Trying to find novel

There was a original novel on Wuxiaworld a number of years back that was heavily based on martial beasts, the MC was some sort of half human half beast creature that was hated by both sides. His father figure was some sort of superpower that was working with a bird creature (the same creature that later kidnapped the MC). The writer decided to move the novel and I no longer remember what it was called, does anyone else remember?


  • I was reading through and found someone else looking for the same novel with the description "so the novel use to be hosted here but was removed for some reason i can't remember. the MC was like an azure dragon/human hybrid and his best friend was some type of demon dog that mutated cause of MC's blood. there was like a sword spirit he found in like a forbidden zone that turned into his teacher to show him alchemy and arrays. was pretty much the basic cultivation novel"
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