Chapter 3: The Knight

Chapter 3: The Knight    

    After the girl apologized, she ran away like a frightened deer, leaving only a fragrant breeze in the air.

    Looking at the red clothes corners that disappeared in his eyes, Leylin was a little confused, "It is obviously Leylin molesting you, what are you going to apologize? Is there a brain problem?"

    Immediately touched the medicine bottle in his hand, "Is it wrong to think before, this Besta is a very good girl!"

    Leylin looked at the glass vial in his hand with some curiosity: "The glass can already be burnt out. Although the craftsmanship is still rough, it's not bad!"

     Immediately after opening the bottle cap, there was a scent of medicinal incense passing out.

    The habit of the previous life made Leylin say: "Chip! Scan the medicine! Analyze the ingredients!"

    "Drip! Mission established! Start scanning!"

    "Discover unknown ingredients and start to build simulation experiments!"

    "The experiment is over! The effect of an unknown drug: a strong itchy effect! Duration: seven days!"

    "Uh!" Looking at the results of the experiment, Leylin was speechless for a long time, "I took back what I said before, this girl is really black!"

    But then, some adults watched the mischievous feeling of naughty children.

    "I'm still a child! No vicious means are needed! If it's a few years from now, this bottle should be a poisonous potion!"

    Leylin looked at the glass bottle in his hand, thought about it, and put it in his arms: "I still keep it, maybe it will come in handy in the future!"

    After Besta came, no one came to bother.

    Leylin lay down again, seeming to be sleeping, but in his mind, he was thinking quickly.

    "Now I follow to the Wizarding Academy, but there is no danger of identity exposure. Those white robes should be wizards. I have walked in front of them several times without attracting attention. It seems that they still can't find the abnormality in me... …Going to the Wizarding Academy is a bit bigger!"

    "But the wizards in the rumors are all secret and brutal incarnations. According to Viscount John's inquiries, it seems that although killing each other is forbidden in the academy, the competition between the same level is still very fierce. You have to find some self-preservation! "

    Thinking of this, he took out the ring hanging around his neck and held it in his hand.

    This ring is dark and unremarkable, only on the inner ring, with a small "Y" pattern and complicated patterns around it.

    "At the level of the Middle Ages, it is incredible to carve such a complicated pattern on the ring! But anything, as long as it is connected with a wizard, no matter what it appears, it is not surprising!"

    Leylin murmured, and then issued a command: "Chip! Scan the ring on my hand!"

    "Drip! Mission established! Start scanning!"

    "Unknown metal composition was found, compared to the database...the data is insufficient to analyze!"

    "Sure enough! With the current level of the chip, it is still too reluctant to analyze the items left by the wizard!" Leylin sighed, and put the ring away.

    "How can I improve my strength? This body is really too weak! It can't be compared with people of old age, how can this work?"

    "In the previous life, genetic modification could be done, but now obviously there is no such condition. Let's look at Leylin's memory, maybe there is any way..."

    Leylin thought to himself, found the most comfortable position to lie down, and said in his mind: "Chip! Organize and back up Leylin's memory!"

    "Drip! Mission established! Start sorting!"

    In the world of Leylin's previous life, the scientific community has always believed that most of the human brain has not yet been developed, and among them, there are all memories from birth to the present!

    Some memories, even if I can't remember them, must exist in my mind!

    Now, with Leylin's order, and with the assistance of the chip, Leylin's life, from his birth to being selected as a wizard apprentice, and all the memories of his journey, are all in Leylin's eyes.

    Even the food and taste of each meal were unreservedly displayed in Leylin's mind.

    These memories are too complicated and contain a lot of useless information. Before Leylin, he only took some urgently needed ones and put them aside.

    Now through the chip, they are all sorted out one by one!

    "The data is sorted out!" The chip prompt sound came.

    "Create a new document, name it ‘Leylin Farrell’, save it!" Leylin gave a new order.

    "Drip! The document "Leylin Farrell" is created!"

    "Create tasks and search for ways to improve the subject's strength as soon as possible!"

    "Drip! Mission established, start searching!"

    In front of Leylin, countless data screens flowed by, forming a beautiful light curtain.

    "The search is over! Found 453 ways!"

    "So many?" Leylin groaned, "Remove those with a feasibility of less than 50%, and attach a condition: you can do it now! Re-screening!"

    "Drop! The screening is over, the remaining methods: 2 kinds!"

    "Show all!"

    "Option 1: Become a wizard."

    "Option 2: Carrying out knight training."

    "Hmm! The plan is unrealistic now. How can you become a wizard if you don't reach the Wizard Academy? What is this knight training?"

    Leylin murmured, and immediately issued a new task, "Chip, organize the memory of knight training and transfer it to my memory!"

    With the data transmission, Leylin also understood what this so-called knight was.

