Help me find the title of the Novel

Hello, can someone help me find the title on which the Soul of the Alchemist/Sovereign God was reincarnated into the body of the prince which was supposed to be dead since he was poisoned by his subordinates but because of the soul of the alchemist, he woke up and sense that the body he resides was poisoned and crippled. He woke up inside a room and sense that somethings wrong with his body

He was known as crippled in the city he resides, later he is acompany by a girl which he ask money from to buy ingredients for the poison in his body to be dispelled.

He challenged the guy who always mess with him

The girl with the main character has Ice characteristics

Once I see the first chapter I will know

I hope anyone knows it

I've read it in mangalife but now I can't find it

Thank you

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