Virtual God Zu Chapter 0-6

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Virtual God Zu

You may have noticed me posting things around here, some I finish some I don't. Well if you like Virtual Reality novels or love a story that you just want to enjoy, I want you to try this out. Virtual God Zu is more than just a story of someone gaming, it's more than just someone trying to be the best. It's a story where the Players can interact with NPC's and the NPC's are basically real people. Think of it as a second life for some. The world, the characters, and even the interactions, I want it to feel some what realistic. Unlike my other novel 5 Dragon Emperor, this story is slow pace. It's casually written and i'm taking my time writing this. This novel is being written side by side with 5 Dragon Emperor, but the chapters are much longer. Hopefully you have a blast with the main characters, and enjoy what they have to offer. (Yes I said Main CharacterS! There is more than one, but the main one focuses on Zu. However the others are also highly important because what they do will have some effect on the world one way or another.)


I am the God of my world Zu. Are you the God of your world? I was born a noble in the southern region of Chaos, made a slave only to buy my freedom. However I remember none of this. My past does not define who I will be, even if I do not remember does not mean others don't. I will learn, I will master, I will become a God. This world that the 'Jumpers' call a Virtual World is my home, and the Continent I'm on is called Azure. I may be called a 'Noob' but my name shall shake the world. My legend continues, and those who know me call me the Virtual God Zu.

Virtual God Zu is my own take on a Virtual Reality world that offers players a second life. I don't want it to be like LMS/Ark or any of those others. I'll try to be different, but I don't know how much different it will be. Virtual God Zu is Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, martial Arts, Romance, Virtual Reality, Mature, and an Original.

Note: Sometimes the boxes work, sometimes not -.-

RoyalRoadl Version (Boxes/skills/damage/status looks better)


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    Chapter 0: The Prologue

    Erasing Memories…

    Choosing gender…

    Choosing appropriate age…

    Managing living arrangements…

    Importing basic knowledge…

    Importing Background and history…

    Error, redirecting.

    Error, Background and history failed to upload.

    Syncing Data…

    Importing quest…

    Error! Error!

    Redirecting failed, connecting to D.E.V.

    Connection terminated.

    Uploading in progress…

    Before we begin, please choose your name.

    “What? Where is this? Who am I?”

    Can not commute, please choose your name.

    “What, you want me to choose my own name?”

    Can not commute, please choose your name.

    “Fine then, Zu. Yes, my name is Zu.

    Zu is it? Do you want this name? If you choose this there is no going back.

    “Yes, Zu. My name is Zu.”

    Processing data… Implanting data… Syncing to Azure… Complete!

    Zu welcome to Azure.

    Zu: Age 20 Gender: Male Occupation: Farmer

    Zu was born a noble, his father owned all of southern Chaos and his mother was the daughter of Duke Niel. The southern region of Chaos was claimed to be house the strongest militant, but that was proved wrong when the Links attacked. The southern region of Chaos was thrown into chaos and all of the nobles were beheaded. Zu the crown prince and heir to the throne happened to escape. His uncle Peter hid him in the lowlands, hoping to save his life but who would have knew he would later become a slave. Zu being a slave at the age of eight then became a slave in the farmlands of Zen, the other slaves took care of him and showed Zu the ropes. Who would have known that ten years later Zu would buy his own freedom, becoming a free man. Once free Zu continued his farm life and brought a small house to live in on the edge of Lindel town. When Zu was a slave he had two meals a day, but now on his own he can barely pay the rent. There was a prophecy a thousand years ago that stated ‘Jumpers’ would appear one day, who knew that, that day was coming. It was stated that those ‘Jumpers’ would teleport into our land and either cause Chaos or utter destruction. Each Jumper belongs to a faction, and every faction is at war. On Azure, the factions are fighting for supremacy, but could you have known that they would pray for the ‘Jumpers’ to appear and fight for their cause? Zu has his own goal, he wants the region of Link to be destroyed but being a farmer won’t cover the quest he needs to give to the ‘Jumpers’.

    “What? I don’t remember any of this? Why… why don’t I remember? Is this a lie? This cannot be true!”

    Zu you are apart of the kingdom of Zen, and they have summoned the ‘Jumpers’ give them the quest needed to rise up in power to help your kingdom become the true ruler.

    This is your job, this is your destiny, you cannot escape your fate.

    A bright white light was shone, it covered all of the man's vision blocking him from seeing anything. He tried to cover his eyes, but it didn’t work, the light still shined through. When the light dimmed down, the man found himself in a tattered wooden house.

    The man looked around the wooden house, there were holes in the wall and a strange smell came into his nose. There wasn’t anything to hold his clothes, they were in a pile against the corner. The pile couldn’t even be considered big, it only had four pairs of clothes, each one was wet and produced a foul odor. The man pinched his nose as he turned his body around looking for anything to air out the scent.

    No window, there was no window in this wooden house. He turned around many times, but no matter how many times he looked, there wasn’t a window in sight. He gained some basic knowledge about this house - if that's what you would call it - it had a pile of wet clothes in the corner, a bucket filled with dirty water in another corner, and something that seemed like a bed that was made from straw.

    This wooden house was a disaster, the living conditions weren’t something a normal person could live in.

    The man walked to the wooden door which was the only place that didn’t have a hole in it, and opened it. The man got a whiff of fresh air, unlike what he had a moment ago. He closed his eyes while he breathed in a few times to make sure that the scent in his nose was gone while he opened his eyes slowly.

    ‘Beautiful!’ The man thought to himself as he took a few steps from his door. The surrounding area was something he hasn’t seen before, green grass all around, around fifty wooden houses just like his own, a mountain could be seen off in the distance. A few meters in front of him was a stone well, while there were chickens, dog's, and cat’s going around. “Mooo!”

    The man turned his head, to the sound, it was a cow. Not just one cow, but a dozen of them. He could see the sheep, pigs, hens, and even some horses gathered in an enclosed area. Each animal had their own area they were located at, and everything seemed peaceful.

    The man suddenly thought to himself, ‘Who am I? I know my name is Zu, but still, how did I get here?’

    This man was none other than Zu, the twenty year old farmer that lives alone. His skin tone is light, but also dark - probably due to being outside from farming. He has blue eyes and short brown hair that barely reaches his shoulders. His build is ok, but that is to be expect considering his occupation. If you were to measure him, he would be 5’9.

    Zu was alone out in the open for around two minutes, but after those two minutes more and more people started coming out of their houses. Children, and adults of all ages came out, but unlike Zu who was confused they did chores. The children approached the well to fetch water, while the women started to hang their wet clothing on a line. The men either went to their farm, or took a hatchet to cut down trees.

    The clothes they were wearing wasn’t that great, each one had patches, holes and stains on them. Some of the peoples hair were dirty, and had a weird stench coming from them, but each one of them were smiling. This was their life, this is all they knew.

    ‘Maybe I should approach one of them, then I could find out some information.’ Zu thought to himself for a few seconds before deciding to take action. He strolled over to an elderly man that seemed to be in his 80’s. “Excuse me mister, but where is this?”

    The elderly man had a cane that was holding him upright, keeping him from bending his back. He looked at Zu filled with confusion, but nevertheless he spoke: “Zu, since when have you returned to calling me mister? You’re one of us now, remember that!”

    Zu put his hand on the back of his neck and slightly rubbed it, he didn’t know what to say, but he didn’t know who this elderly man was. Zu smiled, he decided that he should ‘pretend’ not to understand anything. “I’m sorry sir, but i’ve lost my memory. I think it’s because I hit my head last night, but could you please remind me?”

    The elderly man was shocked, he slowly raised his hand and patted Zu on the shoulder. “Is that what I heard last night? Hopefully you’ll regain your memories, but i’ll tell you anyways. This is the outer region of the kingdom of Zen, we are farmers who produce food and gather herbs/lumber to ship to the capital. You can call me chief until you regain your memory.”

    Zu nodded his head, he seemed to understand something. Zu recalled the voices and picture screens that popped up in his head, he tried to recall the history that was on it, but everything was fuzzy. He should have paid it more attention if he knew that it would have been important, but he dismissed it because he wanted to know where that place was.

    Zu returned to the front of his home, since he was a farmer he needed to get to work. Every second he wasted was going to be a lose of money, and the way things were looking for him was not good. Zu walked around the outside of his house looking for any farming materials that he could use. In the back of his house he found a shovel, it seems that he was the type to take care of vegetables.

    How did Zu know that? That’s because in the back of his house was a field full of vegetables. Zu got the shovel and was about to begin his work when suddenly the sky - that was blue and filled with clouds - turned black.


    Zu heard something crash and raced back in the front of his house. When he first appeared in this location there were fifty houses, but now it increased to sixty! ‘Something is wrong…’ Zu thought to himself, there was no way his eyes were playing tricks on him. Zu himself even wiped his eyes a few times to make sure, but he was sure, there were now sixty houses.

    The ten new houses were different that the others, they each were workshops instead. Two said merchant on top, while another two said Blacksmith.  The other six seemed to be tailoring and alchemy shops. Zu knew what these things were, but he didn’t understand how they got there. Zu decided to ask the Chief if he knew anything about those places.

    Strolling back over to the Chief with his shovel at hand, Zu called out to him: “Chief, can I have a moment.”

    The Chief wasn’t doing anything, he was only sitting down on a stool gazing into the distance. It seemed like he wanted some company, because when Zu approached him he had a nice smile. “Yes Zu? Need something?”

    “Yes Chief, I was wondering where did those shops come from?” Zu cut straight to the point, he really wanted to know exactly how the appeared.

    The Chief was stunned once again, but he slowly shook his head. “Zu those have been there since you first came to me. I think you should rest a while, maybe then you’ll remember everything.”

    Zu pointed towards the Blacksmith's shop, “Chief they weren’t there the last time I came. I might have lost my memory but I can see as clear as day, something is wrong here!”

    The Chief started to laugh, but shortly after he started to cough. It looked like his age was taking a tole on him, because he seemed to be in bad shape. “Zu, please res-”

    The Chief stopped talking, and his eyes that were blue seemed void. He turned around and sat straight on his stool once again gazing off into the distance. The sky once again turned black, and Zu paid attention this time.


    ‘What! How!?’ Zu racked his brain over it countless times, but he couldn’t figure it out. Two more buildings just magically appeared in thin air, but the villagers and the Chief seemed to pay it no mind. One of the buildings seemed like a holy place, the outside was made of white stone, while the windows were all sparkling. The building next to it was huge, it was the biggest building Zu has seen so far. It was made of wood just like the other houses, but next to it were training dummies and target boards.

    Zu’s eyes opened wide, all of this was complete magic to him and he knew that the Chief really didn’t understand what was going on. This world that he was in was totally strange, and it seemed the inhabitants of this village were even stranger.

    The Chief seemed to regain control over himself, he got up off his stool and walked over to Zu. “Ah, where were we...ah, right those places have been there Zu. I suggest you rest awhile, maybe the heat is getting to you. Or you should go see the priest, have her take a look.”

    Zu rubbed both of his temples, he couldn’t talk to this Chief anymore or else he would get a headache. Zu decided that this world was strange and this place was even stranger, but nevertheless, Zu wanted to know why.

    Zu walked over to the building that seemed holy, it was nothing but a four minute walk. On his way over the villagers greeted him, and he returned it with a greeting of his own. Inside the holy building were people dressed in pure white robes. There were statues of different types of beings, along with a huge open space with people kneeling around it. They seemed to be in some sort of trance, and even when he came in they paid him no attention.

    “Ah, greetings. Welcome to the Church, is there anything I can help you with.” A gentle voice called out to Zu.

    He turned his head only to find that the voice belonged to a beautiful female dressed in white robes. Well her face was beautiful, as for the rest of her body Zu couldn’t tell because it was completely covered up. In her hands was a white book, and next to her was a man that seemed kind of aged.

    “May I ask who are you?” Zu asked.

    “Me? I’m the priest, and I take it you are a villager no?” The woman said while glancing over Zu’s clothes.

    “You could say that, what is this place? And what exactly are priest?”

    The woman nodded her head to the man at her side signaling him to leave. He bowed his head and took his leave, leaving Zu and the woman alone. “This place is the Church, we worship the God Ive and Idin. They were the two who gave birth to all of us, and spread the holy word around. We priest spread that same word giving the knowledge to all those who want to learn.” The priest pointed towards the open space with the people who were kneeling around it. “That is the revival, all those who have died gets revived there, as long as that is their save point.”

    ‘Save point?’  Zu didn’t understand what she was talking about. “What is this ‘Save point’?

    The priest eyes seemed the shine, she spread her arms wide. “This is the save point! Those who come here can save their souls in our Church, when they die we’ll know and prepare for their reincarnation. The prophecy stated that ‘Jumpers’ would appear so we’ve been waiting for the day they do, but we all know that some will die along their path to greatness. Thus we priest banned together to create the revival, a place where their souls can go and get revived. As for how it works… it has yet to be seen, but it’ll work, no! It has to work!”

