Legendary Blank Chapter 3 (NEW)

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Hello, I'm Catharsis, this is a novel I'm writing just to quench my thirst for fantasy and fun, it has no relation to Xianxia formats or anything of that sort. It's a dark-fantasy adventure novel called Legendary Blank. The dark of the story picks up quite later on, the start is really just setting the ground only with a light intro to the story. Call it innocent if you might. I'm pleased with any critics, corrections or notifications. There might be some mistakes.

Short intro:
He is a magician, a wandering magician with no uptitude for magic, or so the story says...for now. Follow Blank's first adventure through the Human Region, Fallowvale on Vol. 1.


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            The Beginning: Set, go.
     After having a 12-hour sleep, our sort of a hero, Blank woke up feeling a bit itchy.
    ‘Oh, hey Luna, why did you have to wake me up hah? Stop scratching me! Bad kitty! Let me sleep!
    ‘Meowrrr, grrr’ Luna drew her paws on his face in an irritated manner.
    ‘Ouch. Why is my room in such a mess?’
    He pondered when...:
    ‘Wait, haha! It has always been like this…’
    The room was covered in rubbish. The sofa was buried under a mound made of rotten food and clothes, the floor had that sort of stinky smell you’d feel the need to vomit just breathing it; the bed was half broken and the kitchen was, well it would not fit the description of a kitchen anymore.
    ‘It was a pain just searching for the clothes, though I should get this window open before setting off to fix this odor.’ Blank said while grasping the window open. The sun radiated on his face, it was unbearable...
     Unlike his room, the view outside was as pleasant as always. A short glare of the stunning human capital Aishling bathed in sunlight was enough to mesmerize about anyone, aside Blank, strong hater of those hard rays of sun.

    The streets were bustling with commoners, knights, magicians, tourists, wandering travelers, businessman, and other social ranked individuals of many races. Each one of them had a smile on their face which reflected the city’s own beauty. The roads were made in an orderly fashion, each linked by the scent of beautiful Ginkgo trees. Many shops attracting all the young and elderly folk added to its lively mood. A small azure river crossing through the city and beautiful magic-fueled verns (gondolas) moving. But all that would be nothing but a mere nuisance in front of St. Anzio’s Cathedral, one so high you would believe it pierced through the sky. Legend had it that it was built long ago by gods. It was old-fashioned and decorated with gems, linked with a sky bridge corridor that leads to High Queen Ephelia’s Castle. High Queen Ephelia’s Castle was the pinnacle of the city, with its breath taking view and the glimmering  garden full of vivid flowers…

    2 Days Ago:   
    ‘Let’s get going Luna, we have to get to the Legions board section across the city, it will be a boring trip!’ 
    ‘Meo’ said Luna complaining, showing her resentment to the trip.

     After a long journey across the town they finally arrived at the Legions Board District.
     Legions Board  District, a place bursting of aspiring magicians hoping to learn more about the ways of magic. Some trying to become Elementalists, others Aether Manipulators or Holy Magic Practisians. Whereas there were other young heroes who brandished their way of the sword to become a Holy Paladin or a Fallow Knight, even those who wanted to learn the secrets of Archery. It has always been like this, it was a place where they would test their skills on many missions and requests of various difficulties, in hopes of getting stronger, making a name for themselves and naturally making money. The legions were something every youngster looked forward to, a place to follow, a dream to conquer, something really worth living for. But that wasn’t all about the Legions District, because every successful Magician or Soldier who mastered a certain Expertise had a guaranteed spot in one of the famous Legions, which gifted benefits like a free house, food, monthly income and teaming with new experts to conquer different, harder scale missions. But the best part of it was the access to the Practisians District, a place where one could challenge any other expert to a duel to hone their skills and achieve greater power. The magicians aiming to reach a magic state, called Release, a Master level magic spell that lets the magicians release their true potential and reach the peak of magic for a certain amount of time where the melee fighters had the goal of training their own, Country/race related special skills to wield them in battle to show their prowess.

    ‘So many people it tires my eyes, let’s get this paper posted on the request board before we get stopped by any wannabe magician or soldier’ Blank said and Luna replied with her usual ‘Meow. .....’
    ‘Here, and a bit of there and ta-da! 

     Having finished posting his request on the legion’s board, Blank told Luna to return home and get some more precious sleep,  and she must have been exhausted because
     she snored letting out an ‘Mm…’ in agreement. Just like that 2 idle days passed by.

    Blank woke up, splashed his face sleepy face with water, changed clothes and got going to see if there are any notifications on the Legions board. ‘Maybe I stood lucky and got someone to join on the adventure’ Blank said, letting out a malicious laugh. ‘I will get powerful and learn how to use powerful magic and make a name for myself, something like: Godlike Blank! Powerful Magician Blank! Arch Mage Blank..!’
    Luna left a desperate ‘Mieh....’ and shook her tiny pretty little head, she must have thought Blank lost it for sure and so he replied.
    ‘What was that Luna?’
    Luna turned her head to the other side, being ignorant of Blanks question.

     As Blank walked through the sunlit areas, he felt a burn on his skin, just how was he supposed to make an adventure when he can’t even stand the heat of the sun or even worse, people, but why even care, that way he wouldn’t be able to progress so much. There’s no time for such wasteful thoughts. After an hour long walk they finally reached the Legions’ Board to see if Blank’s request was submitted by anyone, though he did not have many a hope.
     To his surprise, there were actually two signatures on the request paper branded as: Ran, Cyane. Rubbing his eyes just to make sure but it was real. Full of thrill he started running with Luna to reach the meeting point, he felt like the start of everything was about to occur; however, a striking image of a trafficked square full of people hit his head. Well, he couldn’t do otherwise anyway; he had to go at the meeting place although his hopes were few, people tend to disappoint anyway. 

    ‘Really now? We have been here for two hours, it’s pointless, I could be practicing my magic instead, and I can’t be wasting my time for nobody.’ He cried.
     ‘It’s so dull, no more waiting; I have better stuff to bother with.’  A girl said.
    The guy reached his hand on his forehead, as trying to suppress a headache. ‘If it wasn’t for the money I wouldn’t sit and wait for someone I’ve never heard of, time is of the essence.’
    The girl nodded as if she agreed. ‘Yeah, the reward is immense but I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t turn up.’ The girl said, enraged…
    Yes, those 2 were exactly those who had signed as Ran and Cyane.

    The Aishling Great Square, it was indeed overflowing with people. In fact, it’s highly active throughout the year due to the festivals taking place. There were all sorts of races but mostly Humans who travelled from around Fallowvale and Elves of the Reshian Continent. Some with petty matters others with urgent business to be taken care of in the Capital-Aishling. Elves were such a proud race. Their story goes long back in the books, they are known for their connection with nature and their healing abilities, due to their immense distinction in power. But there was always the issue between the 2 races of Elves, the Ancestral who long lived since the past in the north areas of Reshian. The Ancestral were the ones that carried on with their extraordinary tradition. They had many legend and stories of the wilds and myths. Then there were the Nefer Elves of the South areas, who were the opposite, the ones that wanted to create a new history for Elves without relying on past glories. They did not want to rely on any of their old traditions or ways of living. Needless to say the always were in war with each faction that dragged on for long periods of time. Their peace treaties were short-lived. 

