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World of Lozen. A land of magic and cultivation, where might makes
right. Here in this land, a child has been born. One of such
heaven-defying talent that even the gods are jealous of her
potential. Bursting through barriers faster than any other and
receiving praise from all.

beneath this talent, the girl hides an even more devastating secret.
One that would threaten to overturn all concepts of life and death if
the people knew it. She stands outside her home, looking hatefully
upwards to the skies as she curses in an unknown language.


1 – An Abnormal Genius!

“UOOOHHHHH!!!” A great cry arose from the crowd who
were avidly watching two young fighters compete with each other.

“Impossible! Kai Shen is a 17 year-old genius! He's
someone who reached the Eighth Pulse stage!” shouted one man.
Indeed, Kai Shen was a youth who was being hotly sought after by the
most influential sects within the Erstwel Empire. Even some Arstok
sects were looking to win him over.

“My eyes must be deceiving me! Thi-this is a trick!
It has to be!” shrilly cried another.

“It's the second coming of the Dragon Emperor!”

“Pshaw! Compared to that young cultivator, what is
the Dragon Emperor? Nothing but trash!” There were more than a few
gasps of shock and outrage at this and a minor fight had broken out
amongst some of the crowd. A few of the guards who were not stricken
dumb by the scene unfolding before them, managed to remember their
jobs and break up the fight without too many injuries occurring.

“It must be a demon of some kind! There's no way a
child could be this strong!” a loud man with a booming voice echoed
out. Wearing expensive-looking clothes and flanked on either side by
Rebirth Guards, this man was the head of the Clairemont Family and
the adoptive father of Kai Shen.

The same Kai Shen who was currently getting demolished
by a pint-sized figure who stood on the stage.


Kai Shen took a
monstrously powerful kick with just one of his arms. The force of
the blow was so great that he was lifted off of his feet and blown
clear across the ring. Kai Shen got back up on unsteady feet, blood
slowly trickling down his now useless arm as he gazed in almost
abject horror at the person in front of him.

A healthy complexion
that was forged from long hours in the sun, with smooth and nearly
flawless skin. Shiny black hair drifted down gently past her
shoulders and reached just above the small of her back. Her lips
were quirked in a teasing smile and perfectly matched the mischievous
green of her eyes. Every now and then, a pink tongue would dart out
from the side of her mouth and lick away the blood that slowly seeped
from a wound on her forehead. She could not be said to be a peerless
beauty, but she certainly had a very cute appearance from her rosy
cheeks and smile that was missing a few baby teeth.

The girl looked tired,
but nowhere near as battered as Kai Shen felt. This was evident by
the constant twitching of the girl's midnight cat ears adorning her
head and tail that bounced excitedly behind her. The girl was
clearly a half-breed and while it might explain her absurd physical
strength, it did not explain how a
and a girl at that,
was pushing him back.

“Is it okay, if we
keep going Senior Kai? This is so much fun!” Her voice was
high-pitched and was filled with childish delight that caused many of
the women in the audience to make cooing noises. Disturbingly, some
men were making heavy breathing sounds, whose neighbours were backing
away from them slowly and attempted to signal the guards discreetly.

“What-what level are
you?” asked Kai Shen hesitantly.

Her eyebrows quirked
up in amusement, “Same as you. 8
Pulse Stage.”

“...and how old are
you?” The audience had grown quiet as they all waited for the
little girl's answer with breathless anticipation.

The girl had a broad
grin on her face as she leaned back in a pose that reminded Kai Shen
of some of his older senior brothers. “If you can beat me, I'll
tell you.”

Kai Shen's eyes
narrowed dangerously, “Bold words, considering I haven't even been
using my martial techniques yet.”

“Funny, neither have

“Fine.” said Kai
Shen. He looked over at the girl's lovable appearance and a slight
trace of hesitation appeared in his heart. “Even with only one
arm, my attacks will not be any less fierce.”

The girl who was
getting into a ready posture of her own, slightly widened her eyes in
surprise before nodding seriously. “Bring it.”

Kai Shen didn't
particularly understand her word usage, but the look of invitation
for a challenge was all too clear in her stance.

Kai Shen sucked in a
deep breath as he poured Ki through all of his major pulse points as
a hazy purple glow sprouted into existence over his body.

