Chapter 8: Union

Chapter 8: Union

    "It turns out that the time division of this world is very similar to the previous life!"

    Leylin thought to himself by playing with a crystal pocket watch on his hand.

    This crystal pocket watch is extremely exquisite in workmanship. It is divided into twenty-four small grids, and each grid represents one hour of time.

    From the noble boy who followed Olin, he not only blackmailed weapons, but also trophies worth thousands of gold coins. This pocket watch was contributed by a little fat man.

    As for the family's revenge, Olin belongs to the Donglan family, which belongs to the Kingdom of Bourbon. It is separated from the domain of Viscount John by several kingdoms, and the alliance between the two countries is in a state of hostility.

    Not to mention, it takes at least a few years to learn a wizard, and it takes at least a few years for the correspondence of communication to be sent back.

    Leylin just thought about it and left Olin and his family behind.

    "It's a small profit this time! There is also magic stone, which is a currency between wizards and is very useful for apprentices!"

    Leylin took out a magic stone and rubbed it in the center of his hand, the cold touch kept coming.

    Based on the calculation of the basic chip, although this magic stone has a small amount of radiation, its effect on the body seems to be positive and can increase physical activity.

    "But! Since the deeds of defeating Olin spread, the attitudes of people around me have changed. Should I say, is this really a power-worshiping world?"

    Two days have passed since the last incident, and Leylin's record is also spread among the noble boys.

    Especially the scene where Olin interrupted Olin’s arm with a smile became the dream of the boy present at the time. Olin hid in a carriage to recover from his injuries after returning, while other aristocratic teenagers trembled when they saw Leylin. Run away quickly.

    "Hi! Leylin, do you want to play together?"

    An aristocratic girl in the same car came and asked. She was wearing a noble dress and stockings similar to Leylin's previous life on her long legs. She looked pretty good.

    The custom at this time was still worshiping the strong. Leylin felt that the atmosphere on the carriage was much better now, and there was no incident of resisting him.

    There were even a few noble girls who invited him.

    This girl, who was also in a carriage with him, was named Lilith.

    "Thank you! But, I have a friend here!" Leylin said sorry.

    "Oh! I was rude! Then I will invite you later!"

    The long-legged girl smiled, and put on her skirt again, making a noble ceremony.

    "The little girl now, really...!"

    Leylin smiled bitterly.

    "Haha... what did I see? Our love saint Leylin, is this the first girl to invite you?" An exaggerated voice came.

    "Am I worthy of you? "Sardin's Blond Lion", your name is spread among the girls in the caravan!" Leylin rolled his eyes.

    "Don't you want to be isolated by everyone, aren't you afraid now?" Leylin looked at George who came over.

    "You are now a hot spot in the camp! Many girls are interested in you. The Lilith just now is very good!"

    George laughed: "Also, congratulations on your complete revenge!" With a hand thrown, a glass bottle crossed an arc and was firmly caught by Leylin.

    Pulling off the oak plug, a fruity scent mixed with alcohol wafted out, and Leylin took a deep breath unconsciously.

    "Cider! In the past few months, I have rarely drunk it!"

    "Yes! Moreover, this is a special product of our Federation, and it is not easy for me to hide it until now!" George opened the bottle in his hand.

    "For our Leylin! Cheers!!!"

    "Cheers!!!" Leylin smiled, and the wine bottles collided with a crisp sound.

    "Also, thank you!" Leylin said sincerely.

    Although George has the strength of a reserve knight, he is the leader of this group of aristocratic teenagers. Before, as long as he took a little shot, he could rectify Olin.

    But he took care of Leylin's emotions, only secretly helping Leylin to improve his strength, and hiding the relationship between the two, let Olin have no scruples, come to trouble again, and finally help Leylin complete his revenge.

    This protects the pride of the nobility well.

    From this, it can be seen that his mind is careful, and he is very good at taking care of other people's emotions.

    "This is no longer to win people's hearts, but to impress others with sincerity. I should say, really worthy of Sardin's Golden Lion family, the leader of the Gorse Alliance!" Leylin thought to himself.

    "No thanks! We are all members of the Gorse League, how can we see you being bullied by those Yankees!!!" George laughed and drank the bottle of cider in one breath.

    "It's a pity! Now we are getting deeper and deeper into the wilderness. We haven't passed through a big city for a long time, and it's hard to find supplies!"

    George seemed to be reminiscing about the cider just now, a little regretful.

    "By the way! We are going to have a barbecue banquet tonight, all of our gorse nobles, are you coming?"