    ‘Well, we have arrived at the Square and the weather is gradually getting cloudy and rain is minutes away from pouring, so I have to hurry find Ran and Cyane.’ Blank said with a new found resolve, feeling the sun no more.
    Blank asked Luna to go and find them, as he was too bothered conserving my energy.
     ‘Luna, go find Ran and Cyane. They’ll be around the center of the square at the Clock Tower, I will be cheering for you’.
    Luna looked at Blank with a serious killing intent. ‘Meow? Meowrrr’ 
    ‘Alright, alright, I got it, let’s go’ Blank said and they started walking to the meeting point. 
    ‘Oh, there they are Luna.’ Blank pointed his finger.  ‘Those 2 standing below the clock, go purr on them.’
    Neglecting Blank, Luna replied: ‘Mow’, was easy to understand she said no.
    Ran was your average magician, a Spell book was tied to his belt, and he wore a magician’s coat which had the Nolan legion’s emblem. He was a shortie about 1.66 and had medium long straight blonde hair, he looked roughly around fifteen years of age, really young for a magician to be accepted in a legion, proving his talent. Cyane was a female Fallow Knight, you could see it from the Fallow Order’s emblem on her gear and she was also a part of Nolan’s legion. She was around 1.74, rather tall for a girl and had long black semi-curly hair; she was a beautiful one, around her twenties, making it easy to understand why all the male population was staring at her. 

    ‘Hello guys! Welcome, I’m Blank!’ Blank said and waved his hand at them to greet.
    Ran nodded in an ignorant manner, he seemed too annoyed to give a reply.
    Then Cyane took her turn. ‘Hello, do you have any idea how long you’ve kept us here waiting for you Mr. Blank?’  Cyan was definitely irritated as well…
    At that point Blank had to keep it calm. ‘Heh, I know, sorry guys, I had an issue that kept me from coming any sooner.’ 
    If they knew that reason was Blank sleeping… 
    ‘Yeah, but you wasted a lot of my time, now please tell us everything about this request and explain what it’s all about shortly because I have to go.’ Ran says in an angry manner.
    ‘Meow meoo’ Luna started meowing in a cute manner, full knowledgeable of the situation.
    ‘Aww... yeah you’ve made us wait quite long!’ Cyane had a tiny portion of cute on her face staring at Luna. It seemed as she found Luna too adorable. She must be fond of cats.
    Blank took his turn to speak. 
    ‘Sigh, I am really sorry, now let me get on the topic of the request.’
    he coughed and started. ‘So I’ve assembled you all here today to let you know about this grand adventure of mine, it is one that will last quite some time, in fact a year long..’
    ‘We will travel across the whole Fallowvale continent in search of some Aether-rune Crystals, but make haste, it won’t be an easy trip, it will take us inside the Reshian continent as well which is in a war zone between the two Elves factions and so they will probably be with no favor towards  us.’
    Ran had a weird face going on about that part. 
    ‘It will last 365 days no matter what happens and we’ll try to assemble more than 10 of them. I am well aware that Aether-rune Crystals are extremely rare, but the purpose is holy.’ Blank said. ‘It is of grave importance that we manage to do so.’ 
    ‘Furthermore’ he added as they were staring at me full of curiosity by that point. 
    ‘I’m sure such a trip outside Aishling will be a great opportunity for you to discover the world out there; haven’t you lived all your life in the capital anyway?
    You will meet many varieties of people and get to learn a whole lot about what’s outside, you will get to fight many monsters and practice your skills and come in touch with the many plains that unite our continent.’ Blank said and smirked.  ‘That’s what makes it an adventure worth taking a risk for and I’m pretty sure there is the reward at the end of it. So I’d like you to accompany me on this journey and protect me through this long task we will have.’
    Ran was quite furious. ‘Aether-rune Crystals???’ ‘Have you gone mad? ‘They’re Ancient Treasures; you can’t just go around stealing them!’ Even if you did there is a great risk for our own lives.’ He said. ‘How can you ensure our safety?’ ‘We won’t be stealing.’ Blank replied. ‘I told you, it’s essential for our mission to gather them, they will serve a great purpose which you will get to know in time.
    You have to take the risk; you won’t go great by thinking like a magician about everything Ran, you need to waste your time and self to achieve more.’
    Ran took a step back and remained silent. 
    ‘I’m willing to join, it is a great chance to brandish my skills and learn more just like you said’ Cyan stated. ‘But is your reward real?’
    ‘Yeah, I will give you your one million reward at the end of the trip, that’s guaranteed but I mostly need you to protect me... It is sad to say that I am a magician but I have no capability at spells. So that makes me unavailable on helping you with fights or even protecting my own self. Therefore, your purpose of following is to protect me all the way through it.’ Blank said and gazed a bit off.
    Both got shocked… ‘What?!’
    he looked at the other direction. ‘I can’t use magic, neither am I any good at swordsmanship and it really saddens me but think about how I feel about it myself.’
    Cyane was hinting some sympathy for Blank’s weakness through her face but it was hidden.
     ‘I have valuable information and knowledge that will help us make it through so don’t let it worry you…’ Blank went on.
    Ran waved his hands, annoyed. ‘Weak. We should’ve known about this. But just how smart do you think you are, you’re irritating.’
    The conversation was taking long so the rain started getting to them. Blank showed them a way towards a little building that was covered. 
    ‘Guys, all I need is a little trust, I’m not used to cooperating with a team but I will definitely need you in this one. 
    ‘I know you don’t know me but you will get to see if it’s worth it yourselves, otherwise you can leave me at any time.’ 
    And then said with a loud voice: ‘But take this chance to broaden your horizons! It will be a big discovery for yourselves!’ Blank added, slowly calming his voice. ‘So... Have we reached to an agreement yet?’
    ‘Yes....’ said Ran and then Cyane nodded in agreement, with a little smile on her face. She really was affected by the kitty. Blank could use this to my advantage later on. 
    ‘I’m glad! I’m really glad, thanks you guys, we will meet tomorrow at 7 p.m. right before sunset at the Aishling Port. Make sure to pack your backpacks, our first destination once we’re out is Fierre town.’
    Ran looked at Blank. ‘Just make sure you won’t delay us any further like you did today.’

    And so they all parted to their respective ways, Ran looked pretty quick tempered with his manners, is that how he was raised? Or just his age. Unlike him Cyane was pretty serious, had a strong speech but it was obvious she had a weaker side. She was easy to tease, especially by Luna.

    By then the rain was strong, strong enough to be called a storm. Blank didn’t worry about getting wet, he really enjoyed the rain, and the city at night time was looking magnificent, simply mesmerizing. Those magic-fueled lanterns’ that went through the city streets portrayed the raindrops through their light. It was really a sight for sore eyes, Blank’s sore eyes that were about to fall asleep. 

    ‘The day is over, tomorrow we will be setting out in search of Aether-rune Crystals. It must be the young of their age and their curiosity that made them accept such a long adventure, anyway enough wasting precious sleep time.’ Blank said, covering himself and Luna with a blanket.