“Is Kai Shen mad?!
He's using a martial technique on a child!” cried out one audience

Other people raised
their voices in protest and some were even beginning to leave their
seats to intervene when suddenly-

“Violet Dragon
Strike!” howled Kai Shen.


A large crater was
created the second Kai Shen kicked off from the platform as he
charged towards the girl with a terrible speed. A vague outline of a
writhing, purple dragon could be seen moving in sinuous patterns
along his entire body with the claws of the beast ending where his
fist was.

Salazar Clairemont
held a stern mask on his face, but inside he was feeling incredibly
proud of his son.

“For Kai
Shen to reach such a level in the Violet Dragon Strike is truly
incredible! There is not a single person his age or even several
years older than him, who could bring out as much power as he could
right now!”

chuckled darkly in his mind,
“Whether you're a demon or
not, it won't matter if you think you can take this strike on.”

The Clairemont Lord had already conveniently forgotten that his
genius of a son was getting the crap beaten out of him not moments

But there was no fear
in the girl's eyes. Even as two people who bore a striking
resemblance to her were clamouring to get onto the stage, but were
held back by Clairemont guards. While the audience screamed, Kai
Shen only saw pure delight inside of the girl's eyes.

Kai Shen knew he had
already lost.

“Safe Space!” said
the girl under her breath; a snicker of amusement seemed to follow as
well. An even brighter glow than the one from Kai Shen burst from
her body; signifying an incomparably more pure and powerful Ki. A
three-dimensional cube appeared just in front of the girl's
outstretched palm, slowly rotating in all three axes. Compared to
the magnificence of Kai Shen's violet dragon, the girl's martial
technique seemed woefully inadequate.


Dragon met shield in a
colossal explosion that sent cracks running through the entire
stadium. Near the epicentre of the fight, large pieces of shrapnel
from the stadium went flying outwards and into the audience. New
screams of pain arose as people dove to get out of the way of the
incoming debris. A cloud of dust had formed from the impact and many
people were scrambling towards the front, pushing past others as they
strained to see who had won the contest. The audience waited with
bated breath.

A small thud
broke the pin-drop silence as a figure burst out from the cloud
spewing blood from his mouth as he tumbled across the stadium before
toppling over the edge. Several cultivators in the audience gave a
mighty wave of their hands.


A great wind was
kicked up by the sheer force of these fighter's physical prowess and
the dust cloud was easily swept away to reveal the bruised, but still
standing, victor of the bout.

There was a split
second of disbelief, as the people's minds reeled back in chaos.
Then a cheer broke out from the western half of the audience. Then
the eastern. Then the north and south, until almost every single
person in attendance was hollering at the top of their lungs.

“Impossible! How the
hell did she do it!”


“A new Dragon
Emperor has been born! In our town, no less!!” shouted another
person with a great deal of pride.


“Kai Shen lost?! The
genius of the century lost to a child! How?!”


“There's no possible
way a child could defeat Kai Shen! She must be a Vakkar abomination
of some sort!” howled Salazar.


Emotions of all sorts
ran hotly through the crowd as the people surged forwards; each
hoping to meet the person who would surely shake Lozen to it's core.
Before any could reach her, the girl's two family members quickly
made use of the crowd's fervour distracting the guards and scooped
the girl up.

“Eh! Put me down,
brother!” shouted the little girl indignantly.

“No way, baby
sister. This has already gotten far out of control.” said the
older of the two men patiently. His triangular cat ears on top of
his head twitched and betrayed his amusement however, causing a huff
of disapproval to come out of the girl's mouth.

“Fuck, we're going
to be in so much trouble for this! Mother's going to kill us for
letting her out.” moaned the younger of the men worriedly, his ears
flattened against his head and tail sank down, almost protectively.

“She might have to
get in line, looks like that old bastard's getting ready to sic his
dogs on us.” The older brother looked nervously at the two Rebirth
stage guards who were by Salazar's side, protecting him from the
surging crowds. The two brothers were at the seventh and eighth
Pulse stages respectively and they didn't like their chances at
fighting them off.

With such talent to be
revealed, Salazar wouldn't dare kill her, for fear of imperial wrath.
But that didn't mean he wouldn't try to make it look like an
accidental death if this crowd were to get any more excited.
Salazar's eyes narrowed dangerously and met his own eyes, a look of
dawning recognition (and anger) appearing in the former's.

