Coiling Dragon ending, needs a little explanation!

Hi, so as Hongmeng mentioned, in the main(large one) cosmos there's Exalted Celestians, and then in the author's afterwards:
"Linley is the ‘Linmeng’ of Stellar Transformations, the second controller of the Hongmeng Grandmist. With a Grandmist body, he broke through the barriers of his cosmos and entered the Grandmist Space. Actually, the carvings of the Mountain of Exalted Celestials and some other things in Stellar Transformations were pointing to this long ago, haha."
I guess ST is going on in Linmeng cosmos, but then why there's "Mountain of Exalted Celestials"?

And one more, other IET works don't have the connection with this Hongmeng Grandmist?


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