    And so the night passed peacefully and the morning came once again upon the capital Aishling before long.
    ‘Meowrrr, merawrr’ 
    ‘….zzzz, just let me nap a little more…’
    ‘Meogrrr’ Luna scratched Blanks face to get up.
    ‘Ouch…alrighty…good morning Luna, l-let…6 pm?!’
    She remained silent, visibly annoyed.

    Sleep always gets the better of  Blank, but how could he resist it, it’s something every human should appreciate as he used to say. 
    And so he hurriedly wore his clothes and set off with Luna to get at the port as fast as he could, didn’t want to delay them again. At least the weather was still cloudy and the sun was well hidden so he didn’t have to worry about getting burned by that horrible life-sucking sunlight. He would be meeting them around the Aishling port. 
    Aishling port is where many ships traveled in and out of Aishling. It is the most used way out of the capital since it holds the main gate’s passage. Needless to say it was a busy spot; all the working men had their income made by travelling through the river with their verns and ships, taking young travelers of all sorts in and out of the city for a regular price of 50 Lin per person. 
    It was busy all year long, not only for the working industry but for all the people who travel, whom were from all sorts of places with their own background. Just a stare of the port would be enough to fill your eye with a picture of all the travelers. Although it was always busy, it had its own beauty, it was a river that crossed through many city districts, city districts that had long and tall buildings and museums, districts filled with magic shops and clothing shops even ones where many festivals were held, it was just like a trip through the human culture, you’d get a taste of all its civilization. And what’s the name of that river? Well, its name is Veriet. And thankfully Blank just reached it, tired from all the running and that’s where our young heroes stood. They looked eager to get going.
    Blank reached out for them. ‘Yo! Here I am guys! Ready to get going?
    Ran replied in a classic irritated manner. ‘Yes, we’re ready to set sail, but you’re paying our way out.’
    And so did Cyane with a strict emotion on her face. ‘Yes, you’re going to pay.’
    ‘…It’s alright I’d pay anyway so let’s get going.’
    And so they reached for their boat, got on, paid the sailor and started moving along the beautiful river, it was to be an eight hours long trip.
    Meanwhile somewhere else:
    ???: ‘So you’ve sent with him Ran and Cyan, Black?’
    ‘Yes, such a legion request can’t be a normal one, I’ve sent some really good legionaries to follow this Blank on his adventure. And as far as I know, Ran and Cyane already know the purpose.’
    ???: ‘Which is?’
    ‘It’s really hard to believe, but this Blank is setting out in search of Aether-rune Crystals, the ancient treasures that are said to be long gone. A nobody like him could never find such a relic. We’ve sent whole expedition groups and found zero. But I’m curious to who he really is, his name isn’t registered anywhere.’
    ???: ‘We will have to wait and have your Ran and Cyane follow him till we see who he might be and if it’s just a fluke or even maybe the real deal. ’
    ???:‘Yes, Miss. I’ll let you know as soon as I get more data on him.’

    It was already 9 p.m. by then, they were reaching for the gates, Cyane was brandishing her sword at a corner of the boat, and she was really obsessed with it. Guess it must have meant a lot for her. Ran was standing with a book on a table that was there, it was called “The Principles of Elemental Fusing”, he sure tried hard for someone his age, elemental fusing was no easy deal, you’d have to cast a spell that combined 2 elements at once but he was far from making any discovery about it. Really weird they didn’t get to ask Blank any questions about him or the adventure, they must have been really looking forward to getting out of the city and wanted to get ready for what’s to come.  As for Blank and Luna, they were just drifting off with their eyes into a last gaze of the city before they long left it behind. The night scenery and the constellations were beautiful, the city was colored in magical lights and it was the best case scenario for Blank and Luna to have a nap but they had to stay awake till they were outside the farmlands that inhabit the outer city. They had to get many miles away and start searching; time really didn’t do any favors for anybody, especially Blank and Luna. 

    ‘Youngsters we’ve reached the gates, you’ll be able to get off in 5 minutes, get your things ready.’ Said the captain, slowing down the ship’s speed.
    ‘Zzz…yeah guys ready up… Oh sorry, I fell asleep for a moment.’ Blank said a bit drowsy.
     Ran didn’t even bother.
    ‘Yes, full ready.’ Said Cyane in an eager tone.
    ‘Let’s set out! Here starts the adventure!’ Blank said.
    Getting out of the boat, they set their feet on land, Blank smiled at them, pointed the direction South with his finger and started moving… 

  • I'd love to read your story, however, my eyes started hurting during the first paragraph.
    Is it possible to make the font bigger?
  • Tinalynge said:

    I'd love to read your story, however, my eyes started hurting during the first paragraph.

    Is it possible to make the font bigger?
    @Tinalynge Is this better? It seemed good on my screen, I did not know.
  • It is much better now, thank you :D
  • Tinalynge said:

    It is much better now, thank you :D

    Did you give it a read if I may ask?
  • I've read it. I like the start, it has a lot of potential and your way of describing things is really good. 
    It's hard to give a thorough description before I've been reading more, but so far it definitely makes me want to read the upcoming chapters :D
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    Hello There~! I've Read The First Chapter And I Must Say That You're Pretty Good At Giving Details About Your Fictional World. I'm Really Impressed About That As I Can See Lots Of People Easily Skipping Those Things. And As There Are Still Few Materials For Me To Say Anything About Your Story, I'll Only Point Out Certain Problems That I Found In Your Story.

    -Inconsistent Perspective. You generally use informal 3rd person POV, and for me, it was a refreshing one. BUT you sometimes use "me" or "my" in your narration, which is a mistake if you're going to use 3rd PPOV. 'My' is fine if you plan to make the narrator an actual character (as Blank is mysterious), but 'me' is kinda wrong. Since the narrator has no clear physical distinction, it is somehow awkward to see the narrator denoting himself when it's not even clear if he is a legit character inside the story.

    -Repetitive Adjectives of the same meaning. You tend to lengthen descriptions by using 3~5 adjectives with close to none difference in meaning. These are somehow not appealing to the readers EXCEPT if it gives a huge impact (usually for comedies) to the readers. In describing things in a story, it's always better to use as little adjectives as possible, delivering it with creative words that will entice the reader's imagination.

    -Grammar. As I look at your story, I think your level of writing is higher than me in terms of grammar. Only thing I can see is that you always explain too much in a single sentence making it either faulty or confusing. You also have the habit of using "and" on narration. It really isn't bad but it gets too repetitive in your story that it makes me feel you are too desperate in connecting some dialogue to the paragraph. Though it's something I can't blame you on, I can somehow see mistakes on your usage of "comma" and the issue of ABUSING it.

    -Cleaning the paragraph. In most cases, it always best to have ONLY one character's dialogue in a paragraph. You can make 2 or more dialogues in a paragraph given that it's only done by ONE character. If you want to add ANOTHER character's dialogue then end your paragraph and put it on a new one. 

    -Spacing and Indents. I dunno about indention but you should add some space in between paragraphs. It will make your story look cleaner and easier to read.

