New Novel (Shadowpoint Mystic Academy)

The first chapter is up. I'm updating it and uploading it to Wattpad. The intention is for this to be a mix between Eastern and Western Fantasy Fiction.
Ideally, Someone will enjoy it too.
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Pierce Wynter was born with a sickly and frail body. He is offered the opportunity to be reborn into another world where magic exists, his frailness will be gone, and he can experience the adventures that Shadowpoint has to offer. Pierce will find himself in a world full of competition and undergoing the new struggles and joy that Shadowpoint University has to offer. Pierce finds himself within a world he never knew existed.

Note: I would post the first chapter here, but it is long enough that it would be obnoxious.
Also, I admittedly need some cover art for this.
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  • Chapter 1 - I'm Dead?

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    "Hurry Up!"

    "You have already died, what is there to think about?"

    "You have a powerful backing and are considered a supreme expert? That means nothing here. You are dead you moron. If you were so powerful, you wouldn't be here would you?"

    A short, portly-looking man, face and tone oozing of sarcasm struck the body of the ghost hard with his meaty hand.

    "Clearly, I must be dead. Judging by this troll of a man, it must not be heaven. Where exactly am I?" Pierce Wynter appeared out of thin air. Despite having experienced a lot in his lifetime, and having been considered knowledgeable, Pierce Wynter is perplexed at his surrounding, as well as the intentions of this man.

    "Quicker, and get back in line!" The unholy troll of a man growled at Pierce Wynter.

    Pierce Wynter squeezed back into a tight cluster of specters.

    Countless ghosts formed a line, resembling a long centipede slowly creeping forward. More ghosts would appear and join the end of the line, without pause. The expressions of these ghosts varied between faces full of boredom, anger, acceptance, fear, and sadness. The giant centipede made progress with sounds of groaning, cursing, crying, and gasps.

    Pierce Wynter wondered just how many times this man had to usher new arrivals before he became this uncaring, hateful, steward of a man. Perhaps he was always this way.

    "Remember, no matter how successful or powerful you were before, in death you are nothing. You are all the same, useless, slow, incompetent fucks. Now move your weightless asses. This line won't resolve itself", the steward quaked at the line of ghosts.


    Time passed. Pierce Wynter walked for a very long time, not uttering a word. There was no way of telling time, but after a seemingly endless length of one ghost after the next being processed, Pierce Wynter found himself standing in front of an enormous desk. A list of names seemed to be projected into midair. Staring up, Pierce Wynter found his name glairing in bright translucent letters.

    "Pierce Wynter", A quaking sound echoed all around the world. Oddly, none of the other countless ghosts seemed to notice anything going on. It was as if the sound, while seemingly vocalized to everyone around, was directed specifically to Pierce Wynter's ears. Taking a deep breath, Main Character stepped forward. "Beyond this point, you will be processed. Every action and thought from your life will be judged and weighed. For those of you who are deemed to be without worth, you will cease to exist, and your essence will be reused by this processing station. If it is any consolation, it will be benefitting many souls that will come after you", a tall muscular man pointing at Pierce Wynter's name proclaimed.

    The tall muscular man appeared to be well over a hundred feet tall. He seemed like an enormous mountain, whose words weighed heavily on Pierce Wynter. "Pierce Wynter." the muscular mountain stared downwards, his eyes glowing and seemingly looking through Pierce's translucent soul. Pierce stood still, listless. Pierce looked up at this god of a man, mouth open, and resembling the entire persona of the village idiot.

    A glow from the eyes of the man encased Pierce's body, and Pierce Wynter disappeared from within the line of the ghosts. The next ghost in line was in a state of shock. Only after some time did they recover and hear their name being hollered from the man in his lofty chair. "Victor Arnette", screamed the mountain.


    Standing on an opaque white flooring within an equally white building, Pierce Wynter looked up through a glass ceiling and was viewing his life, as if it was on fast forward at a blur. His life seemed to be somehow projected in the sky with his thoughts echoing around the room

    He stretched out his hand, and on top of his palm was a small orb with tiny white and black dots that slowly filled it up.

    Pierce Wynter was completely shocked. To think that the entirety of his life could be summed up to "dots" seemed almost preposterous.

    "Pierce Wynter, I have come at the orders of the Lord of this processing station to receive you. Hopefully, your wait wasn't too long. Your life should be about done calculating. Please proceed", a woman dressed in a tight black and red business suit said. The woman clapped her hands and Pierce once again found himself deprived of all thought and surrounded by a world of light.


    In New Eestivine City of The Land Of The Dead.