    Zu felt that this priest was crazy she seemed to want to preach to him about their revival, but whenever she spoke she always talked about ‘Jumpers’ never about the people in this land. “Wait, hold on one second. Can we not get revived, but only ‘Jumpers’ can?”

    “Sadly that's true, we’ve tried on many occasions to see if it worked on our kind, but alas, it failed. However those lives were not lost in vain, it gave us knowledge. With that knowledge we knew that the revival would never work on our kind.”

    ‘You’ve tested it! That means you have murdered innocent people before!’ Zu had a cold drop of sweat go down his back, he felt it was a mistake coming here. “I’m sorry, but I actually need to go back to farming.”

    “Ah wai-”

    Zu left in a hurry, he took his shovel and ran out of the building, however when he went to the door the sky once again turned black.


    ‘What now!?’ Zu thought to himself as he glanced around for other buildings that might be new, however he found none. No matter in which direction he looked, everything seemed the same. Zu gave up on searching for a new building, and went directly towards the building next to this holy place.

    On arrival the place was crowded, it seemed that his time in the Church was long enough for people to come out of this place. There were men and women who looked kind of rough, had scars on their bodies and weapons at their side. When Zu arrived the place was buzzing with different stories on how they killed this or hunted that.

  • “Welcome youngster! Are you here to register?”

    A rough voice called out to Zu, he knew it called out to him because everyone else looked like they were in their forties. He was the only one in the room that looked young. Zu turned around to the voice, and it was a muscular man wearing pieces of armor on his body.

    “Register? Register for what?” Zu asked.

    “Huh, you came here but don’t know what this place is? You really are a youngster. This is the village army, here we train soldiers to protect our village from dangers. We find out what job is suitable for you, and train you in it. It’s the life all strong men dream of, you don’t have to worry about putting food on the table for your wife or kids, we take care of all that! So what do you say, want to register?”

    Zu shook his head, he didn’t want to do this. “No thanks, maybe next time.”

    “No problem, the doors always open.

    Zu had a feeling that if he continued to speak with that man it would lead him into something he didn’t want to know. ‘An army? Outside this place there isn’t even a single animal to kill, but there is an army here. I need to get out of here!’ Zu said to himself as he walked out the door.

    ‘Not again!’ Zu muttered, as he noticed the sky turned dark once again.


    Ding! You have been given 50,000,000 quest reward points go give out.

    Ding! You have the ability to give quest to the ‘Jumpers’.

    Ding! You have now entered Beginning Village Five.

    All quest exp and rewards will be doubled! Any monsters slain will count towards your exp.

    Ding! All completed quest will now generate exp, however the amount it is depends on the quest.

    Ding! As a villager in the Beginning Village Five you are only allowed to give out D rank quest.

    Ding! Teaching learned!

    Teaching - Ability to teach ‘Jumpers’ the knowledge of Azure along with anything you know that relates to a quest. If you happen to have high intimacy with a ‘Jumper’ you can teach them a skill you know.

    Ding! Farming learned!

    Farming - Ability to farm and grow crops. Allows you to take care of animals and you gain knowledge pertaining to herbs.

    Ding! Monsters have spawned in the outskirts of the village, if no one stops them they will invade!

    Ding! Monsters have spawned all around Azure, beware.

    ’Jumpers’ will arrive shortly. 5:00

    Ding! For more information ask for ‘Help’

    “What? I don’t understand any of this. Why do you keep appearing when I don’t need you!” Zu raised his voice yelling to the sky.

    ‘Help’ Zu said to himself.

    Commands below

    Say ‘Inventory’ to find your inventory. It is used to store items and gold.

    When you die you’ll have 24 hours of a wait time before you come back to life. (Only applies to ‘Jumpers’)

    To create a quest you must first have an objective. Once you have a motive you can create the quest and give it to a ‘Jumper’ so they can solve it. Each time a quest is solved you lose quest reward points. Twenty quest reward points can be regained every day.

    To use a skill you must learn them from your class master, each skill uses a different amount of mana/stamina.

    To summon your mount, say ‘Summon mount’. Mounts can increase your movement speed to make traveling easier

    To summon your pet say, 'Pet Summon’. Pets are creatures that travel with you and fight along your side. (Two pets per person)

    Say ‘Rank’ to see how much fame you have until you are offered your next rank into nobility. Every time you generate enough fame the king will offer you a higher rank in nobility. (Cannot become the next King without the king already being dead!)

    Say ‘Status’ to open up your character information.

    Note: You do not have to say these things out loud, just say it in your mind or think about it, and it will appear.

    Zu scanned over each and everyone of those things. He didn’t understand why he got that information but he had a feeling something was going to change. He glanced up in the sky and the timer finally hit zero.


    White lights started to appear, more than what the village was capable of holding. Zu was shocked, but he noticed that the villagers hardly paid it any mind. The white light turned into people, actual people. Short, tall, muscular, skinny, old, young all types were appearing and each one of them had clothing better than Zu himself. Some of the people rushed straight out of the village, while some ran towards the villagers themselves. Some of the younger players started moving their body around wierdly like they’ve never felt this before.

    ‘Is this a Jumper!?’ Zu thought to himself, while he slowly walking back to his house.

    “Wait!” A voice called out to him, turning his head a group of people who seemed no older than himself approached. Some of these people had weird colored hair, they were dressed in leather clothing also. However all of these people who came out of the white light were wearing leather clothing.

    Zu stopped and his grip tightened on the shovel, he was very cautious of these people. “What? Do you need something?” Zu said cautiously.

    The group of people looked at him weirdly before one voice said: “Don’t you have a quest to give us?”

    “Quest? I have no such thing.” Zu didn’t hesitate to speak, which stunned the people. Some showed disappointed faces while they left.

    “Come on guys, it seems we have to come back once were higher level.” The few players that were left also dispersed.

    ‘So those are ‘Jumpers’ huh.’

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    Chapter One: The First Quest

    Zu with his shovel at hand continued to stroll over to his wooden house. It was a four minute walk sure, but he had a constant amount of ‘Jumpers’ coming up asking for quest. Zu continued to tell them that he didn’t have any which made them all feel disappointed.

    Zu stopped right in front of his house, he took a step towards the wooden door but changed his mind. ‘No, I should examine them and see what they do.’ Zu thought to himself, he stopped himself from going inside his house and calling it a day.

    It would be weird for him to let himself fall asleep when it has only been around two hours since he first arrived. The ‘Jumpers’ that appeared seemed to have a limit to them, they stopped appearing after around ten minutes, however this village that only has sixty-two places cannot contain them all. It seems those ‘Jumpers’ knew that because most are out in the outskirts of the village doing other things.

    ‘Where do they go after leaving the village?’ Zu thought to himself as he sat his shovel against the wooden wall.

    “Come on, all the other players are grinding rabbits, we should try to find a spot ourselves!” A young voice called out. This voice sounded feminine, but it actually came from a handsome male with silver hair.

    ‘Strange, why is your hair color so weird? And you guys are actually hunting rabbits!?’ Zu was taken back by this, but when he looked around the village it seems the villagers continued going about their business. The ‘Jumpers’ were going up to them asking for more quest - which the villagers gave out - and then back to the outskirts of the village.

    ‘This term ‘player’ could that be another type of ‘Jumper’?’ Zu placed both his hands on his head and started messing his brown hair up. “Ah, I just don’t understand!” Zu shook his head while talking to no one, the ‘Jumpers’ passing by started looking at him funny. He was attracting unwanted attention.

    Two more ‘Jumpers’ left to go into the outskirts of the village, and a few meters behind them was Zu. These two ‘Jumpers’ were different not only in body size and gender, but they each had different weapons. One had a short sword that was chipped in different places while another had two daggers hanging from her waist. They seemed to be talking about joining up with their party, but Zu didn’t understand them at all.

    The walk took them around five minutes, it was short but the view was different. If Zu thought the scenery around the village was beautiful, then this was a masterpiece. Cool wind blowing - that made his hair sway - flowers stretching off into the distance, countless trees whose branches were swaying. The sun off into the beautiful sky, while there were tons of beautiful rabbits hopping around. The scene would have been a masterpiece but it was completely ruined. Blood, death, fighting, these ‘Jumpers’ were harming these poor rabbits that couldn’t even fight back.

    You could not even call this a fight, it wasn’t fair at all. These white furred rabbits that were only a meter or two tall were getting jumped by four to five different ‘Jumpers’.

    ‘Monsters! You are all monsters!’ Zu felt as if he would faint, his face was drained of any color while he went to his knees. “Stop! Why are you killing these cute, innocent creatures…”

    Teary eyed Zu almost burst out crying, but he kept it in. He felt something nuzzle against his arm, but his vision was blurry from being soaked. Zu wiped his eyes and next to him was this beautiful pink rabbit, it was cute. The eyes were red while it had a crown tilted on it’s head.

    “How did you get away from those monsters? No, never mind, come here i’ll protect you.” Zu calmly said as he stretched his arm out towards the pink crowned rabbit. He wanted to feel it’s fur, to hold it, he was going to protect it from being murdered.

    “There! That's the rabbit boss!” A voice in the distance called out while a group of players came charging in Zu’s direction.

    “Protect the NPC, maybe we’ll get a reward.” A rough voice said as he noticed Zu trying to grab the rabbit. To him it looked like Zu was saying “Get away!” however he couldn’t be more wrong.

    Pew! Pew!

    Two arrows shot past Zu hitting the pink crowned rabbit straight in the stomach. Zu thought it was dead, but it wasn’t it was still alive. The pink crowned rabbit seemed to undergo a change, instead of the cute creature it was a moment ago, it looked like a vicious beast. It turned into a five meter tall thing with it’s pink fur sticking up that seemed like it would pierce a body any moment, with white foam coming out of it’s mouth. The two front teeth grew two meters long and were pointed at the tip, it looked like it would eat anything in sight.

    You have entered the Pink Crowned Rabbit bosses area zone.

    Due to you not knowing what's going on you have 25% drop of all stats.

    Due to being next to the Pink Crowned Rabbit without knowing you are paralyzed.

    Ding! Pink Crowned Rabbit is calling all minions to fight by it’s side.

    All miniature rabbits will gain a 10% increase to all stats until the Pink Crowned Rabbit is killed.

    Zu didn’t know what was going on, his heart was beating as if it was going to pop out of his chest. When he moved his eyes to meet with the Pink Crowned Rabbit he felt that the creature in front of him would kill him without thinking twice.

    “Come on guys, if we don’t hurry the NPC will die!”


    More and more ‘Jumpers’ charged at the Pink Crowned Rabbit. Some holding onto swords and attacking from the front, while some attacked from a distance.

    ‘What is this!? Are you telling me they weren’t monsters in the first place, but were killing the actual monsters! But how can something so cute turn into something so vicious!?’ Zu thought to himself as the Pink Crowned Rabbit started to attack the ‘Jumpers’.

    These ‘Jumpers’ seemed invincible, the ones attacking in the front wielded their short swords like true warriors. When the Pink Crowned Rabbit tried to attack those at the back they stopped the attack by using their bodies, but nevertheless they continued to get up.

    The ‘Jumpers’ in the back held their bow and arrows, while some even had staves. Magic like objects were coming out of the staff as fast as the arrows were being shot from the bow. Each one of these ‘Jumpers’ had the same looking bow and arrow and staff. The staff was broken, but it was wound by some black tape that stopped it from completely breaking apart. The bows were held together by a few pieces of green tape, and the bow string seemed it would break soon. These ‘Jumpers’ were using weapons that were in terrible shape, but they still fought.

    Those that had two short daggers attacked the minions that were in the open field, protecting the others. These ‘Jumpers’ didn’t seem like they would cause chaos, nor would they cause utter destruction in Azure. Zu thought that those voices and boxes that appeared in his head told him a lie.

    Zu felt the urge to fight alongside these ‘Jumpers’ if it would give them a better chance at survival. Zu balled up his hands making a fist, and charged at the Pink Crowned Rabbit.

    The Pink Crowned Rabbit was constantly attacking the ‘Jumpers’ so Zu found this chance to attack it’s back. He threw a punch at the Pink Crowned Rabbit, but it vanished. His fist went straight through it, and he wondered why. ‘Why did it disappear!?’

    Ding! Congratulations the Pink Crowned Rabbit has been slayed!

    The players who have did the most damage are:

    1: StrawberryKiller

    2: BlackShot


    The those top three players will be awarded with 10 extra stat points, along with +20 fame.

    Ding! Congratulations to player LenxRave for getting the last hit!

    Player LenxRave will receive 5 extra stat points along with +10 fame.

    Ding! Do to you being close to the Pink Crowned Rabbit during it’s death and attempted to attack you receive 30 exp.

    Ding! The rabbits will not attack the Village anymore, but beware while you travel.

    “Woot! We’re the best, I have to tell my friends!”

    “Darnit, if only I had more chances to hit it.”

    “Hell yeah! StrawberryKiller in the house!”