    -Joining your multiple dialogues into one. I don't see any problem if you join those multiple dialogues into one. It somehow even made me feel anxious, thinking if what I read was still a dialogue or narration. I can easily distinguish them but it's kinda annoying to the eyes. I can only see those type of multiple quotes/dialogues when a character's mind rapidly recall certain memories from the past.
    Catharsis said:

    Ran was quite furious. ‘Aether-rune Crystals???’ ‘Have you gone mad? ‘They’re Ancient Treasures; you can’t just go around stealing them!’ Even if you did there is a great risk for our own lives.’ He said. ‘How can you ensure our safety?’
    Like this one. I don't really see any reason for separating them albeit it makes it confusing as the next "narration line" was too short and didn't really bother explaining the sudden outrage of multi-quotes. Though if you have a reason for it, then I don't really mind as it's your strategy in telling the story.

    -Some narration are kinda simple in comparison to other descriptions you made (especially the reactions of Cyane and Ran when Blank stated that he can't even protect himself). It's not a bad choice, since you are merely starting the story but a little addition can help here.

    -Character Description. You easily stated their outward appearance but some details of their clothing/gear are ambiguous. Like Cyane and Blank, Cyane seems to be a knight of sorts but I don't really see how she's equipped. Is she wearing some heavy armor? or light ones? Blank's clothes weren't described as well.

    I Think... I Have Missed Something, But My Mind Simply Isn't Recalling Them. >_> So Yeah~! Looking Forward To Your Next Release~! ^_^
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    -Inconsistent Perspective. You generally use informal 3rd person POV, and for me, it was a refreshing one. BUT you sometimes use "me" or "my" in your narration, which is a mistake if you're going to use 3rd PPOV. 'My' is fine if you plan to make the narrator an actual character (as Blank is mysterious), but 'me' is kinda wrong. Since the narrator has no clear physical distinction, it is somehow awkward to see the narrator denoting himself when it's not even clear if he is a legit character inside the story.

    This...the whole first chapter was Blank narrating and I decided to make it more formal, which means I forgot to change some, that's why you saw that.

    Repetitives will get smoother in time.

    I am a sucker for long sentences, it's personal preference hahah

    Yes, I am planning on sorting out the text in better paragraphs and dialogues.

    The narration becomes more insight-full wherever i thought it was worth mentioning. There was no point in being too narrative on some subjects. Like the characters as you said, there was no point describing their whole gear, they will be updated in the  next chapters where I see fit, in the first it was only said to make a point on the legion and knight order. 

    Thanks for your try in helping Faceless, I can't tag you unfortunately. xd

  • I've been gone for more than a year for personal reasons, what a bad time right?! Just when I tried to introduce myself to you guys and put effort in growing it! I sincerely apologise. This is my comeback, with a promised chapter every 1 to 2 weeks. I got some reserved for the following weeks. Here is Chapter 2! I'd be glad to have you give it a look and I'll sincerely accept all criticism.

    CHAPTER 2 - First Tides

    It’s been 3 days since Blank with Luna, Ran and Cyane have stepped outside the boat and set out for their journey. 
    We got along pretty well, as long as I paid for their catering needs.

    -‘Hey Blank, how long is it till we reach this town at last, we’re wasting big time resting out here under a tree, ugh.’
    -‘Don’t worry Ran, we’ll get there eventually, just be patient a little longer, it won’t be long before we reach.’ (He really has no patience this Ran)
    -‘I don’t get it though, why are we going to a town which as you described has farmlands, what’s there, isn’t it just a waste of time?’
    -‘There is actually a little cavern behind the town which holds something that might prove of interest. Something that could sort of help us get a lead on where to go next. There is even a little library you might find to your liking Ran.’ (Time that, time this, time time..).
    -‘Is there any good dango shop there?’ (A sort of dumpling)
    -‘I’m not really sure about that. Do you like dangos?’
    Cyane suddenly got really excited.
    -‘Of course! Dangos are love! Nothing beats than them.’ 
     It seems Cyane has 2 weaknesses, one being cats and secondly a love for dangos.

    The sceneries were full of grasslands, nothing out of the usual, just crop fields, farms, trees and little rabbits popping out of nowhere. The melodic sound of the birds contributed in making a rather beautiful atmosphere around us. Well all except Luna who had a tiny obsession with them, probably her carnivore tensions.
     We’ve walked quite the way; at least the weather was fine so we had no trouble moving.. After going straight for a short while we came upon the entrance of the town.
     I must admit Ran and Cyane were sort of feverish. They never stepped outside Aishling borders and as such every little thing they saw came as a hit to them. Their eyes wide open from curiosity and a little thrill that their expressions hinted marked our way inside.

     Fierre, a small town south of Aishling. 
     The town specializes in farmlands, harvesting and providing food for Aishling during the harsh winter seasons.
    Thus as expected the citizens there specialize in growing all sorts of groceries; very few dared wonder in the ways of magic or sword.
    It’s a friendly village where nothing out of the ordinary ever occurs but even then there are still Royal Fallow Knights patrolling around Fierre.

    As we walked inside Cyane is aimlessly staring at the shops, trying to figure out if there is a dango shop.
    Ran on the other hand left us alone and rushed in the little library this town had to offer, he has to get his hands on any new book he can find that has to do with sorcery.

     It seems like I’ll be the one searching for the cave since they are too occupied with their new findings and it was only normal since they never had any experience in the outer world. Therefore I left them behind with Luna and went on to find the cavern behind the town. 

    At this point there is a need to mention that 5 kilometers behind Fierre lies a beach, Nefrun Beach. It is a rather long beach that crosses around 300 miles across Fallowvale.  At the north-ends of it is Pefurum city.  It has to be said it’s pretty active during summer seasons since humans and other races would race across the whole continent to relax and enjoy a good time under the sun-burning beach. Just thinking about this gives me a headache and makes my skin crawl…

      After a short while I found the cavern. It was amidst the shore behind the town, under the cliffs, hidden with some complex vines. I took a knife I carried and started slashed them down to open a path and reveal the entrance. The cave is rather small at a first sizing. The path leads straight to a single ending; there are no alternative routes inside. It took us a moment to step inside but we started walking , aware of any lingering danger we might run into; but it was rather silent and nothing out of the blue to get suspicious of. The only weird thing was is the air current from the beach that made a sizzling noise through the cavern. 

    -‘Luna, look at these patterns on the walls, they seem to lead us straight through to the end of the cave.’
    -‘You can talk now, don’t worry, nobody will hear you.’
    Luna had a look around her. 
    -‘Finally! You had me not talking for quite a while…’
    -‘I think they depict an image of a larger room further into the cave but there is a warning, you can notice the beast drawings.’

    Walking further inside…
    -‘Yes, look here Luna, the Ancient Istal Language. It says: Beware, for what you seek is dipped in heavy blood, go unprepared and contribute to their appetite.’
    -‘Who would have thought, Istal’s Language? Blank, let’s go back first, get Ran and Cyane before venturing any further.’

    And so we walked our way out of the cave, fully aware of what was at the end of it. Luna was finally happy she got to talk after a long while. It was actually more like her being angry and annoyed that she had to remain silent throughout all this time. I made her understand quickly that it would be like this for the most of the journey. Now on the other hand we had to go there; we had to make it to the end of the cave if we want to progress any further. I’m sure Ran and Cyane will be able to pull it off, and they must be informed about the danger that awaits us, but I’m sure of their skills so I’m not scared, they will do well.

