[Pickup Request] The Swordmaster's Youngest Son (KR)

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This series is a mix of action, comedy and fantasy. The basic premise is that the MC is belongs to a villian like family with stiff internal competition and also external threats. After failing once miserably and getting killed, the MC gets a second shot after being reincarnated. However, the MC's knowledge of future events is not a heavily used trope and the novel seems to be very well written and balanced. The MC also doesn't miraculously get powers, but starts off very weak and only slowly builds up strength with hard work.

I have read 55 chapters translated by another fan translator (they are very slow, only have 55 chaps after one year of translating). There are currently 736 chapters in Korean and the series seems to still be ongoing in Korea

NU link below:

https://www.novelupdates.com/series/swordmasters-youngest-son/ ;


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