My Return

Title: My Return

After saving the world, he returned to his kingdom only to find his partner left him for his bestfriend. Broken, Seth went on a journey only to be sucked by a strange wormhole that leads to a specific demon world. 10 years had passed and now he is ready to return back to "clean up dirt".

Demons - The natives of the demon worlds.
Humans - The residents of the Earth.
????? - ?????????????

Seth - The best knight of Earth. He fended of all the invading demons and was treated a hero after coming back. He left on a journey after suffering a heart break.
Eve - The queen of the demon world where Seth got sucked into.
Ivan - Seth's bestfriend and right hand man. He ordered him to save Aiza and the others while he fends of the demon generals.
Aiza - Seth's fiance and the best wizard of Earth. She fell in love with Ivan after she thought Seth abandoned them.


Chapter 1 - Home Sweet Home

Seth: Ahh.. I missed this scent. The smell of fresh air, fragrant flowers and petrichor.

Eve: Yeah yeah so my job of escorting you here is now done right? I will need to get back to the demon world and handle the people.

Seth: Alright thanks. I know I am the king of your demon world but you know you do better job than me in handling the affairs there.

Eve: You sure you need to hunt them yourselves? We can send your personal knights to deal with them.

Seth: It's fine, they are my responsiblities. Plus "that" idiot really pulled something like that.

Even: Okay, I'll be going back now.

Seth: Take care.

Seth: Wait.... why didn't you provided me with supplies?!.

Seth scouted the area.

Seth: Man, the place sure did change a lot during the past 10 years. 

Seth walked around until he found a kid picking up herbs.

Seth: Hey kid, do you know how can I reach Laon Empire?

Kid: I'm not a kid! I'm Shena and don't disturb me! I need to hurry and gather herbs for my grandpa.

Seth: Look kid, I just need you to point the direction with your finger.

Shena: Like I said, I'm not a kid! And Laon Empire? This is Sidro Empire so going there walking is impossible.

Seth: (Ugh that Eve, why did she spawned the wormhole here?) Ok ki.. I mean Shena, thank you. If you don't mind, why are you gathering herbs? This looks like a dangerous part of the forest.

Shena: Tsk, why do you care? Please just leave and leave me alone.

Suddenly a boy appears.

Boy: Shena, grandpa's condition worsened! What should we do? (started crying)

Shena: Shin! Why did that happened? Didn't we bought him a medicine to suppress the illness?

Shin: No, the mister scammed us and only gave a weak dose of the medicine. The medicine recipe he sold to us might also be fake.

Seth: Hey kid give me that recipe and let me check.

Shin: Who are you mister? Give that back.

Seth: (Hmm what kind of crap is this?) Look kid, this recipe is just a scribble. Take me to your grandpa.

The three of them went back on the city walls.

Seth: Hey kids, why are you living beside the empire's walls?

Shena: You keep on saying kid ugh just forget it. To live inside the empire, you need to pay taxes and we can't afford them anymore after my grandpa caught an illness.

Seth: Nevermind let me check your grandpa.

Seth went inside the house and was shocked to see the illness that the kids' grandpa is suffering from.

Seth: Hey, how did your grandpa caught this illness?

Shin: I don't know but getting back from Dolorian Empire, he suddenly became ill.

Seth: (That's King Daryl's empire, I'm getting a bad feeling about this.) Kid look, this virus is something that affects demons occassionally. Though for demons it's like a common cold, but for humans it is a deadly illness if they were to get affected by it.

Shena: Mister what should we do (crying)? We don't have any money left and grandpa is our only family.

Seth: Calm down, I can cure him but you need to pay a big price.

Shena: Mister (crying) we don't have money but we are willing to be your slaves if you can cure grandpa.

Shin: Yes we will be your slaves (crying).

Seth: Hey hey hey relax, I won't be treating you slaves but instead call me big brother and I'll cure your grandpa.

Shena: Is that all? We don't need to do anything (wiping her tears). Then big brother please cure our grandpa.

Seth: Alright but keep this a secret understand? (I don't want to attract attentions so I should minimize my involvement with other people.)

Shena & Sin: Understood big brother.

After chanting a spell, the old man suddenly became younger which shocked both Shena and Shin.

Shena: What?! Who is this guy?! Where's my grandpa?!

Shin: Big brother what did you do?!

Seth: (Crap! Wrong magic! I used time reverse on this old man! It's a spell that only I can use which maintains my teenage look.) Kids calm down, I'm a magician and I used a "special" healing magic which also restore your grandpa's younger look. (I didn't heal him but instead returned his body 25 years earlier. Good thing this magic does not affect memories.)

Grandpa: Mister I don't know who you are but I am greatful for your help. Although we don't have money to offer, I'll do my best to help you.

Seth: No worries grandpa...

Grandpa: My name is Elias and I am a former merchant.

Seth: Ok Grandpa Elias, actually I need to get inside Sidro Empire to check something.

Elias: I would love to but there's a problem, my secretary hid my documents after I got sick which proves I own a shop inside the Sidro Empire.

Seth: So you need to get those documents back? What's the name of the store and who's your secretary?

Elias: The shop name is Aristo-Cut that deals with jewelries. My secretary's name is Cindy.

Seth: Ok I got it, I'll get them back for you.

Elias: What?

Seth: Relax grandpa just rest.

Seth went outside the walls.

Seth: Hmm not bad so they have high detection magic to catch people who can fly and use teleportation magic. I guess I need to use pure strength for this.

Seth jumped of the wall only to be greeted by some men wearing armors.

One of the armored men: Hey who the hell are you?! How did you get here?

To be continued.

Sorry if it's short but I'm only writing while waiting for work client. Will post the next chapter if there are feedbacks.
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