Forgot Title, Help, I'm frustrated

I read a novel about a year ago, and i cant remember the title or find it for the life of me. I remember the story of it. For example, in the novel the (As a baby) mc's parents are good friends with another couple who also have a child. And the mc's parents are being chased for being outworlders from another plane or world. So the mc's parents to protect their child ask to switch their child with the good friends. The good friends die defending the mc and the parent of the good friends end up raising him along side the now "grandfather's" niece. Who is now the mc's "cousin". The mc's parents survive and return to their world and their clan and raise the good friends child and their own. The mc ofc becomes stronger and learns the truth from his 'grandfather' and searches for his parents. The mc then falls in love with the princess of the country he is in, and they grow a relationship, he also travels to another country which is at war with their's and the princess of that country (called phoenix something, its named after the strongest sect their) falls in love with him the the sects forbidden land. he goes to the world that his parents are from and finally meets his parents, and the ruler of that world who also falls in love with him. I also remember that the outworlders and the clans who live in that world are all born with a special 'power?' called law (i think) that only their clans are able to use. Also the mc's clan was the strongest clan and protector of the monarchy of their realm. and only left the realm to go and rescue the current ruler. and the clan fell from power because most of the people they sent died. I also remember that the mc meets his real grandfather who has been sealed by the main world's people. and the mc fell into the pit and ended up meeting him and this is where the mc learns the full truth of his birth. if anyone knows this novel and would tell me the name of it i would appreciate it greatly because i would love to reread the novel. Also the outworlders were called fiends buy the people who lived on the mainland


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    Yo that's Against the Gods lol. One of the more popular titles on here.
  • Ah and if you see this you might wanna hurry up and catch up since its almost over. I am sure you know but completed novels are no longer free and you only have a month after completion before it goes behind the paywall.
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