     Stepping inside the town I realized it was evening already, time had passed by at quite a speedy pace.
     It was easy to spot them; Cyane was around the town’s entrance, sitting on a table eating dangos. She has like 3-4 packs of them. Next to her is Ran, looking pretty annoyed.

    -‘Hey guys, found what you were looking for ?’
    Cyane didn’t even bother talk, her mouth was full of dango.’
    -‘No! You’re a liar everything here is all about growing potatoes and other plants!’
    Ran erupted in an outburst of rage.
    Cyane suddenly stood up. 
    -‘Where did you go on your own? You disappeared out of thin air.’
    -‘…haha, sorry, I went looking for the cavern and I discovered it already.’
    -‘So?’ said Ran.
    -‘It isn’t really deep but I didn’t make it to the end of it.’ 
    -‘There were monsters guarding the final chapel, I heard their sounds and made a run for it…’ I said with a sort of smile.
    -‘Let’s go guys, we need to finish them off to get what we want.’
    -‘You mean me and Cyane.’ Said Ran in an ironic way.
    -‘Ok, let’s go kill the monsters, do you know what they are?’ said Cyane.
    -‘Um, as I told you I didn’t risk venturing any further with Luna.’
    -‘Anyway, guys we’ll call it a night, it’s late already and it’s not wise to try our luck against monsters this late so let’s find a place to stay for now and get a move on tomorrow.’ (Plus I can finally attend to my sleep loss.)

    And so we went for an inn that is in the middle of the town, one mostly provided for weary travelers. It was fairly cheap and the conditions inside were acceptable at least. The rooms clean and most importantly the beds were cozy…

    Before I got to realize it the night had passed by and the sleep was no sleep at all… Having packed up and sharing some good breakfast, we left the inn and started moving alongside the road that led to the back entrance of the town to get to the cavern. Cyane postponed us for a while before doing so to get a few packs of dango…
    Both Ran and Cyane were scanning everything around them and they both got really excited when they came across the beach that laid a short way behind the town.  
    Having finally ventured inside, Cyane seemed to be excited that we would get into some action; it was visible on her face. On the other hand Ran was having a weirder look the deeper we went inside the cavern.

    -‘Here guys, the room ahead lies the monsters.’
    -‘What’s wrong Ran?’ I said while looking at Ran, who was uneasy.
    -‘Um, nothing, it’s just that this air current makes me feel a bit confused…’
    -‘Ok, Luna go have a short look on the monsters carefully.’

    It was obvious at that point that Ran was scared of exploring…
    I made Luna head a bit deeper and check on what sort of monsters were laying in the final room of the cave. After a couple minutes she was back. She tried to draw with her paws on the sand the shape of the monsters.
     It was a kind of four-legged one with a tail. It looked like a Tigrun. A beast that sizes around 200 kilos and has an average height between 0.50 cm – 100 cm, quite scary at a first glare but nothing too hard for a seasoned warrior or magician.

    -‘They’re probably Tigruns, you all know them right, they’re in the first books you’ve learned about Beasts.’ I mentioned to them.
    -‘The males have horns whereas females don’t. They have sharp claws, they’ fast and are at most 1 meter tall. Pretty dangerous but I’m sure it’s nothing you guys can’t do.’
    -‘Yes, we shall kill them.’ Said Cyane as she looked at the cute and intelligent drawing Luna made.
    -‘B-but shouldn’t we take our time and form a strategy first?’ said Ran in a scared tone.
    -‘No, you, Ran, first of all people should know how precious time is.’  I said, smirking.
    -‘You are good with Elementalism so your actions are already set. You will use earth magic and root them down, a simple Earth Bind should do it. What’s -your limit?’
    -I can cast around 5 or 6 binds.’ Said Ran, taking on a serious expression.
    -‘It’s enough. I doubt the sounds I heard matched more than 10 of them.’
    -‘Now, Cyane your task is to slay them down, while Ran will bind them. Only thing you have to know is that you must be fast and Ran must bind in order of which one attacks so that you can avoid them easily. Got it?’
    -‘And what will you do?’ Cyane asked
    I smiled and replied:
    -‘Heheh, I’ll be the one providing the moral support.’
    -‘Anyway, let’s do it.’

    We walked our way inside the last room of the cavern; which was intricately decorated with paintings on the walls.
     It was large, spacious and inhabited by 9 Tigruns. Having sheathed their weapons Ran and Cyane got ready for the fight.

    -‘So, Ran stay 15 meters away from those monsters, around the corners of the room and when I hit the signal you will start binding them. Try to match your pace with Cyane’s.’
    -‘You Cyane, well you know how to kill beasts like this, that’s what you’ve learnt, time to put it to practice.’
    -‘Yes!’ Cyane replied with a thrill on her face.

    And so she stared a second at me, drew her long sword out without any hesitation and charged straight at the first Tigrun closer to her. Ran was aware and reacted immediately casting a-
    -‘EARTH BIND!’ Ran shouted binding 2 Tigruns that chased right after Cyane, locking them on the spot!
    -‘Good job Ran!’
    -‘Of course, this is a piece of cake for me’ he said with an uneasy face.
    -‘Die!’ said Cyane with eyes full of hype, moving in an arc with her Greatsword slashing the 2 bound of them down in a single sweep of her sword.

    The Tigruns were relatively moving fast but thanks to Ran’s intervention it was made way easier for Cyane to hack them down.

    It was obvious at that point that Cyane was a very good practisian of the sword; she knew how to weave and kill. The Fallow Knights trained her properly from a young age. Her instincts and skills were far above that of any normal swordsman.

    All of a sudden the 7 Tigruns that were left rushed around Ran and trapped him, they were agitated by the death of their fellow group.

    -‘Oh, save me, save me!!’ Ran shouted.
    -‘Don’t worry Ran!’ I said while opening my bag, and drawing an earth bind stone out, pointing it at the beasts and throwing it.
    -‘There, you see! They’re all bound; now keep them at their place while Cyane will finish them off!’(poor Tigruns, may you rest)
    It was easy for Cyane to finish them off like that and so we celebrated victory against those Tigruns..

    -‘Good job guys! You did it!’ I said.
    -‘Yeah, we made it.’ Said Cyane with a weary, happy expression on her face, covered by a portion of her hair.’
    -‘You had such a stone and you let me face danger. Regardless it was easy!’ Said Ran with a smirk on his face.
    -‘Yeah, I saw your coolness when they charged at you Ran; you kept your calm, good wits. But let’s not forget our primary reason here.’

    Even though it was their first time, I could see the vast potential they had. Cyane was remarkable; her sword skills could only improve in time, her ferocity was something you could only be intimidated of. Ran on the other hand was uncertain about the faith he had in himself, probably because it was his first encounter and he was pretty scared, something that the seriousness of the battle made him get over and do splendid regardless. Casting such spells was no big deal for him; he’ll be a great magician over time.
    Putting that aside, the whole room was covered in patterned shapes, peculiar ones that depicted some sort of ancient language. 

    -‘What’re all these patterns…?’ Ran asked while Cyane was staring at them.
    -‘I’m not really sure, we’ll draw them on a paper and try to decipher them later on once we have the information needed to. Anyway I’ll head back into town, Ran do the work and copy those patterns with Cyane. I’ll go get something.’

