Novels Similar to Martial Peak and Invincible Conqueror

Okay I have Recently Finished Reading Invincible Conqueror and Martial Peak.
I want to read a Novel Similar to these Two.
There are a few points I disliked about these two:
1. In Martial Peak the MC didn't join a single sect except for the initial one
2. In Invincible Conqueror it is ALWAYS about saving his friend or girl or family
3. A lot of things didn't add up in Invincible Conqueror. Lot of Plot holes and the MC gets Stronger without any set reason. It is like he is strong only because he is the MC, No other reason.
4. In Martial Peak the Cultivation Levels really stagnate a lot.
5. In Invincible Conqueror the MC has a lot of lucky Findings. It's like he keeps getting stuck in goldmines and is still complaining about less silver.
6. The main thing I hated in Martial Peak- The MC almost never has any self-esteem. he just bowed down and pretends to shivering in his boots most of the times even when his opponents are sometimes just equal in strength of just a little weaker.
And a few times when he gets annoyed he only beats some small fry.

The few points I liked about these two:
1. In Martial Peak, even though the MC got a harem the time spent together and the way the story progressed was good.
2. Invincible Conqueror was good about making hurdles in the progress of the story.
3. The cultivation progress and inheritances shown in Invincible Conqueror was good in the middle part.
4. In Martial Peak the MC was ALWAYS in a dangerous situation and turns it to his advantage. That was good.

I want to read something that leans more towards realism and effort instead of plot Armor. Sure the MCs luck can be good because he is afterall the MC and needs some good luck to progress. I want the Romance to be kept at minimum. Sure there can be some romance like in Martial Peak when there is only even a few chapters in hundreds where they get intimate.

PS: I have also read Reverend Insanity, Legends of Swordsman, King of Gods, DSI and CD and DE.
And Suggestions for novels Similar to these are welcome.
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