Chapter 4: Practice

Chapter 4: Practice

   "Unexpectedly, the analysis function of the chip will also have an effect on the knight breathing method in this world!"

    Leylin sighed and said, "Optimize now!"

    "The optimization started, the estimated time consumed: 125 minutes."

    "Well, 125 minutes, which is more than two hours, I can afford to wait!" Leylin seemed relieved.

    With some anxious waiting, finally two hours passed, the sound of the chip also sounded on time: "The breathing method optimization is over, the running time is shortened by 5 minutes and 23 seconds, and the effects are increased by 5%! The sequelae of physical injury disappeared!"

    "Very good!" Leylin was very satisfied with this result.

    Once the effect is increased by 5%, after dozens of times, hundreds of times, the gap is too big.

    "It is rumored that this cross sword technique and the matching breathing method were obtained from the corpse of a knight after dozens of bloody battles with the first generation patriarch. Among many knight families, it can also be considered middle and upper!"

    "And the breathing method optimized by the chip, I am afraid it can be compared to the secret book secreted by the small kingdom!"

    Leylin thought secretly, and then he couldn't wait to say: "The chip, transfer the optimized breathing method to the memory area!"

    The chip faithfully executed the order, and stuffed Leylin's mind a large number of scenes of practicing breathing.

    The teleportation was over after a few minutes, and Leylin rubbed his head, "It's a bit dizzy, but this is normal!"

    At this time, his mind was full of memories of practicing breathing methods, as well as all kinds of experience in cooperating with the practice. Compared with ordinary people, he took fewer detours.

    "I didn't think it before, but here, I, who owns the chip, have a big advantage over ordinary people!"

    Leylin murmured: "Owning a chip, through simulation analysis, you can instantly get the experience that other people can get through blood and desperate ten years. I only need to follow the chip's prompts to do it, and I can proceed in the most correct direction all the way! "

    There are many taboos in the practice of breathing methods, and some of them are absolutely impossible to feel through oral description.

    You must practice personally and take some detours before you can wake up.

    And these, through the modeling analysis of the chip, all evaded.

    "Come and try it!" Leylin thought, lying on the ground in big letters.

    According to the description of the breathing method and the chip's suggestion, when the cross sword is matched with the breathing method, no special movement is required, just find the position that feels the most comfortable for you.

    "First hold your breath for 65 seconds, then take three long and one short breaths. The length and frequency are..."

    According to the description of breathing method, Leylin gradually entered a state of cultivation.

    The whole person seemed to fall asleep, but his face was flushed, his temples were bulging, and it seemed that he was doing some exercise.

    With the passage of time, Leylin's face became redder and red, and finally, light black sweat came out.

    This process lasted for about twenty minutes. Leylin opened his eyes and opened his mouth to vomit.

    call! ! !

    A long breath with black gas was exhaled.

    There were crackling noises all over the body.

    Leylin got up, moved his lower limbs, feeling warm all over, as if he had experienced a violent exercise.

    "Chip, show my physical data!" Leylin ordered.

    "Leylin Farrell Strength: 0.4, Agility: 0.5, Constitution: 0.4, Status: Minor Injury"

    Leylin's complexion remained unchanged: "Change the data display mode to 10 digits after the decimal point, call up the data before the practice, and compare."

    Following Leylin's order, the light curtain in front of him flashed. The original data representing physical fitness has been lengthened by nine digits after the decimal point, and the last three digits are still changing.

    "Dip! By comparison, after the knight training, the main body strength increased by 0.005, the agility increased by 0.006, and the physique increased by 0.004" The chip faithfully responded to the information.

    "Well! Because it is the first time to practice, the data is still going up!" Leylin analyzed.

    "It's just more than 20 minutes of cultivation, and the increased data is very impressive. As long as you persevere to reach the body data of the black robe, it is just a matter of time!"

    "In that case, the dozen or so black robes are knights!"

    Leylin thought lightly, "Unfortunately, according to memory and chip analysis, there are restrictions on the breathing method, and the breathing method handed down by the Farrell family can only be performed once a day. cause some damages!"

    "Chip, is there any way for me to practice the breathing method several times a day?" Leylin asked.

    "Need medicine to cooperate!" Chip responded faintly.

    "List the medicines needed!"

    "Quinoline, Markt 21, Magnesium Dioxonate..." The chip lists a densely packed pile of drugs, all of Leylin's previous life.

    "Can you replace it with other medicines or animal and plant ingredients?" This is obviously impossible, Leylin frowned and asked.

    "We need to provide samples for analysis of drug properties, but the current information is insufficient!" Chip prompts.

    "As long as there is a way!" Leylin breathed a sigh of relief.

    I looked at myself again. The large amount of dirt that came out from practicing the breathing method covered my whole body, and it felt sticky and uncomfortable.

