Teleporter's Travels C 1-31

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Summary: Thinking about his life, a man laid on a couch at his workplace. As soon as he left, he saw something, he saw... a goblin? On Earth? After fighting it he quickly finds himself in a whole new world with no known way back. How will he live through this new experience? How will he ever come back? And how will the two worlds mix if he does.

Release rate: 3 Chapters/Week. (May increase as time passes).

Author's Note:

Hello! Long time no see if you read my other story. It has been a while, and I have gotten back into writing. This time, I want to take it at a better pace. I have outlined a good format to work on, with about 1500 words per chapter. I can guarantee, this will not just abruptly end, I want to take this at a slower pace, one more manageable unlike the previous, in which thinking about it, would have lasted thousands of chapters, that'll be too big and take too long.
Either way, this will be a nice ride. A mix of fantasy, Chinese web novels, and other factors. If you like the chapters that you read, any comment is appreciated. This also applies to suggestions!

Chapter 1

I have always dreamed… of a second life. If all hell breaks loose, I’d want to move to another country, restarting my life. Sadly, in this day and age, people will easily find who I am. Not like I am a criminal or something. I just want to live another life if it so happens. A foolish idea to execute a plan when there are no safety nets at all.

Though… I do not know why I am thinking of this, maybe something won’t happen in my life. Maybe it’ll be calm! But for some reason, I don’t want either option to happen. I live a stable life, no wife, but I have a nice job, enough where I am not rich, but able to live a somewhat comfortable life in an apartment with different nets to catch myself, or at least ensure I can continue my life.

But here I am thinking that I am some kind of main character, a protagonist with supreme plot armor or some kind of crazy things. Ah, maybe I shouldn’t be thinking too hard… Can’t even get a damn drink, but after tomorrow is done I’ll be set to have a bit of time to myself!” 

The sound of sirens quickly passes by, speeding past the large skyscrapers blocking the night sky. “Typical cops. Kind of wish I had more of a view instead of this window that faces… another skyscraper. Ah, Carl was right, should’ve sprinted down when this crazed old man started yelling and watched it play out. Though that does say something about how boring life is here. Felt bad for him, at least from what the news told us of his background, but man I should find a better hobby than watching live crime.”

As soon as the man finished thinking, preparing to get up from laying on a couch, a knock could be heard nearby, an adult woman who appears quite young knocked on the wooden table nearby, “Yuu, why are you still here, shouldn’t you go home to prepare yourself for tomorrow?”

“Ah, how did you find me? Usually, no one comes here” the man called Yuu stood up, trying to look slightly more professional.

Walking forward, the woman took off her glasses and sighed, “Jerald told me. I saw your car was still parked even though you finished a tad bit earlier than the others so I asked him. Seems like when all the others finish work and start heading out, you use this place to sleep instead of going home.”

“Uh, am I banned from here-” a clipboard quickly tapped him on the head, “ow…”

“That didn’t hurt, stop overreacting” she sat on the couch and took an unopened can of soda resting on the table.

“You know that’s mine right?”

“Exactly why I’m drinking it.”

Sensing a pulse of annoyance in his forehead, he picked up his things and started to head out.

Before he could get far, he felt a hand rest on his shoulder, “You know you can just relax and not be over professional in front of me right? At least outside of actual work and other people, just chill with me.”

“Seeing you talk like that reminds me of when you were the domineering delinquent-” 

“I will kick you”

“Yup, there it is your royal highness-” sensing a kick coming, he quickly booked it, running towards the hallway

“Damn kid…” she stared at the direction he left at before staring back at the can, pondering on something for a second before drinking it until it was empty.


Heading all the way down to the parking garage, Yuu took out a wallet from his bag. “Huh?” reaching in his bag more, he panicked slightly, “must have left my keys. Guess I have to go back. Though spending a bit of time with her won’t be so bad... eh screw it, sure.” 

However, as soon as he almost pushed the elevator button, a weird grunting noise echoed behind a wall. He looked towards that direction, quickly pushing the elevator button just in case it was dangerous.

Thinking to himself, he stood still, making no noise, “Surely no homeless person or drunkard could’ve gotten in. Even though things go down sometimes there is at least a security guard around near the entrance…

Just as he was counting and yelling at the elevator to hurry up, he heard the sound again, yet this time something actually walked out. A green humanoid monster wielding a weird jagged knife walked out from the shadows. It wasn’t as tall as an adult, probably as tall as a small teen, yet it seemed a bit dangerous. There were clear outlines of at least muscle, showing that it wasn’t entirely weak, but in some parts, there were old wounds and it didn’t look like it ate recently at all. 

Taking a second to realize, Yuu panicked even more before thinking “This appearance… seemed more like a goblin from Fantasy RPGs and other similar concepts.” Though last time he checked, he hasn’t drunk in a few days, he hasn’t taken acid or hallucinogens, even though he doesn’t do that at all, and even though he’s tired, he certainly wasn’t that sleepy.

This thing was certainly a goblin, or at least similar to one.” As he internally screams for the elevator to hurry up, the goblin saw him and ran towards him, still making grunting noises, as if Yuu had to die, it was not an option, but a fact.

Without hesitation, he dodged the incoming knife attack and ran towards the entrance, hoping the security guard would notice and help out. Though the entrance was a few levels above, and it wasn’t guaranteed that he could actually escape. 

Despite him running as hard as an athlete, the goblin quickly caught up and thrust his knife towards him. He quickly dodged, but he still ended up with a small wound around his arm.

Knowing he wasn’t in some sort of novel with obvious plot armor, he ignored the pain as much as possible and looked toward the goblin. Luckily, he was able to see that the goblin was not going to give him time to recover and unleashed another attack. 

With all the inner knowledge from those Kung-Fu movies and those immortals from novels where they destroy the ocean and earth, he dodged to the left before grabbing onto the arm that wielded the knife while the other grabbed towards his neck, thinking this might be a way to at least do something.

As the goblin tried to resist, he kicked the goblin in a place where a man would unconsciously protect and kept doing it until the goblin dropped the knife due to not being able to stay entirely conscious due to its throat being somewhat strangled, not allowing it to breathe properly as pain infested him. 

Realizing that the knife finally dropped, he took the weapon and randomly stabbed it at the goblin while looking away, clearly scared to actually go for the kill properly. After feeling some sort of warm liquid splash on him and the goblin no longer making any sort of sound, he opened his eyes and looked at the body. He gagged on the spot and almost threw up, but he persisted and held it in. 

Despite it feeling like ages, this only happened in a matter of a few minutes. He fell on the ground away from the goblin and breathed for a few seconds before noticing a pouch on his waist. Almost gagging again, he quickly yanked on it, ripping apart from the waist. He looked away and took long breaths before opening it. 

Instead of finding something disgusting like suspicious meat, a copper coin, or something stereotypical from Fantasy related contents, he instead found a stone mixed with blue and yellow materials and a few coins. Ignoring the coins, his hand went for the stone. As soon as he touched it, it glowed slightly before exploding into a ball of light.

Clearly scared, he backed off, but the ball of light slammed into his body before causing his body to lighten up. His whole body, now shining, suddenly disappeared.

A minute later, an elevator made a dinging noise and a woman came out. This was the same lady as before. “Ah, this damn elevator being stuck in the middle of going! I’m going to smack whoever got that crappy company to repair it last month, it clearly ain’t working!!!”

Walking to her car, she noticed something peculiar. Red liquid flowed down the path going up, while a green thing laid there. Upon realizing what it was, she screamed extremely loudly, almost falling on her bottom. She quickly took pictures in a panic and dialed the police after confirming what she had seen. This wasn’t a prop, this was an actual living being… or at least was once a living being. 

“W-wait, where’s Yuu!” After finishing her call, she searched around. His car was clearly there still, yet he was not…


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    Chapter 2

    Ugh, where am I?” Trying to open his eyes, he couldn’t tell if he was blind or if there was truly no light. Everything around him was a mix of blurriness and darkness and it wasn’t until a minute later that he was finally able to see more clearly, at least to an extent.

    All that he could tell was that he was in some sort of cave, with a clear opening at the top, wide like a meteor. Yet despite the width, light barely shined through, as if something was covering it. It did look like there was some foliage but it wasn’t easily identifiable.

    Luckily, he woke up next to the wall as the center showed a large lake with items that sparkled underneath. As his eyes adjusted he could also see slight hints of boxes and chests off to the side. There were a few boxes a couple of meters away, containing weapons like swords, axes, and much more.

    What the hell... where am I? And why are there weapons? A cosplay event?" He wondered as he stood up and started getting closer to the boxes of loot. Even though he had no clue where he was, it might be a good idea to grab one or two. To wake up in a totally different area all alone, especially after what happened before, he had to be careful.

    Regardless of what happened to him, he took a plain-clothed shirt and pants and decided to wear them. While definitely unhygienic, there were splatters of blood on him from that goblin, it would be bad to go out looking like a maniac.

    He also found a decently sized leather bag, strapped nicely that it hardly moved around, yet still feeling comfortable. Taking what appears to be different sized and shaped coins, a filled canister, he stored them in his bag before grabbing a dagger for safety.

    After sorting everything out, he took a peek at the other boxes in case he had anything to take. Feeling prepared, he looked around to see if there was an exit. Luckily, there was as there was a tunnel that illuminated with some strange yellow light.

    He gulped, wanting to go through, but a bit scared to know where it led to. Sadly the light wasn't bright and shining like the sun. He approached the tunnel while holding out his dagger, taking caution with every step.

    Peering through the tunnel, he could not see any signs of an exit for a good bit. While this was worrisome, he noticed that the path was lit by many small rocks. This was what gave off that dim yet luminous yellow light. Barely enough to see the entire tunnel in a clear picture, but just enough to not go completely blind.

    Walking through the tunnel at a moderate pace, it took over five minutes for any other light, or space to be in view. But when he did, he was shocked. He stumbled slightly and put a hand over his mouth to not make any noise and to not gag.

    The very first sight that greeted him from exiting the tunnel was not grass, butterflies, and a breeze of calming wind, instead, he was greeted to a larger room. A room that had cages to the side, and within those cages were decaying bodies. The smell itself was horrible, putrid, and his eyes dare not lay on it.

    This… was not the scene that I expected…” Taking a short break to regain his thoughts, he began pondering on how he even got here if there were literal dead bodies just rotting in the direction that he needed to go to leave. It most likely wasn't a kidnapping, but he just had no clues or evidence as to why he was here other than the stone that he picked up from the goblin's body, the stone that shone a blinding light. Not wanting to waste any time, he headed forward while trying his best not to look at the morbid sight to the right.

    Finally getting through the room, he gave out a sigh. He managed to find an opened metal door which led to a tunnel leading to more rooms. Though instead of the usual long tunnel that he went through, the tunnel contained many side rooms.

    Within these rooms, contained many short, poor-quality beds clumped together with some weapons laying on the ground. Miners certainly didn't live in this cave, as there were no obvious signs towards it, making it appear to be a place for a small army to reside. Though with these conditions, this place most likely didn’t belong to soldiers, with the mess, it looked like it belonged more to bandits or some chaotic group.

    Not spending much time looking into the bedrooms, he found himself peering into different areas. Whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, or even a lavished office, it was oddly empty. It didn’t appear like it was abandoned long ago, but it seemed like there was some sort of event where they had to all leave recently, not letting a single soul stay around.

    “Hrm, Hrm” a quiet yet slightly high-pitched voice echoed through the long halls. Stopping in his tracks, he carefully listened. He could hear it again but it stopped after a bit of time, “Seems like it heard me… hopefully, it isn’t dangerous,” pondering on the noise, he carefully walked closer, trying to get close enough to observe in the dim environment.

    Upon reaching the room, he reached for a dagger in case he needed to stab whatever was in that room. Taking a quick peek, with the dim yellow stones on the walls he was able to barely see some sort of fluid-slime type of thing that resided in a glass container.

    Why is it moving? Jesus, what is going on...” he stared at the slime creature. It had a slightly circular shape at the top but it drooped down like a messy puddle. Though if there was one that looked familiar about it, he was relating this creature back to slimes from RPGs.

    I must be dreaming if I'm seriously seeing a slime- Crap!” Focusing on the slimy creature too much, he accidentally took an audible step forward as he was leaning his body to observe, his hand slipping from the dry rocks. The step wasn’t loud at all, but considering how the creature was a couple of meters away, it definitely heard it.

    “Hrm Hrm!” it squealed despite having no way of speaking as it had no mouth, and its fluid-like body moved slightly towards him as if that was how it looked at things since it had no eyes.

    At least confirming that this slime was making the noise he relaxed slightly since it was behind a glass container.

    Even though he had already passed through rooms that had creatures in them, they were either dead, like the large room before, or hiding, not daring to make a sound. When he looked through the cages, he found some weird horned rabbits, green wolves, and many more, though this slimy creature most definitely had to be the weirdest one as it had no clear organs, and was one of the few things actually still alive despite being in this creepy dead cave.

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    Chapter 3

    Having taken pieces of some of the yellow stones that emitted light, he pulled it out and shined them near the cage while holding the dagger, preparing in case it decided to attack.

    With there being more light on the slime, he could see that it had a very clear, translucent body. He could see a stone inside of it but it was sort of hard to see clearly, blending in with its fluid-like body.

    Seeing the light, it moved closer to the glass and shook its body in a pulse-like manner once, spitting a similar stone out of nowhere.

    “Ah!” he accidentally let out a quiet yet audible noise. While this action wasn’t frightening or scary, it certainly defied what he knew about logic as a whole. At first, he was confused with these strange variant creatures. Next, he saw a slime, which would baffle the scientists back home. Now, it spat a similar yellow stone out of nowhere.

    Though if there was one thing that was clear, despite having no nerves, brain, or any organ, the slime had intelligence. He didn't know how much, but it at least could respond. Stuttering his words he tried to speak to it, “C-can you understand me?”

    “Hrm!” The slime wiggled around.

    Even though he wanted to believe it, he still couldn’t. If there was a book on how these things worked, he would read it immediately since this was possibly the most bizarre thing he has seen besides the goblin.

    “Uh… I guess I can try explaining," he muttered, "I don’t know where I am and well, I stumbled into this place randomly. If I open this cage, will you help me out?” “Hrm!” The slime moved around the cage in excitement.

    “I’ll open it, b-but stay a good distance away. Let me back away after I do.”

    “Hrm?” The slime looked at it confused as to why the human in front of it was so nervous. Regardless, it backed away from the door to the container.

    With constant fumbling and nerves, he was finally able to open the cage and stepped away while clutching the knife even harder. The slime slowly got out and after moving its body near the entrance, it waved towards Yuu with its slimy body, telling him to come follow it.

    “Do you know the way out?” Yuu asked, still keeping distance.

    “Hrm…” the slime made a somewhat unsure noise, it seems like it knew the general direction, but not the actual path.

    Even though they kept moving, every now and then the slime would occasionally take a bite out of random objects. Well… it wasn’t necessarily a bite but more like it absorbing the said object in question. Though it seems like it can only swallow small objects as larger objects seem to be too much for it.

    It’s like the slime was like those storage rings from that martial arts or fantasy novels. But, well… instead, it’s a freaking slime. I wonder how much it can actually hold considering how small it is . Though it does have a cute charm like a cat or dog, just bouncing constantly.”

    Though thinking of it as a pet, it is about less than an arm’s length. It could probably fit in my arms like I was holding a cat or something.” As they were moving along, finding their way to the outside, they heard a couple of footsteps and some strange noise. The slime twisted its body, making it appear as if it was looking at Yuu, seeing what it wanted to do. Seeing this, he signaled it to follow him and they entered a room nearby with poor lighting.

    Hiding behind a somewhat broken closet, they huddled together while peering ever so slightly. He was able to see an orange light coming closer from the hallway, most likely from a lantern. He was able to see goblins that looked similar to the one he killed before, however, these goblins looked more well-fed, and not injured.

    He made sure the slime didn’t move and waited until they left. Even though he wasn’t able to understand a single thing as they made weird noises, presumably speaking an actual language, he was able to confirm that they didn't know he was there. After not being able to hear their footsteps anymore, he signaled for the slime to head out with him.

    Making sure to whisper, he asked the slime if this was the home of goblins. However, the slime looked at him with confusion, moving its head to the side like it didn’t understand. He sighed, “Seems like the slime isn’t picking up everything I say. It did the same thing for a few questions before, but it seems like it has the intelligence of an animal or something, smart for smart enough to understand things, but sitll new to concepts and terms?”

    Finally finding a bright white light, he burst into joy, almost screaming out loud. Luckily he didn’t as it could’ve alerted the goblins inside. It was clear the slime also had the same feeling and wanted to run out. It wasn’t until he called out with a rough whisper did it stop and looked back to the exit and back to him.

    “We still have to be careful, the goblins recently came in so their friends could be outside.”

    The slime didn’t make any noise and just waited for him to make the move.

    Wandering out of this cave hide-out, dungeon, or whatever it is, the area didn’t look like a battlefield or some sort of civilization or anything, it was actually just filled with greenery all around. Even the entrance was somewhat covered, making it hard to see unless you already knew that the entrance was in this area.

    “Huh, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone here- ugh, what is that smell,” looking around, he saw some blood and a bit of chunky… parts, in which he immediately looked away from, nowhere close to getting used too gore despite killing a goblin earlier.

    It wasn’t just a certain spot, a good chunk of the area a bit away from the entrance had some sort of blood or remains next to it. Getting the courage to actually look at it and examine it, it looked like there was a battle between goblins and humans, but it was not too clear as to what happened.

    “Do you have any idea where other human beings are at?” Yuu bent down, talking to the slime inspected the area. It shook its head, not knowing where any humans could have lived at.

    Surprisingly, it decided to jump on Yuu’s head and rest there. Even though he flinched, he trusted it enough that it didn’t have any ill intent on jumping on his head. Being with the slime for a small amount of time, he deduced that the slime acted more like a cat, an individual yet a pet at the same time rather than a wild beast.

    “Well, I guess we head in a random direction and try to find a path or something. By the way, can you store clothing as well and keep it maintained?” Yuu took out his suit and tie from his bag and looked for the slime’s response. It made a quiet high-pitch noise and started absorbing it.

    Even though Yuu did not know where he was, a professional modern suit will most definitely not fit in wherever he landed in. Especially since he has a better confirmation that he was in a different world, or at the very least some sort of hidden place, by the goblins and slime. If a suit existed here, that would just either defy common sense, or this civilization or place had the luck better than a god’s.

    Wearing a regular robe, he headed towards a random direction, hoping to find at least some sort of path, civilization, or just something useful.

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    Chapter 4

    “Hrm!” the slime on his head jumped up and down, strangely it didn’t feel like much other than a soft squishy blob hitting him. Without much being said, he noticed that he and the slime were slowly getting closer to each other. He didn’t trust it entirely, but he was sure the slime didn't have any ill-intention to harm him at all.

    Seeing how the slime was jumping on his head, he looked around and he was able to see something reassuring in the distance. He was able to see a road in the distance and looking where one of the directions led to, he was able to see a somewhat big wall and gate in the distance.

    This wall didn’t appear to be from a border to another region, but instead, it looked like the walls of a city. Mainly due to the fact that he was able to spot some house roofs peaking above ever so slightly. Though if there was an extra observation, it definitely had to be that the wall was damaged. There were marks, crushed stone, and other signs of battle on the wall and the surrounding area. The city did not look like it was doing well.

    Trying his best to make out what the people on the outside were doing, he could see people repairing and cleaning the wall as if a battle happened recently. While he could make out people repairing the wall, he could also see what he presumes were guards hanging around the gate, at least from the weapons in their arms.

    Even though he wasn’t close to the wall, he heard a loud shout coming from the guards next to the entrance. Even though he could hardly make out what they were doing, as they were a bit blurry due to the range, the shout appeared to be towards him.

    Besides the stereotypical format of two guards hanging around the gate, there were three guards who were next to them, heading in his direction. Among the three, the one in the front shouted, “Stand still! You are not under arrest but we must ask questions!”

    “Quick! Get in my arms, I don’t know if these people see slimes in a good or bad light, just pretend to be my pet for a moment,” Yuu hurriedly spoke towards the slime. It made a slight dissatisfied noise but jumped in his arms.

    “Huh, a slime. Usually, they’re brainless or hostile, but it seems like you found yourself a lucky one.” The guard in front spoke to him while the other two split up, covering Yuu’s side, most likely waiting to see if he would run.

    “May I ask what’s happening?”

    “Please do not be alarmed, we have recently encountered a lot of trouble with both monsters and bandits. We are under orders to obtain any information, or question anyone suspicious.”

    Almost wanted to just exhale a large breath, he asked another question, “Do I seem suspicious?”

    “Don’t talk to the captain like that,” looking to his left, a guard, seemingly female due to the armor and voice, slammed her spear on the ground.

    “Kebfa, enough. If someone questioned you, wouldn’t you be angry as well?” Facing towards Yuu, the one in the front spoke more politely compared to his comrade, “While patrolling, we noticed that you entered the path randomly. And where you came out of is usually a hot spot for bandits. While usually, it’s deeper in, which makes it hard to associate you with them, it’s still weird that you came out from there.”

    “Ah, uh I guess you can say that I’m a new explorer. To be honest, I’m new to the area and I found a cave. I wanted to see if there was someone in it or something interesting to see, but it seems empty so I wandered a bit and found this path.”

    The female guard immediately intervened, “Tsk, so another bandit then.”

    As soon as she was about to finish another voice popped up. It was the guard on his right side. Compared to the captain who seemed more gentle, this guard had a more serious tone, like he was a grandpa that you never wanted to mess with. His voice which was deep enough to cause anyone to be scared spoke up, “Kebfa, shut up, please. Sir, I may be a bit dumb but doesn’t his story seem incredibly suspicious?”

    He whipped out his sword from the sheathe and took a step back while making sure his right side and back were in his reach, closing the circle for him to run.

    Yuu couldn’t help but be scared, knowing full well that he would have trouble explaining that he woke up in a random cave and that he came from another world. Luckily the captain raised his hand, easing the deep-voiced guard.

    “Let me ask you a question, ‘explorer’. Did you happen to live somewhere completely different and woke up in a whole new world?” Hearing this, he almost flinched entirely and tried to hide any movement, but of course, the captain raised his eyebrow after seeing the slightest movement.

    “Hmm, interesting, let me ask you a few more questions…” the captain began asking a multitude of questions, like what the name of a goblin was, another monster that seemed foreign, the currency, and more.

    Trying his utmost best to lie through it like a student doing an exam, he gave out his best answers like ‘where I come from, the currency uses coins’. Of course, knowing how doomed he was, he prepared for the worst. Though funny enough, the captain started laughing.

    “Bear Bear, you know more about economy and history, I can verify how bull a lot of these are, but what about the currency.”

    The deep-voiced guard grunted, “I told you not to call me that, Sir. But yes, no surrounding countries use the type of coins he described, usually, they are physical materials or specific coins that many nations agreed upon. His claims have to be false.”

    “Then let me ask you again, did you come from a different world? It is rare but some people do come from different worlds into this one. And don’t lie, we have our ways to see if you’re telling the truth.” The captain inched closer, putting on a smile, yet this smile also contained a hostile intent.

    “Y-yes…” Yuu looked towards the ground, unconsciously clutching the soft squishy slime even harder.

    “Eh, seriously? Let me see… u-ugh he isn’t lying,” even though the female guard was wearing a helmet that covered her face, he could see a small yellow light shining from the glint of her eyes. She clicked her tongue, “He’s still suspicious though, taming a slime.”

    “I kind of want to ask him a lot of questions, I’m sure Liz will love him too.” The deep-voiced guard gave out a small chuckle which sounded a bit weird.

    “What’re we going to do with this… Crosser? Ugh what was it again,” the female guard sighed.

    “This is why your father tells you to study,” the deep-voiced guard spoke.

    “That lesson only happened for a day! History rarely has them involved anyway!” Seeing this Yuu eased slightly, but he was more confused now than ever, “Uhm…”

    “Haha, let us situate you first. I guess it’s important to actually explain what the hell is happening since everything is new. But we will still be asking you questions, especially this ‘cave’ that you said you found. Either way, let us get in and settle you down.”

    “Hrm!” the slime finally had enough and got out of his arms. Even though it didn’t have any bones, it just wanted to rest and not be squished.

    The female guard stared at it before making a hmph sound, “You really are lucky. Slimes are worthless, but a smart slime could be worth a lot of money. How the hell did you even find it?”

    “Uh, I found it in a container. It looked like whoever locked it had the intention to sell it considering how fancy the container looked. Or it was stolen… no clue.”

    “Make sure to keep it safe boy. They aren’t highly valued, but collectors will want them. And register it after we’re done with you. It’ll be a hassle for us guards and the knights if it keeps wandering without anyone being informed,” the guard with the deep-voice made a quiet yet audible comment.

    “Oi, you two! Stop slacking off, open the gates!” The captain yelled, causing one of the guards who was sleeping to immediately panic slightly.

    I guess this isn’t too bad. Hopefully, they don’t have any actual ill intentions… Or else I’m screwed. But better than surviving in the woods.” While he was thinking to himself, the gate slowly opened, revealing the simple yet wondrous city.

  • Chapter 5

    Basking in light, the city shone with a gentle wave. The wide and long stone roads allowed for the carriages, the travelers, and the citizens to walk peacefully, without care for danger. The tall and sturdy houses stood strong with their red or dark-brown roofs, showing a weird yet interesting contrast. Some were made of stone, some made of bricks, some made of wood, yet despite the difference, they all were clean, as if it was recently built.

    What shocked him the most though, was that within his sights strange creatures wandered through the street. In one direction, there was a woman with a human body at the top, yet below her waist, instead of legs she had a serpent-like body below with some weird scales slightly poking out. In another direction, there was a trio of humans but they had a fluffy tail like a fox and ears like one, and a few other small details that weren't human-like.

    To the left of him, he saw a tall ox-like creature, yet despite looking like one, it was standing on its two legs as a human would. Noticing the gaze, the ox looked at him, “May I help you, little boy?”

    “Ah, apologies Dunert, this one is new here and came from an isolated place. He was just curious,” the captain quickly apologized. 

    “No worries. It happens, especially from the small ones.” the ox gave a nod and walked away.
    Seeing how nice the captain was to it, Yuu started to worry, “Ah, did I accidentally offend someone important?” 