    All around Zu the ‘Jumpers’ were jumping around celebrating. They were hugging each other, giving each other pats on the back, and even fist bumping. In this moment Zu felt that his life was saved, and that these ‘Jumpers’ were incredible.

    When he looked at them killing the rabbits before, he didn’t notice that the dead rabbits disappeared, but now he knew. When one rabbit died, Zu noticed another one appear off in the distance.

    A group of ‘Jumpers’ came up to him with smiles on their faces. Some patted Zu on his shoulder, while others said he was safe now.

    “So, I don’t mean to rush you or anything, but can we get our reward?”

    Zu looked at the man who spoke, he looked only a few years younger than Zu himself. His hair was pink, but he looked rough all over. He had a scar going down his tan face, while he put his sword short in its sheath.

    “Reward? Who are you?” Zu asked the man.

    “It’s not like you need to know that since none of us will be here long, but i’ll tell you anyways. I’ll be the strongest man alive and future king! StrawberryKiller!”

    Zu wanted to laugh at his name, but considering that this was the person who did the most damage to the Pink Crowned Rabbit a moment ago he knew that was a bad idea. “Sorry, but I don’t have any rewards.” Zu said softly, his face blushed red also, he was embarrassed.

    “Fuck this! We saved his ass and we get nothing in return, worst fucking NPC ever.”

    “I knew we should have let him die!”

    “Tsk! You suck!”

    “Lets leave guys, we know next time not to save him.”

    ‘Huh? What do you mean?’ Zu said to himself as all those ‘Jumpers’ started to get angry at him. They said mean things to him before leaving, Zu felt a little saddened by it.

    Zu sat down, he remembered why he came to the outskirts of the village in the first place. He might be saddened by those ‘Jumpers’ but he still needed to see what they were up to and what they actually were. Zu began to watch closely at the movements of those ‘Jumpers’ fighting the rabbits.

    He watched a group of four ‘Jumpers’ attack a few rabbits. There was a female with a short sword, one with two daggers, one with a bow and arrow, and another female with a staff. He would have looked at another group, but these female ‘Jumpers’ were more appealing to the eye. Not appealing just because of their looks, but because of the way they moved their body.

  • Zu noticed it all, these female ‘Jumpers’ didn’t attack the Pink Crowned Rabbit like the others did, they continued to attack the little rabbits. The female with the short sword hit the little rabbit, but once she made the first move the little rabbit jumped at her with it’s mouth wide open. She side stepped it without actually using much movement, the little rabbit flew past her but she punched it while it was in the air. When it landed it seemed to be dizzy, because it’s head was going around in circles.

    The female with the two daggers came from behind the little rabbit, Zu didn’t notice her before because he was paying attention to the one with the short sword. She moved fast, and was extremely agile. Her two daggers struck the little rabbit at such a fast speed, and before the little rabbit could react she seemed to vanish. The female ‘Jumper’ with the short sword took this chance to hit the rabbit again, and the little rabbit was chopped into two halves. Not even a second later did the rabbit disappear into thin air.

    The female with the bow and arrow grabbed a few arrows from her quill and put one on the bow, bring it back with the string. Pew! The arrow flew out attacking another little rabbit that was three meters away from her. Pew! Pew! Two more times an arrow struck the little rabbit, she seemed to be shooting arrows one after another, back to back with ease. Her precision was extremely accurate, she didn’t miss one shot.

    While she was attacking with her bow and arrow she kept going back a few steps. Zu thought that this was to gain some distance between her and the little rabbit. The female with the staff started her attack, blue lights came out of her staff and dealt damage to the little rabbit. The bolts of blue light weren’t as fast as the arrow, but it seemed to do more damage.

    Suddenly the rabbit turned blue, and stopped moving. It froze in place, and the two females finished it off. ‘Amazing’ Zu thought to himself, he was totally immersed in watching this group of females that he didn’t know he was getting weird stares.

    ‘Hmm, it said I could create a quest. Maybe I should try that.’

    ‘Create quest’ Zu said inside his head while tons of blue boxes appeared.

    Ding! This is your first time creating a quest would you like a tutorial?


    To create a quest you must first state your object. One the object is stated you can decide if the quest should have a time limit on it. If it is time sensitive then the player or person who receives the quest has that long to complete it. If they fail to complete it within the required time frame then you will receive a portion of the exp you were willing to give. If the quest is not time sensitive the player or person who receives it can complete it whenever they want. Completed quest will be added to your personal achievement. For a reward you can use your quest reward points to convert those into exp or equipement. The more points converted the better the reward for the player or person who completes it.

    1 quest reward point = 20 exp, 100 quest reward point = piece of equipment (The more quest reward points you put into the quest, the better the reward!)

    If you would like to create a quest, please state your object. Once stated convert your quest reward points into exp or equipment. You may begin.

    ‘So that’s how it works!’ Zu put his hand on his chin while he thought of a quest to make up. He remembered that he would only get twenty reward points a day, but he had tons at this moment so he didn’t care.

    “The Object is to teach Zu how to fight, and please convert the quest reward points into both exp and equipment. Twenty quest reward points into exp and five hundred into equipment! There is a five hour time limit.”

    Ding! Teach Zu combat!

    Zu is requesting you to teach him how to fight, he is a mere farmer that knows no combat skills, however he is willing to learn. However the farmer Zu has a certain amount of time to spare, so you only have 5 hours to teach him combat skills. Due to this being Zu’s first request the rewards are doubled.

    Rewards: 400 exp (x2)


    Give this quest to a player of your choosing.

    Zu grinned, it was his first quest so he wanted to be grateful to the person he was giving it to. He decided to give them a nice amount of exp along with a piece of equipment for their services.

    Zu got up off the ground and patted the dirt off of his dirty clothes while he strolled over to the group of girls. They were in the middle of fighting the little rabbits when he came, but the female ‘Jumper’ with the staff approached him.

    “Yes, do you need help?” She asked Zu.

    “Ah, yes I was wondering if you would accept my quest?” Zu asked while his face turned red. It was his first quest and he didn’t want to get rejected.

    “Sure, what is it?” The girl asked him.

    Ding! Quest Generate! Teach Zu combat!

    Zu is requesting you to teach him how to fight, he is a mere farmer that knows no combat skills, however he is willing to learn. However the farmer Zu has a certain amount of time to spare, so you only have 5 hours to teach him combat skills. Due to this being Zu’s first request the rewards are doubled.

    Rewards: 400 exp (x2)


    Do you accept Y/N?

    “Sure!” The girl said without any hesitation at all. When she read over the quest her eyes shined bright almost as if they wanted to sparkle.

    Player Clare has accepted your quest!

    “Ah, is it shareable?” She asked.

    “Sharable?” Zu asked her.

    “Yes, can I share it with my friends?”

    “I don’t mind.”

    Ding! You’ve given permission for your quest to be shared.

    Due to it being your first time giving permission sharing a quest the rewards are doubled!

  • Chapter Two: Trying out the Bow

    Ding! Player Clare has shared your quest with players: Karin, Hope, and Sen.

    Clare pulled Zu by his dirty sleeve and ran over to the other three females. If this was any other male he would be excited but not by learning combat skills, but being in a group with all beautiful females.

    Clare herself had shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes that seemed to draw you in, along with her long eyelashes. Her body from top to bottom was slim, her chest stuck out some but it wasn’t a lot, just enough you could tell she was a female. Her waist was thin, but she had some nice hips. The leather clothing she wore really showed off her curves when needed. As for how she smelt, well Zu couldn’t tell because she didn’t really smell like anything.

    Zu and Clare stopped in front of the other three girls, who also stopped fighting the rabbits and looked at Zu and Clare. Clare pointed to the girl with the short sword first. She had curly white hair that reached her back, light green eyes, and snow white skin. Her features were up there with Clare's, but the way she presented herself was different. Her chest seemed just right, not too big and not too small, her waist wasn’t as thin as Clare's, but still better than most. This girl had some long legs, this had to have been her most attractive feature, because Zu’s eyes went there first before he checked the rest of her body out. “That’s Hope.” Clare said.

    She had her short sword in her right hand, but swung it around and put it in its sheath that was on her back. She slightly bowed at Zu, it seemed that she didn’t mind his appearance at all. “Hello nice to meet you, i’m Hope.” Her voice was somewhat soft, which added even more to her charm.

    Clare had been let go of Zu’s sleeve when they arrived in front of the three, but Zu seemed to not notice. Zu also bowed in the same manner as Hope did, “Yes, nice to meet you too.”

    Clare giggled at the behavior Zu exhibited, she has never seen a person act so funny before. Next her eyes landed on the girl with the bow. She had long straight dark blue hair, big blue eyes, and a small nose. Out of all the girls present, she had the biggest chest - which immediately caught Zu’s attention. Once again her waistline could be considered perfect, and since her body was slightly turned to the side Zu could see her butt. It was well shaped, not too big but big enough that you could firmly grab it in the palm of your hand, however not all, just a piece. “That’s Sen.”

    Sen put both of her hands on her bow and bowed at Zu, “Nice to met ya.” Her voice was sexy, this added along with her chest made it seem even more seductive. Somehow Zu was attracted to her voice, and his face turned a little red, which made Sen smile.

    “Y-yes, nice to meet you as well.” Zu said while he placed his hand on the back of his head.

    Zu couldn’t even look Sen in the eye, she was just too attractive so he hurriedly glanced at the last member. He already knew that she was Karin considering the rest already introduced themselves. Clare didn’t know that he already knew who she was, but she pointed to her anyways. “That’s Karin, she’s the mysterious one.”

    Karin had short black hair - that didn’t even reach her shoulder - along with pure black eyes. Her skin was pale, but it seemed naturally and it fit her well. Karin just like Clare didn’t have much of a chest, but it was enough that you knew she was a female. What made her stick out in the group was not her figure, nor her charm, but the air she was emitting. It seemed that she would disappear if you didn’t notice her, not to mention she was small. Compared to Zu, she would only reach the bottom of his chest, but he didn’t mind.

    “Y-yeah, nice to meet you.” Karin's voice sounded cold, but it seemed that she wasn’t trying to come off that way, it just naturally was like that. After saying that she turned her face to looked at a rabbit, as if she was trying to take the attention off herself.

    “Yes, the pleasure is mines. Right, so I guess i’m next?” Zu asked the four girls, who looked at him oddly.

    “Huh? Why would you need to introduce yourself? We already know who you are, you’re Zu.” Clare said while lightly laughing, which caused the other girls to giggle as well.

    “Oh… really? Well… this is awkward…” Zu said as he turned his body away from the four females with his face all red. He didn’t know how they knew who he was, but since they knew there was no need to introduce himself.

    Sen placed her hand on Zu’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, “No need to get embarrassed, let this lady have it.”

    Zu gulped, as he said, “Have what?”

    Sen placed her finger on his ear while she slid it down slowly sending a chill down Zu’s body. “Of course, your first time.” After whispering that in his ear Sen stepped back, while Zu leapt forward.

    “W-what! B-but we j… just met, I couldn’t! No… we couldn’t!” Zu’s whole body was red as he looked at Sen.

    The four girls started to giggle, the three who didn’t hear what Sen was talking about knew what she was doing. Zu’s reaction to it made it even more hilarious for them.

    “Don’t worry Zu, it won’t hurt. I’ll be very g-e-n-t-l-e.” Sen didn’t even seem embarrassed at all, the words that came out of her mouth seemed so pure and innocent, but it wasn’t at all.

    Zu turned his head while walking over to the rabbits, “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about! Let’s just kill these rabbits.”

    The four ladies walked over to him while still laughing, and Sen stepped in front of Zu. “Of course Zu, that’s what i’ve been talking about.”

    “B-but, your words! You weren’t talking about killing these rabbits at all!” Zu was completely embarrassed, when he heard Sen’s words it didn’t seem like she was talking about killing rabbits.

    “Then what was Sen talking about Zu?” Clare asked him with her hazel eyes staring directly at him. The way she looked seemed so innocent and pure, it looked like she didn’t understand the other meaning. However she was also playing around with Zu.

    Looking her in her eyes Zu couldn’t tell her the other meaning behind those words. Clare seemed to be the innocent type, Zu didn’t want to ruin her. “Nothing! Nothing at all!”

    Zu didn’t understand the history of this land, nor how he got here or how those buildings magically appeared. However Zu knew of the things between male and female, and other basic knowledge.

    “Right, now that Sen has had her fun, what do you want to learn Zu?” Hope asked Zu.

    “What do you mean? I can learn more than one can’t I?” Zu replied to Hope who was greatly shocked.

    Hope shook her head as she began to explain, “Zu you are weird. The quest is only for five hours, you can’t learn from all of us in five hours. Therefore you should pick one of us and we’ll teach you.”

