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  • Wait, so there is a max number of fusions you can have over a specific strength of soul or something. I thought it would just take longer, not impossible. And each clone has different soul strengths even though they are all technically one. It states that Linley's original has always have a stronger soul and that he specifically strengthens it too. maybe Linley maxed out his earth clone, but how does affect his wind or better yet his water that has zero fusions.

    And the only reason why paragons are so rare is because the nearly everybody takes the long path. At least it is the biggest reason in my opinion. Sure, it's hard to make the final breakthrough, you could be a divine beast, and you could die before every reaching it, but I think if there were more people who started earlier then paragons would not be so rare. If all commander level people started fusing as early as possible, I would bet that at least 1/10000 of them would have already become paragons, and that's probably enough to put the number of paragons into the thousands. I highly doubt that any of them actually did fused early or if they did, barely managed to get the minimal. Cause there are millions of these guys and they are all so old, so they definitely should be paragons if they fused early. If they did fuse early, then it should also not be such a rare sight to have gods overpowering highgods. And if your an old sov and your still not a paragon, you really have no excuse other than laziness or don't care.

    No matter how I view it, there really is no reason why there doesn't appear to be anyone in any major clan who starts fusions early. Fusing early is better, this is common knowledge, and big clans should know the advantages of it. Are you telling me that everyone in a major clan is so stupid as to not take this route at all. So how is instructing to the young to fuse early a bad thing. How is not fusing early a sign of being selfish. People should want to fuse early to become stronger faster. It talks about how people want to better than everybody else but nobody even considers fusing early. When Beirut and bluefire told Linley to fuse early, was that telling him to go die. No, they were helping him grow stronger. Sure there's some risk in it but everybody should know that the bigger the risks, the better the rewards. A person who takes no risk at all never was meant to stand at the top. Now Linley is a super genius so telling him to fuse early isn't the same as telling a talentless guy to do so and have him spend millions of years with no improvement. But part of Linley's speed in training has to do with the fact that his soul is very strong and increases his comprehension. Big clans should be able to match that and the young genius should have taken the path of fusing early. If they tell them the true advantages and they still don't take it, then everyone is stupid, lazy, or real chickens. And yet they want people to acknowledge and praise them.
    It's like the difference between working a normal career and earning money in hopes of being a millionaire when you can go gamble or do illegal stuff for a shortcut. You're never going to be a millionaire from an average master degree and a normal job. Now there are some risks to gambling and illegal stuff, but what if you were some genius who knew how to play your cards right or got some advantages to make sure you don't get caught. Why would you take the other method then. The big clans young gen got these advantages yet they don't use it. Only in CD, fusing early isn't illegal or looked down upon as immoral.

    This is the same thing as other novels. For example take something like ATG or MGA. Does everybody just focus on improving their cultivation level as fast as possible. No, in addition to that, they take the time and effort to master martial arts and techniques and such. Which is why young masters of big clans can defeat other people of the same cultivation level and even higher, they have better techniques and such. But in this novel, everybody including the big clans just tell people to take the short term improvements over the long term ones. So most likely a god from a big clan versus a random common God will only have the difference of artifacts and whether or not you're a divine beast with powerful lineage. Even the mysteries they learn could very well be the same. Demigods beating gods or gods beating highgods are suppose to be nearly impossible. But if they fuse, then it is completely possible to do so.

    Judging by the fact that everybody seems so convinced that a god beating highgods is most definitely not a god, then there are barely any people who start fusing early. Wow, countless planes and countless years, even the likes of the oldest beings and sov have almost never seen anyone who starts fusions early. What bullshit is this. In other novels, like ATG, what the MC does is considered rare cause he got cheat godlike abilities from some divine loli cultivator so most people can't do it even if they wanted to try. In this novel, most are aware of fusing mysteries and that it can be done early on, but nobody ever tried it. Wow.
  • actually, linley was mistaken as a highgod because 2 reasons, 1 being the black soul stone was boosting his gravity technique, giving it the power to affect 7* fiends, and linley also had a soul protecting sov artifact making it seem like linley was a super expert in soul because of his high soul defense.

    as for limit to fusing at different soul levels. there is none (technically), while you will reach demi and full god levels after you fuse so many, you can go straight from god to paragon highgod if you have the patience to spend millions of years in isolation. (trillions if you're a super divine beast like beirut, 4dbc, namekian).

    the thing is though. nobody but the namekians can do something like spending such an insane amount of time hiding to do so. even linley couldn't continuously train for that long.

    as for fusing early in the higher realms. like i said. it's just too dangerous to do so. unless of course you're locked away and not allowed out till you fuse everything. in the higher realms, saints are considered worthless, demigods are just trash, and gods are just good for being slaves of highgods. what member of a high ranking clan would settle for being just a mere god? as the saying goes 'the right path is not the easy path'. and frankly most people would rather be big fishes in little ponds instead of small fish in a big pond.

    and just so you know. being a 5/6 fusion god is still not a strong as a 7*highgod. they will be easily killable with either material attacks or most-likely soul attacks. the souls of gods are just too weak compared to highgods. it's like comparing a 50cal to a battleship main gun.

