Rewrite: The Change


What is your ambition? If you have completed your dream, what’s next? Have you ever heard the question: If you could go back and time, what would you change? Obviously time travel is not possible, but what if you could? Meet Eric Clin, the person who did it all.

This is something I thought of just randomly, however I like the idea. At the moment however I don’t have time to continue this so instead i’m writing this as a short prologue. The idea of changing the past and seeing what would happen in the future is something that has endless potential if done right. I really hope someone can continue a story like this.

(To understand the past and for it to be fun and exciting, you should at least read/understand some history. However if you decide instead for the project to fail and instead of going to the past s/he ends up going/doing something entirely different that would also be fun to read.)

Here it is: Rewrite: The Change


A young man who seemed to be in his twenties was sitting behind his slick black desk. On the desk were piles of papers, awards and a picture of his mother. No matter where you looked in the room, everything seemed so advanced.

The shelves were stacked with books, but not just any random books. Science, math, history everything was placed on the shelves. On each book was a red tag that said ‘Complete’, it seemed like the young man read every book in the room. Amazing most people would think, if a person could understand and comprehend the amount of knowledge that was held in this room at such a young age, they would be considered a genius.

The young man seemed depressed, his hands were on his temples while he kept sighing. He had curly brown hair, tan skin with hazel eyes, you could say that he was quite the looker.

“Sigh, it seems as if nothing else in this world is worth living for. I’m bored, I’ve did everything I could, but it’s still not enough.”

The brown door in his office opened while a young woman who had long silky black hair, brown eyes approached. She was dressed in a black skirt while wearing a white blouse, her appearance could be considered rare. She had all the curves in the right places, and the glasses on her face fit the aura she released.

“Mr. Clin, the amount of players in Mertrian online surpassed last months. The increase is steadily climbing, so far there has been a 24% increase in players.”

Mertrian online was the third VRMMORPG to be released, it boasted about the 100% realism that it had. The freedom in the game was immense, you could do anything you could think of. Fighting demons? Sure go ahead. Romance players or other NPCs? Have fun doing that. Can you have kids? Yeah, the game let you. Could you run a kingdom, make a village, start a war? Anything, was possible. As long as you thought of it, it was there.

To understand Mertrian online you would have to go back in Eric Clin’s past. A genius? A prodigy? Nope, those words could not describe him. At age two he could read a college book word for word. At age three he could put together a math problem in less than one minute. Age four he could do calculus. Age five he graduated from college, making him the youngest person in history to do so. Age eight he found out that e didn’t equal mc2 instead it equaled mcq2/4. Age nine he got more into engineering and created a hoverboard along with the first flying car. Age ten he decided to create a virtual reality machine just because he liked to play games. At age twelve he solved the problem to teleportation, making the first ever teleportation machine. While companies were still figuring out how to make VRMMOPG’s Eric Clin was developing his own. He spent four years developing it, and when it released it seemed as if the world changed. The world couldn’t take such a genus appearing, they envied him. A young person such as himself single handedly started creating things that people thought wouldn’t appear for another century in a matter of months.

At age nineteen, Eric Clin decided to find a cure to Zzot. Zzot was a virus that was spreading in China, it directly attacked the heart and brain making the cells within them die. Three months, it took him three months to find and develop a cure. When this news got out, people called him a god. The cure he developed not only got rid of Zzot, it could be used for anything.

Eric Clin was rich before he was even an adult, his mother was a single parent but she never asked for much. When his deadbeat dad found that his son was making tons of money he tried to return, but Eric didn’t let him. When Eric was only seven, while he could be considered an inhuman person, his mother passed away.

“Why did she die so suddenly? She was healthy and didn’t have any contact with any people. Why did she die then?” These questions kept appearing in his head, but he couldn’t figure out why. He even searched through all his material to find out the cause, he might have missed something. However no matter how much he searched, it lead to a dead end.

Eric Clin has created, figured everything out, and solved anything you could think of. Only in a matter of twenty-three years. His wife? He doesn’t have one, he can’t stand those females who only want his money.

“Ok Samantha, you can leave.” Eric’s voice was deep, but it had a charm to it that people couldn’t help but be attracted to.

“Yes Mr. Clin.” Samantha left the room, in his company no one questioned anything Eric did.

Samantha, could be considered a rare beauty who only appeared every few years, but in the eyes of Eric, she wasn’t worth much. Her voluptuous body seemed to attract the eyes of all the employees, but everyone knew she was untouchable. Why? Because she only had eyes for the boss.

Eric got up off his chair and glanced out the window, outside things were different than ever. The year was only 2020, but everything seemed as if it came out of a movie. Cars flying in the air, transparent alarms that alerted the police if a crime was happening, androids walking the street. However Eric was not looking at that, he was looking at his reflection.

“What are you doing? Is this all you’re capable of? Come on Eric, you’re better than this.”

