Chapter 2: Chip

Chapter 2: Chip 

   "this is???"

   Listening to the mechanical sound in his brain, Leylin's pupils dilated.

   "Isn't this the auxiliary chip in my brain? How come I will follow through? This is not scientific!!!"

    Leylin couldn't believe it, and then said in his head: "Chip! Scan my brain to find the location of the auxiliary system!"

    "Dip! Scanning completed! No foreign body was found in the subject's brain!"

    In an instant, the sound of chip mechanization sounded.

    "Then scan the whole body again and display the body data by the way!"

    There was another mechanical sound.

    "Dip! Scanning finished!"

    "Leylin Farrell, Strength: 0.4, Agility: 0.5, Constitution: 0.4, Status: Post-cranial hemorrhage, multiple soft tissue injuries."

    "No chip was found in the main body!"

    In front of Lei Lin's eyes, a three-dimensional figure appeared, showing Leylin's own body. On one side, data was also marked.

    "Is there no chip? I just said that the chip is the substance, how can it travel with the soul?" Leylin thought to himself: "It seems that during the explosion or the process of crossing, the change occurred. The function of the chip is different. My soul merges..."

    "If it were in the previous world, this would be a major discovery! It not only proves the existence of the soul, but also reveals the possibility of mutual transformation between matter and soul! This will definitely make the old people of the National Academy of Sciences crazy. Unfortunately, they will always I can't see it anymore!"

    This kind of chip is necessary for previous scientists. Because of human rights and spiritual issues, there is no intelligence. There are only two functions: analysis and storage.

    The analysis function can collect data samples and perform simulation deductions according to the main body's commands.

    The storage function is even simpler. It can record all the data of the subject's five senses experience. According to previous life calculations, the storage area of ​​this chip is enough to record all the events that have occurred over a period of tens of thousands of years.

    "Why the chip merges with the soul? This kind of problem can only be considered after I have the ability and conditions in the future! However, with the chip, I am in this world, and I have capital!"

    At the corner of Leylin's mouth, a bright smile suddenly appeared. He deeply knows that in this era of the Middle Ages, with the crystallization of future technology, the future road will definitely not be ordinary! ! !

    "But! This Leylin's physique is really..." Looking at the data in front of him, Leylin was speechless again.

    This is based on the physiological indicators of an adult. Theoretically, for a normal adult, all indicators should be around 1. Although Lei Lin was only thirteen or fourteen years old, his statistics were too low.

    "Huh? No, maybe it is the human body in this world, which is generally weak! The chip scans the body data of several people around!"

    "Di! Mission established! Start collecting data!"

    Almost instantly, in front of Leylin, three-dimensional pictures of the bodies of several people around him appeared, with data marked around them.

    "Name: Unknown, Gender: Male, Strength: 0.9, Agility: 1.1, Constitution: 0.8"

    "Name: Unknown, Gender: Male, Strength: 1.2, Agility: 0.9, Constitution: 1.0"

    "Name: Unknown, Gender: Female, Strength: 0.8, Agility: 1.2, Constitution: 0.7"

    "Okay! It seems that the physique of humans in this world is generally better than that of humans in the future. This Leylin is actually inferior to a girl... I blush for him..."

    When Leylin swept around, there were teenagers about his age, especially a girl who looked delicate and weak. When Leylin was thrown a few blocks away, she was completely desperate.

    "It seems that Leylin is just a lazy, lascivious, lustful waste!"

    "Name: unknown, gender: male, strength: 3.3, agility: 2.5, physique: 3.2. Warning! Warning! This creature is too dangerous. It is recommended that the subject stay away for more than one kilometer immediately!!!"

    The red alarm flashed three times, leaving Leylin directly in shock.

    "Average data of 3.0!" Leylin thought, scanning it a few times, and after confirming that the chip did not make a mistake, he was speechless.

    "Even a world champion can't reach this standard. In his previous life, this person can completely dress as a superman outside his underwear!"

    As a scientist, Leylin is very clear that this 3.2 physique represents this person's anti-strike ability, virus resistance, and body recovery speed, which are more than three times that of ordinary people!

    All physical indicators are three times that of ordinary people. It's not as simple as adding them up. What is this concept?

    It means that this person can defeat dozens of people or even more than a hundred people with his bare hands. In his previous life, he is a little superman!

    "I'm afraid, only biochemical people who have been genetically modified in the laboratory have this data, and only one item can be achieved! This world is really not easy!"

    Leylin thought to himself, and glanced at someone with such a terrifying power.

    It was the man in black who was in charge of distributing food. He looked like a middle-aged man. A scar on his face was cut from his forehead to his lips. He almost chopped his entire face into two, looking very vicious.