    “No no, he’s just a merchant, no worries. It’s just that he has a decently high reputation both in and outside the city, so while he isn’t all-powerful, I would try to be nice to him. Anyways, let’s turn right and enter the nearby station.”

    Within a building placed next to the wall’s outpost, he stared at the weapons stapled on the wall or those that laid on the tables. There were some classic common ones that he knew of like swords, axes, spears, and more, but there were a few oddities like a wooden stick with two pointy ends, like a barbeque fork, but it didn’t look dangerous at all.

    Settling down on a stool, the captain and the female guard joined him while the deep-voiced guard grabbed two books and quills, giving one to the captain.

    Grabbing the book and quill, the captain decided to start the conversation, “I guess we can start with introductions since it wouldn’t be good to leave you hanging. As you can tell from the others, I am the captain, Chrisel.”

    The deep-voiced guard spoke next, “Bedgard, Captain's assistant.”

    As the female guard was next, unlike Bedgard who kept his helmet on, not showing his face or body at all, she took hers off. Her hair weirdly had many strands of a hot bright red shade mixing with another shade of a dark, almost black color. He could also see that while she had slightly darker skin, more on the lighter side, she had small yet red scales slightly poking out on her neck.

    “Eh, what are you looking at me so intensely for!” she said in a harsh tone. 

    “Uh, I thought you looked kinda cute with the way your hair blended,” he spoke honestly, not intending for it to be a flirtatious comment, but just a general one since he usually saw these crazy colors on those younger than him, which he found cute and interesting.

    Almost turning red as her hair, she stuttered in her words, “W-what did you say dumbass!” “Kebfa, introductions.” Bedgard glared at her through his helmet.

    Taking a good second to breathe, she kept it short like Bedgard, “K-kebfa, the youngest of the group.”

    Hearing a slight giggle, Yuu looked towards Chrisel, noticing that he was laughing quietly, “Ah, if you couldn’t tell, Kebfa has a weakness to compliments. She rarely gets them but when she does she just explodes in embarrassment, haha”

    “Captain!” Kebfa’s face was like a volcano, changing from a slightly dark face to a burning red hue. This didn’t help when she saw Yuu giving her a gentle smile, she could tell that he was sort of laughing but found it enjoyable to look at.

    The reason why Yuu gave a warm smile after seeing how she acted was that it reminded him of someone back on Earth, but he quickly blocked that away since he didn’t want to be reminiscent of that now. “I’m Yuu, I don’t know where I am or anything about this world so please excuse me for my ignorance,” he took a slight bow while speaking.

    “Haha, don’t bow Yuu, no need, no need. That’s actually not a good thing to do. At least here, You’d only do it to your Master or just anyone higherup beyond your status, like a commoner and a noble. Anyway, I guess I should explain to you this world before asking you any questions.

    “Starting off with locations, the world is called Remshal, as for the kingdom that you are currently in is called Temploran, a place under the rule of Queen Elizen. As for here, this is a medium-sized city named Blarchx, it sounds weird but that’s a historical naming since this city is pretty old spanning hundreds of years.

    “There are many other kingdoms, nations, countries, and even continents out there but I will spare you a history lesson. Though if there is one thing that this world, or at least this kingdom has, it’s that it's very diverse in terms of the creatures. 

    “I could tell from your face that you have rarely seen this type of diversity? Or were there creatures and magic in your world?”

    “No, there is evidence of some creatures being intelligent, like a few birds or felines but it only extends to a certain limit, it has only been humans that have been able to achieve a high level of intelligence and civilization. Well at least, for millions of years we know for sure that it has just been us. As for magic, uh, I don’t think we do. There has never been an actual occurrence, at least that we know of where magic was being used. Though, what do you mean by magic?”

    “I think it might be better to actually show you magic then explain it,” snapping his fingers, a flame appeared out of nowhere. “Magic is a vague term, but for you think of it like defying nature. For simple magic, a flame can be created out of nowhere, what most students or recent graduates are at, they can summon a spike of ice, more advanced magic can change the gravity in a certain radius, and even the legendary magicians are able to go through space, though obviously, that is limited. 

    As for how exactly, it works, again, I’d just spare you from the lesson. Though we don’t have an exact idea of how it actually works, just theories.

    As for you. There is a rare occurrence where people from another world suddenly appear in ours. We call them Crossers. They appear at random, but sometimes we will have one appear in a year, maybe none in a couple of years, or maybe a handful in a few months, it really depends on fate I guess.

    As for how they cross, it is a complete mystery, the best guess that the best researchers have is that a small crack appears in time and space, extremely quick that an average person’s eyes wouldn’t see it, but enough to absorb someone your size in. But that’s just a theory, we really are puzzled as to why you came, so do you mind explaining as to the events that lead up to it?”

    As Yuu began explaining what happened, beginning from when he was about to leave work, when he saw the goblin, to when he entered the cave, everyone’s face slowly tensed up, no longer being relaxed.

    Despite Bedgard being the quietest in the room, he dropped his quill before speaking with haste, “Are you sure it was a goblin? And this stone, can you describe it in more detail.”

    “Yea, at least it looked similar to those goblins who wandered in the cave in this world. And for the stone… it was mixed with a blue and yellow glow, and when I touched it I woke up in a random cave.”

    The captain looked at the notebook and hesitated to write anything, “This… and you are one hundred percent sure that goblins and the like don’t exist in your world?” after getting a nod and an explanation of how they existed in fantasies and fiction, and how they were just urban legends with no proof, the captain sighed.

    “This will be a huge discovery… I need to make a report immediately after this. Let me ask you a few more questions, it may take a long time but I'll accommodate for your housing and help you get started after.”

    Not knowing how severe this situation was, Yuu complied with their questions. Without realizing it, the sun had already started to set before they even finished the talk.

  • Chapter 6

    Walking out of the building, the group of four headed towards an inn. It was slightly packed with all sorts of people. A couple of females just hanging in a group, with one gripping their sword, threatening those who stare at them, another group of men and women who were getting drunk, and much more. 

    “Oi, the captain’s here!” “Shut up you imbecile, don’t you know to be quiet in front of him,” one after another many people slowly went quiet as whispers passed around. “Who is he, boss?” “Dummy, I’ll tell you later, just don’t talk for now and drink quietly.”

    “Chrisel, you sure are popular huh…” Yuu commented on seeing how silent and dead the inn is.

    The captain sighed and spoke up in the inn, “No need to worry about me being here. Even if you yell and scream with joy, as long as no crimes are being committed, just do what you want.”

    Despite these words, only a few dared to actually talk to their companions or friends, but they just did it in a light voice, not daring to speak too loud. If no one dared to talk loudly, no one else would follow.

    Seeing how Yuu was confused on why the captain was so feared, Kebfa told him in a low voice, “Captain comes from a high-ranked noble family and they recently had a situation where they decapitated a lot of people, hence why people are fearing him, not due to Captain being scary, but his family.”

    “Hmm, I can’t imagine Chrisel being scary, he’s too much of a nice old man.”

    “O-old man…” Chrisel almost fell down after hearing that. Little did Yuu know, age was one of the things that picked on him, like a lady who never wants to tell their age.

    Almost losing his balance, he coughed, “Anyways let’s depart. You can stay here for a few days. Ask the innkeeper for direction and make sure to use the map. Since you can’t read and write just leave it to someone at the desk. Make sure to stay here, we don’t know if we will need you for getting the bandits, depending on if our troops can actually find it.”

    Just as Chrisel was leaving he reminded Yuu, “Make sure to register your slime too, and give it a name.”

    Seeing the three leave he went towards the innkeeper and asked for a room. Seeing how he was close to the captain, the innkeeper replied enthusiastically, even giving him a slight discount if he stayed for a couple of weeks. Knowing he wasn’t going to be owning a house anytime soon, he nodded and gave him a slightly oval-shaped coin. 

    The oval coin was the general currency used in the kingdom and in most territories on this continent. He obtained a decently large bag of them, enough to last a few months if he lived frugally, according to Chrisel. This made the people around eye him but they took no action due to his relationship with the captain. 

    Walking up to his room, he stretched and pondered on what happened. Even though he was mostly calm through the day, in reality, he was scared, nervous, and weirdly excited. A new world where all his acquaintances, friends, family, and more are all gone. At least according to Chrisel and Bedgard, there were no cases of a Crosser returning. At least no known ones.

    Besides missing everyone back on Earth, there is a whole new aspect of going into a new world, no internet, no phones, nothing... They informed me of the technology here and it seems like a mix of old castles and dragons but due to the help of magic, they were able to develop a crappy yet usable fridge, better farming technology, and much more.

    Though at least we Crosser’s are somehow giving an ability to communicate with other beings, specifically the common tongue that most speak in. Feels like an Isekai novel but without an old wrinkle or hot goddess meeting with me. Though it doesn’t seem like we get any special powers at all, our talent is just like everyone else, but we just have more knowledge on technology and other aspects of life.

    While he was thinking and sighing due to his situation, he felt a nudge. Looking down he saw the slime staring at him. He realized that he was just standing there with a blank dead face. Settling the slime down, he sat on the bed, feeling for how it would be. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t feel great, causing his back to slightly ache as it only felt slightly more comfortable than sleeping on the floor.

    Not wanting to sleep now, he got up and stared at the slime, “Hey, what do you want to be called?”

    The slime turned its jelly head to the side like a dog, showing confusion. “Everyone has a name to identify themself, so… Bebe? Ow-” he felt the slime hit his leg, which made his leg feel a bit of pain despite the slime’s squishy body. 

    “Debby, ow- Larry, ow- Lucky! Ow-” As he named suggestions, he kept getting hit. While the slime didn’t seem to fully understand the concept of names, it certainly didn’t like the ones being given. 

    “Fine fine, let’s try a more feminine name, “Leah.” The slime didn’t hit him but instead stayed still. “Seriously… Bob- ow, ok ok!” Yuu rubbed his leg, feeling an intense stare from the slime.

    “So, does Leah fit?” “Hrm!” It jumped while making a cute noise. “Alright! No more getting hit- I mean, let’s register it tomorrow. Mind as well head towards the guild and see what’s up.”

    As he finished anything he had to unpack and settle, he laid on the bed, feeling his bones pressing against the hard cold blankets while his eyes stared at the dim ceiling, where a bit of light seeped in from the windows due to the setting sun and the lights coming from the travelers outside. 

    He saw the slime lay next to him, melting in the process. Thinking about it, the slime felt like a cat but… a slime and more sentient since it can respond to him. He didn’t know whether to see it as a pet or companion, though probably the latter.

    As the moon shone in the breezing city, it slowly descended before the warmth of the sun shined on the world. Waking up and getting ready, he picked up the sleeping slime and ate before opening the map he was given before heading to the guild.

    Upon entering, he saw a scenario that he had always imagined. A big hall with many fierce adventurers, counters with female workers helping and dealing with tasks, tables where many sat and chatted, and many other stereotypical aspects that appeared in novels and shows.

    “Hello, how may I help you?” The employee gave out a gentle smile.

    Bringing down Leah from his head, he held it in his arms, “I was told to register my slime here and that I should apply as an adventurer while I do it.”

    “Okay, hold on, let me bring out some paperwork,” getting up from her desk and grabbing some papers, she asked him a question before placing the papers on the counter, “Do you know how to read or write? I could just write it down for you if you do not.”

    Telling her how he did not, the employee began explaining to him the procedure to register Leah and what he needed to know. After spending a good amount of time jotting down information, she grabbed a weirdly shaped stamp and plopped it on the paper before giving it to a male coworker. 

    Grabbing a shorter, and lesser-quality paper, she started to ask him questions regarding his experiences and abilities. “How well can you fight and what monsters have you hunted?”

    “Uh… I’ve killed a goblin before, but it was injured. Truthfully, my combat experience is not too good,” he wryly smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed telling her this, but lying wouldn’t do much since he most likely would’ve been tested.

    “What about Alchemy, knowing about a vast amount of plant-life, ore, being an explorer or any other profession or skill?” 


    “So… what can you do? And who recommended you?”

    “I can’t really do much,” leaning in closer, he lowered his voice, “to tell you the truth, I'm a Crosser, and I was recommended by Chrisel, Kebfa, and Bedgard.” Even though being a Crosser didn’t make one a saint or the devil, nor did most people care besides hearing the stories of the Crosser, it was a really rare title, making it give someone unnecessary attention.

    Pausing for a few seconds, she dragged out a heavy tablet, making her huff as she was almost out of breath, an obvious tell that she rarely took this tablet out. “Could you place your hand on here and say that again. We don’t have a magician available to tell if you’re telling the truth so we have to use this old tablet.”

    Repeating the same words he said before, the tablet did not show any signs of activity, causing the woman behind the counter to be shocked. “I really didn’t expect that even though you told me. Even though I have to tell the higher-ups, I can help make it a more secretive information, so no worries about that. Might help stave away unwanted attention and creeps. Anyways, I’ll help register you for some classes to start you off, though it will cost money if you have any.”

  • Chapter 7

    Handing over some silver coins without any thought, the woman began explaining more about the classes. “These will help you get started. Usually, these are taken by young kids or young adults, but you’ll fit in since some older men do take the classes. The main classes you want to pay attention to the most are combat and profession. There are strong adventurers with no secondary skill, but it’s a nice safety net to have.”

    Pulling out a couple of papers with many diagrams, she laid it out on the table, “I’ll briefly run through the way the guild works. This is the FeatherBright Guild. One of the few guilds in Temploran. While there are other guilds, we transfer information, events, and other things with other major guilds across countries, so no worries about being forced to register once more unless you’re going to a different continent.

    All adventures start off at G-rank. It goes up the alphabet to A, after that there are the special ranks, but you don’t have to worry about that. Even seeing a public event related to that level is really rare unless it’s a major emergency.

    Each rank provides different benefits and accessibilities. One of the main ones being access to different quests, systems, and much more. A side bonus is that your reputation and respect are followed along. Even a slave, recently turned free, who is let’s say a B-rank can meet with a noble, and even the nobles will have to give a respectful and kind tone to them.

    While fighting is not the main way to advance in rank, it is the most popular way. Even scholars will have to learn how to fight and develop their path through it. However, there are extremely rare cases where there are high-ranked adventures who despite being much weaker than the average in their rank, got there due to achievement and the skills they’ve shown.

    As for how to specifically meet the goal to rank up, it mostly has to do with achievement. Even a newbie can climb the ranks fast if they show enough progress or achievement. Anyways, after you got the basics of combat down, try out some G-rank quests, and if you are daring F-rank quests. Well.. Don’t actually, we got too many cocky adventurers who do that and get killed.”

    Saying his goodbyes, he dragged Leah through a couple of streets before finding a large open field. Ironically, the first class that was available opened in one hour, and it was the one that the woman recommended, combat basics. 

    “Oi, are you the newbie that’s recently registered?” A muscular man walked over to him, presumably the instructor as there were a lot of tables with weapons laid out on the field and dummies set up. 

    “Ah, for the combat basics, yes. How did you get the information so quickly? I just left the guild a few minutes ago,” he said, curious as to how information traveled despite there being no phones.

    The instructor pulled out a weird device with a stone in the middle, “All guilds, and even the army and guards carry these devices. The one that I’m using has a small range but enough to have the guild send information over here. Though these are just a puny device, the big bad boys are heavily guarded but can reach over to another country!”

    Even though the woman from the guild talked a lot, the muscular man talked a ton not out of work, but enjoyment. “Ah, where’re my manners. My name is Jebon, the instructor for the Combat Basic course. You’re pretty early, but either way, since you do seem to be older than the other young students, how about I test you out and get you started?”

    Checking if he had any experiences using any weapons, and quickly testing out his physical abilities, Jebon quickly realized how behind Yuu was and how much help he needed.

    “I guess before we even start to pick out a routine, let’s pick a weapon. Out of the many weapons laid out, which one do you like the most? There’s no harm in switching later, but you should pick one you genuinely like and are willing to practice with.”

    Looking around the tables, he saw a variety of weapons. Swords, bows, spears, axes, daggers, and much more. However, one that stood out to him was a scythe that looked like it could break at any moment. It had a wooden handle that looked like it was starting to rot, and the actual blade had stains on it as if no one cleaned it properly in years.

    “Huh, has that caught your attention? Sadly there are hardly any Scythe users in the world. It just isn’t a popular thing like those who use hammers in battle. Rare, but when used right it can be deadly.”

    Grabbing it, it felt oddly light yet his balance felt a bit shifted. Unlike a spear where it just had a pointy tip, a scythe had a long blade at the opposite end of where someone would hold it, making it feel a bit off-putting.

    “Lucky for you, as someone with years of experience, I actually do know how to use a scythe, at least enough to help you get started. When you progress, later on, you will have to find your own teacher or make your own techniques as rarely anyone uses it, but for now, let’s get started! Also for your slime, I’d suggest having it trying out attacks on the dummy. Doesn’t seem like it’s a stupid fellow, so have it learn how to attack.”

    Passing the scythe to Jebon, he showed him the basic forms and the ways to properly wield and attack. He had Yuu continuously practice swinging in the air a certain way to help get him used to actually holding it. Even though Yuu held the scythe with ease when he picked it up, he started to realize truly how weak his muscles were.

    Even though it felt like a bit of time, he fell on his bottom, relaxing his hands while taking big breaths. He saw a couple of people entering the field, five to be exact. Three of which were young males, another an older lady, enough to be someone’s mother, and lastly, a young girl who just appeared to have turned into an adult.

    “Hey Teach! How ye doing?” one of the teenagers shouted. 

    “Eh, who’s he? New student eh?” the second of the three shouted.

    “A scythe? Huh, seriously?” the third said in a calmer yet slightly demeaning voice.

    The instructor grabbed two swords and a bow and threw it at the three. They’ve clearly been here for a good amount of time. Even though Jebon was usually calm, with the three he spoke to them in a more authoritative way, “you three, go swing or shoot a hundred times before I start teaching you three,” he pointed to a certain area of the field. He turned to the older lady and the young woman and smiled, “hello you two. Come join Yuu in working out, I'll help you two soon.”

    Seeing Jebon coming back, Yuu made a slight comment, “You seem really harsh on those three.”

    Hearing that, Jebon smiled at the three practicing as a unit, “I knew them since they were babies. They have average talent, yet they have a promising future. Well, at least enough to be the talk of the city one day. 

    “Two of them, I promised their mother to teach them long ago and the two brats begged me to teach the other one. Even though the three aren’t blood-related, they make a fine team. Though I hope you don’t mind their words Yuu, they’re brats, but good ones at the very least.”

    “No worries, I had to deal with people like that all the time. Some truly meant their words, while others didn’t. But I could tell they didn’t, they just need a slight push or kindness brought to them sometimes,” despite swinging the scythe, he smiled at the thought of his friends from back home.

    While he was swinging, he heard a slight cough. Looking over, he saw Jebon staring around his waist. He realized that his form was wobbly, and adjusted himself while receiving a slight caution, “Either way, don’t get too distracted. Distraction in a battle means nothing but death. However… you are right. Sometimes I feel like beating the three of them up, but I treat them like my own children too much.”

    “You also need to do a lot of exercising, so after doing about a hundred swings, instead of working on your arms, work out your legs. I’ll give you a copy of a manual I have regarding scythe techniques, which should be useful in the future. You don’t have to learn them now but hurry and learn how to read so you can get started on them.”

    Stopping the scythe, he stretched his body before asking Jebon, “Can’t you just teach the techniques to me?” 

    “I can, but only a small chunk of it. The manual gets quite advanced and I think it’ll be more beneficial if you yourself actually took the initiative to learn it instead of hearing it from someone who barely knows how to use a scythe-like a professional.”

    “Ah, okay. Though thank you anyways, learning from you is better than nothing or from someone else,” he said while smiling.

    Letting out a small laugh, Jebon waved at Yuu while walking towards the other two females.

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    Chapter 8

    Even though basic combat only happened twice a week, the field was open for anyone to use. At least the section owned by the guild. Yuu made a note in his mind to come back to the field to practice at least five days a week.

    Before he could start practicing, he went searching through blacksmiths and weapon stores, and he was finally able to find a few that actually had scythes in them that either wasn't extremely expensive or too unfitting. Even finding a scythe meant for beginners, he kept encountering troubles such as money, commission time, and even usage as some were meant for farming and not combat as the blade and placement were different.

    It seems like scythe users were such a rarity that few blacksmiths he encountered have made only a few through their entire lifetimes working. This also applied to some store owners, having never selling one meant for battle. 

    Regardless, he was determined to at least be able to fight against goblins with ease using a scythe compared to any other weapon. He didn’t know whether he wanted to be serious about hunting, but he sure wanted to be strong enough to protect himself.

    During the class, he did try swinging with a sword, spear, and even tried using a bow, however, they just did not click with him. While they were usable and seemingly more efficient due to the teachings, resources, and other factors that could be given or recommended, it didn't bring a flame to his heart.

    Though either way, whether the choice was right or not, he had Leah to help him. Earlier, he had asked Jebon and went into the information center managed by the guild, he discovered more information regarding slimes.

    Like in a typical RPG, slime's were regarded as one of the most useless creatures to exist. Being one of the things adventurers seek out to kill when they start out.

    To begin with, a slime's only common way of attacking was just through brute force, slamming into their enemy. While their bodies were a bit acidic to absorb things, it took too much time to be effective. As for their strength, like Leah’s, their bodies were almost gelatin-like, at most, giving a regular adult human a sting. While they could potentially threaten a newbie, either if the adventurer was asleep or it was a group of slimes, their threat level was non-existent to even civilians.

    Yet, even so, the slime’s had a weird thing that allowed them to be laughed at but feared. It was that they have unlimited potential, at least that anyone knows of. This world seemed to follow the same principle as Earth. It takes time for things to evolve. Granted it seems to progress faster with mana, it was still slow. Yet a slime experienced multiple changes, and sometimes these changes were rapid.

    They are one of the few creatures that have the ability to change their structure and body, slowly gain strength in different areas, and there have been legends of them even wrecking kingdoms or turning into a humanoid figure, bringing blessings or destruction. Even though those are mere fairy tales told to children, there is evidence it had happened, and there are even a few slimes that exist to this day where even the strongest knight won’t dare to challenge it without preparation.

    According to public knowledge, one of the few yet powerful slimes lives all the way up north, where snow falls down most of the year. The slime had apparently changed their sex to female, since they’re born without one, choosing it later in their life, and took on a humanoid form. She had severely injured groups of adventurers at and above A rank, even killing a small few, scaring everyone off. Luckily, the woman did not wreak havoc to bystanders but to those that meant ill will.

    Despite slimes having the potential to become incredibly powerful, almost all of them never become strong, becoming a large gamble to assets if people choose to raise them. However, every now and then, slimes with more unique traits will appear, sparking controversy. Leah is a prime example of this, as traits such as intelligence and absorption, or to be more specific, storage, was shown. Someone can walk through many kingdoms and maybe have a chance to get to see one with intelligence.

    While they are not sought after too much, even nobles and sometimes royalty will adopt them. But according to Joben and the informants, there is no method to raising a slime “properly” and get it to grow stronger. While potentially high in price for buyers, even thieves will sometimes ignore them due to the value being too risky or difficult to sell.

    When talking to Jebon earlier, he did make a comment that Leah is a rare and unique case even amongst the special slimes. While she had intelligence, which in it itself is already rare, she could also store things in her small body.” While there were slimes that had abnormal absorbing talents, highly sought after due to it being potentially useful even for something like cleaning, one that could absorb and actually store things, was nearly unheard of.

    Despite having no idea how that worked, he cautioned Yuu to keep this a secret as much as possible, with only intelligence being the thing he should share if needed. 

    Walking back to his inn with his newly bought scythe, Yuu held Leah in his arms while thinking to himself, “Luckily Jebon said that he will try and temper with her strength as he’s also curious about her limits and wants to train her with me. Though I’m more curious about what Leah’s going to change too in the future.


    With the moon high in the sky starting to slump it’s body ever so slowly, the sun rose, dominating it. The days cycled, and as Yuu opened his eyes, staring at the cold wooden ceiling, he slowly thought to himself, “today’s the sixth day that I have arrived here…”

    Even though he had Leah, talked with some of the people here, and even talked to a few G-ranked adventurers, he still felt lonely. He knew it would go away at some point, but right now, all he could do was sigh and actually be productive instead of staring blankly at the ceiling. 

    Throughout the three days that he had been through, besides the slowly nauseous feeling that has been seeping into him, he took a few other classes, specifically Reading and Writing, History, Plant and Animal Species, and Basic Magic.

    Not even mentioning the first two, as it was an incredibly hard challenge, even making the instructors pity him, he was able to get a firm grasp of the Plant and Animal Species class. What shocked him the most was that there were a few creatures that existed on both this world and Earth. Goblins, slimes, minotaurs, and even dragons, existed in this world. There were other creatures too, but there wasn’t a lot. 

    This made him have a thought when he was in class earlier, “Does this mean that Crossers came back to earth, or did beings here traverse to Earth-like that goblin? Though there really is no good evidence of monsters crossing over, at most it’s just questionable videos.” Whatever the case is, it was reassuring that there is hope to get back, but this still mystified him.

    Besides the whole situation with the Plant and Animal Species class, the Basic Magic class went oddly well but a bit depressing as well. When someone learns magic for the first time, they will take a small test which helps find which basic form of magic they work best in. Just like in physical combat, someone could be talented in swords, spears, and other weapons. For magic, people can be more talented in more destructive magic, healing, summoning and control, and many other forms. 

    Even though the test didn’t give an idea of every attribute, it did at least give the very basics. There was also a side bonus of the test figuring out the current mana capacity someone has. While people could not store mana in their body necessarily, they had to work to expand the amount they could use during the moment.

    Yuu managed to score a high mana capacity for a beginner, however, he only had a slight advantage when it came to magic that was targeted towards healing. Everything else that the test could determine was mediocre or below a recommended range. This wasn’t bad, but it meant he would have a rougher start, especially since he didn’t start training early in his life.

  • Chapter 9

    While having a high mana capacity made things a bit reassuring since he had to spend a bit less time to actually expand his mana. Though in this world, expanding mana could either be physical or mental. While people generally think of magic as for magicians, in fact, knights, hunters, and other people who use weapons also use mana in clever ways to enhance their strength.