Eric turned around, heading straight for the door. His destination didn’t seem to be anywhere specific, but it didn’t seem as if he was aimlessly wandering around either. It took him ten minutes before he approached a door that said: Chemical Room ‘Danger’. The door didn’t have a handle, instead it had a lock pad that scanned your hand, alone with needle you put your finger against. The needle drew your blood, and if it matched what was in the system, then you would be granted access.

The door opened up, and inside it revealed a room with tons of chemicals bubbling, and scientist in lab coats testing material. When Eric walked in they all bowed, showing him the utmost respect, however Eric ignored them and took a path to his left.

The pathway was pure white, it was long. If one were to walk down this pathway, it would seem that you were to be walking for ages. This was true, the pathway was nothing but an illusion to caught people who weren’t suppose to come this way. Eric walked for around five minutes before stopping, he faced the right wall and said: “Project: Rewrite, Codename: The Change.”

The wall flickered a few times before it completely disappeared, the only thing left was a giant steel door. A sign hung on the door, reading: “Rewrite: The Change.” The door opened slowly, as Eric smiled.

He wasn’t smiling because no one knew about this, nor was he smiling just because. He was smiling because it was finally done. This project took him three years to make, but it was worth it. In his words this is the best thing he made.

Once the door was completely opened, it revealed a circular object that had a hole in the middle. One could say it looked like a giant donut, except it was made from other material. Eric grabbed something that looked like a remote along with a watch that was on the table.

There was no one who knew about this room, nor the project. What was it? No one knew, except for Eric. It was the only thing he was proud of, and his greatest creation.

“It’s finally time. It’s been a long journey for us to get here Suzy, but today is the day everything Changes.”

Suzy wasn’t the name of a person, instead it was the name of the machine in front of Eric. Strange as it may seem, but countless scientist name their creations after some of their loved ones.

Rewrite: The Change was something that no one would ever think would exist. It was created by Eric Clin because he wondered what would happen if certain things never happened. What would happen if the French and Indian war never happened? What if Christopher Columbus never set foot on this land? What if slavery never happened in America? What would happen to the world? Did a meteor really kill off all the Dinosaurs?

Eric couldn’t help himself from thinking of these questions. His blood kept boiling while he felt that he could jump out of his skin. It was like he was a child receiving their first form of praise.

Eric Clin, the man who created and did it all would now Rewrite history. He would Change everything that happened in the past, find out what really happened in history. He wanted to know if whatever killed his mother had appeared before. This was his chance, to answer a question his teacher asked the class. “If you could go back in time, what would you change?” Eric’s answer, “Everything.”

He put on the black watch he grabbed off the table and clicked the power button on the remote like thing. Boom! All the power across the US was redirected to this room machine. A transparent portal swirled around in the hole while Eric took a deep breath.

“Now, shall we begin?” Taking a step forward, Eric went into the portal.


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    Lol, I Hope Someone Can Do This As Well. ^_^ Though I'll Really Applaud Anyone Who Can Use This Kind Of MC.
    dremaer3 said:

    So did he make a vrmmorpg that let's him go back in time with endless posibilities that let him go back in time or did he make a time machine

    He Made A VRMMORPG Years Ago And Is Currently One Of His "Source Of Income"/ Business... The Time Machine Is A Completely Different Thing. ^_^
  • Intriguing. I'm a bit skeptical if anyone could do an MC like this justice, him being a freak-of-nature-genius and everything, but I'll withhold my judgement until I read the next chapter(s). Good luck! ^^ 
    The meat jelly is watching you.
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    dremaer3 said:

    You know maybe I should be the Chan and pass the senpai to you cause I am not skilled enough azure chan/senpai

    Nah, You'll Always Be My Ema-senpai. *pats Ema-senpai's shoulder* And I'm Not Skilled... O_O

    Intriguing. I'm a bit skeptical if anyone could do an MC like this justice, him being a freak-of-nature-genius and everything, but I'll withhold my judgement until I read the next chapter(s). Good luck! ^^ 

    I Don't Think He'll Be Continuing This Though... The Reason He's Posting This Is Because He's Searching For A SUCCESSOR...
  • Yeah, i'm not going to continue this already busy with other series. When I finish them, if no one made something like this then i'll finish this series :D.

    As for potential, when he walked into the portal the whole story could change. The portal could have had a malfunction, he could have lost his memories when he went back in time, the portal could have exploded, he could have been thrown into his VRMMORPG etc. The things you could just go off with him stepping in the portal is endless.

    For me however I was going to make him go back in time, starting with French/Indian war. Sure you'll need history about it and just can't throw stuff out in the air, but while most of the history will be true you can also make things up. Like what if he stopped the war before it started? You wouldn't need to know about the history if you made a whole new setting after that arc. The watch I gave him has the ability to teleport back to the future, so he can see whats changed, if anything changed. Then you go on and go and go.
  • I Don't Think He'll Be Continuing This Though... The Reason He's Posting This Is Because He's Searching For A SUCCESSOR...

    Xzavon said:

    Yeah, i'm not going to continue this already busy with other series. When I finish them, if no one made something like this then i'll finish this series :D.

    Ehh??? Oh...Okay.

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