A Martial Odyssey


With one step, an ocean is crossed. With one swing, an immortal is slain. 

Grisla Orlith's name has been in contention for centuries; millenia. Has he ever existed? Is it true about him? 

They hear of the future, but they don't know his past. Assumed as a genius from heaven, a warrior without peer.

But back then, from those that knew of him... only saw a worthless boy.

TAGS: Weak to Strong mc; Romance; Antihero; Character Development

[Author's Note]

For those not in the know, this is a book with some western and eastern fantasy sprinkled in. This is a work coming from someone who's a long time fan of the genre and would like to add my own flavor and spin to it, and I particularly dislike the shallow xianxia characterization and development. To counteract that is about eighty percent of the reason I'm writing this. The beginning might be a slow burn but I promise I'm bringing up some awesome scenes and moments once you're invested. Again, this is not some fast food xianxia. But I can say that as a lover of the genre I won't be completely shying away from the stuff that got myself hooked into it in the first place.

(2-3 Chapters per week, guaranteed. Updates on RR first.)



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