Chapter 7: Blackmail

Chapter 7: Blackmail

    Leylin has been avoiding meaningless fights.

    After all, the pleasure of winning against the opponent, in his opinion, is far from the enjoyment of gaining strength through training.

    Moreover, there is no hatred between him and Olin, or thank the other party for severely wounding the original Leylin, which gave him a chance to rebirth.

    Leylin is a pragmatic person, for him, face is far less important than inside.

    Even if he swore with family honor, he didn't lose the slightest bit, but Olin's later request touched the bottom line.

    " can't do this! Black Robe Lord will not let you go!"

    Leylin clutched his pocket tightly with a worried expression on his face.

    "Haha... how can those black robes take care of our business? You forgot that I was beaten to death last time, didn't you have no one to take care of it?"

    Olin pressed his fist, and the joints made a crisp explosion: "If you don't want me to break your ribs piece by piece, then hand over the magic stone obediently!"

    As Olin approached, the tall figure drowned Leylin in the dark.

    Leylin looked around. It was far away from the camp. There were only a few teenagers brought by Olin around. They were all looking at the theater now.

    "Don't watch, no one will come to rescue you..."

    Olin grinned grimly.

    "Really? It's fine if no one comes!" Leylin smiled suddenly.

    The figure flashed, and when he reappeared, he had already come behind Olin, "I just happened to take revenge on what happened that day!"

    Kick it out! With a strong wind, he kicked Olin's waist.

    Olin felt a huge force coming from Leylin's feet, kicking his body into the air!

    boom! Olin fell to the ground, and the sharp pain from his waist made his eyes a little red: "How dare you! How dare you! How dare you hurt me!"

    "You are dead! I will hang you alive!"

    Olin stood up abruptly, a bloodthirsty and cruel light in his eyes.

    "Is this the advantage of good physique?" Leylin's pupils shrank as he saw the foot of 50% of his power just now, as if nothing had happened to Olin.

    "Ha!" Olin waved his fist like a violent black bear.

    Leylin dodged sideways and dodged Olin's fist. He saw Olin's fist hit the small tree behind him, leaving a deep dent. The strength of 1.7 was really extraordinary.

    "It's a heavy fist, even if it's my physique, I can't hold a few punches..." Leylin thought quickly.

    "Chip! Simulate the best beating solution!"

    "Di! Mission established! Start assist mode!" The voice of the chip came, and the powerful computing power came up with the best solution in an instant.

    "Squat down!" Chip prompted, Leylin squatted down, avoiding Olin's roaring attack.

    "There is a flaw in the enemy's defense! The best attack position: under the arm!" A voice came from the chip.

    Leylin dodged, evading Olin's attack, and approached. "You know! Although your strength is strong, it is a pity that your body skills are not flexible enough. Is this the disadvantage brought by your body shape..."

    Leylin was able to speak while offensive, showing that he still had more power.

    "Is this... still Leylin before? He... how could he be so strong?" The teenagers onlookers opened their mouths in surprise.

    In the unbelievable gaze of the surrounding audience, Leylin  punched out! In the middle of Olin's armpit, he exerted all his strength, Olin fell to the ground under the attack, his complexion was painful, and he couldn't get up for a long time!

    Leylin shot with all his strength and also had a power of 1.5. Compared to Olin, it was not much worse. It was the fragile part of the armpit that was hit. Olin fell to the ground, but his eyes were full of bloodshot eyes, and he let out a low growl: " You are dead! My family will not let you go!"

    "Oh! Really?" To the threat, Leylin was expressionless, but made another foot on Olin's abdomen, causing the latter to curl up like a cooked prawn.

    Leylin knelt down and looked at Olin with a smile on his face: "Since you won't let me go anymore, do you think I should act first, it would be better to kill you!"

    Leylin's smile at this moment looked like a demon in Olin's eyes.

    "He is not joking, but really dared to do it!" Seeing the murderous in Leylin's eyes, Olin suddenly felt as if he was being stared at by a lion. The anger in his mind disappeared and replaced with fear.

    "Mr. Leylin! Lord Leylin! You can't do this! I... Behind me is the Donglan family. If you kill me, you will get very annoying!"

    "Then do you admit that you are wrong!" Leylin issued a playful question.

    "I admit it! I apologize... I'm sorry!" Under the pressure of death, Olin quickly succumbed.

    "Very well, I accept your apology. In addition, according to the rules of the nobility, I have the right to claim compensation!"

    Leylin smiled and said, but Olin had a bad feeling.

    "As compensation, you can hand over the magic stone in your hand!" Sure enough, Leylin smiled and said the blackmailing words.

    "Oh! No! You can't do this! Do you know how many manpower my family sacrificed for these magic stones?"

    Olin struggled.

    "Sometimes things in the world are simple multiple-choice questions. Now it's your turn, dear Olin, life is still a magic stone, choose the same one!"