    Hope placed her hand on her chest before continuing, “I’m a warrior. We are the type that are placed on the front lines and take the most damage, but also one of the most wanted also. Later on we can choose to take the path of a berserker or a knight.” Hope pointed towards Clare. “Clare herself is a mage. Mages usually chant spells from afar to deal the most damage with their opponent, however this class has the most. Later on she can become a Wizard or Sorceress.” Pointing towards Sen she continued, “Sen is an archer. They just like mages deal with enemies from afar, however they also have skills to help in close combat. They can blend in with the environment as well, and later they can either become a hunter or tamer.” Pointing at Karin, “Lastly is Karin, she is a rogue. This is one of the harder classes to play, but they deal the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Unlike archers who blend in with their environment, rogues can hide in the shadows and attack without being seen. Later they have the chance to become an assassin or thief.”

    “Oh, so I can’t become all of them… what a pity.” Zu said while thinking over what type of class he should become.

    “Hope you forgot to mention the last class.” Clare said while interrupting Zu’s thinking. “Zu, there is also a priest, they are more support than anything else, but are the most wanted class. From close up or afar they can heal any wound, and cure any bad statues. Later they can become a Bishop or Druid. Out of all the classes the priest has one of the most subclasses, which makes them one of the most diverse classes.”

    Zu nodded his head, he understood that there were five type of classes and each class then branched off into different sub classes. ‘I want to fight monsters just to see if I can do it… so does it matter which one I pick?’ Zu thought to himself with his hand placed on his chin.

    After thinking about it for around two minutes Zu nodded his head, it seemed he finally knows which he wants to learn. “Ok, can you just help me learn the basics, with each weapon? You know like dodging, hitting, and how to use them?”

    The four girls looked at Zu strangely before each one of them nodded their head. They thought that Zu himself wanted to test out each class to get a feel for it and see which one he likes. Sen handed Zu her bow and a few arrows.

    “I’m first! His first time shall be mines!” Sen was eager and you could tell it by the sound of her voice. Zu grabbed the bow and arrows, while he glanced over them. The bow really looked like it would break at any moment, while the arrows seemed to be old. The arrows were made of thin wood, but there was a ton of gray tape around the shaft.

    Sen put her arms around Zu’s, while guiding him on how to hold the bow. She was behind him while her face peaked over his shoulders, just enough that it made his whole face turn red. Her arm’s was locked on top of his while he held the bow, she slowly made Zu move his right hand back along with the bow string.

    Watching this was something else, everything Sen did made it seem very erotic. It was so erotic that it even made the other girls blush red. “Why is it that everything she does… seem so seductive.” Karin said with her hands covering her face, but she still peaked through from the parting of her hand.

    Some of the other ‘Jumpers’ who were passing by noticed the group of other ‘Jumpers’ with Zu. Seen Zu with four beautiful females was enough for them to be envious enough that they wanted to murder him, but seeing Sen guide him with the bow even made their faces blush.

    “Hehe, look at him having a girl teach him how to hold a bow! I bet he can’t even hit one rabbit.” A male who was jealous said, he was all grins. Since it wasn’t him with those beautiful girls then he would make Zu feel like crap, so he would run away.

    Another male by his side was watching Sen help Zu and glanced the male over. “If he hits a rabbit, why don’t you give me one gold?”

    “Kid, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. Your on.”

    Sen didn’t pay them much attention, as an archer she needed to concentrate so she naturally blocked out stupid conversations. Leaning on Zu’s back her big chest was all over him, making Zu turn even more red. Everytime he moved, she moved and he felt two small things rubbing across his back. However he was in the presence of these four girls, along with other people around he had to control himself.

  • “Ok Zu, pull the bowstring back as far as you can, but make sure the arrow’s head is being guided by your finger. That’s right, nice and e-a-s-y, you want this arrow to piece that rabbit right in it’s stomach. Mhm Zu, just like that, hold that position. You feel that, all your muscles tightening, the blood flowing through your arms, it gets you excited doesn’t it. It gets me excited too, sometimes I even get W-E-T!” Sen was whispering in Zu’s ear.


    The arrow shot out lightning fast, going straight at the little rabbit.

    “Zu that was too fast! Couldn’t you hold out any longer!” Sen said to Zu while lightly hitting him on the head, but her voice made it sound extremely sexual.

    “I-i’m sorry! It’s my first t-TIME! I couldn’t control it!” Zu replied to her, while he was red to his ears.

    Sen giggled. “No worries, it was mines too…”

    “Get ready to finish it on your own, when you draw the bow back remember that feeling. Also you should take one step back slowly as well to make the distance further.”


    You’ve dealt 15 damage to miniature rabbit.

    The arrow hit the little rabbit, whose eyes turned red while it hopped to Zu. It was enraged, but also kind of cute as well. Zu did the same motion that Sen taught him, he pulled the bowstring back while letting his finger guiding the arrow.



    Zu missed his second shot, but he didn’t understand why. He did exactly the same motion Sen taught him, but why did his shot miss. The rabbit was approaching and would be able to jump at him soon, Zu took a step back.

    “Zu, you have to concentrate on a point. Also calm yourself it’s only a rabbit.”

    ‘Concentrate! How can you do that while this thing is approaching so fast?’ Zu thought to himself as he hurriedly knocked another arrow back. His blue eyes looked the rabbit straight in the eyes, and he felt fear. The red eyes of this rabbit caused Zu to fear it, making him take another step back. ‘How can something so cute look so mean!’


    You’ve dealt 10 damage to miniature rabbit.

    Ding! You’ve learned Concentration (Passive)
    Due to you staring at others from a distance and paying close attention to how they fight your eyes are adjusted to the smallest movements. Having calmed yourself down during a real battle you have paid attention to the movements of the opponents. When you concentrate you are able to see things and hear things you normally wouldn’t pick up, the range of skills increase by one feet.

    The arrow hit the little rabbit in it’s back, but that didn’t stop it from approaching Zu. It was less than two meters away when it jumped in at Zu mouth wide open as if it was about to kill it’s prey.

    Like a ghost Karin appeared behind the little rabbit, her movements were fast. Right stab, left stab, it continued multiple times until the little rabbit's health went away. The rabbit didn’t understand what happened, one moment it was jumping at Zu, the next moment it was dead. This was the skill of a true rogue, they attacked like a ghost, appearing out of nowhere killing off their enemy, and disappearing like a phantom leaving no trace of their existence.

    You’ve gained 10 exp.

    Zu bowed to Karin, while gripping the bow. “Thanks!” Zu said as he turned his attention towards Sen who had her hands crossed over her chest -which made it bulge out even move. “I don’t think this is for me, I can’t concentrate on these small things while I fight.”

    Sen sighed, “Aww, I guess the first time’s really aren't that great huh.”

    Zu passed her the bow back, while hanging his head also. He felt that he let her down, but it couldn’t be helped it was too hard for him. Concentrating on the bow and arrow while also paying attention to your opponent was not something he could handle.

    Clare stuck her hand up waving it around, “Me next!”

    The two males who were watching from a distance looked at each other. One was frowning while the other was grinning wide. He walked over to the other male while saying, “I guess it’s my win. Fork it over.”

    The male who was frowning rolled his eyes, while opening a trade window with the male. He put one gold coin in the trade window, but he was reluctant to let it go, however a bet is a bet. ‘This is what I get for opening my big mouth.’

  • Chapter Three: The Sword, Dagger, and Staff

    Clare was going to pass her staff to Zu, however Hope moved first handing Zu her short sword. The short sword was silver with a lot of cracks on it, the hilt was made of metal - with white cloth wrapped around it. Zu moved his hand to grab the short sword instead of the staff.

    “Why!? Mages are better than warriors Zu.” Clare said while her cheeks puffed out. She crossed her arms also while slightly turning her head, showing that she was upset.

    “It’s because mages are going to be harder to train and take longer. With the bow he could easily pull it back and shoot arrows, with a sword he just needs to swing it. Next we’ll use Karin’s daggers, because with melee combat is easier to learn than magic.” Hope answered Clare as she patted her head.

    “Fine, I guess that’s a reason.” Clare replied as she turned back to Zu.

    When Hope mentioned that Karin was next and had to give Zu her daggers she held them against her chest. Her eyes showed that she was unwilling to part with them, but it seemed that the others didn’t notice her small action.

    With the short sword in his hand Zu clenched his hands a few times to get a feel for it. Next he did a few practice slashes in the air, it seemed that he was testing out the weight for it. Zu nodded his head while looked at Hope.

    “Alright Zu, unlike the bow a sword is way easier to learn. There is no complicated movements, nor do you have to concentrate hard on what you do. You’ll rush the little rabbit and swing your sword, you should be able to hit.” Hope explained to Zu while also using her hands to show the movements.

    “Got it.”

    Zu put both of his hands on the hilt of the short sword, while he took a deep breath. ‘I got this!’ Zu’s feet pushed off the ground while he rushed to the rabbit, when it was in his range he swung the sword vertical at it.


    You’ve dealt 15 damage to miniature rabbit.

    The rabbit was caught off guard by Zu’s sudden attack so when his sword hit it rolled back. The little rabbit’s eyes turned red as it got back up on it’s feet and pounced at Zu.

    Unlike the bow and arrow where you are a safe distance away from your opponent, the short sword makes you confront them head on. You have to react fast to any situation to keep yourself together and your party. Zu only used the bow so his reaction was slower than what he thought. That or the little rabbit’s speed was greater than what he imagined. Being up close is different than far away. Being far back you don’t tend to notice the exact speed of your opponents, nor the way they look at you while they are attacking. However being up close is something else entirely, you have react just as fast as your opponent if not faster, and when you look them in the eyes you can’t back down.

    The little rabbit was in mid air with it’s mouth wide open showing its two front teeth. Zu didn’t have the same time to react as he did with the bow so he was caught off guard by the reaction speed of this little rabbit. The short sword was still facing down, but the little rabbit was already attacking.

    The little rabbit bit into Zu’s neck. Zu panicked, his left hand let go of the short sword leaving only his right hand on it. Using his left hand he swung it at the little rabbit that was biting onto his neck, making it retreat.

    You’ve taken 25 damage.

    ‘What! twenty-five! I only dealt fifteen damage, that is not fair at all!’ Zu said to himself as he placed his left hand back onto the short sword while bringing it back up.

    “Zu, don’t forget to dodge. Being a warrior might mean you have to be on the front line and keep the attention on yourself but you have to react as well.” Hope yelled at Zu giving him a little help.

    “You can do it Zu, if you beat that little rabbit i’ll give you a R-E-W-A-R-D!” Sen said, trying to give Zu a little encouragement. However she only made his face turn red.

    ‘Dodge, got it.’ Zu thought as he once again swung the short sword down at the little rabbit.


    Zu’s swing missed the little rabbit, or to be more precise the little rabbit dodged. Zu swung the short sword down but the little rabbit jumped to the left. Zu paid attention to it’s movements, his concentration was working. He noticed the little rabbit’s legs moving as if it was getting ready to jump at him again.

    ‘There!’ Zu said as the little rabbit jumped towards Zu with it’s mouth open ready to take another bite out of him. Zu this time rolled on the ground moving to the left - which let the rabbit miss him. Zu got up and raised his sword once more slashing towards the rabbit.


    ‘Not again!’ The little rabbit landed on the ground after missing its chance to take out Zu. Once it landed Zu attacked it but this little rabbit was ready to dodge his blow again. It jumped back a few inches just letting the tip of the blade miss it by a few, while it jumped at Zu.

    Zu felt that he could see it, his body moved on it’s own. He didn’t panic this time and kept both his hands on the short sword while the little rabbit was approaching. His body leaned slightly to the side letting the little rabbit miss.

    Ding! You’ve learned Reaction (Passive)
    Reaction, reaction allows you to react faster than normal. You’ve learned to pay attention to slight details with Concentration, and now you’ve learned how to react to them. Reaction allows you to have a faster attack speed, along with a higher chance to dodge.

    Ding! You’ve learned Dodge (Active)
    Due to being able to react to the slightest movements and chances you see, you have a higher chance at being able to dodge. Dodging not only allows you to evade your opponent's attacks but also decreases unnecessary movements you make.

    ‘This is it!’ Zu said as he took the short sword and swung it at the little rabbit who just landed. His sword speed was increased, and he noticed the difference. It wasn’t much and others would hardly notice it but Zu did thanks to his concentration.


    You’ve dealt 15 damage to miniature rabbit.

    The little rabbit once again rolled back, but this time Zu reacted and didn’t give it a chance to recover. He brought the short sword up once again - while the hilt of the sword was brought his chest. The short sword in Zu’s hand was like a straight line. Zu thrust the sword straight at the little rabbit, piercing it through it’s chest. The rabbit vanished, signifying Zu’s victory.

    You’ve dealt 25 damage to miniature rabbit.

    You’ve earned 20 exp.

    Zu felt tired, the his left hand let go of the hilt of the short sword while it dangled at his side. Sweat was on his face, while his breathing was becoming heavy. Zu sat down on the ground while looking at the four girls.

    Clare was holding up a V sign using her two fingers while smiling, Sen was blowing him a kiss and Hope was nodding her head. Karin only looked at him, she didn’t seem to have much to say. The four girls slowly walked over to Zu, while Hope took out a small green vial. She passed the small green vial to Zu while pushing her white curly hair to the side. “Here drink this, it’ll help you recover your stamina.”