    They accepted what I asked them to do without raising any objections, unlike all other demands I made so far..
    And so me and Luna left them behind

    -‘Luna, you saw those patterns, they’re Istal’s decryptions.’
    -‘Meow, most concerning to see them inside a little cavern such as this.’
    -‘And it was certainly a map. We need to piece it together and understand so we can get moving on to our next destination, time is going rampant.’

    After reaching inside the town we went straight for a special dango box for Cyane as a gift for her valiant effort. As for Ran I already had a book on me I’m sure Ran hadn’t seen before. 

    -‘Cyane, hurry, make a copy of all these patterns I drew, we don’t have a lot of time.’
    -‘I’m hurrying Ran, I’m sure our legion master Mr. Black will reward us for this one.’
    -‘Yeah, we did great work here today.’
    -‘Poor Blank though, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into.’
    -‘Forget him, he might be nice but he is secretive anyway. You realized we haven’t even seen his face clearly. It’s always covered by his cape’s hood.’

    And so after Cyane with Ran returned inside the city after finishing their part they stumbled upon Blank who was there to surprise them with a gift.

    -‘Hey guys! I’ve got you a gift!’
    -‘Woa—what?’ Cyane replied in awe.
    -‘Here is this special dango box for you Cyane.’ 
    Cyane aggressively snatched it as soon as she noticed what I was holding, she was really glad and immediately opened it to get a taste of the flavor.
    -‘…and for you Ran I’ve got you this book you might be interested in. It’s named “Elementalism: Hidden techniques to boost your magical capacity and power for Rookies. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.’

    Ran greedily grabbed it out of my hands, mostly curious and interested in reading it.
    -‘T-thanks Blank, but this doesn’t make me think any better of you.’
    -‘Anyway, here’s the drawings, you can have them.’
    -‘Thanks Ran, now if you’ll excuse me I’ll need some time alone to bring this map together, you can restore your energy meanwhile.’ I said while making my way towards a near pub.

    At the closest one, I found a quiet table and sat, ordered some ice juice and started working on the map.
    -‘Let’s settle down and get this thing done. It won’t be easy getting Istal’s map together.’
    -‘Yeah, don’t forget you can’t decode its alphabet and shapes using your eyes, it takes more than that.’ Luna replied in a silent tone.
    -‘Yeah, damn it all, I might as well take a nap.’
    Luna remained silent…
    -‘That guy in black must be a sicko, he’s talking to himself.’ Said the barman to a villager whilst staring at Blank with a weird look.
    Twas hard indeed, Istal’s language is very odd, common knowledge of decrypting proved to be far insufficient for such a task. 

    Istal was one of the 5 Great Heroes, otherwise known as The Void Heroes, legendary figures that once protected Etel from devastation.
    He was a Sorcerer with unimaginable magic, boasting to hold the “All magic.”, said to be the ability to comprehend all the magic, able to create any sort of spell by a mere weave of the hand. Something that has been long since forgotten since it’s been stated that only one person every millennium bears that magic and they all die before they realize the ability they have.

     It’s really weird to believe such a person was forgotten. All those tomfoolery acts of the nobles buried his fortune and teachings along with him; the traitors that once were by his side were nothing but Fallowvale’s now nobility.

    Istal was the magician that brought Spell books to existence. That term was nothing but one used to describe books about rituals and demons in the ancient times, but now is the way to cast and channel one’s own magic. Thus by making the Magi Pages, pages that hold written spells, Istal managed to succeed in something no one ever dreamed of. To be more precise a Magi page holds a spell, encoded on it, thus the magician is not required to cast the incantation, just naming the spell is enough or with a mere image in mind. That not only allows faster spell casts but less Aether to use them, giving more capacity to one’s spells limit.

    Spell books are common these days and hold up to 5-10 Magic pages, meaning each page is equivalent to a single spell, making it 5-10 spells. Only the skilled magicians are allowed to challenge themselves and get a higher grade one, surpassing the 5-10 page limit. Although that is a benefit you can still get to practice spells and use them without any Magi pages, but it takes long to cast and gets weary for the caster, limiting the magic pool.
    Blank suddenly awoke yawning…
    -‘I really did end up taking a nap; ah sleep got the best of me.’
    A sudden scratch runs across Blank’s face.
    -‘Ugh…I got lost into a dream again.’
    Blank’s face was sort of distorted as he tried to get his self back on track, putting the map together.

    -‘Luna, I think I managed it, have a look!’
    Luna’s whispering tone could be slightly heard 
    -‘Yes, this makes sense, I’m not sure if you’re 100% on it but.. .’
    -‘Yes, I’m afraid we have to hurry because time is really limited and we don’t have any more than the time given to waste on making certain of the credibility of the map I’ve made.’ 
    Making our way out of the pub we felt some piercing gazes coming from the barman and the fellow villagers, I guess I can’t judge them, like they do.
    Cyane and Ran were mad at me. I guess my nap was a slightly long one... It was night already.

    -‘Let’s get moving guys! We have to rush our way to the next destination!’ I said whilst trying to desperately look serious after procrastinating on them.
    -‘You will pay us double for this, you better know this already.’ Ran said as Cyane nodded in agreement.
    -‘So where are we headed to now and what’s really going on with those decryptions and map, Blank?’
    -‘I didn’t manage to make out what those decryptions mean but I found where we’re going next. So according to your question we’re moving towards our next destination ofcourse!
    -‘Meoh..’ Luna sighed.
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    Chapter 3: Fier Beast Forest 


    ‘Is this reality?!’ I said whilst staring upwards.
    What is it Blank?’ Said Cyane, trying to look over the direction I was.
    ‘It’s rain! It is rain! Finally, this drought will come to an end, even for a short while. Ahh’
    ‘...I get, I get it.’ They both replied simultaneously.
    ‘We’re still far away from our destination, we’re still in Fierre’s outskirts and night is close so we ought to find a shelter for now.’ I said.
    ‘Where will we stay though, we will get soaked and cold, you know Erielun Season, despite its hot daytime, has exceptionally cold nights?’ Cyane asked half-worriedly.
    ‘Don’t worry,  I happen to have this Storage Ring with me I obtained once and I have a magic tent inside to keep us warm’.
    ‘How did you obtain such an artifact Blank?’ Asked Cyane surprised, waiting for an answer.
    ‘I run across an auction once and managed to get it half price, you know I got the money after all’. I said innocently.
    They both nodded.

    Storage Rings, otherwise known as Interspatial Storage Rings, are a type of accessory, where one can put his belongings, treasures, food and anything he desires inside without having to worry about carrying them. That happens because inside an Storage ring, even the ones of lowest quality, there is a 100 cubic meter area where you can store anything where high quality ones can store a whole 5000 cubic meter of space. But a treasure like this is really rare, only people at the level of High Clans might have ever had one, given that they actually had the chance to obtain it through big achievements. They were really expensive and even if there were some, they wouldn’t so casually be sold at the market. Now how such a rare treasure came on my belongings is something that bothered Ran and Cyane judging from their looks.

    The outskirts of Fierre were rather dim at night, devoid of any civilization, isolated from worldly events.
    Having the tent ready, we started a fire, cooked the meat I had gathered from the beasts we killed in the cave and silently started chatting amongst us while Luna was taking care of the grilled meat...
    ‘Omnyomnyomeowr.’ Luna replied, with satisfaction growing on her face and whiskers. It’s long since she had good food like meat.

