The Chronicles of Enlightenment (New Eastern Fantasy)

I had been a longtime fan of Xianxia, starting with ISSTH and moving on to Coiling Dragon and the other classics. But with each novel I got increasingly disillusioned by writing quality issues endemic to the "wordcount is supreme" and episodic nature of the genre.

So here is my attempt at writing a reasonably well-plotted story with hopefully well-developed characters that avoids the usual Xianxia tropes (two-dimensional characters, exposition dumps, protags going on murderous sprees, falling in love after non-consensual sex, etc etc).

I hope to eventually achieve a decent blend of Xianxia (martial arts and cultivation) with the generally better writing quality of published Western fantasy. But I guess let's not be too ambitious for now. I just hope to be able to find the motivation and discipline to write and post regularly.

Your views and feedback will help and encourage me greatly as I go about this seemingly simple yet herculean labour of love.


Story Synopsis
The great Empire of the Central Plains is faced with an existential threat with the slow fading of the ancestral strength that underpins its power while its enemies grow strong on heretical practices. Retired soldier and Hero of the Three Passes Lin Wu is recalled to the Imperial Capital by his childhood friend the Crown Prince to save the country, but can one man truly make a difference in the tortured mess of an Imperial Court being torn part from within and without? With his peaceful retirement shattered and his family scattered to the winds, Lin Wu will have to muster every shred of his wits and martial ability to prevent a calamitous fate for the nation that even the founding ancestors had determined to be certain.
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