Agents of Salvation: chapter 2



We were now acquainted, but before we could take in the moment, her friend Jonas pointed something out. 

"Hey Norveil this is touching and all but i've got a very important question to ask." 

"What is it Jonesy?" (Don't ruin the moment!) Norveil secretly thought in an aggravated manner. Said by a narrator.

"What happened to the big guy? Did you happen to take him out?" Jonas looked around as he asked. 

"Yeah, He's right over there." Norveil pointed over towards Alvin's severed arm that was lying about 10 meters away.

"Jesus you didn't hold back on letting loose on him did you?" Jonas aiming his cigarette towards Norveil said. 

"I had no choice, if I didn't Fond here would have surely, well you know." The thought itself shook me ever so slightly. 

"I see, well it's a good thing you left some remains of him so the organization can identify it's him." Jonas walked on over examining the arm as he said that.

"They should be here soon." 

"Contact them on your texter." [Texter, a keyboard device in this story that operates like a phone, but is only use for text and photos instead of calls, before mostly Agents were equipped with these, But now they've been accepted for the general public, for the sake of convenience.]

Said by a narrator. 

"A texter?" I asked looking up at Norveil. 

"Don't worry about it. Come on, let's get out of here." 

"O--ok!" I was happy to have met someone like Norveil but that doesn't excuse that my main problem still arised, where would I go?

2 hours later. "Ok, and that should do it." Jonas said looking at his texter which had appeared to have gotten a message from his organization who was down at the church investigating. 

"Jonesy how is it?" Said by Norveil.

"They've got it covered there." 

Meanwhile the 3 of us were all at Norveil's place which in itself was nice and comfy. 

"How's the tea Fond?" 

"It's nice, thank you!" 

"Don't mention it, but Fond I think it's time we asked you a very important question." Norveil placed her cup down on the table softly as she said that. 

"Why were you at that church? And where exactly are you from?" As Norveil asked me that question my heart skipped a beat, I was afraid this moment would arise. 

"I…" But I couldn't gather the words. 

"Hey just take a deep breath and go real slow for us alright?" As Jonas instructed me on that, I tried my best to follow. 

"I went to that church because I was looking for a place to stay." I said after taking a deep breath. 

"A place to stay? Haven't you heard? The Church of Virtuous had been abandoned for quite some time, most of the people of this town know that." 

I looked at Ms Norveil in surprise as she said that. 

"Everyone knew that?" 

"Yeah Which can mostly mean you're not from here." That was Jonas's speculation. 

"No that's not true I was born here in Morality but it's just that I…" 

"Born where?" Norveil intervened. 

"45 Pure Street." 

"45 Pure Street?" A question asked by Norveil. 

"I'll look into that now." Jonas Hopped back onto his texter and began searching up the location.

"Found it, Perjury Orphanage." 

"An Orphanage?" Norveil appeared slightly bothered. 

"Yes… that's where I… come from…" It was that very place that started all of this. 

"It's where she resides…" 

"She?" A confused expression accompanied both Norveil and Jonas as they said it's simultaneously. 

"Is it the owner of The orphanage?" 

"Yes." I said to Norveil. 

"Tell us about her, what is she like?" I was convinced this Jonas person was just as intrigued about this as Norveil was, but a part of me was afraid they would take me back there once they both got the answers they wanted. 

"I rather not." I looked away from Norveil's gaze hoping they wouldn't ask more from me. 

"Huh?" Jonas let out. 

"Fond you have to tell us, This is so we can support you." Norveil said it in a way to me that felt so tempting. "I know, but…" 

"You can't keep us in the dark here, we need to understand your situation as best as we can." What was I to do in this situation? This could have gone in a couple of directions, I tell them but I have to go back. They sent me to another orphanage. Or they'll take me to the police and let them handle me, the options not to my liking. 

"Ms Intergre is evil…" "Intergre? As in the owner?" Norveil guessed. "Yes…" I nodded my head as I answered.

"Evil huh? That sounds like it's worth investigating, ain't that right Costello?" Jonas went for his suitcase. 

"Seems like you're in a hurry to find out aren't you?" Norveil asked. 

"It sounds important and I don't want to disappoint like I did last time now do I?" Jonas soon after flipped on his sunglasses covering his green eyes. 

"Alright Then it's time to get to business." Norveil Got up as well preparing to head out. 

"W--what am I supposed to do?" This was pretty awkward for me seeing as I was the only one who didn't want to leave. 

"Fond, you'll stay here, but lucky for you there is someone in the neighborhood that I trust to watch over you." 

"A stranger?!" Panic accompanied me yet again. "Don't worry she's completely trustworthy, I've known her most of my life in this neighborhood." 

"Good ol Nurvena." Jonas said as he exited the home. 