    ‘I have to admit guys, you got quite the ability! I would be their meat this time around if it wasn’t for your skills.’ I deliberately said.
    ‘Hmph! Who do you think I am! Somebody at the level of mine, facing those little Tigruns... ’ Said Ran, portraying a domineering aura although it was obvious he was scared witless at the time.

    ‘Ran, Cyane, tomorrow, although we are on a hurry, I must make sure we will be able to advance solidly, without worrying about casualties and potential setbacks so our first step will be to build good foundation on our skills, growing both combat ability and partnership. For that I have decided we enter the Fier Beast Forest to hunt down some magical beasts.’
    Cyane took a step forward and took her turn.
    ‘But isn’t it dangerous there? Are you certain we can manage?’ she said with a worrisome face.
    ‘Y-yeah! Are you serious, I don’t have time to deal with weak beasts!!’ Ran replied startled.
    ‘In the path of practice and evolution you think there is anything as easy as just walking around and getting the power you so strive for? You have to go under countless dangers and trials in order to have a chance to get stronger! Plus we can smuggle some good Magic Cores and make some Lins when we reach the closest human settlement. ’ I said with a grin on my face.
    ...Saying that they both looked at me and nodded in approval.
    ‘Ease, don’t worry that much, Fier Beast forest is a relatively small forest and the strongest of Beasts are rarely magical, only at the 1st rank of the Magic Rank, like yourselves, so we’ll be able to manage.’

    Magical beasts much like humans inhabit many lands around the human continent; they are easy to find around forests and areas far from human population. Usually hard to fend off, it has to be said that the number of beasts greatly exceeds that of the human race. They are a race of their own but due to no records depicting solid civilizations and because they are quite different in shape and size from each other they cannot be regarded as a  single race. They have the ability though after very high level of attainments in power to establish connection and communicate with humans without being hostile.

     As for 1st rank magical beasts, they couldn’t be counted as magical, only after a beast managed to pass through and level to the 2nd rank would it gain magical properties, and better brain prowess.
     As for the higher ranks, there is a myth that beasts of the 5th Magic Rank are as keen and intelligent as humans. But those high ranks… are not worth mentioning for now.

     Magic Rank is the level which defines the affinity to magic, a beast has, showing how much it has grown and to what level it is able to control it, just like human practitioners. In short, a Magic Rank aside what class an individual person has followed shows prestige and nobility. High ranks meant that you would have a high position in any place throughout the continent, with a steady income and an easy going life, but that would strip one from the path of continuous progress and power. Only classes at Rank 1 and those who had mastered a certain class Expertise would be able to join the Legion District and pursue their goals by joining legions they hoped to be accepted at.
    On the other hand, Magic Cores, were something profound, scarcely would any a person see a bulk of them being sold, especially high rank ones. Magic cores were the very essence of a beast, and their rank dependant on the beast’s rank, a manifestation of their very existence. They could be used for healing alchemical remedies or to boost one’s own power after successfully absorbing the Magical energy and strengthening one’s affinity for magic.

    …the night went by and morning came, we woke up and set out to continue towards the Fier Beast Forest.

    The plain and vast fields outside the human capital and nearby towns are harmless indeed. This was thanks to the almighty 6th Rank Protection ward the Aishling capital’s High Holy Practitioners had created within a circumference of 30 kilometers to ward off any trouble. So days around the capital were usually peaceful and worriless.
    The entrance was rather normal, a small path that crossed throughout the forest to the other side, based on information provided by dealers this forest was 10 kilometers wide.  Most of the beasts were 1st Rank, but there was an exception, that being, their boss, who governs this little forest, a 2nd Rank Beast, named Aggres. Aggres were by nature beasts at the 2nd Rank, and could potentially develop to the 3rd after many years of painstaking work but that was their hard limit as well.

    ‘Here we are guys, this is the entrance to the forest, let’s embark inside and hunt some Magical Beasts.’ I said, pointing towards the entrance of the forest.’
    ‘What you need to know is that the only inhabitants within this forest are of the 1st Rank and only the leader is at the 2nd, but he mostly lays at his domain, in the middle of the forest. As long as we don’t venture right at the core we should be fine.’ I said.
    ‘So what is our plan now that we’re almost inside Blank?’ Cyane asked, curiously.
    ‘Now we’ll go and immediately hunt down beasts, I won’t provide any help against them, it’s for you and Blank to find out about the creatures and their weaknesses and strong points as well as ways to deal with them, that’s the only way to get experience and grow, as for me, I will sit here and watch your struggle, after all it’s too dangerous for me to be inside the forest without being next to you.’
    ‘You damn coward! You send us to our death and we are about to witness it!’ Said Ran, rather angry.
    ‘Ran, towards the path of getting stronger, it is like Blank said yesterday, we must struggle to improve, so I believe this is a good chance for us.’ Cyane said.
    Ran snorted and went along.
    ‘You will hunt during the daylight, and rest by night to regain your stamina.’

    After confirming, they paved their way inside the forest, whereas I sat at a corner, staring at them, drawing out the parchment I had written with the data I had acquired from deciphering as much as I could from that alphabet the other day, while they drew out their swords and wands, in a steadfast way, ready for any ambush that might befall them.

    3 days had gone by, Cyane and Ran would hunt down Tigruns and Elemis in the forest, mastering their Magic, Swordsmanship and teamwork, while resting at night by my tent to recuperate their energy, waking every day full of thirst for hunting and developing.
    They had managed to gather around 7 1st rank Magic Cores. A good amount for starters.

    Right whilst I was staring at their current battle and organizing the information to help them evolve further in their fighting style at that moment there was some bushes whistling, air fluctuating about and some distant footsteps approaching. Unaware Cyane and Ran were fighting with those Tigruns.

     The footsteps became heavier and finally Cyane and Ran noticed the change in the air and tried to locate where that sudden change came from.
    When they managed to find it they were struck with horror as it was no other than the Aggres slowly appearing within their sight of view.

    Taking a few good seconds to calm herself down Cyane abandoned every other thought and focused her Greatsword, straight at its throat. To her surprise, the Aggres, aware of the greatsword’s power dodged back with a slow jump, and then taking advantage of the moment laid open his mouth and jumped aggressively towards Cyane...
    Thankfully Ran noticed what went on and casted an Earth Bind, locking it in place.
    ‘I’ll exterminate you now!’

     Cyane, being angry, regaining her momentum, swinging her sword once more in a domineering manner, striking down aggressively at its head and feeling like she succeeded, got immediately terrified, noticing nothing but a scratch, followed by a heavy breathed sigh from the Aggres.

    Unaware of their surrounding, only now did they realize that the ruckus they had caused just now would make another 4 seemingly angry Aggres to appear in front of the bushes, bloodthirsty to join in and kill off the humans.
    I had got worried at that moment, ready to act.

    ‘Cyane, we’ll kill them one at a time, let’s not hurry our pace and deal with them.’ Ran said, hiding behind Cyane.
    Cyane gripped her sword tight, in a steady position, ready to kill. Her anger hadn’t diminished yet, she was angry at her inability to get rid of a single Aggres herself.
    ‘We cannot even deal damage how we will manage this, and why are there 5 Aggres, the info we got from the broker was just one being the king, not a whole pack of Aggres’.

