Journey to the Heavens (Prologue)

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In this world, one must always face the negative feelings that corrupt us. Anger. Greed. Pride. Lust. Sloth. Gluttony. Envy. These feelings are part of what makes a being, but they can also bring one down. Surpass these things and you shall never be human once again. But accept and make them part of your being. Then one can truly have become the strongest in heart. But, in the end, to be human, one must always have a goal. No matter how hard the journey, without one, you can only wander aimlessly. I shall go on a journey. A journey that shall not be stopped by the Heavens themselves. After all, what can the Heavens do to me, a being that has transcended them? However, transcending the Heavens does not serve me any purpose. For all I am looking for is purpose.

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  • Prologue


    In the Heavenly Feather Cliff, the stab of the sword was as silent as the wind. Even after the act was completed, no one would ever hear it. After all, the cliff was a fair distance away from any city nearby and even monsters did not dare come to the edge of the Heavenly Feather Cliff.

    However, the monsters did hear the sounds of battle by the cliff. They were intrigued by this. After all, the Heavenly Feather Cliff was known to be one of the 5 Calamity Zones within the Phoenix Empire. There were monsters that were so strong within this area that most people could ever comprehend. Even a supreme beast of the Spirit Disaster Stage was rumored to live within the area.

    Slowly, many monsters carefully approached the cliff area. There were beasts ranging from the Strengthened Body Stage and the Qi Absorption Stage. Many of the stronger monsters ignored this battle, mostly due to fear of the supreme beast of the Calamity Zone attacking them.

    However, the monsters that went there could not help but be surprised. After all, the image that they saw at the cliff was one that could strike fear into the hearts of even the mightiest beasts at the scene.

    What they saw was a single young man completely covered in blood from head to toe. Even his hair was dyed in blood. Next to him were many humans, but none of them were alive. Every single one of them wore the luxurious robes of a noble. However, every single one of them were dead.

    Some of these people had holes in their chest. Others were decapitated. Some even had there heads crushed. A rare few were smashed and grounded onto the ground. Even the cruelest of these beasts had never seen such a graveyard of death. What made it more terrifying was the merciless deaths these men had faced. Looking at them caused fear to strike their hearts.

    After seeing these humans, the monsters began to revere this young man. Normally, monsters despised humans and considered them inferior to themselves. They could even tell that this human was probably not as strong as the supreme beast of the Heavenly Feather Cliff. However, the calm killing intent that radiated off of him stretched for at least a mile.

    The human was not even attempting to strike fear. After all, he had a handsome face with sky blue eyes with a slim build. Though he looked like a noble, this gave him a majestic aura that was fit for a king. Some of the monsters even began to retreat at the sight of him. This was the day where the boy known as Yu Jing would become the Asura of Heavenly Feather Mountain.

    In a few days, hundreds of human warriors would arrive at this cliff. Even though most humans would be scared of the cliff, they dared to set foot in this place because of their strength. After all, a force of hundreds of warriors in the Qi Absorption Stage or even stronger would not usually assemble without warning.

    After they saw this horrible scene that would strike fear in their hearts, the warriors would soon begin to call the mysterious person behind this the Asura of the Phoenix Empire. Even if some of the dead were only at the Strengthening Body Stage, to kill this cruelly showed the temperament of that killer.

    Even though the monsters would try to fight them and a huge battle would soon break out, these warriors wearing armor with an insignia of a bird upon them would spread the legend of this Asura. For the next few years, many tried to find this Asura, but all of them failed to succeed. Because no one was able to find a single trace of him at all, so soon, nearly everyone gave up.

    However, the monsters saw what had happened clearly to this Asura of the Phoenix Empire. They could all hear the sound of his mad laughter on that day resonating through their heads when they were reminded of him.



    Like a madman, the Asura of the Phoenix Empire continued to laugh without paying any attention to those around. With the blood from the dead young men sprayed all over his body, he thought that he looked like some kind of mad war god. However, he continued to laugh at what had just happened to him. Then, his face had a frown that no one could ever be prepared for.


    All that calm killing intent this Asura possessed was gone and replace with a cold, fierce look in his eyes. Even his sky blue eyes seemed to be affected by his anger when a hint of red could be seen within them.

    Suddenly, a young man appeared out of thin air. He also had black hair, but it was tied into a short ponytail. He was wearing a noble's robe that was black. Unlike the Asura, he was smiling. With his blood red eyes, his smile seemed to be pure evil even to the monsters.

    "FENG WEI! How dare you try to trick me!"

    With anger that was waiting to explode, the Asura yelled at the young man who had just appeared. His eyes began to have a greater hint of red within them. However, the young man's smile just began to expand.

    "When did I ever trick you. I only promised you that I will help you get stronger and I did. So we're good, aren't we? Ha-ha-ha-ha!"

    The young man began to cackle like a madman until he suddenly disappeared again. The Asura was shocked for a second and then, the young man appeared behind him.

    "Bye-bye, Yu Jing. See you in...I don't know. Ha-ha-ha-ha!"

    As soon as the young man called Feng Wei appeared behind the Asura, the Asura known as Yu Jing attempted to turn around. However, he was much too late. In an instant, Feng Wei swiped his hand across Yu Jing's neck.


    All the monsters could see when this happened was the blur of a hand. As soon as this occurred, blood sprayed out of Yu Jing's neck along with his hair that was cut off as well. However, this did not stop Yu Jing from trying to swipe at Feng Wei.

    Still, Feng Wei nonchalantly dodged this attack and continued to cackle.

    With no energy left, Yu Jing the Asura fell on his knees. However, Feng Wei was not finished  with him.


    Feng Wei continued to cackle and kick at Yu Jing who was on the ground for fun. Yu Jing's complexion had already turned pale white and he could nothing to fight back. The monsters were surprised that this Asura could not even fight back against this young man. Instead, he had fallen in one blow.

    "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You know what, now I'm bored of you. I'll make sure that you don't even receive a proper burial, Yu Jing."


    Using more energy than that was in all his previous kicks combined, Feng Wei kicked Yu Jing, who would soon be known as Asura off the cliff.

    When Feng Wei went over to the edge of the cliff to see his handiwork, all he could see was white mist that made sure no one would be able to see the bottom of the Heavenly Feather Cliff. However, that would be impossible without actually jumping in, but who would dare to be that crazy.

    "I heard that this cliff never ends. I wonder if that's true. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

    Feng Wei then suddenly disappeared. All the monsters were in a state of shock for a while. Then, they slowly began to leave the area at once. Even if they possibly could get stronger by taking the bodies of the dead for their own use, they did not even dare to do it due to the fear they possessed of the two young men.

    So, in the end, only the monsters knew of the end of the legend of Yu Jing the Asura and they took it to the grave.

    Author's note-This will not be cliche.
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