    Zu grabbed the vial and looked at the green liquid inside. He shrugged his shoulders as he opened it up and gulped it down. “Ah, this taste horrible. Is this what you ‘Jumpers’ drink?” Zu said while wiping his mouth.

    The girls couldn’t help but laugh at Zu’s reaction, he was like a total noob to them. Clare took out three different colored vials; one red, one blue, and one green. “These are what we call potions, they allow for us to recover our health, mana, or stamina depending on which one we take.”

    Zu looked at each one for a moment before asking, “What's the difference?”

    “Huh?” Clare said.

    “What’s the difference between health, mana and stamina?” Zu asked while gazing up at the four girls.

    “Oh, well… Health is what is used to determine if we live or die. If it reaches zero we’ll die and have to wait twenty-four hours before we can revive. However as we increase our level and stats our health goes up allowing us to live longer.” Clare explained while passing Zu the small red vial.

    “Go on drink it.” She urged him.

    Zu nodded his head as he gulped down the red liquid. “Mmm, this taste slightly better. However I don’t feel any different…”

    “Well the bite mark from the little rabbit is gone, but since it wasn’t any major wound you didn’t feel it’s effect.” Clare said while pointing to Zu’s neck where the little rabbit bite down.

    “This green one is called a stamina potion. Stamina is what we use when we run, dodge, or even fight monsters. The longer we fight the more stamina we lose, and without stamina we would be tired and our movement speed decreased dramatically.” Clare explained to Zu.

    Zu nodded his head, because when he drank that green liquid he felt his fatigue lessening. ‘So these potions are miracles.’

    Clare showed him the blue vial. “This is the mana potion, we use it to recover our mana. Mana is what we use when we use skills, the more mana we have the more skills we are able to use. When we have no mana we can’t use skills.”

    “So, if you aren’t casting spells then you wouldn't need to use a mana potion right?” Zu asked.

    “Nope, you’re wrong. Everyone uses mana, so everyone needs them. When you get your own class you’ll learn skills. These skills are special, but they use mana.”

    Zu got up off the ground while patting the dust off himself. “I got it.”

    Zu picked up the short sword while passing it back to Hope, who accepted it. “So I guess next are the daggers.”

    Hope looked at Karin while nodding her head, “Yup!”

    Karin took out both her daggers while handing them to Zu. Zu grabbed them both and tried to take them, but Karin’s grip was too tight.

    Sen hit Karin on the head which made her release her grip. “Let go, it’s not like you won’t get them back.” Karin gazed up at Sen with watery eyes. Sen turned her face from Karin, “That’s not going to work!”

    ‘These are lighter.’ Zu said to himself as he wielded both daggers in his hand. He struck out a few times to test the weight and speed of the weapon. The dagger was only a few feet long, and the blade was super thin.

  • “Unlike a warrior who uses a sword a rogue uses a dagger. Both are melee type, however they have a big difference. Warriors attack from the front, and draw the attention to themselves. Rogues try not to have any attention on themselves and attack from behind or the side. Their movements are fast and before the opponent can attack they disappear.” Hope explained to Zu while she took an attack position with her sword.

    “Right, and rogues are agile. Even us archers have to give them credit without them it would take longer to kill off enemies.” Sen said while giving praise to the other class.

    Hope walked forward approaching a little rabbit, before she swung her sword at it. The attack landed while the rabbit rolled back and started attacking Hope. “Ok Zu, while it’s attention is on me you attack.”

    The little rabbit pounced at Hope, but she easily dodged it. The little rabbit landed right in front of Zu who took the dagger in his right hand and struck out at it. However before he could attack the rabbit bounced towards Hope, so his attack missed.


    ‘Hmm, thats wierd.’ Zu said as he tried to position himself behind the little rabbit once more. Hope dodged the little rabbits attack once again while it flew in the air. Zu took this chance to try and attack it. He struck out with both daggers, moving at a quick speed.



    “Zu, rogues have to react faster than others. Since the attention isn’t on them they have to attack when they can. Since the daggers are light you should be able to hit them multiple times in a split second. Just aim slightly in front of where you think the rabbit will go.” Hope explained to him while she dodged another rabbit attack.

    Zu nodded his head, he gripped the two daggers tighter while he watched the little rabbit. His eyes were glued on where it was, when it attacked Hope he paid close attention to it. He didn’t pay attention to what hope was doing, he was only focused on the little rabbit. ‘There!’

    His hands struck out attacking multiple times.

    You’ve dealt 6 damage to miniature rabbit.

    you’ve dealt 5 damage to miniature rabbit.

    You’ve dealt 7 damage to miniature rabbit.

    Ding! You’ve learned Nimble Hands (Passive)
    Thanks to you focusing only on your opponent and not thinking about anything else your reaction speed was increased. Your hands moved faster than normal allowing your attacks to become faster. Nimble Hands allows your attack speed to increase.

    The little rabbit was enraged, it took it’s attention off of Hope who it was attacking and now focused on Zu. It hopped at Zu, but it missed him because he rolled backwards.

    Hope took this chance to finish the rabbit off.

    You’ve gained 10 exp.

    Zu sighed a breath of relief. He walked over to Karin and passed her the two daggers back. “Thanks, but I don’t think I could be a rogue.”

    Karin nodded her head, she didn’t think that Zu made a good rogue either. “Yeah, you have to be gone before the opponent has any time to react. When you hit the rabbit you stayed in the same spot, instead you should have retreated back or got out of it’s sight.”

    “Zu, what about being a warrior? I think with practice you can improve.” Hope said.

    “Yeah, I think I can be a warrior with practice, however I want to try the staff also.”

    “Finally! It’s my turn.” Clare said while jumping around.

    “Sheesh, you sound like you wouldn’t be able to have him. There’s more than enough of him to go around.” Sen said while glancing at Clare.

    “I… I didn’t mean it like that!”

    “Ha-ha-ha, it’s ok I knew what you meant. So, what do I need to do for being a mage?” Zu said while lightly laughing.

    Clare passed Zu her staff while walking over next to him. “Ok this is easy! All you do is think of mana in your body gathering at the top of the staff, once it’s there you launch it at your opponent. If this was a spell you could chant it and it would cause a different effect, however until you become a mage you can’t learn any spells.”

    Zu gripped the staff with both hands. “What’s mana? I mean how do I know where it’s at?”

    “Oh, I… don’t know. Just concentrate on the top of the staff while you think of a blue light. Then you’ll know.” Clare said while hanging her head down.

    “Welp, get ready to wait people. It could be awhile before he finds out how to use his mana.” Hope said while putting her sword in its sheath.

    Zu’s blue eyes focused on the tip of the staff, he didn’t know what he was trying to make go to the tip, but he knew it was something. Zu tried to image a blue light appearing on the tip of the staff. Slowly he felt something in his body being drained, it made him feel weak. The tip of the staff glowed bright blue.

    Ding! You’ve learned Mana control (Passive)
    Using Mana Control you are able to make the mana go in any direction you want. Using Mana Control you can concentrate mana into a spell.

    “Wow Zu, you are like a genius. To be expected of the person I teach!” Clare said with her eyes wide open as if she was shocked.

    “Now, take your staff and swing it down. Be sure to picture that ball of light going towards the rabbit.”

    Zu swung the staff in a downward motion while the blue light shot out of staff.


    You’ve dealt 25 damage to miniature rabbit.

    “Now concentrate it again.”

    Zu started gathering mana into the staff once again, making it glow bright blue. He swung the staff in an upward motion while the blue light shot at the little rabbit.

    You’ve dealt 30 damage to miniature rabbit.

    You’ve gained 20 exp.

    Ding! You have leveled up!

  • Chapter Four: The Princess Swordsman

    “Ha!” Clang!

    “Shau!” Ding!

    “Ha!” Clang!

    A female dressed in grey armor was swinging her sword at a dummy. She appeared to be in her late teens, but the air she was giving out was that of a ruler. She had long blonde hair that came to her upper back - one piece of her hair was braided back behind her ear. Her azure blue eyes was completely focused on attacking the dummy with all her strength, and her small pink lips glistened. Her skin was fair, and her chest could be seen through her armor - which was not too big, but bigger than average - she has a slim waist and wide hips. In her hand is a sword that is two meters long - the hilt is red but the blade is silver. In the hilt is a golden gem that shines bright when the sunlight hits it. Her armor covers her body completely except the bottom portion has a red cloth going around it making it seem more like a dress.

    Her small hands gripped the sword tight as she continued to swing it at the dummy. Each time she moved she hardly used any extra strength. Her movements were elegant - which made it seem like she was dancing instead of fighting. Suddenly her movements halted as she swung her sword around and put it in its sheath. She wiped off the little sweat on her forehead as she turned her attention to a female maid.

    When she was swinging the sword earlier this maid wasn’t present, but now she was. The maid bowed as she began to speak, “Milady, the King request you.”

    The blonde haired female walked up to the maid as she spoke, “I’ve told you more than a million times, call me Karinna. We’ve known each other since we were little, you are like a sister to me.” Her voice was gentle, but it also had this charm to it as well.

    The maid bowed once again as she spoke, “Milady I cannot do that. The King forbade me from speaking to you in such a manner.”

    Karinna replied, “He just doesn’t wish me to do whatever I want. When I was younger he was so much better.” Karinna then began to walk towards the open door.

    Inside was a lot different than the outside where Karinna was. The inside was filled with maids and butlers, the walls were pure white as the pictures that hung on the wall had a golden frame. When Karinna went past the maids and butlers they all bowed to give her respect, but Karinna told them not to before.

    It took her ten minutes before she reached a room that was different than the rest. Inside was two thrones made of gold, the floor was made of marble and the ceiling was high up - and it was made of glass. Seated on the biggest throne was an elderly man that seems to be in his late fifties. He had grey hair and a grey beard that was neatly trimmed. Although he may be in his fifties he was still muscular. He was wearing a red robe along with a black cloak over his shoulders. Next to his throne was a sword that had a golden hilt, but the rest was sheathed.

    On the other throne was a woman that still looked young, a closer look at her and you could tell she was the splitting image of Karinna. She had long straight blonde hair that stretched to her back along with blue eyes. She was wearing a white and golden dress that showed her full features. Her chest was big - at least bigger than Karinna’s - and she had long legs. On top of her head was a crown. This woman was giving off the air of a true queen.

    Karinna walked up to both of them as she bowed her head slightly. “Yes father?” These two were her parents, both being King and Queen.

    The elderly man spoke up, “How is your training going?” His voice was deep, but also slightly gentle.

    “It’s progressing well. Hopefully i’ll be able to match you soon, or at least my cousin.” Karinna replied.

    The elderly man lightly laughed, “Match me you say… it’ll take you a long time before then. Hopefully by that time I’ll have grandchildren.”

    The woman by his side also started to laugh, “Darling you know how she is. If there is no warrior as great as you she won’t even give them a second glance.”

    “Indeed, it’s such a shame my daughter has to find a husband who is as great as I. Well, its not like I would have it any other way.”

    Karinna asked, “Is there something else you need?”

    “Right, you are already twenty-one this year have you found anyone to marry yet? You may be my sole heir to the throne, but it needs a King worthy to rule all of Zen.”

    “No, not yet. I’ll let you know when I find one whose suitable.”

    Karinna thought about a list of men who have tried to get her attention. Some were dukes others were men who had great achievements but none caught her eye. When she thought of her father, Arthur, she pictured him as a great warrior. Her mother Guinevere was a great wife, and a great mother. Those to together were invincible during their time, she wanted something just like that. Someone who would care for her, but also be by her side fighting together.

    The elderly man took his attention off his wife as he glanced back to his daughter. “Right, Gareth is coming back from the front lines soon. However fighting against the Kingdom of Meziltin was harder than he thought, he has lost a lot of good men. He needs some new recruits therefore you are to go out and find some. Those ‘Jumpers’ have appeared today, hopefully they’ll reach one of the main towns soon. Not only do you recruit ‘Jumpers’ also try to recruit our own kind, we can’t have them thinking we actually need them.”

    Karinna sighed, “Why can’t you send someone else? Traveling to one of those towns will take at least ten or twenty days.”

    The elderly man’s face turned grim. “Do not talk back to me! I am your King and you shall do as I command! If I wanted one of them to do this don’t you think I would have asked them instead! This is what’s wrong with you, you do not see me as your king only as your father.”

    “The other five kingdoms are doing the same, we cannot send just anyone. This is of great importance.” The elderly man finished off.

    Karinna bowed her head while softly saying, “Yes Milord.” She took a look at the sword by her father's side. It was a great sword, it was a sword of legends. They said that he pulled the sword out of stone when he was little. It was a sword that was forged by the gods, it could vanquish any foe. The sword was fit for a King, and with it many thought that he would be the one to dominate the other factions. Sadly even with the holy sword Excalibur, he still failed. His failure wasn’t a result of his poor strength, it was because the other factions were too strong.