    A knight enhanced their body and figured out ways to incorporate it into their sword. Hunters figured out ways to expand their mana to discover enemies, quiet their footstep and presence, and discover ways to turn arrows into bullets. Magicians studied and researched ways to manipulate the area around them, creating things from the resources around them.

    There were many different examples, but at the end of the day, mana was important, at least for those who want to actually fight or do something that requires a lot of power.

    Even though the instructor said that his talents weren’t bad and that most people either have mediocre or below the recommended range, it was still possible for him to become a magician. The instructor specifically recommended healing. Though if there was a reassuring fact, it was that the tests the instructor and everyone else conducts are very limited. At least towards rare affinities.

    There have been cases where adventurers discover later on in life that they have an affinity for something rare like gravity, terraforming, or any other bizarre yet useful magic that is either rarely researched or seen. So Yuu was kind of hoping that that was the case, but he decided to suck it up since it wasn’t likely that he did. 

    He could still become a destructive mage, with but a thought destroying the mountain and seas like in the fantasy shows, summoning entire meteors down or something. But considering the fact that he was in his twenties, and recently arrived in the kingdom of Temploran, he didn’t have much time compared to someone younger who wasn’t even in their teens.

    He listened to his instructor and practiced both controlling mana and the most basic healing spell. Even though right now he couldn’t heal anything at all, it is said that some of the best magicians who specialize in that field have been able to restore limbs and even helped people fight others like madmen, having no worry about their bodies as they were constantly healed in battle.

    With practicing magic, literature, and knowledge of species, through the three days, he also kept on working on his skills with the scythe. Compared to the sore arms he had on the first few days, even though he felt unbalanced and got tired somewhat quickly, he felt much more comfortable at wielding it.

    With it becoming the sixth day of being in the kingdom of Temploran, he decided that it was finally time to actually take on a quest. The quest system worked like how it would in any typical RPG, the person would head into the guild and pick out a request, there would be an objective, the adventurer would complete it and get paid.

    Like any typical low-ranked adventurers, those starting out at G-rank did not have anything exciting to do. The most difficult quest at G-rank was clearing out some slimes, wild animals, or rarely a goblin. 

    Wanting to be on the safer side of things, Yuu picked out a quest to collect herbs for a nearby village. Normally this would've been done by the villagers themselves, but apparently, they got raided recently by a group of goblins, still trying to recover. 

    Luckily, even though the place he had to head towards was a village and a dense forest nearby it, it was pretty close to the kingdom, just an hour or two away by walking. Despite the village being close and getting raided, nothing was done to help them besides sending a few E-ranked adventurers to check out and eliminate the group of goblins.

    Finishing up preparations, he checked to make sure he had a good amount of supplies to venture out, even if it was only for the day. Though the only thing he actually carried was a bag of food. All of the essentials were given to Leah as she seemed to have a near-infinite space for storage, though it wasn’t like he had a mansion of things to keep to test the limits. As for the food, the only reason why he didn’t give her the bag of food was that sometimes she would actually eat it, becoming a problem since he didn’t know how much self-control Leah had to keep a good supply for later.

    Showing his adventure card to the guards at the gate, he quickly left, heading towards the direction of the village.


    Taking a detour off the main road, he entered a forest nearby the village, which was the area that he was told to go towards. Even though it was close to the village, the further one went into the forest, the more likely they would encounter wild animals, or even goblins and slimes, which is why they decided not to enter since they usually went in groups.

    Leah hopped off his head, landing on the ground, and started looking around and getting close to the plants. He had given her an idea of what they were like, so the two split up but stayed in a distance where they could see each other. 

    Grabbing a basket wrapped on his backpack, he quickly spotted a few stems and gently plucked them. According to the quest he received, he needed to fill the basket a good amount in order to complete the quest as the villagers needed a decent size. Though even though he found a few stems already, according to the information he acquired, some of the herbs that were requested appeared a bit deeper in, so he only spent a bit of time before moving on with Leah.

    While some of the herbs he needed to collect were slightly common, a few on the list were a bit more uncommon and were not worth it for the average person to gather and sell which was why the village even placed a quest in the first place.

    Having little to no events taking place, with them only spotting a boar in the distance, going around it, he decided to sit down next to a river. It’s been an hour since he started collecting and only got the basket halfway full. 

    Eating a piece of stale bread, he stared at the river and the trees that loomed behind it. The river wasn’t large but it carried a strong force. A few leaves were falling towards the river and as soon as it touched the surface, the gentle swaying of the leaves quickly got pulled and roped down to wherever the river led to. Yet despite the strong currents, it didn’t make much noise and sounded a bit relaxing. 

    The water was clean, almost allowing him to see through it, the rocks had a nice smooth texture on them, pleasant to the eyes while not allowing the bright sun to shine down on it and reflect its cursed rays while the bushy trees swayed in a harmonious manner as the wind brushed his face.

    Looking at Leah, she was nomming on a piece of the bread he had, seemingly enjoying the scene as well. But when he looked behind her, in the distance he saw two blobs and a small humanoid figure approaching. From what he could see, there were two slimes, and what appeared to be a young goblin. It was definitely smaller than what he had seen before, so he assumed the goblin was much younger than the others.

    “Leah, get ready, we have company.” He pulled his scythe from his back and got into a stance. Leah placed the bread down and got ready. Even though he and Leah barely had any combat experience, within the five days that they trained, they at least had an idea of what to do.

    Noticing the two, the goblin grabbed a sharp wooden dagger from his waist and shouted while charging. The slimes behind it followed as well. Even though slimes mostly had little intelligence, if trained and rarely, if bound with a contract, it could eventually learn how to do something. Goblins would generally leave a few with their young ones to have something support them in case something happened.

    While the two slimes weren’t necessarily a threat, they were a great hindrance. Since he didn’t have any experience he had to be careful even if the goblin was most likely a kid.

  • Chapter 10

    Even the simplest of creatures could still end one’s life if not careful. It was why G-rank was considered an inexperienced rank. Even if an F-rank sucked at combat, they had enough skills to actually defend themselves against a young goblin or a group of slimes as they had already encountered such scenarios many times before. 

    Yet there were actually G-rank adventurers who had fallen due to their carelessness of a mere goblin or group of slimes. Some even got injured or worn out due to wild animals if they weren’t careful.

    Going back into the combat, as the goblin came closer Yuu slashed the area in front of him, causing the goblin to jump back before it could get hit. Preparing to strike again, he got closer, sprinting a few steps forward before slicing the air in front of him. But before he could, the goblin quickly placed its hand on the ground before tossing out a large amount of dirt, making it difficult to see. Deciding to swing anyways, he felt his scythe hit nothing and as soon as he was going to retreat, he felt a small rock hit him on the head.

    Trying to ignore the pain, he saw the goblin next to him on his left side. Seeing that the goblin was about to stab, he barely managed to dodge as the sharp wooden dagger that the goblin wielded lightly grazed his clothing. He looked in shock as the weapon simply looked like a pointy, easily broken twig, yet it actually grazed his clothing, causing a small yet barely noticeable slice on his shirt. He backed away as much as possible and made sure he was stable and away from the goblin.

    On Leah’s side, she had already taken out one of the slimes. Under Jebon’s guidance, she slowly learned how to take things out of her body while attacking. However, the best she could do was summon a weapon and drop it on whatever was in front of her. Luckily the slimes in front of her weren't as smart as her as she let one of them charge at her before pulling out a sword that was facing towards them. Causing one of the slimes to receive a cut.

    This obviously wasn’t enough to actually kill the slime, but it did halt it enough for her to pull out a spear and push it with her body, heading deep into its jelly-like body, the slime most likely died, or at the very least it wouldn’t be able to move freely. However, now she had to deal with the other one. 

    When she finished her attacks, she was knocked near the river by the other slime. The same method most likely wouldn’t work but she did it anyway. But even so, the slime walked around it and charged forward. Even a young wild animal would realize that it wasn’t safe to just go toward a sharp object.

    Being cornered, she had no choice but to dodge as the slime had no desire to stop. As soon as the slime did stop as it was nearing the river, Leah hurried and pushed it against the river, both trying to push one another. A squishy noise was heard as a small dagger was placed slightly above the slime, piercing its body. 

    While slimes were not very smart, they still felt pain and exhaustion to an extent. Having less strength, it felt its soft body collide with the water, slowly descending before finally being swayed by the water. Even though it was just on the edge to not be sent at the speed of light, it did go down a good distance, far away from the group.

    While Leah had that moment, Yuu charged once more, preparing to swing but being careful in case the goblin did a feint once more. The goblin charged towards him as well, once again reaching towards the ground and throwing a chunk of dirt at him. 

    Knowing what was going to happen next, he decided to take a slightly risky move since he didn’t have the agility to suddenly move away or the perception to see through the dust. He closed his eyes and lowered his body slightly before taking a big swing around him. If there was one benefit of a scythe, it was targeting the area with range and strength.

    “Gah!” the goblin let out a shriek as it felt a cut on its chest. Even though it wasn’t deep, it was still a painful cut. If it had been on its arm he would’ve felt his strength slightly sap away since the cut was big enough to cause some blood to flow out. 

    Deciding to book it as it was not worth dying to kill him, the goblin started to run away. But before it could get far, it fell down, not realizing that there was a spear underneath him. Before it could get up and sprint, it felt a sharp pain through its back and fell down, staring at the gentle and quiet river flowing. Its final sight was one of rest.

    Yuu had quickly struck the back of the goblin as soon as it fell, not allowing it to run away. He pulled the scythe out and quickly looked away while trying to give a thumbs up to Leah for managing to place the spear in a really good spot.

    Even though he had killed a goblin before, it still was not a beautiful sight to him, just seeing blood with the first slice was still gruesome to him. Taking a breather, he gulped before grasping the upper body of the scythe before slicing the right ear off. While adventurers did have quests, one of the other ways to make money was to sell off materials from creatures. Obviously, an ear wouldn’t sell at all, it was a way for the guild to know that he did more work and would receive a small extra payment from the guild or village. 

    As for the part that would sell, it would be an organ that would sell for a good amount of money. He heard that it was generally used for alchemy, but he didn’t want to know at this moment. After taking who knows long, he finally got it and cleaned it before placing it in a pouch. All adventurers had to dissect things, especially if they hunted, but Yuu just could not understand how people did it as it was just incredibly disgusting. 

    Dealing with the body and the slimes, he took a small break before continuing to gather herbs, wanting to just finish, go home, and sleep. Though he wasn’t necessarily in a bad mood as he finally got real combat experience from this quest.

    Death was going to happen, he knew it himself. This obviously wasn’t his first kill, but he still wasn’t used to it. “It’s easier said than done. If this frightens me… then what if I have to actually kill a human?” Trying to clear his mind, he kept gathering herbs until it was slightly over the required amount. 

    Taking his time to walk towards the village with Leah, he saw an old man in plain clothing talking with two females, presumably adventurers. “Are you sure it’s fine? What if…” “Old man, I told you already, it’s just a baby. And even if we kill the young one, more goblins will appear. If you’re really scared, I'd just prepare escape routes, and make sure the elderly and children are safe. Don’t you know about the recent events?”

    “Jane, don’t be too rude. He’s just being cautious, hmm?” the adventurer on the side looked to the left and saw a man with a slime on his head coming towards them.

    Seeing how they noticed him, Yuu quickly apologized, “My bad, I didn’t mean to interrupt you two. I was trying to look for the village head.”

    The old man raised his hand, “That would be me, young man. May I know how I can help you?” 

    Explaining the quest he accepted, the old man made an “Ah” sound, “Thank you, thank you, I’ll submit a confirmation later today,” grabbing the basket he looked at the herbs, “these are pretty nice, it will help the other villagers.”

    “Oh, I also heard your conversation about a goblin. I killed a goblin while looking in the forest, it seemed like it was young and had two slimes beside it.”

    The female adventurer in front spoke out, “Huh, what a surprise. Then, old man, you’re safe for now. Though I would still make some plans in case it gets worse. Worst-case scenario, send the children to stay in the city temporarily.”

    “Thank you three! I’ll put in a bit of extra money as a tip, our village may not be wealthy, but I’d pay to keep our village safe.” 

    “No need, no need! I’d rather the money be used to help the village.”

    “Are you sure? I don’t know how to repay you, especially since this was a G-rank quest meant for beginners, having to deal with a goblin must have been dangerous.”

    The woman in the back quickly spoke up, “Eh, wait when did you join the guild?”

    “It’s been five days when I joined, why?” Both Yuu and Leah slightly tilted their heads. Well, more figuratively for Leah.

    She stayed silent for a quick second before speaking, “Nothing, just a surprising thing to see. Most adventurers usually take a good amount of time before killing or at least have someone supervise them. Good job.”

    The two females said a few words with the old man before leaving. Yuu did the same, telling the village head where he saw the goblin, just so they could be cautious before leaving.

  • Chapter 11

    “Eh!” The same receptionist at the guild building was checking off Yuu’s quest, surprised at what she heard. On his very first quest, he had actually killed a goblin and two slimes! 

    Showing her the proof, she sighed, and the way she saw him changed. Every now and then she would see people like this, who would take their first few quests and just kill something above their expectations. But usually, these people already trained for a couple of years or just had experience in general. It was rare to find adventurers who join with absolutely no combat experience or any skill in other professions, especially since he is a Crosser.

    Yet his first battle, he ended up killing a goblin and two slimes. To specify, this was his fifth day of actual training or his sixth day of just being in this world, he was already killing a monster that would usually be the bane of some beginners.

    Even though at the end of the day, this really wasn’t an impressive feat that deserved years of praise, it was still a decent sign that he would progress faster than the average, or at the very least, she was hopeful of this being the case.

    “Uh, miss…”

    “Caryne, just call me Caryne.” 

    “Caryne, I have a question, can I take on multiple quests?”

    “Theoretically yes. But it isn’t recommended. We place penalties on those who can’t complete the quests since it harms our reputation and the person who made the quests trust. Especially since technically anyone who isn’t known to do misdeeds or heavily wanted can just join almost any guilds.”

    Putting away the goblin ear that she was given, she stored the quest’s paper, “when we receive the confirmation you can come to pick the money up. It will probably be here by later tonight so just come in tomorrow. Also when you see Jebon, tell him what you did during your quest so he doesn’t waste your time since you finally got experience in killing already.”

    Walking out of the guild, Yuu stretched his arms, looking at the sun slowly descend the skies. Still shining bright yet showing its heart slowly fade away. Heading towards the inn, he ordered a cheap steak and some soup for Leah. 

    “Ey, boy, it seems like you use the scythe!” an older man who was showing signs of grey hair spoke to him.

    Placing his fork down, he looked over to a table near him, the man was eating alone, striking a conversation, most likely just wanting to chat, “Yup! I’m new to this though, but I have to say that I’m having fun.”

    “I remember seeing a scythe user two decades ago, my memories are fogged but it was an experience, taking down a few adult wyverns with nothing but a few attacks. Seeing that scythe really reminded me of that time.”

    Seeing the man give a gentle smile, not at him, but at the memories, he couldn’t help but wonder, “do you happen to know who it was specifically?”

    “Hmm… not a clue honestly. The well-known users definitely didn’t match that person’s description but it has been a long time. But if there was one thing I remember, after each attack, he would use it differently.”

    “Using a scythe differently?” 

    The man nods his head while pondering, “I may not be a senile old man, but it has been too long boy. Though I guess it’s like how you can do many things with a single item. Like an arrow can be used to shoot, but you can also use it to stab if you don’t have a knife. Or something like that I guess.”

    “Huh... “ even though he hasn’t been using the scythe for long, this did make him ponder. It was similar to Leah’s fight earlier, using her storage to store things, but also to attack and trap. Though he still hasn't grasped the basics too much. Even using the scythe earlier against the goblin made his wrist feel a bit sore. 

    Talking with the man more, he learned that his name was Jefon, similar to Jebon, but he said it in a more different accent. Which also reminded him of what Chrisel told him. Crossers, while somehow knowing the common language, didn’t transfer perfectly. 

    When he spoke, he had to constantly be careful of his tone and grammar as it worked a bit like a translation tool. A native of the other language could understand it, but not perfectly, and the same applied to his accent. 

    Though regardless, he enjoyed the conversation as it was a nice way to end a day. After he finished eating, he dragged Leah up and washed their bodies before heading to sleep.


    On the very next day, he woke up to a knock. He rubbed his eyes still trying to actually sit up without wobbling as his mind was still tired. “The innkeeper said he would never really knock unless it was urgent. And strangers don’t really do it as well since only those who actually rented a room can get up…” 

    Taking a minute to actually make himself look presentable and for his eyes to see more clearly instead of the blurry sight of the mornings, another knock sounded out. He quickly wobbled to the door and opened it. 

    As soon as the doors were opened, he saw a familiar trio in front of him, Chrisel, Bedgard, and Kebfa.

    Seeing that they were here, he mentally slapped himself to wake up. Chrisel spoke up first before Yuu had the chance, “Good morning Yuu! I know it’s early in the morning but we need your help. Though I guess we should let you situate yourself.”

    After getting himself ready, Yuu got his scythe and bag with him before hearing a comment, “A scythe huh… an interesting weapon indeed. It’s like seeing those who use canes instead of spears or similar poles like weapons,” Bedgard made a casual comment while resting his back against the wall, shaking the room a bit with his deep voice while staying mysterious as Yuu had never seen his face or even his body before.

    Seeing Yuu ready, Chrisel spoke, not leaving the man and slime uninformed, “We are having a bit of trouble actually finding the bandit base. We found clues and signs of battles, as your information really helped, and we even managed to capture a few, but we really have no clue on their actual base.

    That’s where you come in, help us actually find a path towards it. Though don’t worry, we’re just scouting, fighting comes at a later date, hopefully soon before the goblin and bandit rampage erupts…”

    Hearing about the goblins, Yuu quickly spoke, “I have a question, what’s going on with the goblins? I forgot to ask what has been going on with them, it seems like some villages and some travelers are being attacked more frequently?”

    “I guess to start off, let’s talk about babies,” Chrisel smiled wryly after saying that. “In this world, mana is a part of our everyday lives, this includes breeding as well. You said that in your world, humans take about nine months before their baby is expected, however, here it’s cut by a third, only needing six months. 

    While it is up for debate whether a baby born here is stronger than your world, one thing for sure is that the time it takes for beings to be born is less than your world. Goblins, while generally weak, have babies incredibly fast. So while there are goblin kings or very strong leaders, they only count for an extremely small amount. 

    Like flies, they swarm areas and nine out of ten, are just wild creatures, compared to those who actually think and live a civilized life. Here, the population of goblins who have no status, in other words, wild goblins, are growing like crazy and a leader behind them is having a war against the bandits. In turn, causing trouble with us. While goblins may be weak, their numbers make up for it.”

    Speaking right after him, Bedgard’s voice rang out, “In other words, we don’t do something, they bang, they cause us trouble. Many casualties ahead.”
    Feeling a sweat almost fall from his face, Chrisel ignored Bedgard’s words, “So, Yuu, will you help us?” 

    Not taking any time to hesitate or think, he responded immediately, “Yes! I may not be a hero, but I’d rather not see innocent families outside the city get hurt. I’ll try my best to help you find the place again.”

    “Great! We should head out immediately. I already packed food in case you need it, we can eat while we travel. It’s best to go early to avoid any commotion or wandering eyes.”

    About to head out, Yuu stopped and looked around him while rubbing his head.

    “Is something wrong Yuu? Ah… Kebfa, you really do attract creatures to you,” slightly chucking, he stared at Kebfa who was holding Leah in her arms. 

    Seeing this, Kebfa commented, “Is it that surprising? Slimes that are tame are usually friendly.”

    “Leah usually hangs on my head, so kind of. Though I guess it’s more of a girl to girl moment.”

    “Leah? H-heh?! This is a girl?!” Kebfa stared at the slime who made a small “Hrm!” noise.

    “Well, not really, at least yet, but she liked a feminine name, so I’m assuming when she does, she most likely is going to be a female.”

    Kebfa held Leah a bit tighter and began walking with the others as they left the city under the rising sun.

  • Chapter 12

    The group headed out through the gates, walking on the main road before taking a detour into the forest.

    Even though Yuu didn’t have the best memories regarding the pathing, he did take some mental notes when he left the cave since the sight was just too dramatic. As the memories of the bodies and other violence were still stuck on his head, he was able to remember key points, so even if they hid the entrance, he would know the general direction.

    After many trials and errors, using Yuu’s half-baked memories to help, they were able to find a small mountain. Even though he had never seen this mountain, it had a familiar sight to it.

    “What’s wrong?” Chrisel noticed how Yuu stopped all of a sudden.

    Looking at the small mountain closer, Yuu noticed how there was a lot of foliage, bushy trees, and small spikes surrounding it. The forest had a lot of this, trees with leaves engulfing the area, plantlife that would sometimes tower an average human, though a bit hard to find. And even the spiky branches appeared every couple of minutes of them walking, though a bit of an eyesore as it stood out very much.

    This is too strange… there are too many of these in one place, to the point where it does seem natural, especially if you didn’t pay attention, but it just stands out when you really think about it. It kinda reminds me of…” as Yuu was thinking a lightbulb appeared above his head.

    He looked towards the three, hoping for one of them to take his request, “I know this may sound strange, but could one of you climb to the top and try and dig through the leaves?”

    Indeed being strange, they looked at the mountain and Bedgard made a comment, “It seems like a perfectly normal mountain. Really small in size, but it doesn’t look strange… Kebfa, you go.”

    “Huh?! Why do I have to?!” seeing how she was nominated, she immediately rejected the idea. Even though the three of them were trained guards and the mountain really wasn’t large, just really steep at the base; it would certainly be a hassle and annoyance to climb through the plant life and foliage.

    Before she could continue being outraged, Chrisel joined in, agreeing with Bedgard, “You’re the most agile when it comes to exploration and scouting, this should be a breeze for you.”

    “My appearance will get messy!”

    “Don’t you always wear a helmet though?” as they were talking, Yuu butted in, causing Kebfa to blush despite the helmet covering everything.

    “F-fine, god damn you all. If there is nothing, you own me!” letting Leah hop onto Yuu’s head, she stormed off, walking around the base of the mountain, finding a good place to climb that either wouldn’t hinder her due to her armor, or be uncomfortable like the area with the spikes.

    “Even though she took her time, it really didn’t take long before she yelled back at them in a slightly hushed yet audible voice, “I did find something! It’s a huge hole leading down to some water and boxes!”

    Hearing the report, he clenched his fist and internally screamed “Yes!”

    “Is this the entrance Yuu?” Chrisel started to prepare to head up.

    “No, well, kind of. When I woke up, this was the place that I started out in. It was just that the sight of the huge gaping hole up above when I landed in this world and how hidden it looked, including the dense foliage, made me put some suspicion on this place. The entrance is close though.”

    “What about just jumping in? I can carry you if needed,” Bedgard stood still, not following Chrisel or Kebfa. 

    “The water looked sort of shallow, so I can’t say whether we will be safe or not. And that area leads directly into the very end of the cave, so if the bandits are back in there, or if the goblins swarmed in and raided the place, it’ll be rough.”

    “Good point. Captain, Kebfa, you heard the man.”

    Even though he made a wondrous discovery, Yuu looked around with a poker face, trying to understand every single detail. “We should wander around here, I remember some clear landmarks around the entrance, and once we hit that, we can finally mark the location.”

    The other three agreed but before they did wander around, Chrisel took a small knife from his waist and started making very visible markings that blended in the surroundings. Asking what these were, Yuu learned that it was a symbol to inform others that this was the place, at least for the mountain area.

    Being cautioned to wander around more carefully, he let either Chrisel or Kebfa go up ahead as they traveled at a slower pace. Bedgard stayed all the way in the back as Chrisel explained that he was a tank. Wearing extremely heavy armor, being the one who would crush things if needed or take arrows and magic for them.

    As they walked, it felt like it took about half an hour before something was spotted. Yuu told them that when he walked for a bit after leaving the cave, this weirdly shaped rock was definitely what he saw. 

    As he was explaining, he also saw Bedgard quickly scribbling in notes while Chrisel got the knife and made another marking, slightly away from the rock. Despite making a mark now, he saw them doing the same every few minutes, being super picky about directions. Though he didn’t complain nor think it was weird mainly due to the fact that Chrisel had said that they’ve tried busting in and finding their base for a whole year but they had no success.

    According to Kebfa, while the bandits slowly grew in power, the city army or adventurers nearby couldn’t deal with the problem due to so many being summoned due to a major battle that caused many to not be able to return home for a few months. 

    At least to her words, it wasn’t until a month ago did a lot of adventurers return, and weeks ago did the troops belonging to the city return. Allowing them to finally initiate a plan to get rid of the bandits and cull the wild goblin population down.

    Casting a few spells around him, Chrisel told them the next step, “Since you said we’re near, let me scout the area. It’ll be too dangerous to sneak around with you and Bedgard as you weren’t trained and his armor is too heavy to be light. Kebfa, I want you to go around and note down the surrounding landscape as much as possible. I’ll head in that direction,” he pointed against the base of the mountain. 

    Even though the mountain was small in height, its width expanded a long way, though it was getting less steep where they were.

    Taking the spotlight, Chrisel dashed forward, staying against the walls. Yet despite him dashing, he made no noise, not even the leaves cracked. Even though everything looked normal, there was a slight irony smell lingering in the area. “Yuu is right, they really had a big fight with the goblins. It’s frightening how fast the bandits cleaned the bodies and made the forest look natural.

    Pulling out a small pocket-watch, he checked the time. He had been dashing around for five minutes and he could tell he was getting closer. It was a surprise he could even read it as despite being surrounded by a gold-rich plating, the screen that showed the time was almost as small as an adult male thumb.

    Placing his watch in his pocket, it didn’t take long for him to hear voices.

    “Ah, that bitch was good. Those green short sticks are a goddamn pain, but she relieved everything.”

    “Heh, sadly we can only use old rotten goods, haven’t been able to enslave any chicks lately. The boss would cut our throats if we tried to leave.”

    “Tell me about it. Either way, it's our lives. We chose to kill and rape others, so we gotta hide, this is just hiding a bit more intensely.”

    The two bandits chilling on the rocks near what appears to be the entrance talked and chatted away while Chrisel stared with a sour face.

    These bastards make me remember why I am a guard instead of a lazy noble in the first place. I’ll make sure the troops hit them hard!” while making an oath, he walked away as slow as he could before dashing off once he was far away enough.

