Help Finding a Novel

My sister always told me a fantasy novel that she never reveals the name of the characters nor title, and I desperately need to know it. The story is about a powerful mage/magician who fell in love with a fairy, and he trains himself really hard to become powerful to achieve immortality so that he can be with the fairy. After he becomes powerful and married the fairy, he only took powerful or talented mages or magicians to become his apprentice. Then after they leave his apprenticeship and separate their ways into their faction he goes on and travels around the world with his wife(?). Many people had asked him to take their children to be his apprentice but he usually rejected them because he see no potential in them. Then sometimes later someone or the couple found a baby girl with a mark from an ancient or rare race/tribe/clan and they send her to the fairy realm. Then another baby girl was found after her whole family was killed in a single night. Finally, after a few years later the two girls grew up and took apprenticeship from him. The girl with the mark specialized in potion or herbology. Then the girl that had her entire family killed was something related to control magical or spirit beast (this is one of the rarest ability in the story). A few years later, another apprentice had joined them. He is from a famous(?) clan and he specialize in creating stuff (which is pretty rare in the story as well). The powerful mage/magician students are powerful than others at their age who usually train in a magical school/academy. This is all I can write at the moment, if you have any questions then few free to ask away :)


  • there are too less information
  • cieldon said:
    there are too less information
    I know that it’s not a lot of information up there since I didn't really put everything, but you can ask me about it, and I would try to answer it :)
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