Archfiend - will it ever get picked up again?

Hello fellow Daoist,

I‘ve been on WW for quiet some years, and nowadays it feels like there are rarely any Novel which got the special „spark“. Whenever I find some of these gems, it fills me with joy, therefore it more so makes me sad, that such a great novel like Archfiend gets left in the dust. I try to follow the real Dao and not try to let it strive to the wrong way by reading google translated RAWs or some translations from diffrent sites, cause I loce WW and want to support them...

i would just like to have an answer from someone WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS; will this Novel be picked up again? Yes / No? If yes are you activly looking for someone to translate it or do you just wait for someone to come by and say: Hey I would like to translate Archfiend for you? My request may sound a bit forceful, but I‘d just like to have an answer or statement to work with, so that I know if I can give my hopes up on it or still hold on the last leave for it. Thanksa lot.



  • *bump* still waiting for an answer .. 
  • Like Phoenix I've also been on WW for years, and while I tend to lean towards it, it's not the only one I use.

    But man this one getting drop hurts cause it's one of my favorites, I hope it gets picked up again.

    Maybe they can set a donation goal per chapter like some other sites.
  • Maybe they can set a donation goal per chapter like some other sites.
    Thats a good idea. I‘ve been saving my site-credits for some month already, so I can support it, when it finally comes put.

    But I wonder if those „prayers“ are even read, since my post is already like 2 month old. Maybe they will only start reading prayers from 50/100 comments onward? :/
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