  • Chapter 13 

    “Captain, did you find it?” Kebfa sat on a rock, breathing a bit heavy as she had just returned and was writing on a large sheet of paper with a quill.

    “Yup, I found the entrance. Two annoying bandits were chatting loudly which gave away their positions. I have everything marked up ahead, we just need to leave a few more marks on the way back.”

    As they started to head out, Bedgard asked him a question, “Did you kill?”

    “I wanted to. They were just blatantly talking about kidnapping and using females as toys when I spied on them. Acting as if they were the kings and nobles.”

    “Captain… You’re venting a bit too much again. You can let it all out when we gather the others,” Kebfa stared at him through her helmet in concern.

    Hearing the word ‘Noble’, Yuu decided to ask a question to Kebfa in a more quiet voice, not wanting Chrisel to hear, “I keep hearing that word come up a lot in the past few days, what’s up with them?”

    Even though she was usually talkative, at least more so than Bedgard, she paused her voice for a few seconds, “Not just in this kingdom, but in other places, the rich own the poor. There are a few places where even if you’re rich, the only power you have is living a lavish life, but most regions have a system where nobles or those with high-power can get away with a lot of things.

    “Like if a king asked for a commoner to be his wife, they have little to no power to resist. Even if she’s protected by the public or has a husband, the king can just silently put a kill on them and no one will know. Same thing for a noble. Even if they kill twenty people, they’ll at most just get a slap on the face, compared to a commoner killing a noble which mostly is just a death sentence. 

    “Luckily such events are dimming down, with more education being put in for the young, regardless of background, nobles are starting to have less power, but even a few weeks ago, a man got killed by an assassin cause he pissed off someone.”

    Seeing how her tone was a bit monotone, he could tell that the situation was a bit more serious as this didn’t just happen in books, this was real life, when people wielded power, especially in a place where development for those below was harder, it became easier to be restrained.

    Especially since he learned that in other countries, slavery was a rampant yet legal system. It did not happen too much here, becoming only a thing for special prisoners, to not allow for someone to falsely imprison someone and turn them into a slave.

    Regardless, there were a lot of issues, and to see the disparities between a noble and commoner made his face give a slightly sour look as it showed how cruel a fantasy world could potentially be.

    Just as the four were about to leave the forest after a long walk, they heard a bunch of people shouting in the distance. 

    “Burn! Burn!” An adult male waved a bottle next to an open fire in the middle of the road and threw it towards the guards outside the wall. 

    Before that person could throw another, he felt a disconnect between his arm and looked to see it chopped off, falling onto the group while he felt a bolt of pain. 

    Someone wearing a guard outfit similar to Chrisel and the other two stabbed the man once more before suddenly raising his sword above him. “Ah!” he let out his voice when he felt a sharp object go through his legs. 

    There were two beings in front of him right now, grinning. To be more specific, two goblins were laughing as they constantly moved, trying to keep the guard pinned as all of his strength went out as the guard was falling on his knees, using nothing but his sword and a gloved hand to block the incoming strikes.

    “Gah!” one of the goblins shrieked before going silent. Even while he was being pushed down, the guard managed to stab the goblin in its chest, presumably where its heart was before trying to raise his sword to block against the other goblin. But before he could see whether or not the second goblin would be successful, he saw a transparent blue spear go through its head, completely leaving nothing but blood and guts, not even an intact head.

    There, he saw Kebfa release her magic before running with the others towards him.

    “Captain!” The guard tried to go up as soon as he saw Chrisel and the others approach, however, while the stab wound on his leg was minor, it impacted his mobile abilities at the moment.

    “Rest for now, James, tell me immediately what’s going on!” the captain began placing his palm on the injured guard, healing the wound while waiting for him to speak.

    “The worst thing happened, the bandits allied with a few smaller bandit groups, and they actually teamed up with the goblins!” 
    Everyone's eyes lit up upon hearing this. Even Bedgard didn’t seem as calm as he took out a large battle axe out of nowhere and waited on the captain’s order.

    Noticing how grim the situation was, Chrisel did not hesitate and ordered Bedgard to go and support anyone who appeared to be not doing well in battle while Kebfa was to help those currently in an one vs. one battle to help group the guards up to gang on them.

    “Chrisel, let me come with you, I may not be much help but I will be able to distract one!” Seeing everyone work during this mess, Yuu did not want to stand still. Seeing how only he was left, he wanted to hear his response before taking action.

    “No, I will be heading straight into the beast’s mouth, you can either support Kebfa or go on ahead and see if there are adventurers fighting outside.” Not even waiting to hear the response, Chrisel dashed towards the middle of the battle and started ripping apart the enemies with his sword.

    Seeing how he was left, the guard who was previously injured stood up due to his leg being healed, “Come with me if you want to help. I can’t walk properly right now so support me in battle, at least until you can find others.” While healing magic did heal physical damage, it took more skill to heal the damage done to the mind as it was an extremely complicated procedure, depending on the damage itself. Due to being only healed physically, the guard stumbled due to him thinking he was in pain.

    Walking at a fast walking pace, they caught up to a guard trying to defend against two goblins, clearly being at a heavy disadvantage. Taking the initiative to take one of the goblins off the tired guard’s belt, Yuu charged forward.

    Being too focused on battle, the goblin did not anticipate the scythe coming down towards its head and stumbled back, barely dodging it, however, due to the sudden strike, it fell onto the ground. Even though the guard who was facing them didn’t know what was happening, he decided to take the moment to swing his spear towards the fallen goblin.

    “Clang!” the other goblin successfully managed to block the attack, but now it was in a stalemate, unable to move as the spear was pressing down. 

    It wasn’t until a sword quickly swung against the locked goblin’s stomach, causing it to loosen the short sword it wielded before feeling a spear hit its shoulder. The other goblin that had fallen had already gotten up, but just as it was about to defend the other goblin its vision started to get blurry before falling down. Yuu had retracted back and swung his scythe in time to strike it in its head.

    Despite the injury on the stomach, after seeing its comrade fallen, the other goblin released a shriek before aggressively launching towards the guard wielding the spear in front of it, probably because the dead goblin was presumably a friend that it cared for. Before it could actually attack, a sword once more swung at it, this time, at its neck, finally ending its life. 

    James, the one Yuu followed, helped the spear-wielding guard lay his back on a tree before speaking, “You alright there buddy? Take a minute to get your life together and help anyone else struggling.” Making sure no enemies were near them, he began slightly limping at a fast pace towards another group, “Yuu, let’s go!”

  • Chapter 14 

    Arriving at another group, Yuu once again took the initiative to charge towards a goblin and bandit working together to fight against a guard and presumably a mage, looking at the outfit she was wearing.

    Despite sneakily taking the initiative to attack the goblin first, it seemed like it was someone that had a lot of experience in battle as the goblin quickly blocked his attack. The bandit noticed the goblin’s movement and looked behind him before striking a knife at James. Seeing how the goblin and bandit were distracted, the woman began casting a spell while the guard went to Jame’s side, noticing how James was blocking and attacking in place, not moving an inch.

    As the two guards handled the bandit, Yuu kept on dodging the goblin’s attack. Even though he easily took out one of the goblins, this was under the condition that he landed a sneak attack and that they were injured. He still wasn’t used to actually fighting goblins or any other beings for real at full force.

    Seeing how the goblin was closing in, not allowing him to even breathe, he barely managed to block the short sword with the shaft of his scythe and both were locked in a stalemate. Despite being in a stalemate, the goblin was only using one hand, while Yuu had to use both hands. Using this advantage, the goblin pulled out a sharp object, similar to a knife but even smaller, and threw it at him. 

    Even though the object was smaller than an average knife, it had a small purple liquid hanging off it. He had heard of some people, specifically bandits or assassins using them, but regardless, it was a weapon that despite not having much impact, went a bit deep into the body before leaking out small amounts of poisonous jelly. 

    Leah, who was at Yuu’s side, quickly jumped as soon as she saw the goblin reach into its pocket and pulled out its weapon. Seeing this, Yuu’s heart almost collapsed, causing him to push against the short sword with strength making the goblin reinforce itself as it was surprised by the sudden change, but Yuu was too late as he could see some chunks of slime flying in the air.

    “Ice Spear!” the female adventurer finished casting her spell before a sharp chunk of ice pierced into the goblin’s head, killing it. She did the same to the bandit, killing him quickly. 

    Yuu lowered his guard and looked for Leah. Yet despite his panic, he quickly took a deep breath after seeing her nudge against his leg. She seemed a bit smaller, but she didn’t seem to be in a critical state. Grabbing her into his arm, he spoke to her in a worried tone while looking for any stab wounds, “I thought that it pierced you!” 

    Seeing the concern on his face, Leah spitted out a small piece of slime off her body into the air before being absorbed back in. Though the term “spitted” probably wasn’t right, but more so it just plopped out of her body as she didn’t really have a mouth. 

    Understanding what she was trying to show, he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly thanked the female adventurer. “No worries, just trying to help the guards with defending the city I was born in,” she said as she made sure the two guards were okay before bolting towards other battles nearby.

    After taking a breather, James and the other guard dragged Yuu towards another battle before quickly clearing it. Taking a moment to look around, it seemed like the battle was slowly easing its way to victory as some of the goblins and bandits were retreating. 

    More and more started to leave as reinforcements arrived, though they were a bit late due to the attack being a complete surprise, causing those farther in the city, away from this side of the gate not hearing of the news so quickly.

    Quickly helping a guard struggling against a bandit, Yuu distracted him before the other two quickly killed him. The guard who was struggling quickly joined the group as he used a bow, being a big help as the four of them rushed to assist others.

    They battled a bit more before they could finally relax. The goblin and bandits that were left started to either leave or got killed.


    After the battle, he sat amongst a group of guards and adventurers, waiting to see a doctor as he was concerned for Leah. During the battle, after she got injured, he had to constantly hold her on his arm, making him forced to wield the scythe with one hand as she couldn’t catch up with him.

    While he waited, he quickly heard the reports being given nearby. From what he could salvage from the conversation, it was estimated that there was a mix of goblins and bandits, accumulating to around fifty. Fifteen of them managed to escape, whether injured or perfectly fine, while the rest got killed or were under arrest for interrogation. 

    As for this side, at the start, there were twenty-five guards in the vicinity, but due to the surprise attack, only fifteen remained. Luckily there were twenty-one adventurers in the vicinity who quickly arrived to help and with Chrisel and the others arriving a couple of minutes after, amongst the thirty-six of those who battled, excluding the guards who died at the beginning, only two deaths occurred, with many injured.

    Even though they won, the report wasn’t uplifting. This wasn’t an all-out war, but a mere surprise attack. If the numbers were in the tens or twenties, this wouldn’t be so bad, but the enemy was able to dish out about fifty people like it was just a small amount. 

    While thinking about the report he heard, Yuu heard a voice talking to him, “Sir, is there any healing or diagnosis that you need?” he turned to see a man in a robe talk to him, presumably one of the healers helping everyone who battled.

    Quickly explaining that he wanted him to check up on Leah as she seemed very weak at the moment, the healer asked him to wait before getting another person, telling Yuu that this person had more experience with monsters.

    Retelling the story and issue, the healer examined her before telling him, “She will be fine if you feed her some medicine. While slimes will die after suffering intense physical pain, they can throw out their bodily fluids, while weakening themselves, allowing them to not suffer damage. It gets much more complicated, but you should understand that. Let me write a list of herbs you can feed her.”

    Writing down some words on a crappy and dirtied paper, he handed it to Yuu before heading towards another person. 

    Relieved that she was fine, he carried her in his arms while walking towards the gate where Chrisel and the other two were at.

    Noticing the two, he waved at them, “I heard you helped James, clearing out over five battles. For only being in this world for like seven days, you did great,” he placed a hand on Yuu’s shoulder.

    “Hmm, good work.” Even the quiet Bedgard complimented him.

    The only person who didn’t compliment him was Kebfa, but she usually acted like a tsundere anyways, “Hmm? Is it me or is Leah a bit smaller now?” 
    Explaining the situation, Kebfa’s cheeks puffed up slightly, “Those darn goblins! And why didn’t you push earlier?!” 

    “Kebfa. It’s not like she died or anything, just needs to rest. And keep in mind, he’s only been here recently, still fresh blood,” Bedgard sneered at her. 

    Realizing her tone, her eyes went to the floor, “S-sorry Yuu.”
    Knowing that she was just hot-tempered he shrugged it off, “No worries.” 

    Before letting him off, Chrisel suddenly remembered something, “Ah, Yuu, does Leah happen to have a strong absorption ability? Slimes can eat almost anything similar to mushrooms and other funguses, including dead bodies. As weird as it sounds, it is nutritious for slimes, apparently being one of the many factors to evolution, but who knows.”

    Pondering on it for a bit, Yuu asked her if she wanted to do so, and only taking a second to think, she made a “Hrm!” noise.

    Even though he kind of expected an answer along the lines of yes since slimes really did eat almost anything, he still found it a bit disgusting since he usually associated that with flies.

    Realizing how death wasn’t usually a common occurrence for him, Chrisel tried to ease the situation, “If you want, have her only take the bodies of the goblins instead of the bandits if that helps the situation.

    “I’ve also reported the event to the guilds as well. When an adventurer helps a major or emergency event that isn’t requested of them, their deeds get credited. They get no rewards, but it goes towards any future promotions, or just for them to have tabs of the things you have done since so many go in and out of the guild, it’s impossible to keep track of those who do good and those who do bad.”

    Reaching into his pocket, he took out a bottle and placed two spherical pills, like those bubblegums back home, onto Yuu’s hand, “Also take this. I should’ve given you this earlier but it helps calm the nerves. Usually, only rich families give these to their kids who are starting out but think of it like a thank you gift. Save the other one if you ever face a traumatic event worse than goblins.”

    Understanding what he meant by “worse than goblins”, as in, killing other humans or something similar, he kept that in mind in case he ever did. Saying his goodbyes, he walked towards where the bodies were, he spoke to the guards about what Chrisel said and soon looked away while Leah did what she did.

  • Chapter 15 

    After she was done, he carried her like before but slightly distant, though luckily he couldn’t smell anything like a goblin’s blood, or the like.

    Looking into the sky, he could see that it was already a bit late in the afternoon, sadly he had no clock-like device as those were quite expensive, and the only public ones were either in rich buildings or the guild, with there being no tall clock tower in the city despite how big it was. 

    But either way, he knew it wasn’t time for any stores to really close, according to Chrisel, this world, or to be specific this kingdom also had daylight savings and he said that it was around the beginning of fall, so if it's nice and bright, it wasn’t night, compared to winter.

    Since it wasn’t closing time, he headed into a place that was selling legal drugs, herbs, and alchemic items. Showing the owner the paper that the healer had given him, the owner got all the necessary things while giving Yuu some tips regarding how to process them, recommending that he also buy a small mortar and pestle.

    Even though he knew that the owner was also trying to make some sales, he did so anyway. He carried it in a bag while feeling slightly sluggish due to the weight of it, wanting to just dump it on Leah to store it.

    Either way, he instead went past the inn and quickly went to the guild. He had to collect the money from the guild as he had to start being picky about it. While living and food expenses weren’t too costly at all, weapon, armor, and other things like consumables started to be more and more expensive, with adventuring having one of the potential in making money, but also the most risk as they had to buy, repair and do so much more.

    To give a brief rundown of the money system in this world, at least in the Kingdom of Temploran and most places in the surrounding area, from the very bottom you had copper. With 100 copper making an iron coin, 100 iron coins making a gold coin, and 100 gold coins making a gloren coin. 

    And to give some insight on the value, a vast majority of people, whether it be a farmer, labor worker, fisher, etc, would get a few tens of copper, depending on the job itself. A higher profession like an intermediate alchemist, blacksmith, an average businessman, making a varying amount that involved iron coins. The ladder would keep going depending on what you did. With the highest power, whether it be kings/queens, the greatest merchant, the strongest adventurers having the abilities to have access to gloren coins.

    While many people would think from novels and shows, the trope of commoners starving or having little to no sustainability, depending on the place, at least around here, you could buy a loaf of bread for a single copper or two. 

    Though food was generally cheap mainly due to magic, allowing even a commoner to be able to somewhat feed themselves while having a low-income job. With magic being a mystifying force, even if society didn’t have technologies like on Earth, they most certainly had magicians and cheap tools made by blacksmiths or alchemists who were able to make the production and storage of food easier for everyone.

    So while Yuu wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about food and living as much, as G-ranked adventurers could get the bare minimum to live, he still had to get armor, later on, repair his gear, or get a new scythe, and many other things.

    Entering the guild building, he saw an increased number of people who were wearing masks and were carrying shovels or a mop like pole. When he came here a few times he did see people like this but he didn’t think of much as there were only a few who did wear them.

    Seeing Caryne at the counter, he went up to her, “Hey Caryne. What’s up with the people wearing the masks and stuff? Are they here to clean?”

    She took a sip of coffee before responding in a slightly tired voice, “Yup. Killing monsters isn’t the only ability of an adventurer. Think about it for a second, when a dragon fights against an adventurer, let’s say in a plain, what happens after? The environment, ecosystem, and everything else are ruined. That’s why adventurers, magicians, and many other groups up to protect the environment.

    “Thousands of years ago, when these systems and roles were ignored, a huge famine spread through the land, most of it became infertile, and you either had major earthquakes, volcanos, deserts, deadly waves, you name it, rolling down and causing a mess. If a war between ordinary soldiers in a kingdom and the mercenaries of a nation were to fight, it wouldn’t do much besides shedding blood. Now apply that to more powerful beings.

    “So the city placed a quest for the recovery of the battle earlier just to polish things, but more importantly, telling people to get ready since a few big shots will be smashing things up.”

    Looking with a surprised face, Yuu wouldn’t have imagined that such a thing existed here. Coming here, he thought adventurers just fought, maybe had a second profession, murder beasts, and just get stronger. Though it would make sense that they and many others were responsible for actually cleaning things up.

    The ironic thing was, this sounded similar to Earth. The more powerful civilization became, the more we had to be aware of our effects on the environment. Though hopefully, we would be able to. “Magic and technology really aren’t that different huh… They just serve others in different ways,” he thought to himself, comparing Earth and Remshal.

    “Hey, you still listening?” she stared at him grumpily. “Though I heard the news. You successfully eliminated goblins and bandits during the raid earlier. Good job! Keep it up and qualifying for F-rank won’t take long at your pace. Though killing only humanoid beings won’t make you a god you know. If you can find another partner, I’ll allow you to take an F-rank quest for silver-wolves when you’re ready.”

    After talking for a small bit, she handed him the money from the herb gathering quest from yesterday and Yuu stretched his arms before checking the time and exiting the building. He sat down at a nearby bench and sat Leah on his lap while laying his back against the bench, like a middle-aged man. 

    Staring at the blue skies, he thought to himself, “I wanna go to sleep. Today was too eventful. I have to leave Leah at the house with the herbs, go to the late History class, then tomorrow I have basics.” He yawned while grabbing a small grape-like fruit from his bag. Throwing one in his mouth before feeding Leah one as well.

    After resting for a couple of minutes, he went towards the inn before placing down his backpack. Remembering to give Leah the herbs he took out the mortar and pestle and tried to remember which herb needed to be grinded. 

    While most of the herbs he bought could be consumed raw, there were some that he had to grind, mix with oil, and combine with a few other herbs before consumption. 

    While grinding, he quickly realized how tiring this was since while he did work on training his body, the herbs were extremely rough, taking a minute to even show progress and the pestle was uncomfortable to hold. Taking small breaks while enduring the pain, it took him ten minutes before he managed to grind it all up and made a greenish yet slightly purple paste.

    Seeing Leah about to finish the rest of the herbs, he handed her the mortar and pestle and she slid inside of it, absorbing the paste at a slow pace. While slimes and other creatures could eat herbs raw, without the need for refinement, these herbs would take just too long to absorb and would slightly lose their efficiency.

    Waiting for her to finish, he stared while thinking about how strange their relationship was. They met about seven days ago, he saved her while being careful of her, not knowing whether she’d attack, but without realizing it, even on the second and third day, they were pretty much comfortable with each other. It was like meeting a stranger and suddenly connecting with them immediately, even with more lesser-known hobbies or interests.

    Though he couldn’t think much about it currently. After making sure she took all the herbs that were requested, he told her to stay here and headed out, heading to one of his classes.

  • Chapter 16 

    “Oi! Yuu! Help me with this, bud,” a young boy, about the age of 16, walked up to him and slammed a piece of paper on the table. 

    “Why did you even come to school Leo if you are just going to sleep…” a girl who appeared slightly older than the boy made a snarky comment while she was writing on a sheet of paper at her desk.

    “Oi! Jaleth! Let’s fight you old hag!” The person named Leo, who was talking to Yuu, shouted at her.

    Yuu quickly intervened, talking in a slightly mono-toned voice, as if he was used to this, “Enough, enough. Why can’t you ask Barey? Isn’t he the one who studies the most for history among you four?”

    Even though it has been a few days, he had managed to make friends with a couple of people in the class. The two people talking were actually the people who he had met in Basic Combat, one of the three brothers. Leo, being the one who despite not being blood-related to the other two brothers, had a hyper-loud personality. He could hardly stay in place and he could hardly stay quiet.

    Twirling his blondish hair, Leo avoided eye contact while feeling a bit embarrassed, “Uh… that’s cause… I accidentally ruined his date, so Barey is pissed at me. But it ain’t my fault! I was just saying hi, I didn’t know he had a hot chick against his arms who he was trying to seduce!”

    The woman who had spoken earlier made a “hmph!” sound. Her name was Jaleth, she had dark skin that was like milk chocolate and she had a feisty attitude. Despite that, she was actually kind and wanted to be a healer, alchemist, and a known scholar to help save and educate others. Speaking in a more demeaning tone than before, she hissed at him, “Out of you three brothers, I don’t get why he’s such a playboy.”

    “Jaleth, didn’t you like him,” Yuu butted in as he heard of the relationship she and the three brothers had. She knew them for about 8 years, meeting them after moving to the city with her family. Even though she is an adult, she is actually a tiny bit older than the oldest brother, only a few months older.

    Leo, the blonde non-blood related brother was the youngest, being 16 years old. Barey, the one who Leo was talking about was the second oldest. He recently turned 18, had a feminine appearance, making Yuu mistake him for a girl at first, had black hair, used a short-sword, and also dabbled in battle-support magic.

    As for the last brother, Garey, he was approaching 19 years old and had a very polarizing appearance and roles. Compared to Barey, he was the tallest, had clear outlines of muscles poking out, used a longbow, and used more destructive magic. If it weren’t for their faces, you wouldn’t think they would be blood-related. 

    Going back to Jaleth’s relationship, Yuu had heard that many years ago, she had a crush on Barey, but after finding out that he was a major playboy as he would almost always bring home girls his age, and even recently, older woman, she had a huge disdain for him.

    “You!!!” she stared at Yuu, wanting to say something but stayed quiet.

    Giggling like a child, Leo laughed at her before feeling a threatening gaze, making him look the other way. He looked back towards Yuu before coming back to the paper, “Garey is also busy so I can’t ask him. So... “ trying to put on a cute face, he pointed towards at different sections, hoping Yuu would help. “I don’t understand this math thing. Also the history of the dark wolves, I don’t understand the reasoning. And-”

    “Let’s take it slowly. I may still be in my mid-twenties but you are making me feel like an old man. Let’s just start with math, I don’t have much time so I’ll help cover that for you,” Yuu grabbed a rustic pencil nearby and scribbled some equations while guiding him through problems. 

    Even though it took some time, Yuu finally managed to get through that small lesson. Even though back on Earth he occasionally helped at an orphanage near his house, he couldn’t handle super energetic children. At first, it would be cute to watch them run around, in this case, seeing how Leo was enthusiastic about things, but it would slowly get annoying over time.

    After teaching Leo, and even helping Jaleth as she had questions about math, he quickly left the building. Passing by a fruit stand that was still open he bought three apples. The sun was starting to set and he wanted to do a bit of work before falling asleep. 

    Opening the door to his room, he placed down his backpack and sat down on the uncomfortable bed. He felt a nudge against his leg and looked down to see Leah jumping and making a “Hrm!” sound. 

    He patted her head and gave her two apples while eating the remaining one that he bought. 

    After he finished he gave the leftovers to Leah as she could eat the core without much worry. Even though she apparently did have a tastebud, at least from her reactions, she didn’t really have much that she disliked. The only thing that she hated that he found out was heavily-salted food or anything incredibly dry like certain biscuits or crackers.

    Either way, he decided to get comfortable before practicing a technique he learned for mana. Even though magic wasn’t like Qi from the novels, where a cultivator would just have a technique to meditate and absorb a billion gallons worth into their body, mana had an interesting system where through battle, or training, their body or spells would slowly reinforce itself.

    This was similar to someone who wanted to start training by doing pushups, situps, and other exercises. Obviously, just training wasn’t a guaranteed way to improve, but even if one didn’t get an inch, it was better to see an inch ahead.

    Though it was rough at first, he closed his eyes and started to have an easier time to feel the mana around him. He could feel that the control over putting mana around his body was smoother, especially when he applied a slightly heavy quantity. “Compared to yesterday, I can feel my muscles growing stronger as if I could breathe with my body. Seems like today’s battle really helped, though my arm and legs are really sore…” After thinking to himself, he opened his eyes and raised a hand.

    Despite feeling stronger, he still had to keep pushing through since if he were to fight Garey in pure strength, he would undoubtedly lose. Luckily, even though almost all beings couldn’t absorb mana necessarily, they could use it to nurture their bodies in getting stronger and temporarily reinforcing it. But besides physical strength, he also needed to work on conjuring the mana around him to cast magic. 

    He still couldn’t successfully cast even the most basic healing spell that accelerated the healing process towards an injury. Even though it did accelerate the healing process, he couldn’t do much, and for Yuu, this would at most save a second. But that was under the pretense that he could keep the spell running. 

    Right now, he could hold the spell for about a minute before feeling his hand start to give out, and mentally, a headache starting to pound. And this was only in an extremely small range, barely able to help a small cut.

    Though he definitely had progressed compared to a few days ago as he could hardly even detect the mana around him, nevertheless cast a spell. Though if he could improve the efficiency, the way he would battle would change immensely. Even if he was stuck with healing magic, he could potentially use it in battle, making him fight as if he was a barbarian, or to help teammates.