    Within a quiet study, there was a bookshelf and a table next to it. A thick book consisting of the highlights of Pierce's life sat on top of the table. A plainly dressed young woman was leafing through the book, quietly muttering or laughing to herself any time she came across something interesting.

    Pierce Wynter stood there in front of her, unaware of his surrounding. His eyes were dully staring ahead as if waiting on something. If Pierce was conscious, perhaps he would have thought that not all of his brain cells seemed to arrive with the rest of his ghostly body.

    Pierce seemed to collect himself, as the woman shifted her attention to him, eyes glowing. She said nothing, seemingly lost in thought. Pierce stared back wondering, "Why doesn't she say anything? Does she even see me? Is this the part where I will cease to exist, and become the energy to heat her next coffee"?

    Pierce had no idea who this woman was, but at least for the moment, Pierce was content knowing that his existence had not completely come to an end. He might not be able to do much as a ghost, but it was certainly better than some alternatives. Pierce was just an ordinary person. Looking back at the book, the woman chuckled "How embarrassing".

    Pierce also wasn't sure what she was referring to, but he also wasn't sure he really wanted to know. He thought back to his final days, lying prone in a hospital bed, not in control of a single function of his body. His mother crying, father grunting about how Pierce could have at least done everyone a favor and fallen ill when there wasn't a good football game to watch. His father was a huge sports fan and was convinced that the day would be better spent searching his telephone for any updates he could get, instead of actively participating in any conversation with him. There really wasn't any dignity in death, or life for that matter. It was just made of little tiny moments of embarrassment, the nightly rounds by the nurses, and the prelude to the next football game.

    "She summoned me, but then refuses to say anything", Pierce Wynter sneaked a glance around the room.

    The room wasn't very luxurious. To call it simple would be an understating. There was white wall after wall. There wasn't a single piece of furniture in this room outside of what the woman was sitting on and using! There was no decoration. It was as if someone had stripped the room bare, leaving the two of them inside where He was the desirable object to look at! Pierce could only assume that it was to promote him to be engaged with the woman. Given that she had a book over his life, was there any reason to be?

    "You..." Pierce Wynter looked at her carefully. Although her clothes were simple, the woman had a natural beauty that shone through, as if he was staring at a blazing sun. She had eyes that drew him in and deprived him of any words to say. Pierce wasn't unfamiliar with talking to women or being near them but it was if she had stripped him of all defenses, leaving a slack-jawed fool standing before her. In the blink of an eye, Pierce Wynter became enamored with her. He wanted to study everything about her. Who was this woman? How could anyone exist and look this alluring?

    "Oh," the woman raised her head and noticed him staring at her. "I didn't expect you to regain your consciousness so soon".

    Pierce struggled to settle his mind, but could only manage to blurt out the word "How". The woman waved a hand and said, "Everything you see is a world created by your own mind. The people in it, the environment, everything was constructed to make you feel more content with your surroundings while remaining orderly. The life you had before has ended its course."

    The world was created by him! Was he really this dry?! Could a world be created by himself that was this... dry? Pierce looked at the woman again with some interest. Pierce's face sank. They could pull out from his mind the image of a beautiful woman, but it only highlighted yet another failure of Pierce's. He couldn't dress himself, let alone begin to know what would look good on another person. He stared at her clothing again. Pierce's world was shattered. "I am such an ass! I could have given her anything to wear, and this is what I picked", Pierce thought.

    By now the woman had closed his book and was waiting patiently. Pierce Wynter's expression slowly changed. It was as if he was going through the five stages of death all over again. Eventually, he accepted the situation and waited to see what was next. He could just manage to make out the words "Book of Life and Death" on the disregarded book.

    She was reading the Book of Life and Death?

    "I've just been reading about your life.", the woman smiled and said to Pierce

    Pierce Wynter was startled. His life? The book is so thick though! "Time is a human concept, to bring some order to their lives. It has no bearing here. One second here could be a lifetime or only a blip in the lifetime of the universe. What's important is that we are ready to proceed".

    His previous life appeared in his mind like a dream. His father was a historian by trade and passion. His mother was a musician. They could not have been more different. His life should have been amazing, given that he was born into a family with so much diversity. Unfortunately, Pierce was born sick. He suffered from constant illnesses and had a frail sickly body. Every time his father watched a sports game he would look towards Pierce and grunt, the disappointment clearly shown in his eyes. The doctors all said that it would be a miracle if he would live to fifteen or sixteen. His one life accomplishment would be that he had outlived their expectations. Pierce had made it to his early twenties before his life was cast away, inside some sterile hospital room.