    Her father King Arthur was said to be the child of the first prophecy. However when he let everyone down they knew that he couldn’t be the one. The holy sword in stone was suppose to lead the way instead it didn’t. Failing those that believed in him he lost the trust of most of the civilians.

    His enemies were way more powerful than anyone expected. In the kingdom of Meziltin it is ruled by King Amos lleia and Queen Ereina. The kingdom of Meziltin is Elven territory. The Blackmoon kingdom is ruled by Vlad Tepes and Isabella. It is always shaded in the dark ruled by Vampires. The Kingdom of Zeal is ruled by Drake and Christine. Who would have known that pirates would take over and have a kingdom to themselves. There is the Kingdom of Ginada which is a holy kingdom and ruled by King Owen and the High Priest Alena. Lastly there is Niyigia which is ruled only by Raven. She is a being which surpasses what would be considered normal.

    These kingdoms are all at war with each other, and even with Excalibur by his side King Arthur still couldn’t win. These kingdoms and their rulers are too great for he himself to take out alone. It’s not only him, the other kingdoms cannot take the other kingdoms out either.

    In her heart Karinna cursed her father for making her go recruit those ‘Jumpers’ for their cause. She herself is a princess is such a matter such as recruitment that hard that others cannot do it!? However Karinna said not a word, she bowed her head with respect before she turned around to leave.

    Watching his daughter leave King Arthur gave a sigh of relief. He looked at his wife, Guinevere and gave her a small smile. “This daughter of ours… what will we do.”

    After leaving the throne room Karinna went directly to her room. It was only a twenty minute walk, but it seemed like ages. Her mind was filled with what her father said, she didn’t want to do it, but she had to.

    Karinna’s room is quite what you would expect from a princesses room. Her bed is wide and long, and all along the walls are huge dressers to hold her clothes. Karinna took her sword and leaned it against the bed. She took off her armor starting with her boots while working her way up. Her legs were nicely shaped and pure white not showing one mark. Her stomach was flat, but also toned. When she took off her chest piece, her breast really popped out and jiggled. Even though she had on a bra, it looked as if they would expose themselves given the chance. Karinna stretched her body really quick before letting out a deep breath. She unhooked her bra tossing it on her bed. Next she took her her panties, as she walked towards the bath - that was a few meters away from her.

    The bath was already made, steam was rising - signifying that that the bath was hot. Karinna slowly dipped her feet into the bath testing out the temperate. Finding it to suit her she slowly dropped the rest of her body into the water. ‘Hopefully I don’t have to leave too soon.’ She thought to herself as she went under the water relaxing.

    Slowly footsteps were heard, and Karinna emerged from the bath. Her body glistened as the water slid down her body, making it even more charming. She looked at the maid who had white towels in her hand. “Milady, the King says you are to leave in the morning. Should I start to prepare your clothes?”

    ‘Ugh, why so soon?’ Karinna thought as she slowly nodded her head to the maid. The maid set the white towels down next to the bath before she left.

    Karinna took a thirty minute bath before she got out. She wiped herself with the white towel the maid left, and went back to her bedroom. She went into one of her drawers to get a pair of red underwear. After putting them on, she grabbed a white robe - that was almost see through - and put it on as well. Karinna climbed up on her bed as she closed her eyes.

    Soon the sun rose and Karinna opened her eyes. Next to her was a maid that was holding a plate full of food. The maid smiled at Karinna, “Right on time Milady. As always.”

    Karinna grabbed the plate of food and glanced it over. There was two pieces of bread, a cup of milk, three pieces of meat and a bowl of fruit. Karinna started eating the fruit first, and each bite she took was made in a noble manner. When she ate the other pieces of food not a crumb spilled. Karinna handed the maid back the empty plate as she got up off her bed and headed to her dresser. On it was a set of clothes, a red shirt along with some black tights. ‘Perfect!’ Karinna thought as she took off her robe and exchanged it with the clothes on the dresser.

    The red shirt was a little tight on her, but she didn’t mind. It showed off her upper body way better than the armor did, and her chest wasn’t restrained at all. The black tights she put on allowed her to move easily, but it also showed off her legs perfectly too. You could even see her bottom which would be considered perfectly round. It didn’t sag, nor was it flat, instead it was curved. Not too big, but not too small either, this would be considered just perfect.

    The maid handed Karinna some silver accessories. There were two silver bracelets and a silver headband. Karinna happily accepted them. Next she grabbed her sword that was leaning on her bed and placed it on her waist. “Alright, let’s get this over with.”

    The maid took out a map while she pointed to various locations. “Milady, there are three towns that the ‘Jumpers’ should appear at.” The maid pointed at two towns that had red circles around them. “These two already have people there waiting to recruit, therefore we have to go to Lindel Town.”

    Karinna nodded her head as she glanced over the map real quick. They had ten or twenty days ahead of them, that was more than enough time for those ‘Jumpers’ to reach Lindel Town. “Ok, we should get a move on”

    “Yes Milady. I already have two carriages waiting outside.” The maid replied.

    “Two? We only need one.” Karinna said.

    “No Milady, one is for food and clothes and the other is for you.” The maid explained.

    Karinna thought about it for a moment before nodding her head. “Ok, how many guards?”

    “There are five. However they can’t compare to your strength.” The maid said praising Karinna.

    Karinna lightly laughed as she began walking towards the door. It was a thirty minute walk before the were at the door to the castle. The door’s edges were made of gold and the door itself was made from mithril. Karinna opened the door revealing the outside. There was a flight of stairs, but from her view she could see half the city she was living in. There were tons of big houses, shops, and people walking in attire fit for nobles. Around the castle were guards who stood ready to attack, along with some who patrolled the streets.

    Karinna walked down the flight of stairs and arrived at a carriage. It had four windows with red shades over them, along with four horses. Around the carriage stood five armed men.

    Arriving at the carriage one of the armored men opened the door for her as she climbed inside. Inside the carriage there was a seat that had a cushion on it along with food placed on a tray. On the side was a long bed - not as long or wide as the one in the castle though. Karrian sat on the cushion as her maid also walked inside.

    The carriage began to move followed by another one right behind. The people walking the streets looked at the carriage with praiseful eyes, while some looked out their windows with eyes full with envy.

    “Stop! Let me go!” A voice cried out.


    “You bitch, I paid you good and this is how you treat me!” A deep manly voice called out.

    Karinna looked out the window through the shades and noticed a man standing over a woman -who was trembling on the ground. Karinna told the coachman to stop. Once stopped she got out of the carriage and approached the man and woman.

    “Stop! What do you think you’re doing!?” She asked the man.

    The man had a clean white shirt on with some black jeans. He wore a vest over his shirt along with some accessories. His hair was blonde and his eyes green. He looked at Karinna before he clicked his tongue. “Tsk.” He looked down at the woman before saying, “You are lucky this time.”

    The man walked away leaving the woman on the ground. She looked at Karinna and kneeled. “Milady. Many thanks Milady, many thanks!”

    Karinna walked over to the woman and helped her get up. She smiled at her. “Its no problem, creeps like him are what upset me the most. Be careful on your way home.” Karinna started to walk back to the carriage.

    The woman bowed to Karinna who was walking away. “Yes Milady. Once again many thanks!”

    Karinna got back in the carriage but the maid looked at her with saddened eyes. “Milady what if you were hurt! How would I explain that to the King?”

    Karinna went to her cushion and sat down. “It wasn’t a problem, besides I can take care of myself. I cannot just stand by and pretend I don’t see anything. If someone is being mistreated you must help them.”

    The maid sighed, but she didn’t say anything more. Karinna was right, she could take care of herself. After all she had the blood of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.
  • Chapter Five: The Gamer

    A man in his mid-twenties was seated in front of a computer. His hair was flat and black, and he had pale skin. He was super slim - you could barely seen any form of muscle on him. He was wearing a black shirt along with some black shorts.

    On the computer screen was a website. It was titled Azure. The man scrolled down the website quickly as he searched for the forums. He randomly clicked one and read some of the comments.

    Coalman: The game is amazing. Everything feels so real.
    NeetLife: Yeah, if you haven’t played this game yet you are losing out.
    Sweetea: I have to say of all the vrmmorpg’s i’ve played this one is the most fun.
    AngelxAngle: Yeah, in our village the NPC’s react just like real people. It gives it more of a realisct feel.
    StrawBKiller: Sup noobs!
    Coalman: GTFO!
    StrawBKiller: Don’t be like that, you already know if I caught you in my kingdom you’ll be the first person i’ll kill
    NeetLife, AngelxAngle, Coalman have left the chat.
    StrawBKiller: Fuck you all too then!
    StrawBKiller has left the chat.

    ‘A new game huh? I guess i’ll play this one, DVMO was getting boring anyways.’ The man thought to himself as he reached his hand over grabbing a cup filled with water. He looked out the window while he sipped the water. ‘It’s still early, I guess I can go get it.’

    The man got up from his chair as he grabbed his black wallet from the desk and put it in his pocket. He looked around the room really quick. There was single bed - twin sized - a microwave, stove, and refrigerator in the kitchen. Lasty there was a capsule like machine in the corner of the room. The man walked out of the door.

    He put his key in the keyhole and turned it until he heard a click. Taking his key out he turned around only to see his neighbor walking in her room. She was around the same age as him, but she was hard working. All he knew was that she attended some top university in the area, other than that she was mysterious to him.

    She was wearing some shorts that clung tightly to her body - that showed off her bottom. She was wearing a loose fitting pink shirt, however her breast were still shown. Her hair was long and black, and on her hands were a few bracelets.

    He had to say, no matter how many times he seen her, she always looked good. She closed the door behind her but her eyes looked at him. They were black but they gave this feeling as if you were being drawn in. After giving him a quick glance she closed the door.

    The man sighed as he began to walk down the stairs. He stayed in an apartment complex that his parents helped him pay for. He was young enough to attend university but he chose to play games all day. This was how he made his living, he found gear and sold them to other players for real money. Finding legendary quest or certain bosses, was easy to him. Everything he thought that he could sell, he sold.

    Making his way downstairs in the lobby, the clerk gave him a cheerful look. The clerk just so happened to be a female who was also in her mid-twenties. The man gave her a head nod with a slight smile as he first made his way to his mailbox. Putting his key in the keyhole and turning it, he opened the mailbox. Inside was three letters.

    The first one was titled; “How are you honey?” The man opened it to give it a quick read before he put it in his back pocket. He glanced over the second letter which was title; “PlayNPay” He put it in the garbage can next to the mailbox. It was nothing but those gaming companies that wanted him to record his gameplay while he gets paid for them. He once thought about doing it, but if he did he would be bashed with fan mail. Thus he decided not to, even if it would help pay the rent. The last letter was titled; “Revival”

    It happened to be from one of his gaming friends. He opened the letter and started to read it.

    ‘Hey Adam how’s it hanging? Well considering it’s you, you have to be doing well. You are probably still living in that cheap apartment complex too huh? Anyways, some of the old gang wants to get together for one last ride. DVMO was cool and all, but we’ve decided to play Azure. The company said that it has a 98% realism rate so we want to try it out for ourselves, when you get this message me. Hopefully your cheap ass will pick up the game too so we can revive the guild.”

    Adam laughed, he was just thinking of going to pick the game up and he just so happened to get this mail. In DVMO he is known as one of the war gods, and his guild is one of the top. However after playing the game for awhile you get ‘those’ type of players who only join the guild for its prestige. All of the core members left a long time ago since their jobs started picking up leaving Adam to manage things alone. Now that Azure is out he can start anew with his old gang and test their skills against the other players.

    Adam took out his phone - Which was a touchscreen but the skin on it was black. He went through his list of contacts while he started walking out of the lobby. His fingers stopped moving when it landed on Eric. He pressed his name and the phone started dialing Eric’s number.

    Ring. Ring.


    “Hey man.”

    “Adam! It’s been what a year?”

    “Yeah around that.”

    “Guessing you’ve gotten my message then?”

    “Yeah. I found it funny that as soon as I was going to pick it up your letter also arrived. You wouldn’t be stalking me… would you?”

    “Ha-ha-ha, I guess it’s just fate man.”

    “Yeah maybe. Why the letter anyways? You could have just messaged me.”

    “Oh… well I don’t know. I thought it would be better that's all.” Eric started laughing over the phone.

    “Right, i’m guessing everyone started playing then?” Adam asked.

    “No, not yet. Most are picking it up today or tomorrow.” Eric replied.

    “I see. So what faction should we join?” Adam asked.

    “Well, there are three factions that have humans only. One with vampire another with elves. And the last one is female only. So out of the options, we can cross out the last one because most of us are not female. We’ve been humans for so long so we are not being that again. That only leaves us with elves and vampires.” Eric explained.

    “Right, well if we were elves it would really help me out. You know I like being a mage so being an elf would really help from their racial trait.” Adam said.


    “Besides, out of all our group more than half play a magic class. So it’s safe to say we should all be elves.”


    “I don’t like what i’m not hearing Eric. Don’t tell me you’ve already picked the other race.”