    Thinking about teammates, he started to ponder on whether he should find one, or how he could even find one. While he did have Leah, the truth was that their combat abilities were still horrible. If they were more experienced or skilled, especially with Leah hardly having any lethal attacks, or Yuu having healing magic, it’d be best to have someone help them.

    Luckily there was a recruitment board in the guild, but he would probably worry about that tomorrow or the day after. With the time he had left before he had to sleep, he kept casting the novice spell, keeping it up for about half a minute before letting it go, sometimes needing to take a breath, other times, trying to not get a headache. 

    While many would think of practicing magic as a simple field, it was like working out your body, it took a lot of effort, and a lot of pain. Though instead of physical pain, casting magic tended to be more exhausting to the mind, sometimes even permanently damaging one’s brain if they weren’t careful.

    But even despite his brain slowly feeling like hell, Yuu kept persisting. He wanted to be able to cast wondrous spells, summoning fire from thin air, heal wounds in an instant, and more. The more he stayed in this world, the more he wanted to live a new life. He still desired his previous life, but he was conflicted. 

    Either way, the repetitive casting did not stop for another hour until he started to feel drowsy and a bit on edge. Deciding to stop and head to sleep, the spell disappeared into thin air. He almost hit his head against the wall before rebalancing himself. Even though he only did that for an hour, he felt clear improvements.

  • Chapter 17 

    After waking up, the two walked out of the building and towards a large yard. There, they were greeted with a loud shout, “Oi! Yuu!” 

    Looking towards the direction of the voice, he saw Jebon waving towards them with an older woman next to him, thrusting a spear at the air. He was fifteen minutes early yet someone had beaten him to it. 

    It was the lady he saw when he came to Basic Combat the first time, however, he rarely chatted with her as she was usually quiet, only having some small talk at most. 

    As he got closer to Jebon, he felt a fist start to head towards him. Being utterly surprised, he managed to dodge the fist, however, he slipped and landed on the wet grassy floor. 

    Getting up, he heard a voice speak to him as he felt an arm help lift him up, “Heh, you’ve only been training for a few days yet you really have improved. It wasn’t an exaggeration when they told me of your achievements. Though you still got a lot of work to do.”

    “Jebon, how am I even supposed to know that it was going to happen,” Yuu dusted the dirt off his body, rubbing a slight sore spot on his arm.

    “You don’t. What if I was an ally who betrayed you? You’d die instantly. Or what if I was a Dark Crow, a body part would have been pierced. Even on the wet grass, you must have the ability to dodge even if you have less than a second to think about your life.

    “Anyways, I need to assess your strength again since I didn’t think you would get blood on your hands. Try sparring with her,” he pointed towards the middle-aged woman, “obviously, you both will be using props that I got.”

    Realizing something, Jebon made an “Oh” sound and looked towards Leah who was next to Yuu, “Leah, we are also going to do some training, let me get you started. I managed to think of a good formula for you!” 

    Unlike Yuu who felt dirtied and tired, Leah happily moved along with Jebon as he told her what he had planned for her. Luckily, compared to before where she had a bit of trouble understanding a lot of words or phrases, she was starting to get comfortable with a lot of the things he and anyone else was saying.

    Not wanting to waste the woman’s time, Yuu went to the wooden table nearby and grabbed a propped spear. It was slightly different in shape as it looked like a farming scythe but had a consistent angle, but he knew Jebon most likely spent time out of his day to prepare this so he couldn’t complain.

    Looking at the middle-aged woman picking up the spear, he made a gentle comment, as to try to talk a bit instead of having a closed empty atmosphere, “I hope we do well!” he said while smiling.

    However, the woman did not reply back at all, she instead just smiled back and went towards the field. Feeling a sweat falling off his face, Yuu shrugged it off and didn’t mind too much. Looking back at her, she looked very mature, in a sense of, if she didn’t wear regular baggy clothes, she would have looked like the mother of a young noble. 

    But she most likely had a reason or past that caused her not to talk, especially since she carried an eerie loneliness. He knew people like that, causing him to not pry into it too much since she bore no ill-intent with her actions.

    Finding an open space, Yuu moved the scythe around, getting a feel of it since the shape was slightly off. But he didn’t delay too much as he asked if the woman was ready. She nodded, getting into a stance as if she would stab him before he would reach her.

    I’ve fought a few goblins and worked with Jebon who would use a sword, but this is the first time fighting someone with a bit of range… Let’s do this!” he charged forward, knowing that she wouldn’t charge first, he decided to be a boar, preparing to slam into her bubble. 

    Deciding he wanted to keep his distance, he raised his scythe to the right, preparing to slash at an angle while paying attention to where the spear will target. Getting almost in range, he swung the training scythe down while his eyes were drawn towards the spear. 

    However, just as he thought she would try and stab him, she actually got out of her stance and took a step back, missing the strike by a few centimeters before charging in. Even though Yuu was taken by surprise, he pushed down on the furthest leg, attempting to propel his body back before she could strike, yet even that was futile. 

    Keeping his eyes on the woman, he saw her making a strange movement where the spear would suddenly turn the opposite way, with the head facing her, and the end of the wooden shaft facing him, before bending her body forward, causing him to feel a wooden stick smash against the side of his stomach.

    Even though it was just a small portion of the tip that landed on him, he rolled a bit on the ground before quickly getting up. But even despite getting up, the scythe that was in his hands was between him and the woman. 

    He charged, wanting to get a grasp of the scythe, but before he could finally grab it, he moved his head ever so slightly to the right as a spearhead was a millimeter away from injuring him. Just as his hands touched the shaft, and as he was picking it up, he saw something in the corner of his eyes before falling down once more, this time he felt his left eye feel sore.

    Rolling on his back, he laid there and rubbed his left eye as he realized what had happened. The woman did miss when she attempted to stab him, but instead of retracting and thrusting once more, she instead kicked him with her feet.

    “Take a breather. We fight after,” the woman spoke quickly, like Bedgard, she had a few words to say and that was it.

    Taking a moment to rest, he got back up and picked up the scythe. He turned towards the woman and spoke in a confident voice, “One more time please!”

    As usual, she did not say anything, she just nodded and instead of taking on a stance, she actually chose to charge at him!

    Knowing that she would not just attack regularly, instead, using tricks and sly movements, he tried focusing his attention on his surroundings. Instead of attacking when she was going to get close, he instead decided to attempt to dodge the first attack before attacking. Though since she most likely would be near him instead of keeping a distance, he placed his dominant hand, his right hand, more towards the blade to prepare for other attacks.

    While he did see the woman using the shaft as a way to attack, he would have to be more careful with a scythe, especially since he didn’t even know how to spin it properly. If he made a mistake it would end up hitting him instead.

    As she got closer Yuu stood still, watching her every movement. When her spear finally moved, he quickly dodged it by a hair before letting go of his left hand, letting the right-hand twist, sweeping the padded training blade towards the woman. 

    Ducking out of the way, she continued to charge forward before raising her fist as she was going to punch his lower half. But before she could, she had a surprised look on her face as a hand stopped her. 

    Yuu quickly gripped her hand before going for a jab with his knee, hoping to at least land a strike.

    “Bam!” a loud smacking sound was made. However, it was not the woman that got hit, instead, it was Yuu. He got thrown back, landing on the grassy floors once more, feeling his sides burn in pain.

    Trying his best to get up, he saw the woman rubbing her left hand. Even though he gripped that hand, he knew that she got out. And more importantly, he lost again.

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    Chapter 18

    Accepting his defeat, he sat on the ground and thought about the battle. “Her moves… they don’t feel like something from a well-trained background. It felt like… street fighting? Though, I don’t know much about fighting anyways,” he scratched his head and looked up at the woman. 

    She was looking at him back before sitting down, facing to the right before speaking in a monotone voice, “You’re starting to understand my style, good job.”

    He smiled wryly, unsure of how to interpret it. Though she most likely didn’t mean it in an ill way, but instead in a more criticizing manner.

    Hearing footsteps, Yuu looked toward the right and saw Jebon walking towards him. Behind him, a bit further ahead, Leah was currently taking the handle of a sword into her jelly-like body and somehow “spitting” it out to a dummy, though the sword didn’t really get far.

    It probably launched a few inches before falling down on the floor. There were also a few other weapons like a spear or the like, but those were untouched for now. “I guess that’s a form of training. It’ll be useful if she could just launch knives or something out of her body, like those ninjas,” Yuu thought. 

    Getting closer, Jebon looked at the two before nodding, “Good job! Yuu, you did well, especially for her method of fighting. Do you know why I picked her to go against you?”

    “Uh… Besides her being the only one here right now, maybe it has to do with paying attention to tricky attacks?” He scratched his head, thinking that that might be the reason why.

    “Yup! When you face a bandit, they aren’t going to be respectable, allow you to prepare your things, give you time, and let you live. They will go and attack with their only desire being winning.

    “And especially if you fight a more depraved being, like a higher-ranked goblin, they will use any tactic they can to survive, they may be small, but they are like a mouse, slippery if you aren’t careful.”

    Hearing the words ‘higher-ranked goblin’, Yuu asked him a question as he was confused as he only learned the bare minimum of what a goblin was. “What’s a high-ranked goblin? Is that a goblin with a status?”

    In class, he learned that the majority of goblins were wild creatures, or lived savage lives even with leaders, but there were a few clans, or societies where goblins would be civilized or calm. 

    One example of this was a tribe nearby of only female goblins, as goblins were a heavily male-dominated species. Their babies will almost always be male and would rather breed with other species, causing the rare female goblins to be cast away or be made into slaves.

    Seeing how confused he was, Jebon explained to him what he meant, “Although this isn’t an official term, and is just what me and a few others call goblins that are talented in a field; mostly for fighting. For example, the leader of the female goblins nearby can fight against B-ranked adventurers all by herself.

    “While the strength of goblins comes in numbers, a few can stand out on their own. It’s why we’re really preparing for the recent events, if there is what I call a ranked goblin, we might be in some trouble. Though I guess you can call them Solo Goblin, that’s what the guild uses.”

    Just as Jebon finished talking, the woman actually spoke up instead of staying quiet, “Never underestimate even the regular ones. Too many females, whether it be human, elf, or whatever, they’ve been captured by them.”

    Jebon coughed, trying to not make the atmosphere more depressing, “Yea… there are just too many counts, that’s how they spread. But in terms of being sneaky, it ain't just them. You will face many who specialize in attacking your blind spots, whether that be literal or just psychological.”

    After he finished talking he went and grabbed a padded training sword before looking at the woman, “I want you to take notes Yuu. To counter these attacks, it takes experience, but it also takes a lot of thinking. Your body isn’t the only powerful thing, your brain will also be the one that leads you to defeating your enemy. Ready?”

    The woman nodded before charging with the spear in hand.

    Despite being the one on the defensive, Jebon actually wasn’t standing like he was prepared. He slouched his body, and acted like he was a drunkard as his legs kept wobbling side to side. Even though he usually looked like a respectable bald shining leader during class, this time he looked like a sloth who drank way too much.

    However, just as she came close, preparing to thrust her spear forward, it missed by a large margin. The instructor was already a meter away from her, yet in Yuu’s eyes, he had barely moved. At most, he had just taken a step away. 

    Even though the attack missed, this did not mean that she would stop and regain her balance. Instead, she went on an aggressive take, getting closer while using the shaft of the spear to try and hit him while occasionally grabbing any loose dirt nearby and tossing it at him with her feet. 

    Yet strangely enough, not a single attack touched him. Not even the dirt that was thrown around him managed to land a single speck on him. But he still looked the same as before, a drunken mess that has barely moved.

    Knowing that her other attacks won’t work, she gathered the mana around her, causing a small glow around her feet as she suddenly got quicker. While she was running, Yuu could see that she was muttering under her breath, as if she was casting a spell. 

    As she was getting closer, the padded spear lit up with a faint glow while a strange aura came out of it, as if it was giving Yuu the illusion that the spear suddenly grew in size.

    Obviously, the spear wasn’t actually like that, yet when it got closer to Jebon, he merely lifted the sword before all of that disappeared. Even though the spear wasn’t sharp, it would still hurt if it hit someone, but he did not block it with the blade, or in any other way. Only the very tip of the sword touched the spear.

    The woman withdrew her spear and she walked back to her original spot, wiping away a drop of sweat coming down her face.

    Despite everything appearing calm, every time she swung and thrust, and especially at the end, the wind started to get slightly chaotic, even on a tame day, he felt like it suddenly became a chaotic windy day.

    He stared at her with a confused look, “Who is she…?” Even though she looked like a poor lady, she was quite strong, far stronger than what he would ever be currently. Even if he fought her for a month, he probably wouldn’t be able to win

    Looking back at Jebon, he asked him what that weird drunken style was. With that, he responded, “It’s something I learned long ago, I had a teacher who was a proper gentleman, like a knight in fairytales, but as a graduation gift, he allowed me to learn a style he gave up on long ago.”

    “Eh… That’s certainly… interesting,” finding that to be a very odd story, Yuu didn’t question further.

    “Hmm, it certainly was a surprise when Teacher taught it to me, but it helped give me a new look at swordsmanship. Oh! The other four are here,” Jebon waved towards Leo and his brothers and Jaleth.

    “Sorry we’re late, teach!” Leo yelled despite being only a couple of meters away.

    “So loud…” Jaleth plugged her ears while she had to hear his loud voice.

    “Haha! Let’s get started already,” Jebon dragged them away from the two, letting them practice in their separate areas.

    As the others kept on going, Yuu returned to sparring the woman for the next two hours as class presumed. Even though Yuu wasn’t able to defeat this mysterious woman, he was able to learn many different tricks and even copied a few. 

    But despite learning so much, time was limited. The class already ended and the both of them were exhausted. Saying his goodbyes while carrying Leah. 

    Remembering to post an ad, he paid the guild to write the ad out as he wasn’t too confident in his writing abilities and didn’t have anything to write with and posted it on the board. Now all that there was to wait for someone to come to the Inn he was staying at tomorrow morning.

  • Chapter 19

    As the next day passed, Yuu headed downstairs with Leah, waiting at a table next to a bunch of flowers. He chose this spot in specific since it was an obvious place due to this being the only table at the edge of the room with flowers.

    He bit off a cracker he had in his bag and waited patiently, hoping that someone would come. While he would love to work alone with Leah as back on Earth, he was the type of person who worked best with people he was close to, he needed to make some connections.

    Going on adventurers alone sounded pleasant, especially when all of the rewards would go to you, but that would mean the difficulty would increase immensely. The difficulty of subjugation quests was usually based on what a small party could do, usually not on what one person could do.

    Not only that, but there were a lot of small complications. Inventory would be a pain for those who were weak and didn’t have special tools or magic, they had to be careful camping at night as no one could watch over them, and much more.

    This wasn’t a novel where someone could just go solo and survive perfectly fine with riches. While there are a handful of people who do go completely solo, if he ever had to do a more dangerous or risky quest, it was best to know some people to help him out.

    While he was staring at the ceiling, he saw two people approach him, a middle-aged male lizard and a young adult female human. Deciding to start the conversation, the lizard spoke, “Are you... Y-Yuu, is that how I say your name?”

    Hearing the awkward jittery comment, Yuu replied, “Yup, you said it right.”

    As tough and strong as the man looked, he was very timid in his speech, “Ah, my name is Jqonle, I use the spear, I hope we get along.”
    The woman who was next to him also spoke in a slightly timid voice, “Jacky, I used daggers and illusion magic, please to meet you.”

    Seeing how timid they were, Yuu didn’t hesitate in taking the lead as he was the person who posted the ad, “Pleased to meet you both, as you know I am Yuu, I use a scythe,” placing a hand on Leah who was eating a cracker, he patted her head, “and this is my companion, Leah.”

    “Ooh! A smart slime- Ah! I didn’t mean to be rude,” the woman panicked, not wanting to be disrespectful or invasive.

    Even though she seemed to be around 18, she looked very new to adventuring. “I don’t mind at all. Either way, I think it might be best to start heading to the location? Unless someone needs to do something quickly?”

    Shaking their heads no, the group set off quickly.

    The quest that Yuu decided to pick out was for scouting and potential extermination of wild goblins near a town. Even though he wanted to fight wolves, he thought it might be best to get some more experience and save up for some armor as he only fought with regular clothing.

    Deciding to hop on a carriage heading in the general direction of where they needed to go, Yuu and the other two paid a copper coin since they just needed to hitch on for a short distance, resting on the hard wooden floors.

    While some carriages used horses, this one actually had a strange creature carrying it. It was like a tortoise, how it was on its four legs and very wide, yet it had long fur that swayed every time it moved.

    Its feet were strange as it had claws curved like a sickle. Every time it walked, instead of using the meaty part of the feet, it would use the claws like wheels. This was definitely the strangest creature he had ever seen in the world of Remshal

    According to the person leading, it was a rare creature that could carry loads of heavy cargo around. While slightly slower than a horse, it had an unresting stamina. Though it was not like the stamina mattered since it was going to be a somewhat short ride, only taking two hours or so before they had to hop off.

    Thankfully, the ride was decently smooth. He talked with the driver for a bit and even talked with his new comrades, getting to know them a bit more.

    While Jacky, the human girl had a humble and normal background, just joining a bit late, Jqonle, the lizard humanoid kept trying to divert from any questions. He simply explained that he was from a village, grew up as a farmer, and due to reasons he finally decided to go adventuring.

    Seeing how reluctant he was, Yuu decided not to bother with it at all.


    As the three were chilling out, a bit more comfortable with each other, but still slightly awkward around each other, they heard the coachman yell at them from the very front.

    They were about ten minutes away from the village, which was the queue for them to leave as the village itself was not their destination. After saying their goodbyes they headed into the forest.

    Opening a map, Yuu kept looking around, staring at the green luscious trees, the old crumbling rocks, and the swaying grass. It was certainly plain yet it had a relaxing atmosphere.

    Sadly, this would not last too long as the area that they were heading towards was what was presumed to be a goblin camp or at least the area that some rested according to the villager’s report.

    Even though they were like rats, crawling around everywhere, they weren’t like rats in the sense of being a non-threatening annoying pest. While adventurers found them easy to kill, if they grew in waves, villages, and towns that didn’t have many strong people residing there would certainly be hit hard.

    Finding a couple of landmarks, a wide yet slightly dirty lake, a large abandoned quarry, and a few other things, he was able to see where they were and jotted down potential spots they could check.

    After what feels like an hour of walking, they got most of the area marked. At most, finding small sections that were littered with food, broken clothes, and more. Yet there were no goblins in sight.

    “I thought we would at least encounter one, yet it seems like there aren’t any at all…” Jqonle spoke out, barely holding his spear properly as if there was no threat.

    “W-we still have a few small sections to check out right?” Still feeling timid to talk to the others she stuttered while trying to check in with Yuu about the progress they made.

    “Hmm. We’ve only found a few evidence of activity, but that could just be anyone camping out- huh?” As Yuu was walking, he heard some bushes rustle. As soon as he saw something come out of it, he drew his scythe from his back and stood still, preparing to attack in case anything happened.

    As he prepared for something to attack them, a goblin quickly rushed out towards them. But this type of “rushed” wasn’t what he thought of.

    The goblin that was running towards them kept looking behind its back, before falling down next to them, panting heavily. Upon taking a quick look, Yuu could see blood running down from the goblin’s left arm and leg, and a twisted and broken right arm.

    Even though the goblin saw the three, it didn’t even acknowledge them at all, and instead tried to get up and sprint away. Though since it was injured, it didn’t get far before a dagger pierced its skull.

    “Good job Jacky,” Yuu complimented her as he didn’t have to chase it at all.

    Taking her dagger off of the goblin’s head, she had a murderous look on her face before changing back into a more timid personality as she nodded towards him with a slight blush. Most likely this wasn’t her first kill, nor her last.

    Seeing how murderous her eyes got, Yuu almost looked away as he was scared. Clearly, she wasn’t someone to mess with.

    After inspecting the corpse, Yuu decided to head in the direction of where the goblin was running from. Even though he wasn’t necessarily the leader, he felt an urge to warn them to prepare to run if they encounter something dangerous. To make a goblin run in fear like that clearly wasn’t a good sign.

    Walking for about ten minutes, they finally found a sign of life, however, instead of something actually living, it was the remains of what used to be life. There were five dead goblin bodies, with a few being rarely recognizable, and next to them, there were the corpses of three silver-wolves.

    Looking at their corpses, he saw three muzzles laying around the camp, signaling that these were tamed, most likely belonging to the goblins.

    While wild goblins did lack civility and common sense that most societies had, they had the intelligence and resources to sometimes tame beings that would be their pets, in this case silver-wolves.

    But the weird thing was that they didn’t look like they died from a fight, instead, it looked like they got absolutely annihilated, with barely any time to retaliate.

    As Yuu was inspecting the corpses with Jqonle, he heard a loud bang coming from afar. Despite it coming from a bit away, he could see a tall and hideous creature charging towards them at a fast pace.

    It was green, had slightly pointy yet round ears, and even… resembled a goblin.

    Realizing how dire the situation was, Yuu immediately shouted at the two while grabbing Leah off from his head and into his arms, “Run for it!”

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    Chapter 20

    “Gawh!” That ‘thing’ roared, causing the surroundings to shake slightly. The birds running away, the squirrels hopping off their homes just to get away, and even the more ferocious beasts took a step back.

    Looking back, Yuu could get a good sense of what he was dealing with. While a goblin would be about half the size of a regular human male, this creature, while not as tall as a mythical dragon, not as overshadowing as a giant, it certainly was over 9 feet tall.

    Though despite being tall, if there was a word to describe it, it would be... incomplete. Certain body parts were slightly larger than others, with the right arm lagging behind its body due to its size and muscles. It actually had a third eye next to its left cheek, being completely different from the two eyes that were in the right position.

    Even though it was boney, it didn’t act like a twig. On its left arm, the more ‘normal’ arm, it held a large pointed metal rod, about twice the size and girth of a spear. And despite it limping due to its oversized arm, it moved its leg perfectly fine. This thing didn’t even care for the trees it stumbled against. While fine, the trees certainly took a hit as tons of leaves were falling down, with a few weaker trees slanting ever so slightly. 

    With their strength, he and the other two certainly could not take that thing down. At most they could try to distract it long enough for help, but it was simply too monstrous that he couldn’t determine whether they could even defend against it.

    “Yuu! What should we do!” Jqonle yelled at him in a rushed voice, clearly frightened by such a sight. Despite his age, he had never seen anything so bizarre. He had always heard of giant creatures, even seen a corpse of one near the city gates as it was being transported, but this thing clearly wasn’t birthed by nature.

    Trying his best to look past the millions of leaves that were blurring his sight, he gave the two orders after being able to barely see the top of a tower in the far distance to the right, “Head slightly left! We need to get on the main road! The town is to the right, we can’t let it head over there no matter what! We have to head to the city and pray for help!

    As the three ran through the foliage, Leah nudged his arm that was gripping her, wanting to tell him something despite the situation they were in. 

    “What is it Leah?” he said, trying his best not to run out of air as he had never needed to sprint this much before.

    Opening his palm to provide her a bit more space, he found a bottle suddenly appearing on his palm. She had taken out something he patched up in case he ever needed it, a bottle with alcohol! Of course, this wasn’t for drinking, instead, if he ever needed to make a large fire for whatever reason, he had this to use. 

    Waiting a bit until they finally got into a more open field with fewer bushes and trees, he yelled towards Jacky, “Jacky! Use illusion magic, I have a plan, we need to make it stop for a moment!”

    While their relationship was of strangers, only knowing each other for a bit, she decided to place a bit of trust and circulated the mana in the air before shooting out a dark cloud towards that deformed goblin, causing it to shriek before seeing a whole new scene.

    To its eyes, they suddenly stopped and raised their weapons. Seeing this, it roared once more before thrusting the pointed metal rod towards them. Even though it didn’t seem like it did much as it made little sound, the rod, twice as long as an average spear, about 75% of it pierced into the ground! 

    If this wasn’t an illusion, if they didn’t manage to successfully dodge, they certainly would be dead!

    Though In its eyes, it did pierce one of them, however, it shook its head as the vision between illusion and reality started to blur. While illusion magic was deadly, it only lasted for a short amount of time, while also becoming less effective if the being had confirmation that it was an illusion.

    Seeing Yuu standing there, it grabbed the rod from the ground and prepared to swing its deformed arm towards him. But before it could do it, it saw a bottle flying towards it with flames coming out the tip. 

    As it got closer, the goblin creature managed to pierce it with the rod, but the bottle was already close to its face. “Gawh!” it screeched with an annoyingly loud deep voice.

    Before it could even get its senses together, it felt another bottle hit its face, spreading more flames onto it. It placed its hand against its two eyes and the one eye on its cheeks, as it could feel pain flaring from there before stomping the ground in rage. 

    Feeling the atmosphere around him change, Yuu immediately started to run, not even looking back. While he used up all the molotovs, only making two as he really didn’t think he would need more, he could tell having any more would be useless.

    The reason as to why was that water started to accumulate around the creature. While goblins could use magic, wild goblins would almost never have the chance to learn it, nevertheless, a monstrous beast like this that hardly resembled one.

    Yet, even so, it was clear that the creature could use magic! Though it seemed like it used it like a wild monster, using it as a survival instinct, not using it strategically as a magician would.

    “Y-Yuu, what’s next?” Jacky quickly spoke after seeing him come towards them. 

    “We need to keep going. That goblin creature knows how to use magic so our chances of fighting is dim. Did Jqonle go on ahead?”

    Starting to run instead of waiting for the creature to recover and chase after them again, she told the situation, “Yes, I told him to go ahead to the main road and try to find any adventurers or guards. I-I stayed behind in case I could distract it again.”

    Just as Yuu was about to say his thanks, the creature roared once more. Looking back, its eyes were slightly burnt, red beyond belief, yet that didn’t stop it from spotting them. Even though they were already running through the foliage, charging past the tall trees, it still caught onto their whereabouts.

    Luckily, it was not faster than them at all. It was just as fast as the both of them running for their lives, but it didn’t seem to get tired. Instead, the two of them were the ones who started to get tired, feeling their legs throb in pain.

    For another ten minutes, they persisted, wondering if Jqonle was safe and if he had managed to find anyone. 

    They had already passed the lake, and other noticeable things, but he still hadn't seen any traces of the road, making this feel like an eternity. For Yuu, this experience felt like a long car ride. When he would stare out the window as a kid, passing by landmarks that led home. Waiting for what feels like an eternity for the car to get even close to his childhood house.

