Chapter 27: Successful Refining

Chapter 27: Successful Refining

   Leylin swept the remnants of the failure into the trash can and took a deep breath.

    "Come again!"

    The same process was repeated, and finally it was time to pour the blood energy fruit essence into the beaker.

    This time Leylin focused his attention on the beaker in his hand, and constantly adjusted the temperature of the flame below.

    The red essence and green borneol continue to merge together, turning into a faint yellow.

    "The green life, the red blood, under the interference of the great will at the bottom of the abyss, gather together! Freixa Kele Assan..."

    Leylin sang the last few syllables.

    The various colors in the beaker continued to converge under the manipulation of the spell, and finally turned into a light blue completely, exuding an alluring sweetness.

    "Completed! A standard stamina potion!"

    Leylin smiled and filled the blue liquid into a small test tube.

    "Just the stamina potion in the test tube of the index finger length can satisfy all the nutritional needs of a person in seven days and keep the body energetic. It is the favorite of long-term experimenters and adventurers! A standard serving is worth five magic stones. !"

    Leylin shook the test tube, and the medicine inside glowed charmingly under the light.


    One night passed, Leylin looked at the three light blue test tubes in his hand, seeming to be distracted.

    "Ten materials, succeeded three times, and got three potions! The success rate is close to 30%! I remember that even the genius Merlin, who is known as the first hundred years of pharmacy, seems to have succeeded only one month after the actual start of refining. Right?"

    "This can't be said, otherwise I can't explain it at all!" Leylin made up his mind to destroy all the medicine in the three test tubes.

    "It's a pity!" Leylin felt a little distressed.

    "These three potions are fifteen magic stones, and the cost is only one piece, and the pharmacy industry changes hands is a huge profit more than ten times!!!"

    "I can't do it now! Ahhhhh!!!" Leylin was a little crazy.

    "Not only can't sell medicines, but in the future, I have to make money to buy some materials and experiment and make the illusion of failure. At least half a year later, I can start selling the most basic medicines!"

    This is the time Leylin assumed with Merlin as the object. He didn't want to make his head and attract too much attention, so he had to behave a little bit better than Merlin. Merlin had abundant materials at the beginning and practiced his hands constantly, and only one month later successfully produced the first potion. , He doesn't have so many magic stones, he can only show his talent for potion making after half a year.

    He was originally a disciple of a pharmacy instructor, and after half a year of failure, he made medicine. At most, he was a pharmacy apprentice with some talent, which was in line with the law.

    "A lot of potions must not be sold in the academy now, unless... I can find a black market? But it would be too dangerous to get out of the academy!"

    Leylin shook his head, put away the experimental items, and walked out of the room.

    "This also proves that the chip has a great advantage in such high-precision and tedious work! Next, it is continuous precipitation, advanced second-class apprentices!"

    "After you have the strength, you can sell the potions, earn magic stones, gain knowledge, and form a cycle!"

    To advance to the second-class apprentice, according to the calculation of the chip, Leylin still needs close to a year.

    After all, the twenty-four will runes become more difficult as they go to the back, and there are requirements for knowledge accumulation.

    "During this period of time, we can continue to collect data and complete the data of mental power, which will be very helpful for me in the future!"


    Before I knew it, another six months passed.

    On the path paved with black slabs, a brown-haired teenager was walking with his head down, as if thinking.

    This boy was only 13 or 14 years old, with brown hair and an abnormally pale face, as if he hadn't been exposed to the sun for a long time.

    The young man was naturally Leylin. At this time, he put his right hand in his sleeve, holding a test tube, as if he was making a choice.

    "Since the first successful refining of physical potions, it has been half a year!" Leylin looked at the gray-robed apprentice passing by, thinking to himself.

    In the past six months, a lot of things have happened in the college, such as what amazing moves Feiler did, what medicine Merlin did, and the honor of genius has been further deepened.

    What is more relevant to Leylin is the news that Garmen has successfully advanced to the second-class apprenticeship.

    I still remember that when Créwell said the news, although he tried to conceal it, he still couldn't hide the shock and jealousy in his eyes.

    For the top five qualifications, the speed of promotion is really amazing.

    For this classmate who came out of the same place with him, Leylin didn't feel much, he was immersed in his own business, and from the outsiders' eyes, he was just an ordinary first-class apprentice.

    During the past six months, Leylin purchased the materials for the physical potions for refining many times. For this reason, he invested all the income from his lectures. Moreover, in order to cover up the chips and make false appearances, most of the time he did it. Trying to refine it independently without the help of the chip, the success rate is zero, and a dozen magic stones have been wasted so far.

