Agents of Salvation

Agents of Salvation

                          By KeinanX

The path of morality is set in two, a path given to anyone, one that is of good or  evil, in the end it's up to that person themselves to make that call, will they live honest and decent lives being that known as righteousness or will they pick the path of anarchy? Humanity itself is always given that choice.



[The city of Morality is a location known to those as the place between Heaven or Hell, better yet known as a purgatory, where there's a civil unrest of not knowing when who will turn and who will be saved, a town of unknowing danger.] Said by a narrator.

In these errie and frightful streets in this city, I stand at the center cold and unsure of what could transpire around me. It's still daytime but I'm not too sure how long the sun will continue to stay out, I've been outside for what feels to have been an entire morning and afternoon cycle. I don't have a wristwatch and it feels too risky to ask anyone for their time. The rumors I have heard of this place, people doing all sorts of terrible things to each other, It's not that I'm entirely new to this town. It's just i've become recently informed on how it operates. This city Morality is what it's called, And I don't exactly know how to take my next few steps here. Where should I go? What could help me in my endeavors as of now? The questions kept racing through my head as I remained seated.

And as I did, a sudden stranger had approached me.

"Excuse me young Miss. Is everything alright? Why are you sitting down on the sidewalk in the middle of the city like this?" The stranger said looking down over me With both of his arms placed behind his back.


I ushered no words, not sure on what to say and if I should have said anything to begin with. The stranger looking to be a middle-aged man slightly overweighed with a black hair standard groom and closed eyelids. 

"You shouldn't just be sitting here all day, It's dangerous out here, Are you with any close loved ones by any chance?" What was I to do? Should I have told him to go away or?

"N--no, I don't have anyone with me, I... I ran away from home." As I said those words a part of me instantly regretted it not knowing how the stranger would react.

"Did you just say you ran away?" The stranger's eyebrows had raised up realizing those words, all I could do was keep my head down in nervousness. 

"That can't be the case, how old are you?" 

"13." I stuttered. 

"13 you say? That's far too young." The stranger said, shaking his head. 

"A girl like yourself at that age shouldn't even be here, this city is known to have a history of grizzly murders, it's the norm here after all." Hearing that my heart nearly stopped, what I heard was most certainly true.

"W--what should I do?" I said praying to find answers.

"How about the police? Have you gone to them?" 

Hearing that I felt slightly frustrated, I figured that would be the first suggestion he would make. "No, I don't want to go to them..." 

"What? And why is that?" 

"If I did they would send me back." 

"Send you back?" The stranger said with a tad of confusion. 

"Yes, back to that place that I escaped from."

As I spoke, glimpses of my past from that place resurfaced, no matter what I couldn't return there at any cost. 

"I see so life at home must have been real rough huh?" "The worst." I said while curling up.

"I see, so going to the police is a no-go." The stranger scratched the back of his head in realization.  

"Pretty much." I too was at terms with it. 

"Such a shame but lucky for you I do have an option for you." Upon hearing that, I completely raised my head in total focus to hear what else this stranger had to say. 

"Go to this church called virtuous." 

"Virtuous?" I asked while the stranger himself looked very serious. 

"Yes, That church would be the best place for you to go, it's known for sheltering refugees and runaways, So I believe it would be perfect for you."

For the first time in a while I felt thrilled, finally there was somewhere safe for me to go, with plenty of anticipation I asked. 

"Where can I find this church of virtuous?" The man smiled and stood up saying that it was towards the far east of the city over towards an angelic statue up on a hill on the outskirts. 

With that information gained I stood up

excited on what to do next. 

"You look upbeat now, would you like me to escort you there?" I quickly shook my head no, still sure not too take up any other type of offer from a stranger that required me to be alone with them.

"Well at least you know what you want to do now."  The stranger said, smiling it off. 

"You know if I had a family of my own, I probably would have offered you to stay with us, but seeing as that is not the case, bringing in a girl your age to live with me alone would have been very sketchy and unmoral, so I think this is for the best." 

Upon hearing that I looked towards the stranger in a way, that I could trust this person, he genuinely seemed to care about my safety. 

"Thank you so much Mister, I'm glad I got to speak with someone like you!" I said as I bowed. 

"Of course, the pleasure is all mine." The gentleman said as he walked off. 