    “Y-Yuu, we made it! We made it!” Jacky screamed. Even though she was quiet and timid, for the first time during their quest, she finally spoke loudly with emotions.

    Looking ahead, he saw four people. One of them was Jqonle who had his two hands on his knees, breathing like he ran a marathon while having a gun pointed at his head. Of the three left, he actually recognized two. 

    The two ladies he had seen at the village from his first quest were standing there. If he can recall, they were E-ranked adventurers which were extremely helpful for a situation like this, where newbies like him couldn’t fight the creature at all. 

    Next to them stood a lofty man. While he had blonde hair going down his cape, he looked like a major playboy who was trying to impress the two adventurers by acting mighty. 

    Though he left his overconfident posture before yelping, “Huh!? What the hell is that!?” He immediately took out the spear on his back before muttering to himself, causing a layer of fire to appear on the tip of the spear.

    Even the two females who had a relaxed and bored face started to prepare to attack the creature.

    As Yuu and Jacky got out of the forest and onto the road, the two of them immediately collapsed onto the ground. They weren’t unconscious, but they had to let their legs rest as soon as possible. 

    “Kid we can talk later, but right now, hurry up and rest. We aren’t even sure if we can take this thing on.” The woman who he had spoken to back then didn’t even look towards him, instead, she looked towards the goblin while wielding a two-handed axe almost the size of her height. Showing how strong she was to even just hold it.

    “Jehbon, Jane, go on. I’ll support you from behind, we don’t have time for buffs!” the other female adventurer spoke in a loud authoritative voice.

    “Yes!” The both of them spoke, charging in.

  • Chapter 21 

    Not caring for what was in front of it, the creature took its sharp metal rod and thrust it towards them. 

    While Yuu and Jacky had seen the rod pierce through the ground with ease before they arrived, showing off its might, it actually stopped despite the goblin continuously putting force into its arm.

    Keeping the rod on standby, a large axe was pushing against it with great force. Jane, at least that was what the other woman called her, had her left foot deep into the ground. While the dirt around her foot wasn’t hard as a brick, it would still be difficult to cause it to sink into the ground with just only pressure. The strength that the goblin wielded was not puny.

    Looking at her, Yuu admired the strength and endurance that she had. Lifting an entire tree could be possible with her strength. 

    Though, looking back at the creature, it clearly had a functioning brain as it pulled the rod back and smashed the area in front of it with its abnormal right arm. A large amount of dirt and other minerals rose in the air, lowering the visibility.

    With the less visible surroundings, Yuu was barely able to make out what the goblin was doing. Though, within a second of the air clearing, he could see its mouth starting to move before making a frightening roar. It was about to cast magic!

    However, just as he was about to warn them, he heard Jane making a grunting sound as her foot dug deeper into the ground. While it was casting magic, it had actually attacked! At first, Yuu thought this was a dumb creature, but he clearly underestimated it.

    Looking above it, a dense volume of water started to appear above the creature. As the cloud of dirt slowly settled, it was clear that it wouldn’t allow Jane to defend any longer. It pulled back its rod and prepared to strike once more while the volume of water started to shake ever so slightly.

    Its intention was clear, it wanted to attack her with a large volume of water, potentially making her and the group unstable and slightly immobile.

    Yet just as the water above its head started to move, icicles were sent flying towards it, causing it to slowly break. This, however, didn’t break it entirely. But this was not the only attack incoming. A somewhat large clump of stone flew above Jane’s head, heading towards the creature’s chest. 

    Blocking the clump with its arm, slamming it away, it felt something touch its back before feeling an object pierce into its back. The water fell down, breaking its formation entirely. 

    Looking from afar, Yuu saw Jehbon, the one wielding the spear, pulling his weapon out of the creature’s back and recklessly jumping off the back, falling onto the ground while avoiding the water.

    Pissed off by the attack, the creature roared, and summoned water that took the shape of tiny needles, throwing it towards the group on the road. While it did that, it quickly turned around towards Jehbon and threw a fist towards him with its right arm.

    With unfortunate events, the attack actually hit, causing him to yell in pain as the fist demolished his stomach. 

    “Back off of him!” Jane yelled as she ran towards it, preparing to strike it down with her axe. 

    Despite the hideous body that this goblin-like creature had, making it seem like a rotting corpse, it had quick reflexes, attacking with its rod immediately. 

    Just as the rod was about to go towards Jane, two clumps of stone were thrown towards the creature. The rod was pushed off while it stumbled slightly as it took a bit of damage. 

    Due to this, Jane had enough time to prepare and swing her axe against its leg, wanting to chop it completely off.

    “Gawh!” it roared as it felt a part of its body leave unlike its pierced back. One of its legs was finely chopped off as the axe went through completely. Even though it did have one of its legs cut off, it quickly turned around with the intent to do harm to Jehbon.

    However, just as it was about to turn around completely, a loud female voice echoed out, “Fire!” A dark cloud surrounded the creature’s eyes, and the eye on its cheek, causing it to see a new scene. There, it saw Jehbon laying on the ground, trying to get up. It summoned the needles of water once more and shot it at him while throwing its rod towards him. 

    No longer having a leg it couldn’t remain standing. As it couldn’t keep balance with just one leg, it was forced to throw the spear using the emptied hand to hold itself while preparing to strike with its larger right arm if needed.

    Yet, the reality of the situation was, the rod pierced nothing. While it could see Jehbon’s body on the ground, it never existed in the first place. The woman who had thrown the clumps of stone, the icicles, and yelled “Fire!” had planned this from the beginning.

    She ordered Yuu and Jqonle to grab his body and assist Jehbon in getting into a safe area long ago. While Jehbon didn’t break his leg, he was on the ground and vulnerable. All of the attacks, the chopping of the leg, and more, while a lot of paper, happened rather quickly. 

    While the two ensured that he was safe, she ordered Jacky to confuse it with an illusion of Jehbon still being there, giving them time to regroup and attack. 

    Even though she was not a strategist, she had a keen eye and a way of improving tactics quickly.

    After the creature summoned the water needles and threw the rod, it sensed an incoming threat and blocked it with its right arm. Despite the boney appearance it had through its body, its large right arm managed to withstand the blade of an axe! 

    Of course, blood started to come down, but even so, it stopped it completely in its tracks. But before it could use magic or do anything else, Jane yelled with a deafening voice, “Attack!!!”

    “Gawh!” the creature roared as it felt different things pierce its body. A spear entered its back, a hot flaming spear struck its other leg, and as if it were a pickaxe, a scythe entering its back, piercing through the chest.

    Despite its right arm being strong beyond belief, its body was not durable to last against three different weapons. 

    It made pitiful noises as the body completely fell down. The body slowly sinking in the wet grass, feeling the moist dirt drag its body down. Its slightly burnt face seeing the open free sky slowly turn dim, as if darkness was well-nigh in its sight.

    “I-It’s finally dead…” Jqonle fell on the floor, all the adrenaline in his body ran out, no longer having the energy to survive, instead, he feared the existence of this thing. 

    Sitting down to get rest, Jean sighed after confirming it was truly dead, “What the actual hell...In all my days adventuring and exploring, I've not seen something so disgusting.”

    “Yuu right? Mind explaining detail to detail as to what happened?” The other female adventurer spoke up to him, wanting to know more about this situation.

    “Sure! Uh… miss-”

    “Just call me Lenna. The idiot with the spear is Jehbon, and she’s Jane,” she interrupted him.

    He explained detail to detail, from the beginning of the quest, to what they saw with the dead goblins and silver-wolves, and everything until now.

    Listening closely, the three pondered as they had never seen anything like this before.

    Not getting too engrossed, Jean spoke up, “Well, either way, we should report this to the guild, guards, and some of the knights who came back. The biggest problem though, how do we actually get the body to Blarchx. It looks dumb and boney, but to carry it for a couple of hours…”

    “Maybe someone could run to the town nearby and ask for a carriage?” Jehbon said, rubbing his stomach that was still in pain.

    Jane snorted, “Huh!? Boy, look at the corpse again, and tell me a carriage could drag this.”

    Lenna quickly interrupted, “Jane. If there is no way we can just dismember it and bring pieces to the guild. Either way, we still need to bring at least some of it back.”

    Deciding that it was worth taking the risk of unveiling Leah’s secret due to the importance of this situation Yuu spoke up, “I can store the body until we get to the city, though it's a bit of a secret…”

    “Gotcha,” interrupting once more, Lenna started walking towards the city. She signaled the others while speaking, “Come on you guys.”

    Even though she seemed cold and kept interrupting constantly, he was glad she respected his privacy

    After everyone left in the distance, away from being able to see, Yuu asked Leah if she could store the body. She compiled and it only took about half a minute before she placed the entire body and rod into her storage, or wherever it ends up.

    Catching up to them, the group quickly headed towards the city, hurrying to report the scenario as fast as possible.

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    Chapter 22 

    “Huh!” A female voice echoed inside a cramped room. A woman in silver-like armor, was on a knee, inspecting a large corpse in front of her. 

    “Kebfa, don’t touch it. We need to get it examined,” a deep voice appeared behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

    “Y-Yuu… I didn’t know you knew the captain of the Blarchx guards…” A lizard humanoid whispered, clearly nervous to be in the presence of these three guards.

    “Don’t be nervous, they’re nice people. You too Jacky.” Seeing how timid they were, Yuu tried his best to calm them down. He was still curious about what Chrisel’s background was as whenever he would wander the city, while some were relaxed around him, a lot who didn’t know him were scared.

    After the group subjugated this goblin creature, they headed immediately to the guards at the gate. He asked them to get the trio to help him with this situation. 

    When the three did arrive, he explained the situation to them. At first, they had their doubts, but when they headed into an empty room, with Yuu taking out the corpse, their eyes were in shock.

    This creature was over nine feet, forcing the group to lay it on its side. The room that felt spacious before became more cramped with a large corpse.

    Curious if he had any clues in what it was, he looked over to Chrisel, “Do you have any leads on what it is? It looks like it got stitched up in some sort of experiment.”

    “Hmm, it kind of does. But sadly, there aren’t really documents on anything like this, nor experimented goblins. At most, you have shamans who will experiment, but never on their own kind,” he said as he scratched his head.

    “Worst case scenario, someone is the puppet master of both the bandits and goblins,” Bedgard spoke up.

    “Possibly…” Chrisel sighed. “I hope that isn’t the case, but with this thing suddenly appearing… I just hope that this creature is from some crazy shaman fooling around instead of an actual intelligent being.”

    Walking away from the corpse, Chrisel patted Yuu’s shoulder while smiling, “Either way, we have to thank you, Jacky, and Jqonle. And also the three of you, Jane, Lenna, and Jehbon. I’ll put in a good word at the guild after I’m done with work. Also, please keep this confidential.”

    The six of them nodded before starting to head out. Even though there was no reward for taking down and bringing back vital information, Yuu didn’t mind as long as it helped the city while the others didn’t dare to ask for any.

    As the group walked, Jane turned towards the collective, smiling towards them, “I guess we’re departing here. If you’re reporting to the guild, just report honestly, leave out that big fat meat, and put in Chrisel’s name. The guild receptionist should understand and just ask him later.” She and Lenna began walking away with nothing but a wave towards them.

    “You three are really lucky, surviving against that as newcomers,” Jehbon said with a smirk. “Make sure you stay safe,” he waved towards the three. Even though he was with the two adventurers, he was most likely only partying with Jane and Lenna temporarily.

    With Jehbon leaving, Jqonle decided to also leave as the quest was finished, “Thank you for this experience Yuu, Jacky. If you ever need me, this old lizard will come help.”

    With the lizard heading in a direction towards the market, all that was left was Jacky and Yuu. They were both heading to the guild, so he decided to take this moment to ask her something, “Hey, Jacky, do you know what’s with Chrisel’s background?”

    “Eh!?” She asked in a surprised manner, “I-I thought you were close to him. Ah, sorry if that sounded rude,” she looked away after realizing the stumble of words spewing from her mouth.

    “To an extent we are, but I’m not really from around here. I only met him recently and I’ve been hearing a lot about his background from bystanders.”

    Understanding the situation, she got a bit closer to him before talking in a more whispering voice, “His family is pretty scary. Most people do like Chrisel, but they wanna stay away from him because his family head is a viscount. While slavery is kinda looked down upon here, they openly enslave people and show them off, and sometimes they even dare to publicly execute people for little reasons.”

    “Are most noble families like this?” he asked with a more serious tone. While he did trust Chrisel and didn’t think every noble was corrupted, he was curious about the reputation they wield in this kingdom.

    “At least in the public eye, not really. News does travel really fast, so most of them probably just hide their tracks as much as possible. But there are some that do support us.”

    Hearing what she had explained, he had a bit of a better understanding regarding power in this kingdom. “Hmm, thank you, Jacky,” he gave her a gentle smile.

    “Y-you're welcome,” she said while blushing. Upon entering the guild, she thanked him for the journey before quickly walking away quickly. She was most likely not used to these situations of talking with someone she only just met the day of.

    Heading towards the guild desk, he saw Caryne sitting at the desk, looking bored and kind of sleepy like usual. Noticing him approach her, she looked up, “Huh? Finished already? How’d it go?” 

    “It went well, though it was definitely… interesting,” he told her a quick summary of what happened, only mentioning the goblins being killed. He also told her that Chrisel could tell her more.

    “You sure it went well? Sounds like something went up,” she stared at him, curious about the events that happened.

    Seeing how he stared off to the side with a nervous smile, she didn’t barge into what happened as it most likely was confidential information if the captain of the guards was involved.

    “Well, keep up the pace, you most likely will get a test for a promotion sooner or later,” she laid back on her chair, as she spoke to him in a deadpan voice.

    Preparing to leave, he heard Caryne speak in a more gentle and quick voice compared to her usual monotone lines, “Stay safe.” 

    Hearing this he smiled and waved towards her. With the recent events regarding the bandits, goblins, and much more, death was gonna come faster to some people. Especially adventurers as they had to be exposed to danger a lot of the time.

    Not only that, but he had heard that when Caryne had worked at the guild ages ago, she acted much more cheerfully. But being a receptionist for adventurers meant creating and also losing relationships at a constant pace.

    Though there was not much he could do other than staying alive. Though it did make him miss his old friends and family when he thought about the scenario.

    Not wanting to think about it too much, he quickly headed towards a vendor who he had spoken to before. Even though the vendor was a frail old man, he sold some amazing skewered meat. 

    “Can I get one- ow, I mean two please.” Getting lost in thought for the past hour or so, he almost forgot Leah was on his head.

    “Hrm!” She jumped while making an angry noise.

    Patting her head he apologized, “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

    Seeing the two of them, the old man smiled while handing him two skewers, “You two really make good companions.”

    “Hrm!” Leah jumped into the conversation. 

    “She’s definitely a pain, but it doesn’t get lonely at times- ow!” Yuu scratched the back of his head. Even though she had a soft squishy body, she has been getting a bit stronger lately with her hits.

    The old man laughed and decided to grab another skewered meat, giving it directly to Leah. “Here little slime, take one.” Seeing Yuu about to pay again, he waved his hand, “Just take it. If you want to repay me, come back again, this old man gets lonely sometimes,” he looked at the two while smiling.

    Even though the old man looked like he could belong in a retirement home, he was still serving food out in the open. Most likely, he didn’t have someone to care for him. At least from what he could notice since he met him. He thanked the old man and left for the inn.

    As tiring as the day has been, for the past hour or two, he enjoyed constantly talking with the people around him. Even though he didn’t want to think about his home back on Earth, he did feel a bit conflicted. At first, he wanted to live a new life. Which he got, and he enjoyed it a lot. Yet at the same time, he felt homesick. 

    I wonder if any other Crossers feel the same way… whether they want to go home or just stay here.” While he was thinking, he saw a slime slowly glob a piece of meat from his skewer. 

    “Hey!” He quickly came back to reality. If he got distracted one more time, his skewer most certainly would be gone. 


    He quickly realized that he had been standing on the street holding the skewer in his hand for an entire minute. He understood that she was most likely worried about him thinking so much and not moving. He patted her head and thanked her before heading back to the inn, preparing to sleep and close the night shut.

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    Chapter 23

    “It really has been over two weeks since we came here hasn’t it.” Rubbing a slime’s head, a man was currently sitting in a large room.

    “Hrm!” The slime made a cute noise while jumping.

    It has been about a week since the incident with the goblin creature. With this, the situation has escalated to the point of a B-rank adventurer being summoned from a nearby city along with a quest being posted to other nearby areas for all to see.

    While the situation at first seemed tame, with only a growth of goblins and bandits, something that happens very often around cities. With the sight of the creature and the partnership between the two groups, the city has deemed it an emergency that needs to be eradicated before things escalate further.

    With the situation starting to erupt, it didn’t take long before another one of those goblin creatures appeared in a forest south of Blarchx, causing many to go hunt it down.

    Despite the frequent attacks on travelers, the clear growth, and other factors, the situation has not exploded yet. But as Yuu talked to Bedgard two days ago on the streets, the large man told him that it is approaching and it will be a few days before everything explodes.

    Though staying clear of that for now, he decided to focus on his studies. Currently, he was in the Basic Magic class.

    After arriving in the world of Remshal, it took him two weeks before he was finally able to cast the most novice healing spell, Bandage.

    This spell was like it implied. It helped accelerate the healing process, though like what a small stereotypical bandage is used for, this only applied for small cuts or the like unless the caster was extraordinarily powerful.

    While the progress was slow, he was only in this world for two weeks. Compared to him, a lot of people would start controlling their mana early on. Not necessarily practicing spells, but at least getting the very foundation down.

    Though while he had a very late start, the instructor of the class was patient with him. Luckily he was kind enough to instruct him from the beginning and recently, gave him a new spell to work on.

    He also gave Yuu a couple of simple yet convenient spells. The perks of starting early were that while most people won’t become a professional, anyone can learn the most basic spells if they trained enough.

    This meant that many used convenient spells to clean, cast light, light fires, and do much more to improve their lives, which was what was given to him along with another healing spell.

    But while he was given that earlier, an interesting conversation came up about Leah.

    According to the instructor, monsters who did not associate with society, or specifically the inability to live with society; silver-wolves, wild bears, slimes, and many more, had the ability to use magic but only with instinct.

    For slimes, they unconsciously used magic that revolved around their body. Specifically with the very transparent stone inside of slimes, being the core that keeps them alive.

    With this, the instructor gave Yuu an interesting idea of, what if Leah learned how to control mana? While a normal slime wouldn’t be able to do this, a slime with intelligence and somehow access to storage, this was a possible idea.

    Of course, the instructor didn’t know about her ability to store things, but he wanted to test it out on an intelligence slime. While there are powerful slimes, the ones that are currently alive liked to stay away from the public, causing this idea to be a mystery to the instructor and many others.

    Due to this, the last class they had, after it was done, the instructor spent time trying to teach Leah to control mana. While the idea was bizarre, she actually managed to disturb the mana around her.

    While the disturbance that she caused was extremely small, it was still an exciting result. Due to this, in the current class that they were in, the instructor wanted to continue with this experiment after class.

    Going back to the current day, while he and Leah were waiting for the class to start, he heard a loud yell right outside the door, “Good morning!” Leo walked in with his two brothers, smiling like a goofball as he had his hands behind his head.

    “Annoying.” A woman snorted upon hearing Leo yell.

    “Jaleth, let’s fight!” He barked back.

    As usual, the two fought. In almost every class that they had together. Like an arguing couple, they would fight, sometimes for no reason.

    “Alright! Settle down. Leo, shut up and be quiet, my ears are hurting,” a grumpy old man came in the room. This was the instructor for the class. Despite his attitude, he had a kind heart, but his words stung wherever it spitted to.

    No longer talking as the both of them looked away from each other, the instructor smiled before resuming his speech, “Now let’s get started. Garey, describe to me the procedure to casting Flaming Arrow.”

    As the class started, he pointed to random people, making them answer different things regarding magic and how it works.


    With time passing, the class finally ended and Yuu left after the lesson with the instructor.

    “Huh?” As Yuu was walking down the road, heading to get food, he saw someone familiar enter his sight.

    Approaching the figure, he waved his hand near their face, however, he got no response. They were in deep thought despite the lively road being traversed.

    Deciding to surprise them, Yuu prepared to speak loudly to surprise them. “Kebfa!”

    “Ah!” she shrieked in a high-pitched voice, taking a step back before looking around with a blushed face.

    Seeing this side of her, Yuu smiled as she was generally quiet and sometimes downright rude with her tone and choice of words. Yet her reaction right now carried a cute tone to it.

    Though this quickly ended as he saw her grip the spear on the back, preparing to attack anyone near her.

    “Calm down! It’s me!” Yuu panicked since he knew that she would get serious and really try to attack someone if they were suspicious.

    Seeing Yuu anxiously waving his hands, she heaved a sigh of relief before looking at him with a stern face, “If you didn’t speak up I really would have stabbed you.”

    Listening to her words, sweat dripped down from his face, “Haha, I wanted to surprise you since it has been a bit. What were you thinking about?”

    As the words entered her ears, she looked slightly down, “Nothing much. Just thinking about the upcoming fight. In a few days we are going to head out and destroy their groups.”

    Seeing the worry appear on her face, he gave her an uplifting comment, reassuring her that it would be alright.

    “T-Thanks,” she didn’t maintain eye contact and looked away as her mouth moved a bit, as she was trying to say something. “I’m also sorry.”

    “Huh? What for?”

    “For being rude to you since meeting you. I know this is a late apology, but I wanted to apologize now rather than not say it at all.”

    Understanding her words, Yuu placed a hand on her head, “No worries. I never took it to heart since you didn’t mean it. Though hearing it from you makes my old self feel even more old!”

    She looked up at him with confusion, “Huh? Wait, Yuu, aren’t you like eighteen or something?”

    “Uh… I’m twenty-six.”

    “Eh!?” As the response made its way to her ears, she made an almost high-pitched sound, causing some of the bypassers to look at them weirdly.

    Even though Yuu wasn’t an old man, just in his mid to late twenties, he did have a youthful appearance. He had no facial hair as he shaved it very often and he didn’t have much of a mature appearance, only looking like a young adult.

    While he did tell Chrisel more about him; his age, birth, and other things as he was collecting information, that took place in a more private conversation with just the two of them.

    Kebfa had a wryly smile on her face as she looked at him, “I really thought you were my age, maybe even younger if I’m being honest, I didn’t know you were my senior.”

    “I’m not that old!”

    “Pft!” For the first time since he has known her, she finally revealed a more innocent and cute side to her instead of her usual aggressive self.

    The two talked for a bit more, discussing other things unrelated to guard duties or fighting. Though when it did come up, when Yuu mentioned that he wanted to join the fight, Kebfa’s eyebrows slowly angled themselves.

    “Yuu, I respect all the work you’ve done since you crossed over, but you are still weak. If I’m going to be honest at most you would be in the backline, and even then you would mostly just take care of the small fries.”

    Seemingly knowing that she would throw some harsh words, he refuted, “Even If I can’t do much I still want to help. Besides, I can’t grow if all I do is stay at home and practice.”

    “Even so, while death may not happen daily, it is still a thing. The Captain could take down a hundred of you and he isn’t even the strongest. You’re going to find many of those characters on the field who will just obliterate you as soon as you appear.”

    Despite sensing her eyes staring down at him, he kept persisting, “It’s a choice I’m going to make. I don’t want to throw my life away, as much as I like living here, I also want to see my friends back home. Even Leah wants to go fight, and she’s usually lazy about doing things.”


    Sighing, she gave up on trying to deter him from joining, “You don’t have any reason to actually join, but if you seriously want to, sure. I just don’t want you to die early on like the others.” She said her goodbyes and left.

    Leaning against the wall, Yuu heaved a breath out. Even though Kebfa didn’t use any magic to suppress the surroundings, just from her eyes alone he could tell she was being serious about him not going.

    Even though she said that out of kind words, it was still scary to talk against her. Though, her personality really changes when it gets into fighting or her job. I kind of prefer her more gentle side,” he scratched his head while thinking to himself.

  • Chapter 24 

    Even though it felt like a while, a few days passed by quickly. 

    Deciding to finally splurge his money the day before, Yuu bought a couple of items. He finally got more proper armor, leather that protected his head, legs, and arms. The reason why he didn’t go for the chest was mostly due to money, but also, if there was a need, Leah could throw a shield on him.

    He would have to use one arm to wield the shield and the other for the scythe, drastically lowering his aim and speed, but he could protect himself against projectiles.

    He had also bought a few potions as well. The main type being healing potions. While healing potions did not cure someone immediately, it did accelerate the recovery rate drastically, needing a minute to cure cuts and bruises over their body. 

    Though with it being so effective, there came a negative. Due to it being made by a bunch of material, whether herbal or mineral, you can only drink it a couple of times before feeling ill and throwing up unlike healing with mana.

    Despite the limited use, it was still useful. Especially since he could not heal with his spells as quickly as a potion with his current skills.

    After packing all his things, he went downstairs and waved towards the innkeeper before leaving with Leah. 

    The reason he was packing so many things was due to the event that was taking place. Today was the day where the guards, knights, and adventurers gathered at the gates of Blarchx to go and annihilate the goblins and bandits.

    Without much of a surprise, there were a ton of people gathering near the entrance of the southern gate. 

    There were large beings wielding weapons larger than him, people wrapped around in cloth to hide their faces, some civilians holding the hands of their loved ones, and many more types.

    Walking around the premise, Yuu quickly saw a familiar sight. “Lezith!”

    Hearing her name called out to her, she turned around to see a man and slime duo heading towards her.
    While Yuu didn’t originally know her name before, he found out a few days ago during basic training.

    This was the woman who sparred with him, beating him up with a padded spear. Even though she didn’t go in-depth about her background, at the very least she gave him her name, Lezith.

    “Oh, you’re participating in this too?” She said in a calm tone.

    “Hmm, I may not be able to do much, but I still want to help nevertheless.”

    “Make sure you prioritize survival. This isn’t a war so no one will force you to be bait, but you will still get orders.”

    He nodded to her comment. While he could take down a goblin with some confidence, that was under the assumption that it was only a goblin, not a group of them.

    “Oi, Yuu!” Hearing a voice come from behind, he turned around to see a tall lizard man walking towards him.