"Relax I'm only waiting by the Durant!" The two exchange through yelling.

"Sigh, well I better text her now before it gets any later."

5 minutes passed and I was now in the care of Ms Nurvena. A slight elderly woman who Ms Norveil said to me was around 62 years old. Pretty elderly but hopefully I could feel at ease with this woman. 

"Do be safe out there Ms Costello and Mr Hawkins." 

"We'll be fine, keep the girl safe while we're gone Patty." Jonas turned on the engine while he said that. 

"Remember Nurvena If you hear or see anything suspicious activate the emergency lock in the house on the wall next to the kitchen alright?" 

"Of course." 

"Don't forget to text me shortly after too." Norveil explained all the emergency tactics to us before she and Jonas went off.

"Right." Ms Nurvena agreed. 

"Fond, we're leaving now, but don't worry we'll be back before you know it." 

"Please be careful, Ms Norveil, both of you." I look down while saying.

"... Right you both as well." 

Jonas then put the car in drive and drove off. 

"..." Silence accompanied me as I watched as the Durant drove off.

"Alright to 45 Pure Street we go." Jonas said driving through the streets of morality, a Victorian like city riddled with all kinds of individuals, from poverty, to middle class and eventually the high rich class, This city had everything. But in the end the main thing no one could escape from, was the unforgivable grueling world that revolved around senseless murder.

Well it looks like it's time I gave my two cents on the situation, since I along with Jonas, was heading towards the Orphanage Fond came from, we couldn't help but wonder what was the whole story with her and that place. 

"So what do you think Jonas? About this whole ordeal?" 

"I feel that girl might be hiding something, I don't really know." 

"Is she? You and I both know that might not be the case."

"You don't mean?"

"It's clear he might have a hand in this."

"It might be too early to speculate that, Come on let's get to that orphanage first."

"Ok." As the conversation between us ended, I calmly enjoyed the car ride over but not without thinking what all this was leading to. Later we arrived at our destination, ready to see this through. 

"45 Pure Street here we are."

Jonas and I looked to see that this perjury orphanage was nothing to sleep on. 

"Check this place out." It had a look similar to a cemetery without any of the graves, it was also small and somewhat isolating with a large sharp gate.

"Spooky." Jonas said with a look that was unfazed, it was actually pretty charming of him.

"Let's head inside." As I declared that, we made it towards the entrance where Jonas began knocking. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Jonas knocked twice at the door but heard no response.

"This is Jonas Hawkins and Norveil Costello of the organization of Salvation Knocking, please someone answer!" I yelled trying to get someone's attention inside but still no response.

"What the hell is going on in there?" I was just as confused as Jonas but that doesn't mean I was ready to turn back and forget about this. 

"Jonas we're going inside." 

"What on private property?" "That's right move over I'm about to--!"

Before I could finish my sentence Jonas went and kicked the door opened himself. 

"..." I had ushered no words due to how surprised I was. 

"Should have said so sooner. Jonas said signaling us to go inside. 

"Right." I smile to him hearing that. 

As we headed inside, I couldn't help the feeling that it was nearly pitch black inside, hardly any light to be seen whatsoever. 

"Is it usually this dark?" I asked. 

"Maybe, but it doesn't explain the fact why no one answered us at the door." 

"Maybe everyone's asleep?" 

"The kids maybe but the owner? Heck no." 

Jonas then took out his lighter which helped aid our vision to see in the dark, we then continued storming the premise and came across a loud creaking sound coming from one of the 8 doors that was slightly opened.


"Yeah I hear it." He said aiming the lighter in the direction of the sound. What we saw soon after was utterly unfathomable.

"There's blood spilling from behind that door." Jonas took a slow step and opened the door further revealing a room full of dead children, all who were covered in blood. 

"My god…" As I said that I took a step back in total disbelief but then something hit me. 

"What about the other rooms?!" I rushed to the other doors to get the same glimpse as before, more dead children.

"What the hell is going on?" A sweat poured down my cheek as I collapsed down on my knees. The weight of what I witnessed bearing too much for even a thought. 

"Norveil! Come on get yourself together!" Jonas grabbing my jacket and shaking me back and forward yelled, but the feeling of immensely regret was something I couldn't shake off. "We're too late…"

"I know but this isn't the time to feel hopeless, the one who did this could still be--!" 

"Hehehe." Jonas and I paused as soon as we heard that, the sound of ominous laughter.

"Laughter?" Jonas then unholstered his weapon being that of a dense hammer you would see at a workshop. 

"Who's there?!" He shouted but while he did I got up and rushed for the door of where the laughter was coming from.

"Norveil!" I didn't want to upset Jonas getting all gung-ho but in that moment I was too blinded by rage and adrenaline to listen to reason.

"Dammit." Jonas uttered to himself.