    Of course, sometimes he also passed the problems and drug residues he encountered to the Goffat tutor, asking some basic questions and skills, which was also very helpful to his own knowledge of pharmacy.

    Secretly, Leylin was already certain that with the help of the chip, he should surpass Merlin in the refining of physical potions, only slightly worse than Goffat's instructor.

    Today is when he takes the successful products that he has "unintentionally" refined to give his instructor evaluation.

    This time, the successful product was controlled by a chip, and he deliberately left a few threads. It looked like an apprentice's shoddy works, but for a new apprentice, it was already very good.

    Leylin's hand holding the potion tightened involuntarily.

    "As long as I pass today's level, I can just sell a small amount of potions and earn magic stones in the future! I heard Lannuo say yesterday that he has begun to feel the call for promotion, and my progress can't be too delayed!"

    Leylin walked quickly to Gofart's laboratory.

    "Leylin, do you still have some questions about physical potions?" Gofart clearly felt the difference between today's students.

    "No, mentor!" Leylin took a deep breath: "I did it once yesterday!"

    "What?" Gofart paused slightly with the hand holding the beaker. "Although your talent in pharmacy is beyond my expectation, the refining of physical potions is not so easy!"

    Through the questions raised by Leylin in the past six months, Goffat can also feel the amazing progress of this apprentice. But for the successful refining of stamina potions, it seems to be a little bit short of it.

    Hearing this, Merlin, who was immersed in a drop of red crystal into the test tube next to him, shook his hand. There was black gas in the test tube. Merlin sighed and turned his gaze to this side.

    And Brigitte even leaned in directly.

    "Did you bring the finished medicine?" Goffat asked.

    "Here!" Leylin handed the blue potion in his sleeve to his instructor.

    Gofat pulled out the oak cork, first smelled it, and a surprised expression appeared on his face.

    Immediately pour a drop on the finger, a milky white light from the center of the eyebrow, pierced straight into the blue water drop, and stirred slightly.

    Goffat closed his eyes, frowned, and quickly unfolded.

    "The purification of the blood qi fruit is done well, but the final weight is too much, there are some problems with the mental power coordination, and the medicinal properties are lost...In general, although there are many problems, after all, this is a success! Congratulations!!! "

    There was a bright smile on Goffat's face.

    Hearing this, Leylin also smiled on his face, and Brigitte cheered and gave Leylin a warm hug.

    The hot curve of the girl pressed tightly in front of Leylin's chest, making him feel strange emotions.

    "Congratulations!" Merlin also walked over.

    "Compared to Senior Merlin, I have a lot more to learn!" Leylin let go of Brigitte and said quickly.

    "You don't have to be too humble. Compared to Merlin, you have fewer materials and resources for training. Otherwise, I guess you can successfully refine your first potion in three to four months. This talent is also in Black Bone Forest. Very good!" Gofat admired.

    "When I think about it now, I'm really lucky. First I received the pharmacy genius of Merlin, who was born in a century, and then I have you again!" Gofat seemed to sigh.

    "Tutor, I will work hard too!" Brigitte squeezed her small fist and returned to the experimental platform.

    "You'll have to deal with the Hericium mushrooms on your hands first!" Gofat slammed his face.

    He immediately returned the physical potion to Leylin, "Your refining this time has a big lucky factor. The next thing to do is to remember the feeling of successful refining, and then increase the practice. It can be sold out in exchange for resources!"

    Goffat seems to be reminding: "Leylin, you must remember that different potions are challenges for pharmacists. Although you can successfully refine physical potions now, if you switch to hemostatic potions, you will probably respond again. In the state of a novice, so don't be too high and Muyuan, from now on, concentrate on refining physical potions!"

    "I see!" Leylin put away the stamina potion, and solemnly promised.

    When the lab was finished, Leylin and Brigitte came out together.

    "As a celebration of your first success! How about we go to the second-floor restaurant for a meal?" Brigitte ran in front, turning around from time to time, like a lively butterfly.

    "Of course! It's my honor to invite a beautiful lady to dinner!" Leylin bowed slightly and made a gentleman's gift.

    "Hehe!" Brigitte covered her mouth and smiled, and then she sank again: "If...If only he was like you..."

    "What's the matter? Your senior Fellow ignores you again?"

    Leylin also knows something about this. In the past six months, Brigitte has finally become friends with Feile through constant closeness, of course, just ordinary friends.

    However, Feiler wants to keep experimenting and learning, going out on adventures, and surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls. He has no idea about Brigitte, a little indifferent.

    "No! Feller is going to conduct a very important experiment recently, collecting resources, very busy..." Brigitte lowered her head and kicked a small stone by the side of the road.
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