URGENT: Translate "The player who can't level up" KN light novel

Hello! I'm looking for the light of my hope and the savior of the group of people dying in a cliffhanger!

 Please! Anyone will do as long as they're good at translating Korean to English!

I think this discussion will be buried since I, a person in despair, have no authority whatsoever in this thing called announcement BUT! PLEASE IF YOU SEE THIS, SPREAD IT, WE ARE DESPERATE! 

Translate KN "The player who can't level up" light novel to ENGLISH please! 

Anyone will do as long as it's translated well. 

The manhwa has currently 36 chapters, there are a lot of people who are interested in it, and the popularity is growing. There are only MTLs of the Light novel which is crappy and shitty and horrible so I ask on behalf of my fellow readers, please someone fix it. 

The light novel is already completed, translations are needed. Please, thank you. I'll spam the discussion with this therefore  this lowly human is humbly apologizing for spreading this. 

This is not bullshit, thank you. 

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