Striving For Divinity


This is a story of second chances, of the struggles and striving existance come with. Everything has its own purpose, but once you approach the level of the Gods everything is a choice. You can become a God, but only a singularity can strive for Divinity.

Andrew Rosevind has spent his human life helping others and accumulating positive Karma. After dying he met God, the supreme existance that governs the laws of the Universe, and took a glimpse at the secret of existance. As a reward for accumulating consecutive positive Karma, during his four stages of existance, he got reincarnated as a Higher Existance.

Being a foreiner in a new strange world, Andrew is being given the one time chance of striving for Divinity and become a God. Life is the same, no matter how and where you live. But the road to Divinity is full of challenges. As you take a glimpse at the secret of existance, you start thinking that maybe ignorance is a bliss.

Author Note: Hello, people! This is the first novel I came up with, so be patient with me please. As a non-native english speaker it is quite a challenge to write in a foreign language, so my pace is somehow affected by that. But I found out a method that helps me write faster and get me more motivated to keep it up. I fist write the chapters in my native language, then I translate them in English. That's a nice little trick that makes everything easier for me. Sounds bad since is double the work, but I find my words better that way.

I will try to post 1 chapter a week at least, as to mentain a certain frequency of releases. Could be more chapters if I feel up to it and have enough free time. If I get a positive reaction from readers, that will motivate even more to write the next chapters. So, please do read, like and comment on the chapters to give me a boost.

Thank you!

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