    The Aggres, like hunters, slowly started making their move, slowly circling around their prey, making sure they won’t escape, neither fight back.

    ‘I have to use some nice offensive magic this time as well other than strictly binding monsters’ Ran mused to his self, since he hadn’t used any offensive magic this far.

    Two of them charged, both going straight at Cyane, who was noticeably stronger and had to be eliminated to prevent any probable trouble.
    That was also the limit of their intelligence, but it could go as far as making simple strategy to fight in pack against prey.

    Right after they made their move towards Cyane, Ran bound the other 3 away, making sure they wouldn’t charge at them, although it was obvious those binds wouldn’t be able to hold them for long, since rank 2 Magic Beasts are quite stronger than 1st rank. But it would prove to be more than sufficient for them. Staring at the one, charging towards Cyane from the left he started casting a spell, murmuring words while Cyane was slowly waiting for the appropriate moment to strike fear and death in the Aggres at her right, ready to use a Sword Skill.
    ‘I, bearing the sun, cast forth thy fire, Rank 1 magic, Fire Bolt’ Ran shouted, and then an orange magic circle appeared in front of him, making a bolt of fire emerge within that circle, charging fast towards the Aggres.
    The Aggres terrified, since it hadn’t put Ran in its eyes earlier, wasn’t expecting magic to come hitting.
    Frozen, losing movement, it got stuck in place and got hit by the oncoming fireball, falling down, and dying, bathed in flames. While that was taking place, Cyane, not waiting to fall back herself, charged clean towards the Aggres, shielding herself with the blade of her Greatsword, shouting her Sword Skill, Blade Bite, charged the sword straight down the Aggres neck that she failed to harm earlier.

    The moment the sword reached its neck, you could hear a crisping sound from the collision of blade and hide, as the skill Cyane used, Blade Bite, a rank 1 Sword Skill used the power of reverse flow swinging, meaning that as her sword crushed the neck there was a propulsion like a magnet from the other side of the sword, making a vibration like two swords colliding together, like a sharp bite which made the Aggres minced like tofu around its neck.

    The remaining 3 Aggres, agitated by now, had broken free of their restraints and charged in rage towards Ran and Cyane, not giving them a moment’s breath.

    ‘Be careful, Ran! They’ve broken free of your Earth Bind, run!!!’ Cyane shouted but it was already a bit late, the Aggres were too close to Ran, and Cyane wasn’t close enough to provide any help.
    Ran turning his eye in horror noticed the Aggres just 2 meters away from him, speeding its way with a mouth wide open ready to gulp him down.

    All of a sudden, a quick wide earthquake occurred out of nowhere, instantly making both Aggres lose their balance and fall on the ground.

    Ran stupefied by now, regained his calm, and cast another Fire Bolt, dealing with one while the other was, for once more, taken care of, with Cyane’s Greatsword, using the same skill. As for the last one they both went at it simultaneously.

    ‘What was that, we were almost done there? How could such an earthquake take place and save us. If it wasn’t for that, things would be grim.’ Ran let out a long sigh.
    ‘I thought that this would turn out pretty badly...We need to be prepared better next time.’ Cyane, panted without breath left in her, also scared witless.
    I feigned ignorance at the earthquake that took place and acted worried and lucky for its occurrence that barely saved them and gave them some food, resting the rest of the night away.
     And so, just like that the next day on with Ran and Cyane honing their skills against the rest of the 1st rank monsters inside the forest. A couple days went by like that and Ran practiced another Fire type magic skill he wanted to master, a Rank 1, named Fiery Wave, which greatly aided in their fights against many Aggres at once, since it would cover an area of 3 meters in fire and move forward for about 20 meters and burn them down. Something he was evilly proud about whilst Cyane learnt to no longer make mistakes when charging towards the Aggres, using the best timings to settle a kill. Other than that she learnt a Rank 1 Knight skill herself, the “Heavy Cutter”. “Heavy Cutter” is a skill relying on the weight of the Greatsword to crush rather than using its strength to cut down, dealing double the amount of damage the Rank 1 Knight skill, “Clean Cutter” could do in the expense of speed but had yet to use cause she was still at the starting stage and was unable to put it to practice in a real fight since there was no guarantee of its success. Thus with their co-ordination they went on, successfully hunting down many a Tigrun and some occasional Aggres and pillaging their corpses, gathering any Magic Cores those lowly Aggres harbored to make a profit. After a couple more days of fighting, they found themselves venturing slightly deeper into the forest, away from my field of view since I had fallen asleep and it was at that moment that they noticed that they had lost their way inside the forest unable to track their steps back.

    ‘What will we do now, Cyane?’ Ran desperately said.
    ‘We’ll just have to lead ourselves South and we’ll certainly get out of the forest, just we won’t know where we’ll end up at outside.’ She replied in a worrisome tone.
    And so they made their way, walking south and hunting any beasts that came their way whilst reaching a new area, where there was a small lake, surrounded by grass and a couple trees.

    ‘Let’s make a stop and rest for a while Cyane, we got tired facing so many monsters in a single day!’
    ‘Okay, let’s stop for a moment and recuperate.’ Cyane replied.

    ‘Those fools! I told them to stay within the outer perimeters of the forest...’ I said after waking up
    ‘Yeah...myon, they might accidentally pave towards the core and come across danger, after all this forests proves to hides more than we faced so far and were initially informed of.’
    ‘Damn it…should we check on them or let them try their luck?’
    ‘Your call, but I wouldn’t really venture into the forest now, it’s a long way and I’m bored-myo.’
    ‘Yes, we should move on, I’m worried for any potential fatal threat. I’ve almost finished locating the exact location of the first Aether Rune Crystal too.’ I said.
    ‘Where is it situated?’
     ‘Should be 4 days south-east of here, near a cavern named Redfal.’
    Luna nodded in confirmation.

    Blank didn't know that behind a seemingly innocent and peaceful spot where Ran and Cyane sat down to rest for a moment, there was lurking danger right behind their backs, slowly making its way for a kill.
    Little did they know either, that right after settling down around that small lake, behind them something was slowly approaching.

                                                       CHAPTER 3 END.

  • One or the other on the last 2 texts don't need to put it in as little did he know and then little did they know. Only way that would make sense is if in this novel it gave a kinda last thing that happened at the start of a new chapter. Remove one keep other IMO. Loving the story
  • edited January 2017
    One or the other on the last 2 texts don't need to put it in as little did he know and then little did they know. Only way that would make sense is if in this novel it gave a kinda last thing that happened at the start of a new chapter. Remove one keep other IMO. Loving the story
    You're right about that, it does look a bit silly. Thank you!
  • Catharsis said:
    One or the other on the last 2 texts don't need to put it in as little did he know and then little did they know. Only way that would make sense is if in this novel it gave a kinda last thing that happened at the start of a new chapter. Remove one keep other IMO. Loving the story
    You're right about that, it does look a bit silly. Thank you!
    Haha just trying to help. Also what does are MC look like! Stop with the mystery! Though imagining him with a hood on he looks preety badass
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