Please add a History

Some readers want to know what will happen because they like spoilers. Also, this helps readers remind themselves of past events, so instead of reading the chapter again, they can reference the wiki


  • I think this is reasonable suggestion and noted in wiki suggestion to create a template for it.
  • So a summary outline of previous chapters for each series.. that's a pretty good idea actually....
  • edited May 2017
    Hello all,
    A general last read chapter would be a big help.
    I am currently jugling 17 different tabs that are all on the latest translated chapter. 
    All waiting for the next update.

    I have to keep all tabs open or i forget what was the last chapter i read.
    Even a manual "Bookmark" would be perfect for translations.
  • bump. I feel your pain... I´ve got that many on the Ipad AND on the phone... 
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