    In this world, full of mysterious powers, but the most contacted by ordinary people are knights!

    The so-called knight refers to a powerful warrior who has undergone arduous training that has stimulated the life energy in the body and has a physical quality far beyond ordinary people!

    To become a wizard, you need a specific talent. Among tens of thousands of people, there may not necessarily be one, but knights are different. As long as they work hard, everyone can become a knight! ! !

    These knights not only have several times the physical fitness of ordinary people, but they are also proficient in various methods of using weapons and killing techniques. Some knights even mastered secret skills that can burst out in an instant!

    All knights constitute the aristocratic class and the ruling foundation of the secular kingdom.

    The Farrell family where Leylin belongs is also a knight family, the first patriarch, through following the king to fight in the north and south, and establish merits, only to obtain the current Viscountry as a fief.

    Following the general description, Leylin recalled a scene.

    It was in the small woods of the Viscount’s Mansion. Viscount John Farrell wore a samurai uniform with a serious face. He said to Farrell, who was still a child, “Today! I’m going to teach you the secrets of our Farrell family. You must remember the cross swordsmanship and the matching breathing method carefully, and you can't tell it to others!" The look of Viscount John at the time was unprecedented seriousness!

    But Leylin, who is still a child, obviously didn't take this matter to his heart, and he would forget it after seeing it. After that, Viscount John forced him to train several times, but he was afraid of hardship and tired.

    "Oh! How a beloved father is!" Leylin finally knew how the dull temper of this predecessor had been developed.

    Although the young Lei Lin only knew how to provoke the grass and forget the secret knight training method of the family, but through the chip, he still restored it in front of Lei Lin's eyes.

    Basic swordsmanship of the cross sword: horizontal cut, vertical cut, straight stab, diagonal slash...

    Footwork: progress, retreat, dodge...

    There are also matching breathing methods, all appearing in Leylin's mind, and with it, there is also the experience of Professor John Viscount.

    At the last stop, there was a picture of Viscount John exhaling white gas, waving a cross sword, and splitting a piece of rock the size of a millstone into two pieces!

    "Hi... the knight is just the bottom of the mysterious power, so powerful! What realm is the wizard who is still above it?"

    Leylin's eyes were frantic.

    "Oh! Let's take a look at the knight breathing method first! Anyway, knight training does not conflict with wizard learning, and it can also give me a trace of self-protection."

    After careful study, Leylin discovered that the so-called breathing method in this world is somewhat similar to the internal qigong of the previous life, except that it is a lot rougher and relies entirely on external stimuli to stimulate life energy.

    "According to rumors, if the knight training has not stimulated the energy in the body, then only on the battlefield and through a fierce blood battle can it be possible to trigger life energy and become a knight!"

    "Chip, first transmit the cross swordsmanship!" Leylin ordered.

    Immediately, a large amount of knowledge about swordsmanship training came into Lei Lin's mind, and it was firmly engraved in Lei Lin's mind, just like he had been trained hard since childhood.

    "Separate the cross swordsmanship, generate a new document, and name it ‘Cross Sword Basics’!"

    "A new document "Cross Sword Foundation" has been established!"

    As the voice of the chip came, Leylin's mouth was smiling, and his learning speed through the chip was so fast that any so-called genius would commit suicide in shame!

    "I already have the memory, and then I will find a cross sword to practice practically. As long as ten days, I will be confident that I will promote the cross sword to the realm of Viscount John!"

    "These swordsmanship are just killing techniques, knight training, and the most important thing is the matching breathing technique!" Leylin said to himself.

    "Chip! Based on my various data, build a model of breathing method!"

    "Drip! Mission established! Character model established! Start deduction..."

    Along with the mechanical sound, a three-dimensional figure appeared in front of Lei Lin's eyes, translucent and glowing with blue light, exactly like him.

    He is a 13 or 14-year-old western boy with brown hair, thick eyebrows and big eyes.

    The three-dimensional figure keeps breathing. By adjusting the specific frequency and intensity, gradually, a red line will continue to walk in the three-dimensional figure model.

    After a few minutes, the deduction was over, and the chip’s voice came: "The deduction is over, the cross sword is equipped with breathing method. The time required to complete one time: 30 minutes. After running ten times, it will increase the main body strength by 0.05, agility by 0.06, and physique by 0.03. The effect is gradually diminishing! Training through this method will cause sequelae to the body. It is recommended that the subject be cautious!"

    "Huh! Should I say that it is really a knight training method! As long as I stick to it, I will soon be able to master the strength! It's just that this hidden injury, I don't know if there is any way to eliminate it?"

    Leylin said with a smile.

    At this moment, the chip's voice sounded: "Is the breathing method optimized? Yes or no?"

    "The chip actually has this effect?" Leylin's face suddenly showed joy.
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