I supposed that meant a job well done, so I memorized the directions and headed there on my way happily racing through the city.

But meanwhile, said by a narrator.

The kind stranger from before slightly had his eyes open as he walked off almost in a sneaky like manner. 

As for the young girl who was still heading towards the church 15 minutes later. "To the far east." I said as I had taken a break shortly after noticing from a far, a hill that had what looked to be a church along with a statue nearby, placed on it. 

"That has to be it!" I took a quick break and a deep breath from all the running I did and raised my head looking over towards the distant church one last time thinking. (Yeah I'm almost there.) 

I then continued on my way there. But as I did little did I suspect someone would watch me as I headed there.

"Hmm? Isn't that?"

A woman said looking at the girl who ran on by her. She was a tall woman in a black attire with sunglasses and a suitcase. "Hmmm." She muttered. 

The woman watching as she tilted her glasses revealing a beautiful sky blue color in her eyes. 

As for the girl, a few more minutes had passed as she successfully arrived towards the statue where the church was present. As the stranger had said, the Church of Virtuous was on the outskirts of town on the far east. 

"I think I did it, I've made towards it, the church!" I said as I rewardingly smiled with my arm placed on the angelic statue looking at the church from there, I then took a step back and observed the statue up close.

"But this statue, It does look pretty worn." The statue itself looking pretty rusty, It looks like no one bothered to polish it whenever it got that way. 

"This statue must be centuries old." As I noticed that, I quickly snapped out of my gaze of looking directly at the statue and focused myself back on my objective. 

"Right, let's do this!" I said gently, slapping my face. I had soon arrived towards the church entrance and began knocking on the door. 

"Hello, is anyone there? I'm looking for somewhere to stay for a bit and heard this was a safe place!" As I yelled while knocking at the door, I received no reply whatsoever wondering if anyone heard me, so I kept on knocking.

"Hello?!" Still no answer, I was beginning to feel at a loss. "Is no one really?" (No, I've come too far to back away now.) I thought reassuring myself as I pressed myself onto the door trying to open it, and with little effort I managed to do so.

"Hello?" I looked inside to see that the entire church was completely empty and by its appearance alone, had been abandoned for quite some time. The Hall ransacked, the lunette windows shattered, The chandelier destroyed. 

Was this the right place or was it just a hoax all along? The questions began piling up as I thought as deeply as I could. But suddenly I heard a familiar loud creaking sound coming from the church's entrance. 

"Is someone there?!"

As I made my presence known to whoever was at the entrance, I was hoping they would be my answer to finding safety but, who appeared at the door was someone I was utterly not expecting. 

"It's you?!" I said as if I was hit with a wave of immeasurable unpredictability.

"You've made it here! Fantastic!" The voice of which had spoken was none other than the stranger from before. 

"You? What are you doing here?" My confusion skyrocketed, I had no way of anticipating this. 

"I came to check up on you, make sure everything was all nice and dandy, And looky here you've found the place just perfectly!"

I was beginning to feel extremely unpleasant not knowing what the stranger had in store for me. 

"That look on your face? You look afraid. Tell me, is that how you feel at this moment? Afraid?" The stranger's face was different from last time. Instead of a pleasant looking gentleman his eyes were wide open, his hair was messy, his face was scrunched up and his grin demonic, like something out of a bad dream. 

"Mister?" I nervously swallowed. "Are you going to--?" 

"Hurt you?" I watched as the stranger tilted his head towards the right of his shoulder while implying those words. 

"No, oh no! I'm going to do so much worse! I'm going to take my time! And paint this whole church red with your blood!" Once the stranger had finished his sentence, His muscles began tensing drastically. 

(?!) Watching helplessly I witnessed as the stranger bulked up massively and out of nowhere grew both extensive claws and fangs from his body while his eyes turn blood red. "Hahahaha!!" He laughed deranged and maniacally, but as for me I had no idea what was going on with him, why his body suddenly changed and why he was all monster-like, I was far too distracted by the fact that I knew that my greatest fear had become a reality in that situation. 

There was nothing I could do, I couldn't fight him. I was only 13 and by the looks of it, I couldn't run away from him either. The only thing left for me was to accept my fate and pray that my death would be quick and merciful. 

"I hope you're ready to play Little Miss!" The demonic stranger stretched out his claws and fingers warming them up while going into a readied stance. 

