this guy? He’s wearing a big hat and you can’t see his

    “That guy’s got real nerve to jack up the price so high for a Spring and Autumn tree.”

    “Who is the Cultivator in the top level… This is interesting.”
    Discussions sprang up in the auction square. Only Sir Qiao, up on the
    stage, looked the same as ever. He looked at Meng Hao, then up at the
    top level booth.

    Behind him, a look of interest appeared on Qiao Ling’s face. She
    looked at Meng Hao closely, but because of his wide hat, and the cloth
    covering his face, didn’t recognize him.

    “Five-hundred thousand!” said Chu Yuyan, her brow furrowed. This was
    an incredible bid even for her. She stepped forward, lifting up the
    booth’s curtain. Suddenly, she became the center of attention of
    everyone down in the auction square.

    They all recognized her.


    “Chu Yuyan! It’s Chu Yuyan from the Violet Fate Sect!”

    “So, it’s her…” The entire square broke out into conversations. In
    the State of Eastern Emergence, Chu Yuyan was highly respected. She was a
    Cultivator of the Violet Fate Sect, was Grandmaster Pill Demon’s
    personal disciple, and her father was was the Sect leader. This, coupled
    with her unsurpassed beauty, instantly caused everyone to stare at her.

    “Well, so much for the suspense. If Chu Yuyan hadn’t shown her face,
    very well. But now that she has, no one would be willing to try to
    outbid her for something as ordinary as a Spring and Autumn tree.

    “It seems Chu Yuyan has her heart set on that Spring and Autumn tree.
    She even revealed her identity! Don’t tell me those rumors from a few
    years back were true?”

    “I think they were. Otherwise, she wouldn’t need a Spring and Autumn tree.”

    my tree

  • Sneak Peak Below


    Chapter 111: The Roc and the Flying Rain-Dragon


    Chu Yuyan also had a Flawless Foundation. This was because she was
    the daughter of the Sect leader of the Violet Fate Sect, and also
    because of Grandmaster Pill Master. Furthermore, her latent talent could
    be considered the third best in the entire Violet Fate Sect.

    It was for this reason that her father sent a special request to the
    Upright Clan in the Eastern Lands for a Flawless Foundation Pill, which
    was very rare in the Southern Domain. It was in this fashion that Chu
    Yuyan established her Flawless Foundation.

    Of course, the Violet Fate Sect had paid quite a price for this.

    As she raced in pursuit of Meng Hao, her eyes flashed. According to
    her judgement, there was no way Meng Hao could have a Flawless
    Foundation. In the current generation of Chosen in the entire Southern
    Domain, there were only eight Cultivators with a Flawless Foundation,
    one each in the five Clans and three Sects.

    Even Wang Tengfei didn’t have a Flawless Foundation, but a Cracked
    one. The Wang Clan was large, and Wang Tengfei was one of many Chosen.
    Neither was he one of the most illustrious members of the clan. Most of
    the attention was actually focused on his older brother.

    “Meng Hao….” Her eyes flickered, and her mouth twisted into a cold
    smile. To see such a cold expression on her beautiful face was actually
    somewhat arousing. “A trifling Cracked Foundation! The only thing you
    have are a few strange magical items!” She increased her speed, and the
    two of them transformed into beams of shining light as they screamed
    through the air above the State of Eastern Enlightenment.

    After reaching Foundation Establishment flight is possible. But in
    terms of speed, Chu Yuyan, who was in the middle Foundation
    Establishment stage, was quite a bit faster than Meng Hao. In a
    relatively short time, she caught up to him.


    A massive explosion bellowed out.

    help wang tengfei

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