    George sent an invitation.

    "Of course! It's my honor!" Leylin responded with a smile. As a noble of the Gorse Alliance, he can only join this circle.

    When the strength is weak, joining a group is indeed a way to ensure safety.

    As time goes into the night, the sky is covered with luminous stars, casting a layer of silver on the earth.

    In the camp, groups of teenagers and girls are sitting together around the bonfire, laughing and playing, very active.

    A few months of life has made them very close.

    "Come, Leylin, let me introduce you, this is the son of Count Joffham, Earl Noummere!"

    "Hello! Leylin, you beat Olin's name, I've been admiring it for a long time!" Jofhan smiled and stretched out his hand.

    "Hello!" Leylin shook hands with Jofhan with a sincere smile on his face.


    "This is Guilin, sisters Guili, they are all your admirers!" George took Leylin, walking around the campfire like a butterfly wearing flowers, introducing him from time to time.

    "Hello! Mr. Leylin!" Sisters Guilin and Guili look exactly the same, with a pair of emerald green eyes gleaming, their speeches are in the same voice, and their faces are blushing.

    "Beautiful ladies! Hello! It is a great honor to meet for the first time!!!" Leylin stroked his chest with his hand and performed an elegant noble ceremony.

    Seeing the two girls running away blushing, George looked almost fainted.

    "Boy! Blessed! The two of them seem to be very interesting to you! These are twins! Twins!" George said happily, a little bit distressed.

    "Okay! I think, when the supplies are starting to be scarce, you are probably not organizing this banquet just to find a lover!"

    Leylin said.

    He can still restrain his desires, although he doesn't mind relaxing occasionally, but it also depends on the occasion.

    "It's great that you can see this too!" George said, the laughter on his face disappeared, and he had a faint leader's bearing.

    Strode to the center of the venue and knocked on the silver spoon in his hand.

    "Ladies and gentlemen! Sorry to interrupt, please turn your attention to this side first!"

    George obviously has a high prestige among this group of people, and the bustling people around have stopped their activities and focused their eyes on the center of the venue.

    "First of all! Let us warmly welcome the new companion to join! He is Leylin!!!" George said loudly, clapping first.

    Bang bang bang! ! ! Warm applause resounded from the surroundings, like a wave.

    Leylin got up and saluted the surroundings.

    "Okay!" George waved, suppressed the applause, and continued: "We established this small alliance to ensure that every apprentice of our gorse can safely reach the academy and become a respectable wizard. And now, friends, our trouble is coming!"

    George's face was a little gloomy, and his words were low. Infected by him, the atmosphere nearby was also quiet and quiet, only George's voice was still flowing quietly.

    "We are now almost out of the wilderness and into the death grassland. This is our last journey and the most dangerous one!!!"

    "Death Prairie?" Leylin was startled, and then flipped through the memories of the original dude.

    According to the memories compiled by the chip before, the continent where Leylin is located is very vast, covered with densely dense principalities, and there is no unified name.

    And the gorse alliance where Viscount Leylin belonged is located in the southeast corner of this continent. They seemed to be the first batch of apprentices, and the convoy traveled all the way north, passing through many principalities and kingdoms, and reached the northern part of the mainland.

    After passing through the wilderness area, there is a wide and narrow grassland to the north. It is said that the opposite of the grassland is the sea.

    And this grassland, full of crises, has always been a forbidden area for mankind! It is said that the grassland is full of ferocious beasts, even the most brutal horse thieves dare not enter the grassland, and under every grassland, there are the bones of mercenaries, adventurers, and travellers! ! !

    Now, the wagon convoy full of wizard apprentices is going to traverse this prairie of death to the coastline.

    "With the protection of adults in black and white robes! We must be able to pass!" There was a commotion in the crowd, and then a fat man said.

    "That's right! With the protection of the wizard and the knight, we have a high probability of passing! But when the adults cannot take care of them, death will occur at that time. This person may be me or you, you think Accept this end?"

    George asked.

    "Of course not!!!" The fat man shouted, his face flushed, and he sat back.

    "Yes! Our goal is to lead to the Wizarding Academy across the sea and become a noble wizard, but the cruel screening will begin from now on. According to the information my father, my lord, will be in the wizard carriage every time. Casualties in the grassland!"

    George continued speaking, revealing the cruelty of truth.

    "We...what do we do?" Many young girls, panicked at this time, their faces were pale, looking at George, hoping that he could make an idea.
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