On the other end, Bruno followed Fang Xingjian to a quiet meditation room and sat down.

  Fang Xingjian turned toward him and slowly took out a small box. Bruno looked at the box, his eyes shining with excitement and greed.

  However, with a 'Conferred Knight' before him, he did not dare to be impetuous.

  Fang Xingjian opened the box, revealing a piece of parietal bone. Seeing that Bruno was about to reach out for it, he blocked him with his hand. He then calmly told the anxious Bruno, "Have a glass of water first. For the next six hours, it'll be all yours. But I'm sure that you would not wish to, in the midst of appreciating the feeling, break off your concentration from shock due to a parched throat, right?"

  Bruno smiled, "Thank you for your reminder." He was treating the other party as a Conferred Knight.

  Bruno casually received the tea from Fang Xingjian and drank a sip.

  Fang Xingjian then said, "Alright, just moisturizing your throat will do. Don't drink too much, if not you'd have the urge to pee later."

  Bruno put down the drink, as suggested, and asked the black-robed Fang Xingjian, "It should be fine now, right?"

  Fang Xingjian then slowly pushed the small box over to him. He had enquired on the usage of parietal bones long ago. He then said, "Put your hand on it and focus all your attention on it, slowly feeling the fluctuations."

  Naturally, Bruno had also enquired about the use of parietal bones before this. He tried to calm down as he reached out his hand and placed it on top of the bone, gradually placing his full attention on it.

  Although he did so, this was merely an ordinary bone. How could Bruno have sensed anything?

  A minute passed by with Bruno focusing his full attention on the bone like never before. It seemed as if he had sensed something, but at the same time, it felt as if he had sensed nothing at all.

  Of course, the feeling of sensing something was merely his illusion. Any person who calmed down and focused all their attention on a certain part of their body would have the misconception that they felt something.

  He could not help but ask, "Sir, I think..."

  "Don't speak." Fang Xingjian said, "Just use your heart to sense it."

  Bruno held back his words and gradually, he felt as if something was gradually burning up in his brain. It was as if countless spots of light had started to flash before his eyes.

  "S... sir, I think..."

  "I think I am sensing it..."  Chapter 184 Auction (Part V)

  The world started to spin and countless memories, illusions and the space all seemed to be expanding and contracting. Bruno could only feel as if countless items were flashing and disappearing right before his eyes.

  'This... This is the feeling of Heaven's Perception?'

  Fang Xingjian's silhouette gradually appeared before him, "Carefully appreciate this feeling. This feeling is Heaven's Perception."

  Bruno let out a cry. He felt that his brain and limbs were extremely relaxed, as if there was different kinds of warmth flowing into his body. As for the things that happened thereafter, he could not remember anything at all.

  Fang Xingjian waved his hand before him and, upon seeing that he had no reaction at all, he pushed aside a divider at the side and walked out of the door behind it.

  Once he came out, Robert, also dressed in a black robe, walked up to him and anxiously asked, "How is it?"

  Fang Xingjian immediately started taking off his clothes, changed into a new set, put on a mask and then said, "It's settled. Later, you go in and pretend to be me. If I can't rush over six hours later, then you can just send him out. There shouldn't be any problems."

  Robert popped his head into the room to take a look at the state Bruno was in. Seeing that the guy was in a daze, occasionally laughing like an idiot, he asked, "What did you feed him? Is it from Netherworld Valley?"

  "Initially, I wanted to look for them in order to get some stuff which is non-fatal and non-addictive. For ex
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