How to publish original XianXia novel on this platform? Or is it not allowed?

As the title says, I am drafting a novel and have stockpiled some chapters as well as planned the whole novel. It will be xianxia with the eastern setting. 
I joined the discord server but didn't see the super admin online so I have signed up here to know more about publishing original novels. If any admin or someone familiar with this, do help me out and clear my doubts.

Name: Rebirth Of The Villainous Crown Prince

The synopsis:

Crown Prince Ye Tian Yun, the so-called Future Heavenly Emperor, Summoner of Throne and heir to the Great Ye Empire, after spending seven years to possess the Emblem Of Luck, was ambushed by the God’s Legion, the real protagonists of the Era, on the battle for the Throne of Middle Heavens at the Hundred Realm Refining Stage. With mortal injuries and no chance to escape, he was beheaded by the true MC of the Era and possessor of Emblem Of Time, Wang Yao

However, turning the wheels of time, he has returned to the past when he was fourteen years of age!

From that very moment, Ye Tian Yun, with the knowledge of the future, decided to right all his past wrongs, kill every member of God’s Legion and possess the God Emblem.

However, before he could even stand up, he heard a prompt,
[Initiating the Emblem System]


  • If you mean on the actual site, RWX has already talked about it, on the original story section, if you mean on here, you should post it on the original stories section, (if you can't post DM an admin)
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