    Pierce had largely been homeschooled. He couldn't go to school, for fear that he would become ill. He couldn't play with his peers, for fear that his body would break or quit working. His weak body, consistently plagued by sickness, caused him to have a lonely childhood and an unremarkable life in general.

    He had grown up knowing that his time was rapidly nearing its end. This sort of knowledge left a terrifying feeling inside him. He knew that his death was approaching and it caused him to only become more of a loner. To say that Pierce's impact on the world would be largely disregarded would be an understatement. Pierce's life had not been boring though. Pierce was an accomplished reader. He had his books and the internet to engage with the world around him.

    His books and the internet allowed him to have the mental sanity to keep him from having a twisted personality. He hungrily absorbed any knowledge he could find about the world. Despite his hardships, Pierce knew he was fortunate. He learned that there were children all over the world that were suffering far more than he was. He still had enough food to eat and books to read.

    He was searching for his value in life. Surely there must be some point to his existence. He couldn't have been born just to die, could he? He couldn't just sit here waiting to die. Pierce had started a business, that rapidly grew. Before he knew it, he had become extremely successful, albeit from the solitude of his own home. After several years, he had earned himself a sizable fortune. Despite this, his illness reminded him that he was living on borrowed time.

    His parents did not need him to support them, Pierce sold his company and developed a new ambition. He wanted to see the world. He wanted to experience everything. Perhaps the greatest joke played on him was the day he left his house to see the world, Pierce died. He had intended to distribute money to the poor, feed and clothe the needy, and feel the feeling of a gentle breeze on his cheek. Pierce made it as far as 4 streets before he was struck by a car, unaware of his existence on the road. Pierce was rushed to the hospital, and as he lay listening to his father grumble about the lost privilege of watching television, he simply died. He gave no grand speech. He just left the world as abruptly as he came into it.

    "Your life was bitter and full of struggle since the day you were born," the young woman said softly. "Your life didn't twist your nature. It motivated you to have accomplishments and the desire to experience more. Instead of giving up, you decided to live what life you had left and even made an attempt at making the lives of those around you better".

    "25 years old... and dead. The young woman sighed. "For one to experience so many tragic conditions and still be willing to use their time to help others and defy the conditions of their life set before them is extremely rare."

    Pierce Wynter said, "You praise me too much. If I had lived a longer life, I might not have been willing to make these choices. According to my doctors, I was fortunate to have lived to be an adult already".

    The young woman, then casually flipped open the Book of Life and Death. She gazed at the glove of light over his wrist. Her gentle voice had a sort of imperial majesty to it. "Pierce Wynter, in your life, you suffered a lot. You had the odds stacked against you. You became successful and you even willed your fortune for the benefit of others. You saved thousands of people. Your merits are great. I am offering you this chance of reincarnation. You shall be reborn into ... the Land of Shadowpoint!"

    "Shadowpoint..." Pierce Wynter murmured quietly.

    "Only those who have accumulated a sizable amount of karmic merit are able to be reborn into Shadowpoint. On Earth, it is extremely difficult to gain this much merit. Knowingly or unknowingly, by giving up your vast fortune and helping so many people, you accumulated enormous karmic merit. You gained even more merit through your ceaseless struggle of the obstacles set before you. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be able to enter Shadowpoint."

    "I don't understand." Pierce Wynter was confused.

    "Everyone is born without any malice and pure of heart. Children have a pure nature, ad it is the vulgarities found throughout the world that warp that nature. Instead of allowing your nature to be misshapen, you persevered and left a positive impact on the world", the woman replied.

    Pierce now realized what she had meant.

    "The Book of Life and Death had preordained that you would only live to be twenty. You were however allowed to live longer, because of your accumulated merits. It was due to your merits that you were allowed to live until age twenty-five" the woman replied.

    "What?" Pierce Wynter was stunned. "Are you saying that all fates held within the Book of Life and Death can be altered?"

    "Of course! Why wouldn't they be able to be changed?" laughed the woman. "Adding years to a person's life is nothing. Even shortening someone's life is nothing. If the Heavens wanted you dead, they would always give you a path of survival. A person's destiny may be preordained, but it can also be changed later on. Their very existence can even be erased if it is found to be far too lacking."

    Pierce Wynter was in awe. He didn't fully understand it, but he accepted her words.

    It was true.

    "Surely there are a great many people who have accumulated merit. Why am I here alone?" Pierce Wynter asked, puzzled.

    The woman laughed. "We are only alone in the world you set before you. There are many others who are receiving a similar conversation now. Everyone's processing, while similar is unique to themselves. Besides, we both come from the same world. It is always fun to meet others from home. Not everyone in the processing center comes from the same place as you and me. I rarely get to meet others from Earth. This processing station is responsible for sorting every dead soul in the universe. The magnitude is difficult to comprehend. The universe consists of countless beings and planets. It would feel extremely packed if we had everyone in this room all at once don't you think?"