    “Jqonle!” He waved back. Even though the two weren’t close, it was better than everyone else who he didn’t know.

    “I thought I was going to be alone on this trip. It feels reassuring to see someone I know here.”

    As the two talked, it didn’t take long before Chrisel and the other two arrived at the scene. 

    According to the event issued by the FeatherBright guild, the trio were to be the leaders of this expedition. Though due to this, he couldn’t meet up with them since they were already incredibly busy.

    Despite the clambering of noise, once the three got up on the wall the voices started to slowly quiet down. “Everyone! We thank you on behalf of Blarchx, on the peace of Temploran, for joining us today. We will split it down into three sections. One following me, another following Bedgard, and lastly, Kebfa.

    “Now. I know some of you have heard of strange sightings. But fear not, besides us, we have gathered help from some of the experts!” As soon as Chrisel stopped speaking, a man walked up next to him. 

    As soon as the sight of this man came into view, whispers echoed through the area. 

    “That’s the leader of the Flame Grass group!”

    “A B-ranked adventurer… Never thought I’d see him like this.”

    Confused on who he was, Yuu whispered to Lezith for insight. She responded in a calm tone, not amazed by the man like the others, “Just a B-ranked adventurer. He founded the Flame Grass group and they are decently strong for being a bit fresh to the scene.”

    While there were praises and interest towards the man, Yuu barely heard some concerns from bystanders, “If a B-rank is here with his group, isn’t this too dangerous for us…”

    A few shed their doubts of the expedition, in turn, made Yuu slightly doubt his actions as he could see why Kebfa wanted him to not go. 

    Seeing the doubt in some of the people’s eyes, Chrisel spoke up once more, “I can see some of you being wary of such a situation. But Len, the leader of the Flame Grass group is here to ensure our safety. For those who are weak, we request you help with the small fries who try to hinder our plan, prioritize safety and we shall defeat the enemy!”

    With the short speech finishing, many said goodbye to their loved ones, and everyone who decided to participate separated into three main groups before heading out the gates.


    As everyone was split into three groups, each one went towards a different area. With enough scouting, they were confident about where the wild goblin and bandits resided for now. While the enemy had multiple bases, they decided to congregate in a specific area south of Blarchx. 

    One of the three teams, led by Kebfa, was designated to destroy the bases of the enemies to ensure that they couldn’t rebuild or hide in sneaky areas.

    The second group, led by Bedgard, was tasked with taking care of the surrounding enemies that weren’t considered major threats. They were the support for the main group, allowing them to fight without anyone sneaking up on them or interfering.

    The final group, the main group, was led by Chrisel and others who were able to fight against the main pillars of the alliance. They were tasked with killing the solo goblin, bandit leaders, and any other potential threats.

    With the main group being an absolute denial of access to Yuu, with two options remaining, he ended up picking the support group. While he could help out Kebfa, the people participating were those who were quick on their feet or had good abilities in destruction magic, rendering his abilities useless.

    Along with him, Jqonle and Lezith joined him since neither of them was useful in the other groups. 

    After a few hours, both the main and support group started to prepare for battle. They were quickly approaching the halfway mark.

    “Incoming!” A loud shout came out of nowhere. As soon as this voice echoed out everyone in the group prepared to engage with whatever was approaching. 

    Despite being prepared, Yuu felt someone pull his arm forcefully, moving him from his current position. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that it was Lezith who pulled him.  

    Luckily she did as an arrow flew past his head, only a small distance from actually hitting. Hearing Leah make a sound he quickly reached above him and pulled out a large shield due to the current events.

    Many had already pulled their shields or weapons out and those at the front got the worst barrage. Since he was between the middle and the back arrows didn’t come flying his way, but they wouldn’t just send one single wave.

    And with that idea in mind, he was correct.

    He quickly pulled Jqonle behind him and barely blocked an arrow from hitting them. 

    “Woosh!” He blocked another arrow just in time. He stared around, trying his best to protect him, Leah, and Jqonle. Not having much inventory or money to get a shield, Jqonle was completely defenseless, forcing Yuu to ensure his safety. 

    “Enemy incoming from all sides! Magicians create a barrier to block the arrows! Guards, temporarily defend those who can’t!” Another voice came out, this time from Chrisel who was all the way in the front. 

    But before he could react, he heard another voice nearby, “Yuu! Come and help me kill them!” 

    He stared at Lezith who was preparing to charge at the incoming goblins. Looking over to Jqonle, he could see the lizard nodding before running to the
    magicians and guards who were trying to protect the others.

    Running towards Lezith, he gave the shield to Leah and took out his scythe. As the first few waves of arrows came flying, many allies had already started to snipe out the archers who were hiding. With many of the archers distracted he started to rush towards Lezith who was dealing with two goblins and a bandit ganging up on her.

    As there were three that were circling around her, not allowing her to escape, he went behind one of them to attack. Swinging his scythe down, the tip of the blade pierced through the skull of the goblin who was too focused on Lezith.

    While he managed to kill the goblin with a single strike, the goblin’s allies had already taken notice of his arrival.

    “Die!” The bandit’s blade approached Yuu who was just pulling the scythe out of the goblin’s skull. 

    “Clang!” The blade was just barely blocked by the handle of the scythe, but that didn’t stop the bandit from attacking again. With the bandit only needing one arm to wield the sword, Yuu could see at the corner of his eye the man’s open fist lighting up with flames as it started heading towards his chest.

  • Chapter 25

    “Ah!” As the flaming fist approached, a scream quickly followed suit. However, that scream was not due to the fist landing, instead, two daggers managed to scrape the bandit before falling onto the floor. 

    Not letting the man recover, Yuu gripped the handle of the scythe before swinging it horizontally with great force, causing the bandit to receive a large wound, making him fall down.

    Before the man could get up, he felt a sharp object pierce his head, causing the darkness to arrive. Staring at the dying bandit, he saw that Lezith was the one who dealt the final blow. Looking to his left, he saw the corpse of a goblin that was fighting against her while he dealt with the bandit. 

    “You alright?” Lezith asked while wiping the blood off her spear.

    “Hmm, it was thanks to Leah that I didn’t get hit,” he patted the slime’s head before picking up the two daggers.

    When he saw the bandit preparing to attack with the flaming fist, he could see two daggers falling down, hitting the bandit on the arm and face. Not even taking a moment to think, he already knew where it came from.

    Even though the daggers didn’t do major damage, just scratching and inflicting pain, it was enough to cause the flaming attack to fail.

    “Let’s go help the others-” As Lezith was talking, she immediately raised her spear and sliced the air in front of her. 

    On the ground next to her was a chipped arrow. It had almost reached her and if she had not noticed it she would have definitely been put in a dangerous spot. 

    Almost getting injured by an arrow, Lezith started to head closer to the allies, “On second thought, let’s go back and help protect the magicians. The archers haven’t been wiped yet.”

    Agreeing with her, he immediately followed while keeping his guard up. Even though he had some experience with fighting, he definitely didn’t have the agility nor the reaction to actually deflect projectiles coming in at lightning speeds.

    Getting close to where the magicians were, they were engaged in battles with a couple of goblins and bandits. Though after a few battles a large blue, slightly transparent barrier rose up around the ally troops. 

    It didn’t take long before the enemy started to retreat as they no longer had the advantage of archers sniping the group.

    With everyone regrouping, the magicians kept the barrier up while everyone took a break to gather themselves.

    “Yuu!” Among the masses of people, a lizard man walked up to the two with sweat dripping down his face as he had a cotton bandage on his left arm.

    “Jqonle! Are you alright?” Yuu asked, concerned about why the person he knew had a bandage around his arm.

    “I’m good, the healers are pretty amazing, patching it up quickly. While I was fending off a goblin I got shot by those pesky archers. I just need to wear this for a bit and I should be fine for the next battle.”

    Hearing the situation, he heaved a sigh of relief. He had heard from the gossip around that a small number of people on their side died and a few were injured, adding a bit of worry since it took a bit for Jqonle to find him.

    As he was talking with Jqonle, he felt a large presence appear behind him as a large shadow was cast.

    “Glad to see you are okay.” A deep-voiced man spoke behind him, causing Yuu to turn around quickly.

    Upon realizing who was behind him, Yuu calmed down, “I thought a giant was going to beat me to a pulp Bedgard.”

    “V-Vice Captain!” Jqonle immediately stood straight upon seeing him.

    “No need. I am just checking on my group's situation. We are preparing to leave, make sure to get ready,” he said, leaving after saying those words.

    Seeing him leave, Jqonle felt his back slowly slouching the further the big bear went, “Vice-Captain is seriously scary…”

    “Bedgard just seems like someone who expresses their emotions through their actions instead of through words,” Yuu patted his shoulder.

    “We’re going!” After every matter was settled amongst the groups, Chrisel shouted while leading the team towards their destination. 

    Seeing everyone moved, he walked forward with Lezith and Jqonle, finishing a page of the book.


    Despite only traveling for what appears to be four hours on foot, they have already encountered three battles which included the first one that they fought through. 

    Though despite these being battles, it felt more like an egg being thrown at a boulder. Each one did manage to cause casualties, but that was due to unfortunate luck, with the dead being too careless. All the enemies were repelled with only a bit of strain.

    This was nothing compared to the hundreds of people who were still alive.

    Yet even so, if there was something odd to be said about these three battles, it would have to be the fact that these battles felt more like the enemy tossing out marbles rather than soldiers. The enemy attacks were not so well organized, and according to some, each enemy that was killed had a weird hint of fear and desperation in their eyes.

    This was further proven when they would try to interrogate the ones still alive after the battle, all the expressions they would have were fear before coughing up blood and dying due to poison somehow exploding through their body. 

    Though, if there was one thing the enemy did well on, it would have to be exhausting the group bit by bit. Despite everyone being well and not majorly injured, with the third battle ending, some people decided to ask Chrisel for a short break. 

    Steadily approaching the destination, the group had already passed the halfway mark, yet it was clear that some were starting to feel tired.

    “Enemies!” Chrisel shouted to the group.

    Unlike the first battle, a blue transparent barrier was quickly erected, blocking the many arrows that were being shot towards them, and all those capable ran to kill the enemy.


    “Captain, sir... “ a man was panting while taking off his helmet, wiping away some sweat off his forehead, “can we take a few extra to rest?”
    It wasn’t just that man, a few others approached Chrisel asking the same thing. 

    As soon as the fourth battle ended, about ten minutes later the fifth battle started.

    Even though Chrisel and Bedgard already had a guess, they hoped this was not the case. What the enemy planned to do was a battle of attrition. With the large number of enemies sent to their deaths, with only about half managing to retreat, there was a non-stop supply of them running around.

    But the thing that puzzled them the most was why and how. While a battle of attrition could be effective, it was an extremely costly one, with the resource that’s required being sending your own troops to death. 

    Why were they sending them out so carelessly, and how are they even spending it so casually. This thought loomed over Chrisel’s mind as he chatted with Bedgard, giving the other troops a break.

    “Second wave, continue putting up the barrier, first wave, go and rest,” while strategizing with Chrisel, he gave orders to the magicians, making them keep up the barrier until everyone can recover. 

    “Chrisel, we should hurry up. At this point, if they have so many to throw around, we mind as well get to their base and go on a full-frontal attack.” Len, the main star of the show who hadn’t said anything and was inactive this whole time finally spoke.

    “Hmm, I agree. But the problem is, if they truly do have so many troops, it’s going to be troublesome and dangerous for the others.”

    “I’ll send out a message for potential reinforcement. Jess, heal them all, let’s get moving,” the short-hair B-ranked adventurer spoke while pulling out a device, speaking into it.

    A woman wearing leather armor with a flame and grass symbol intertwined nodded before casting a wide spell that caused everyone to look in wonder as they started to feel better and less tired.

    Seeing everyone feeling less tired, Chrisel got to the front and spoke to everyone with a loud domineering voice, “Everyone, we will make a rush towards the enemy. Even if we get attacked once more, we shall kill and keep going. We will destroy them before they can tire us to death!” 

    Despite a few groans coming from the group, everyone followed his orders, walking at a fast pace towards the den of the beast.


    It didn’t take long before the group started to see anything other than roads and nature. In the distance, they could see an abandoned village.

    While at first, it appeared empty and dead, in reality, it was where the enemy had gathered. 

    As Chrisel was the one in the front, he took a step forward. As he did, half of his body suddenly disappeared.

    Those at the front were not shocked or surprised and they also took a step forward, disappearing in the process.

    Seeing this happen from the back, Yuu whispered to Lezith regarding this.

    She replied, “It’s a magic barrier. From the outside, unless you have great sensing abilities, it looks completely normal. However, once you enter, you’ll see what is truly inside.”

    As she spoke, she started to pull out her spear. The same could be said for those around him. Gulping, his hand reached for his scythe before starting to feel nervous.

    Passing through the barrier, the entire scene changed. No longer an abandoned ruined village. Instead, there were enemies surrounding them entirely. Hundreds, possibly three, were surrounding the entire group.

  • Chapter 26

    “Charge!” A voice came from within the enemies. A tall shirtless man stood up on a roof and yelled, causing the goblins and bandits to run towards the group.

    “Support group, split into three!” For the first time, Bedgard spoke in a loud and aggressive tone. His usual calm and collective self finally let loose as he pulled out an axe and shield. Being the first to charge, he beheaded two bandits that were charging towards Chrisel with nothing but a swing.

    As the support group started getting into position, the main group, led by Chrisel did not stay idle. Even though no one said anything from the main group, they all moved quickly. 

    All sorts of mobs started to charge towards them; goblins with armor and weapons, bandits that ran with frightening speed compared to the average, large wolves spanning over three feet tall, and many more.

    While the main group was dealing with strong individuals, Yuu, who was on the support group ran towards the right side. 

    The formation that Bedgard told them to be in was a simple one. Move along with the main group, two teams are to be on both sides, and a team lagging behind to provide support and assistance.

    Luckily, even though everyone was split into three, Jqonle was also assigned to be on the right. Though, Lezith was assigned to the left, causing her to be unable to accompany and help them.

    Regardless if Lezith was on the same side or not, he tightened his heart and settled his mind towards killing.

    “Ah!” A bandit screamed as he ran towards Yuu. He had a drop of tear running down his face, yet his actions were different than his expression. Charging at Yuu, he thrust his knife towards him. 

    Pressing his right foot onto the ground, Yuu quickly spun around, letting the blade of the scythe guide his path. 

    Without much being said, a head flew off to the side. 

    Luckily, before entering, he had taken the pill that Chrisel had given him. What it did was help suppress the disgust and dreadful feeling of killing someone. 

    Even though his brain was sort of calm, he couldn’t help but feel a slight headache while his heart tightened due to the action he did. Though while standing, he was confused as to why this bandit was screaming for his life, not even dodging the attack.

    “Get off!” To the side, Jqonle was fighting against two goblins. He swung his spear, slashing the cheek of one of them, while the other was spewing a barrage of attacks, nearly scratching his scaly body.

    As Jqonle was defending, he saw a brand new goblin charge at him out of the corner of his eye. But despite seeing the third goblin, he couldn’t do much as the two goblins in front of him decided to push harder.

    “Dammit!” He swung his spear, causing a loud noise as it slammed through the air. This managed to cause the two to dodge, but due to their short stature, they merely ducked instead of jumping back. 

    The predicament for him was, either take a couple of slashes and kill one of them or run away as the three were already in close distance. 

    The latter wasn’t an option due to the sheer number of people around him and the inability to move around too much. Knowing this, he gripped the spear with his two hands with more force than he usually would and prepared to charge at the two, hoping to kill both of them before the third got to him.

    “Gah!” Before he could even charge towards the two goblins, he heard the one nearby suddenly faint.

    “Don’t think I’ll let you get killed!” To his side, Yuu took his scythe out of the goblin’s skull, letting it fall to the floor. 

    “Gaw!” One of the goblins hissed at him. 

    Preparing his spear, Jqonle spoke before charging at the goblin, “I’ll take left.”

    Seeing that the man had already charged, he didn’t hesitate and went with him.

    While Jqonle dealt with the goblin on the left, Yuu was preparing to swing his scythe down onto the right. However, he slowed down and instead went into a more defensive form after seeing the goblin in front of him change.

    While goblins generally were not talented in using mana, it didn’t mean they didn’t use any at all. Sometimes they would have a trick or two, or at the very least be able to cast something like a small fireball.

    In the case of the goblin in front of him, the goblin’s eyes started to turn red while the veins on his body became more visible. Blood was starting to seep out of his eyes as if he was risking his life to defeat the human in front of him.

    Sacrificial Magic!” Taking a guess on what was happening, he was confident in what his eyes saw. As the name implies, sacrificial magic required one to sacrifice something, whether it be a material, a life, or your own, in order to gain new strength.

    Sacrificial magic towards one's-self wasn’t really rare in any regard, but most people never learn or inherit it due to the cost. 

    This made him ponder on why a random male goblin even learned it and why he was using it.

    Nevertheless, Yuu prepared himself. Even if the goblin used magic, it wouldn’t make him incredibly strong.

    Deciding to take the first move, the goblin ran towards him at a fast pace. A pace quicker than an average goblin would run at.

    As the goblin got closer, Yuu quickly dodged an incoming knife attack before deciding to go on the offense. Though he did not use his scythe, instead, Leah threw two knives towards the goblin. 

    While she could not throw them with great strength or distance, with the distance that they currently had, injuring it was not a problem. 

    Not expecting such an attack to occur, the goblin flinched, dodging one while parrying the other.

    “Gah!” The goblin screamed. Within this time, Yuu had already prepared his scythe and pierced it between the goblin’s neck and shoulder.

    Despite the scythe going in, it didn’t go in deep. As soon as the scythe touched the goblin, it grabbed the handle, preventing it from going in deeper. 

    While the goblin grabbed the scythe, it yanked it out of its body before immediately rushing its dagger towards him, not letting the scythe go. 

    Just as he was on the losing side, a spear suddenly pierced its chest, stopping it in its track. 

    Quickly picking up a knife next to him, Yuu took the blade and inserted it right into the neck, killing a vital area instead of slowly damaging it in other areas. 

    As the goblin received a fatal blow, it tried to move its knife towards Yuu, however, the goblin’s hand was being gripped by Yuu, having let go of his scythe to free both his hands.

    No longer making a struggling sound, it quickly collapsed, no signs of life remaining.

    “What the actual hell,” with the goblin being dead, Yuu dropped on the floor, trying to calm his breath. “Thanks for the help,” he said with a huffing breath.

    “Luckily I killed the other one in time,” Jqonle also huffed but he stood near him, guardian the two of them.

    After taking a moment to breathe, Yuu immediately got up and prepared to fight once more. Despite having his focus only on the battle, many fights and deaths were repeatedly happening as blood flew through the air.


    “Die!” a curved blade caressed two green necks, causing red liquid to shower the dirt with a metallic smell.

    It has probably been about fifteen minutes since the battle has started. Not a long time, but enough for multiple battles to happen. 

    If Yuu had the count the number of kills he had done, he would have counted 9 in total. A large amount for someone new to this scene.

    But as he and Jqonle were battling with their hearts out, roars could be heard.

    This was not from a goblin, a tamed wolf, a bandit, or his own allies, instead, it had a familiar tone to it. 

    Turning his head, in the distance, he could see twenty tall creatures. Each one was different with some being more fatter, another being completely bony, but if there was said to be a similarity, it would have to be their green skin.

    Off in the distance, he could hear Bedgard yelling, “Group together to kill them! They are difficult to kill by yourself!”

    Next to him, he could hear the lizard’s voice cracking ever so slightly, “Do-do we engage?”

    “If we’re nearby we have to, though if it does we need to go and support our comrades!” 

    It didn’t take long before a woman started yelling to her teammates, “One of those things is coming towards us!”

    Ironically, Yuu and Jqonle were not too far away from it. Deciding to charge first, Yuu ran towards the group of allies as Jqonle lagged behind.

  • Chapter 27

    “You two oldies, we need you two to cover us. Most of us are ranged-based so we can’t distract them,” a young woman told the two in front of her. One was a middle-aged lizard and another was a man with a slime on his head.

    “I’ll block his attacks, you two injure his legs!” a man carrying a two-foot shield stood in front with a small axe in his other hand. 

    Seeing how the man was planning to shield himself from the tall goblin creature’s attack Yuu couldn’t help but warn him, “Don’t block the weapon’s attack directly, it might pierce through your shield.”

    Even though Yuu was a mere stranger, the man nodded after hearing his words. Luckily, the creature that was charging at them did not plan to use its large sword, instead, it was going to attack with its empty right hand. Like the other creature Yuu met, the arm that didn’t have the weapon was absurdly huge.

    “Gah!” It roared. Coming closer to the man with the shield it slammed its arm down like it didn’t feel any pain or resistance after slamming its arm on it. 

    The person who was tanking the attack suddenly started to tense up, his foot sunk into the ground while using both hands to push back. While it seems like he could take some more attacks it certainly looked like it drained him.

    Not letting any time go to waste, Yuu quickly ran towards the creature and swung the scythe into its bony legs, using it like a pickaxe to dig deep.

    Even though it didn’t go in deeply, it caused the creature to stagger slightly, most likely feeling it go past its skin ever so slightly. Though it didn’t take long before it staggered once more as it looked down and saw a spear attacking the same area, causing red yet slightly yellow blood to drip.

    Not letting it become a target practice the creature raised its right arm before slamming it towards Jqonle. 

    Though it didn’t come in contact with any flesh, instead, it felt cold metal touching him. The man with the shield had already gotten close to Jqonle, protecting him from the attack. Though this didn’t stop the creature from using his other hand, the one wielding the sword.

    However, it wasn’t just the sword that was about to be swung, the other arm had also risen, preparing to attack him from above while the sword was going to slice him from a horizontal axis. There was no way he could defend from both.

    “Gah!” Before it could even attack, flame suddenly appeared on its head, burning off whatever bits of hair remained on it. But the flame wasn’t from those who were preparing their attacks or keeping the enemy nearby at bay, no, the creature was extinguishing the flame while looking at a man with a slime on its head.

    Having seen how effective the molotov was to at least deal a small bit of damage and cause the giant to waver, Yuu decided to make more for the battle.

    “Distract it for a bit more, my array is almost finished!” a girl hanging in the back yelled.

    “Hey dude, I might need you to throw one of those. I don’t think I can withstand multiple attacks,” the man wielding the shield said, wiping off the sweat on his forehead.

    Nodding, Yuu grabbed another from Leah, preparing to throw. After seeing how this creature was ruthless and didn’t care for whether it would get attacked, it definitely would not hesitate to attack wildly.

    Unlike the previous creature that used magic, this one simply put out the flames with its bare hands. Hopefully, it didn’t have any magic at all, only relying on physical attacks; this was what the group thought.

    Staring at the creature, he could see it huffing in anger, standing still, not making a rash move. But even so, the creature’s mind was nothing but a wild beast.

    This was further shown by its reaction to words being thrown at it. “Hey, fat ugly green twig! Come if you dare, you brat!” The man with the shield yelled. 

    The others looked at him with a weird look. What he said was certainly an insult, but it wasn’t a good one.

    Nevertheless, the creature grunted before deciding to make a move by charging at them.

    Instead of using its arm, it prepared its sword, most likely preparing to thrust it. But as soon as it did, the shielded man dropped guarding and immediately dodged to the right. Just barely dodging, parts of his hair were sliced off while the edge of the shield was actually bent.

    Seeing that it raised its arm, Yuu ignited the molotov and threw it at the creature. While the man could defend against the arm, the sword was an entirely different subject. It was possible for the creature to just continue attacking with the sword otherwise.

    Yet while the molotov flew through the sky, the creature didn’t even bother looking at it at all before pulling back its sword and slicing it in the air with a crazy accuracy.

    After slicing the molotov, it slammed its arm down, causing the shielded man to be unable to run before aiming its sword towards the shielded man. 

    Yuu panicked as he realized how much he both underestimated the creature and how much he screwed up. While he did have a shield that he could use, it was wooden, being unable to last against either the hand or sword, and he was simply not close enough.

    “Gah!” it roared as it felt something tug its leg. A chain made out of dirt gripped its leg, causing it to stumble as it did not expect it at all. While not strong as the creature just broke it with the stuck leg, it gave the man who was being pummeled with attacks to back away slightly.

    Looking behind the shielded man, it saw a man with sweat dripping down his face staring at it.

    Crap! It gots its eyes on the magicians!” Yuu thought as he ran closer to them. 

    While he, Jqonle, and the shielded man were distracting the creature there were three magicians behind who were dealing with other things. One was casting an array, another was supporting the one casting the array, and the last one was ensuring that no enemy came near them.

    It was the latter that distracted the creature, but in turn, attracted the attention to them.

    “How much longer?” The man who had angered the creature asked a girl next to him. 

    “Almost!” She said aggressively as sweat dripped down her face.

    Trying to distract the creature until the three close-combat adventurers arrived, the man began whispering words, causing the ground to peek out the

    Even though it wasn’t much, the creature stumbled a few times, having to get back up before charging again and again.

    This was enough time for the three to catch up with Yuu deciding to go first. He tossed his scythe into the air and grabbed two knives from above. 

    With the creature distracted he was able to successfully climb onto its back and stabbed its lower back, causing a bit of blood to appear.

    While the creature wasn’t built like a tank, it certainly had strong flesh as the knife would only go an inch deep before he had to roughly pull the knife out.

    Feeling the pain, it swept its hand around while turning and tossing, trying to off-balance Yuu.

    With not much to grab onto other than two knives being sort of stuck into its back, Yuu kept flailing, feeling his arms slowly hurt as he kept slamming onto its back and his head started to hurt from the dizziness that prevailed. 

    “Falling Mountain!” the shielded man yelled as he jumped up while holding his shield. The shield lit up with a bright light before slamming down on the waist, causing it to roar with pain.

    “Die you ugly beast!” Joining in on the attack, Jqonle stabbed it in the leg, causing it to get on a knee.

    However, just as the three were to attack it repeatedly, it shot out a roar even louder than before, causing some of the people nearby fighting to stop and take a quick look at what was going on. 

    Dealing with the annoyance in front of it, it slammed against the shielded man with its arm. But despite his repeated success at keeping it at bay he was blown away, pushing a couple of feet back from where he originally was.

    Despite him being thrown, he could be the person with the weakest injury as it attacked Jqonle. But, instead with its strong arm, it instead decided to use the other.