"Here I come!!" The monster of a man then took off while all I did was close my tearing eyes, but in that short instance gunfire had been present. 

"Hmm?!" The deranged stranger let out as he saw he had been shot in the left shoulder. "What?" 

"Hey do you mind if I butt in?" The deranged stranger turned around to see that a woman had been present as well in the church. "A woman?" I slightly opened one of my eyes as I heard the voice of the one who fired and the slight confusion from the deranged stranger. 

"Alvin the bloody, I've finally have found you, and just in the nick of time too I might add." She said this while still aiming a gun at him. 

"You? How did you? That can't be right. How did you know I be in this place?" 

"It wasn't that hard to piece two and two together. 5 days ago a person that is most likely presumed dead now was last seen roaming around an area not to far from the church we're in now. I decided to investigate, and this is one of the few places I decided to check since after all it is abandoned, and the perfect place for a murder."

I fully opened my eyes back up again and saw that it was the same lady that I had passed by not too long ago.

"You've got to be kidding me, someone really managed to catch up to me?" I noticed Alvin was showing slight frustration. 

"Imagine that, did you really think a sadistic killer like yourself would be safe and off the radar forever? You of all people should know, my organization doesn't respond well to that." 

"Your organization you say? That's funny because isn't someone like you supposed to be stronger than what you just displayed?!" The woman had suddenly said nothing. 

"You had shot me earlier but look! The wound is already healed! And I didn't feel a thing from that gunshot! Now you tell me, if that's your only defense against someone like me, then I suggest you make a quick prayer, because you stand no chance! A person like you obviously isn't an agent so the rest for me will be a cakewalk!" 

The woman in that instance lowered her gun. "What?!" I yelled out unnoticely. 

"Hahahaha! I figured! Prepare to die you stupid bitch!" Alvin in the next instance went into a stance, similar to a cheetah who had It's eyes locked towards its prey and was ready to go in for the kill. 

"This is quite the predicament." The woman in black noted as if she had no idea what to do next. 

Is this really happening?! I thought my chance of being rescue was assured but in the end the woman just doomed us both! "Die!!" Alven said charging over with frightening like speed. 

I knew it, ever since that day nothing has gone well for me, It's been one misfortune after the other. I just wish things weren't this way, that I could have looked forward to the next day that arised, but unfortunately that's not what life intended for someone like me… I thought feeling yet again at a loss that is until. 

"Heh." The woman let out as she suddenly said to herself. "One shot equals one bonus." As she spoke those words an explosion had taken place that engulfed Alvin's left shoulder. 

"Gaaaaaaghhh!!" Alvin screamed as his left arm was blown clean off. 

"As I was saying, this is quite the predicament for you that is." 

I had no idea what just occurred but as for the woman she casually just flipped off her sunglasses while her eyes were still shut.

"Shit! It can't be!" Alvin sounded even more aggressive, his voice becoming more unnerving as It sounded more monster-like in the literal sense. 

"If you did this? Then that means! You really are?!" 

The woman opened her eyes in the middle of Alvin's sentence revealing something surreal. "I see the color of your left golden eye, you're an Agent of salvation!"

(An Agent of salvation?) The thought went through my mind as I wasn't aware of what it meant. But as I thought that, I along with the monster Alvin witnessed that the woman's left eye was a beautiful golden color to the point where it didn't look natural. 

"That's right Alvin the bloody and your time is up." She said, showing off her confident smile. 

(How could this be the case? I made sure to calculate my steps!) Alvin thought while turning his attention toward his severed arm.

(This bitch blew off my arm like that! She's clearly no one to underestimate at this point!) Alvin shortly took a step back away. 

"..." While the woman remained silent again.

(I have to escape!) In the heat of the moment Alvin the bloody turned his attention towards me and as he did I completely froze up as if I was in a trance utterly terrified to make any sort of move. 

"Alvin!!" The woman yelled out. (Dammit! At this rate he's going to take the girl hostage! I don't have a backup plan for that one!) 

Alvin drew closer and with that I felt like my life was going to flash before my eyes but I was lucky, because in that split second Alvin chose not to pursue me.

(What?) The woman thought as she watched as Alvin the bloody made an impressive jump to the roof jumping two stories up. (He jumped huh? Perfect.) The woman aimed her weapon and opened fire but chose instead to aim at the roof where Alvin was going to burst out of. 