“We're leaving.”
said the older brother curtly, making a snap decision.

“What, wait!”
squawked the little girl. Her protests fell on deaf ears as the two
brothers leaped over the throng of people and beat a hasty retreat
towards the exit.

The little girl raised
her head over her older brother's shoulder and called to the now
distant Kai Shen who was struggling to get back on his feet. “This
was fun, brother Kai! Let's fight again some time!”

““You, be quiet!””
shouted both of her brothers in exasperation as they ran from the
still cheering crowd, many of whom were racing after the brothers.

the outskirts of the city of Walfren, a small storm was brewing
within a small mansion. The home, while smaller compared to many of
the other noble families living in the city, exuded a comfortable,
yet decadent feel. Small pools of water dotted the sides of the
carefully maintained tiled path leading to the front entrance of the
mansion. Inside each pool were different sorts of fish native and
non-native to the area, peacefully swimming inside of their homes;
their brightly colored scales gave off flashes of light that wreathed
the entrance path in a mystical light.

tiled path widened out into a courtyard where a small ring had been
built, filled with different sorts of equipment. Beastfolk and Human
guards alike were training in the centre of this ring; their bodies
giving off waves of energy that were characteristic for the Rebirth

guards cheered as their compatriots sparred with the others inside of
the rings, a few servants in matching clothes watched on with
excitement as well. A few of the gardeners looked up from their work
occasionally to give a soft chuckle of their own, before returning
back to the delicate management of the Lucrantz grounds.

of the people outside of the mansion, however, were very deliberately
not looking towards the house. They all knew that a terrible
creature dwelt within, and neither of them wished to come underneath
her wrath. Every now and then, a servant or a guard would briefly
look towards the house and sigh, while giving a small shake of their
head in sympathy for the people who
unfortunate enough to be in the creature's lair.

the mansion, the lord of the house sat meekly in one corner. An
impressive feat, considering his stature as a Beastfolk. Vertical
pupils seemed to glow mysteriously within his dark corner, a sleek
black tail and just as dark fur ran up his heavily muscled limbs.
The rest of his chiseled body was covered in smooth dark skin that
was tougher than forged steel, marred only by a large scar that poked
over the top of the silk shirt stretched across his muscular frame.
His hands sported dangerous-looking silver claws that were carefully
blunted with expert precision. Even amongst Beastfolk, Soldren
Lucrantz was certainly considered to be a particularly imposing

that same lord, a man who had reached the Element Stage, was cowering
from his wrathful and very human wife, whose ire was directed against
their three children.

her voice dripping in dangerous tones, “Does anyone want to tell me
where they have been all day?”

and her – his, dammit! – brothers were all seated on the floor in
an incredibly uncomfortable position, as per the gentle request of
their mother. Each of them refused to look her in the eye, fearing
they would break down as soon as they did.

were a lot of crazy things in this world, but Amala was still scared
shitless by this woman.

uh, just went outside for a bit mother.” said Blake hesitantly.
The younger of Amala's two older brothers made eye contact with the
both of them. A silent vow of solidarity had been forged in that
transient ocular connection.

before hoes.”

we've been mostly cooped up in the house since we moved here.”
began Amala, committing herself onto a path of no return.

wanted to show Amala around.” added Laren.

mother's head whipped around at this admission, “Oh? So it was you
and your brother's idea, then?” Sowing dissension amongst the
ranks: Classic Mom move.

I mean Amala suggested-” Blake was cut off by a swift punch from

One word that was both a command and a summons spat out of her mouth.
There was no possible way the man could have heard it, considering
that he was outside with the rest of the guards. Yet, nearly as soon
as the words had left the auburn-haired beauty's mouth did the front
door open with the man himself.

called, madam?” asked Eugene with a short bow.

not in trouble, Eugene.” said mother. Eugene visibly relaxed at
these words, but he still maintained his respectful posture.
“However, my children certainly are. Your thoughts?”

and the rest of the servants were treated very kindly by the Lucrantz
family and their children were no different. Despite that, all of
the servants knew that they would win no favours by sucking up to
anyone else but the Madam of the Lucrantz household.

the usual training for all of them.” said Eugene without missing a

mild, considering that I'm starting to believe that the commotion
raised in town was somehow due to these three.” their mother eyed
them suspiciously. “Very well, Eugene. You may leave us.”

