Requesting Feedback for New Light Novel Idea

I want to preface this post by saying I originally posted this in the "Original Stories" section but somehow it disappeared after I posted it so I can only assume it was deleted because I posted in the wrong section. If that's the case I apologize for not following the rules and will post here instead.

I have not even really begun to write this story properly (haven't even decided if it will be told first person or third person) and just kind of created an initial plot and direction to go on. Am hoping you guys can take a look and tell me if this is a story you'd be interested in reading if carried out.

Name of Story – The Descended (Book 1: Surviving Alien University)

Narrative Type: Sci Fi / Fantasy


MC -Shade Tulsa

Parents – Sharon Tulsa and Leo Tulsa

Potential Love Interests – Kayli Phrost, Glow Noir, Lily Hope

Plot w/partial prologue:

It’s been three hundred years since the first man landed on the moon and for the first time in history humanity has finally managed to send it’s furthest reaching un-manned space craft outside our Solar System and into the greater Milky Way Galaxy. Within hours of the ship entering the orbit of Alpha Centauri the sun from the Solar System next to our own, humanity soon lost contact with the ship for unknown reasons. Several days later would mark the first day we were visited by them. 

This story is centered around a young man who volunteers to join the Human Potential Awakening or HPA program, a perilous training course offered by the first Aliens to come into contact with Earth, the Ascended. These Ascended explained to humanity that their ancestors were the ones who cast their DNA onto Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago in an attempt to provide a trace of hope for their species should they ever fail to hold the line of this side of the Galaxy. They announced that modern humans are a splice of their DNA and the common Chimpanzee of Earth. They also said the Universe is full of organizations at war with each other and the current strongest human on Earth is akin to an ant to the average space dweller. Riots were inevitable. 

Out of sympathy for their shared origins, the Ascended offered to pave a path for humanity by creating a training program which would allow graduates to rapidly evolve into what they call the “Interstellar Standard of Influence”.  Anyone of adult age can volunteer for HPA which is said to take place on an unknown planet far away from Earth, estimated to last 10 years and your relatives will not receive news of your welfare until the fulfillment of the duration of the program. Over the decades this course has become available on Earth, reported graduates lived lives that previously rich and famous people could only look up to, they were offered unique career paths and lucrative leadership positions within Earth’s highest levels of Government should they decide to stay and protect it rather than use their new-found knowledge and ability to explore the Universe at large. 

The catch for all this unfortunately, is the reported survival rate, which even after 40 years, is a measly twenty five percent, and those who return are not always the same people they were when they left... 

In the first decade millions of excited volunteers attended HPA, within just 5 years that number had dropped to thousands, and by the time Shade was born the number fell to tens of people a year globally joining.  In the hometown Shade grew up in, it’s already been five years since a single human has volunteered for the “death training” as some have come to call it. In this generation, only those who could be considered suicidal, deranged, or criminals with nothing to lose would dare volunteer for the now infamous HPA program. 

Shade has just turned 18 and since a young age has spent his time reading the biographies of graduates (the few who wrote one) and dreaming of leaving Earth himself to join the HPA program and become a so called Descended, which is the title given to all graduates, a name with obvious connotations when considering who the trainers are.  Unfortunately, Shade still has ties to this world, his grandmother who he lives with has always tried to get him to promise to never even think of going to the Ascended or it’s death training program. 

Follow Shade as he comes to terms with the possibility that following his dreams may mean never seeing his family again. At the same time the Ascended have for some reason stopped making regular contact with Earth, yet the space station which transports new students to start the HPA program is still functional. What mystery will be uncovered as Shade decides to break the silence and be the first in 5 years to join the program from his country.


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