Wanting to know about good training routines in Wuxia.(Don't know if this is proper place to ask)

So what I mean by wanting to know about good training routines is I'm trying to find training routines used in Wuxia novels. For example "Iron body technique - In order to train it you must let your body be hit over and over while channeling chi through your body to train its natural toughness." That kind of stuff. I'm looking for all sorts of levels and for all sorts of training types (Body, Weapons, Mind, Soul, etc.) If you don't remember the full technique description but you know of a good novel with something like these please suggest it to me to read and try to find. Otherwise if you also know a site / forum that has something similar if you could provide links or the URL that would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day and hope you always find a good novel!!
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