    “R-right. The game was just too interesting so I got it before it’s release. The vampire race also seemed so mysterious and interesting I just had to pick it!”

    “Ok, what’s there racial traits?” Adam asked.

    “Hehehe, you’ll see once you become one. It’s better than the elven trait.”


    “Oh, the wife’s back. I’ll caught you later.”

    The call ended and Adam put the phone back in his pocket. ‘A Vampire huh?’ He thought to himself. Adam continued to walk for another twenty minutes until he reached a game shop. You would expect there to be a line because of Azure, but there wasn’t. It was mostly do to the game being released before it went online, so most people grabbed it then. Adam walked into the shop while he looked around, it was filled with posters promoting Azure.

    He walked up to the desk and rang the bell. Ding!

    “Coming!” A sweet voice called out as a teenaged girl came from a room. She had in her hand two boxes filled with games. She walked to the counter and placed them on it while dusting herself off.

    She looked too young to work in a place like this, but Adam didn’t mind. To work in this store you have to be over age eighteen so she must have qualified. She looked at him with a smile on her face. “What can I do for you?”

    “Yes, can I get a copy of Azure?” Adam asked.

    “Ok. Which version would you like? Legendary or normal?” She asked.

    “Huh? What’s the difference?” Adam said confused. During DVMO’s release there was only one version. He has never known a vrmmorpg to have two versions of the same game.

    “The normal version is what almost everyone has paid for. You start out in one of the selected zones. It’s pretty normal and it’s the cheaper version. The legendary version you start out in one of the selected zones but you have a chance to win something special. Also during character creation you have the option to customize your avatar more compared to the normal version. Due to it not being much of a difference and you only have a chance to win, no one really picked this version. It’s also of much higher value.”

    Adam nodded his head, he wouldn’t want to spend extra money on another version of the same game with only extra cosmetic’s and a chance to win something. That something could have been a title that did nothing for all he knew. Without even wasting a second thought Adam said, “Give me the normal version.”

    “Ok! Give me one minute.” The woman said as she went into the back room.

    It took her two minutes to come back, but in her hand was a cube that was blue and black. On it, it said Azure L. “I’m sorry, this is the only one we have left in stock. Do you still want it?”

    Adam felt like smacking himself on the head. Of course if everyone brought the normal version it would easily be sold out leaving the legendary version left. He cursed in his heart, because he should have arrived sooner.

    “How much is it?” Adam asked.

    “Four hundred.” The clerk replied, but shortly after hung her head. It is no surprise, four hundred dollars for a game. You would have to be a huge fan if you were willing to pay that much. Normal vrmmorpgs only cost around one hundred and fifty dollars, but this one was more than that.

    “I guess you don’t want it?” She asked him.

    Adam took out his wallet and out came a black credit card. “Yeah, i’ll take it. Not like there are any other gaming stores around here.”

    “Ok!” She replied as she rung up the game for Adam. She took his black credit card and swiped it. Adam signed his name and showed his ID before receiving the game. He walked out of the store and began to walk back home. ‘Damn, this game better be good.’

    Arriving back at his apartment Adam took a quick shower before trying to test the game out. It was around ten minutes or so before he came out with nothing but a towel on. He grabbed some underwear, shorts and a shirt. He hurriedly dressed himself before he went over to the cube. He unboxed it, and inside there was a smaller cube like object. It was golden in color showing just how legendary it really was. Inside was a manual on how to install it in the game capsule, but Adam already knew how to do that.

    Adam walked over to his gaming capsule and pressed a white button on the side. Steam came out as a orange cube popped out from the front of the capsule. Adam replaced the orange cube with the new golden cube. He put the orange cube in the blue and black box, and put it in a corner.

    Adam now finished with everything hopped into the capsule. The capsule closed and everything became pitch black. Inside the capsule Adam put a headband like object over his head while he also turned on the air vents. He closed his eyes as he drifted away.


    The game was loading and in the background there was a ton of fighting going on. Adam noticed the legendary figures from stories he's heard. ‘All in one game! Nice.’ King Arthur was wielding his sword Excalibur and dueling the legendary pirate Drake. They were both clashing swords but then Vlad Tepes came from the sky and shot a beam of red from his fingers at them. They both dodged it while Drake took out his sidearm and shot it at Vlad Tepes. The bullet went straight through him. Vlad’s body that was shot through disappeared, but the elven king Amos lleia appeared with his silver staff. He swung it until it hit the ground creating a bright light that blinded King Arthur and Drake. Vlad Tepes reappeared in the sky and covered his eyes. Shortly after the surroundings turned pure dark as a purple robed woman descended from the sky. She had black wings, but had the appearance of a noble.

    ‘A fallen angel?’ Adam thought while he continued to watch the scene.

    All of the males turned their attention towards her, while their faces turned grim. They each used their strongest attack and once the attacks collided the screen turned white.

    Welcome to Azure Online.

    We’ve detected a new user, going to creation screen.

  • Adam was now born, he looked exactly the same as he did in real life. A male npc walked over towards him dressed like a butler. “Greetings, I am your personal guide.”

    “Really? Never had one of those before in the other games.” Adam said.

    “Correct, you only get this with the legendary version of the game. My name is Chen, and I’ll be your personal companion. However you can only find me once you reach the first town.”

    “Right… so does it randomly give my companion a gender?” Adam asked.

    “Indeed. Our genders are chosen randomly.”


    Chen had white hair along with a white beard. His clothing is just what you would expect from a butler. “First thing first, choose your character name.”

    “Xzavon?” Adam asked checking to see if it was taken.

    Chen replied, “I’m sorry, that name has been taken.”

    ‘Fuck, I should have known someone would copy my name.’ Adam thought to himself while thinking about the next name. “How about Four?”

    Chen nodded, “That name is available. Is this the name you want?”

    Adam nodded. The next moment Chen produced a white card - that looked exactly like an ID. It disappeared the next moment though.

    “I would ask you to change your appearance however you need to choose a race first. Would you like me to explain the territories belonging to each race?” Chen asked.

    “Nope. I want to be a vampire.”

    Chen nodded while showing his teeth. Two fangs could be seen. “Good choice.”

    The next moment Adam looked over his body, it was paler than before. He squeezed his hand a few times and he felt he had more strength than before.

    “Now would you like to change your appearance?” Chen asked.

    “Let’s see… I want dark purple eyes along with light purple hair. Add a little muscle mass to my body and that would be all.” Adam replied.

    His hair changed  from black to light purple while his eyes went from green to dark purple. The muscles on his body grew a little bigger. Adam glanced over himself while shaking his head.

    “My hair should be a little spikier, and make my bangs come off to the side.”

    “As you wish.” Chen replied.

    Adam glanced himself over and nodded his head, this was perfect. “Ok, i’m ready.”

    “Since you are a vampire you will go to the Kingdom of BlackMoon. Before that you must choose a class.”

    “Oh… right. Mage.”

    Chen produced a staff  that was pure black and passed it to Adam. “I’ll see you once you’re level ten.”

    Welcome to the Kingdom of BlackMoon.

    Choosing starting village.

    You have been placed in BlueBlood village number sixteen.

    Adam who is now Four appeared in the middle of a village that looked deserted. He looked around and found nothing.

    ‘Inventory’ Four said inside his head.

    His inventory appeared and inside he found a box with a bunch of ? marks on it along with a black staff. Adam took out the box and opened it.

    Rolling for rewards…

    Congratulations! You’ve won the special quest Magic Knight of the Dark Night.

    Magic Knight of the Dark Night
    You are special and your blood is pure. Those who have the same blood as you invite you to join their cause. The Dark Nights are a vampire league who are few, but their strength causes others to fear them. This is a special quest in order to become a secret class relating to Mages. Once you reach level ten you will be able to complete this quest by talking to Reven.

    ‘Is this what was special? Doesn’t seem much of a reward, but let’s roll with it.’ Four has always played the mage type class so finding a secret class related to mages should excite him, but it didn’t. He was hoping for a legendary weapon that would help him one shot mobs until he reached higher level.

    ‘Let us check out these stats. Eric made it seem like they were so special.’

    ‘Status’ Four said to himself.

    A blue window appeared in front of him.

    Status Window

    As a Vampire you obtain the passive skill Vampire Urges.

    Vampire Urges (Passive)
    Vampire Urges - You can't control it, it naturally happens. You have a need to suck the blood of your victims. You have an 8% chance to absorb 10% of your opponents hp.

  • dremaer3 said:

    It seems interesting especially Zu.I feel like there's a secret behind him :3

    There might be something behind him.
  • Chapter 6: The Gamer 2

    Four looked at his status screen while nodding his head. The stats were all even across the board, and his race had a godly trait. Four had to admit that the Vampire race was truly the right way to go no matter what class you were. A race that had a lifesteal effect straight away was insane. If you had more lifesteal gear later on then you could build a tank out of any class.

    Four closed the status window while he walked around the village. The houses in this village were something he had never seen before - in a starting village. Each house was as big as a manison, if this is what the starting village looked like he couldn’t wait to see the main towns.

    However he was also disappointed with this village. There were no NPC’s around, it was truly a deserted place. Four checked every single house, but found no one. Whoever lived in this village didn’t leave in a hurry because all the furniture and gold were gone.

    ‘So being a Vampire you start out with a great trait… but you don’t have any quest.’ Four thought to himself as he headed out of the village.

    Outside the village it was like night and day. The village seemed like a nice place to live only it had a depressing atmosphere. However outside the village were broken tree’s, rotten fruit on the ground, and even the grass seemed dead. The animals looked all mutated - each one having red eyes with green slime coming out of their bodies. The only good thing about it was that even now, there was no sun. The sky was shrouded in darkness.

    Four watched some of the other players fight the mobs. Whatever village he was in seemed dead. That or no one picked the Vampire race. The number of players outside the village only numbered to around 1,000.

    ‘One day late and everyone is already leveled?’ Four thought.

    ‘Leaderboard’ Four said to himself.

    Instantly another blue screen appeared in front of him. This one had the rankings of all the players who had the highest level and most kills.

  • Leaderboards

    Looking at the leaderboards Four only saw two players from his kingdom in the top ten. It seemed to him that the Eleven kingdom had some sort of exp bonus because there were four players in the top ten from there. Four closed the window as he slightly sighed.

    There were no quest so he had to grind mobs until he reached the first town. To reach the first town he needed to become level ten. Four was a professional gamer - it was basically his life as well as income. He needed to learn all his skills their cooldown time and how much damage they do.

    ‘Skill list’

    Another blue screen appeared in front of him, but this one was smaller than the rest. It was to be expected because this is only the beginning class, so the number of skills are limited.

  • Skill List
    Skill:Rank:Class:MP/SP Consumption:Description:Effect:CoolDown:
    Ether Bolt(A):EMage10Shoots a bolt of concentrated energyNone2s
    Flame Shot(A):EMage20Summon flames that burn your foe5% Chance to burn4s
    Ice Ball:EMage20Create a ball of ice to throw at your foe5% Chance to freeze4s
    Smash(A):EMage25Smash your staff at the foe50% to stun25s
    Vampire Urges (P)DVampire Trait0You have an unstoppable urge to suck your targets blood.8% Chance to absorb 10% of foe's HP0

  • Four nodded his head slightly. These skills were ok for starting out, but they are not the best. The percent of a you inflicting an effect on your opponent was pretty low, however he wondered why [Smash] only had a fifty percent chance to stun. For a mage it should be one hundred percent, even if it meant having a higher cooldown.

    Azure online is different that other vrmmorpgs. The company wants you to feel like you're in another world living a whole nother life, but still realize this is a game. Everything has a cooldown time and you just can’t spam skills. That was a huge problem with other vrmmorpgs, your skills didn’t have a cooldown so players could just spam their skills all day long. That is what most people did in DVMO, once you leveled your skill up to master then the effects would be great. No cooldown on it either, you could easily slay mobs and bosses.

    Azure online did things differently. They didn’t want to repeat the same mistake as those other vrmmorpgs. Instead of you gaining a skill and having to level it up for progression you get a maxed out skill already. The skills have different ranks, each one being better than the last. As you level up your character and learn new skills from your class master then the skills you obtain will also increase. Azure online also had a different system, as long as you had to money you could increase your skills ranking. So ‘E’ ranked skills could become ‘D’ which means there effects would also increase. However you could only rank up your skills once, and ‘A’ ranked skills could never become ‘S’ rank.

    The reason for this is so that you don’t have everyone running around once they have their final class change with ‘S’ ranked skills. The company wanted people to work hard and find out how to get ‘S’ ranked skills instead of them being handed to them. Four had to say that the company who made Azure online really knew what they were doing. It gave each player a fair chance at being great, so all those rich players wouldn’t dominate the game. People wouldn’t spend hours farming skill progression because that was boring. Instead everyone started off at the same place, so to be the best you actually needed skill.

    The company who made Azure online also said the game was fully complete. The npc’s in the world had a mind of their own. If you became friendly with an npc and increased intimacy with them, then you can get better rewards. Some npc’s will reward you with certain quest, while others you have the option of being lovers with. If the intimacy went down then they wouldn’t talk to you, or hand you quest. Relationships with certain npc’s can also affect a group of npc’s.