    Regarding Olin's begging for mercy, Leylin didn't fluctuate in his heart. Instead, he stepped his foot on Olin's face and gradually exerted force.

    The leather boots stepped on Olin's face and pressed his head deeply into the soil on the ground, bringing a feeling of suffocation.

    After a few minutes, Leylin collected some strength, "How about? Have you considered it clearly?"

    "Puff!" Olin breathed the sweet and fresh air, his big face was covered with mud and footprints at this time, looking very funny.

    But the teenagers around didn't dare to laugh out loud.

    There was a young man who retired later and wanted to leave here.

    Leylin picked up a cobblestone and said, "The wind speed calculation is complete! The shooting track is adjusted!"

    call out! The pebbles were in the middle of the runaway boy's legs and beat him to the ground.

    "Olin, did you see it? Don't wait for reinforcements... Also, don't try to challenge my patience!"

    Leylin looked at the surrounding teenagers. The teenagers who were swept by Leylin's eyes bowed their heads, their bodies trembling.

    "Okay! I can give you the magic stone! But mine is in the car! You come back with me to get it!" Olin said yielding words.

    "If you don't carry something as important as the magic stone, you put it on the carriage instead. Do you think I'm a fool?"

    Such a naive lie can't be concealed from Leylin.

    "It seems that you haven't eaten enough of your suffering!" A fierce light flashed in Leylin's eyes, grabbing Olin's arm, and suddenly folding!

    Click! ! ! The piercing sound of fracture sounded, accompanied by Olin's scream.

    "If you don't tell the truth, I will break off your other arm!"

    "No! No! No! You can't do this, the black robes won't let you go!" Olin clutched his arms and rolled on the ground.

    "Haha... how can those black robes take care of our affairs? You forgot the last time I was beaten to death by you. Didn't no one take care of it?"

    Leylin sneered and answered Olin's previous words.

    "It seems that you really want to die!" Leylin stepped forward again.

    "Wait! Wait! Ok! I'll give you the magic stone, you have to swear that you won't retaliate against me!" Seeing Leylin coming, Olin paled and shouted.

    "Okay! I swear by the honor of the Farrell family!" Leylin agreed.

    Olin turned blue, struggling to sit on the ground, took out a golden wallet from his arms, and threw it to Leylin: "All my magic stones are here!"

    Leylin took a look. It was a slap-sized wallet, embroidered with gold and silver threads. There was a pattern in the middle. There was an eagle and a shield painted, and there was a circle of delicate plant patterns around. It looked like a clan. emblem.

    Leylin opened the purse and saw a dozen black crystals the size of a fingernail, lying quietly in it.

    "Di! Unknown energy source found!" The chip reminded.

    "How? Can you use it?" Lei Lin said with joy.

    "In the comparison database... insufficient information! No method of use was found!"

    "Warning! This energy source contains unknown trace amounts of radiation. It is recommended that the subject strengthen protection!"

    "Is that so?" Leylin thought, then looked at Olin and asked, "Which college are you going to?"

    "Wet... Wetland Garden!" Olin's face was very ugly.

    "Wetland Garden! I've heard that the entrance fee is ten magic stones!"

    "Yes! Where did you hear it?" Olin was a little surprised.

    Leylin smiled slightly, looking a little mysterious. He had never heard of wetland gardens, but deliberately defrauded Olin. Anyway, the large enrollment fees are basically integers, and there is nothing wrong with guessing.

    "Okay! Give it back to you!" Leylin took out three magic stones from the purse, and threw the remaining magic stones back to Olin together with the purse.

    "These three magic stones are the compensation I asked for!" Although he can take all the magic stones now, it is a pity that Leylin really doesn't know the attitude of the black robe and the white robe towards this matter. He also doesn't want to try the law and explore their patience. The bottom line of Olin left enough magic stones for Olin to enroll, and even if he quibbleed, he would have an excuse.

    "Thanks...Thank you!" Olin's face improved a lot. If he loses all the magic stones and cannot enter school, he really doesn't know how to go back to face the family.

    "Don't worry! I won't want your magic stones!" Leylin looked up and saw other noble youths forming a pile, his palms firmly in his arms, and he couldn't help shaking his head.

    "Thank you, Leylin!" Hearing Lei Lin's assurance, the other teenagers breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly saluted.

    "But! I ask for other compensation!" Leylin looked at a young man, who was beaten on the ground just because he wanted to run to return the letter.

    "The cross sword on your waist is not bad!" Leylin looked at the young man a little hairy before pointing to the cross sword on the boy's waist and said.

    Hearing this hint, the boy hurriedly said: "Give it to an adult!"

    "Haha! Then I'm welcome!" Leylin took the cross sword in the young man's hand, weighed the weight, and nodded in satisfaction.

    As a noble saber, this cross sword is of very good quality.

    Not only is the hilt decorated with beautiful patterns to prevent hand slippage, the scabbard is also made of shark skin, giving it a luxurious feel.
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