Chapter 6: Conflict

Chapter 6: Conflict

    "Academy of Wars?"

    Leylin knew that the God of War Academy is the best knight academy in the Sara Kingdom where George is located. It not only recruits nobles, but also has very strict admission requirements. It is said that only true geniuses are accepted!

    "Swordsmanship is just my hobby. Only wizards are my lifelong pursuit!"

    Although the power of the knight is powerful, it is still within the scope of Leylin's understanding and has not exceeded the limit, but the legendary wizard is a powerful creature that can manipulate wind, rain, thunder and lightning, and gain a long life!

    The power of the wizard had obviously exceeded the boundaries of human beings, and Leylin could not imagine.

    Moreover, every wizard is a knowledgeable scholar who studies everything in the natural world with a rigorous attitude, and finds out the laws and uses them to gain powerful power! This style is more suitable for Lei Lin's previous life as a scientist.

    "Yes! Even the great knight is just a servant of a formal wizard. The power that a wizard can master is beyond our imagination..."

    George looked serious and said in an aria.

    "Why no matter what you say from your mouth, it makes me feel like seeing a bard..." Leylin rolled his eyes a little.

    "Haha...I was not sent to the court by my father to receive so-called aristocratic training, that's it!" George returned to his previous appearance.

    He blinked suddenly and said narrowly: "Leylin, you don't have a fiancee yet? Why don't you introduce my sister Lier to you! How about being my brother-in-law..."


    Under the moonlight, the two teenagers left the grass in a fight.

    "Good night! George!"

    "Good night! Leylin!"

    Leylin handed the cross sword to George, and after bidding farewell to George, he returned to the carriage.

    He was the only person in the dim carriage, and there was a faint smell in the carriage. It was a disgusting breath mixed with rot and sweat, which caused the noble youngsters to not want to stay in the car more. Run to the grass to play like a wild horse running off the rein.

    Some concepts in this world are very open, especially for the nobles. Leylin discovered many other things through the powerful perception provided by the chip, which also made him choose a place farther away from the camp for training.

    Thinking of the scenes he saw with his extraordinary eyesight, Leylin felt a little speechless, which reminded him of the memories of the former dude.

    "Unexpectedly! Changed the young body, even the desire has increased..." Leylin smiled bitterly.

    Calm down a bit, "Chip! Call up my body data!"

    "Name: Leylin Farrell, Strength: 1.5, Agility: 1.6, Constitution: 1.4, Status: Healthy"

    It has been more than a month since practising the Knight Breathing Method. Lei Lin's current physical condition not only catches up with his peers, but also somewhat exceeds. When facing George, he hid his strength, making George just a little wrong guess.

    "Yes! It's time to practice today!"

    Leylin poses and enters the state of cultivation. This is his daily homework. According to the chip's prompts, after exercising at night, he practice breathing method, the effect is best.

    About twenty minutes later, LLeylin's body was soaked with sweat, but the amount of black impurities flowing out was obviously reduced.

    "Huh!" Leylin opened his eyes and looked at his body. He was a little helpless: "The effect of breathing method is weakened. It is reasonable to calculate according to the chip. Even if it is optimized, the secret breathing method of the Farrell family is still improving. After the physical quality is increased to 2, it will completely lose its effect...This is also the realm of the preparation of the knight. Next, only through their own efforts and the external stimulation of life and death, trying to stimulate life energy, can we make progress again..."

    Thinking of this, Leylin took out a yellow berry from his jacket pocket. There were some black spots on the surface of the berry, which looked a little scary.

    Leylin threw the berries directly into his mouth, took out another part of the plant's rhizome, and chewed it.

    "Drop! The fatigue state of the main body's cells is relieved and you can practice the knight breathing method again!"

    The voice of the chip came.

    "Okay!" These plant configurations were obtained by Lei Lin through continuous experiments with chips in the past month, which can effectively relieve physical fatigue and increase the number of daily exercises.

    Coupled with some physique-enhancing medicines formulated, Leylin's physical fitness can improve so quickly.

    "Come again!" Leylin entered the state of knight breathing again.

    In the past month, the team has passed through several small kingdoms, and then completely entered the wilderness area.

    The wilderness area is sparsely populated, only the desolate yellow sand, ferocious beasts and horse thieves still have signs of activity.

    Since the team entered here, it has encountered several dangers. Although there were no casualties, Leylin's sense of crisis has become stronger and stronger, and his desire for strength can't wait.


    When the morning light of dawn shone, the team embarked on the journey again.

    Leylin held his hands on his chest and sat alone. The surrounding teenagers all avoided disgustedly, leaving a space around him.

    "I don't know what method Besta used. The people in the carriage are still isolating me. If it were an average teenager, I would have been driven crazy long ago! It's a pity that I met me!"