    Like in real life. If you have a noble hate you they will spread the word of what you did and even exaggerate. The word will spread causing other npc’s to hear about it making your relations with them also decrease. If you are charged with a crime they will look at you differently. Their actions, emotions, nothing is programmed. The only thing that actually is programmed are quest.

    One of the big announcements the company that made Azure online said was there were tons of events happening. The world was truly the players. If they murdered a town filled with npc’s then the kingdom would look into it. If they found out who did it, it would lead to a kingdom wide quest to find the culprit. Once new dungeons were unlocked or other nations invaded the king would send a quest to them which would start a major event.

    Each and everything about Azure online could be considered the same on earth. You have politics, power struggles, poverty, school etc. The developers really wanted you to experience what it’s like in another world. The company cared about their players, but wanted them to also have a second life. Therefore in Azure online you can start your own family. Although the speed in game is faster than real life, it’s only by two hours. You can watch your child grow up, which was an amazing. Just by adding this gave the game a whole new feel.

    After glancing over his skills and memorizing their effects and cooldown times, Four decided it was time to kill. In his view there were players hunting down mobs that looked like mutated frogs. He glanced them over but they were only level two. That was not good enough for him, he needed to level up to catch up with the rest of the players.

    Four walked down a dirt path while he passed the other players who were farming the mutated frogs. Ahead of him was a field with dark green grass filled with mutated deer. They had light green bumps on their side, their eyes were red and they had some green foam coming out their mouth. Just looking at this mob made Four will creeped out - which was good.

    Mutated Grazing DeerLevel:3HP:150/150MP:50/50

    Four grinned as he readied his staff. This mob was two levels higher than him, but it couldn’t be two hard…. right? The distance between him and the mob was only six meters, if he used his skills right he would be able to get off three or four shots before it came close. If it wasn’t dead by the time it arrived in front of him, he could use [Smash]  to try and stun it.

    Four’s staff glowed blue as he swung it down in the direction of the mutated deer. The blue bolt went in the direction of the mutated deer slamming straight into it. Four used [Ether bolt] because it had the lowest CD (Cool down time) of them all.

    You’ve dealt 25 damage to Mutated Grazing Deer

    A blue box appeared telling him the amount of damage he has done. Naturally as long as he used his skills the damage done would only increase. If he used a normal attack with his staff the damage output would be lower, and his killing speed would also be lowered as well.

    The Mutated Grazing Deer turned towards Four as he dashed at him with it’s head down. The antlers on it’s head were not normal, they were sharp and pointed at the end. It was like the antler was a blade.

    Four didn’t account the mutated deers speed, it actually moved faster than he originally thought it would. Normally a person would be stunned at this and find themselves forgetting to use a skill, but that wasn’t the case. Four swung his staff again, this time a little red flame slammed against the mutated deer.

    You’ve dealt 35 damage to Mutated Grazing Deer

    This was ten damage more than [Ether Bolt]. Four also paid attention to the damage, if he had a good idea of how much each skill did then he could calculate which skills to use. This was a good idea for lower levels since they only have four or five skills. However once you get your first class and start leveling up, you won’t have time to remember which skill does what amount of damage. What you need to know is what skill you should use at what moment.

    [Flame Shot] hit the mutated deer in the face which caused the mutated deer to stop and shake it off. Four cast another spell [Ether Bolt] since the CD was up. The mutated deer must have known he would try to do that again because it dodged.


    This is what’s great about Azure online. The mobs also have a mind of their own. The higher level mobs have smarter intelligence. They would study how the players attack and find ways to counter. This really gave the game a better feel than other vrmmorpgs, were the mobs in those games didn’t really have a mind of their own - they just attacked blindly.

    The mutated deer started charging at Four again, it was only two meters away. Four’s staff glowed white, as if it was a sheet of ice. It turned into a ball of ice, but the speed it launched at was not slow. It shot out as if it was a bullet slamming into the Mutated Grazing Deer. The mutated deer didn’t have time to react.

    You’ve dealt 40 damage to Mutated Grazing Deer.

    The Mutated Grazing Deer’s fur started to harden - as if it was freezing. Four didn’t waste any time and used [Ether Bolt] once more. The mutated deer was shaking it’s body to heat itself up, so it didn’t have time to pay attention to Four. The [Ether Bolt] slammed against its body forcing the mutated deer to lose it’s balance.

    Critical hit! You’ve Dealt 50 damage to Mutated Grazing Deer.

    You’ve obtained 35 exp.

    Four soloed a level three mob. It would be hard to kill them if you were by yourself, however that was only if you were a melee class. Being a ranged class allows you to shoot off skills at a distance. Since he is a mage his damage output is high, as long as he has distance he’ll be able to kill any mob.

    Four looked at his exp bar, he still had a way to go until level two. 

    There's a difference between casting skills and moving around. As a mage you would think that you would not use any stamina and only mana. This is not the case in Azure online. All classes use stamina and mana together. When you are in battle your movements help drain your stamina. When you run out of stamina you can’t dodge, and your attack speed, movement speed as well as casting speed are slowed. For mana you only use it when casting spells. If all you do is attack with your weapon and don’t use any skills then your mana won’t be drained. Not unless a mob or boss has a mana drain skill.

    Casting magic cost more mana than it does stamina - because magic casters hardly move. Four only moved his arms to swing the staff so his stamina didn’t really drop. Stamina only drops during combat movement, dodging, running, hands on activities or sexual activities. It would be weird for your stamina to drop when you talk or walk.

    Four used sixty points for mana, but he still had enough to hunt another mutated deer. The number of people farming these mutated deer were numerous, but it was still enough for Four to find one. Most players farmed the level two mobs in a group so they could level up quickly, then moved on to the next mob. Four thought about joining a party, but most of them seemed full.

    A party in Azure online can only hold five players. In other games it’s usually six players in one party, but here it’s different. You also have the option to form a raid group which is used for raid dungeons in the game or for huge battles. In a raid group the party leader of each party becomes Corporal. The person who invited/started the raid becomes the Sergeant. A raid group can only have four parties, making the total number of players inside it twenty.

    During war or when you invade another kingdom your raid group then turns into a squad. The leader of the raid then becomes squad leader. When a squad is invited to form a Platoon the number of players in it increases. A squad can hold a maximum of twenty players (20), while a Platoon can hold a maximum of  eight squads. The Platoon leader (Person who invited all the other squads) gets the rank of Lieutenant. A platoon can hold up to one thousand two hundred eighty (1280). As the number of platoons increases so does the number and it makes up something else. This keeps happening over and over again until everyone is united under one or two leaders.

    Four started his attack on the next Mutated Grazing Deer. He started out with [Ether Bolt] once again. It dealt twenty damage to the mutated deer, but he shortly followed up with an [Ice Bolt]. The Ice Bolt had it’s effect activate making the mutated deer freeze for four seconds. During that time Four used one [Flame Shot] and another [Ether Bolt]. Luckily for him his [Flame Shot] had a critical so the mutated deer died.
  • Four continued grinding these Mutated Grazing Deer until he finally got what he wanted. When farming the mutated deer a few pieces of copper fell from it’s body. After his third kill, he finally leveled up.

    Ding! You’ve leveled up!

    Vampires are born with natural strength therefore the amount of stat points obtained decrease.
    You’ve gained 5 stat points

    +50 HP, +100 MP, +20 SP

    “All five into Intelligence.” Four said.

    Four placed them all in Intelligence since he was building a mage. If he was a healing class then he would place it in wisdom, but he’s not. The difference between Intelligence and Wisdom are only what they increase. Intelligence increases magic damage, while Wisdom increases healing amount.

    With a level up all his MP/SP/Hp recovered. This was also an effect of leveling up, everything you’ve lost returns. It can come in handy when you are running a dungeon but running low on potions.

    Four started his hunting again, there was no need for him to change locations. Players in a party do not get as much exp as he does solo, but they do kill faster. Four started thinking that if he had one more person his speed of leveling up will increase.

    After killing the mutated deer it dropped some more copper coins. Coins were used as currency in Azure online. They were divided into three types, copper, silver, and gold. One hundred copper coins equaled one silver coin, and one hundred silver equaled one gold coin. If you have one hundred gold coins you can transform them into a golden bar, which is the same amount.

    “Hey, you want to party up with me?” A sweet voice called out to Four.

    Four turned around only to find a petite looking girl. She had silver hair that stopped at her waist, small breast - that were barely visible, and small round face. Her eyes were light purple - same as Four’s, and on her waist was a short sword.

    She seemed to be young, but Four didn’t mind. As long as she knew how to play he would invite anyone. “Yeah, send me an invite.” Four said.

    Player Sarah has invited you to her party
    Would you like to join Y/N?

    Four clicked yes. ‘So her name is Sarah, huh.’

    She was wearing black leather clothing, the same as Four - it was the starting gear. Sarah smiled at Four as she walked ahead of him and drew her short sword. The short sword was black, and had cracks in it.

    Four didn’t see anyone else around, nor did he see anyone coming, so it was only him and Sarah in the party. Since she was in a party with him, he could see her level. Like him, she was also level two. Sarah darted at a mutated deer and swung her short sword down at it.

    After it hit Four cast [Ether Bolt].  The blue ball slammed against the mutated deer dealing high damage.

    You’ve dealt 40 damage to Mutated Grazing Deer

    The Mutated Grazing Deer was still in Sarah's range. It lowered its head while it charged at her with it’s pointy antlers. Sarah rolled to the side, while Four used [Ice Ball]. The [Ice Ball] hit the mutated deer on it’s side.

    You’ve dealt 65 damage to Mutated Grazing Deer

    You’ve gained 20 exp

    With that the mutated deer was dead. His exp was lower, but Four didn’t mind it was a faster kill anyways. With Sarah it only took him four seconds to kill instead of eight, the time was cut in half.

    “What made you be a warrior?” Four asked Sarah.

    Sarah was about to rush another Mutated Grazing Deer but turned around when she heard Four talk to her. “Huh? Oh, cause I like hitting stuff. This way when I come home from school I can get all my anger out!” Sarah said in a sweet voice.

    Four couldn’t picture her in real life being pent up with anger hitting people. When he thought about it he started laughing.

    “What's so funny!?” Sarah said as she pointed to Four.

    Four covered his mouth, he didn’t think he was laughing loud. “N-nothing. I just thought of a joke my friend told me.” Four explained.

    Sarah walked over to him, only standing a few feet away. She only reached his chest so she had to look up at him and four had to look down at her. She looked him in his eye. “Liar!” She said while poking him in the chest.

    ‘Esper?’ Four thought for a moment. Sarah was standing close to him so it was slightly uncomfortable for him so he backed up. He raised his arms, “No i’m not. I can tell you the joke as well if you would like…”

    Sarah crossed her arms over her chest while pouting her small lips. “Tell me then!”


    “Then you were lying! If you weren’t then tell me.”

    “I can’t. It’s an adult only joke.” Four said while he shook his head.

    “Fuuu! I’m 21!” Sarah yelled.

    Four lightly laughed. “Right, and i’m the smartest man alive.”

    Sarah stomped her foot while glaring at Four. “Hpmp! Take a look then.’

    Player Sarah has share her information with you.

    Four’s jaw dropped. She was telling the truth, she really was twenty-one years old. Four shook his head, this was a real life loli. This is a once and a lifetime chance, he couldn’t miss it.
  • Status Window
    Send Friend request to Player Sarah?

    Four nodded his head. Why not add her to his friends list. She was a warrior, so she could tank the damage while he deals it. Not to mention she was a loli, a real life loli. He didn’t know when he would meet her again, but if he added her to his friends list he could meet her again.

    Player Sarah has denied your friend request

    Four looked at her. “Why?” he asked.

    Sarah turned her head, “Because you lied and didn’t tell me the joke.”

    Four walked over to her side as he sighed. He couldn’t tell her what he was laughing about, so he hurriedly made a joke up. “Fine, i’ll tell you. Why is air a lot like sex?”

    Sarah turned around to face him and showed a confused expression. Her placed her hand on her chin as she started thinking. “I don’t know.”

    “Because it’s not big deal unless you get any!” Four said while slightly smiling.

    Sarah had a little giggle but immediately stopped as she turned her expression back serious. “That wasn’t even funny.” 

    ‘Right, then why were you giggling a moment ago…’ Four thought but didn’t say.

    Player Sarah has requested to be your friend
    Do you accept Y/N

    Four grinned as he pressed yes.

    “Alright, let’s continue grinding.” Four said with a pleased expression.

  • The rest of Virtual God Zu can be found HERE, I don't like that I can't post more than 3k words here and even my boxes look stupid. Most of the time the boxes I make don't even come here, so for better reading, click HERE.
  • dremaer3 said:

    Lol that was fast and yeah I think I know a bit if what he's suppose to be but who knows :3

    Lol, just happened to click on here when I came back. So I happened to notice your reply and FC's.
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