WuxiaWorld 2694 adds seen....

Hi WuxiaWorld,

It seems currently there is a very big add issue going according what add blocker is showing, that there is roughly 2694 adds instances showing on each page that is loaded. At first I was wondering why in the last few days WuxiaWorld has been so slow to load, but then I viewed add blocker to check and too my utter shock regardless of which wuxiaworld.com page I visited it seems to always roughly load 2694 adds(not sure what it all picks up) in every instance.... that's simply ridiculous and no one in there right mind will convince that is correct. Somewhere something isn't right. I think you guys need to really take a look at this issue.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case before I noticed the issue so I left it a bit thinking that it was something that would come under your intention without anyone needing to voice it, but well I'm just here to tell you that something for sure ain't right from my point of view, I've never in my life seen a site on every page load so many adds so this really can't be right.

Kind Regards,


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