    Leylin frowned: "It looks like I have to take a bath!"

    When he got out of the carriage, it was midnight. The resting noble boys were sleeping soundly in the tent. Leylin gently stepped out of the carriage and ran towards a nearby river.

    "Warning! Someone is approaching!" A prompt sound came from the chip.

    Leylin pretended not to notice anything, and kept walking.

    "What are you going to do?" A voice sounded from behind Leylin.

    "Quick!" Leylin's pupils shrank, "I have noticed in advance, but I still haven't been able to find out how he came behind me. If he has any bad thoughts, then I will have no room for resistance!"

    On the surface, he still pretended to be taken aback, "Ah...who? Who?"

    Turning his body and looking behind, he saw the man in black robes who distributed food during the day. Leylin remembered his name was Angell.

    "You... hello! Lord Angel! I'm just a little dirty and want to take a bath!" Leylin's face was a little pale, as if he was frightened, and even speaking a little bit awkwardly.

    "Take a bath?" The black-robed man frowned and sniffed. He did smell the stench from Leylin.

    "Okay! It's more dangerous at night here, especially for you noble masters! Hurry up and come back!"

    As the black-clothed Angrey said, he ignored Leylin, turned and walked towards the center of the carriage, where there was his tent.

    "Thank you for your reminder! Lord Angele!" Leylin bowed and said no matter whether this person heard it or not.

    Being cautious has always been his rule of life.

    Seeing Angelie left completely, he took a step forward and walked in the direction of Xiaohe.

    Angeli walked into his tent and pulled down his hood, revealing a face that had been split in half.

    "Are the body impurities discharged from practicing the knight's breathing method? It's really nostalgic! Seeing the immature ones, I think of my previous youthful self!"

    "Unfortunately, if I was a nobleman before, I wouldn't have to risk experimenting with wizards in order to obtain the knight training method, and make it like this..."

    Angele whispered, the figure and the tent were connected as one, almost indistinguishable.

    As Leylin walked, he seemed to pick wild flowers and weeds from the roadside in his hands, and sometimes put them in his mouth.

    "Presumably, the black robe Angele should have discovered something, but it doesn't matter. It's really normal for the noble heirs to practice knight breathing."

    "Moreover, he has the physical fitness of a knight, and he certainly has his own breathing method, so he won't like me. Besides, if he wants it, it doesn't matter, I just copy it to him..."

    Given the huge gap in strength, Leylin didn't mean to keep the Farrell family secret at all.

    However, it seems that Angele also despised the little nobleman's knight training method.

    Chewing the grass roots in his mouth, there was a bitter taste, but Leylin didn't care, even some of the feeling of returning to childhood.

    "The analysis is over, no beneficial ingredients have been found for the main body!" The voice of the chip came.

    "Puff!" Leylin spit out the root of the grass in his mouth and replaced it with another plant.

    "Record and archive the morphological components of the previous plants, and now proceed to the next analysis!" Leylin ordered in his mind.

    "The mission is established! The components are being collected! The simulation experiment is in progress..." Through the light curtain in front of him, Leylin could clearly see the progress of the chip.

    "Drop! The experiment is over, the unknown plant ingredients have a slight paralyzing effect!"

    "According to Leylin's memory, this is called San Ye Cao, Chip! Name it San Ye Cao and store it in the database!"

    "Dip! Archived!"

    "Yeah! This is'red fruit', it seems to taste good!" Leylin pushed aside a bunch of bushes and found several red plant fruits.

    This fruit is only the size of Leylin's thumb, and it grows on top of a barbed vine. It looks very beautiful.

    Leylin carefully avoided the barbs and plucked a red fruit.

    Put it in your mouth and bite, a crisp sound rang, and the sweet juice was squeezed out and filled the mouth.

    "Yeah! The taste is the same as the apple, but it is sweeter." Leylin commented.

    "Chip! Analysis..."


    Along the way, Leylin had stored more than thirty kinds of plant materials, but unfortunately, none of them were useful to him.

    When I came to the edge of the small river, the rushing water hit the stones and made noises, making it even harsher in the quiet night.

    "Chip! Scan the surrounding environment!" Leylin ordered. Even if Black Robe Angel didn't remind him, he was sure to avoid danger by leaning on the chip.

    "Dip! The surrounding environment scan is over! No dangerous situation was found within twenty miles around!" The chip faithfully responded to the information.

    "It's okay if there is no danger. I don't want to be forced to flee back to the camp for help when I am half washed. That will definitely make me the biggest laughing stock..."

    Leylin murmured, took off his coat and underwear, and walked into the river naked and naked.

    The icy water rushed on him, making him agitated.

    "This water is so cold, I start to miss the old water heater!"
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