Enki (Book 1-Prisoner #13)

edited December 2015 in Original Stories
Meet Enki, your average everyday mercenary magician. However, it hasn't gone well for him. After all, in the Mercenary Association, he has failed tons of missions and is considered a F-rank mercenary. Not only that, but he owes so much money to so many people that he doesn't even bother to keep track of it. In a world of magic, he could be considered the most pathetic guy there is. With so many people chasing after him, how will he survive? Well, don't ask me, how should I know...

Fellow Daoists, please help comment on my work which I will probably post the first chapter of today. Also, this is not Xianxia.


  • No...you should know...since you're the author...If even the author has no idea...wouldn't it be hopeless for the MC? Run Enki, run!!! >.<

    The meat jelly is watching you.
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