    as for why so few people followed the correct path (as in none in this story), it's because nobody was allowed to be more badass than the MC. (that and the fact that the pace train lost it's brakes and was full steam head so IET didn't feel like it)
  • When you really think about it, even the excuse that it's too dangerous isn't really valid. So you train to highgod level, big deal you still can die rather easy unless your at the 6* level at least. And doing so the long way takes too much time. In comparison, if you fuse about 3 mysteries as a god and then proceed to become a highgod, it takes a lot less time. And a god who fused mystery is stronger than the average highgod. even if you train to be a highgod, you're still in danger, but a god who fused mysteries is just as strong. Until you reach the 6* level, you can't be said to be safe at all. But reaching that level by fusing early is faster. You fuse 3 or even just 2 and then reach highgod level and you would reach that level far faster than fusing afterwards.

    And for the record, fusing mysteries can explosively increase your power. And if you can use your laws to the best effects possible, it can be even better. For example Linley with only 4 laws managed to create a super technique that traps the opponent basically and gives them a very hard hit. This type of attack despite only having 4 mysteries is way better than the vast majority of other commanders with their 5 fused. So even if your a god, as long as you fuse mysteries and use them expertly, you can put a good fight against 6* fiends or even 7. A god may be weak, but if he used the laws correctly, he can create a very powerful material or soul defense that could prevent even powerful highgods from killing them in one blow.
    So I personally disagree that a 5/6 fused god can't match up to at least 7* level. The power gained from fusing exponentially powers you up. A paragon even without will or sov might can still easily kill several commanders by himself. It's like how a 7* guy can kill like 10 6* people by himself. Well, he has a shot at dying but generally he will probably come out victorious. Even if your a god, the power gained from fusing doesn't lessen, it's just that they don't have the appropriate divine power or spiritual energy that can make it even better. If you fused 5 mysteries, chances are you probably have an insane material and/or soul defense. Remember, Linley fused 2 mysteries and was able to create a defense that even a highgod wasn't able to break easily. If we go by this logic, a god with 5 fuse versus a highgod with 4 fuse should still work the same way, in fact it can be even better since the power gained later grows exponentially.

    And besides, why is a god fighting a 7* fiend an issue anyway. I thought the problem was whether they can survive or not. Why are we including their capability of fighting powerful highgods as part of it cause then even training to be a highgod as fast as possible ain't any better either. A 2 or 3 fused god is very well capable of handling the overall general dangers of the infernal realm that any other regular highgod has to face.

    And I just thought about this. Is fusing early really longer than mastering all mysteries. It took Linley 100 years to fuse 2 while it took him about a 1000 or so to reach highgod in water, which by the way is his strongest in terms of talent. And that was even after getting his soul all powered up by absorbing amethysts. But let's say that we don't want to use his water clone, does anyone think he could have reached highgod level for earth in a few hundred years even without any fusing. But let's again say that it was because Linley was lucky and that he got an insight into how to fuse. This isn't actually true. When Linley was fusing them, for some strange reason, he just started almost immediately upon reaching deity level in earth and never mentioned any insights. Besides, even if you don't get any insights, as long as you focus on fusing it will come eventually. And if we use the logic here, then fusing 3 is actually faster than reaching highgod level. It took Linley 500 years or so to do this. The plot hole in this.
  • How does linley become a Sovereign??
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  • New reader?

    Same as everyone else. The only way to be a sov. Fuse with a sov spark. But there is a limited number. 7 for each law/edict so max number of sov there can be is 77 at any given time. I won't spoil how Linley got his spark though, unless you want me too.
  • New reader?

    Same as everyone else. The only way to be a sov. Fuse with a sov spark. But there is a limited number. 7 for each law/edict so max number of sov there can be is 77 at any given time. I won't spoil how Linley got his spark though, unless you want me too.

    Nah....thanks man...!!!
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  • New reader?

    Same as everyone else. The only way to be a sov. Fuse with a sov spark. But there is a limited number. 7 for each law/edict so max number of sov there can be is 77 at any given time. I won't spoil how Linley got his spark though, unless you want me too.

    Just temme which book/chp does he become a sov..??
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  • Last book (21), chapter 5 or 6 I think. But aren't you done reading it already. Might as well finish before coming back to the forum. Unless you want actual spoilers. But your free to do as wish.
  • Does linley complete the overgod artifact (the crown)...??
    What power does it have??
    What happens??
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  • Well, the individual parts of the crown have special effects like healing, and strengthening you. But the completed crown means the overgod mission is completed and therefore allows you to meet the overgod who issued the mission and be granted any one wish as long as it's within the laws of the universe, almost anything. Everybody who completed the missions only use the same wish though, Linley tried asking for his grandpa doehring to be brought back but was rejected because it was against the laws. Then he ask for the same thing as everyone else, an overgod artifact. Oh, the overgod who issued this mission was the life one, and Linley asked for a weapon so he got a sword shaped life type overgod weapon.
  • Every single person who is high-up in the light area. i.e., Church of light, Chief sovergin of light, etc.
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