"The roof?!"

Alvin in a state of panic yelled as he wasn't aware of how her ability fully worked. "My bullets fired from my H&R Magnum detonate on my command whenever I flash the color of my left eye to gold!" The woman explained to herself as she did just that, activating her ability and catching Alvin in a chaotic explosion. 

"Aaaaaaaagggghhhh!!" Alvin screamed in agony as he was sent hurling back down to the ground. As he was there burning and screeching in pain, I backed away to gain a safer distance.

"He's burning?" I said not sure what to do next, but as for the mysterious woman, she began walking over towards Alvin who had stopped moving due to the flames slowly putting themselves out. Alvin the Bloody began breathing heavily while his body was hardly healing itself. 

"Alvin, that was the nail in the coffin." The woman in black bent down towards him observing the state he was in.

"You know I would have felt bad for you, if it wasn't for the fact, that you are wanted for the count of 12 savage murders, 8 women and 6 children."

"Heh, screw you Agent, I was given a choice and I took it, if you're hoping I'd show any type of remorse, then you're sorely mistaken!" 

"Yeah I know." The woman in black said casually as she stood back up. "I don't expect someone like you to feel remorse, my only regret is that I and the organization couldn't catch you sooner, along with the others out there." 

She proceeded to aim her Magnum and resolve the issue altogether. 

"Ha, It's a shame I couldn't cut that girl over there to pieces, hehehe it would have been purely gratifyin--" 

Before Alvin finished that sentence the woman in black interrupted him, shooting him point blank in the head three times. "Step back!" The woman demanded, and like that I did as she told and backed as far away from Alvin and herself.  

"You damn bitch." Alvin lifting his arm over towards her direction uttered. 

"Goodbye." The woman said as she flashed her eye gold and blew the remains of him to kingdom come.

"Sigh, hey are you okay over there?" The woman had asked me, but I had no words to describe how I felt hearing that. 

The man who I thought was a kind honest gentleman was nothing more than a brutal malicious killer. It made me utterly terrified that this was the city where residents like this stayed. 

"No words huh, that's okay I can completely understand where you're coming from, after what you just experienced anyone would be in that state of shock." 

I was so scared. My only hope out there was just a mirage, What was I to do next. "What am I supposed to do? I… I don't what to--" I said letting out along with some tears.

"Hey." The woman in black shortly walked over and place her arms around me trying to give me comfort. 

"It's ok. The scary monster is gone now, you can let all your tears flow." And I did just that sobbing away, feeling grateful that I wasn't torn to pieces. The woman in black she didn't have to make me feel as if I wasn't alone.

But as I was beginning to feel safer suddenly we both heard a loud creaking sound coming by the entrance.

"No is that a--!" I had panicked but the woman calmly said to me as she held me. "It's alright, trust me." 

I slowly stopped my panicking and looked over to see that it was another man but he had on black just like the woman along with sunglasses and a suitcase.

"Am I late?" The man in black said loudly. 

"Jonesy you've got some serious nerve!" The woman in black showcased irritation as she said that. 

"Huh? What are you talking about? I came as soon as I could!" 

"Really now?!" The man in black from the looks of it was in good shape, he had brown hair and a scar next to his chin, he also had this demeanor about him similar to the woman like he was no nonsense. 

"Oh alright come on Costello cut me a break, I was operating on an empty stomach here as well!" 

"Huh?!" Nevermind he was probably nonchalant and by the look on the woman's face she had a look of dumbfoundedness. 

"Are you serious?!" The woman yelled.

"What? I knew you could handle it, I just took a quick 5 minute break is all." 

"5 minutes Jonas? Someone's life could be ending in those 5 minutes!" I was happy to see that the woman took her job very seriously and was a dependable person. 

"Alright, alright you've got a point my bad, It won't happen again." 

"Hmph!" The woman shrugged her head turning her attention away from Jonas while he began lighting his cigarette. 

"Anyway, who's the kid?" 

"This is?" That's right we hadn't formally introduced ourselves amongst everything that's occurred. 

"It's Fond, Fond Careydell." At that point I trusted this woman enough to tell her my name openly without showing any signs of hesitation. 

"Fond you say? That's a beautiful name Fond, I'm Norveil, Norveil Costello." She said with a welcoming smile.

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