I then kicked opened the door that was concealing the laughter.

"Oh my." Said the voice of a middle age woman standing in what appeared to be the living room covered in blood.

"You! What the hell happened here?!" I said in a rageful tone, ready to get to the bottom of things.

"It seems we have a guest that's arrived late to the spectacle!" A large demonic grin accompanied the damped woman.

"You despicable heinous piece of shit!" As I said those words I revealed my H&R magnum aiming it right at the woman's face.

"Costello!" Said by Jonas.

"Jonesy, We were right, he did have a hand in this!" I said seconds from pulling the trigger.

"That much is already cleared, If only this day couldn't get any worse."

"Worse you say? What's worse about what's transpired here? Can't you see that this is a moment worth celebrating?" The woman placed her arms out while saying.

"Celebrating? You murdered all these children you damn monster!" Jonas yelled.

"It was him, he told me I would free myself if I did so! That he would protect me if I accepted his gift! The gift of the reborn!"


I shot the woman 4 times upon hearing that, it was clear that there was no more reason to keep her alive after what she had said and done, she had become an Anarch, an enemy of humanity.

"You shot me? Hehehe! He was right, his gift really does--!"

Before the bloodied woman finished her sentence I detonated one of the bombs I had places inside of her. Bursting the one that was in her chest.

"Aaaaagghhhh…" Said the bloodied woman kneeling to the ground.

"You were going to say protect you weren't you? Well guess what, that's far from the case here." Said by Norveil who quickly made the woman realize her predicament.

"So agents have come to discover what I've done here at my little orphanage." The woman Intergre said staring at the blood that was on her hand.

"Intergre, Where is he? Where is the messenger?!" Jonas demanded.

"Who can say? The messengers is everywhere at once without really being there at all." Intergre's comment wasn't far off but we weren't just going to take off with that.

"We want more than that! Tell us how long ago did you get in contact with him?! And what did he tell you?" Said Jonas Who took a closer step towards Intergre.

"Yes darling come closer! It's been a while since I have seen such a handsome man up close! Hahahaha!" Intergre jokingly said while taking the situation lightly.

"Bitch!" I stated while detonating the next bomb in her arm.

"Gaaaaahhh!!" Intergre screeched in pain similar to that of Alvin who I dealt with not too long ago, The sight being very nostalgic.

"Do you think this is some sort of game?!" said by me at which I had yelled out.

"We don't have time for any of your games, tell us what you know!" Jonas said as he prepared to activate his ability, and looking at it, Jones was in less of a mood than I was.

"I refuse! The messenger's gift will protect me!!" Intergre was stubborn as she shouted, So I activated the third explosion which was present at her upper right shoulder, It's seemed to me that she was ready to die for the cause of the messenger of evil, at the rate we were going it was only a matter of time before I finished the job on her with no answers.

"Aaaaarrrrrghhh!" Intergre had her head tilted back almost as if she look like she was ready to pass out and unable to pose much anymore of a threat.

"Intergre, I'm running out of patience. Where was the last time you heard from the messenger of evil?!" Said by me.

"It was yesterday in the evening." Intergre said as she was breathing heavily.

"Yesterday?" Jonas and I realized as he asked that Fond had nothing to do with this whatsoever. That if anything she was completely fortunate.

"So then Fond?" 

"She got real lucky." Jonas said to me to help me find some sort of relief. But even with that there was still this matter that had to be addressed.

"What else did the Messenger say?! What did he even look like exactly?!" Said by me.

"Tell us Intergre." Jonas demanded.

"You may have me pressed against a corner, all battered and beaten, But even I wouldn't dare reveal anything else relating to the messenger when it comes to his objective and who he is!" As Intergre was saying as such she then aimed her finger towards me.

"I will say though in his words that morality is a choice given to all, We shouldn't be afraid any longer to accept our true nature if we possess it!" In that moment there was nothing else that could be done with this Intergre, her fate was sealed the moment we entered the orphanage.

"Not gonna talk huh? Fine then in the name of salvation you will be put down." Said by Jonas.


"Right." As I was about to flash the color of my left eye, Intergre suddenly said something that completely caught us off guard.

"How's little Careydell? Is she safe?" Intergre smiled.

"What? What did you just say?" Once I asked her that, rage was beginning to quell back up.

"Such a shame she wasn't here, I had so much planned for that sweet girl, hahaha!"

Within seconds I activated my ability and blew remains of Intergre to smithereens. Pouring all the energy I had into that attack.

"Aaaaaaggghhhh!!!!" Intergre yelled as she was blown apart.

After the destruction of Intergre I took a deep breath trying to regain control of my emotions.

"Norveil you alright?" Said by Jonas who placed his hand on my shoulder while looking concerned.

"I'm fine, let's get HQ in on the matter and go." I said walking away.

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