    “Jqonle! Run!” Yuu shouted as he saw the creature lift its arm up. 

    Seeing it preparing to attack, the lizard man immediately sprinted, trying to get out of its range. Despite his effort to be safe, it still was not enough. 

    As if time slowed down, Yuu could see the sword in the creature’s hand slowly leave its hand. The tip being pointed towards one direction.

    Flying through the air, it did not take much time for blood splattered. His heart clenched, both of his hands turned bright red as it gripped the knives with force. The sight that he saw was truly not a pleasant one.

    Seeing it, he immediately screamed, “Jqonle!”

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    Chapter 28 

    Just as Yuu was staring at his friend getting impaled, he quickly lost his vision as he flew through the air, roughly landing on the ground as he was thrown off. 

    Looking ahead of him he was able to see the creature roaring as it walked over to the shielded man, most likely trying to end his life before he could do more harm. 

    “Dammit! Damn you!” the man with the shield yelled. He had his hand around his stomach while drips of blood fell off his lips. Even if he wanted to run, he couldn’t at all. 

    The magician who had distracted the beast tried his best, but he could at most slow it down as none of its attacks pierced and the creature was already
    close, rendering him ineffective.

    “Gagah!” The creature muttered a strange noise as if it was trying to speak before lifting up its arm, preparing to smash him as if he was a fly.

    “Finally! Just die you ugly cockroach!” a girl nearby yelled towards them as the surrounding area turned slightly purple. It didn’t encompass a large area, but it was bigger than a couple of queen beds stacked next to each other.

    Little specks of purple light started to come off the ground as if they were starting to float to the heavens. Yet within each light contained a strong resistant force of mana. It didn’t seem lethal, but it certainly seemed strong. 

    Sensing something off with the light the creature decided to accelerate its actions. Having its arm already in the air, it quickly slammed it down, trying to
    end the man’s life.

    “Gah!” It roared. Even though it was about to kill it stopped moving, getting on its knees, unable to stand up any longer. Despite the constant strength it showed, the ability to withstand knife wounds, spear wounds, resist against the magician’s earthly attacks, it looked like a lion turning into a sloth, weak and defenseless.

    Seeing the creature falling on its knees, no longer actively moving, the girl yelled at the two, “Quick! Stab it to death! My magic can only restrain him, it can’t actually harm him!”

    Without much being said, Yuu was already on the move. He grabbed his scythe from Leah who had it in her storage and was slashing down on its neck, barely getting past a centimeter, yet that didn’t dissuade him. 

    He kept pulling his scythe out, and slamming it back in, causing the red yet slightly orange blood to drip out.

    The creature made a grunting sound, but it was restrained so it could not even roar properly. 

    Having already gotten back up, the man with the shield also started to stab the creature with a short-short, barely piercing into it but like Yuu, he was making progress.

    Taking an entire minute of constant slashing and thrusting, the two of them were finally able to get past the skin and into the meat with the creature going unconscious as the pain it had to endure was too much for it to handle. 

    Ensuring that the creature would actually die, they went halfway through its big neck, blood dripping everywhere.

    Deciding to finally stop, the two of them huffed and puffed, tired from constantly attacking. If it weren’t for the girl with the restricting magic, they would have not survived and would have had casualty along the way.

    Remembering that his friend got stabbed by the sword, Yuu began running towards Jqonle. 

    Looking at his body, he could see that he was still breathing, however, there was a large cut around his stomach, causing blood to constantly roll out his body at a slow pace. 

    “Oi! Is he okay?” a new voice appeared behind him. 

    Looking behind his back he was able to see a young man wearing a religious robe immediately taking a look at Jqonle. Next to him stood a sweaty guard who was most likely protecting him.

    “I’m so sorry for being late. I’m a part of the support group in the back, we were dealing with casualties before this so we were late!” the robed man said apologetically.

    Not caring for apologies or the like right now, he asked the healer a question, “Will he be alright?”

    “From what it looks like, yes! He is a lizard man, full-blooded at that, so blood drains much slower. If he were human he would have died long ago. But to stay conscious for this long…” he said with a grim face.

    Opening his hands, the robed man began changing a spell under his breath. This caused a bright light to surround him, causing his face to ease ever so slightly.

    “This should help him survive. I don’t have the ability to fully heal him but at the very least I can keep him alive. I’ll drag him back to safety,” the man said. Despite his skinny arms, he lifted the man and his gear with ease before heading back with the guard.

    “Good thing that you’re buddy is safe. Thanks for the help,” the man with the shield said.

    After getting a nod from Yuu, the man invited him to join their group temporarily to defeat the enemy.

    Knowing how absolutely exhausted he was, Yuu replied immediately, not wanting to go by himself as there would not be anyone to save him if something went wrong.

    Deciding to take a moment to look around the battlefield, he could see that there were about fifteen creatures still remaining. With the previous estimate of twenty, only five were gone. Though it looked like many were still holding on, it was just that his group was unlucky with barely receiving any type of support until the very end.

    Nevertheless, he ran with the new group he was in to continue battling, though they decided to take it a bit easy and get closer to the support group in the back, assisting those who need to be saved.


    While all this was happening, the front lines were going crazy with the fight. If a bystander were to watch the war, their focus would mostly just be towards them as everything around them would slowly be destroyed. 

    Despite the huge overwhelming number of enemies attacking the group, the main group had the advantage, with them destroying a lot of the enemies. However, they did not come out unscratched.

    “Gar, just hold on a little longer!” A woman shouted, swinging her sword while icicles made with mana were constantly shooting throughout the battlefield. 

    While a normal person would not be able to attack with a weapon and shoot magic, for some reason the woman managed to do that. Though it seemed more like a second mind was shooting out magic as it was not too consistent with her motion.

    Even so, due to this, she was able to fight against multiple enemies, taking on four people. A female bandit, a male bandit, and two goblins who were geared out more impressively than their fellow kind. 

    Though despite there being four strong individuals attacking her, they were at a complete stalemate.

    Sometimes she would get the advantage, sometimes they would. Determining the final outcome would be hard unless an external factor came into play.

    Yet while she was in a stalemate, her fellow comrade was not. A muscly and tall man held a bow in one hand and a dagger in another.

    While he was also strong, holding against three enemies, he was huffing like a dog while sweat poured down his face.

    Despite him wearing what appears to be heavy plated armor, there were a few areas that were deformed. Not enough to have a crack, but enough to bend small areas of his armor. 

    As he gasped for air he could see the three in front of him quickly approach his body. With each second feeling like his chances of survival were dwindling. 

    “Die!” A hooded-figure that was a part of the three yelled while aiming their spear towards their chest. 

    The man quickly pulled the strings on his bow back before shooting it towards the hooded-figure.

    While it was one single arrow, while the hooded-figure was already in close-range, it had actually touched the thin tip of the spear. 

    Getting thrown back, the person with the hood quickly summoned wind magic and slowed down the impact while also causing themselves to charge once more towards the man.

    Even though the man was having a bit of a tough time with one person, he still had to deal with the other two while the figure charged once more. 

    It did not take long before the man was at a disadvantage as a goblin, a part of the three, took its dagger and clashed with the injured man’s dagger.

    A bandit who was wearing nothing but shorts quickly swung his large hammer down towards the man who was dealing with the goblin.

    Though like the hooded-figure, he was blown away by an arrow. While the man would usually use the hand with the dagger to shoot an arrow, he summoned one with mana and used his mouth to shoot it.

    “Ah!” A loud voice sounded through the area.

    While the voice sounded out, this voice did not belong to any of the enemies. Looking to his left, the bow-wielding man saw the hooded-figure slamming a spear around his armpits, aiming at a weak location where his armor was already bent.

    Getting distracted due to the sudden event, the man failed to defend against the goblin, causing his right arm to drip a large amount of blood, spraying on the grass.

    “Gar!” the woman cried out, slamming her sword against her opponent. 

    The woman watched as her comrade slowly bled out, screaming in agony. Her eyes filled with tears as she tried to push against her opponents, but barely unable to budge.

    Just as the man was about to be beheaded by the goblin, two figures appeared from their backs, with the shirtless bandit barely defending against an attack, causing him to get throw three meters back.

    “We just arrived in time,” huffed a man, even though blood was covering his body, Yuu would still be able to recognize him. It was Chrisel who had barely saved the man.

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    Chapter 29

    As easy as death was to happen on the battlefield, the man who was on death’s door heaved a sigh of relief. His time to walk through the door was not today.

    “To think we’re already getting exhausted before we even get to the leader,” a woman next to Chrisel spoke with a monotone voice.

    “Can’t be helped. Len is on stand-by until the leader shows up or we’re dealing with the men right below him. And his guild can only provide so much support without breaking formation.”

    “Hmm, Blarchx is a weak city. Though the other cities that are around also suck as well.”

    Despite them being on the battlefield, the woman constantly spoke to Chrisel in a casual manner, as if this was nothing to her.

    “Bastard!” Of the three, the bandit decided to charge at them first with the other two following suit.

    Before the bandit could even swing his hammer, an extremely thin line of ice appeared in his sight. This thin line of ice wasn’t heading towards him, instead, it was already in his sights as if it was there all along. 

    He started to feel his hands growing weak as he could hear his hammer dropping on the floor. But despite this sensation, he could not look down. It was not that he didn’t want to, no, it was that he couldn’t.

    “Tsk!” The hooded-figure stopped charging and stared at the woman, looking at her left hand that was gripping on a very transparent line of ice. 

    Unlike their previous opponent who could just barely defend themselves against the three, this new opponent killed their comrade in a split second, not even caring to look towards them to attack.

    “Men should just stay still,” turning her head towards the bandit, she crushed the ice in her hand causing the bandit’s body to suddenly drop to the floor. 

    It was only now that blood flowed.

    “Gah…” the goblin looked at the hooded-figure as to ask for its insights. However, the figure did not give the goblin a good answer. 

    The figure gripped their spear and spoke in a grim voice, “We cannot retreat. We either die here or die there.”

    Understanding the words coming out of the person’s mouth, the goblin gulped before looking at the two.

    Despite their willingness, it did not take long before three bodies were slumped down on the ground.

    Out of the many bodies on the field, three new ones were dumped onto it.

    Seeing the three being wiped away so easily, the injured man heaved both a sigh of relief and a sigh of shame. 

    As he felt magic slowly sealing up the wounds on his body he looked over at the woman from before who was dealing with four enemies.

    With the arrival of Chrisel and the woman, it didn’t take long before the four enemies were dealt with.

    “Gar!” The woman who was occupied with the enemies quickly ran towards the injured man. Despite there being no tears on her face, it was certainly red.

    As the two had a bloody reunion, Chrisel looked at the woman who was tagging along with him and nodded to her before heading to another direction.

    “How much longer do you think it will take?” The woman next to him asked.

    “Who knows… It certainly looks like the mastermind is just throwing their bags and letting them deal with us. So it looks like it will take a while.”

    “I’m still confused as to why they are just throwing their troops out carelessly. It feels like an intentional move, not a blinded one.”

    “It does. That’s why I got Len to call reinforcements, but we have to put our hopes on them and Kebfa’s group to come back.”

    As the two conversed, they saw a small figure appear on the roof of a deserted house.

    While the two were calm and collective, as soon as this figure appeared, their bodies tensed up. 

    Chrisel did not hesitate to speed up, running across the battlefield as if it was his playground. While he was running he pulled out a stone and spoke through it with a rushed voice, “Solo Goblin spotted. Prepare to attack and watch out for the bandits!”

    After a good amount of time fighting on the battlefield, one of the people on the top finally decided to show up.

    “It doesn’t look too strong. We could take it out easily if we grouped together.” The woman caught up as a small glow of light emitted from her feet.

    Even though he wanted to say something he kept his mouth shut as he knew the way she worked.

    Having a few seconds of silence she spoke once more, “But… Even though that goblin is a Solo Goblin, he won’t stand by and let himself get ganged.”

    “Yup. Let’s just go for the kill as quickly as possible,” Chrisel said, preparing to attack with his sword in his hand.

    Having taken notice of the two, the one who was said to be the leader of the goblins said something in its tongue to his subordinates before taking out two knives.

    Charing at the two, five goblins followed behind.

    “I’ll deal with them,” the woman said before lifting up a finger. 

    Mana started to accumulate around the goblins and in a short amount of time, one of them dropped onto the floor before feeling both their legs going completely numb. 

    Despite its leg being numb, it started to feel very cold yet hot at the same time. Looking at his legs which couldn’t move, the goblin saw it completely encased in ice.

    It was not just that goblin in particular, instead, out of the five, four were unable to move while the last one just barely managed to get out of the area, still feeling a bit cold around his body.

    “How lucky,” the woman said, aiming her finger towards the remaining goblin.

    As the woman dealt with the goblins, Chrisel quickly charged at the leader. His blade quickly slammed against one of the knives, feeling himself coming to a sudden halt. Having a better understanding of the goblin’s strength, Chrisel quickly backed away before the goblin could attack with it’s other knife. 

    While Chrisel had a long and sturdy sword, the knives that the Solo Goblin wielded were only three inches from the hilt to the tip. It was such a tiny blade yet the goblin was able to exhale enough strength to keep him at bay.

    Not only did the goblin have abnormal strength, with the fact that he was using two knives meant that he was not held back when it came to speed. Even if the goblin could not attack at frightening speeds, it was enough to be deadly like a multitude of horses stomping on him.

    “Cestelia, debuff him!” Chrisel yelled towards the woman who had dealt with the goblins.

    “Sure,” she said as she started to mumble a few words, causing the goblin to look at her with disdain. 

    The goblin yelled in its tongue and immediately a few goblins around the area started to charge towards them, aiming at the woman.

    “No you don’t!” Another woman’s voice came from behind Cestelia. 

    Like the man from before who wielded both the bow and dagger, this woman also had a bow in one hand and a dagger in another. It was certainly a weird thing for people who used bows to do yet the actions that she did said otherwise.

    Unlike the man who kept it on his hands to defend himself and attack around him, the woman had actually placed the dagger against the string of the bow before releasing it. Instead of using a traditional arrow or one made of mana, she instead used her own weapon.

    While it seemed like an extremely bizarre and wild idea, as soon as it pierced the head of a goblin, the dagger actually curved around and started heading back towards the woman! 

    Quickly catching the dagger, the woman immediately began preparing to shoot down the goblins charging at her. But before she could actually shoot, she suddenly turned her bow towards the right only to be greeted with two gigantic figures.

    Out of the estimated twenty, two of the deformed goblin creatures had actually started to charge at them from whatever battle they were in while in another direction, groups of goblins started to head towards them.

    “Cestelia, uh, we’re screwed,” the woman said as she looked around with the bow in her hand, unsure of where to shoot.

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    Chapter 30

    “Haha!” A man yelled throughout the field. 

    The voice was not from Chrisel, nor was it from the two females as it was not feminine. Instead, it was more of a slightly immature yet confident voice.

    “Fear not lovelies, your handsome strong man is here!” The man yelled, acting like he was the hero from legends.

    The one who wielded the bow looked at him with deep concern, as if he was mentally ill, belonging in a mental asylum. The other woman paid no attention to him as if she was used to these shenanigans.

    “Well at least he will be of use,” the archer said under her breath, trying to pass off what he said. She began pointing her bow at the large group of goblins. Instead of using her dagger, she muttered words under her breath, causing an arrow to appear on her bow.

    This arrow gleamed with a bright glow, as if it contained the sun within it, about to explode into a million pieces. Just like how it looked, the event that took place fitted it perfectly. The arrow shot out towards the goblins, but just as it was coming close to approaching the group it suddenly exploded, splitting into tens of arrows.

    Many screams were heard, however, this was still not enough. While goblins were weak and small, they had a frightening power, reproduction. It did not
    take long for most goblins to be born and the same was applied for growth. 

    Goblins were seen as the pest of living beings. Luckily, they did not spread to the sea, only staying on land, but even so their numbers will rise to a frightening number if kept unchecked.

    Even though everyone expected there to be a horde of goblins, it was truly frightening to see goblins constantly rushing out of caves, homes, and running towards the others. 

    A constant stream of goblins kept coming through, with the arrow that the woman shot only killing the first wave.

    Looking behind her back, she could see the man fighting against the two creatures by himself. Even though he was only distracting them, barely being able to deal damage, this was already an impressive feat as even D-ranked adventurers had a bit of trouble fighting against one by themselves.

    Though it should be noted that the man behind her was a C-ranked adventurer. He belonged to the Flame Grass group, showing the strength he had.

    Focusing on the horde in front of her she prepared her bow. If this was a steady stream of a few goblins she could handle it with her dagger and bow, however, she was forced to use mana to deal with the waves. 

    “I have to survive until reinforcements arrive,” she thought. Muttering the same words as before, another bright arrow shone through the area before releasing into the crowd.


    As she dealt with the horde, Chrisel and Cestelia were handling the Solo Goblin. Though it could be said that Chrisel was the only one moving through the field. 

    All Cestelia was doing was chanting without stopping while magic surrounded her. However, even though she seemed to be doing nothing she was actually playing a vital role. 

    While she was an impressive offensive magician, she also had talent in support magic. While support magic was as it implied, supporting those that you intend to support, its opposite was heavily related, making it easy for her to learn curses and magic related to debuffing her opponent.

    If not for her, the human facing the goblin most likely would have been on the losing side in a matter of time due to the ferocious strength that the goblin contained. Though with Cestelia, the goblin’s speed was reduced and magic was cast on its arm, reducing the impact it could give to Chrisel.

    With this, he was able to keep a constant balance between the two, with him having a slight advantage. 

    Despite it being a bit shameful, one person fighting with all their strength while the other fighting with heavy bags weighing them down, on a battlefield, all was fair, even the horrid and despised tactics.

    “Hoom!” The goblin hissed at Chrisel, most likely trying to say, Human. While the goblin still had a lot of energy to fight, still not feeling weak at all, it knew that if he doesn’t do something sooner, he will most definitely die. 

    Even though they only fought for a small bit, the goblin pulled out a crystal from its pocket and crushed it. 

    While the crystal did not look familiar, Chrisel instantly knew that it was trying to get back up. Though he did not know from who. 

    Taking a second to look around, his face turned a bit grim. Right now, it was no longer a battle of attrition, but instead, it started to become a battle of reinforcements. Who will arrive first, his allies or the enemy? 

    Making sure that reinforcement comes, Chrisel tapped a communication device in his pocket and spoke to Len, the one overseeing the operation, “We need backup immediately. The Solo Goblin is trying to get back up from somewhere but I have no idea as to what.”

    “Gaha,” the goblin said. Even though he did not understand its tongue, he was able to at least guess what it was saying. With its green dry face smiling with its brown-red lips, it most likely thought that it had the advantage over the situation.

    Suddenly pushing forward, the goblin sped up his speed despite being weighed down and slashed at Chrisel with its knives. 

    With the air around them wobbling around, Chrisel’s face turned grim. While the goblin could be said to have tried, Chrisel immediately knew that the goblin had not used its full force at all. 

    As the goblin swung at him one after another the more he could see the groundbreaking. Each hit sunk his foot, causing him to repeatedly stabilize himself in fear of getting caught off guard or thrown down. 

    While Chrisel was strong, as strong as a C-ranked adventurer, he could tell that the Solo Goblin could possibly battle against a B-ranked adventurer! While the distance from C to B may not seem large, each rank represented a new value of strength or talent.

    The higher the rank, the higher your strength grows exponentially. So while Chrisel’s allies did have quality adventurers and guards, with the ratio of kills by the allies compared to the enemies being higher, there were too many outliers. The goblin being one of them. 

    With Len’s group, the Flame Grass, taking out the goblin was not a problem at all. In fact, if the group ganged up on the goblin, while difficult to kill in a one and one battle, was an easy feat for groups like his who had to deal with similar situations.

    But if it were not for the Bandit leader and the presumed person leading everything, the group would have gone all out long ago. But right now, Chrisel could only rely on the allied C-ranked adventurers and for other potential reinforcement to arrive. 

    As if a quest had been given to him, Chrisel’s main job right now was to survive: Survive against the mad animal while three people protected him. Like what had led up to this scenario, the battle of attrition had begun for Chrisel.

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    Chapter 31

    “Damn it!” Blocking an attack with his sword, he used his feet to push against the side of an incoming knife. 

    During the moment, physically, he was pretty fine, minus some sore areas. But mentally, he was slowly getting drained. He could not just focus on attacking and defending as the goblin was truly a slippery one.

    Despite the difficulty, he still persisted. Looking a bit to the left, he could see Cestelia, the woman with the bow and dagger, and the man next to her working the best they can.

    Talent was not what determined the fight, instead, it was determination.

    As Chrisel kept defending against the goblin’s attack, the man who had appeared a bit late was handling the two creatures.

    Not even taking a second to breathe, he slammed a heavy-spiked mace against one of the creature’s arms, causing it to give a small shriek, signaling the pain that it received.

    Compared to the one that Yuu fought, it seemed like out of the two, one of them specialized in agility while the other specialized in magic.

    Looking at them, the man stared at them with a curious yet serious face. While he was known to be a man with no brains in combat, he did like learning about biology and was curious about how they functioned and whether each creature had its own unique trait to them.

    Not wanting to be distracted for too long, the man lifted his mace, preparing to slam it towards their leg. Aiming towards the one specializing in magic, as he was running he suddenly jumped from where he was at and barely blocked against a spike that had suddenly appeared beneath him.

    While the man was glad the creature did not specialize in something like fire, which would make the experience dreadful as he didn’t have much of a way to defend against attacks like that, he still sighed upon seeing how the creature would take every move to constantly keep him at an unbalanced stance.

    Failing in his first attempt, he picked up speed once more before jumping in the air, barely missing a spike made of dirt. It grazed the metal leggings, causing a disgusting sound to travel through the field.

    As he was about three feet in the air, taking a bit of time to descend, the creature that specialized in agility quickly approached, taking its spear and thrusting it towards the man’s head.

    Expecting for this to happen, the man gripped the tip of the spear, causing him to make a strained face, but nevertheless, he used the tip of the spear to accelerate his movement. As if he had suddenly jumped on a vine and was hopping off immediately after, he quickly approached like a plane descending, using both of his hands to prepare his mace to attack.

    “Grabh!” the creature yelled, taking a step back while creating a miniature wall to separate him and the man.

    “Cirse le mun hu!” Yelling, the creature spoke in a weird accent as if it was actually trying to speak. But having heard it chant its spells, the man wielding the mace knew that the creature was just spouting random nonsense.

    If there was one thing that made the creature incomprehensible, it would have to be the fact that there were stitches and dark flesh glued to the area around its mouth. Compared to a normal mouth, its left side had an extremely tall gap, with its lip retruding to the heavens while the right side was as small as an ant.

    Even just seeing a bit inside its mouth showed how screwed up its body was. Even a circus dedicated to presenting freaks would not hire that creature to participate for a round.

    “Gardu!” As if it were a spoiled baby, the creature yelled at his companion before causing the ground around the man to shake.

    Sensing that he would not be able to get out of the area of effect, he jumped into the air, putting some distance between him and the creature that used magic.

    As he was focused on the creature, he did not notice the incoming creature that he should have been aware of. 

    “Arg!” He yelled as saliva came out of his mouth. Despite getting hit, being sent a few feet from his original location, he suddenly gripped his mace, slamming it below him.

    While this would seem like a futile attempt, as it was not an object to pierce through the ground to maintain stability, as soon as his body started to touch the ground, it became clear as to why he did that.

    The ground around him shook, causing small stone and dirt spikes to rise up where he would land.

    With him hitting the ground with his mace, the ground below exploded into many pieces, flying through the air while the dust roamed around.

    But even with a successful landing, he immediately scoured the area before heading towards the creature that wielded magic. Time was not on his side and the creature that specialized in agility would be his biggest nightmare if he was not careful.

    Though as he had expected, a fist came crashing down onto his body. Barely blocking it with his mace and a blue transparent barrier, he gripped the mace in his hand before aiming it towards the creature in front of him.

    “Die you bast-” as he was speaking, he felt a small sharp pain on his arm. The mace that he was wielding, the mace that he used putting all his trust into, the object that kept him alive and winning, fell down to the ground in a split second.

    “Why can’t I move my arm!?” he looked slightly to the right as he panicked. Barely being able to see past the creature’s enormous body, he saw the hideous mouthed creature in the distance giggling like a maniac.

    It did not take him longer than a second to realized what had happened. He had been inflicted with a spell that paralyzed a small area on his body. He did not know when this had happened, but all he knew was that this was the worst time that he could have been stuck in.

    Even though he made the decision to sprint away, as soon as his foot took a single step, he saw the creature in front of him raise its arm, preparing the weapon that would kill him.

    From his perspective, it was thin. Nothing but a mere dot against the bright blue skies. Yet, even so, he could feel his heart rate rising. It felt like everything slowed down, with him being the center of the world. Yet even this slow motion-like feeling would not save him.

    Just as the weapon would have descended, he heard a shout from someone nearby, “Go!”

    The creature’s focus immediately wavered from the man towards the source of the voice as it had felt something. Noticing something coming its way, it immediately slashed the air in front of it, breaking a glass bottle that glew with a particular light.

    “Garh!” It shouted as flames appeared on its body. With no magic, it rolled around, panicking as to what it should do.

    Taking this time to ditch, the man grabbed the mace with his other hand and fled the scene before seeing seven people approach.

    “About damn time!” he said while smiling.

    “Sir Regen, are you alright?” A woman wearing heavy armor ran towards him, looking at him with genuine concern.

    “Yes. I’m just tired and my arm is slightly paralyzed, though this will go away soon. But seven people… It will still be hard to kill the two and with Rena fighting against them goblins…” he looked towards the archer who was sweating bullets trying to prevent the goblins from running the group over.

    “Hmm, indeed. We need to hurry up,” the female knight said. “Luckily, our companion over here had a flammable item, or else we wouldn’t be able to save you.” Looking to her right, she introduced a man carrying a scythe with a slime on his head. The man next to her with none other than Yuu.

    “Thank you,” Regen said.

    “Just doing what a normal person should be doing, helping their comrades,” trying to be polite, Yuu waved it off as a normal act.

    “Still an act that saved my life.”

    Seeing the two finishing their small conversation, the female knight spoke to the two and the others around her, “We need to hurry and kill those two things. More reinforcement won’t come for a good bit, let’s go!”

    Taking a small break

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