Eugene bowed and hastily left the premises.

three of the children flinched at these words. The Lucrantz family
was well known as a very reliable merchant company within the empire
and has since expanded it's business to beyond even that. It's
success stemmed from both it's careful policies and it's strength to
ensure the safety of their cargo.

it certainly didn't explain Amala's heaven-defying talent, the
harshness of the trainings they underwent certainly helped to explain
why all of their cultivations were as high as they were. Both Blake
and Laren were a year apart in age and had about the same level of
talent that Kai Shen did; though their own fighting skills were much
more sophisticated. Just thinking about the nightmarish routines
their so-called
devised that made even their father pale sent cold shivers down their

so; admitting that they had sneaked out while their parents were
otherwise preoccupied was often the recipe for disaster in the past.
Though they all knew that the culprit would be punished more harshly
compared to the others, they had formed an unbreakable bond between
each other.

mother signalled with her hand towards their father. He made a quick
motion with his hand as a small gust of wind mysteriously appeared
within the room.

had never had siblings and she cherished the ones she had now as they
cherished her in return. This was a connection that could not be
broken. Not for anything. Not for –
sniff -

smelled good. Something smelled

was a sweet smell, with a hint of spiciness to it that was almost
like cinnamon. Her brothers picked up the smell themselves, but
instead of reacting favourably like Amala did, they both turned pale.

mother clapped her hands and her face lit up almost as if she had
forgotten something. “Oh! I almost forgot! I had baked some rather
today with some fruit Melissa had picked up from the market.”

turned towards Amala who was now fully focused on the smell coming
from the kitchen. “Sister...don't give in.”

the fruits looked rather strange, but they had the most delightful
taste! I just had to try putting them into a pastry.” she sighed
fondly, “The flaky crust perfectly matched the slightly sour nature
of the baked fruit, that I also covered with a thick honey and
cinnamon glaze.”

is a trap, sister! You know we could find something much better in
the city!” Blake was practically bribing her at this point. But
Amala's stomach was so
to future promises when there was something right in front of her.

began Amala.

hand found it's way to her lap, she looked up to see Laren staring at
her with an equal mixture of belief and hope. “We all went through
hell together, Amala. I know you'll make the right decision.”

breath caught, touched by the sincerity her brother had in her. She
– he – it didn't matter, Amala knew what her answer would be.

went out and nothin-” A small plate with the cake in question had
been placed down in front of her.

tail quivered involuntarily.

Fuck brotherhood.

and Blake got into a fight with an older kid called Kai Shen.”

cried out her brothers. It was the usual situation, but they still
sounded like prisoners about to be sent for execution.

you sweetie, enjoy your treat before coming outside for your
punishment.” Amala's mother stroked her hair gently before loosing
an iron grip on both of her brother's ears. The power of a Rebirth
practitioner oozed out of her as she dragged out her victims with a
demonic face of savage glee on it.

nodded absently as she took her first bite, her body shuddered in
delight as the sensation of the
rolled through her. Amala took a few more bites before she felt the
stare of her father on her.

not having any, father?” asked Amala.

Lucrantz glanced towards the door, his ears could already pick up the
miserable howls of his two sons. He flicked his gaze back towards
his clever daughter who was calmly eating her treat without a seeming
care in the world.

sighed, “Yeah...I think I will have some.”


  • Thanks for the chapter!! ^^

    So...just a few questions. First, is the MC named Jamie, or Amala? If it's Amala, then who is Jamie (in the synopsis)...? Is Amala a girl, a girl-looking boy, or someone with no gender who looks like a girl? And what does this sentence 'Amala
    had never had siblings and she cherished the ones she had now as they cherished her in return.' mean? Is she adopted or something?
    The meat jelly is watching you.
  • Thanks for the chapter!! ^^

    So...just a few questions. First, is the MC named Jamie, or Amala? If it's Amala, then who is Jamie (in the synopsis)...? Is Amala a girl, a girl-looking boy, or someone with no gender who looks like a girl? And what does this sentence 'Amala
    had never had siblings and she cherished the ones she had now as they cherished her in return.' mean? Is she adopted or something?

    "Twill be explained in the next chapter, which should be out later today.
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