Trouble in the Wiki

These IPs need to be blocked from the wiki. They are adding adding bogus accounts and just filling the wiki with obvious spam, birth control for woman, and texas ranger, gun control,Nevada Wedding... etc.


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    oppss not that one.
  • The account creation has gotten bad in the last hour. I have marked all of them, but there likely to be a new one in the next 5- 10 mins. It's mostly coming from



    There's already been a few more.
  • I have done what I could, but account creation is every 8 or 9 minutes by this IP
  • Hrmmm, I'll add a captcha and block those ips.

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    Can someone confirm if the captcha works? xD
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    Well, I don't know if it works, but enabling one option I shouldn't have touched almost caused the server to explode. How can that thing eat so much CPU?
  • LOL, i know i shouldn't have, but i chortled... Sorry Yn5an3! And thanks for your work, as always :P
    If you'd like more chapters of ISSI or Tales send me a note on patreon!
  • I don't see the captcha . I only see text saying it should be there.

    ~ Thanks for rescuing us from that annoying bot.

    P.S I learned a lot random facts from that bot.
  • Can someone tell me if the captcha works now? I can not really check if that's the case since I can not see anything showing at all. It does not matter whether I'm logged in or not. xD
  • It doesn't
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