    The spotted boy before was scared by him.

    "This is the college servant who is in charge of picking up ours. It is said that he is not a wizard yet. It is so terrifying. What should a real wizard look like?"

    Leylin suddenly discovered that he had a strong interest and curiosity about the profession of wizards, and he wanted to go to the academy now to find out.

    The team was short, and it was Leylin's turn immediately. After Black Scar gave Leylin a piece of white bread and juice, he waved his hand without saying anything, with an impatient look on his face.

    If Leylin before, even if he didn't dare to drag this person out for a few whips because he was not at home, his face would never look good, and he would even scold him a few words.

    But now Leylin is naturally not such an idiot. According to his memory, he gave a noble gift slightly: "Thank you! Sir!"

    The man in black was still expressionless, watching Leylin turn and leave.

    "Huh! I can't think of that Leylin, he really looks like a nobleman when he bows to him!" The two teenagers who followed could not help whispering.

    "Hurry up!" Scarface's voice sounded, and it suddenly exploded near the ears of the two people.

    The loud sound even scared a teenager to sit directly on the ground.

    Leylin ignored the subsequent remarks and looked around with cold eyes, and smiled bitterly: "Okay! I'm really an unwelcome person!"

    Looking at George, he quickly turned his head away, and shook his hands behind his back, making a signal.

    "Uh! Okay! For the sake of medicine, I won't expose you!" Leylin sighed and found a relatively remote place, regardless of whether it was carpeted or not, just sat down and started to eat. .

    "This white truffle bread is still not as delicious as in the previous life! But in Leylin's memory, it is already food for the holidays!"

    Leylin thought while eating.

    According to Leylin's memory, the productivity of this world is still very low. White bread is the food of nobles, and ordinary little nobles will only eat it when they celebrate grand festivals.

    For ordinary farmers, hard and nutritious brown bread is supremely delicious.

    Thinking of having seen it in memory, the hard black bread that can be used as a stone, Leylin sighed: "Fortunately, good luck, nobles or wizards are the upper class in this world, don't have to endure hardship!"

    After devouring the bread in his hand and drank the juice in one gulp, Leylin wiped his mouth contentedly and returned to the carriage.

    According to past experience, the noble teenagers would set up tents in the camp and set off after a night's rest, but obviously no one would invite Leylin. He didn't bring a tent himself, and only slept on the cold and hard carriage!

    "I just looked at it a little bit. There are more than fifty apprentices, twenty-five black robes, and three white robes with the highest status!"

    Thinking about the scene just now when he was discovered just by looking from a distance, Lei Lin was still a little bit shy.

    Especially the chip’s prompt "Unknown radiation source found!" "Unable to scan due to interference from unknown force field!"

    It even casts a shadow over Leylin's heart!

    "It seems that even if there is a chip! I am still a weak person in this world! However, because of this, I am more eager for the power of wizards!"

    In Leylin's eyes, flames seemed to be burning.

    "Better go to bed early! I have to hurry tomorrow!"

    Leylin took off his jacket and threw himself on the ground to make himself sleep more comfortable.

    "It has been more than three months since I embarked on the journey, and I have passed through more than a dozen kingdoms, but I haven't reached the destination. The ancient traffic conditions are really..."

    Closing his eyes, in a daze, and not knowing how much time passed, the carriage door opened with a bang.

    Leylin stood up suddenly, and immediately smelled a scent of roses in his nose.

    The fragrance was sweet and sweet, and it smelled very good, and it made his body throb, which evoked his memory.

    "...Leylin! Are you okay?" A nice female voice came in.

    "Is it Besta? Come in!" Leylin stepped away.

    The fragrance of the flowers in the carriage thickened suddenly, and then a beautiful young girl followed.

    She has fair skin and only wears red tights. There are black hairpins on his head.

    What made Leylin more memorable was the girl's platinum hair and blood-ruby eyes. Together with the beautiful face, she looked very beautiful.

    This is the girl who caused Leylin to be beaten and lost her life, Besta!

    "Excuse me, what's the matter?" Although this girl is well-developed and looks good, to Leylin, who is from another world and has experienced indiscriminate bombing a long time ago, she is just a little bit charming.

    It shows that it is cold and indifferent.

    Obviously, this kind of attitude surprised the girl on the opposite side, and she couldn't say what she had originally prepared.

    After a long silence, he took out a glass vial from his arms and placed it in Leylin's hands: "This...this is medicine for wounds, just rub it on your body! I'm sorry... I'm sorry!"

    The girl bowed again and delivered the potion, seeing Leylin's heart move. 
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