    "My word!" Pierce exclaimed!

    "You are about to reincarnate soon. Very soon, you will find yourself in a world with all new possibilities. Shadowpoint is where you will shortly find yourself. Those with high karmic merits will be born through nature. The world itself will make a place for you. Your body will be considered perfect. As it is gifted by the heavens, it can also be considered a brand new beginning."

     What sort of place is this Shadowpoint?" exclaimed Pierce.

    "Shadowpoint is a place where you will find many things once believed to be impossible. It is a place where the fiction in your world becomes reality" said the woman solemnly.

    Pierce Wynter rubbed his head.

    "I have enjoyed your story, Pierce. You are insightful and perceptive. I can offer you a little help before you leave" said the woman.

    Pierce Wynter was delighted. Help him? Isn't this already helping him out? What else could she mean?

    "Close your eyes and empty your mind," the woman said. Gently she rested a hand over Pierce's forehead.

    Pierce was stunned. Inside his mind swarmed millions of images and new information. Pierce would be not only born into a new place but not be born entirely ignorant of the world.

    "This is all I can do for you. This fulfills the karma that has brought us together" said the woman. May your karmic merits be even greater in the future.

    "Thank you," Pierce exclaimed.

    "You are going to be reborn and you will lose access to these memories temporarily. When you turn thirteen, you will have access to the information stored in your mind. Prepare yourself" said the woman solemnly.

    Pierce Wynter's heart was elated.

    A new world?

    A new body?

    This is better than fiction!

    "Good luck." The woman waved a hand.


    Pierce Wynter disappeared.
  • Author's Note: This one shorter, but I hope you all enjoy. 

    Chapter 2 - Confusion

    Why does my neck hurt? Everything feels so raw, why are people screaming? Pierce wakes up eyes blurry and but frighteningly unable to move. He can feel the warmth of another person holding him close.
    "What's happening? Why can't I move? Where am I?"
    All these thoughts and more flooded through Pierce's head, as he lay in the arms of another trying to calm down and rationalize his present situation.
    "Oh no... has something wrong just happened"!

    "Isn't he the cutest? I wish we could take him home with us today. With all the magic in the world, isn't it shocking that there is still such a thing as Postnatal care?", a woman's voice said.

    "Honey, just be satisfied with a night without the wail of a newborn babe. There is something off here... I mean look at those eyes. This child's eyes are far too intense, and he is entirely too quiet...", a man exclaimed.

    Sleep.... Pierce's mind screamed. His natural instinct nearly took over, just as he involuntary soiled himself. So embarrassing!

    "Well... and guess some things are normal... how fortunate indeed", the man droned.

    "Idk what you expected... him to flop himself out of the crib and make a run for the stall, before having ever even said one word?! Markus... Markus... are you listening to me?! My baby is perfect and if you don't think so then you can keep your ruddy opinion to yourself", exclaimed the woman.

    "Dawn... now don't you start! I was just trying to say...", said an exasperated man.

    "Enough! He is just a little more intelligent than the other babies around him", said Dawn

    "He still craps himself doesn't he", Markus said with a wide smile on his face.

    "Omg... is this really happening?! I'm a baby?! How can I understand everything? Didn't she say... how can I understand anything at all?", wondered Pierce.
    "Grrraau!!", Pierce's stomach notified him that he was once again hungry.

    "Step off Markus"! Dawn slapped away Markus's finger, pressing down on Pierce's abdomen.

    "Are you sure he is alright? Look at how bulbous the kid's head is!"

    "Of course he is fine", Dawn exclaimed!

    "He is sort of dim isn't he" Pierce thought. "Good heavens, No"!!
    Pierce's thoughts were once again interrupted, this time by his mother's breast nearing his face.

    Pierce's stomach was growling almost as loudly as his mind.

    "Markus, will you get a nurse? The child looks more distressed than I am. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this right", Dawn muttered.

    "Whaaa, uhguck"! the wail of a baby was choked off by the oncoming rush of its mother's milk.

    "So barbaric" Pierce's mind shuddered. Even still, Pierce's stomach was feeling grateful.

    Pierce struggled to stay away, even as his eyes closed and his mind drifted off.
  • Very nice! I like the way the story flows and I find myself wanting to read more to satisfy my curiosity. Just off the bat this seems like a good alternative to Jobless reincarnation but with more potential! Would love to see how you merge the western and eastern ideas too.
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