    Leylin stretched his waist somewhat comfortably. He was very tired from practicing until the middle of the night yesterday. This vacant place was just right for him to take a rest.

    "It's just that this world is really big. The team has been advancing for half a year. It hasn't reached the destination yet, and it hasn't seen the ocean..."

    Leylin thought, squinting his eyes halfway, and went into replenishment.

    Jingle Bell! ! !

    At this time the carriage had stopped, and the black-robed man shook the bell in his hand: "Gentlemen! Ladies! Get out of the car for lunch!"

    "Is it time again?" Leylin opened his eyes. "This kind of life is really boring!"

    After getting off the carriage and receiving his share of food, Leylin bit the white bread while walking towards a bush of grass on the edge of the camp.

    The replacement plants collected earlier are used up, Leylin is ready to add some.

    As Leylin walked, he looked at the surrounding plants at will, "This is pecans, there are already in the database, it's useless to me!"

    "Well! Samantha, this is a plant that only exists in the wilderness and can be included!" Leylin uprooted a small khaki grass. The edge of the grass was sharp with jagged edges. Lei Lin carefully snapped the grass, and the green juice came out from the fracture. Lei touched Lin with his finger, put it in his mouth, and then revealed a disappointed look.

    "Found it, fig fruit!" Leylin left the samantha on the ground and walked casually. With a glance from the corner of his eye, he found the yellow berries he ate yesterday in the bushes, and his face was full of joy.

    "Hey! See what I saw? Leylin! Should I say that I really deserve to be a little nobleman in the country? I can only eat wild fruits on the side of the road! It really discredited the honor of our nobleman..."

    As soon as Leylin took the fig fruit and put it in his pocket, he heard a nasty voice in his ears.

    "Olin?" Leylin raised his head and saw the murderer who had killed the previous dude.

    Olin has long fiery red hair, his body is full of muscles, and his arms are as thick as Leylin's thighs. He was now holding his hands on his chest, laughing at Leylin.

    There were several aristocratic youths standing beside him, all cooperating in making mocking sounds.

    "Chip! Scan data!"

    "Detection is over! Name: Olin, Strength: 1.7, Agility: 1.2, Constitution: 1.5, Status: Healthy"

    The chip feeds back information.

    Leylin looked at the data in front of him. Olin's strength was very good, and his strength was almost as large as two adults. No wonder Leylin was severely injured and killed.

    As the children of the nobles, as long as they endure hardship, keep exercising every day, plus the breathing method, it is not surprising that there are such statistics.

    The few nobles who followed Olin were not so strong. Most of them were below 1. Leylin even saw a pale-faced teenager whose data was hovering around 0.5, which was comparable to the previous Leylin.

    Calculating in my heart, Olin's strength is about the same as him, but in terms of swordsmanship and moves, it is impossible to compare himself with the chip.

    The rest of the teenagers just made up the numbers. The difference in data is too big. It is extremely easy to deal with them, just like adults bullying children.

    "What's the matter?" Leylin asked, his tone extremely calm.

    "You..." Leylin's reaction was obviously out of Olin's expectations. There was neither anger nor fear, making him a little bit wondering how to continue.

    "If it was for the last time about Besta, didn't I have already said it? Besta forgave me too..." Leylin continued.

    At the same time, my heart moved, this may be Besta's temptation. After a month of enduring it, I finally couldn't help it?

    "That's right! It's because of Besta! She forgave you, but I didn't!" Olin clenched his fists in a loud voice.

    "Okay! What are you going to do?" Leylin spread his hands, seeming a little helpless, but deep in his eyes, there was a mocking look.

    Unexpectedly that Leylin was so good to talk, Olin held back for a long time before he said: "You swear, you are not allowed to provoke Besta in the future!"

    "Okay!" Leylin agreed, and stroked the badge on his chest with his right hand, with the cross sword and larks on it. This is the emblem of the Farrell family!

    "I swear in the name of the Farrell family that I will not provoke Besta actively in the future!"

    Swearing in the name of a family is a very serious oath among the nobles, and those who violate it will be spurned by all the nobles.

    "Then! Mr. Olin! Can I go now?"

    Leylin bowed slightly and performed a perfect noble ceremony.

    "Wait!" Seems to be Leylin's weakness, some of which was beyond Olin's expectation. At this time, his eyes showed greedy gaze: "According to the law of the nobility, you still need to pay compensation. Hand over all the stones!"

    "Magic Stone!" The surrounding audience exclaimed.

    "Magic stone?" Leylin repeated. According to memory, the magic stone seemed to be a common currency among wizards, and it was also a necessary fee for enrolling wizard apprentices without tokens.

    Leylin didn't know how much it would cost to enroll in a formal school, because he didn't have a magic stone on his body. Viscount John seemed to have used many methods to collect magic stones, but unfortunately he didn't get one. This shows the preciousness of magic stones!
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